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AtmosAir Solutions HVAC Systems typically consume 60 to 70% of a buildings total energy usage. Much of this energy is used to condition air, heating, cooling and dehumidification. The other consideration is indoor environmental comfort. Because of tight building envelopes and non-operable windows, outside air is mechanically introduced into a building per code (ASHRAE 62) to control the build-up of gaseous contaminants and provide acceptable air quality. This outside air needs to be conditioned and therefore increases the demand on the HVAC system, which will then consume more energy, shorten equipment life and run up the utility bill.

AtmosAir Solutions present a revolutionary technology that can quickly fill your entire facility with crisp clean air, using nature’s own cleaning method, Bi-Polar Ionization. This technology uses negative and positive ions (activated oxygen clusters) that interact with oppositely charged contaminants and reduce particulates, eliminate VOC’s and odors and reduce airborne bacteria and germs. The proprietary science behind this innovation is a proven economical, efficient purification treatment for indoor air. AtmosAir Systems significantly reduce odor, mold, allergens, dust pollen, pet dander, bacteria and viruses. Benefits of Protecall's Air Purification Solution Include: 1. Bi-Polar Ionization as an Energy Saving Strategy : - Reduces outside air ventilation to ASHRAE 62.1 minimum ventilation rate standard or lower. - Energy savings by not needing to condition as much untreated outside air 2. Maintenance Cost saving: - In most applications only a once yearly tube change is required. Nor components to clean or filters to change on a regular basis.

- AtmosAir is not affected by continual usage. 3. Health & Safety - Air-borne particulates are neutralized and fall out of the breathing range of the air - Controls mold, bacteria, viruses, germs, etc by interrupting the reproductive cycles and decreasing CFU’s (colony forming units).

4. LEED Initiatives - Can help obtain a credit in this category through exemplary performance - Independent laboratory testing has proven that AtmosAir’s technology provides a superior CADR rating of 125 (MERV 13) without any restriction, redesign of airflow or additional amounts of outside air. This performance will enhance the interior environment without the cost of additional energy. Protecall Providing Sustainable Building Solutions that is technologically advanced, environmentally safe and fiscally responsible.

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Protecall Sustainable Building Solutions John G. Kish 888-345-8378 973-836-0400 600 Ryerson Road, Suite F Lincoln Park NJ 07035 USA

Atmosair solutions  
Atmosair solutions  

AtmosAir Solutions present a revolutionary technology that can quickly fill your entire facility with crisp clean air, using nature’s own cl...