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The LGBT community is a proud,

In observation of National Coming

families for coming out, bullied at

beautiful and fierce group of people

Out Day in October, we celebrate the

school, humiliated and fired from work,

living, loving Loud and Proud! We have

recent spectacular advances in LGBT

denied housing, beaten and murdered,

enjoyed a myriad of recent success

equality. In this issue we will savor

and killing themselves, because of fear

in the LGBT equality movement. From

that momentum, after years spent

and ignorance.

the tide-turning political and judicial

fighting against the incessant hate and

While this may not be the time for a

gains spearheaded by national LGBT

discrimination the lesbian, gay and

victory lap, we’re getting closer. Let’s

leadership in the US, to the international

transgender communities have faced.

catch our breath, then put our heads

groundswell of Trans awareness, our

We’ve earned it and it feels good!

down and get back to work. We’re going

brothers and sisters remain firm in the

We will ask you to hold the mirror a

to look fabulous at the finish line!

fight for civil rights for our community.

bit closer, maybe uncomfortably close.

Our contributors and guest writers share

Despite the progress, there are still LGBT

their personal experiences, they offer

people in regions of the US, throughout

up their inspirations, they pay tribute to

the world, who are disowned by their

those who have influenced them to live their authentic lives.

Vivian Wright-Bolton Editor-in-Chief


Angelica Ross-Founder of Transtech helping to Empower, Educate and Employ within the Trans Community.


Laverne Cox -- First Trans Person to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine


By Toni Newman


n 2014, there have been a no-

women of color in America. The trans

ticeable number of transwomen

community continues to be dispropor-

and transmen of color on the

tionately discriminated and harassed,

move, increasing visibility and

as compared to other groups within the

awareness for the community.

LGBT community.

There have never been more trans

I recently interviewed Kris Hayashi,

people of color on the national scene

Acting Director of the Transgender Law

making strides and advancements for

Center, based in San Francisco, Califor-

full equality for all trans people. The

nia. The Transgender Law Center is one

trans community is moving forward but

of the largest trans advocacy groups in

still there is still alarming violence and

the country, who’s mission is to work “

murders committed against our trans

to change law, policy, and attitudes so

Proud To Be OUT: The Magazine

that all people can live safely, authenti-

law as well.” She continued, “Yes, we

and support them.” To hear the entire

cally, and free from discrimination

have a lot of visibility, and that is great,

interview with Kris Hayashi about Trans

regardless of their gender identity or

but a majority of our community is still

Equality in 2014 and the future please


struggling to survive on a daily basis

go to:

During a recent interview, Kris said,

with high rates of violence, harassment


“This is an exciting time for us, with all

and unemployment. Trans women


this great visibility with Laverne Cox,

of color are still being attacked and


Janet Mock and CeCe McDonald. We

murdered at a high rate, and we have to

Kris and I discussed the heightened vis-

are making great leaps with policy and

find a way to embrace that community

ibility of the trans community, powered by having Laverne Cox featured on the cover of Time magazine. The visibility is leading to conversations about the trans community, both positive and negative. Society is talking, and this can only help the trans community to be understood, and to demonstrate that our lives matter. The trans community

Kylar Broadus-The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force named him as a Senior Public Policy Counsel of the Transgender Civil Rights Project.

has made great strides and should

made to feel safe being who they are.

be proud of the advancements made

In order to do this, we must speak out

this year, but we must remember,

against voices that seek to misgender

there is still a lot of work ahead. We

trans women and separate them from

cannot stand for any of our sisters and

our communities. We must be vigilant

brothers being attacked and murdered

against transphobia in our social net-

for simply being their authentic self.

works, in our friend groups, and in our

No one should be afraid to be who

own language and lives.”

they really are and follow their own

We applaud our transwomen and

destiny. We must continue the fight

transmen of color for their willingness

for full equality and fairness. Lauren

to hold the torch ,stand proud and

Paulk, Reproductive Justice Fellow

for being authentic. We must not be

at the National Center for Lesbian

afraid to stand firm in our truth. We are

Rights, wrote an article titled “Beyond

loved by God regardless of our gender,

Equality: Combating Violence Against

sexuality and race. Don’t give up on

Trans Women of Color.” In the article

your journey and remember you can

she states, “We must create a culture

make it to the other side with joy and

where transgender women of color are


Janet Mock -- NY Times Bestselling Author of Redefining Realness



Proud to Be Out is thrilled to partner with our East Coast friends at Queer 2 the T. With our combined commitment to bringing queer issues to the forefront, together with our shared vision of embracing all communities, Proud to Be Out and Queer 2 the T extend a bi-coastal reach to all of our brothers and sisters. Together we will offer our listeners and readers a full expanse of perspectives from both coasts on national and international topics. Queer news, proud people - we’ve got you covered!


SELECT AN INTERVIEW BELOW Representative Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia)

Sittin’ w/2 Queer Brown Jawns “The Skin I’m In” with Broderick Fox

Mission: An audio project in three parts, Sincerely, she is dedicated to finding individuals who strive to motivate and create an affirming awareness to a community at large. Embracing drive and empowerment by womyn from all walks of life, Sincerely, she surges a renewed vitality into sisterhood; not only bonding energies through trials but earnestly celebrating in one’s triumphs. Embarking on topics from spirituality to perseverance,

& Sincerely, she gathers womyn to authentically discuss the peace and pitfalls surrounding their defining moments as beings on a quest for harmony in humanity. The works overall mission is to breakdown façades, cleanse souls to strengthen our present womyn while paving a pathway for generations on the horizon.




Author Julia Prillwitz


Proud To Be OUT: The Magazine


ORDINARY By Stephanie Simbeck


As a child, when you were asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, it was expected that your answer would be related to a career choice. Your answer may have varied depending upon your social class. While some of us may have dared to dreamed big, giving daring answers that were outside of the societal constraints, most of our answers never considered our sexual preference. That is the case for most children.

As a child not being able to name what you are feeling emotionally or sexually because you are not cognitively capable is certainly understandable, but it does not dismiss what a child inherently believes to be natural about themselves. Transgender author and media personality Julia Prillwitz’s book, titled “Julia Prillwitz,mein Leben Zwischen den Gschlechtern“ written in the German language, (English translation “My Life Between The Sexes”), due out in 2015, tells about her ‘natural’ feelings of who and what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her childhood was tainted with sexual, physical and mental abuse from her schoolmates, teachers, relatives and parents. Her extraordinary beauty and daintiness attracted unsavory abusive attention from suitors and Continued on page 10


12 Continued from page 9

“MY LIFE BETWEEN THE SEXES” predators. They lavished her with gifts and the loving attention that she missed from her parents. Her luxurious childhood was filled with torment and extremes, she was homeless for several years as a teenager but you would never know this where you to see her today. Living in Europe among the wealthy and influential, photographed on the red carpet with the internationally famous, attending A-list events, Julia owns her choice of who and what she wants to be.... not a man, not a woman, just Julia. I asked Julia why she didn’t choose to have the complete change to a woman, her answer was simple, “because I didn’t want to.” In her opinion, most people decide about their sexuality based on sex. “Of course that’s natural”, she says. “But for me it was ‘how’ I’ve always felt and thought of myself.” “I’ve always thought of myself as a girl, a ‘she’ not a ‘he’. But my ‘sexual preference’ is something else.” And that is? “Men! I love men.” Fading are the days of trans being compared to Las Vegas crossdressing show acts. The evolution

of the transgender in the media and the perception of who and what they represent is no longer doubtful. Without hiding who they are, trans continue to persevere and succeed. Societies acceptance of transgenders in the media is trendy, sexy and ever present. The fashion, music and television industry has successful, classy transgender representation. Andreja Pejic, Serbian born, 22 year old, supermodel, is world renowned for her androgynous look. She models for designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier at Paris’ Fashion Week. Singer Conchita Wurst, winner of the 59th Euro Vision Song Contest held in Copenhagen, in May 2014. The inclusion of transgender character Sophia Burset in the hit series “Orange Is The New Black” played by transgender actress Laverne Cox.

Just getting our attention is no longer the objective, it’s about getting respect and acceptance and owning a place in society. A place where intolerance and judgment are a thing of the past and stigmas don’t exist. Julia is among her peers, pioneering to the forefront. Making ‘h(er)istory’ with her book, telling her story of how and why she chooses to be who she is and not apologizing for it. Her painful past and uplifting life philosophy will bring you one step closer to understanding why it isn’t always a to be a ‘sexual’ decision transgender, it’s extraordinary decision.

Stephanie Simbech and Julia Prillwitz




r e d a B Rice

to Be roud P cs i h rt r/dire o e f t i y r f w ith y of t com eaks w lm Anatom in nd ge p a s r i o a p a ch rview as TG t her new fi at Outfest Pull u te abou t July dio in a r t Bader miered las u e O c i R pre arina he film tion tor, M T . n e nspira sion Se i e e v h t o aL nfu that s. tter co that hares ngele s u A , a l s n a i o n r L , Ma erso thing rview wn “p s the one e o t r n i e h i d ve rom candi dult lo ame f a c , In this d e i o v to G e mo er swear aughs. “ for th I … e ilms, h v F l o s l e s t i h u s ul K e,” abo o r of So ontinues t ded m e u o by l d e n s u c ha -Fo tus qu l na i a o r t C s a d d M t an ny, woo renta siden ompa Holly aming n the e r t s As Pre dent film c llenge the n as a ble o en ha e See m is availa v indep getically c o L lo of a e fil unapo g Anatomy om ut. Th b e d Seen.c in it’s e s r v a e o e t l L f e r fA ya diatel , AnatomyO imme e t i webs film’s

Prou U O e dToB





he internet is massive and filled with videos, memes, animated gifs, snap-chat, vines, Facebook posts, blog posts, tweets, Instagram images, podcasts, digital books and a wealth of other bits of information. It beckons us with promises of instant gratification, problem solving or just plain old entertainment. It has the ability to draw us in for hours at a time with just a few keystrokes. Internet marketing is the next phase in advertising evolution. First there was the newspaper, then radio, then television and now this playing field leveling behemoth, known as the internet, is killing them all. But how does one harness its potential, get a message heard above the cacophony of digital noise and still make some money? While the initial picture may seem daunting, internet marketing isn’t rocket science. You don’t have to have a PhD from Harvard to suc-

ceed at it or understand it. If you’re willing to put in the work and allow yourself to dance with failure while you hone your skills, then you’re in the right place.

The foundation of internet marketing is composed of 4 different parts: 1. A product or service worth selling. No matter what form of currency you’re collecting be it a customer’s time, attention or money, you have to deliver something that exceeds the currency you’re collecting. This is also so the case if you’re presenting an idea or worthy cause. 2. It’s about the Relationship Establishing a relationship with your audience and market is always about respect. Creating this relationship stems from always asking the question, “How

can I help them get what they want?” When you continuously ask this question of yourself and of your audience, you commit to creating a quality experience, products, and services. You must then deliver those quality items consistently. This creates loyalty among a community of people who know, like and trust you and your brand. 3. Direct Response Copywriting No matter what you’re doing to advertise your business, the copy you use to connect with your market has to speak to their needs. From the headline, to the content and down to the call to action, tried and true copywriting techniques -the

Proud To Be OUT: The Magazine

“traditional approach”, if you will - works well on the internet. Solid copywriting can make all the difference to your blog, videos, media buys and ultimately the success of your business. 4. Killer Content is King Delivering great content is always the goal. The consistent delivery of great content, whether it’s yours or curated from other sources, allows you to extend an offer to your audience every now and again. That offer should be an “awesome” offer that benefits the reader and requires money changing hands. Transactions that are done electronically, of course. Great content solidifies rela-

tionships, allows for an exchange of ideas between yourself and your audience and ultimately the exchange of cash.

foundation of internet marketing mastery is found in the items discussed above. With a firm foundation in place, targeted traffic generation, quality leads and sales are a click away.

What’s In It for Me? The internet playing field is leveled. This means the little guy has an opportunity to compete with the Big Dogs and actually win. The internet marketing in this space allows the small business owner or aspiring business owner to succeed. While there are additional moving parts that must be added, the

BY KENDRA HANES Online Strategist: Helping ordinary folks becore successful online entrepreneurs.



MONICAHEUSER Monica Heuser kicks off this edition of My Chapter and Verse by proclaiming her love of Menopause‌the Musical. Singer, actor, cabaret artist, dance, song stylist and community volunteer, Heuser has toured with Menopause the Musical for over 7 years, performing in national and international venues. Currently a resident of Las Vegas, she shares her story of finding inspiration in creating a show biz family and her deep felt gratitude for the chance to live the life she dreamed of as a child. With music as the source of her passion, Monica is where she wants to be, doing what she loves. This is Monica’s Chapter and Verse.

JIMMCCOY Jim McCoy shares his no-holds-bar Chapter and Verse about being a married gay man in Las Vegas, coming out and the importance of paying it forward. A warm, charismatic teddy Bear, Jim recalls the birthing of Norma, his drag alter-ego, who Jim only lets out to help fundraise for local charities in his commitment to supporting the HIV/AIDS community and local non-profits. Jim, the epitome of a self-assured, successful man, takes us into his confidence as he delves into the struggles he faced in coming out, “I felt alone, there were times I was suicidal.” Jim held on, “I knew eventually it would come to me, I realized this is who I am…”. This is Jim’s Chapter and Verse.


The first time I heard this brilliant solution to so much of what threatens us, I was thrilled and frightened at the same time. This concept seemed so simple and so foreign. Didn’t sleeping with black men prove that you loved them? It wasn’t until I read a conversation between bell hooks and Essex Hemphill, that I realized that sexual partnering and true love where not identical.

MEETING MY FIRST BLACK GAY MENTOR ESSEX HEMPHILL When I came out, I was among black men. I was 20 years old, full of longing and the belief that a great deal of the torture - the feeling of not “being enough”, something I’d learned from the mouths of men who looked like me (with my grandfather being the only exception) - would all be a thing of the past. Being with these men, emotionally and physically, gave me a sense of hope and excitement regarding my future, now that I could finally live honestly and claim my desires.

Essex helped me define what I wanted to be and transformed my thinking regarding what it meant to be black, gay and male. Essex’s writing taught me that to be handed the gift and power that comes with being black, gay and male, was indeed an honor and nothing to be ashamed nor apologetic about for any reason, at any time. To combine these most delicate and profound entities requires a warrior-like spirit and the guts to walk tall in a world that often sees us as either dangerous or sexual and nothing more. Months after discovering him through my voracious appetite for reading his work, I had the chance to meet and talk with him in person. Essex Hemphill didn’t choose an identity. He created one. This concept was extremely important to my younger self who had been schooled under white domination and self loathing ways. Creating an identity was very important for a young black queer who wanted to dream, create, evolve.

My heart would break routinely when I’d encounter young black, gorgeous men who flat out refused to challenge their thinking. They had pledge their allegiance to a patriarchal, imperialist culture that provided a few rewards but offered no love in return. While love is powerful, it has its limits.

Essex Hemphill wrote you can do all of this and more.

As black men who are targeted in a particular set of ways, our healing needs to be addressed in a particular set of ways. While love is powerful, it has its limits.

My desire for a certain type of man was solidified when I met and critically engaged with the great Essex Hemphill some twenty years ago. My love for black men was solidified. Essex Hemphill was the ideal black man; brave, brilliant, reflective, gentle and committed to constant and unapologetic growth.

After enduring the initial five years of dating black men, I began reading Essex Hemphill. I stumbled onto his most prolific statement: “the most radical/ revolutionary things black men can do is love each other.” I was hooked.

Using his life as an example, he demonstrated to us younguns that we could dare to be fabulous, outspoken, clear, unashamed and committed to our own evolution by loving ourselves fully and healthfully.


I’ve Lost Me My thoughts are so consumed with you and what you’re feeling I’ve forgotten all else I’ve Lost Me I’m lost in your smile smothered in your kiss set ablaze by your touch I’ve Lost Me The thought of you not being here destroys my soul, blinds me in fear after all what will I have left since I’ve Lost Me How do you complete me if I have lost the other half that is supposed to be me? How do we share a future if I’ve Lost Me An eternity in your arms sounds like ecstasy until I wake up and you’re gone and all that’s left is a memory because I never refound me I’ve Lost Me


Lez Bee



LOVE IS LVOE NO MATTER HOW YOU SPELL IT... TGo’s interview with Jewelry Designer, Rony Tennenbaum, gives us a glimpse into the life of this creative’s 25 years in the jewelry industry. The designer shares his story of how he came to create the LVOE jewelry line. “As a Gay Jewelry Designer I want to create inspiring jewelry that gay, lesbian, transgender or otherwise would want to wear to make them feel special, confident, proud, and unique, which will help them express their love before the world.” Tennenbaum’s talent and vision, and knack for simply “listening to the wants of the community” led him to create a jewelry line specifically for the LGBT community. “Love is love, no matter how you spell it”, says Tennenbaum of the LVOE line.



Rony Tennenbaum



What Exactly IS A Destination Wedding?


any couples are choosing to have their wedding ceremonies and celebrations on the beaches far away from their hometowns. The reasons for this trend may be as varied and valid as their love of each other. For all for the ‘reasons’ they initially have - it really all comes down to – today’s couples want the friends and family that are closest to them, to share their joy as they celebrate their love with a Destination Beach Wedding. Today’s couples are all about having spiritual and personal ceremonies. Some couples decide on a destination wedding because they are from different areas of the

country, and don’t want to choose one hometown over another. Instead, they opt to go to a location that already is, or from now on will be - somewhere special to them. One of the most common reasons to choose a destination wedding is to save money. Destination Weddings often allow couples to save upwards of $20,000 versus a traditional ceremony at home. When a couple dreams of a location where they and their guests can travel to, and decides that they want to exchange their vows and celebrate their love in this special location, they are deciding to have a Destination Wedding. Destination weddings often take place in tropical areas such as the Caribbe-

an, Mexico, or Hawaii. However they are NOT limited to those specific locales. Any location where the wedding party and guests will travel to for the wedding, is considered a Destination Wedding. Is A Destination Wedding Right for You?

In the past a Destination Wedding was considered the exclusive domain of celebrities and the ultrarich. Destination Weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples looking to add an “exotic twist” to their special ceremony. Working with an established wedding service with excellent credentials, can not only save you thousands of dollars, it can also turn your wedding day and the weeks that precedes or follows, into an unforgettable “minivacation” for you and your guests.

Proud To Be OUT: The Magazine

So even though you will save money – don’t then invite your “at home” guest list and plan a huge destination celebration that you pay for, and expect to still save money. Keep in mind that EVERYONE you invite, WILL come. What better reason for a getaway to the beach, than a wedding? So unless you want as many people away with you as could have been there at ‘home’ – be selective about your guest list. Most importantly – Are the closest friends and family that you want to be there with you, able to travel to your chosen location?

be answered and concerns alleviated. The wedding service that you select will also be glad to guide you to vendors for cakes, flowers, photography, chairs, music –

How Far Ahead Should You Plan Your

before making other reserva-

Destination Wedding?

tions, as they can save you money

This really varies with the destination you choose. How many guests are going to be invited? Will your guest want to take time off? Put in for vacation time at work? Traditionally a month or two is acceptable notice for “Save the Date” cards. Destination Weddings usually involve travel arrangements, and therefore should be sent out at least 4-6 months in advance. This gives your guests time to properly budget and plan for the trip, and to make sure that they are able to take time off and obtain reservations. My suggestion for you, is to contact any local Chamber of Commerce in your selected location for a little help. For instance, our local Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, as well as the additional Delaware locations, are invaluable with links to locations for accommodations, and wedding services with excellent reviews. They have members who are florists, caterers and musicians as well if that is something you want to include. Call and talk with them. Many of your questions will

and distress from choosing someone

anything you want to add that they don’t offer – and will only recommend people who have proven to be reliable. So choose your wedding vendor wisely and early. Talk with them

unreliable, whose ad looked good.

just the two of you, four guests or 150

Destination Weddings Take Consider-

guests. The day is about the two of you

able Planning and Research

sharing your love with each other, and

Destination Weddings can absolutely

starting out on this adventure in life

be the most relaxing way for a couple

together as partners.

and their families to plan for an enjoyable wedding that is stress free and everything you want in a casual or fancy, and always fun ceremony and celebration. That takes a bit of planning and research. Research your location to see if you can be married on the beach there. Research the Wedding Service providers, by checking their credentials with the Chamber of Commerce and try to locate reviews online from past couples


who used their services. Contact the Wedding Service vendor

If I can answer questions for you about

and ask a ton of questions, to see what

your Destination Wedding plans, please

response you get. You will be able to

send an email to PastorMaryMazzullo@

see clearly who it is that you want to Always let me know that

work with for your Wedding Destina-

you saw this article in “Proud to Be

tion Dream to be fulfilled.


Above all – talk to your intended

I will always look forward to hearing

spouse and make sure you enjoy the

from you.

process of planning for your wedding

Topic for Next Issue: Who Pays for

ceremony and honeymoon/vacation.

What at a Destination Wedding?

That’s what it is all about, whether it is



Proud To Be OUT: The Magazine

WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR GAYBORHOOD? After decades of LGBT activism, the gay community is riding the wave to victory in the fight for civil rights. After high-profile successes in legislative protections in the US, and the tsunami of court decisions in favor of marriage equality in state after state, the LGBT community is seemingly resting on its laurels. The confrontational protests of the 70’s for gay rights and the civil disobedience of the 80’s in the fight for HIV/AIDS, have faded into the archives of queer history. The LGBT community has taken the fight for equality to the courthouse and out of the streets. Our community rebellion is now contained in Facebook posts and tweets “yay team! #supportmarriageequality”. Have our recent victories taken the wind out of our defiant rainbow sails? The fight for marriage equality has been cloaked in the mantra of “we’re just like everyone else” and led by stroller-pushing same-sex parents. I know, I was one of them. For years I held my ground in the trenches, organizing protests, marching in DC with my children in tow. In paving the way for

marriage equality, have we opened the door to the de-gaying of our communities? Amin Ghaziani, author of There Goes the Gayborhood?, explores the concept of a new gay sensibility which he calls the “post-gay”. “Those who consider themselves post-gay profess that their sexual orientation does not form the core of how they define themselves,” Ghaziani writes. He is quick to clarify that “Post-gay does not mean post-discrimination,” but rather the freedom for gays to more freely

BY VIVIAN WRIGHT EDITOR - IN -CHEIF “define themselves beyond their homosexuality”. We can follow this new sensibility into conversations within the gay community questioning if there still exists a need for Gay Pride? National Coming Out Day? Gay neighborhoods? Gay Softball Leagues? Gay tea dances? It seems that the gay wave has crashed head-long into normality, and with that, a complacency which has swept over the LGBT community. The fight against inequality was never supposed to be just about marriage. We’ve fought for a myriad Continued on page 28


28 Continued from page 25 27

a myriad of issues that impact our lives as queers in America: discrimination against gays in the work place, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, housing discrimination, gay couples’ immigration rights, the list is extensive. The fight is far from over. There is still much work to do, yet we’ve succumbed to the seductive lure of becoming a “them”, no longer “ us”. The difficult truth is that no matter how much public opinion has shifted in favor of gay rights, no matter how widely accepted the issue becomes, no matter how many more court decisions land in favor marriage equality, the minority that remains opposed to gay rights and same-sex marriage is increasingly more vocal, they are outspending us politically, because we have allowed ourselves to become too

comfortable. Have we taken our eye off the ball? While we were poo-pooing Gay Pride, earlier this year the state of Arizona passed a bill allowing business owners to assert their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays. Other jurisdictions passed or were considering passing similar laws. While we are minimizing the need to declare ourselves different, throughout the South, mid-west and in our own backyards, countless children are being bullied and tortured for being different. While we diminish the need for queer enclaves, thousands of gays, lesbians and transgender people are being humiliated, beaten, murdered or taking their own lives. The war against queers is even more dire in countries such as Uganda, Nigeria and Russia. National Coming Out Day is officially an “ internationally observed civil awareness day celebrating individuals who publicly identify as a gender or sexual minority”. This year as we celebrate our victories, let’s do so with an eye toward the

future, to paving the way for those still trapped in torment of the darkness of the closet, instead of surrendering our queerness. We must still stand up and declare our community worthy. We still have to demand dignity and respect for ourselves and all of our brothers and sisters. We will stand for those who can’t, we mustcontinue to fight against hatred and ignorance. Our queer history has taught us as much. We’re still here, still queer!

ROLLA SELBAK Tune into Proud to Be Out radio interview with award-winning filmmaker, Rolla Selbak. Selbak is the write/director of the internationally acclaimed film Three Veils, and most recently, the creator and producer of the hit web series Kiss Her I’m Famous. Listen in on Rolla Stelbak’s charming, personal interview with Proud Publisher, TGo, as she shares stories of how she got into filmmaking. The self-taught filmmaker recalls an era in the not so distant past when female producers were non-existent in Hollywood. Stelbak talks about the early struggles and having to “keep a day job to support her film habit”.


LEZ IT BEE POETRY Lez It Bee Poetry is always looking to help other artists showcase their work. If you would like to share your talents please submit an entry to:


We would love to feature your project. For more info or to schedule an interview please send us an email at


an issue


for 12


Proud To Be OUT -- Vol 4  

The LGBT community is a proud, beautiful and fierce group of people living, loving Loud and Proud! We have enjoyed a myriad of recent succes...

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