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Words of Wisdom An industry leader sets the scene for the issue

Allan Apone, multi-award nominee and personal make-up artist to Samuel L. Jackson, on technology, time honoured techniques and the teaching of our craft


hen the amazing make-up artist, Neill Gorton, approaches you to write something for his magazine, how can you say no? So, thank you for asking, Neill. In my 35 years as a make-up artist in the film industry, I have witnessed many technological changes, most for the good. HD cameras have made it just a bit harder to hide edges and imperfections on our actors. On the flip side, new silicones have become more user friendly and less temperamental, coupled with new urethanes, the toxicity in the lab setting has lessened. Silicone prosthetics and Pros Aid transfers have become useful additions in the arsenal of today’s make-up artist. Foam latex is still a very viable material for many jobs and even gelatin is still used quite often. Given all these new and old options we have in the make-up and prosthetic world, the one key thing that remains crucial to the look of any make-up is the artistry of painting.



With all the technology available to makeup artists today and all the schools that are turning out hundreds of students, one of the things that I see is that only a very small amount of new artists today know about color theory. Color theory, in my opinion, should be taught first and foremost. I have encountered so many make-up artists that cannot mix colors to achieve

do they teach basic beauty and fashion but prosthetics, make-up effects and facial hair work as well. When I started in this craft, there were not many people willing to share their knowledge, Dick Smith was an exception. Now we see so many of the great make-up artists and effects artists of today not only willing to share but doing demos, guest speaking and teaching for anyone who

Given all these new and old options we have in the make-up and prosthetic world, the one key thing that remains crucial to the look of any makeup is the artistry of painting… the desired shade that they need. This isn’t just a problem for mixing colors but also for adjusting make-up color given the lighting scheme of the film. That being said the biggest change has been in education.

wants to learn.

There are a plethora of choices of schools in any country around the world. Not only

Allan A. Apone Make-up Artist MEL, Inc. MelProducts

A thank you to all who share knowledge and to all who are there to absorb it. Preserve our Craft, pay it forward.

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