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Volume 6, Number 10


Message from Head of School, Mr. Joe Sciuto Dear Providence  Families,   Summer  vacation  is  here!  Another  school  year  has  flown  by.   PHS  will  be  buzzing  all  summer  with  activities  –  summer   school  classes,  summer  drama  camp,  athletic  camps  and   leagues,  and  much  more.  If  your  child  is  participating  in  any  of   these  on-­‐campus  programs,  I  know  that  the  program  will  be   challenging,  stimulating,  and  fun.       Summer  is  a  great  time  to  start  to  explore  colleges  and   universities.  There  are  many  terrific  colleges  within  1-­‐2  hours   of  the  PHS  campus.  As  you  travel  this  summer,  plan  to  stop  at   some  college  campuses  either  here  in  Southern  California  or   out  of  state.  Take  a  walk  around  the  campus,  but  more   importantly,  go  to  the  Admissions  Office  and  ask  for  a  tour.   Colleges  are  more  than  happy  to  tour  around  prospective   students.  Who  knows,  your  child  may  be  walking  the  halls  of   their  future  college  or  university  this  summer!     Have  a  safe  and  family-­‐filled  summer  vacation!     Yours  in  Providence,     Joe  Sciuto   Head  of  School   YOU BELONG HERE.

JUNE 2012


Class of 2012! Have a great summer!


Volume 6, Number 10

Letter from Dean of Students, Mr. Dennis Bullock

Dear Parents,       Well,  this  year  is  nearly  behind  us,  and—as  always—it  has  proven  to  be  both  eventful  and   fruitful.  We  are  saying  goodbye  to  a  wonderful  senior  class  that  contributed  mightily  to   PHS’  successes  over  the  past  four  years;  Pioneers  in  their  own  right  in  many  ways.  They   have  been  a  wonderful  bunch  of  students,  and  are  leaving  us  to  become  good  and   productive  adults.  All  of  the  members  of  the  class  of  2012  will  be  missed.       But,  part  of  the  nature  of  a  school  is  regeneration,  and  thus  while  we  wave  a  sad  goodbye   to  the  class  of  2012,  we  at  the  same  time  look  forward  to  the  rise  of  the  class  of  2013  and   offer  a  hearty  greeting  to  the  class  of  2016,  which  will  be  joining  us  at  PHS  soon  enough.   We  have  much  to  look  forward  to,  and  some  change  coming  our  way—change  for  the   better,  of  course!       One  of  these  changes  is  of  course  the  uniform,  which  I  have  discussed  quite  a  bit  over   these  past  few  months.  The  new  uniforms  give  the  students  a  new  look  (complete  with  a   great  deal  of  variety),  but  are  also  designed  to  re-­‐center  our  community’s  appearance.  Our   uniform  parameters  will  now  be  clearer,  and  will  allow  less—shall  we  say  “creativity”— outside  of  the  scope  of  the  intended  uniform  code.  To  assist  in  this,  we  have  switched  to   one  uniform  vendor:  Crown  Uniform.  The  PHS  Student/Parent  Handbook  is  also  going   through  some  modifications—beyond  the  uniform  updates.  Many  of  these  are   simplifications,  and  consolidations,  of  some  items  into  one  entry;  our  goal  is  a  more  user-­‐ friendly  handbook  with  less  ambiguity,  and  more  specificity  where  needed.  The  finished   product  will  be  available  this  summer,  and  I  will  be  sure  to  point  out  the  major   modifications  to  you  at  that  point.     As  the  end  of  the  year  approaches,  I  want  to  wish  you  all  a  wonderful  summer.  It  is  bitter-­‐ sweet  to  see  a  class  of  young  people,  who  we’ve  gotten  to  know  and  come  to  love  as  a   part  of  our  PHS  family,  move  on  into  the  world;  but  we  know  they  will  make  us  proud.  At   the  same  time,  we  have  much  about  which  to  be  optimistic  as  the  new  school  year   approaches  as  we  meet  new  faces  in  August.  God  Bless.       Dennis  Bullock   Dean  of  Students  


Volume 6, Number 10

From the Desk of the Dean of Studies, Claire Hickey TEXTBOOK TIMELINE  BY  MONTH       Late  May   -­‐Teachers  post  course  textbooks  for  the  next  school  year   -­‐Students  receive  list  of  courses  in  which  they  are  enrolled  for  next  school  year     May/June   -­‐Follett  on  campus  for  Textbook  Buyback  &  Rental  Check-­‐In  Event   Senior  Book  Buyback  -­‐  Auditorium  Patio     May  31,  2012  -­‐  12:00  p.m.  to  3:30  p.m.   Jun  5,  2012        -­‐      2:00  p.m.  to  4:00  p.m.     Underclassmen  Book  Buyback  -­‐  Quad   Jun  14,  2012    -­‐  12:00  p.m.  to    3:00  p.m.   Jun  15,  2012    -­‐      9:00  a.m.  to  12:00  p.m.   Mid-­‐July     -­‐Finalized  course  schedules  mailed  out   -­‐Follett/PHS  Virtual  bookstore  opens  July  12th  If  you  have  questions  or  would  like  further  clarification  about   grades,  please  contact    

The Sophomore Class Needs Your Help! Dear Parents,  

                 Would  you  like  to  get  a  head  start  on  next  year’s  hours?  Well,  we  are  in  need  of  your  help!  It  is  a   long-­‐standing  tradition  for  the  Sophomore  Class  to  supply  food  and  refreshments  at  the  Senior  Awards   Night,  which  is  Tuesday,  June  5,  2012.  Service  hours  will  be  offered  to  anyone  who  brings  food  or  drinks   for  the  event.  We  are  looking  for  fancy  cookies  and  desserts  (Porto’s,  Paradise  Bakery,  etc),  Fruit  platters   and  cases  of  water.  For  every  $10  you  spend  on  food  you  will  receive  one  service  hour  (you  must  provide   receipt  for  credit).  There  is  no  maximum,  so  please  help  as  much  as  you  can.  Service  hours  are  also   available  for  any  parents  who  set-­‐up  and  serve  at  the  event.   Thank  you  for  your  time  and  consideration.  E-­‐mail:       Sincerely,   Maria  Mathias,  Sophomore  Class  Secretary   Stella  Saitta,  Sophomore  Class  Moderator  


Volume 6, Number 10

The Parent Board Needs YOU! If you are interested in participating on the 2012-2013 Parent Board, please contact Marla L'Angelle ( Many positions are open and we'd LOVE to have you. The Parent Board is a working Board; you earn your 40 service hours for the year.

Underclassman Awards Assembly   Students  were  recognized  for  their  outstanding  academic  achievement  at  the  underclassman  awards   assembly  on  Friday,  May  18th.    We  would  like  to  especially  congratulate  those  students  who  received  the   Providence  High  School  Department  Awards.    They  are  recognized  for  outstanding  achievement  in  a   particular  subject.     Information  Science:    Adrienne  Jimenez  (9th),  Sam  Mouradian,  (10th),  Denzel  Perez  (11th)               English:      Javey  Garcia  (9th),  John  Conty  (10th),  Benjamin  Jury  (11th)     Fine  Arts                              Art:      Allison  Menendez  (9th),  Tustin  Klinmalai  (10th),  Eiselle  Ty  (11th)                              Music:    Lorena  Ubillus  (9th),  Colin  Valdacantos  (10th),  Estelle  Glorioso  (11th)                              Drama:    Jasmine  Trinidad  (9th),  Parris  Calkin  (10th),  Suzie  Soghoyan  (11th)     World  Languages                                                                                                                            French:      Pamela  Ortego  (9th),Vivian  Dang  (10th),  Kristina  Tom  (11th)                              Spanish:    Jasmine  Trinidad  (9th),  Mareena  Ayad  (10th),  Jacqueline  Solorzano  (11th)                                          Latin:            Arin  Khudaverdyan  (9th)     Mathematics:  David  White  (9th),  John  Conty  (10th),  Amy  Lee  (11th)      

Physical Education:  Olivia  Menke  (9th),  Marcus  LoVett  (9th),Tarn  Sangrasert  (10th),  Matt  L’Angelle  (11th)         Religious  Studies:  Ruby  Cochran  (9th),  Natalie  Kanimian  (10th),Caitlin  Markey  (11th)   Science:  Pamela  Ortego  (9th),  Mareena  Ayad  (10th),  Kristina  Tom  (11th)     Social  Science:  Danielle  Dominguez  (10th),  Phylizia  Carrillo  (11th)          


SUMMER READING LIST Providence High School Providence High School’s Summer Reading Program is designed to reinforce our educational mission; namely, to produce lifelong learners who are critical thinkers with a strong sense of intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. To this aim, every student in every grade is required to read a novel over the summer break. Please note that even if students have read the novel before, they will need to re-read it to be properly prepared for the first weeks of school! Each mandatory novel has a study guide to accompany it, which may require that the student write answers directly in the novel, so students will need to purchase personal copies of the novels. Please see the English Department site on the PHS Portal or our public site for the study guides. Read all directions on the study guide to ensure you will receive full credit on the work you do. Study guide answers will be checked during the first week of school. Objective tests will be administered on the summer reading novel as well.

9th Grade Introduction to Genres & Composition (College Prep. & Honors): To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (ISBN# 9780446310789) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

10th Grade World Literature (College Prep. & Honors): The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (ISBN# 9780156030205) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

11th Grade American Literature: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

(ISBN# 9780316168816)

11th Grade A.P. Language & Composition: Sex and World Peace by Valerie M. Hudson, et al. (ISBN# 9780231131827) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

12th Grade British Literature & A.P. British Literature & Composition: The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkein

(ISBN# 9780345339683)

Enjoy your Summer Reading! 5

Volume 6, Number 10

Interested in Joining the Academic Decathlon? Providence is putting together an Academic Decathlon team for the 2012-13 school year. We need students from all grades with grade point averages running from 1.5 all the way through 4.0. If you are interested in joining our team you must meet the minimum qualifications: 1. Be willing to attend a 4 week summer class (2.5 hrs. ea. day) to prepare for the fall eliminations. This course will be offered here at PHS during our regular summer school time frame. The cost is $50. 2. Be willing to devote at least three days a week after school until 4:00 PM from Sept-Feb. 3. Pay a competition fee of $100 beginning in late September 4. Attend several practice competitions here on our campus from Sept through Jan. 5. Attend several practice sessions during Christmas break. 6. Being on the Academic Decathlon team means you MAY NOT be involved in fall or winter sports. Nor may you be involved in Choir, Drama, or any after school activity that would interfere or compete with our practice/training schedule. 7. Team members are expected to be at all practice sessions and scrimmages. 8. A team consists of 9 members. We will be holding eliminations in November to determine who will go on to compete in the actual tournament in January 2013. There is a possibility that you could be cut from the team based on performance. If this is not a chance you are willing to take, then you should not apply for team membership. If you feel comfortable with the above nine requirements and would like to be part of our 2012-13 team, contact Mr. Talley by June 8, 2012

IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER: June 1st Prom, 7pm-Midnight

June 9th Graduation, 4pm

June 4th -11th Elective Course Finals

June 12th- 14th Final Exams End Second Semester

June 5th Senior Retreat Senior Class Awards/Reception, 7pm

June 20th Grades Mailed

June 7th Noon Dismissal for Underclassmen

June 25th Summer School Begins

June 8th Senior Baccalaureate Mass, 7pm

June 29th Summer School Enrollment Deadline


Providence High School: June Newsletter  
Providence High School: June Newsletter  

Providence High School: June Newsletter