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Saving and improving more lives Our 2019–2023 Strategic Plan

Life without prostate cancer through research,

Together, we can save and improve more lives The toll today

Continuing the journey

Every day, an average of 63 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s the most common cancer among Canadian men.

We need to work together to • ensure no man is diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer by 2029 • decrease the death rate of prostate cancer by another 50 per cent by 2029 • improve timely access to new and publicly-funded diagnosis, treatment and care • improve access to the highest quality prostate cancer information • make it easier for all Canadians to talk about prostate cancer

An average of 11 men die from the disease every day. If caught late, three of four will die.

Shared success The good news is that since Prostate Cancer Canada was created in 1994, the death rate from prostate cancer has dropped by half. If detected early, survival is now close to 100 per cent. Our efforts have saved and improved lives. In our first 25 years, we invested $120 million in research that gives hope to those affected. We enhanced the work of support groups across the country, offered easy-to-understand information to Canadians affected by the disease, and increased public awareness. But much more needs to be done. Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for our shared journey to save and improve more lives.

Creating more hope Working with partners, we will • fund more research to generate new knowledge • increase the speed at which new evidence is incorporated into government policies and health care practices • encourage more conversations by sharing the best information and include younger Canadians, women, families and those at higher risk • innovate in the way we engage staff and volunteers, manage our financial resources, and increase donations

, shared knowledge and partnership

Together, we will save and improve more lives Join us Our Strategic Plan is the roadmap for our journey to end prostate cancer by saving more lives and better supporting Canadians affected by this disease. We invite you to partner with us.

TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR about prostate cancer and the best early detection strategy for you

JOIN THE CONVERSATION to spread the message about prostate cancer— especially the importance of early detection

DONATE to save more lives

PARTICIPATE in our fundraising and awareness events

VOLUNTEER to make a difference

LEND YOUR VOICE to help improve care

Our first research grant in 1996 was essential for the development of active surveillance, an approach that monitors low risk prostate cancer and only offers treatment to patients when their disease progresses. This approach is now the international standard for early stage cancer—saving millions of men from unnecessary treatment.

Prostate Cancer Canada is the leading national charity addressing prostate cancer needs across the country

ANYONE AFFECTED BY PROSTATE CANCER to empower you and offer hope while working towards better treatments and care RESEARCHERS to support, advance and champion your work HEALTH PROFESSIONALS to support your efforts to offer the highest quality care

Our vision A life without prostate cancer.

GOVERNMENTS to provide evidence-based advice to improve the patient experience

Our mission We strive to save lives by improving prevention, detection and treatment of prostate cancer, and to enhance the quality of life for all Canadians affected by the disease through collaboration, driving world-class research and translating knowledge into better outcomes.

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Our promise to you


DONORS, SPONSORS AND CORPORATIONS to use your investment effectively, offering the opportunity to champion our cause and make a difference in your community OTHER CHARITIES AND HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONS to partner to achieve shared goals VOLUNTEERS to provide a rewarding experience, putting your passion and skills to the best possible use STAFF to offer a respectful environment where you can make a difference

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Saving and improving more lives  

Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Saving and improving more lives  

Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan