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August 6th, 2013, Volume 1, Issue 11

IS Department’s Device Walking Tours

Did you noticed nurses, IS staff members and ePR staff members wandering around units at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital in July with three different types of work stations on wheels (WOW) and a retrofitted medication cart? If so, you simply witnessed interprofessional team members establishing their everyday clinical workflow to identify their device needs for “go-live”. The team mocked an average work day with IS staff to better understand how certain devices will be used and where some others would be needed. Around 35 people from four different units helped identify where treatments are delivered, key locations where it would be useful for staff to have a computer to enter information, physical restrictions and their regular workflow. These walkabouts allowed staff to really understand space restrictions and limitations and identify which devices would be more useful. For example, when the space is narrow, a mounted computer is more handy than a big desktop computer on a table. During these walking tours, some people got a sense of the workflow change that is coming with the ePR Project. They started to understand how the system could be used throughout their clinical workflow and which WOW would be better for their specific unit. Patients/clients safety and wellness were at the centre of their decisions. All the preferred devices and recommendations will be analyzed, validated and signed off. Devices will be deployed before “go-live” later this fall. Mental Health Services clinical areas will be visited by the IS and ePR team, to go through the same process. Since every unit has different needs, it is important to acknowledge these differences in the identification of device needs.

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SMOL ePR Training The ePR system will be going live on September 25th at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, impacting SMOL inpatient programs as well as outpatient clinics and services based at St. Mary’s, and related community programs. As we move towards the critical implementation milestone, providing staff with the appropriate training to safely interact with the electronic record is our next major step. The SMOL training for the clinical staff is being scheduled between September 3rd and 22nd, 2013. The length of time allocated for training will depend on your role within Providence Care. Schedules are currently being developed and staff will receive personalized notifications once they are completed.

The ePR News Tim’s Card Contest is now over. Thank you all for your participation! Providence Care____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

e Patient RecordNews ePR training: the computer labs

Allied Health Instrument Review Sessions Last May, Allied Health Workload Instrument Investigation Meetings were held to help with the initial design of each instrument. Drafts were designed with the input of key staff members, and a first version of each instrument was presented to all Allied Health staff members.

MHS Computer Lab 1, Learning and Leadership

Review sessions of the Allied Health Workload system by discipline specific instrument were held on July 25th, 26th and 29th. Allied Health staff from inpatient, outpatient and community programs were able to give feedback and input to improve the first draft of the instruments. The accuracy and efficiency of the workload application were reached because of the great comments and suggestions made by staff. The new web-based application will be user-friendly which will reduce workload entry time significantly. It will provide data for case costing, the reporting of Management Information Systems (MIS) workload, caseload statistics, and much more.

MHS Computer Lab 2, Learning and Leadership

For those managers and employees who were unable to attend the review sessions, a preview of each instrument will be accessible shortly through a shared folder: \\pcccsvr88\tutorials$\Allied Health Workload Instruments. COPY and PASTE the link into a navigation bar (such as Windows Explorer or by clicking on My Computer in your start menu). Please note that a Citrix token is required for those who would like to watch the demonstration from a remote access. You can send your comments/questions/concerns to Danielle Hogan at


You can take a sneak peak of the Group Service Recipient Instrument for Speech Language here MHS Ward 25, new computer lab

SMOL Computer Lab Providence Care____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

e Patient RecordNews Day-in-the-life of a 65 year-old male on the Stroke Rehabilitation Service On July 18th, Administative Directors, clinical managers and other key staff members were invited to a high level simulation of a patient’s journey in the electronic patient record. They lived a “day-in-the-life” of a 65 year-old male on the Stroke Rehabilitation Service. The 65 year old male patient was admitted to the Stroke Rehabilitation Service by the Patient Administration module. A medication was ordered through the Physician module, which flowed directly into the medication administration record (eMAR) and to the Pharmacy module. A referral to an Occupation Therapist was done through the Order Result Management (ORM) module. These functionalities are only a few examples of what was demonstrated during the simulation. The presenters logged into different desktops (e.g. Nursing, ORM, Patient Administration, Physicians...) to show which module gets what type of information when an action is performed. The participants could clearly see the information flow from one module to another. The interconnectivity between all modules is a key component of the ePR system. Because of the interconnectivity between all the modules, it was possible to see how the information will be accessible in real-time by multiples users at the same time. The participants were able to better understand what role everyone will have to play once the system is up and running. The managers could also better understand what their staff will experience with the system. Throughout the simulation, patient safety was paramount. Participants kept in mind the downstream impact on patient safety and quality of care. They were asked to make suggestions and comments to improve the patient’s experience in our facilities. The system will not be perfect and suggestions are important to continually improve the ePR system.




We received a lot of great questions from the first huddle! Here some highlights: • Completed results will be viewable in chart review. The results will be organized by tabs, just like a paper chart review. • Emergency documentations will remain on paper for now. • Before rolling out any new functionality, workflow will need to be detailed and interviews will need to be conducted with key people to establish the needs. • The combination of the aluminum bracket, the post, the laptop tray and the laptop will increase the medication cart’s weight by 5 or 6 pounds at most. • There will be no extra battery added to the retrofitted medication carts. The laptop will use its own battery and will be easily rechargeable. • Since July 22nd, the huddle packages are sent out to all managers every second week. Read the Q&A posted in your department and on the ePR intranet page for more details. Don’t forget, questions and feedback are always welcome!

Providence Care____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

e Patient RecordNews Meet Liz Kelly, our new training expert! An ePR system expert has joined forces with the ePR team to build the curriculum and the training material for the Nursing and Allied Health modules. In her new role, Liz Kelly will develop our Nursing and Allied Health curriculum and education materials. She will also develop and host “train the trainer” and ePR champion training. Liz will also be a valuable member of the team during the go-live period. Liz Kelly has started her career as a Registered Nurse in Kingston. During her Nursing days, she worked with the QuadraMed system. She later worked directly for the QuadraMed Company. For the past four years, Liz has worked as an independent consultant to help other hospitals (e.g. Brockville General Hospital) implement functionality in their new patient care system. There is no doubt that Liz’s background makes a great addition to our ePR team. Welcome Liz!

What is a “soft freeze”? The system is continuously being tweaked, adjusted and tuned up to be ready for our first go-live date. Before implementing the system, the ePR team have to make sure that changes are monitored properly. Small changes can have major ripple effects on other areas of the system. After the “soft freeze” date, no more major changes are made to allow the team to investigate these potential effects. Our ePR system went on a “soft freeze”on July 21st. All change requested will now go through a rigorous change control process to establish the downstream impacts before proceeding. Only critical items or items that are still being fixed in the system will be completed. The goal is to bring stability to the system before we go live.

What is on our radar from now until September? As we are moving toward the September 25th go-live date at SMOL, the ePR team and other key staff members are working really hard to get ready for the launch. The team is keeping on their radar and working on: • Completing the tactical plan with Healthtech • Device Walking Tours • Development of curriculum content & training materials • Scheduling staff into training • Demonstrating the Allied Health Workload system, by discipline specific instrument (July 25th, 26th and 29th) • Go-live workshop to develop a “go-live” plan • Installing additional devices • Training of our trainers • Developing of our training environment • Soft freeze of the system (July 21st) • Creating user accounts with the right access to all functionality each staff will need in all of their roles • Creating a sustainability plan • Creating downtime procedures

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ePR News V1, I11( August 6, 2013)  

Volume 1, Issue 11

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