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Beyond Trading Elite Pro

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List of available features in Elite Pro The best Live Trading & Professional Traders Educational program world-wide

Professional Traders Education

Established in 2003

+3,000 customers

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Beyond Trading

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List of available features in Elite Pro Two different programs 造 Elite Pro 3 months, dedicated to short term trading only, without access to recorded video trading lessons & e-learning content. 造 Elite Pro 6 months, dedicated to all trading time frames, including access to recorded video trading lessons, history & e-learning content. 造 It is strongly recommended to subscribe to Elite Pro 6 months, incomparable better value. It is our customers opinion!

List of available features in Elite Pro Starting Guide & Instructions 造 A simple but quite important guide to use daily including the most important trading rules, different trading strategies, examples, reference books, etc. 造 Mandatory reading before start trading. 造 Video trading lessons helping one to get started fast significantly decreasing your learning curve (Elite Pro 6 months)

List of available features in Elite Pro Technological platform 造 World leading web conference tool, AdobeConnect 8 (audio + video + screen sharing + e-learning). 造 Listen to CEO live, participate, engage in Live Trading & Professional Traders Education, a complete program, for the full and part-time trader. 造 Access meetings on the iPad & iPhone.

List of available features in Elite Pro Trading time frame & Capital ¤ Day trading ¤ Short-term trading ¤ Mid-term trading (Elite Pro 6 months) ¤ Recommended trading capital >$100,000 ¤ Capital above $850,000 implies professional status (other fees apply)

List of available features in Elite Pro CEO Live Trade Alerts 造 Get Beyond Trading CEO Live trade alerts, trading strategies, live comments, technical analysis, position sizing guidelines, psychological training focused on trading issues.

List of available features in Elite Pro Professional Traders Education (I) 造 Delivering a unique experience to the user, saving millions in potential losses, while learning and profiting from the best program in the industry. 造 Live Trading & Training using screen sharing to communicate efficiently with customers helping them to visualize engaging into a highly productive & profitable interactive experience. 造 CEO direct feedback & responses to frequent questions. 造 Subscriber always has complete control over his portfolio & trading capital.

List of available features in Elite Pro Professional Traders Education (II) 造 Day trading, short and mid-term trading. Trading techniques & which strategy to adopt depending on stock, market conditions & accumulated profits. Efficient use of stop losses and trailing stops. Clear guidelines based upon historical trading profits, helping one to visualize eventual negative scenarios to maximize profits, avoiding important losses. 造 Courses on different topics (emotional trading, technical analysis, trading, day trading, position sizing) available 24x7, helping one to reduce substantially the learning curve, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and stock market losses (Elite Pro 6 months).

List of available features in Elite Pro

Professional Traders Education (III)

造 Learn day-trading techniques by visualizing live comments on screen. 造 Profit while learning: real trading only (paper trading not allowed). 造 Video presentations & trading lessons on different subjects available in content folder divided by subject and ticker allowing self-paced 24x7 training (Elite Pro 6 months)

List of available features in Elite Pro Session chat transcripts & video instructions 造 Receive real-time notifications by email including the most relevant trade alerts and comments during market-hours. 造 You have online access to real-time & past trading history. Learn what we have been doing in Elite Pro for the past 12 months. Get onboard fast! 造 Although highly recommended, one does not have to be logged into the Elite Pro audio live channel full-time to profit from the service, however it is a requirement if you wish to day trade or engage in Live training. 造 Audio & Video past trading history (Elite Pro 6 months)

List of available features in Elite Pro

Before Open 造 Text guidelines for next day trading including which stocks to focus on as well as important pivots to watch (Elite Pro 3 months). 造 Audio + Video instructions for next day/week, including CEO comments discussing several stocks (Elite Pro 6 months)

List of available features in Elite Pre-market & After-hours trading 造 Beyond Trading has the single best trading record in the world trading pre-market & after-hours, with several famous Case Studies published demonstrating a consistent accuracy above 90% 造 Nowadays, it is of the utmost importance to take advantage of pre-market & after-hours trading, helping one to acquire an important competitive advantage.

List of available features in Elite Pro

Trailing Stops & Stop Losses 造 Real-time guidelines available in Live channel. 造 Always using Live real case examples discussing potential scenarios requiring action depending upon current portfolio, total accumulated profits, trading strategies, etc. 造 Ask your assistant trader online before making an important decision!

List of available features in Elite Pro Technical Analysis & Market depth 造 Frequent online video presentations discussing applied technical analysis, including support, resistance pivots, ratings, targets, negative and best case scenarios. 造 The most accurate Applied Technical Analysis in the world. Which technical indicators to use in short, mid-term and day-trading. Lessons on how to interpret technical indicators in real-time, predicting future scenarios. 造 Intensive use of LEVEL 2, helping subscribers to acquire an important sensitiveness in this field which takes years to develop.

List of available features in Elite Pro Earnings Calls & Trading Strategies 造 Clear indications on how to trade earnings depending upon several factors (Elite Pro 6 months) 造 Earnings rules manual. Do not gamble on earnings! (Elite Pro 6 months) 造 Trading strategies per stock to maximize trading profits, including hedging strategies (no options trading). 造 Probabilistic trading discussing negative & positive scenarios (upside, downside targets) including after-hours and pre-market real-time trade alerts.

List of available features in Elite Pro Indices & ETF Trading 造 QQQ pivots insight to explain what to look for to obtain confirmation of potential scenarios maximizing profits, while reducing potential losses, often trading both sides of market. Important: the most accurate Qs trading program in the world by a wide margin. 造 Dow Jones Industrials (DJIA) trading guidelines, including upside/ downside targets. 造 Limited ETF Financial Bull 3X (FAS) trading guidelines, actively trading certain financial stocks.

List of available features in Elite Pro World-Class Trading Support 24x7 造 By email. Elite Pro subscribers have priority. 造 Live trading channel: chat with an expert in trading. 造 CEO live responses to frequent common questions. 造 Private consulting with the CEO engaging into a collaborative environment (audio + screen sharing). Extra fee applies. No Sales, No administrative staff. Only Experts in Trading!

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