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TESTIMONIAL Services: Elite, Elite Pro & Trading for a Living 3 years I subscribed to elite in May 2011. I made $47,000 in the first month trading from my mobile. The next month I upgraded to Elite Pro making $255,000 during the following six months. I have never had time to login to the live channel since I have a fulltime job. I watch Vieira's video presentations at home. I receive the information in real-time on my mobile. Recently, I used trading profits to pay off family health bills and for this reason I was left with only $125,000 in the account. Nevertheless, I signed up for "Trading for a Living" a contract of 3 years, last month. I’ve made $155,000 on my first month in this new service trading with $125,000 only! A total of $605,000 since I started in May 2011. This service has been a lifesaver.

Amit Varia  

Testimonial digitally signed by the customer of Beyond Trading “Trading for a Living“ service