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ABOUT Paperkingdom is the result of our collaboration with distinguished Greek designers for the creation of practical paper objects that combine esthetics with high quality material and production. Paperkingdom primarily functions as a creative co-working place and a cooperative cluster of the greatest design studios in Greece The results of our efforts are also recognized by a number of notable awards won by Paperkingdom products at national and international levels.

This eCatalog presents a selection of currently available quality paper products categorized by the involved design studios. .

Paperkingdom’s products are exclusively distributed by Protoleum For orders or requests please email us at:

Beetroot Design Studio Beetroot is an award winning design group based in Thessaloniki, Greece. All team members are design enthusiasts with expertise and skills in the creative field. Beetroot is seeking new ways of expressing creativity and providing design solutions since September 2000.

Ordinary Stationery™ Bronze Award European Design Awards Our first series of assorted stationery includes A4, A5 and A6 notepads, spiral notebooks, ring binders and CD sleeves. The idea was to create a series of stationery that would be ultra easy to use and very simply designed. So we came up with the brand name “Ordinary Stationery” and tried to bring to life exactly that: Sketchbooks, envelopes, cd sleeves, folders, notepads without unnecessary design trends, that would do their “job”. So Helvetica was used for the type as a quality font, yet quite common and pure colors were used for the covers so that they could meet most people’s aesthetics. Notebooks and pads are made of 90gsm environment-friendly paper, gridded, ruled or blank. Covers are colour-coded accordingly. The Ordinary Stationery™ range received the Bronze award in the Miscellaneous Printed Category of the 2009 European Design Awards.

Design by Beetroot Design Group

Ordinary Stationery Product picture



OR 101


OR 102


OR 103


OR 104


OR 105


Ordinary Stationery Product picture



OR 106


OR 107


SP 101


SP 102


MNP DESIGN STUDIO MNP was created in 2003 by Katerina Papanagiotou and Vasilis Marmatakis Along with Ifigenia Vasiliou and Stefanos Andreadis they have worked on various projects that have been applied to various fields of design communication, they have won numerous awards and they have been published in magazines and editions internationally.

Genius Book AWARDED IN THE EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARDS For geniuses... or just for taking notes. Hardback notebook with foil blocked title on the cover and 192 white pages. The concept was to create a sketchbook that looks like a book on a really special topic. Designed by mnp for Paperkingdom, it belongs to the Genius Books collection which was awarded at ED-Awards in 2007. Its body consists of 115 gsm paper. Available in three titles, in different colours: Investing on Missiles / Inside the Pentagon / Managing Nuclear Factories. 192 pages | 17 Ă— 22 cm The Genius Books series received a merit in the Miscellaneous Printed Category of the 2007 European Design Awards. //Design by mnp

Genius Book Pricing Product picture



GE 101

Inside Pentagon

GE 102

Investing on Missiles

GE 103

Managing Nuclear Factories

GE 104

Governing the Global Crisis

pt. Selector Hail to us! A tool for anyone who loves typography, and especially for graphic designers. A notepad, spiral-bound and of hard paper, that makes it easy to measure the sizes of letters and numbers. Specially produced by Kontoroussis Bros. Graphic Arts on the occasion of the Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) 2008. from 3 pt to 80 pt | 8 Ă— 11 cm

//Design by mnp

Product Code: PTS 101

Mouse graphics Design is an endless exercise in communication. mousegraphics is a creative office that realizes this basic principle since 1984, and in a way that concerns each one of its partners/ clients separately. This consistent approach has been rewarded with a significant circle of longstanding cooperations and has also resulted into new and successful professional relationships in a variety of applications within the design field. With a creative team consisting today of seven designers, an illustrator, a photographer, a creative strategist and an office manager, mousegraphics works together with its clients as much in the development of full strategic proposals and plans, as in the realization of targeted, partial applications. mousegraphics has a considerable expertise in packaging design. In fact, a plethora of prestigious international awards and publications, have placed the agency among the most interesting, trustworthy, and better technologically equipped, to creatively manage food imaging in particular, and in all related levels of communication (logotyping, packaging, development of promotional material Mousegraphics is a member of EDEE, the Greek association of advertising and communication agencies and also member of Design lobby.

Illustrated placemats Dossier of paper sous-plats a project assigned to us by the Paperkingdom: 1 concept, 6 different disposable sous plas designs, for good eaters with a sense of humour. Pad of illustrated placemats with six different designs repeated 10 times. Padded for easy removal thick cardboard backing to preserve the sheets. 60 sheets | 29 Ă— 41 cm The Illustrated placemats received the Ermis Gold award in the Corporate publications category of the 2008 Ermis Awards. Design by Mouse Graphics PRODUCT CODE: SOU 101

ChrisTrivizas Our studio operates within the field of visual communication since 2003. It is a creative studio committed in providing premium quality, integrated communication solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Here lies the role of our team of experts who thoroughly examine all parameters in order to come up with cutting edge design, customized marketing and promotional tools that cut through the clutter. Our services include branding, corporate identity, logotype, stationery, invitations, flyers, brochures design and packaging. Our studio has been repeatedly distinguished in several National, European and International design competitions, such as EVGE (Greek graphic design and illustration awards), Red Dot Design Awards (Communication design), GDA (German Design Counsil), Ermis Awards (Advertising Creativity Awards), Hiiibrand (International design awards), ED-Awards (European design awards), BNA (Brand new awards), Eulda (European logo design annual), WOLDA (Worldwide logo design annual), and ADA (American design awards). Our work has been published in the international publications Gestalten, Rockport, Taschen, Laurence King Publishing, Viction:ary, Index Books, Sandu Publications, Monsa Publications, Zeixs, Sendpoints Publishing & Rotovision. In addition, our office has been presented with tributes and interviews in the magazines +design, Adobe Magazine and Novum (World of Graphic Design). Articles with our signature on various subjects on the topic of design have been published in +design magazine.


Weekly diary

Weekly diary with a bare spine that reveals an orange thread binding and allows the diary to be open flat. 17 × 24 εκ. //Design by Chris Trivizas


DreamBook Paperkingdom A dream during sleep was the reason for creating Dreambook, the notebook where anyone can write down or draw the dream he saw during his sleep last night and, why not, some time it can become a reality. If you've seen fish playing with dice, a broom running or raining ice, it was just a dream it won't happen again, draw it or write it down so it's always there... Chris Trivizas Published by Hartovasilion, 2010 Black and white printing Hard cover 160 pages 12 x 17 cm //Design by Chris Trivizas


SET OF COASTERS / PAPERKINGDOM RED DOT DESIGN AWARD WINNER 50 paper coasters in metal packaging of can type. 50 pcs. | ∅ 9,3 cm Package contains 50 highly absorbent, reusable coasters. Each coaster is illustrated with the outlines of bases of different types of glassware The Coaster set has been awarded at the international Red Dot Design 2008 competition for its Packaging Design in the category of Communication Design. //Design by Chris Trivizas


We design was established in 2001, covering many different design fields. Graphics, Illustration, Furniture, Objects, Products, Interiors, Retail spaces, Residences, Pavilions, Props and Sets. In 10 years We design has been involved in numerous projects, ranging in scale, production quantity, materials or aesthetic approach. Using our experience and expertise we offer the most suitable design solutions needed in each project, accordingly. We believe in collaborating with other professionals, and over time we have established valuable collaborations with typographers, contractors, engineers, manufacturers, craftsmen, etc. but also with colleague designers, to offer a variety of different services, depending on the requirements of each project. We design's founding associates are from the fields of Architecture, Product Design and Graphic Design. In this web-portfolio, selective works and clients are presented.

The tree of life / Paperkingdom 3d paper artwork Height : 22 cm The olive tree is one of the most ancient cultivated trees in the Mediterranean. The olive tree was the precious gift off the goddess Athena that earned her the patronage of Athens. The olive branch became the wreath awarded to Olympic winners and remains a worldwide symbol of peace to our day. Olive oil was used as a valuable offering of libation. It was also usedfor its cosmetic and medical medicinal properties advocated by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Modern science confirms its reputation as the Mediterranean people’s elixir of longevity. For all these reasons we have named our olive tree, “the tree of life”. Design by wedesign


Instructions included

dkd studio dkd is a design studio founded in 2007 with a venture to produce functional, innovative and exciting work. Our team which includes people with disciplines of architecture, photography and art add to our unique blend. Substance is the keyword to our work as we like to believe that our projects will have a long and graceful lifespan. Our experience spans identity, packaging design, literature, retail design, and product design.

Meet the Greeks / Paperkingdom European Design Award Meet the Greeks are cardboard cut out figures derived from Greek mythology heroes as well as modern Greek stereotype characters. Each figure is made of two A4 size cardboard sheets. The general composition is a box for head plus a box for a body. Hands and legs plus other appendages are slotted onto the boxes to complete your very own Greek hero. They are light hearted and cheerful figures which are easy to assemble from Designed by dkd studio created for the Meet the Greeks collection produced by Paperkingdom and awarded at the ED Awards 2012 .

Available characters: Podeidon/Apollo/Hercules/Cyclops/Evzone Instructions included

busybuilding busybuilding is a multi-disciplinary design agency based in Athens, founded in 2007 by Dimitris Gkazis. Dimitris has studied Graphic Design at the Technological Educational Institution, Athens, Greece and at The Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland and had been working as an art director for Greek magazines and corporate clients for over a decade before setting up busybuilding. His work has received EBGE, ERMIS, ED Awards and red dot communication design awards, and has been exhibited and published in Greece and abroad. busybuidling’s diverse team of specialized experts consists of creatives and technologists working to build brands. Our main objective is the creation and implementation of contemporary visual communication concepts, through print, spatial and digital design services and solutions. busybuilding is a member of EDEE, the Greek association of advertising and communication agencies and also member of Design lobby.

Travel photo album / Paperkingdom The time has come to gather your photos from old shoe boxes and forgotten drawers, and to organize them by using this different photo album. 25 inner sheets for affixing 50 photos, one sticker sheet with decorative designs and another one with adhesive "date/people/place" captions. Spiral bound and laminated cover. Available with four different thematic covers: "Splash/Plaz", "Baby on Board", "Car" and "Airplane". 25+1+1 pages | 20 Ă— 14 cm Design by BusyBuilding

G is a design studio located in the old city centre of Athens. A busy, noisy, dark, multinational scenery. We always seek to promote an idea. To create based on each project’s specific and unique needs as assigned by our clients. The whole process is quite complicated as the final outcome should always facilitate public dialogue. All projects launched from G clearly mirror us and follow the route of the idea behind them. Each project is a unique route, which we are always glad to follow. Simple and clear-cut forms reflect our ideas and characterize our studio.

Why shy?/ Paperkingdom Mini note-cards & envelopes set First prize Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards Shying away from expressing your true feelings? Why shy? helps you shed your inhibitions. Mini note-cards and envelopes set with five different messages. Just detatch the appropriate card and envelope, add personal message and shy no more. 10 sheets / 18 x 12 cm

Why shy? received the first prize in the General Category of the 2008 Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) //Design by G Design Studio


Since its establishment Protoleum’s main objective has been to envisage, design and realize your vision. Our studio’s essential purpose is to function as a creative environment where pioneering ideas and ground-breaking innovation from different industries, cultures and trends meet.

The Cycladic Spirit Notebook

The Cycladic spirit notebook Hand – bound Drawing inspired by a group of six marble figurines from the early Cycladic period Product code: NOTE 101

Paperkingdom’s products are exclusively distributed by Protoleum For orders or requests please email us at: sales@protoleum.

Paperkingdom/The Greatest Greek Designers  

Paperkingdom is the result of our collaboration with distinguished Greek designers for the creation of practical paper objects that combine...

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