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Rugs act as a beautification factor to the home. Area Rugs also add a great level of comfort to the daily life as they are soft and warm. But the biggest problem that comes along with the rugs is that when it witnesses a lot of traffic it tends to get dirty very fast. If there are children at home then it is advisable to keep the rug clean as the accumulated dirt on the area rug becomes breeding grounds for bacteria and virus causing illness.

Cleaning of rugs should be done on a regular basis. However, cleaning of rugs can be a difficult job for those who are unaware of the fact that rugs of different materials need different cleaning methods and techniques. Here is a list of rugs of different materials and their respective cleaning methods:

Rugs made of SILK are generally handmade. Silk made rugs are highly delicate and sensitive which calls for high care and proper attention. If there is any spill, it should be immediately cleaned by paper towel. Sprinkling baking soda over the rug is also an effective way but it should be allowed to at least sit for an hour. After which it should allow sweeping away using brush attachment of vacuum cleaner. If there is any odor, it should be taken care of as well.

Rugs made of WOOL are quite expensive in comparison to rugs made of other material. Woolen Rugs get a little messy and absorbs dirt at a higher rate. The woolen rugs must be cleaned on a weekly basis by vacuuming the wool thoroughly eliminating the loose dust particles. One good thing about woolen rug is that the dirt and dust particles do not penetrate in the rug.

If the rug is made of some other material then the regular cleaning method can be adopted which is preparing a solution of water and vinegar. There is a ratio that should be maintained while mixing the two liquids which is 1:1. Using a spray bottle this solution can be sprinkled very lightly on the rug and then can be wiped off using a dry cloth. This process is highly effective in getting rid of the germs as well as bad odor.

Rugs of different material require different cleaning technique. For rug cleaning Chicago based firms have a lot of well skilled specialists who expertise in removing the stubborn strains and can make your rug look like a brand new one. However, one of the most common rugs cleaning method is vacuuming it. This method has gained a lot of popularity and is accepted world-wide.

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Different Techniques for Different Rug Material  

Rug is made up of different material which requires a unique cleaning method. have well skilled spec...