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Proud Creative is a creatively led multidisciplinary design studio based in London. Our goal is to create work that makes our clients and everyone at the studio proud. It’s the reason for our name.

We don’t attempt to design anything without thinking first. It sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised.

‘Proud won the tender with a focussed, honest and ambitious pitch; presenting a strong idea that would translate seamlessly across all platforms. I loved the idea of working or collaborating with a small, dedicated team and was always confident that Proud had the credentials - and more importantly the talent - to deliver a special body of work. They have not disappointed.’ Dylan Griffith Creative Consultant, S4C

We understand that there’s always a story to tell and it’s rarely at the surface of the brief. To arrive at the true challenge we dig deeper; we interrogate, research and ask questions (lots of questions). More importantly, we listen.

For us, it’s about creative problem solving and balance — we know when to obsess about the finer details and when to stand back and look at the context of a problem.

‘As our key partner in the evolution of the new Syfy, Proud Creative has applied an unrivaled level of taste to their work - and our brand. They have an indispensable ability to divine smart solutions that are boldly creative, strategically sound and frequently innovative.’ Michael Engleman Vice President, Creative, NBC Universal

We work under three guiding principles: simplicity, optimism and brand ergonomics. Simplicity. Our communications stand apart from the complexities of life, rather than add to them. It’s about being clear and focussed in what we’re saying, without underestimating the audience. We remove unnecessary elements and strip out the clutter.

‘It’s really wonderful to be presented with such a brilliant and radical solution; and even better to see the results exceed expectations.’ Iona Jones, Chief Executive, S4C

‘We loved how comprehensive Proud’s design was; thinking through everything from logo animations to signage at the event. Their pitch was the most strategically engaged and best embodied what we want to communicate about the conference and it’s theme. Fresh but contemporary without being incomprehensible; but mainly it felt fun.’ Martin Delemere Co-Chair, Promax UK

Optimism. It’s not just what you say, it’s how you show it. People not only need to hear what you are saying, they need to feel what you’re asking them to feel. Customers must be able to relate to your brand on several levels. Positive communication unifies your consumers and gels them to your brand – people like things that make them feel happy.

Brand Ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of how physical matter interacts with humans. Brand ergonomics is how intangible or emotional property fits with our lives. Practicing brand ergonomics helps us create a tangible and emotional link to consumers, resulting in a connection that the end user doesn’t necessarily remember starting — and can’t imagine ending.

‘You guys are one of the best, most organized agencies I’ve worked with – always very impressed with your presentation on everything! Thanks for the attention to detail, even on the mailing labels.’ Cheryl Hoops Marketing Manager, Agency Segment, Getty Images

We’re proud to work with large companies such as NBC Universal, L’Oréal and Getty Images, as well as smaller clients like Kemistry Gallery and Anissa Helou. We don’t discriminate against sectors; we carry our approach and ethos with us wherever we go.


New York

‘In just four years Proud Creative have turned out some great work for clients such as Kemistry Gallery and the Sci Fi Channel; very quickly taking their seat at the top table of design in the UK.’ Brian Copeland Co-founder, LongLunch UK



Selected Works 01 — Promax 07/ Beyond (full programme)

02 — Getty Images: likeBox (microsite)

Moving image Intro sequences for the conference and awards ceremony.

Call for entries Printed as a newspaper.

Website An online app for saving the images you like and mixing them with Getty Images content.

Event signage Illustrations create synergy throughout.

05 — Sianel Pedwar Cymru / S4C (full programme)

Advertising Bilingual newspaper advert.

Interiors The channel headquarters.

Magnetic ident An ident based around the theme of magnetism.

Audio ident An ident using innovative audio technology that reacts to the voice over. A world first.

Behind the scenes Filming the channel idents.

Postcards A box of promotional postcard packs.

07 — CNN Principal Voices (identity)

08 — Gumuchdjian Architects (book)

Title sequence An identity that looks to a better future.

Book A ten year retrospective of an architecture firm’s work.

11 — Anissa Helou (identity)

12 — Glo London (book)

Promotion Set of promotional postcards. Promotional book Exploring what makes an image iconic.

Signage The channel headquarters.

03 — Blokk Architects (identity)

04 — Getty Images: How conference (identity)

Business card Remixed and assembled like building blocks.

Typography A bespoke display typeface specifically produced for the project. Exhibition stand A custom stand for an annual conference in Texas. Logo Three dimensional interior branding. Printed piece Large format designed to show off excellent photography.

06 — Sci Fi Channel rebrand / Syfy (full programme)

Origami ident Paper folds and folds to form the logo.

Balls ident Balls flow together to form the logo.

Carnival ident An explosion of colour in reverse.

Menu titles A slab and tab system used throughout the onscreen package.

Business cards The use of mirror board makes these cards both unique and memorable.

Logo Three dimensional iteration of the new marque.

09 — Park Village (identity)

10 — Penhaligon’s (invitations)

Stationery Business cards and DVD cases showing the bold identity.

Print Invitations to two launch events for the celebrated perfumer.

13 — Kemistry Gallery (identity)

14 — Slingback (identity)

Gallery print items Stationery and show invites demonstrating the flexibility of the identity.

Stationery DVD case and letterheads.

Proud Creative Unit 16, Second Floor Shoreditch Stables North 138 Kingsland Road London E2 8DY +44(0)20 7729 6170

Selected Press & Awards Our work has been recognised by the world’s leading creative press and awards institutions.

GF Smith Thank you for your kind support. Printed on Naturalis Absolute White Matt +44 (0)20 7394 4660 /

Proud Creative Unit 16, Second Floor Shoreditch Stables North 138 Kingsland Road London E2 8DY +44(0)20 7729 6170

Proud Creative Volume 2  

The second in our on-going series of Volumes was designed to explain our working philosophies of Optimism, Simplicity & Brand Ergonomics; as...

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