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B.E. (Industrial Engg.). University of Pune. Business Management L.N.Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai. S.P.Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Working with : Godrej Appliances Division Since 1994 (25 years) Currently, General Manager (R & D) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Functions handled : Design, Energy Efficiency Projects, Indian Standards, International Projects on Environmentally Friendly Substances. 2

Introduction • Who we are… • Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd - The Flagship Company of the Godrej Group • Into Business since 1897 • One of the largest privately held Industrial Corporations • Annual Turnover of Rs. 10,500 Crores for FY 2018-19 • All India presence with more than 33 Branches & 125 Showrooms • Family of 11000 + employees

Introduction • The Appliance Division… • The largest business unit of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd • Established in 1958 • Products • • • • • • •

Refrigerators Washing Machines Air-conditioners Deep Freezers Special Purpose Refrigerators (Medical Applications) Microwave Ovens Chotukool (Thermo-electric refrigerator)

• Introduced 100% CFC free refrigerators in 2000, using hydrocarbon technology – the first Indian company to do so ahead of changeover deadline

Introduction Commitment to the Environment

Land area in Vikhroli - 3200 acres of which 1750 acres is reserved for conservation of Mangrove Forests – the “lungs” of Mumbai


Udayachal School

Godrej Memorial Hospital


GODREJ : Refrigerator Experience Foam Project (Phase 1) : • Pilot Foaming Plant at Godrej commissioned and TuV certified in June 1996. • Godrej’s Proposal for Foam Project approved by Ex Comm of Multilateral Fund (MLF) in 1997. • New machinery ordered from Italy in August 1998. • Conversion to 100% ozone-friendly foaming in September 1999. Refrigerant & Compressor Project (Phase 2) : • Compressors & Refrigerators tested at various places like FKW, Foron, Liebherr, for assessment. • Pilot Refrigerant Charging Plant at Godrej commissioned in February 1999. • Godrej’s Proposal for Refrigerant & Compressor Project approved by ExComm of Multilateral Fund (MLF) in 2000. GODREJ CONVERTS TO ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY REFRIGERATORS IN 2000

GODREJ : Refrigerator Experience • Godrej converted to Hydrocarbon based technology for Refrigerators in 2000 before the deadline. • Till date over 20 million products are in the market. • Trained Service personnel spread all over the country. • Godrej has a complete range of Hydrocarbon based environment friendly Refrigerators – Direct cool and Frost-free type. • Godrej is continually working on providing energy efficient products to its family of customers. • The “Edge” range of refrigerators is the first complete 5 Star energy efficient product range for the masses where the impact of energy saving will be high for the country. • Godrej Appliances Division has received numerous recognitions of its contribution towards Energy Efficiency.

Air conditioners : • With the successful usage of Hydrocarbons in Refrigerators in 10 million units over 13 years, they were a “Natural” choice for Air conditioners. • Godrej under the tripartite agreement explored the feasibility of conversion to Hydrocarbon technology for Air conditioners in 2010. • The difficulties of Hydrocarbon properties, were overcome by following stringent European norms for Refrigerant gas charge quantity. • An indigenous Refrigerant Leak Detector is also developed to add to the safety of the product. • TuV certified Manufacturing facility inaugurated near Pune and till date over 600,000 units produced. • Specialised Training was imparted by European experts to the Field & Service personnel across the country.

Green Balance Green Balance Technology (R290) Technology Godrej Green Balance ACs with Green Balance Technology uses

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant is •Non-ozone Depleting •Climate Friendly •Cost Efficient •Energy Saving

Green Balance Technology (R290)

We have more than 600,000 happy & satisfied consumers of the Godrej Green Balance AC range

Godrej ACs use R290, the World’s Greenest Refrigerant

The R290 Advantage



India’s most energy efficient Green Balance AC with 3.7 EER

India’s most energy efficient AC Green Balance AC with 3.9 EER

2016 India’s most energy efficient Inverter AC Godrej NXW with 5.2 ISEER

2018 India’s most energy efficient Inverter AC Godrej NXW with 6.15 ISEER

India’s most energy efficient AC Brand since last 7 years

Godrej Eon Green Balance AC

GSC 12 FG 8 MOG 3 STAR : 3.95 ISEER Nominal capacity: 1 T

GSC 18 FG 8 MOG 3 STAR : 3.91 ISEER Nominal capacity: 1 T

Most Energy Efficient Fixed Speed Air-Conditioner Range

Godrej NXW AC

GIC 12 BAH 8 GWQG 5 STAR : 6.15 ISEER Nominal capacity: 1 T

GIC 18 CAH 5 GWQG 5 STAR : 5.25 ISEER Nominal capacity: 1.5 T


GIC 24 MGP5-WRA 5 STAR : 4.75 ISEER Nominal capacity: 2 T

Inverter Technology


ASHRAE safety designation














Refrigerant Designation


R 290

Lower Flammability (LFL) By Volume (%)

By Mass (Kg/m3)

Auto Ignition Temperature (Degree Celsius)




Flammability limits of Hydrocarbons are around 2%-10% when mixed in air

R290 EXPORTS Currently Supplying to : • • • •

Costa Rica Mauritius Grenada Uzbekistan

Samples provided for consideration to : • • • •

Germany Brazil Philippines Thailand

The Manufacturing Project

The Manufacturing Project • Tripartite agreement, Ozone Cell/GIZ/Godrej – Dec 2010 – to set up a pilot facility • • • • •

Equipment Specifications, Tendering – June 2011 Equipment Delivery – Dec 2011 Installation & Commissioning – Jan ~ March 2012 TuV Audit of Manufacturing Line – March 2012 Pilot Production - April 2012

The Manufacturing Project • Safety Measures on Manufacturing Line • Gas Sensors and Alarm Systems • • • •

Refrigerant Storage Area Refrigerant Charging system Product Performance Test Chamber Product Repair Area

• Ex-proof electrical hardware in areas handling refrigerant • Product Performance Test Chamber

• Ventilation System in areas handling refrigerant • Refrigerant Charging system • Product Performance Test Chamber • Product Repair Area

The Manufacturing Project Gas charging station with ventilation ducting & gas alarms

The Manufacturing Project Repair area gas recovery system with ducting & gas alarm interlock

Fire proof junction boxes in Refrigerant charging areas

The Manufacturing Project Ventilation system in HC 290 gas charging station and performance test chamber – with two speed option & gas alarm mechanism and complete power cutoff interlock

The Manufacturing Project • The Products…1.0T

AC Cooling Capacity : 3440W Compressor details : Rotary Power Supply : 230/1/50 (V/Phase/Hz) Power Input : 830W ISEER : 5.20 Star Rating : 5 Star

AC Cooling Capacity : 3600W Compressor details : Rotary Power Supply :230/1/50(V/Phase/Hz) Power Input : 766W EER : 6.15 Star Rating : 5 Star

More than 600,000 units manufactured and sold to-date

The Manufacturing Project • The Products…1.5T

AC Cooling Capacity : 5000W Compressor details : Rotary Power Supply : 230/1/50 (V/Phase/Hz) Power Input : 1350W EER : 4.90 Star Rating : 5 Star

AC Cooling Capacity : 5300W Compressor details : Rotary Power Supply : 230/1/50 (V/Phase/Hz) Power Input : 1380W EER : 5.20 Star Rating : 5 Star

More than 600,000 units manufactured and sold to-date

The Manufacturing Project • Risk Analysis & Mitigation • Leak simulation testing* • Under a catastrophic, instantaneous leak situation, between 65% - 75% of the refrigerant exits the system • In off-mode, when using a gas detector inside the IDU (set at 20% of LFL) to indicate a leak and initiate IDU airflow, the floor concentration did not exceed 70% of LFL (charge equivalent to 40% of LFL; 450 g in a 30 m3 room) • Use of solenoid shut-off valves in the liquid line (and where necessary, in the suction line) can further reduce the leakage to around 20% of the charge quantity. * Studies conducted by Dr. Daniel Colbourne and Rolf Huehren, GIZ consultants, and Godrej R&D - Test Report on Leak Simulation Tests From HC 290 Air Conditioner, 2012.

The Manufacturing Project • Leak Detection & Mitigation • Refrigerant Leak Detection System • Issues a visible and audible alarm under the simultaneous existence of the following condition: • Machine current and sensed temperature are less than a determined value.

• The device must remain active after the initial activation till the device is reset. • Upon issuing an alarm, the device must: • Override the signal from the machine controller and switch OFF the compressor and • Override the signal from the machine controller and operate the blower on the IDU and fan on the ODU at maximum speed.

The Manufacturing Project • Leak Detection & Mitigation • Refrigerant Leak Mitigation System • Solenoid shut-off valves – in the event of the start of a release, a shut off valve in the liquid or delivery line and where necessary in the suction line can close in order to prevent flow of refrigerant from the high side of the system to the leak hole; • During off-mode the valve(s) could be normally-closed so that the refrigerant is automatically prevented from flowing towards the leak.

Service Training & Network

Service Training • Godrej - the only Appliance company in the industry appointed by the Government

of India to carry out Training for their projects like NCCOPP, HIDECOR. • Godrej Vocational Training School imparts training in training institutes (ITI’s) • Godrej Refrigerators with HC refrigerants are produced since 2001, 18 years of manufacturing. More than 20 million units installed and serviced by Godrej trained field engineers successfully. • Godrej Appliance Service has also trained field staff in Bangladesh.

Service Training • All master technicians trained by a team of GIZ and Godrej experts • Dissemination of this knowledge to all Godrej technicians • Comprehensive training manual prepared • Only certified technicians are permitted to install and service the HC 290 AC • For Split ACs, flaring of connecting pipe ends not permitted in the field • Only Factory flared connections used

Selection of R290 1

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Handling of Cylinder Store Refrigerant in

 In a locked cage  At ground level  Away from air intakes to building  Remote from ignition sources  No smoking

Transportation of Refrigerants

Transport Apprehension on HC gas

•Safe handling and storage of refrigerant cans •Perform sealed system repairs preferably in workshop to avoid refrigerant handling •Providing gas cans with 150 grams charge which is as per the safety norms

Venting of R-290 • While carrying out seal system repair work, it is required to

remove refrigerants from the system. • Under most circumstances it is acceptable to vent R290 refrigerant. • Length of the venting hose should be min 5 m long and inner diameter should be 12mm and it should be placed on about 1 m high stand ensure better dilution of HC with air • Hose should extend at least 3m beyond the house.

Outdoor side IDU



Cylinder to collect oil Hose


Indoor side


Safe working Practice

Training Plan For Service of Green ACs Customer education and awareness System changes for captive installation of ACs

Prepare Training Module Comprehensive Plan

Training of technicians

Training of Trainers

Quantify requirement of technicians

Application of Hydrocarbon gases Servicing Parameters and GSP’s Operating Temperatures

Operating Pressures


Power Supply


Leak Proof System

Tube bending

Sealed system repairs


Replacing Spares and Servicing

Venting of Refrigerants

Safe Charge Quantities

Safe lengths for IDU to ODU

Adhering to Safe working Practices

Awards & Accolades – R&D INDIA DESIGN MARK 2014-15 - for Range of Godrej Green balance Split AC

India Design Mark is the highest design recognition from the Indian Government through India Design Council - a design standard, a symbol, which signifies design quality. This symbolizes excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation. Adds trust and assurance to brand Marks credibility to quality and excellence Split AC awarded recognition due to:- its remarkable & best energy efficiency value, - its classy aesthetics enhancing space quality of the room. - and its contribution to environment through zero ODP.

Awards & Accolades - Brand

Most Trusted Brand – Gold from Reader’s Digest for 7th time in 8 yrs

Voice of Customer Award for Best Brand – Direct Cool Refrigerators

Consumer & Industry Super Brand 2013-14

Silver Emvies for the Best Media Strategy for its One Watt Project

Asia’s Most Promising Brand in Consumer Durables by World Consulting & Research Corp (WCRC) & ibrand 360

Product Research • Test methodology

• Published data on performance of HC-290 vis-à-vis HCFC-22 • Drop-in performance* • 3~15% drop in cooling capacity • 2~8% improvement in COP • Charge quantity 45~50% by weight

• The strategy • Drop-in testing • Use standard HCFC-22 compressor with 5~10% higher rated capacity • Depending on results, work on other elements of refrigeration system

*Devotta S, Padalkar AS, Sane NK. 2005, Performance assessment of HC-290 as a drop-in substitute to HCFC-22 in a window air conditioner, Int. J. of Refrig. 28: 594-604.

Product Research • Charge limit as per EN 378 mmax = 2.5 x LFL5/4 x h0 x A1/2 , where mmax is the allowable maximum charge in a room in kg; A is the room area in m2; LFL is the lower flammable limit in kg/m3; h0 is the installation height of the appliance in m. For a typical 5kW split AC unit, mmax = 2.5 x 0.0385/4 x 2.3 x 141/2 = 361 g.

Product Research • Drop-in Test Results (vis-à-vis HCFC-22) • • • •

Cooling capacity lower by 6% COP higher by 14% Power consumption lower by 17.8% Charge quantity 50% (by weight) – average 575 g.

• Compressor of 10% higher capacity • • • •

Cooling capacity higher by 4.3% COP higher by 7% Power consumption lower by 3.5% Charge quantity 51% (by weight) – average 585 g.

Charge quantity - a matter of concern

Product Research • Smaller diameter condenser tubes • Trials with 5mm diameter internally grooved Cu tubes (instead of 7mm) • • • •

Cooling capacity lower by 0.5% COP higher by 21% Power consumption lower by 18% Charge quantity 50% (by weight) – average 355 g.

• Availability, an issue • Only one manufacturer of 5mm diameter condensers • Development shelved

R&D Methodology • Micro-channel heat exchangers (brazed aluminium) – the game changer • Use of 50 channel condensers in conjunction with higher efficiency compressors • • • •

Cooling capacity lower by 3% COP higher by 16.5% Power consumption lower by 20% Charge quantity 46% (by weight) – average 360 g.

Charge quantity conforms to EN 378 requirements

R&D Methodology • The way forward • Use of micro-channel condensers with smaller channel sizes • Explore availability of condensers with 5mm (or lower) diameter Cu tubes

Final remarks  Alternatives to HCFC-22 in ACs…  Concern over suitable options for high ambient regions  R-410A normally considered to be unsuitable

 Other alternatives include HC-290  Normally efficiency in ACs is particularly good and flammability risk is known to be negligible  Data on performance at high ambient is very sparse…

 Current work presents results of testing HC-290 and HCFC-22 split ACs at high ambient  Variation in COP at high temperature for HC-290 same as with HCFC-22  Variation in capacity of HC-290 same as with HCFC-22  Consistent with the theoretical calculations, but marginally better results observed

 Evident that HC-290 is well suited to high ambient regions

Final remarks  So far over 600,000 HC-290 split ACs introduced  Service history, feedback, quality database and safety analysis implies high success  General, use of HCs

   

— Impose new responsibilities on manufacturers for safe production practices — Requires additions and changes to the existing production processes — Products must be designed for safety, capacity and efficiency — Infrastructure must be established to ensure safe environment — Re-training of technicians must be concurrent with development processes Compared to competing products, HC-290 has lower TEWI*, low- to medium cost (per kW) and higher efficiency Benefits of shifting to HC 290 must be adequately highlighted to the end consumer Activities are ongoing to expand the range of products Developments include designs for greater integrated safety to further reduce the flammability risk

* Total Equivalent Warming Impact

GODREJ : COMMITTED TO BE GREEN • Godrej is committed to providing totally GREEN and energy efficient green products. - Energy efficient during use of the product. Thus giving lower life-cycle cost. - Energy efficient for manufacture. Thus giving lower 1st time cost.

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