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Sustainability Fun Kids are on summer vacation and now it is up to Mom and Dad to find activities to keep everyone busy. Before kids can get bored, try having activities ready that are good for both the kids and the environment. There are both daily sustainability activities and special projects to help keep everyone in the family happy. Daily Activities • Sort recycling • Bring scrap bucket to compost pile • Energy Police – one child be in charge of making sure all lights are off when rooms are not in use • Refill reusable water bottles • Hang clean clothes on the line to dry • Water plants using water from collection barrels Special Projects • Use the bottom of milk jugs as planters for herbs • Large cardboard boxes can be used for forts, tunnels, or even art canvases • Adopt a ditch – pick up trash along your favorite roadway (don’t forget to recycle) • Plant a garden • Art Time (options are endless) • Toilet paper animals • Egg carton painting • Kleenex boxes, building blocks • Plastic lid art – stack lids inside of each other and glue in fun designs • Plastic bottle plink-o • Do your shopping at the local Farmer’s market – walk and pull a wagon for an added bonus • Visit a new park or hiking trail each month – pick up trash while enjoying the outdoors • Go to the library each week to get ‘new’ books These ideas will hopefully get you started with your summer. You will be surprised at what your kids can come up with too. ~ Mandi

Sustainability Fun  

Daily activities and projects for the whole family that are beneficial to the environment

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