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boxter research

Practice sketches/projects

- Self charging technology - Futuristic - Fun

initial sketches were done keeping in mind autosustainability/future technologies/love -Buggy type character -rhobust but lightweight -fun & customisable

.Key sketch. .Exoskeletal structure. .jolly presence.

.Initial ideations.

-Solar panels on the windows and side-walls -lightweight external skeletal chassis utilising solar energy as well -Lightweight wheels and an extreme all terrain stance

.Vehicle was developed in a way that the external skeleton lends the vehicle its potentially iconic character. The fabric bands at the back help the suspension system of the capsule inside.

.Concept refinement.

.Refinement carried out carefully so as to bring out in the most decisive way the construction of the vehicle and the strong concept of the interior capsule.

.Concept refinement.

.front fascia developed in a rather aggressive direction so that the vehicle moves forward the aesthetic of futuristic technologies.

.Concept refinement.

.Final renders. With the final outcome, the direction picked was one that best represented the use of new technology that the luvbug boasts of.

.Final renders.

.2 seats, the internal capsule hung from the stripes from the exterior scheleton. These stripes also form part of the overall aesthetic of the vehicle to promote the use of innovative materials in the world of autos.

.Final renders.

.Vibrant colors, indicating usage of the Luvbug by youthful target customer. personalizable panels, over the wheels can be changed depending on the mood.

.2 seats, The package suits the design intent in away that the vehicle is well high off the ground, fun to drive and keen to off-road, if the need be.


.Final renders.

.2 seats, the aperture is front oriented, designed keeping in mind, the fact that one only arrives at the destination front-side-up.

The aperture- Front Mounting

.Final renders.

.curriculum Vitae. Naman Mathur education- 2009-2012 student at ied torino experience- 2009 tata motors Studio internship, india 2009 maruti suzuki design internship, india achievements- third place in local motors intersection competition skills- Photoshop illustrator alias studio tools adobe sketchbook pro clay modelling languages- English- fluent Italian- Fluent hindi- fluent French-beginner contact- +39 389 558 5307 (IT) +91 999 907 8600 (ind)


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