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On the 27th of August 1776, a critical battle was fought between the forces of England, and it’s former colonists of America. Had the now independent Americans not managed a strategic retreat across the Brouwer’s Mill bridge of Gowanus Creek, American independence would have been crushed, and Brooklyn would still be a part of Canada.

photo: Daniel Barry, New York Times

Underwater Ghost Concept: Eymund Diegel

To celebrate both this strategic historic turning point, and the now sparkling waters of the Gowanus that are expected with the Superfund cleanup and new Flushing Tunnel, it is proposed to reconstruct an underwater monument tracing the course of this ‘Bridge to Freedom” . Such a monument will serve to remind a passer-by on the Union Street Bridge that by going backward we also move forward.

Battle of Brooklyn Underwater Memorial, Conceptual Plan, Gowanus Canal, 2014