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Lindauer Allee 19, Berlin 99,000 EUR Investment Opportunity 82 sqm - 1 Tenanted Apartment

Property Description: This is a residential offer of 1 apartment situated on the top floor within a period apartment containing multiple dwellings. The apartment block is situated in the district of Reinickendorf, a very popular area to the North West of Berlin city centre. The area is characterised by its balance of greenery and open spaces with an urban feel and convenient transport links to the city. The apartment has been occupied by its current tenants since June 2007.

Property Potential: The property lies in an area which is very well-supported for residential dwelling and has an extremely stable current tenancy list with less than 1% vacancy in the area. Tenants in this area of the district have higher than average purchasing power, making the average amount they spend on rent some of lowest in Berlin. With the property fully renovated to a good standard, the potential lies in an increase in the rental level over the medium term to move rents nearer to the current market level throughout the district. A programme of rental reviews should be considered as part of the management plan and any new tenancies made should be considered at this higher level.

Investor Profile: With the good tenant structure in place and in an area of strong tenant demand, this property will appeal to an investor who seeks a lower-risk and stable investment with an impressive yield. The low overall purchase price will mean a low deposit is required which will suit some investors. In terms of finance, the property offers little risk and should present well to banks. Finance around 60-70% should be expected, depending on client status and bank chosen.

Investment Overview: Berlin makes for the ideal property investment opportunity, with the largest area and most populated city in Germany, second only in the EU to London, rental availability can become a premium. Since the reunification on 3 October 1990 it has grown into one of Europe's most exciting cities for the investor or businessman. Hosting the Parliament and Government headquarters for Germany, it has been the capital city since 1999. A key transport hub and an important economic, cultural and educational centre, Berlin boasts numerous research institutions, universities, colleges, museums, theatres and monuments. Home to many major national and international companies: for example, Sony, Hitachi, Coca Cola, Siemens, Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Schering, Gillette, Samsung, Berlin's economy does not seem to have been greatly affected by the current economic down turn.

Cash Flow: Assuming finance is taken to a level of 70%, a monthly cash flow after finance payments and all management costs of 113 EUR should be expected. With potential to increase with time.

Financial Information: Sales Price [fixed] Current Rent (annual) Yield (%)1 Potential Yield (%) Year of Construction Total Living Area m2 Price m2 Cash Flow Predicted Per Month2

99,000.00 Euro 7,005.36 Euro 7.10% 8.2%+ 1927/28 81.89 sqm 1,208.93 Euro 113.46 Euro

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About ProVenture Property: ProVenture are a UK based property investment consultancy who aim to provide an unbeatable level of support to the investor at every stage of the investment process. This includes: − General consultancy prior to purchase. − Accompanied inspection trips (if required). − Assistance with UK and German financing. − Assistance with all legal aspects. − Ongoing full management service of purchased property. − Assistance with all UK and German Tax matters. − Assistance with property maintenance,development and eventual sale. Contact Details: E-mail: Telephone: +44 (0)115 7141 511 Mobile: +44 (0)7944 324 155 WWW.PROVENTUREPROPERTY.COM 1 Yield is calculated as the net of all costs in the table 2 Based on 70% LTV, 4.65% fix rate loan over 20 years including management costs of 17.90 Eur per apartment plus vat when building fully let

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A programme of rental reviews should be considered as part of the management plan and any new tenancies made should be considered at this hi...