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Issue Number 40, October 2012

Inside WT40 read about...

j The latest news from each of our 3 clubs.

j The results of some of our members.

j Updates on our group classes.

j Reports on our latest charity events.

j Great Nutrition and Diet Advice.

j Training programs and exercises for you from our Trainers.

“Our Business Objectives” Inspire Aside from their academic study, all the Trainers who are chosen to be part of Team Winners have done so with a very clear template in mind. We look to recruit people based on some simple but we feel very important character traits; such as work ethic, humility, selflessness, passion and the drive to get better. More than anything, the starting point for someone to be part of Team Winners, is they must just be a “good person”. The rest can be learnt, taught, but that is the starting point. We also recognise how important it is for our members to feel that our Trainers “walk their talk”, and we are as passionate about our own physical goals as we are yours. All the Trainers in team Winners are continually working towards their own set of physical goals, in a safe, natural and organised fashion. We have many hugely successful athletic Trainers, ranging from sprinters, triathletes, pole vaulters, fitness champions, natural fitness models, rugby players and footballers. Our aim is that in showing you our commitment and our own developments, our struggles, our resilience, our focus, we can help inspire you to do the same.

Educate All our trainers are committed to their own development, so when they meet and interact with our members, they can explain the what, why and how you should exercise to achieve all the goals that are most important to you. Throughout your membership at Winners 2000, we aim to teach you the “why” to the “what” we advise you to do. We aim to qualify every piece of advice with sound reasoning, so you are empowered for the long term.

“Drive Positive Change ” For many of our members, exercise provides a starting point for many other things in their lives. The energy, thought clarity and momentum from a good workout can really provide the drive for our members to make changes in other areas, all with the goal of being really fit, happy and healthy.

“At the heart of our Mission, is the core belief that every single human behaviour should be based around a single outcome; “loving life”. We believe that a fit body and mind are critical to that end, and that in working with us, we maintain a focus on that outcome at all times”.

We want to make the hour or so you are with us each day, the catalyst to drive the other 23 to a higher level, for you to be able to do more, think faster, smile more, give more.

We support that process by encouraging our members to always be clear about “their goals” and “what they are doing right now to achieve them”.

“Improving the quality of lives of our members”

“Winners 2000 is in business to improve the health, fitness and quality of lives of our members, and to make a difference in the community. Success is helping people live with their desired balance and to achieve a sense of fulfilment; to help take them to places they only dreamt they could go. We are never afraid to say what hasn't been said, or do what hasn't been done. We work with open eyes and ears to new information and research, to ensure the product we present to our clients is always the very best and most importantly, works for them”. Business Objectives Inspire Educate Drive Positive Change

Winners 2000 – How are we delivering our Mission As an organisation, we are very serious about doing what we set out to do; delivering our Mission Statement. It means something to us, and everyone involved in Winners 2000 is 100% committed to making it happen. Are we doing it? We think we are, and we have evidenced that for you in the statements outside the Mission. “Our Service, Our Commitment to you every time you come to the gym” As part of our Commitment to providing you our members with a great experience each time you come to the gym, we’d like your help in making sure we “do our job”. We have certain guidelines we work to; certain performance targets we set for every day with regards to helping our members enjoy their workouts and get the most from them. We aim to make sure some really simple targets are achieved, things such as: 1, You are always given the chance to ask questions about exercises, nutrition, everything you need to know is answered. The on duty Instructor makes themselves available to you whilst you are in the gym. 2, The gym is always immaculately clean and tidy, starting with our Cleaner and supported by on duty instructors and the members themselves maintaining that clean environment. 3, You always know the name of the Instructor on duty, they introduce themselves to you if you don’t know who they are.

4, Every exercise that is not being completed with perfect, safe technique, will be corrected by the instructor to ensure that you the member gets the most from that exercise. With this in mind, we’d really appreciate it if you could forward on any comments to us if you ever see these things not happening. We call them “Behaviours Not Consistent with our Goals”. At times we may not be able to get every single one of these things perfect, but that is our intention, our aim. If you ever feel that any of the above doesn’t take place, we

would be really grateful if you could drop us an email to the addresses below, and list the date, time, the instructor on duty (if you know who they are) and also the thing you think we could do better. NEWtoN Abbot Dean turner - torquAy Hannah bryant - PAIgNtoN Jon Ellery -

You would really be helping us do our job, and helping us to get better every day... All of the instructors who are part of Team Winners share in the same goals and targets for the support we provide to our members, so don’t worry about feeling that you are pointing out things we should be doing. We all want to know whenever we don’t perform to the level we have set for ourselves, so we can correct it next time. You’d be doing us a favour in pointing out any behaviours inconsistent with our business goals. I really hope you enjoy this edition of the Winning Times. I hope it provides you with some good information, some good fun, some inspiration and helps you with your own journey towards perfect health and happiness. Simon and Team Winners

For every member that joins our club, we have developed a 3 stage induction process geared around you getting everything you need to get started. We take a long term view to your health and happiness and over the first 2-4 weeks of your membership here, we aim to ensure that you have all the following, without it being too much for you to take on board. We want to make this the start of a long term path and journey for you, that ensures your health and happiness are always on the way up: 1, Clear goals and targets about what you want from an exercise program, the 3 most important ways we can help you. 2, Advice and planning on what to eat, why and how it can improve how you feel on a daily basis. 3, A safe and effective exercise program that will allow you to move towards the goals you have set. We take the time to ensure that this program is balanced with the other roles in your life, so you are not ever sacrificing other important areas of your life, such as parenting, or your career, to push your physical progress too quickly.

More than anything, we believe the “outcome” of all exercise and dietary change should be that you are happier and a lot healthier. “The aim of our service is that the hour or so you spend at the gym is a catalyst to make the other 23 hours that day run much smoother, for you to feel better, more positive and most of all, a lot happier about everything you are doing. We recognise that aside from any changes in how our body looks, what is perhaps the most important thing is that you “feel” better, in every way”.

“Commitment to the Community ” We have always taken our role in the community very seriously. When Winners 2000 was started we were always very clear that as part of “what we wanted to do”, we saw an opportunity to give back to people in the local communities, and to involve our members in doing that. We saw that in doing so, we could give our members the chance to actively contribute to others and feel really good about doing that. There have been many events over the past decade, 24 hour fitness events, fashion shows, sponsored runs, midnight walks, the lot. Most recently we ran an “Add an inch to your arms in a day” and “Lose an inch in a day off your waist” events in Newton Abbot, where around 30 of our members took part in each event, run by our Trainers. They were hard work, and most of all great fun, and raised £1000 between them. To celebrate the opening of the new Paignton club, we ran a 5 hour Zumbathon in our new gym, with over 70 members taking part, and raising over £500. The majority of our money raised has been passed directly to Combe Pafford School in Watcombe, with some funds going to Mayfield School. Combe Pafford is a great school with an incredible set of teachers and assistants. The students really deserve our support and the money we raise allows them to buy sporting goods, fund educational trips and develop programs. We are in the process of registering the “Winners 2000 Never Give Up Foundation”, a charity that will allow us to increase the amount of funds we raise in each event.

“Open eyes and ears to new information” We run an in house personal development program for all the trainers and instructors who are part of Winners 2000. This program runs weekly, and subjects we cover include advanced nutrition, detailed training programs, goal setting and many many more. Wherever we feel we can improve a part of our service, with regards to what the Trainers relay to you each time you come to the gym, we work on it. There is no ego, just a commitment to be the best at what we do. Our research takes us all over the world, seeking out the best practices, best strategies and applying them to our product. “Sam Dodge from the Welsh Judo and Rugby Strength and Conditioning Program, working with our trainers to teach them practical and theoretical applications of professional strength and conditioning strategies”.

Disclaimer For your own health and safety, we recommend that you consult a Doctor prior to beginning or changing any exercise or dietary program. Winners 2000 will not be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury that may occur during or after reading and applying any of the techniques and methods included in this publication

Invite a Friend to come and join you at Winners 2000, and as a thank you from us, we’ll give you 1 months extra membership for FREE. If you have any friends, family or colleagues who you think would benefit from coming here to work out with us, then please just pass them our contact information and we will take really good care of them. If you have anyone in mind who you think wants to lose weight and is frustrated because they can’t seem to shift it; Or someone who just needs to feel better about themselves, develop a more positive state of mind; Maybe someone who wants to build up, get stronger, add some muscle. We promise to take really good care of them.

Please contact (Newton Abbot), (Torquay) or (Paignton) for more information.

Emmylou Anderson "Did it for my girls"


heck out these great pictures of Emmylou Anderson, Trainer in Newton Abbot and competitive Figure and Bikini Athlete. Emmy recently took part in the Muscle mania event in London, check out her great condition, the judges made special mention of how her glutes and hamstrings were the best of the line up.

Thanks very much to Doolan for all his support with my weekly measurements and his Bio signature analysis each week, he was a star." For more info on Emmy and her show check out her facebook page at or email her to

Emmy, like all Winners 2000 Trainers, is natural athlete. The purpose and motivation of her competitive career is really to show her clients that she is "walking her talk" and doing everything she tells them to do. "I want to inspire my clients, and I want them to know that I would never ask them to do anything that I wouldn't do myself. I pride myself on being able to maintain my condition the whole year around. Many ďŹ tness magazines talk about "diets" that are just unsustainable, and involve so many hours of cardio that they just aren't possible or healthy. And you are in shape for just 1 hour on 1 day, who wants that? On my "pre-contest diet", I was working as normal, functioning as normal, and 5 weeks after the show, my body-fat levels are as they were on the day. I won't say it was easy, but it wasn't anywhere near as hard as some people make out. I didn't use any long slow duration cardio at all, and my diet was very similar to what it is normally. The changes were really in the volume of resistance work I did, and also I worked really hard on maintaining a high ďŹ bre diet, so the estrogens in my body stayed lower, and I didn't get any fat on my glutes. I know it can be a real problem area for women, a fat ase, but it doesn't have to be that way. The greens in your diet, and some key ďŹ bre supplements were my secret weapon, as well as the resistance training I did, a lot of pause and negative reps on my hams and glutes. My next goal is to maintain this physique all year around, and hopefully that will help my clients motivate themselves to work hard and make their changes happen. I am going to compete again next year, mainly "for my girls" and I hope that in 12 months, they will all be that much better and closer to having the bodies that they want. Winning Times | October 2012


Welcome to Winners 2000 Newton Abbot!


e have had a great year so far with our ‘Test Yourself’ members events and had record numbers taking part in serious fit with both the male and female records being broken.

Next up was the ‘Add an inch to your arms day’ which raised over £500 for Combe Pafford school and produced 30 pairs of very sore arms! Our ‘Lose an inch day’ was run with a very similar set up and again produced some great results for members and some extra donations for Combe Pafford school. Keep up to date with our latest events by adding us on Facebook and Twitter and we hope to see some new faces taking part at our next charity training day! CIRCUIT TRAINING - Our Circuits classes have grown in numbers this year and seem to be getting tougher by the week! Don’t be put off as this is suitable for all training abilities and levels and is a great workout, especially first thing in the morning! AB BlAST - You can now also blast your abs every Monday and Tuesday evening at 6pm with Elliot. This is a great 20 minute workout where you can learn new abdominal exercises and be sure you are using the correct technique. We are holding our annual Football match on September 16th and this year there’s a difference, there will be a team from each club plus a staff team! I don’t hold much hope for the staff team but will be praying for a sunny day! A HUGE WEll DONE to Nigel Barber who has been raising money for ‘Help for Heroes’ by completing a 14 mile trike ride. The thing that makes this such a big achievement, is that Nigel was seriously injured 14 years ago and cannot move his legs and has limited movement in his arms, so to cover 14 miles from Barnstable to Great Torrington is a massive accomplishment.

CAFÉ SERVING BREAKFAST The Leisure Lounge café is now open from 7.30am serving breakfast for all those early birds who want to workout before their busy day begins! Morning training is a great way to get your day started and Tony can prepare your food so it is ready when you are! The Leisure Lounge is also open on Saturdays so pop down with your friends and family for a great affordable breakfast or lunch and sit outside looking over the race course. If you have any questions or feedback about our club, email me at Enjoy your training, I look forward to seeing you in the gym soon. Dean Turner Manager Winners 2000 Newton Abbot

Nigel is a great inspiration for anyone who is training or thinking about starting. He is proof that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard. If you would like to make a donation please visit

Winning Times | October 2012


The 10 biggest mistakes in trying to lose weight By Adam Stansbury My Background My name is Adam Stansbury and I am a Fitness and Lifestyle coach from the UK located at Winners 2000 in Newton Abbot. My expertise lies in body re-composition, shedding body fat and increasing muscle mass. I have been honing these skills since 1998, taking my own body through several transformations such as fitness modelling, competing in natural bodybuilding shows and recovering three times from life threatening abdominal surgery. I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis at Winners 2000 or through online consultations using my website I also run and develop the Winners 2000 In House Development Program, with the goal of sharing knowledge between every trainer at Winners 2000, and upgrading the skills and service we deliver as a business every day. We believe this development program is the best of any club in the UK and are continually working to add more new information to that, so our service just keeps on getting better. Please visit my website for more information and follow me on twitter @coverfitness.

If I was to feed you with 1000 calories made up of sugar your insulin response would go through the roof as your body fights to reduce blood sugar, the majority of which would probably be shuttled away into your fat cells and make you go from feeling high on energy to an almost coma induced state in a matter of minutes and it would get you even closer to developing type 2 diabetes. If I was to feed you with 1000 calories made up of chicken breast (although this would not be healthy without your green vegetables!), your body would be forced to release energy to digest and deal with the level of protein, your metabolism would increase, protein synthesis would be instigated by your muscles for growth and repair, more importantly your insulin and blood sugar would not be negatively affected.

Introduction I’ll let you into a little secret that could save you hundreds of £’s on fad diets, crazy training regimes and an internet full of “Bro Science” from experts who sit behind their computers all day. If I could give you one piece of very simple information that will dramatically change how easily you are able to lose excess weight, body fat and increase muscle mass NOW and for the rest of your life, it is this ...

Understanding and knowing how your body reacts to certain macronutrients is key to making better food choices and for sustainable, long term weight management and health.

Become More Insulin Sensitive by stabilizing Your Blood Sugar through the Consumption of Quality Protein, Smart Fats, Green vegetables and the Removal of all Processed Foods from your Diet. There you have it, you could stop reading now and apply the above rule to your nutritional choices and I guarantee you’ll see great results in body composition and feel much healthier. But to also help identify specific areas that might be stalling your progression I have compiled my top 10 list of weight loss mistakes.

2. Not eating enough protein This could also be number 1. Just by changing this in your diet you will increase your body’s metabolism due to the energy expended by your body in order to digest and utilize the protein. Increased levels of protein will also help to increase levels of lean muscle mass, which in turn will drive up your body’s metabolic rate and enable you to maintain a lean athletic physique. Try and consume the protein first at each meal, this will help to lower the glycemic load on your body from the rest of the macronutrients in the

Winning Times | October 2012


1. Treating all calories as equals This is a huge error of judgment made by the masses, spawning many calorie counting diet fads and it shows a supreme ignorance to the different effects certain macronutrients have on the human body.

Top Tip: Use calories to help give you an approximate idea of the levels of protein, fats and carbohydrates you are consuming but focus more on the quality of the foods you eat.

meal (starchy carbohydrates) and will also naturally fill you up leaving you less room for the bad stuff. Aim for 1-2g Protein per lb of body weight per day depending on goals. Top Tip: Eat grass fed meat where possible due to higher levels of omega 3’s, a better ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s, lower saturated fat levels, increased levels of CLA, 4 times more vitamin E than corn fed beef which is vital for the reproductive system and increased levels of selenium and B vitamins. 3. Not eating a quality breakfast Focusing on grains for your breakfast will not help your insulin / blood sugar levels in the morning, which is when your body is most sensitive to this, it will then effect you for the rest of the day, encouraging you to store more body fat. Make sure you are eating a high protein breakfast and I don’t mean one made up by protein shakes (which would spike your blood sugar). Whole food protein is where it is at (see point 1 above), with a healthy amount of fat to give you energy without altering your blood sugar. Try scrambling 5 whole eggs and some spinach together with some coconut butter for a high protein/fat breakfast or if you’re more adventurous then I highly recommend the “meat and nuts breakfast” that will kick start your day properly. Try a steak with asparagus and a handful of macadamia nuts or 2 good quality venison burgers with broccoli and a handful of cashews.

Top Tip: The best fruits to stick to then are obviously the low glycemic fruits such as berries. These also have the added benefit of containing the highest levels of antioxidants, easily identified by their darker and thinner skins. 5. Overdoing long slow cardio and the mythical “Fat Burning Zone” I’m sure you’ve heard it before, the comparisons of a sprinters physique to a marathon runners physique (poor marathon runners), of course there is nothing wrong with a marathon runners physique if that’s what you’re training for but my point is that overdoing cardiovascular work will reduce your overall lean muscle mass, which you will need if you wish to have an athletic and aesthetically pleasing shape to your body.

Top Tip: Red meat in the morning will increase levels of Dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for drive and focus. 4. Eating too much fruit Cardinal Sin number 4 and a challenger for number 3. This along with a low protein diet will do nothing for your metabolism and lean muscle mass. Women are often the biggest offenders believing a diet high in fruit must be the cure to all ills. In fact some fruit and its various forms (juices) can be junk food to many people. Fruit and fruit juices with a high glycemic value such as melon, pineapple and bananas contain high amounts of fructose or fruit sugar and although this does not affect blood sugar directly it travels straight to the liver for processing. In excess and the liver will turn the fructose to fat and store it, this process is called “lipogenisis”. The breakdown of fructose by the liver can also lead to the following: • Elevates triglycerides • Increases harmful LDL (so-called bad cholesterol) • Promotes the build-up of fat around organs (visceral fat) • Increases blood pressure • Makes tissues insulin-resistant, a precursor to diabetes • Increases the production of free radicals, energetic compounds that can damage DNA and cells.

The key is not to spend long periods in the “Fat Burning Zone”, a mythical zone created by lazy people looking for the easy way out but in short and very intensive periods of activity (much like a sprinter). Performing your cardio using short intensive intervals will not only increase your metabolism (making you more efficient at burning energy outside of the gym), it will help to increase lean muscle mass and it will be done in a quarter of the time, meaning you don’t have to spend any more mind numbingly long sessions walking on a treadmill or stair master and not actually seeing any results! Top Tip: Try sprinting on a treadmill for 30 seconds and resting or fast walking for 60-90 seconds, as you get fitter reduce your time resting so that your body is forced to adapt and improve. 6. Not doing enough Resistance Training Following neatly on from the last point, I speak for all trainers when I say we here this same comment all the time, “I don’t want to lift weights they’ll make me look bulky”, nope poor nutrition will make you look bulky and long boring cardio sessions will make you look like a skinny rake. People are often scared by the term “Muscle Mass”, conjuring up visions of Arnie in Conan The Barbarian. Muscle Mass is what gives a physique it’s shape, it fills out the body and gives you that athletic look. Without resistance training you are not able to stimulate adequate muscle fiber to increase or maintain muscle mass at the very least.

Most people will never look like Arnie but will try all their lives to, so don’t panic when somebody hands you a dumbbell, it won’t give you instant muscle poking out from every direction but will go a long way to giving your body the athletic shape you desire. Top Tip: To increase cardiovascular fitness through weight training perform a lower body and upper body exercise back to back in a circuit style fashion, this will increase your fat burning potential 100 times more effectively than the “Fat burning Zone”. 7. Overeating advertised “ health foods” Such as various types of muesli, “healthy” cereals , dried fruit etc all of which when eaten on their own will raise your blood sugar and put your body in an optimum state of fat storage, rather than helping you to become more insulin sensitive. These foods can also create a pro-inflammatory response in people who maybe intolerant to wheat or gluten. Remember just because a doughnut is gluten free it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Top Tip: When eating a meal higher in starchy or grainy carbohydrates consume a portion of protein and fat before the carbohydrates, this will reduce the speed in which your body converts the carbohydrates to blood glucose, also know as the “Glycemic Load”. 8. Failing to Plan is Planning to fail Eating sporadically during the day or going for long extended periods without food will not help with body composition. Generally with poor meal patterns comes poor meal planning and poor food choices. You need to be very disciplined making food choices when you’re hungry and for most this will be impossible. Plan your daily food ahead of time and you will always make sure that when you are hungry you will not be randomly lashing out and grabbing the nearest easy to get hold of sugary fix but will have pre-prepared high protein meals to provide you with the right macronutrients and energy to get through the day. Top Tip: Get a good selection of lock tight Tupperware tubs, so that you can transport your meals with you, without the risk of extra virgin olive oil leaking all over your best Under Armour training gear!

Winning Times | October 2012


9. Not eating enough green vegetables Dark green leafy vegetables are, calorie for calorie, probably the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food. They are a rich source of minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and vitamins, including vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins. Not only will green vegetables provide you with all kinds of micronutrients, in the form of vitamins and minerals, they will protect you from disease and help to keep the body at a neutral PH level which is necessary for optimal performance and to prevent becoming overly acidic when eating a high protein and fat diet. They will also help to fill you up, adding more bulk to your meals and they are a source of insoluble fiber which will have a soothing effect on the digestive tract. Top Tip: Try roasting brussel sprouts with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic for 2530 minutes, you’ll be amazed at how good brussels can taste! 10. Not drinking enough water I could put this at any of the numbers from 1 to 10, it is that important to not just weight management but life in general. Our bodies are composed mainly of water, which needs to be replenished regularly to enable optimum performance for all your body’s cells. Regular water travelling through the body’s various organs will enable the detoxification of environmental toxins, bi products of the various chemical processes in the body and not to mention the buildup of toxins from poor food and drink choices. Weight loss is one of the benefits to drinking sufficient water. Once the body has achieved proper hydration, the systems will be so efficient that you will often notice healthy weight loss without putting any extra effort into it. If the fat cells are well hydrated, they are more prone to utilization by the body for fuel.

ARE YOU SOMEONE WHO IS DESPERATE TO lOSE WEIGHT BUT JUST DOESN’T SEEM ABlE TO MAKE ANY PROGRESS? HAVE YOU TRIED All THE MAGAZINE AND TV DIETS BUT JUST ENDED UP TIRED, STARVING HUNGRY AND MOODY? Contact me now for a FREE CONSULTATION at the gym, where I will answer your questions about weight loss and help get you stared on your own successful journey to the body and health you have always wanted. To contact:

Top Tip: Use the following formula to estimate your daily water intake: 39 ml per kg of bodyweight.

Winning Times | October 2012


Improve your Health and Body Composition in 14 days By Adam Stansbury Introduction If I could give you one piece of very simple information that will dramatically change how easily you and your clients are able to lose body fat and increase muscle mass NOW and for the rest of your life, it is this... Become More Insulin Sensitive by stabilizing Your Blood Sugar through the Consumption of Quality Proteins, Smart Fats, Green vegetables and the Removal of all Sugars and Processed Foods from your Diet. I keep harping on at the above point and you may have read it at the beginning of another article of mine, this is not a mistake, this is probably the most important piece of information you need to take on board to help you to start understanding your body and how it reacts to the foods you eat. You will not only live a longer healthier life (studies have shown increased insulin levels will age the body) but it will also help you to achieve your body re-composition goals faster than by counting arbitrary calories and not really understanding the differing chain of events that come about after the ingestion of a calorie made up of solid protein to that of a calorie made up of sugar. Nutrition can be a mine field; there are thousands of different diets and methods floating around out there to help with Fat Loss and Muscle Growth. The first thing to remember is that much of it is ‘smoke and mirrors’, dieting with more complex methods only increases your anxiety and ends up running your life around food preparation. The aim of a good nutritional plan should be simplicity which itself will lead to long term sustainability and compliance.

The most important point in a plan is that it is a lifestyle change and not some 4 week fix that is so extreme that you rebound and put the weight back on as quickly as it came off. This is about understanding your body and providing it with the correct fuel mixture so that you’re mental, physical and emotional state can run at its optimal level, keeping your life in balance. Below are the two most effective nutritional strategies I recommend due to the results I have had on not only my own body but on the bodies of my various clients. They are two of the most basic and simplest forms of nutritional strategy out there, probably the most natural and because of this they are also the most effective. • The Paleo Diet – Basically the diet that a caveman ate back in the Paleolithic era, eating animal protein, vegetables, fruits and fats. • Metabolic Typing – In its simplest form revolves around the fact that there is not one diet to suit all and that people generally fall into 3 categories of required macronutrient ratios. The Protein Type, The Carbo Type and The Mixed Type. *I am also currently experimenting with Intermittent Fasting and believe that this can also play a very effective role in body re-composition when used in a controlled manner. Both Metabolic Typing and IF (Intermittent Fasting) are huge topics in themselves and are beyond the scope of this article, for now we will be focusing on the Paleo Diet and how you can implement it fast and effectively. There is one thing that all of these sustainable nutritional strategies focus on that is the key to fat loss, weight loss and muscle gain … Insulin Sensitivity

Hormone Recap Insulin – Produced in the Pancreas located deep in the abdomen. Insulin is an essential hormone produced by the pancreas. Its main role is to control glucose levels in our bodies. See Insulin as a key that unlocks your cells so that they can absorb the excess glucose in your blood. The trouble is that the more insulin is produced by the body to combat high blood glucose levels, the less effective insulin is at unlocking your cells to efficiently siphon away the glucose. This creates a buildup of blood sugar which has to ultimately go somewhere and as your muscle cells become more resistant to the effects of insulin your fat cells will store the excess. This is what we call” Insulin Resistant” or “A massive pain in the butt if you’re trying to lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass” which over a longer period of time can lead to Type 2 Diabetes. In order to get the body more “Insulin Sensitive” and the “Insulin Key” unlocking your muscle cells once again we need to start adopting some wiser nutritional choices and basically remove high amounts of sugary foods or high glycemic foods from your diet, such as white breads, white rice, pasta, the majority of floured products and especially fizzy drinks laden with sugar. I introduce to you The Paleo Diet... The Paleo Diet I think when it comes to nutrition, it really is key to make things as simple as possible when trying to relate back to clients what they can and can’t eat. There is no diet that is simpler to follow and at its core probably the most natural form of eating than the Paleo Diet.

Winning Times | October 2012


irritability, lethargy and sometimes headaches depending on how bad their diet has been.

Here are my 3 favourite quotes and ways of explaining the Paleo diet to clients in a nutshell: • “Did a caveman have access to this food I am about to eat?” • “If it does not fly, swim or run and is not green, then don’t eat it” • “Dead n Green Stuff” The diet focuses mainly on the consumption of animal protein, green vegetables, nuts and fats as the main macronutrients. Also known as the “Hunter-Gatherer Diet” or “Primal Diet” and based on much scientific research into the fact that the diet of cereals and grains adopted in the 21st century type diet, we as humans have not evolved to eat. Hunter – gatherers were around for 2 million years where as the agricultural revolution only happened

improved digestion and a massive reduction in internal inflammation and bloating, along with immediate improvements in body composition and mental clarity. This is no surprise really when you consider that you are now only fueling the body with all natural food groups and this has the added benefit of improving the one thing that will put the body into an optimum state for fat loss and muscle gain which we are always trying to achieve...

Insulin Sensitivity, through the Stabilisation of Blood Sugar. The boot camp approach When taking new nutritional clients on board I like to use a boot camp style approach for the first 2-4 weeks, this offers immediate results which helps with long term “Remove the Poison, feed the body compliance and it also quickly proves to and God will heal it” Charlotte Gerson someone that the food they eat really does affect their physical and about 10,000 years ago, bringing with it grains, mental well being. flours, potatoes, sugars etc

In weeks 3-4, I then take them through a ReIntroduction phase. Week 3 we re-introduce just fruits back into their diet and monitor how they feel, then in week 4 we start re-introducing any other ‘allowed’ carbohydrates back into their diet, such as sweet potato, grains, brown rice etc. Re-introducing foods slowly is important so that you can identify clearly any food groups that their body reacts negatively to; otherwise you would have no idea as to which foods had actually caused the problem. It is a very cheap form of food intolerance testing. From week 5 they should be eating the macronutrient ratios set out as per their metabolic types and over the first 4 weeks will of gained a very clear understanding of their dietary needs and how certain food affects them. Getting people to “Own” their nutrition and to understand their needs is so important for long term health, results and compliance. From then on they can make those informed food choices because they understand why they should and what their own body needs, not because their trainer has written down exactly what to eat.

There are two basic groups of carbohydrates that the diet distinguishes between: • Paleocarbs – Are made up of vegetables, fruits and some tubers (sweet potato, yam) • Neocarbs – Are carbohydrates that were introduced in the last 10,000 years into the food chain, includes grains, legumes and especially floured products which have not existed for most of human history.

The first 2 weeks all clients go through a Paleo Cleanup phase, whether they are Protein, Carbo or Mixed types. They remove all forms of carbohydrates from their diets including grains, pulses, fruits, starchy vegetables and they follow a more restrictive form of the Paleo diet eating only animal proteins, green “Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine vegetables, nuts/seeds, oils be thy Food” Hippocrates (460-370 B.C) and fats.

It has been proven through research that the agricultural diet has led to the following health conditions: • Increased in infant mortality • Reduction in life span • Increased incidence of infectious diseases • Increase in bone mineral disorders • Increase in dental problems (tooth decay and cavities)

There are three main reasons for following the boot camp approach: 1. By removing all foods that may cause food intolerances/inflammation the client will begin to feel leaner and less bloated within a week. By removing foods that may raise their blood sugar we are making their body more insulin sensitive, which is our end goal. This will make a client become more efficient at using fat as an energy source.

One thing that a diet high in grains and starches can also lead to is food intolerances, bloating and digestive disorders, every time a client removes these food groups from their daily nutrition and follows a Paleo type diet they also experience Winning Times | October 2012


3. Eating a very clean diet for 2 weeks will of made their bodies very sensitive to anything they put in their mouths, so that when we start reintroducing ‘allowed’ foods (relating back to their Metabolic Type) back into their diets, they will be very aware of how they make them feel and they will be actively educating themselves on the foods that they should eat.

2. Over the course of these 2 weeks their body will adjust from using carbohydrates as an immediate energy source and switches to using fats as the main source of energy. This can lead to fatigue,

ARE YOU INTERESTRED IN CHANGING HOW YOU LOOK AND FEEL IN JUST 14 DAYS? Then please email me at and book in for your FREE consultation. Available to MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS.

20 inches before my final fitting... Alexa Cleave and Emmylou Anderson

date of our d planning the an 11 20 e Ev . We tmas t with Emmylou gaged on Chris ou en ng g ki in or tt w ge n er ft losing 20 , I bega orking towards ovember 2012 w N r d fo an ” ng gh di hi ed g w imin ew I had some ing my goals, “a big ask and I kn a started by sett as w at th ew my big day. I kn ade inches before joyed it, and m en ly . al re do Id to , k ar or s in and a ye serious w Emmy for over ed to really focu ed ith w ne I ng ni ow ai N tr s. ea I had been ress in all ar od steady prog tch, or 10!!! some really go , step it up a no er st fa en ev s ange ss to date make those ch my total inch lo d an g tin fit s es me being from my final dr ning program ay ai tr aw ed ks ur ee ct w 4 ru st . Emmy by a I am now ion between us been achieved at s ic ha un is m Th m ! co es it from nest is 15 inch sh me to my lim support and ho pu nt at ta th ns es co m e, m ac minute progra put in pl ing 65kg + to 30 most into designing tt e ua tim sq of g t in lo lv a d has put sessions invo of supersets an heavy weight mornings, lots rly ea e building up to th in programmes interval training et! super clean di itment from importantly a ort and comm pp su e th en hing I put ly be n achieve anyt ctor has actual ca fa I t ve es lie gg bi be e e th ing m someone I think e knack of mak helps to have th ly s al ha re e It . Sh . on ou spot d clear Emmyl professional an far she has been ith so w d s al an , go to d ur hilst Emmy ort yo my min ula to follow, w be able to supp rm d fo an e u pl m yo si in a t results! believe ves me es a week = I ge structure. It gi d tim 5 an g 3in n ai m tr m progra t clean and inking. E.g. I ea hich was does all the th ewton Abbot w N in t en ev y” da themselves e “Loose an inch like minded people pushing th in rt pa ok I also to time with great to spend great fun and and fitter. althier, leaner he r, ie pp to their limits. ha I'm my enough, I can't thank Em


Thanks Em Alexa

Winning Times | October 2012


Richard Kirk Winners 2000 Newton Abbot Member & Newton Abbot Chiropractor on his progress so far with Personal Trainer James Doolan started training with James in March this year with the intent of changing my lifestyle so it was consistent with what I preach daily in my profession as a Chiropractor - "Eat well, move well, think well". I was talking the talk but not walking the walk and that had to change. James immediately impressed me when the initial focus was not the gym but with my sleep patterns, reintroducing me to my long lost friend breakfast (Poliquin™ meat and nut breakfast suits me really well), and wealth of practical advice to improve my lifestyle. This initial process forged the foundation for everything I have achieved to date and will underpin any future achievements. The programmes James creates are challenging but always manageable and leave me knowing I worked hard without feeling rubbish and broken afterwards. One of my early responses to his enquiry of how I was the day after a training session was "I feel like a Dalek, I'm ready for world domination if it were not for stairs". I felt so invigorated and full of vitality but my legs were complaining whenever I went up more than 3 stairs. Every session with James brings new challenges and I can see notable changes “Eat well, move well, over every 4-6 week cycle with think well” respect to strength, technique and speed of recovery. My lifts are increasing steadily and we are identifying what James calls the areas with "greatest possibility for improvement" or what I call "the bits I'm rubbish at". The previous point highlights James philosophy and attitude which is always positive, supportive and encouraging, he literally sees the good in everything and it’s infectious. Every 4-6 weeks we have a reassessment including weight, body composition and James party piece - Biosignature analysis. The geek in me loves the stats specially the Biosignature as they tell me how well I have done and what needs to be focused and further improved. Progress has been constant, consistent and I am loving the fact I can see and feel the changes subjectively in my day to day activity and objectively thanks to the Biosignature

Winning Times | October 2012


The past 5 months have seen a dramatic change in every possible aspect of my health and well being and I would not have made progress this rapidly without the support, advice and encouragement of James. There are so many changes, improvements and modifications to my life I literally feel like a different person, if you are interested I am sure James can help you as he has helped me. I am now on track to meet my goals, I am taking ownership of the journey and I feel success is inevitable with James in my corner. Richard

Want to find out more about Biosignature Analysis, what it is, why it works, how it can help you? James Doolan Fat Loss Specialist - BioSignature Practitioner PT, S & C Coach Winners 2000 Fitness Ltd

What does a new program do for you? Ask Paul Joyce had reached a point where I was training hard but struggling to make any real improvements. I was trying different ways to shake things up a bit, but without real success After talking to James Doolan in the gym, I decided to see what he could come up with for me in the hope he could get me the results I wanted. It was frustrating to be training hard but not seeing the gains I was after. James has completely revamped my idea of training and I am really pleased to say it has produced the results I wanted, quickly. He has introduced me a number of new strategies that I had never used before, made me focus on the tempo of my rep, controlling my loading each week, it has been really detailed and effective. It has been really eye opening and a lot of really hard work, but it has been producing excellent results. The support he provides is first class and the programs well thought out and very beneficial.

Adam Heawood and his weight loss success I took part in 'lose an inch' day back in August and it was a fantastic day, I met loads of really nice people with similar goals to myself and have made some friends from it too. Another great result from that day was that I lost 2 inches off my waist in 2 weeks from doing the things learnt from that day, the simple dietary clean up we were given.

’d let myself go again, and I knew it. The problem was I couldn’t seem to do what I know I needed to do to get things sorted. Then I had a phone call from Emmy at the gym. She knew I hadn’t been training, and called me to talk about why, what my goals were, and how she could help me out. I have to be honest, I still wasn’t really that motivated, something wasn’t right, I just didn’t feel motivated. I think having lost weight before and put it back on; I really had some self-doubt about whether I could actually do what it took. But, Emmy talked to me about taking the first step, just getting started, and letting things build from there. So I trusted her, I got back in the gym, and started working out again. I don’t think I was fully invested at first, not really 100% into it, but as I saw changes starting to happen, then the motivation built and I wanted to do more and more. I think I had gone from being a sceptic to a believer, and that was very empowering, energising.

I also think that at that point, I really started to listen to Emmy. But rather than listen, I would make up my own rules. I think that was because I grew to respect her so much. She was so passionate about what she did, so motivated to make sure I got the results I wanted. That was a big factor in helping me do the things I had to do. I am sure that is what I have done before, listen, but not really follow it through, not do what I know I need to do to make the changes I want. Emmy was great in that respect, she really was patient with me, let me take it at my pace, and before long I was at a point where I was asking her how I could do more. That was really different from previous attempts at weight loss, where people were always telling me what to do. My motivation had grown now so I wanted it more, it made it much easier.

I've really enjoyed myself along the way and I’ve lost weight, without it being anywhere near as hard as I thought. There is nothing radical, just simple and safe ideas, things you didn’t really ever think were important, but make a big difference. I've found that if you want to achieve a goal in something it’s so much easier if you have an expert with experience in that field working with you, rather than just trying to do it alone. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Emmylou for her help in my personal progress. THANK YOU! Adam Heawood (Former and never to be again “fat boy”!)

I’ve lost over 2 stone, down from 17 stone to under 15, and still moving in the right direction. It’s a really good feeling; it’s nice to feel in control again. Winning Times | October 2012


Winners 2000 Newton Abbot Circuit Training with James Doolan caters for all abilities and fitness levels.

Circuit Training is a class which involves moving quickly from one exercise to another performing anywhere between 30-60 seconds of effort on each station. As a result, the heart rate is kept high developing a full range of different exercises that tones and strengthens every major muscle group; including your core, abdominals, chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. The class regularly finishes with a stretching element as part of the warm down, however you will notice your flexibility improves significantly due to the functionality of the movements involved.

Taken outdoors on our huge panoramic grassed gym area in the sun weather permitting!

This is for anyone who is looking for Fat Loss, Fitness, Conditioning, and a Metabolic Workout. The exercises and strategies change each session!

James Doolan - Fitness & lifestyle Coach Fat loss Specialist - BioSignature Practitioner Winners 2000 Fitness ltd

FREE to members, £4 non members. Booking in not essential, just turn up and work at your own level as I cater for all abilities. Tuesday and Friday Mornings @ 7am Thursday Evenings @ 6.15pm

To share your experiences and for latest information and updates, feel free to join the group here: Facebook: Twitter:



Come and join our Group Classes at Winners 2000 Newton Abbot FREE TO MEMBERS, £4 to non-members Welcome to Winners 2000 Newton Abbot and our great group classes, by louise Welsh We have a really varied and diverse membership at Winners 2000 and I feel privileged to be able to work with people of all ages, sizes and abilities at our gym. I specialise in working towards weight loss, improved strength and fitness and I help people to lead happier and healthier lifestyles. That involves working out diet and nutrition plans, training plans, taking part in races and challenges along with my clients and helping with positive and permanent changes in their lives. My clients are aged between 14 and 73, they all have different goals and ambitions. As the “oldest” personal trainer at the gym, I can empathise with people of all ages and feel that I have something to offer everyone. I want to help. I am a great believer in strength over skinny - about valuing your body for its strength and what it has the potential to do rather than how thin it can be. I run a number of group classes at Winners, a running club on Monday nights, one for beginners and also an advanced group. I teach people how to run with short and structured walk runs, then with the advanced group, building up mileage, technique and stamina and encouraging them to take part in races and events around the country. I have taken clients training to achieve completion of the London Marathon, Adventure racing, Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathon events, Race for Life and the Coast to Coast 2 day adventure race event in Scotland. I also hold 3 Pump classes in Newton Abbot every week, Tuesday and Thursday morning at 915, Wednesday evening at 7, this is a challenging and fun workout, come along, make some friends and get fitter and stronger with barbell and dumbell training. If you are interested in finding out more about our classes, or working with me as your trainer, drop me an email to I hope to see you in one of my classes or working out in the gym soon. louise Welsh. Personal Trainer Winners 2000 Newton Abbot

Winning Times | October 2012


The German Body Comp Training Protocol By Adam Stansbury Introduction The German Body Comp training protocol basically uses weight training for fat loss and removes the need for more traditional cardiovascular training. It is a training protocol made popular by Charles Poliquin™ who has written a fantastic book on the subject which you can buy here

A Workout 1 Week 1 GBC workout could be structured like this: Sample Workout

Wk1 Seq A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 D2

Exercise Description Barbell Squat Incline Dumbbell Row Lying Leg Curl Incline DB press Kneeling DB Curl Lower back extensions Reverse cable crunch DB External Rotation

Reps 12-15 12-15 12-15 12-15 12-15 12-15 15-20 12-15

Sets 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Tempo 4010 4010 4010 4010 4010 4010 4010 4010

Rest 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60


Seq – This is the sequence that the exercises will be performed in. A1 and A2 means that these exercises will be performed in a superset using the prescribed reps, rest periods and performing all sets (3) before moving onto B1 and B2. This workout will have 4 pairs of exercises (A1&2, B1&2, C1&2 and D1&2) so 8 exercises in total. Reps – Will generally start between 10-15 on week 1 reducing each week as the program progresses. All reps should be performed with the prescribed tempo and avoid training to absolute failure due the high volume of work during the whole workout. The GBC protocol is best suited to a phase of fat loss whilst maintaining lean muscle, some trainees may actually experience increases in lean muscle mass. It provides the following benefits: • Uses resistance training to increase cardiovascular fitness, so no more “long slow cardio” depleting precious lean muscle mass. • A great structure for program design, allowing the trainee to quickly and efficiently build effective fat loss programs. • Prevents plateauing in progression via regular changes to workout parameters. • Prevents boredom and maximizes results using a variety of exercises. GBC is a great way of introducing resistance training as a form of cardiovascular exercise and to anyone who is concerned that they will “get big” whilst training with weights, due to the lower body and upper body approach to the program design they will feel a more cardiovascular effect anyway. Smart programming and training with weights in this way will give you a strong lean physique. GBC Basics The GBC protocol basically adopts a Lower body and Upper body approach to exercise selection, which in turn provides additional heart rate action due to the body pumping blood to the lower then upper extremities. Due to the prescribed tempo of the exercises it also elicits lactic acid build up, which in turn promotes growth hormone production and puts the body in an optimal state to lose body fat and build muscle.

Winning Times | October 2012


• Week 1 – Reps should be highest eg.12-15 per set • Week 2 – Reps should be reduced by approx 2 eg.10-12 and the loads should be increased to allow for adaptation. • Week3 – Reps should be reduced further by 2 eg. 8-10 and again the loads should be increased. Note: Lowering the reps and increasing the loads weekly throughout the program, provide the trainee with constant stimulus, giving them time each week to adapt before pushing them harder the following week. Tempo – 4010 (4 sec eccentric, 0 sec pause, 1 sec concentric, 0 sec pause) Along with the rest periods this is one of the most important variables you should be focusing on. The eccentric part of any movement creates the most metabolic and muscular stress and instigates the most gains in muscle hypertrophy and strength, therefore this figure should generally be much higher than the concentric tempo. Most people are used to lifting weights with a faster tempo and will find changing over to a slower tempo difficult at first. To get the maximum benefit out of the program you should count the tempo and make sure you are performing all sets with perfect form, this will ensure you get the maximum lactic acid build up.

Stick to the same tempo for each exercise for the duration of the program, so that you give the body chance to adapt and progress. Note: Once you are used to using tempo more frequently in your programming, then experiment with different tempos, such as 3011 or 3110 etc by creating a 1 second pause at the beginning or end of a movement will change the training effectiveness of an exercise and force the body to adapt once again. Rest - Periods between each set in seconds Monitoring and focussing on rest periods will ensure that you are creating the right hormonal response to the training and will maintain intensity throughout each workout. As you adapt to the program you will become more comfortable with the prescribed rest periods so therefore by reducing the rest periods each week, you will force the body to adapt to new stimulus and prevent any plateauing in fat loss and metabolic gain. Week 1 - Rest should vary between 45-60 seconds depending on your current level of fitness Week 2 - Rest should be reduced by 15 seconds each set Week3 - Rest should be reduced again by 15 seconds per set but making sure to maintain a minimum of 30 seconds rest. Note: Carry a stop watch to keep an eye on rest to make sure you are maintaining workout intensity and workout flow. In Week 3 allow 3 minutes rest between Supersets eg. Between finishing A1,2 and starting B1,2 but once the next sequence has begun maintain the strict periods between sets. This will enable you to recover enough to be able to attack the next superset with maximum intensity and focus. Plan Ahead To prevent any plateaus forming in your progress towards a leaner physique and to avoid overtraining, it is advisable to setup your different training phases into periods or cycles, this in its basic form is also known as “Periodisation” and will help with your gains whether they be strength, muscle growth and or fat loss. Other suitable training protocols that could work well alongside GBC, as a longer period of training could be the 6/12/25 method, Accumulation and Intensification plus a more specific specialization phase, amongst many others.

These could each be followed on a 3-4 week cycle before moving onto the next method and will ensure you are work towards your end goal, which maybe 12 weeks down the line. Final Notes The recommended rep ranges and tempos in this document are just guidelines and nothing is set in stone, they are there to give you a recommended starting point. Beginners and trainees looking for a more cardiovascular response will do better using the higher rep ranges, trainees wanting to increase more muscle mass would benefit from lower reps ranging from 8-12. • Different body parts respond well to lower reps and higher loads such as the hamstrings, so again you may choose to start with reps ranging from 8-12. • Performing a set of chin-ups using a rep range of 12-15 when paired with a back squat of similar reps will be pretty much impossible for most trainees and they will fatigue long before they reach 10 chin-ups using an intensive tempo, so in this instance you might change to 8-10 reps for the chin-ups. • Try and avoid pairing two very grip intensive exercises together such as chin-ups and deadlifts, as grip strength will be the limiting factor in performing them optimally. The 6,12,25 , Accumulation and intensification methods as mentioned earlier in the article, I have learnt through Charles Poliquin™ and his PICP courses, which I cannot recommend highly enough. If you’re interested in learning more about program design, would like to book in for a FREE consultation with me or would like to enquire about 1-2-1 Personal Training then please email me at

Winning Times | October 2012


Welcome to Winners 2000 Torquay it’s a very friendly gym, the atmosphere is great and all the staff are very approachable. So just go for it, you won’t regret it!” Sarah changed her program every 3-4 weeks so her body never adapted to what she was doing; it was constantly pushed and challenged. We think Sarah looks great and we are really proud of her!!!


o far we have had a fantastic year with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012, our fantastic Zumbathon which we raised over £500 to go towards the fitness suite at Combe Pafford. Not to forget the ‘Lose an Inch Day’ with proceeds again over £700 to Combe Pafford. The highlights of the summer for us included the The Torbay Half Marathon, with the money raised by our members, once again going to Combe Pafford. The Olympics and Team GB, not to mention the Olympic Flame passing through our home town! All that we possibly could ask for was the Sunshine – and that too pushed through occasionally!! When the sun has been shining in Torquay, the Outdoor Gym and Muscle Hill have proved a great place to go and workout. The coaches, clients and I have watched this area grow each year, with more members working out in the great outdoors. We also sponsored the Torbay 10km in August and the conditions were very favourable, so a big congratulations to all those who took part. I would like to say a big ‘Well done’ to one of our female members Sarah Bradshaw. Sarah has been continuously working hard here with us at Winners 2000 and has even bought her dad along to join as well as her son and now mum is next up!! Sarah has lost more than 7 stone now up to date and is on target for her weight of 10 stone. Sarah originally joined Winners 2000 Torquay after having her children and wanted to get back to a healthy weight and tone up at the same time. She followed a “mixed-type” food plan which was about eating healthy protein and fats and a mixture of low starch carbohydrates and the weight started to drop off. That built confidence and belief in what she was doing and she became even more focussed. I asked Sarah ‘what she would say to anyone who really wants to make some changes but is nervous about starting out?’ and she answered “If I can do it, then anyone can! Everyone is nervous to begin with but with Winners 2000 Winning Times | October 2012


leanne Smith and Pump I would like to welcome Leanne Smith to the Torquay Timetable, Leanne has started teaching Wednesday PUMP class at 9.30am and she is aiming to run a Friday morning class from mid September, please check the website and Facebook and Twitter to see which class we are launching. Check out the Real Food Café The Real Food Café is open in Torquay with manager Tish Price. Tish is serving food daily from Monday - Saturday between 9am and 2pm with meals including healthy breakfasts and light snacks, flapjacks and protein shakes. All food is locally sourced and you can even buy your meats and eggs through the café. Order today, collect tomorrow. To contact Tish for more information is 01803-313485 or 07805119597 or You can also find the Real food Café on Facebook too for daily meals. Catering Services are also available. Time for a trim??? “The Cutting Room” Salon is open in Torquay, with Holly and Rachel. Members receive 15% discount, price leaflets are available in the Torquay Gym. To contact them call 01803-316792 or 07796683266. The salon is open throughout the day and appointments are also available in the evenings. In the meantime, I hope you are all really enjoying your training with us. As ever my advice is to be clear about your goals, have fun chasing them and take the time to invest in your health. It’s the most important thing you have. If you have any questions of feedback, please contact me at Have a great Autumn x Hannah Bryant Manager Winners 2000 Torquay

Circuit Training with Glen Bevan Thursday nights, 6pm in the Torquay Studio Free To members £4 for non members My Circuit Classes provide a total body workout, made up of fun and safe exercises aimed at targeting the whole body. Workouts change from week to week, and whatever level you are starting at, you can join the class and fit right in. Everybody is welcome, the session runs for around an hour, no booking required. For more information contact

Do you enjoy outdoor running in a group? Our Experienced Running club – Meets at the Torquay Gym, Saturday mornings at 7am, with Glen Bevan. Free To members £4 for non members We meet every Saturday at the Torquay club. This session is aimed at people who have some good experience and are used to intense road running. The sessions vary each week, some are distance based, some shorter interval type sessions, including off road distance running, hill work, beach sprints, and fartleck training. For more information contact

Winning Times | October 2012


Every Age @ Winners 2000 with Helen Collins


e do a lot of work with junior members at Winners 2000. Some for health reasons, some for weight loss and some who have a specific sporting goal they want our assistance with. In all cases, we are focussed first on safety, and then on results. We make sure the students have fun and build positive long term associations to exercise, taking care of themselves and all the good things that working out provides. I have only been training Mollie for the past month; but in that short time it is very noticeable how her body is adapting and the progress she is making.

Mollie is 12 years old and dances competitively. Her parents contacted me initially to help with her core strength and flexibility, although her regular dance classes keep her fit and supple with good posture, she needed work with her conditioning. Coming from a dance background I know how important strength training is. Dancers need to support themselves on their own and with partners. Dancers need to be strong yet flexible so they need to develop strong bones and supple joints to enable them to perform at their best. Stamina is also a key part in our training schedule so within our workouts we include fitness drills, such as bleep tests and timed circuits alongside our strength and conditioning work. In the past 4 weeks Mollie has made improvements with her rowing technique and reached her personal targets but most importantly has developed a stronger centre (core) which I measure by bosu/fitball/medicine ball work and body weighted exercises such as push ups and chins. We are still working on her flexibility with the splits being her overall target, but each week we get closer to achieving that.

Working with a number of juniors, it is really rewarding to see how they grow in confidence and self-esteem through exercise. I am never surprised at how much of a difference exercising and feeling fit and strong makes to young people. It really is no different to adults; when they feel better, they perform better in every area. Mollie has weekly sessions with me to supplement her dance classes; we will push forward with her flexibility targets and continue to set new ones. For more information on junior personal training please contact me on Helen Collins Do you want your children to exercise more? lose some weight, get a new hobby? Are you trying to lose weight but not seeing the results you want? Contact me now and arrange for a free consultation to get the answers you are looking for. Contact

In our sessions my aim is to give Mollie clear direction and an outcome, this helps her stay focussed as we see her performance improve. By the end of our workout she has a feeling of accomplishment and a desire to set her own goals.

Winning Times | October 2012


Beginners Running Club in Torquay with Sam Essam


eginners running club is designed for real beginners which means every member is able to take part; this is about having fun and breaking down the imaginary barrier that “you can’t run”. Ill support you, and well take things literally a step at a time.

I set the pace each week, ensuring clients are comfortable and running at a tailored speed. It isn’t about who goes the fastest, it is just about everyone having the chance to run and enjoy the process, whilst being supported by me and the rest of the group. I add a small distance to the route each week which allows clients to track their own progression and advance their fitness. An alternate route for members who join the club with less experience is always planned which allows the option to run a shorter distance. Participating members have already noticed a development in their fitness having furthered their running distance, and competing in races such as local 10Ks and the Cockington Caper. Beginners running club is designed for beginners which means that every member will be fit enough! It is about fun, and having the support whilst you run, not about who can sprint through the tape first.

Why not come along and run your way to a fitter future? Beginners running club takes place every Friday evening at 6.30. For more information contact: Email: Twitter: @ESSAM_PT Facebook: Sam Essam-Trainer

Welcome to the Cutting Room!!! Run by Holly and Rachel, The Cutting Room Hairdressers from the Torquay Winners 2000 is based downstairs in our Torquay club. OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Friday: 0900-1730 Saturday: 0900-1600 Late evenings are available by appointment only.

Winners 2000 members receive 15% discount each time they come Contact Holly and Rachel on 01803 316792 or 07796683266

Winning Times | October 2012


Kirtis and Vicky Kirtis Bell, Personal Trainer. Vicky came to see me at Winners 2000 in need of some help. Vicky had gained some unwanted weight and was not happy, she was very clear that she needed to change. We started by just sitting down and talking through her goals, confirming “what we were doing”, “why” and then “how”. We produced a very clear list, starting with a decrease in body fat and then some fitness and energy goals. We really looked at weekly short targets so there was always the feeling of being on track, a step at a time approach. With Vicky’s really busy working lifestyle the plans were adapted to suit her, so she could have the time to complete all the other important things in her life, as well as her training. I got Vicky to fill out a food diary of everything she was eating and drinking for a couple of days. The purpose was to really get her to connect with what she was eating, “owning” her nutrition really. It was important for her to see just how bad some of her dietary habits had become and how much needed to change. To start with there was a lot of discussion about nutrition, I set the goal of educating each of my clients what to eat and why they should eat certain things. Right now Vicky knows right from wrong and is able to manage her own food choices on a daily basis.

Vicky Hipwell, Winners 2000 Torquay Member. I decided to join Winners 2000 and train with Kirtis after I came back from my ski season, where I had put on unwanted weight and wanted to improve on my overall fitness. Kirtis and I sat down and set goals, which I felt were realistic and achievable and also fit with my other commitments. He gave me a fun and enjoyable program to start and then as I progressed it became more advanced. I don't have a chance to get bored when Kirtis is around. He is always there keeping an eye on my progress, and ensuring I can achieve my full potential.

“Kirtis ensures that I can achieve my full potential.” Over the past 3 months with healthy nutrition, regular intense workouts and consistent monitoring, Vicky has made great progress. Dropping 25 lbs and losing inches all over she now feels confident and has never been happier. Vicky is still training hard, enjoying it and loving life!

Kirtis has given me a lot of support with regards to my nutrition. The diet programs have been clean and healthy, yet satisfying. Through these past few months he has given me a deeper understanding of what I need to be eating for my body, and what foods to avoid.

I have been training with Kirtis for just over 3 months and I have so far lost 2 stone. I still have a few more pounds to go until I am completely satisfied. Training has now become part of my life and I wouldn't feel good without it. I would like to thank Kirtis for all his help and advice. | 07891661108 |

Come and join our PUMP Classes in Torquay, check out the timetable for days and times, or contact: or for more information.

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What is BioSignature Modulation? by James Doolan The BioSignature Method was created by World Renowned Canadian Strength Coach Charles Poliquin™ in 1982. His method came from understanding how certain areas of body fat that become stored, correlate to specific health and imbalances of certain hormones. His measurements are ascertained through the use of body callipers.

What I Do I work with people like yourself to fix your health, and take away that guess work of ‘not knowing what to do next’, and that ‘getting stuck, feeling lost and not knowing if that food I am eating is really all that good for me to lose my waistline’. With all the nutritional tips and guidance in the media now feeling like minefield of information, no wonder everyone is confused! If you want to be happier, more confident within yourself and in the best shape of your life, then continue reading.

There are 12 Body Sites to measure which is the most comprehensive, thorough and fine tuning method to use for understanding improved health as well as educating YOU in rebuilding your health the right way for longevity · Every site in your body where you store fat is an indication to your hormonal profile · There are 12 BioSignature body fat sites measured using Harpenden callipers · Each Site represents the health of a specific hormone · Gives an overview of your overall hormonal profile Benefits · Helps to create a tailored blueprint of your diet, supplementation, lifestyle and training needed to help you lose fat and build health – Specific to your body · It accurately monitors how your body responds and the results you are getting week by week · What gets measured, gets done

Everyone wants the confidence to be body proud right? To go on holiday/weddings/special occasions/social events at any time of the year not worrying about putting on a bikini, or for the gents, to show you take care of your health by being in shape. Or putting on that size 10-12 dress you have always wanted to get into; or that suit that fits perfectly on your 32inch waist. You can and will progress to this and will reap the benefits in all other areas of your life too, by achieving the results you’ve always wanted. Is this something you are interested in doing yourself? What I do is meet up with clients on a regular basis, not just to work out, but to work on balancing all areas of their life by looking at lifestyle factors which are affecting their hormonal balance, consequently obstructing their goals without them knowing it. Things like your weekly timetable and planning of food you eat, your quality of sleep and recoverability. Areas that are the most neglected but the most important.

“My reward is seeing YOU improve the quality of your life.” About Me I am a fitness and lifestyle coach seeking to improve people’s lives on a daily basis using my skills and knowledge to create achievable goals and realistic aims; all individual to that person. I have been working in the industry for 3 years and continue my own personal development day to day.

If you want long term results which you can sustain, prevent or even reverse (such as Type II diabetes) and come off the many types of medication you have been on for years. Having a life coach will allow this to happen. When you become a regular client of mine you will notice you have more structure and focus to your health, nutrition and well-being. You will know exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it. I

will supply you with a plan and strategy that suits you and more importantly, you will know why you are doing it. Don’t be that someone who goes through life with the will to want to change but with no defining pathway on how to get there. This often ends up with injuries, illness, fatigue and burn out. Causes usually stem from an over trained/worked malnourished body which is not listening to what the body needs due to the fast paced world we now live in. Take a look at some of my testimonials and how happy they are with the results they are achieving right now. Also take a look at the free information and health articles which are regularly updated on my blog. Take a look at:

Some of the positive benefits you get when working with Coach Doolan are: · Time to focus on YOU and what you want to achieve. · Achieve greater results in less time. · Someone to challenge, motivate and support you. · Enable you to come up with a fresh approach to an old problem. · A safe supportive environment to discuss your issues and work through them. · Your personal development mentor. · Give you accountability and commitment. · Create an action plan and support you in achieving it. · Someone to provide unconditional support and praise. If you commit your goals to writing you are 40% more likely to achieve them. If you tell someone else you are 60% more likely to achieve them. If you have a coach you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals. Facebook: Twitter: Winning Times | October 2012


Welcome to Winners 2000 Paignton Wow, what a busy 3 months it has been!!!


s I am sure you are already aware we have now been in our new Paignton home for just over 3 months and I could not be happier. It has been a hard slog, but we finally have ownership of this massive new building and can look forward to a long and successful future here. I feel very privileged to be the manager of not only what I think is one of the best gyms in the whole country but also to be able to train in such a fantastic facility. The new additions of the Astroturf sprint track, the Strength and Conditioning Room, the Spinning Room, the Amazing new studio ‘The Zone’, our Sports Therapy Room with Louis and our Hair Dressers have all been so well received, it makes all the hard work worth it. Along with the new gym, I would like to introduce to you Louise and Leanne, who are the newest editions to our team. We are lucky to have them both here, as they have great knowledge in their chosen fields and will only continue to broaden the opportunities for members at Winners 2000. Next time you are in training or attending a class make sure you say hello if you haven’t already. For more information regarding their background and skills check out their profiles. It is also with regret we have to say bon voyage to Debbie who is going on a 12month sabbatical in Australia. We wish her all the best and look forward to her return. Have a safe trip Debbie! Congratulations to Laura and her Husband Rob, who, as we publish this edition of the Winning Times, are expecting their first baby. We wish them all the best and hope they manage to get some sleep over the next few months!! We also have to say Congratulations to our trainer and Zumba Instructor Sarah, who is getting married in September. We wish both Sarah and Paul a very happy future together. In this edition, we have picked two Paignton Members that we are very proud of: Jason and Laura are two amazing people that I think will motivate and inspire you all. Read their stories and let that be your training fuel this week. Also, check out our new Classes timetable for Paignton (page 30) which now includes Beginners running club, Cardio stretch and tone and additional Circuit training classes. These will be kicking off from October 8th so please come and join in! We recently held our Zumbathon in Paignton and had a fantastic night, not only was it a great way to celebrate the opening of our new gym, it was another chance to raise some more money for Coombe Pafford School. The event was a great success and I would personally like to thank everyone who was involved. Please read the full details of the night in the newsletter. We have so much happening here in the coming months for you to be involved in so please look out for future events and new classes. In the mean time keep training hard and stay focused on your goals. If any of you have any questions or queries about our Paignton Club please let me know. Similarly, if any of you need to book a program upgrade, or want to arrange a block of personal training, contact me and I will arrange this with one of my team for you. I look forward to seeing you all in the gym. Jon Ellery Site Manager - Paignton Winners 2000 Fitness Ltd

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Meet Team Winners louise Butterworth Hi, My name is Louise and I am part of the team at Winners 2000 Paignton. I started here in January 2012. I am not new to Winners 2000 though, I was a member when i was about 14, before I started my athletic career, working out under the supervision of Simon and Jon. they gave me great encouragement and motivation both of which were great contributing factors to what was to be a life changing career. It is funny how that has come full circle now, from the gym, to competing in athletics, and now back to the gym as a trainer working with members to help them with their goals. I began pole vaulting in 2004 when I started University (UWIC), prior to this I was a gymnast. Fom 2004 to 2007 I was training in Cardiff and within this time I had already competed in my first international competition (European Under 23 Championships) where I qualified for the final and finished in 8th place.

leanne Smith Hi, My name is Leanne and I have just started working at Winners 2000 in Paignton as an Instructor and taking a number of group classes. I am really excited to be taking Pump, Combat and Zumba classes across the Paignton and Torquay sites. I come from a studio fitness background holding qualifications in a variety of class programs such as Body Pump, Step, Aerobics, Zumba and Boxercise. I hope that in the near future I will be able to help deliver a wide range of classes across all the Winners gyms, meeting lots of members and driving you all further to achieving your health and fitness goals. Please feel free to approach me in the gym and ask me about my classes or to discuss your training. I would be happy to help with any questions or concerns you have. I can also be contacted by email at:

At the end of 2007 I moved to Loughborough to train at the high performance centre. It was here where I improved my personal best to 4m21 in the outdoor season while competing in Poland in front of hundreds of people. It was in 2007 that I was acknowledged by UK Athletics as a potential Olympic athlete and placed on lottery funding. I was training full time and got to travel around Europe training and competing. It was defiantly a time I will remember and cherish. I maintained a relatively high standard for the following few years and represented my country on several occasions. However, in 2010 I realised that I had reached my full potential in the event and made the decision to stop. It was the right decision and I have never looked back since. It was after this time that I wanted to focus my attention on my career and help to pass on my knowledge and experience to others. Having recently passed my Level 2 fitness instructors examination and with my sports coaching degree I feel I can help provide our members and my clients with all the information and support they need. Helping them to achieve their goals as well as help them reach their full potential, just as Winners 2000 helped me way back in 2001. I look forward to meeting you all in the gym soon. Contact:

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We have it every day at Winners 2000

Check out the latest timetable for times and venues, or email: for more information Winning Times | October 2012


Paignton Members in Profile laura Jewell Laura joined Winners 2000 Paignton on the GP referral scheme in August 2011. She came to us as a very nervous lady but full of determination. Laura suffers from epilepsy and spends most of her days in a wheelchair with 24hour support. Laura was referred by doctors as she needed to lose weight and to regain mobility. She also needed to build strength in her lower body, as sitting in her wheelchair all day meant she was losing muscle mass. After completing the 10 week program Laura joined as a full member and meets with me once a week and has done for the last 6 months. In the last 3 months alone Laura has lost an incredible 2stone 4lbs, dropping two dress sizes! Three months ago Laura wouldn’t want to get out of her chair at all in case of falling, however now you will see her jumping in and out of different pieces of fitness equipment all over the gym. You will also always hear Laura saying ‘I CAN DO THIS’, which to me is inspiration in itself.

Although Laura still has a way to go she is definitely my most determined and inspirational client. She always see’s the positive in everything and will try anything once. Laura’s next obstacle is the treadmill. Her dream is to walk without fear. As her epilepsy is sporadic she is always worried she could fall and hurt herself as she has in the past. Yet she still holds hope that one day she will be able to leave her wheelchair behind and that she will be able to get back on a horse and ride again. I am really looking forward to Laura making these dreams a reality as I know that with her determination and with the training at Winners 2000 it will just be a matter of time.

If you would like to know more about our GP referral scheme or training with me please send an email to

Jason Murphy, and check out the Olympic Torch!!!!! Jason started training with me 3 years ago when he came to me and said he wanted to join the Royal marines. With this goal of his in mind I spent some time researching the types of physical tests he would need to go through in order to achieve this. The tests included a 2.4km run under a set time and a demonstration of upper body strength including press ups and sit ups. Now knowing where Jason needed to be in order to pass, we set about working functional exercises into his programs where he was lifting and pulling his own body weight. This meant he would be able to increase his strength and fitness at the same time. Other sessions often included circuit based training and a cross fit style approach. As the months passed we started to test Jason’s fitness to see how it was improving. He was getting some fantastic results so he felt confident going into the physical challenges. Jason went on to pass his physical testing managing to get 85 sit ups in 2mins, 64 push ups in 2 mins, a total of 12 pull

ups before resting and finally reaching level 13.2 on the bleep test. However, Jason just missed out on the written exam due to life experience. He is now off to University to further himself academically and insists his training will only continue to develop. I am very proud of what Jason has achieved and the effort put into his goals. It is very unfortunate that he narrowly missed out on the exam however it seemed this was almost forgiven when Jason was given the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch through Dartmouth. “To be selected from so many applicants was a real surprise and an amazing honour. I am sure I will never forget the experience and am so proud to have played a part in British sporting history”. Keep up the great work Jason and we wish you all the best at university.

If you are interested in training for the Royal Marines or any other physical tests and would like to know more about how you can improve your fitness please feel free to email me

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Newton Abbot - 01626 331224

Torquay - 01803 327561

Paignton - 01803 524553

New Paignton timetable starting October 29th Wednesday Friday Thursday ½ Hour Blast Circuit Training Tom Clark Tom Clark 7.00pm-7.30am 7.00am-7.45am Zumba Cardio, Tone & Stretch Sarah Harris Leanne Smith 9.30am-10.30am 10.00am-11.00am Karate Zumba Circuit Training Karate Combat PRIVATE CLUB Sarah Harris Rob Hughes PRIVATE CLUB Leanne Smith 6.00pm-7.30pm 6.00pm-6.50pm 6.00pm-7.30pm 6.00pm-7.00pm 6.30am-7.15am Core Conditioning Beginners Running Club Pump Leanne/Tristan Leanne Smith Rob Hughes 7.00pm-7.30pm 7.00pm-7.30pm 7.00pm-8.00pm Monday Circuit Training Rob Hughes 7.00am-7.45am




Zumba Lea Millman 6:15pm

Pump Hannah Bryant 6.15pm


Tuesday Circuits 7.00am


Pump Louise 9:15am 20 minute ABS Blast Elliot 6:00pm Absolute Beginners Running Club Louise 6:15pm Running Club Louise 7:00pm

20 minute ABS Blast Elliot 6:00pm Zumba Ted 6.00pm

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Wednesday Pump Leanne 9:30am


Friday Zumba Leanne 9:30am

Circuit Training Glen Bevan 6.00pm

Beginner’s Running Club Sam Essam 6:30pm Zumba Sarah Clout 7:15pm


Friday Circuits 7.00am


Zumba Sarah Harris 9.30am-10.30am

Saturday Experienced Running Club Glen Bevan 7.30am


Pump Louise 9:15am Advanced Circuits James Oswald 6:30pm Pump Louise 7:00pm

Zumba Mandi 6.00pm

Fitball Andy 6:00pm

Circuit Training James Doolan 7.15pm

Winners 2000... In the Community


s part of our Company Mission Statement we commit to playing an active role in the community through the raising of funds for local schools and other causes. We have mainly raised funds for Combe Pafford School in Watcombe Torquay, as well as Mayfield, and you may remember our event to help build the play park in Paignton last year. Over the past few months we have had some really great response from our members across all 3 clubs who have got involved in a range of activities and worked really hard to raise thousands of pounds for these schools. Add an Inch!!! Starting out, there was the “Add in Inch in a Day” event. This was 10 hours of training, with around 25 minutes of exercise and 35 minutes off for the entire 10 hours. There was also supplementation and nutrition advice and everyone was sponsored to take part, complete, and “Add an Inch to their arms”. The growth from this painful day obviously takes place in the 2 weeks following the stimulation, and we had some great results. Now lose an Inch!!! We then moved onto the “Lose an Inch in a Day” event, the total opposite, where members who had goals to reduce their bodyweight and body fat levels, took part in another marathon day of activity. Again, the principles taught were things that were safe, and could be used long term. There was nutritional advice, follow up diet plans and exercise prescription, so that all who took part could “lose inches” and do so in a safe and consistent manner. It was great fun, a lot of hard work, and Emmy and Louise, assisted by Lauren, Amy and Louise Butterworth did a great job motivating the members taking part.

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Zumba All Night!!! We also opened up the new Paignton club with a 5 hour “Zumbathon”. This was a high energy and great fun event, with over 80 adult and junior members taking part and support from Ben Moseby at Palm FM. Sarah, Tom and Leanne were great on stage, energetic and motivating, jiggling for England!!! It was tiring, but another superb showing from our members and more money raised for a very good cause. There were some very “3 left feet performance” from many of Team Winners!!! Keep on Running!!! Most recently we had a strong showing in the Torbay Half Marathon, with entrants motivated and supported by Glen, Louise and Sarah from the 3 clubs. For some it was a personal best, for some it was just a case of committing to the goal and getting round in 1 piece. We have a tonne of other events planned over the next few months, all with the goal of meeting our objective of “giving back” and allowing our members the opportunity to get involved in that. We hope that each of the events provide some fun for those who take part, as well as some education and of course, some extra progress on route to their own physical goals.

Do you have any ideas for more fun charity events? If you have any suggestions for events you would like us to run, or any other feedback, please pass that onto your site Manager.

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Workout of the Month With luke Simons Check out the total body resistance training program below. It is similar to the types of programs I use with my clients, and also perform myself. I am a great believer in the importance of variety in resistance training, so the body is continually being challenged at just the right level, so you are able to keep moving forward. One of the biggest mistakes I see with peoples programs is the lack of change, measurement and progression. After 2-3 weeks of any program, the body is beginning to adapt and hence the reason for it to make changes decreases. It is controlling this level of adaptation, new stimulus, that allows for progression, not regression. Plus, I think working out should be about having fun, and in changing things up each time we train, it makes it more fun and you learn new skills every time. Sets, Reps, Tempo and Rest Periods - For each of the exercises below, unless stated, I want you to perform 1 set or 6 reps, rest 90 seconds, then lower the weight and perform 1 set of 12 reps, rest 60 seconds, then lighten the weight again, and perform 1 set of 25 reps. This is a very simple training strategy I use with a lot of my clients, as it covers all elements of strength training. Some relative strength, some hypertrophy, and some strength endurance.

off-Set Chins – The change in hand grip is a new stimulus to your nervous system and a shock to your pulling muscles. If you can’t perform full chins, then use our assisted machine, or ask an instructor to show you how to use strength band to assist you. Heaves are another alternative. Go for 3 sets to failure, targeting around 8-12 per set, with a 90 second rest period. Fitball Alternate Dumbbell Press – Working your chest on a Fitball is great for improving function, not necessarily absolute strength. If I was working for a 1 rep max of maximum strength improvement we would do this on a bench, or floor press. But, using 1 arm at a time is great for engaging your core, you are challenged to balance on the ball and you’ll feel a lot of chest, shoulder and triceps work, as well as abdominal recruitment in this exercise. Go for the 6 each arm, 12 each arm, 25 each arm blast on this. Rope Pulls – I love this exercise, it is very

functional, you work the back, traps, biceps and forearms really hard. Go for 3-5 trips of around 20m, I do them in our studio here with the rope tied to the mini sled. Aim to get the weight loaded with over 50% of your bodyweight, and do the reps in an explosive fashion. Rest only 60 seconds between trips, make it hard on yourself. Mini-Sled Push – This low angle really makes it Hyperextension Side Crunch – This is a favourite of mine, as it really targets the tough to improve oblique’s area on the abs. Now having abs is about a lot more than training abs, training abs is around 2% of having abs in my opinion. But, if all the other variables are in place, then working your abs hard can produce real results. Focus on holding each rep for a 3 count at the top, perform 3 sets of 10 reps each side. As you progress, you can add resistance to this, a weight, band or partner assisted.

a great exercise for the whole lower body, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves. Get a weight that allows you to do this with some speed. Sprint it 20m, rest 60 seconds, and perform 5-8 trips in this fashion.

Winning Times | October 2012


Lying Keiser Curls – I love this machine, it is so versatile, you can really train the whole body on it. For this exercise, you are going to change the tempo. Aim for an explosive curl with a controlled negative, working to the 6, 12, 25 rep targets as above. Lower the resistance for each set of course. Kettlebell Squat – For anyone who has

concerns about the spinal loading aspect of barbell squatting, using kettle bells is a safer alternative. Sure you are still challenged from a core perspective, you have to hold your posture and abs, but there is no direct spinal loading. Work to a safe depth, that varies for everyone and check you’re with an instructor. AS a general rule, whenever you see your lumbar spine start to “flatten”, then you are close to the depth that is safe for you. Use the rep range targets above. Kettlebell bent over Row – Some tempo

changes here; I really want you to focus on the pause rep at the top, the squeezed position where your scapula is retracted. On the negative, don’t let your scapula drop (anterior humeral slide); focus on holding your posture the whole way. Typically people let ego take over in this movement, it isn’t designed for that. Focus on a sawing action, not straight up and down, and work to pause for 5 seconds on each rep at the top. Complete 3 x 7 reps on this exercise, rest 90 seconds. Cool down and rap – After any workout, the Winning Times | October 2012


goal should be to refuel and to switch your body into a parasympathetic state as fast as possible. Working out is a sympathetic activity, and once you have trained, you want to get into the restoration phase ASAP. A contrast shower in our great power showers with temperature change facility works great, 1 minute cold, 1 minute hot and repeat 3 times. Or get into the sauna and then take a cold shower after 2 minutes, that works great too. Just make sure you get some good food and start the recovery process as fast as you can. What you do in the gym is just part of your progress, the restoration and nutrition are just as important. I really hope you enjoyed this program. If you have any questions about it, or anything else about my training, my coaching, please drop me an email. Does your program need a change? If you are tired of what you are doing, need some spark to kick you into action, contact me now to and we can fix to meet up. I have been a Trainer here at Winners 2000 for over 10 years and take great pride in helping our members get the best, safest and most effective advice on their health and fitness goals. Im currently working with over 70 members each month to help push and motivate them to achieve all the things that are most important to them.

NON-MEMBERS WHO WANT A HAND? No problem, contact me on and I will arrange a FREE CONSUlTATION with you at the gym to talk through how you can get started on the right exercise and diet program for you.

Early Morning Circuit Training at Winners 2000 Torquay, with luke Simons Join me and “Extreme team� for EARlY MORNING CIRCUIT TRAINING. The best start to the day you could ask for. It will wake you up, give you the energy to make your day a greater one, and burn bodyfat like never before. Every Tuesday and Wednesday for a 6.30am start, and the circuits lasts for 45 mins. Like everything we do at Winners 2000, everyone can come and take part, no matter what your ability level. Just come and do what you can, have fun and get better every week.

For more information on the Early morning circuits please contact luke / 07525534171

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Kevin Nicholson, Moving on Up How a “veteran Full-Back” is feeling better than he was at 21 Kevin has been working out with us now for around 3 months. Initially his goals were really about decreasing body fat, with a view to better results on the field (Kevin is a professional footballer with Torquay United, playing at left-full back, and last year was selected for the PFA Team of the Year). The body fat issue was a very simple one to fix; it was just a product of what I call “a little bit of knowledge is a really bad and dangerous thing”. Typical of what I have encountered in football actually, where a very high sugar and high carbohydrate dominant diet is suggested, plus the additional of pre-game stimulants, without any real monitoring of the results of that prescription. The clean up (removing all irritants from he body) and blood sugar stabilisation phase was very easy, 14-21 days, then exercise wise, working first on relative strength, to give Kevin a base to build from, correcting some faulty movement patterns, mobilising his pelvis and lumbar area which were typically very tight and hence affecting function and strength. Moving on from that, we spent some time working on speed strength and right now are about to enter a more conjugated block, with the goals of starting slightly more dynamic and explosive lifting. That wouldn’t have been possible at day 1; it would have been too much stimulus, too much stress and resulted in injury and a worsening of performance. The goal is to make improvements every week, but with pro athletes who are competing each week, you have to monitor closely their recoverability and ensure they are “primed” for each game. Part of Kevin’s micro-cycle includes a Thursday “Primer” session, similar to what I have used with Mike Williamson at Newcastle, where we use exercises for their “awakening” effect on the central nervous system, rather than a “deadening” effect that some other movements/rep ranges/ % of 1rpms can have. That is really manipulating the GAS curve (General Adaptation Syndrome) to ensure that the period of “Super compensation” occurs on

Winning Times | October 2012


game day. As a coach, you can’t always get that right, as so many things will affect recoverability, the body summates all stresses. The aim is to do all you can to have your athlete ready come game time. Psychological programming, goal setting, improving self-talk, visualisation techniques, centreing, they all come into that. We’ve also built in a tonne of restoration work, things that speed recovery. These range from jumping in the sea, laying in a dark room, sled work, rope work, tempo and steady state cardio activities that are generally performed between 50-60% maximum HRM. They vary from week to week, dependant on the amount of energy exerted in games and training sessions. It is important to point out that no 2 games can ever just be thought of as the same amount of stimulus and hence require different amounts of added restoration work. How 1 athlete “perceives” a game, “endures” a game, is totally different to any other, and changes on each occasion. The higher the fitness, the higher level the recovery work is done but that is a general rule. And by fitness, I mean mental as well as physical. I think footballers get a bad rap at times; the general belief is that they are all lazy, immature, selfish pre-Madonna’s. In Kevin’s case, all I can say is he is the total opposite.

He’s a real pleasure to work with and motivates me to want to improve his game. Not only is he committed to what he does, but more than anything, he is a “good person”, the type I would want to employ at Winners 2000, just like Mike. Kevin has given his time to helping us with Combe Pafford School and the pupils there, and is carrying that on into the season; giving back. Using his platform to help other people, demonstrating qualities of selflessness and humility. He recognises that his profession gives him that opportunity and embraces it. I coach all my athletes and clients to recognise how real success is far more than what they put out on the field. How it involves the other areas of their lives, contribution, family, friends, all those things. To me they are just as important, if not more, than the pure athletic goals that proathletes set. They all have an impact on their performance in a far greater way than they initially imagine. Kevin is making huge strides and I am committed to supporting him for as long as he needs me too. Simon Jeffery Manager Winners 2000 Fitness Limited

I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress I am making, in all areas, not just physically. Initially I think it was the shear rate of physical progress that I was amazed with. As I learn more about that, I realise how the mental and psychological aspects of sports performance are so critical. They play a huge part in what we put on the field each week, how they affect our “energy”, strength and what really matters, “Winning”. And how foods that we are taught to think we should be eating, really dont help us at all. In fact, they hold us back. I’m committed to do whatever I need to do to improve my game and in turn help the team win and get where we want to be this season. In working with Simon I realise how much development I can still make athletically and also as a team mate and leader. I just want to get better every week, work harder, take care of the little things, show the attention to detail required, do whatever it takes to get better. My goals are really to play and perform at a very high level for the next 6-8 years, then to move into management and coaching. All the things I am learning right now are helping me perform but also teaching me a lot that I think will help me in the future after my playing days end. I couldn’t speak more highly of this gym, Simon and his team. The environment they create is really special, positive, inspiring, energising. I wish I had been exposed to something like this at a very early age and stage of my career. What I am doing, what I have done so far, it all makes sense, and it really explains to me why my physical progress had been so limited in previous years. As Simon would say “right now all I am focussed on is the next practice”, meaning, the next thing I can control to get closer to my goals. Kevin Nicholson Torquay United Football Club

Winning Times | October 2012


Meet Team winners Elliot Bendow - Newton Abbot Hi, my name is Elliot and I’m the “newbie” Personal Trainer at Winners 2000 Newton Abbot. I started working out myself at around 16 years old and have had the passion for health and training ever since. My training started off just from being at school and deciding I wanted bigger arms, training them just about every day, thinking that would get me results!!! I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I was already in love with exercise and feeling good. I started reading fitness and training magazines and articles on the internet about different training and nutrition ideas. I realise now many of them were total rubbish, but I was so keen to learn I just wanted to keep on searching for better ways to train and eat. I quickly fell in love with the gym and the gains I was making were really motivating me to do more. My friends started to notice my progress and asking for my advice and help in the gym with their own training. I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed that they were making gains also and how good it made me feel to be doing that for other people. It was then that I really decided that I had found the career I wanted. I knew then I wanted to be in the fitness industry for the rest of my life. I joined Winners2000 as a member and just starting to work out there, I made more gains, the environment really lifted me, gave me more energy. Talking to the Trainers at Winners 2000 was really inspirational, they all obviously had the same passion I did, and were all really friendly and helpful to me, especially James and Adam. I knew straight away that there was so much more to learn from the Trainers at Winners and I wanted to be a part of their team to help me learn and grow even further. I finished my college course and applied to Dean for an opportunity to show them what I could do. After a few interviews and a trial, I was given the chance to start work here. I started working in Newton Abbot alongside the Trainers here, who are so dedicated and passionate about their profession. It was a relief to find like minded people and I felt at home from day1. People who were committed to health and fitness like I was, it was like I felt at home.

Winning Times | October 2012


In the few months I have been a Trainer here I have learnt so much about myself and gained so much knowledge about the industry. I am so passionate about my job, I love being able to help people get fitter and stronger and feel better. My own training progress has gone through the roof. Rather than just training what I felt like, I quickly got set up with a detailed program from Adam and Dean, and the gains have been amazing. I’ve been following an accumulation and intensification block of lifting; along with a Paleo style clean up diet, then adding in some coconut butter, creatine and greens supplements. My diet is really disciplined, I eat every 3 hours and I lift 4 times per week. Everything is so organised, it carries over into the other areas of my life, I have never been so disciplined. Seeing the gains come so quickly is really motivating, it is teaching me how it must feel to be a member and see things happening. My friends can believe the changes in my body, all done 100% naturally and with long term health in mind.

The passion I have to be successful at winners and also the industry is not just from my own self addiction to fitness but the constant energy from the trainers and members of staff around me every day. The different styles of training and new knowledge I have gained from working at Winners 2000 and being able to attend the Personal Training Development Program has put me in the best condition mentally and physically. I have many ambitions in my life that I want to achieve within my fitness career and I am really happy to be at Winners 2000 and have the chance to achieve them all. I would like to take the time in thanking Simon, Dean, Adam and all of Team Winners for making my dreams reality. I look forward to meeting you all in the gym soon. If you ever need a hand with your exercises, advice on technique or just want a question answered, that is my job, so please come and ask. Elliot Bendelow

Winning Times - October 2012  
Winning Times - October 2012  

Winning Times - October 2012