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Jade Fish Protein Supplements Fish Protein Supplement is a perfect substitute of cooked fish... Review Protein is an important ingredient of the body cells. Amino acid is the main component of protein. Therefore, the function of amino acid means the function of protein. There are two types of amino acids. These are essential amino acid and non-essential amino acids. The function of non-essential amino acids is repairing the body cells, muscle and bones; it controls the metabolism of the body and provides the source of energy. On the other hand, essential amino acid is required for the growth and the mental development of the body. There are about 20types of amino acids, among them about fifteen types of amino acids are produced in our body & we have to get rest types of protein from our food. Body produced amino acids are non-essential amino acids and the rest are essential amino acids. Jade Protein Capsules Fish is one of the main sources of our protein. There fore, fish is the most popular healthy diet among the non-vegetarians. They like fish not only for the taste, but for the healthy supplements as well. According to the medical researchers, the fish contain the low calorie high amount of fish protein, adequate amino acid and unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3. It is also easily digestible. These ingredients make the human body healthy. Generally, oily fish contain 19%, white fish contain 17.5% and shellfish contain 15 % of proteins.

However, there are also certain bad effects of fish on our health. The main adverse effect are the fish is also supplier of contaminants in our body. In the age of industrial revolution and open market, all types of water bodies have become the dumping ground of industrial garbage. Besides it, the leakage of petro products from the sea liners is polluting the seawater with harmful petro oils. Because of it, harmful materials like mercury, pesticides residues and dioxins contaminate the fish. Mercury may damage brain function, disrupt nervous system; create allergic reactions, negative reproductive effects. Therefore, the doctors advised the pregnant women & the mother of newborn baby not to take the fish. Sometimes, the people do not follow the proper guidelines at the time of processing and cooking fish. Underprepared or deep fried fish can create the problems of liver. For this reason, many people the doctors have reservations about eating fish regularly. Then, where from will you get the fish protein, which is very much essential for our growth? To solve this problem, the researchers have worked out a health supplement protein that has been extracted from the fish. As the product is prepared from the fish, so it contains all the natural qualities of fish protein. On the other hand, at the time of production, the harmful elements are eliminated from the product. The processed fish contain more than four times protein than the cooked fish. Therefore, it is the best substitute of cooked fish. The product is known as fish protein concentrate (FPC). “Jade Protein Mega Oil Company” of U.S.A. is one of the leading brands in fish protein diet supplement. They sell the product in capsule format. The main features of the manufacturing process are:• Product is made under most hygienic environment that eliminates the risk of contamination by harmful bacteria. The professional staff maintains the proper care and the vigilance to manufacture the highest standard of the product. •

Fresh fish is used for manufacturing.

The “Jade Protein Omega Oil Company” is completely dedicated to the cause of the World Health. The highest level of customer service, excellent quality of product and affordable price makes “Jade Fish Protein Supplement Capsules” the number one choice of the customers. The Protein capsules keeps the heart healthy, maintains the normal level of cholesterol and blood glucose, helps to keep the brain, and liver function normal, the product is manufactured from natural ingredients. Still if you have any doubt about the product, you can return the product within 30 days under the 30 day money back guarantees policy of the company. The 90 capsules of 650 milligram “Jade Fish Protein Supplement Capsules” are available at only $39.36. We deliver the product at any corner of the world. For the U.S.A. Residents Shipment is Free. You can place your order by clicking the website Jade Protein

Fish Protein Supplements  

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