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PROTECTOR First industrial application of eco-innovative biotechnological process and product, For recycling and re-use of food industrial waste to economically important and high added value farming products (ECO/08/238984)

NEWSLETTER Issue: November, 2010

9th ETAP Forum on Eco-innovation Financing the eco-innovators

9th ETAP Forum on Eco-innovation Financing the eco-innovators Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 November 2010 Plaza Hotel, Brussles. Practial experience case studies: PROTECTOR Eco-innovation project case study presentation by Mr. Edward Someus. Case Studies Booklet etap_case_studies.pdf




The event will bring together: the financial actors that provide funds – such as banks, investment funds and agencies running financial programmes; eco-innovators – principally SMEs and other entities looking for funding to grow in their markets; policy makers; potential customers; and business intermediaries such as consultants and facilitators that are key to match demand and supply of available funds. Interest is also expected from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and business associations. The programme will cover: • Access to finance and eco-innovation from the eco-innovator and the fund provider point of view; • Case studies and practical experiences of private enterprises and financial institutions that will highlight the challenges and solutions of access to finance related to eco-innovators. The aim is to identify areas where public support may be needed; • An overview of EU actions supporting eco-innovation – such as Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) Financial instruments, CIP eco-innovation Pilot projects, Life Environment and Risk Sharing Finance – targeting different stages in the innovation cycle; and • The additional efforts needed in terms of public support and public-private partnerships to facilitate access to finance for early stage eco-innovators, as well as those necessary to get national/regional financial actors more involved in financing eco-innovation. MORE INFORMATION: Programme Agenda: Registration:

The PROTECTOR (ECO/08/238984) project is co-founded by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) of the European Commission. (2009-2012) E-mails: - WEB:


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9th ETAP Forum on Eco-innovation Financing the eco-innovators

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