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March 2011

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A word from the Editor: Words can’t explain how excited I am to see this magazine grow. God is such an awesome God. I would like to thank all of your who are such faithful readers to Proverbs Life Magazine! I appreciate your readsership. I would like to thank all of the Proverbs Life Staff and those who have supported the vision. I pray that each an everyone of your will continue to flow in the spirit of the Lord. God is truly amazing! He has opened up my eyes to so many things, and for that, I am truly greatful. It is my prayer that Proverbs Life Magazine opens your eyes and soul to the truth and everything that is Kingdom. This has been a challenging journey for me and for everyone in the body of Christ. My word of encouragement is to stay focused and to stay on task. There is nothing more disheartnening than seeking someone delay or abort their vision through discouragement and distraction. Each and every one of you have an assignment. Grab the vision and RUN!

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Your Daily Bread

“For there shall be a

sowing of peace. The vine shall give its fruit, and the ground shall give its produce, and the heavens shall give their dew. And I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things.� - Zechariah 8:12(ESV)



A DECLARATION OF LOVE AND KNOWLEDGE TO GOD Abba Father, Daddy God, Sweet Jesus, My Precious King, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by: Patrice Alvarez I know you will NEVER lie to me, get drunk and call me names, tell me I’m ugly or love me then leave me. I know you will NEVER mislead me, rape me or forsake me.

Sweet Jesus, I know you will Never mentally, physically or emotionally abuse me. My precious, precious Lord, I know you will NEVER hold my past or the mistakes that I’ve made against me.

I know you will NEVER tell me what you think I want to hear just to get something you want from me, push me down a flight of stairs or cheat on me. I know you will NEVER beat me with a 2 X 4, terrorize me or punch on me.

I know you see me as whole and complete, a child of God, an heir to the most high King, the head and NOT the tail, above only and NOT beneath, the lender and NOT the borrower.

Lord, I know you will NEVER steal from me, use me for sex then ignore me, create my children then turn your back on them, tell me I’m everything your looking for then never be with me.

Father, I know you see me only as an anointed daughter of the king. In you Abba Father I know that I am safe. I know that I can trust you to never use me and leave me broken empty or confused. In Jesus mighty name. Amen, Amen and Amen.

I know you will NEVER tell me I’m not good enough to love you, lay with women behind my back then come home and abuse me, kick me down and take my kids or molest me.

Patrice Alvarez Proverbs Life Magazine Contributing Writer To send comments, questions, or feedback for Patrice Alvarez, please email her at:



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Know Your Connection by: Nikia Hastie

To be connected to him

We know that connections are a necessity. Whether personal or business, connections are

is to be fruitful. To be connected to him is to be loved. To be connected to him is to have joy. To be

necessary to life experiences. Professionally, we network to build relationships that will eventually establish us for future success. Then there are those personal connections that we seek to fulfill a void

connected to him is to be chosen and set apart from this world. In knowing your connection in him, any

or emptiness that we discover with age. Whether it is just an occasional girl’s night out or boy’s night

relationship that you pursue will no longer be driven by your flesh, but by the spirit of God that dwells in

out, it seems as though there is always some type of experience that originated from a connection.

you. Understand that you were not created for just anyone. A lot of relationships fail due to our

Have you are ever taken the time and reviewed the connections in your life? Are they

desires getting in the way of God’s desire for us. 2 Corinthians 6:14 “Be ye not unequally yoked together

connections that drain you or connections that feed positivity and ambition? We seek for so much here

with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion

on this earth but never seem to tap in to that ultimate connection. What is this ultimate connection? His

hath light with darkness?” Knowing your connection to our heavenly father is crucial to your life. Not

name is JESUS. It is only through his connection you are fed life, strength and love. John 15:5 “I am the

just anyone is meant to have you. Know your connection. If you don’t know it, seek it.

vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing”. Do you realize the POWER in this connection?

Nikia Hastie

Emptiness cannot be filled through earthly desires. There are always consequences when

Proverbs Life Magazine Contributing Writer

seeking to satisfy our flesh. However, when tapping in to that ultimate spiritual connection that

To send comments, questions, or feedback for Nikia Hastie please email her at:

is free of charge and with no disclaimer, you can’t lose. John chapter 15 speaks on how you are

nothing without a connection to Jesus. Do you KNOW YOUR CONNECTION?


JESUS HUSTLE by: Ron “DJ Ronnie Ron” Smith

Hello Kingdom people, I pray all is well with you as you are expanding the Kingdom of God here on earth. I want to talk about a issue I have heard for quite some time. It’s about being in full time ministry. What is full time ministry and what does it look like? According to the definition of ministry by Encyclopedia Britannica, it’s the office held by persons who are set apart by ecclesiastical authority to be ministers in the church or whose call to a special vocational service in a church.

For instance, you ask a church can you minister at one of their functions and then turn around and ask how many people are going to be there. Does it really matter if you are just going to minister? That is what entertainers ask before the event , so they can hype themselves up for a good performance. If you charge a fee to come and minister, that is not ministry that is entertainment. You are providing a service to the people as an entertainer which is a legal profession in the world today. It’s your job which we are required to work to support our families which by the way is our first ministry.

The word ministry began to be used in 1916 as name of certain dept in the British

There is nothing wrong with being a gospel entertainer just be true to yourself and others. Don’t say you want to minister and when you are on stage you are giving the performance of and entertainer. If ministry comes out of it while you are performing then that is the icing on the cake. Praise God for the talent he has blessed you with. I do not feel award shows, concert tours, talent competitions and showcases are ministry. They are entertainment venues. If money is involved up front for you to participate or minister that is entertainment. In my opinion, the difference in ministry is when you ask to perform or minister and bless people without looking for anything in return. Jesus is not for sale. He can’t be your product you are hustling to get honorariums to support your family.

government . That was a brief history of the word I would encourage further research on your own. The issue I want to discuss is when I hear artist say they want to leave their secular jobs to do full time ministry. The bible says in 2 Thess 3:10 where Paul is speaking, “if a man is not willing to work than he should not be allowed to eat” Let’s look at the beginning , In Genesis 2:15 after God formed man he gave him a job to dress and keep the garden. God himself in the beginning was found working . He created the heavens and the earth. The point I am making is that if God himself worked than we are required to work as well. I feel a lot of people use that phrase to leave their secular jobs and go into full time ministry to be a scapegoat to the real issue.

Let us go back to the bible once more. Read Numbers chapters 22-24. This is the story of Balaam and his donkey. To paraphrase, the king wanted Balaam who was a prophet to curse God’s people .He was offering money and other fine material things to him for his service. God did not want him to do that because God said you can’t curse what he has blessed. Balaam went anyway and would have been killed if the donkey had not saved his life. The point I am making is money was offered for his gift to use and we can’t hustle Christ and should not hustle are gifts for money. If you read the scriptures concerning the disciples, not one of them were a Clergyman, Priest, Bishop, Pastor etc..

They are lazy and want to use Jesus as their product or service they are hustling to churches to live off of honorariums. I subtitled the blog Entertainment or Ministry because people confuse the two.

(continues on page....... 14)


JESUS HUSTLE by: Ron “DJ Ronnie Ron” Smith

They were workers and had their own businesses. Study the history of the bible. They had jobs. Jesus himself was a carpenter. Paul was a tentmaker. He preached the word at the same time was making tents to support himself financially. He did not depend on honorariums to make a living because the gospel was not their hustle. They worked to sustain themselves. I am not saying they did not receive any assistance, but that was not their primary source of income. In conclusion, the gospel is not a product to be hustled to others so you can make a living. We are required to work not to be lazy (Read Proverbs 6:11). I would not recommend quitting your job to pursue ministry with the wrong motives. I encourage you to pray about everything as the bible says any way. I believe God has called us to be entrepreneurs so we can have the freedom to do ministry without the constraints of going to a job. Having a job is also a blessing as well. It is God providing us with the job to pay our bills and take care of our family. If you do not want to go to a job per se than find a network marketing company or start a business of your own. Jesus will not allow you to pimp him any way so go and work.

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Ronald “DJ” Ronnie Ron Smith

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Proverbs Life Magazine Contributing Writer/Media Dept Host: 1510 WEAL Gospel Radio

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT interview with gospel recording artist:

todd dulaney Interview conducted by: Pamela Yvonne “Tehillah” Hatter This month’s artist spotlight is shining on Todd Dulaney. This phenomenal worship leader brings a fresh anointing and a great sense of humor to today’s gospel music community. Enjoy this awesome snapshot of Minister Todd Dulaney. Todd Dulaney was born December 20,1983 in Maywood, IL. He grew up as a singer and an elite athlete and graduated from Walther Lutheran High School in Melrose Park, IL. In 2001 Todd was drafted from Wabash Valley Community College in Mt. Carmel, IL by the New York Mets to pursue a professional baseball career. While refining his athletic skills, Todd realized that there was a higher calling for his life. He accepted the invitation to travel and perform background vocals for gospel artist and Grammy winner, Smokie Norful. He has also worked with many award winning artists including Vanessa Bell Armstrong, David and Nicole Binion and Donnie McClurkin. Currently Todd is the worship leader at A Place Of Change in Aurora, IL. I had an awesome time interviewing Bro. Todd and would like to share an excerpt of the interview with you, so sit back, relax and enjoy:

(continues on page.......16)


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT interview with gospel recording artist:

todd dulaney Interview conducted by: Pamela Yvonne “Tehillah” Hatter Some gospel singers just sing and move the people’s soul and emotions, but when you can tap into someone’s spirit and usher them into the very presence of God to be changed and transformed, that is a whole other level of worship. I praise God for that in you and encourage you to keep that coming and don’t back down in any area of your spiritual walk. I’ve heard that you are a man that doesn’t compromise and you are such a light to young people in this era. Todd Dulaney: Thank you so much, praise God.

Tehillah: Hello Man of God, how are you? Todd Dulaney: I’m so glad and excited about the sharing in the gospel with you today. Tehillah: Bro. Todd I just want you to know that your song “Pulling Me Through” had me calling everyone I know and playing the song into the phone, saying ‘listen to this awesome song’ and they kept asking ‘who is that’, and I wold say ‘Oh my God that’s Todd Dulaney, he’s awesome. Todd Dulaney: Wow…Praise God

Tehillah: Now let’s go back to a few years ago when you were drafted by the New York Mets, and tell share about that experience.

Tehillah: I want you to know that God shows up big in you through your worship and it’s an honor to come across someone whose worship is sincer. I meet a lot of entertainers that do just that… ‘entertain’. But I thank you so much for having a heart of worship that really seeks after God, and because of that, you draw people in to the presence of God with your music.

Todd Dulaney: Well, that was one the the best experiencesof my life. I had so much fun playing ball. I had always dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, it’s all I ever wanted to do. So I set my goals on doing that and gaveall of my energy, time and efforts into making it in to a professional level. When I was drafted, it turned into the greatest experience as I got a chance to meet some of the players that I watched as I was growing up. I was drafted by the Mets and it was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Todd Dulaney: Thank you so much. It’s tough maintaining the level of worship when I became an artist. I have to continue to battle that, fight to make sure that I handle the artistry part, but God really wants me to be true to the worship He has put inside of me. So thank you for realizing that.

Tehillah: Now I know that in the sports and entertainment arena, it’s very fast paced and the training is really intense.But also, the lifestyle of sports figures is just as intense as the sport itself. So how did that affect you as a young man being exposed to things you had never been exposed to,or even thought you would be?

Tehillah: Yes sir, keep that coming and don’t get lost in the business side of it, and forget about it being ministry. When I listen to your music I can hear there is a depth there that shows a sold out life style, and the holiness comes through; not just a relationship, because many people have a relationship, but no depth.

(continues on page.....17)


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT interview with gospel recording artist:

todd dulaney Interview conducted by: Pamela Yvonne “Tehillah” Hatter Todd Dulaney: Well, because I wasn’t in the Lord at that time, I was going faster than I wanted to go and I went with the crowd. I didn’t know and didn’t want to know the Lord. I was clubbing and drinking, and that lifestyle can really tear you apart if youa re not careful. It almost got me and took me almost to the plowest place of where I could go, then God pulled me out of it.

Todd Dulaney: No comparison at all. He uses the people that He knows will not steal His glory and He knows that people who knew me would say ‘this has to be God because Todd was nothing like this’. So God makes me laugh when I see that He is using me to lead His people into His presence. Tehillah: Have you always been a singer or is it something you picked up after you got out of the league?

Tehillah: What was the pivotal moment that you heard God and knew He was saying this is it and you knew that you needed to seek the Lord?

Todd Dulaney: I was an amaing shower singer. For my whole entire life I’ve been great in the shower and around the house, but not good enough to sing in front of people. When I was with the Mets, they would sometimes ask me to sing the national Athem before practice. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to run from it real bad. I would sing and the players would make fun of me and then they would say ‘man you really can sing’. I would just say ‘whatever, let’s just go play ball’. I kinda knew, but I didn’t really know it would lead to this caliber or level of ministry.

Todd Dulaney: For me it was getting released by the New York Mets. When I got released it devastated me and I was sent back home. In all honestly I was into some stuf while I was playing ball and my personality just wasn’t attractive to me. I wasn’t pleased with who I was. It was just a turn off being so arrogant and into myself. When I got released it brought me down to the ground and humbled me. I came home and joined a ministry here called Victory Cathedral Worship Center, where Pastor Smokie Norful is pastor. He spent so much time with me and that’s where I found out that you don’t have to walk around with your chest out and your head all up. That really changed me, the message of humility changed my life.

Tehillah: Yes, the Lord was setting you up for something great and you didn’t even know it. How did you transition from just singing to becoming a worship leader?

Tehillah: I know some folks may have seen that as a ‘set back’, but it was really a ‘set up’. The Mets only released you because God was drawing you and setting you up for something greater. At first you were just an entertainer in the sports industry, but isn’t it awesome how God would take you from that to bringing people into the very presence of the God of all creation. That really can’t compare…Wow!

(continues on page.....18)


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT interview with gospel recording artist:

todd dulaney Interview conducted by: Pamela Yvonne “Tehillah” Hatter Todd Dulaney: I failed as a worship leader for a long time because I believed that leading worship was just singing. The big mistake I made was standing before people singing as opposed to sharing the gospel of Jesus with them through song. Pastor Smokie Norful would take me to the side and really pour into me, and he would share with me that you have to get in the word. You can’t just sing, you have to have something to say and the power comes in when you share the word. So I constantly remind myself of that, because sometimes you like to rely on your own gift, especially when your voice is feeling and sounding good that night. You want to just sing and say I’m doing great, but God reminds you that ‘thepower is in My words’. So that’s when I really became a worship leader.

Tehillah: Todd that is good insight. You are a young man that is able to reach the youth, but you’ve experienced a lifetime of things to be able to bring all those experiences to God’s people and let them know that this is not just something that you do, but this is how you live. Todd Dulaney: Yes this is who I am. Tehillah: What vision has God given your for Todd Dulaney and your ministry for the next 5-10 years? Todd Dulaney: My vision is to really just make sure that this ministry is not dominated by music, butdominated by sharing the gospel so that people will embrace God. I pray this snapshot of Minister Todd Dulaney’s music ministry blessed you. If you are a worship leader, these practical insights will definitely take you ministry to the next level. If you would like an audio copy of this interview, feel free to email me at:

Tehillah: That is really profound. I thank you for sharing that, because a lot of leaders are just relying on their gift and not knowing that the anointing of the Word is what destroys the yoke. The people need to be ministered to through song not just sang to. Now coming from the standpoint of a worship leader, what would you say to other worship leaders toencourage them in the times when it’s hard to bring the people into the presence of God?

Pamela Yvonne “Tehillah” Hatter Proverbs Life Magazine Entertainment Reporter Host: Tehillah Praise Radio To send comments, questions, or feedback for Pamela, please email her at:

Todd Dulaney: I would say just be yourself. Don’t’ rely on church cliché’s that sound good in that moment, but rely on your spirit and what God is saying to you at that moment. The only thing that can break through a heavy atmosphere is the Lord, His power and His anointing. That’s the only thing that can crack an atmosphere when that is going on.



In this novel, Elva aspires to offer solidarity and hope to others who are in similar situations. She wants abuse victims to know they are not alone and if she survived it, they WILL too! Her latest works are “Battered Secrets: MEN of Domestic Violence” a tell all nonfiction novel regarding men who are victims of domestic abuse.

Precious Hearts Foundation, Inc., President / Founder, Elva Thompson, a Pennsylvania native is a past victim/survivor of domestic abuse, and a divorced mother of 5 that range in the age of 23 to 7-year-old twins. Elva was determined to not allow the effects of her abusive marriage effect her children. She knew that self-sufficiency was the key to regaining her power as a woman and mother. Elva began her journey of healing and transformed from victim to victor, as she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and an Associate’s Degree in Medical Editing and birthed her own limited liability company, Georgia Editing Service, LLC (a medical andgeneral editorial service) since 1997 and owner of Esquire Publications (book publishing company). This selfless woman of God is also an active volunteer, advocate, and helpline operator for her affiliate, Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women, as she is committed to breaking the cycle of abuse and homelessness. Elva Thompson is also an author of a slew of nonfiction novels.

Visit Precious Hearts Foundation on the web at:

Her current bestseller is “A Mother’s Cry” an inspirational story about her life as a survivor that talks about her struggle and ordeal of living with domestic abuse and how she was able to set herself free physically, mentally, and emotionally.


ALL IN A DAY’S BLOG Silent Disputes In The Church by: Kaylania Chapman What is a silent dispute, you ask? This is a controversial topic and I have seen pastors preach on this message plenty of times, yet no one gets it. Most things that go on in the church are hidden. This is one of my favorite topics because most people do not like to even acknowledge what is going on in the congregation. A silent dispute in the church is an area or issue where there is tension, debate, or disagreement with members, people, or leaders. There could be someone who is mad at a person in the church, and does little manipulative things to the other person that the pastor or other members can’t see or recognize.

Sometimes, these screams and yells are not always because the person is in agreement with the pastor or message. Sometimes these gestures are not only because the message that has gone forth is on a personal level, or because they are in the Holy Spirit, but because:

Sometimes, one person, or both parties are in aught with each other, and are fighting over a position, title, or role. Other times it has nothing to do with what is going on inside of the church, but those individuals may have already had issues and when they come to church, they argue, bicker, fight, and complain, but do it silently.

*Something bad happened between them and another person(s), so they want them to “hear” them yell, clap, and react.

Have you ever sat in the church, and the pastor or minister began preaching a particular message, and you hear certain people screaming things like:

*They “heard” something about someone and instead of ignoring the gossip or getting the answer for themselves, they treat the person strange and mean. *They want attention


The other tidbits you see people do are:


* Clap very loudly when the pastor preaches a message that is pertaining to the situation that the individuals are going through, so the person that they are mad at can see them or want to be punished SEES them to “show them a thing or two”.


Aggravates the person while they are trying to “go in” while in worship


* Tries to “over-pray” or “out-pray” that person loudly to drown out their praise (This is a form of Jezebel and a spirit of Python)

(continues on page.....21)


ALL IN A DAY’S BLOG Silent Disputes In The Church by: Kaylania Chapman God has been dealing with me over the past few weeks about this issue because He has told me that I am a lady. No matter how anointed or gifted someone else is...they still have faults. We all have issues. This can be very dangerous to new members or babes in Christ. You will be surprised at how many people decide not to come back to church when they see tension between people or when there is a spirit of disunity. If I wasn’t saved, and I came into a church like that, I wouldn’t want to stay either.

* Jumps up and down and starts screaming when the pastor preaches a message that is pertaining to the situation that the individuals are going through, so the person that they are mad at can see them and want to be punished SEES them. * You want to do something in the ministry, but whomever is mad at you or jealous of you tries to prevent you by intimidating you or making you feel left out. These are just a FEW things that I have noticed, and I will be honest...I have found myself doing it too. God told me that this is immature on my part and it is wrong. What other people do is their business. If I have beef with someone in the church, it is best for me to go to that person and tell them how I feel if I am hurt or angry. What does the bible say about handling disputes and arguments with people?

I am NOT saying that every time we say “Yes’, “Amen” or Clap it is against someone! We can agree with a message however we choose fit. The message that I am replying is that if there is tension, jealousy, strife, or any other issues between you or someone...squash and do not embarrass yourself by acting like a child. These actions are very immature in the body of Christ. I have felt the Holy Spirit grieved when these things happen. Why not let God handle the issues and discipline the people? If someone is out of order...go to the leadership or go to them in love. Not only are you hurting God, but you hurt those around you. Vengeance is God’s job. Being in a state of tension and debate is very dangerous.

Matthew 18:15-17 says: “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.”

Acting and role-playing anger in the form of rejoicing in the Holy Spirit is a dangerous place to be. Believe it or not, these actions are leading you right into the spirits of Jezebel, Strife, Disunity, Resentment, Anger, Foul-Play, Discord, and Malice. Have you heard the old saying...”If you can’t say something nice...don’t say it at all?” and “Loose Lips, Sinks Ships”. Some folks need to have that printed on a t-shirt. I have been through and seen the pastor preach a prophetic message, and the word was in reference to a situation.

Unfortunately, I have even seen pastors and leaders do this! Instead of pulling that person or person(s) aside and dealing with the situation properly, they broadcast it through a “message” in a sermon or in a Bible Study group. I shake my head at this, but I choose to keep my mouth shut, because I don’t want to ever talk bad about those in authority! I am guilty of doing some of these things too.

As soon as the pastor preaches or touch on that subject...someone screams loud and claps their hands. Then other other person who is mad at them jumps up and down and reacts the same way when another part of the Word comes forth. This is so silly. I know some of you who are reading this are upset, but that’s ok. The truth hurts, but it will also set you free. (continues on page.....22)


ALL IN A DAY’S BLOG Silent Disputes In The Church by: Kaylania Chapman

I, by no means, am telling you to focus on petty issues not relevant to the house of the Lord. This is very real! We have to become united as the body of Christ instead of acting like we have never experienced Jesus. Regardless of what you see or experience regarding this subject, please stay in prayer and the attitude of worship. There is nothing more joyful than to see your foe become your friend by loving them despite of how they feel about you. Please. Don’t put your battles on public display!

Kaylania Chapman Proverbs Life Magazine CEO/Editor-In-Chief To send comments, questions, or feedback for Kaylania, please email her at:


Quotes with Wisdom

“To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.� - Bertrand Russell


The Children of Disobedience Many are not paying any attention to the spirit of God to live in peace and understanding. The more people fall into lustful seductions of false love and power, the apple which created the fall gets bitten over and over again. The world seduces people into meaningless relationships and non-purpose driven careers to love only one thing: SELF. Look at where loving self has turned our country into. The powerful United States is falling apart over the love of money and power, while families are torn, and children are dying. What happened to the country where people all over the world wanted to be? The land of the free has turned into a spiritual demise of self-made hopes and dreams driven by the evil plot of Satan himself. Even the holy of holies in the church is just as guilty by buying into the mask of beautiful things, money, and power as signs of being blessed.

Guiding Paths~Directing Purpose A Commentary Written By: Nicole N. Guyton, MA Professional Christian Counselor Atlanta, GA

The very thing that most people desire is the very thing that is killing people physically and spiritually: LOVE. My question to each and every one who reads this is, “What do you love?” My pastor once said that the thing you love the most is the thing that is going to rule over your life, and the scripture says that whatever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). How many times do people get caught up in trying to fulfill self-made desires? Some people love their chosen life partners so much that the word of God is null and void, or some people love their houses, cars, and material things so much that loving one another, good character, and integrity is a thing of the past. How far will some people continue to go before it’s too late to discover that they loved themselves into hell?

Ephesians 2:2, 3: “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.” KJV

In the midst of chaos and confusion all over the world I can’t help but wonder what God is doing in all of this. I’ve spent many years studying about love and relationships for both personal and professional in hope of figuring out why my relationships and jobs ended in heartbreak and dismay. I found out that the main ingredient was disobedience.

This article is about God’s love for us and whether or not the love shown in return is by following His word. His wrath is for those who are the Children of Disobedience! Sexual immorality, adultery, lying to one another, cheating, and stealing are all characteristics of the prince of the earth, the one who seduces through a world of opportunity to live out innermost dreams.

Sure I would love to point the finger just like others, but the reality is that things are out of order when fulfilling the desires of the flesh and mind. Society teaches to seek love and power to fill voids for every reason other than God’s design for human companionship and leadership. A lot of people spend so much time chasing the fairy tale of the handsome prince, the beautiful princess, and the powerful king or queen who rules.

In the meantime since the fall of man with Adam and Eve, men and women have repeated a cycle of disobedience that has led us to broken families, poverty, and early deaths by walking to the course of this world. (continues on page......27)


The Children of Disobedience What is it going to take for God’s people to wake up and see that it’s not the boyfriend who got you pregnant and married someone else, or the wife that left you for someone else when you lost your job, or even the supervisor who fired you out of intimidation? It is the lack of obedience to God’s word in which experiences and circumstances led to making decisions against the will of God and submitting to self-understanding. No, the aforementioned situations or any others are not the end because it is never too late to live in obedience. Redemption comes from the forgiveness of sins from God who is merciful and full of grace, but it comes when taking the step to surrender and live in obedience with Him (Acts 26:18 & Ephesians 1:7). No relationship or job is worth unforgiveness and loving in disobedience to the pits of hell! REPENT, REJOICE, RENEW, & RESTORE~ If you have any current problems or situations in the areas of relationships, parenting, careers, or just life in general that you are struggling with and would like some Biblical guidance or direction, email:


FOCus By Patricia “Pat” Taylor I had an unusual life growing up; we traveled a lot and it seemed that much of my time was spent in the back of a station wagon reading. This occurred because my Dad was a non-commissioned officer in the Navy and we never spent more than 3 or 4 hears in one place.

Focus in the context of our everyday lives can be very important. How many of us have promised to do something and let distractions pull us away from our intent. Even worse, we often promise ourselves to make important changes and we let the distractions of our old habits or lifestyle deter us.And business owners will tell you that they really need and want employees that can focus on the task in hand.

Before I was fourteen we had lived in San Diego California; Long Beach, California; Leslie, Arkansas; a country farm near Indianapolis, Maryland; Fullurton, California; Linda Vista, California; Green Cove Springs, Florida; and Garden Grove, California; where we at last! spent 6 years in one place so I could go to both Junior High School and High School in the same town.

But focus in the context of the Bible is more than that, and more important than that Its the ability to believe God that you have received something provided in His promises because the Word of God says its so, no matter what the situation looks like. Its the ability to ignore every distraction that comes up to dissuade you that your prayer isn’t going to work. Its your determination to hold on to the promise not matter what your body, your finances, or your situation says about it!

So when I say we traveled a lot, I am not kidding! But one good thing.... I loved to read! I could settle back on the pillows Mom provided, on the mattress she always put in the back of the station wagon, and get lost inside a book for hours. The only problem was, that you really, really had to focus if you were going to get through a book! There was my little sister (4 years younger) trying to get me to play with her, or playing with her crayons or a doll, my Mom and Dad listening to Country Music on the radio (as a result I can’t stand it now!)

Often, this isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s going to take a lot of concentrating on the Word of God. Its going to take a lot of trust, trust which stems from a knowledge of the character of God, knowledge that assures you that He WILL do for you what

The noise of the road and of the cars going by, and all the scenery that was constantly flashing by the windows! (Not to mention the potty, or historical marker, or place of interest, stop!) So I learned to focus, and that’s what focus is all about.

He’s promised! It’s going to take you taking yourself in hand, and insisting that your emotions not drag you off into unbelief...and none of this is easy to do. Its a process, but its a process that will garner for you all the blessings of God! So, go out and FOCUS!

It’s the ability to tune out everything else, and attend to one thing exclusively. The Bible talks about it in Proverbs 4:3 when it says, “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not to your won understanding.” This is a call to not look at your opinions, at your prejudices, and just believe what God says about the situation.

Patricia “Pat” Taylor Proverbs Life Magazine Contributing Writer

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