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EVERYDAY HEROES changing the face of prostate cancer


MISSION Eleven men are taken from us every single day because of prostate cancer. Our everyday heroes are working to change that. We’re aiming to eliminate the most common cancer among men in Canada through research, support, education, and influencing health practice. We can’t do it without you. Fear kicked in when Winston Klass found out he had prostate cancer at 53. Drifting into a fog, he felt numb and wondered if he would make it, but that soon changed when he confronted his condition. Twenty years have now passed since his diagnosis. He’s spending his retirement drawing on his familiarity with support group activities to develop meaningful new programs for his local chapter. “When I was diagnosed I couldn’t get over the fact that this scary ‘animal’ had come into my life. Today, as part of our local support group I provide advice and information to families at our regular support meetings and at hospital clinics. I also run a program for men with advanced prostate cancer. We call ourselves ‘Warriors.’"

There’s a saying that bad things can happen for a good reason, and you just have to find it. That’s how I interpreted my diagnosis and it helped to make me a better person.

WINSTON KLASS Community leader, prostate cancer warrior Concord, ON 1

A MESSAGE FROM OUR LEADERS Dear friends, What does a hero look like? A hero is a person who does something extraordinary, or who works to cure cancer. At Prostate Cancer Canada, we believe heroes live among us. They are people we see and talk to every day, and they are having a powerful impact. Everyday heroes take many forms. Everywhere we look – we see heroes with a mandate to change the lives of men and their families facing prostate cancer. They’re in research labs, searching for better treatments. You can find them participating and volunteering at events. They are health care professionals who treat and educate men. They run support groups across the country, helping men and their families. They also give generously, ensuring the best research and education is funded, and support is available. The journey our heroes have made over many years allows us to set a road map for the future that will drive more impact. In the last 20 years, the mortality rate for prostate cancer has decreased by 40 per cent. We need to continue that momentum, especially for those cases diagnosed at a later stage. We need to expand our efforts to engage the medical community and work with all levels of government to influence policies and practice to achieve better results. We need to keep funding world-leading Canadian prostate cancer research. Our heroes and their accomplishments fill us with pride and hope. At the same time, the reality that on average 11 Canadian men die every day from this disease shows the need for more heroes to help men and their families with prostate cancer. Thank you for being a hero. We hope to continue offering opportunities for our everyday heroes to succeed and one day, end prostate cancer. We are excited to see what comes next in our collective journey to eradicate the disease.


Peter Coleridge, MHSc President & CEO Prostate Cancer Canada

Christopher Wein Chair, Board of Directors Prostate Cancer Canada

RESEARCH Just one example of the incredible researchers you fund, Dr. Alexander Wyatt was presented with a Rising Star award in 2016, Dr. Alexander Wyatt is working on a non-invasive way to identify the 10-20 per cent of men living with advanced prostate cancer who do not respond to treatment. He believes this will lead to more personalized treatments for those who need it most. His research is especially important because there is no way now to know which men will respond to treatment. This means some men are being treated with therapies that will not work as their disease worsens. “I became interested in prostate cancer research while studying a rare type of inherited genetic disease during my PhD training. I became fascinated by how gene mutations can have large effects on cells. At that time, a close family member was dying of advanced prostate cancer, so my field of choice was rapidly narrowed to prostate cancer. One of the primary aims of this program is to identify patients who respond poorly to treatment and are essentially ‘failed’ by the standard of care.”

To date we have sequenced part of the tumour genomes of over a thousand men with prostate cancer resistant to treatment. DR. ALEXANDER WYATT Prostate cancer researcher Vancouver Prostate Centre, BC


Research Highlights Thanks to our everyday heroes who give generously, together, we’re funding the brightest minds with the biggest ideas in prostate cancer research. Researchers across the country are testing ideas that will improve diagnosis and treatment, and help families better manage life after the disease.

In 2017/2018:

86 projects funded

$13.6 million spent on new and continuing research grants


27universities and hospitals


20 active clinical trials



new grants awarded

papers published 4

SUPPORT AND EDUCATION Charlie Taylor knows how hard it is to hear the words, “You have prostate cancer.” These days, he connects with men through a local support group, encouraging them to open up about their experience. He’s made himself universally available to men and their families who wish to talk to him. And he’s more than happy to do it.

“Every opportunity I have I’ll do something to promote the support group and raise awareness. I enjoy getting out and talking one on one with guys. When I first joined it helped me to listen to all the different stories and understand that every story is different."

Men traditionally don’t talk about their health, so it’s nice to know there are other people out there going through this.

CHARLIE TAYLOR Support group champion Moncton, NB 5

Support and Education Highlights Through support services including the Prostate Cancer Information Service (PCIS), webinars, support groups, the TrueNTH program and print resources, we’re here for men and their families at every stage of their prostate cancer journey.


new webinars presented by expert researchers and health professionals


Topics included: Sexuality & quality of life impacts | Prevention | Risk factors | Treatment options & side effects

total views Expert Angle Webinars 72%

473 inquiries


Common topics: Treatment & disease management | Symptoms & diagnosis | Supportive care issues

Prostate Cancer Information Service

Support for


support groups across the country

............................................................................ and everywhere in between From Comox Valley, BC

to St. John’s, NL

Support Groups


print resources distributed

Our health information resources are free of charge and can be downloaded or ordered through our website

Print Resources 6

INFLUENCING HEALTH PRACTICE Joel Hock has been testing his PSA levels since he was 55. He knows the statistics and the risk factors. He also understands how important it is for doctors to be educated on the importance of early detection. That’s because he was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 58. Thankfully, it was caught early enough to be treated successfully. "Early detection is so important, but it’s also vital that physicians are educated on this. Prostate Cancer Canada advocates on behalf of men like me to ensure doctors across the country have the knowledge to give the best care to their patients. There’s no doubt that my doctor saved my life, because he knew detecting it can change everything.”

If I didn’t have a PSA test, quite frankly, I might have been dead in 9 months. JOEL HOCK

Survivor and advocate Toronto, ON

Research is vital. So is making sure we translate research into action. We’re doing just that by creating relationships and educating healthcare practitioners across the country. In 2017/2018:

Distributed information to

140 physicians

Presence at conferences for family physicians and urologists

After prostate cancer: recognizing and meeting the needs of survivors

1,600+ 40%


general practitioners and family physicians

21% nurses 18% specialists (i.e. oncologists) 16% other (medical students, community health representatives, dieticians)

5% 7



Plaid for Dad spokesperson Robin Speer is known for his bright blue plaid suit. He’s been showing up this way since day one. Robin does his part and then some to rally the local community around Plaid for Dad. Channeling his inner Don Cherry, Robin hit the pavement, talking to media about the importance of raising funds.

I’ve been proudly wearing plaid since Prostate Cancer Canada started this exciting fundraiser in 2015. It’s such an important movement to me. A common theme in conversations with Saskatchewan media this spring was how sobering that ‘one in seven figure’ is, which in turn shows how important the awareness and fundraising effort really is.

ROBIN SPEER Plaid for Dad champion North Battleford, SK

Events & campaigns in 2017/2018: Powerful events and campaigns from coast to coast raise awareness and funds to support the one in seven men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Participants don plaid, bike, climb, walk, run, drive and even drop their pants to fundraise so that we can continue our vital work to overcome this disease.

3.5 million raised

70+ locations

15,000+ participants & donors 9

VOLUNTEERS It’s been almost eight years since Lindsay Clarke’s dad was taken from their family due to advanced prostate cancer. Lindsay will continue to volunteer until prostate cancer is no longer an issue for men and their families. She’s helped out at the Do it For Dads Walk/Run in Calgary for the last three years, and also volunteers at the city’s Step Up Challenge each year. The amount of people who participate in Prostate Cancer Canada’s events just amazes me. My favourite part about volunteering is meeting survivors. To hear that their cancer was caught early makes my heart warm. I’ll continue to do anything to prevent anyone else from losing their dad, or uncle, or brother, or grandpa.

LINDSAY CLARKE Devoted volunteer Calgary, AB 7

Volunteer Highlights Our passionate of donated time.

fuel every aspect of the work we do. They inspire us with every hour

In 2017-2018:


active volunteers

500 shifts , 2

280 new volunteers


70+ communities

More than anything I want to know that I am making a valued at Prostate Cancer Canada and can truly see how my with prostate cancer. - Besiana Event volunteer


55 volunteer roles

hours donated

FINANCIALS We’re so grateful to the everyday heroes who support our work. Whether individual donors, corporate sponsors, foundations, partners or volunteers, you are powering important work in research for men who need it most, as well as services to support men and their families through diagnosis and beyond.* Your donation in action:**




*Click here to see a list of our heroes.


**View Prostate Cancer Canada’s audited financial statement here.



In the coming years, we are investing in research to further reduce mortality, and increase quality of life, for men living with prostate cancer. With the help of our supporters, we are offering grants to Dr. François Bénard in Vancouver to explore a promising new option for men with advanced prostate cancer. His team is developing a targeted therapy to see if it can more effectively treat men who stop responding to existing treatments. It's a promising technology and could be tested on Canadian men with prostate cancer for the first time as early as 2019.

DR. FRANÇOIS BÉNARD BC Cancer Vancouver, BC 10

Photo credit : BC Cancer

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Thank you to our dedicated 2017/2018 Board of Directors. View more information on each member here.

Christopher Wein Board Chair David Woollcombe Vice Chair George Mohacsi Vice Chair Robert Watson Past Chair Charles Pennock Secretary & Treasurer

Dan Amadori John Boynton David Bradley Randy Dalton Ed Giacomelli Kevin J. Gregor Jean Marie Heimrath Rick Koshman Mary C. Larson Kent MacIntyre Les Marton Ted Nash (until February 23, 2018) David Oldham Dee Patterson Stephen Pike Kenneth J Power Derek Sneft John Winter (until June 21, 2017)

Contact us at: info@prostatecancer.ca 1-800-255-0333 416-441-2131 prostatecancer.ca @ProstateCancerC


WESTERN REGIONAL OFFICE 1055 West Hastings Street, Suite 1900, Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9


NATIONAL OFFICE 2 Lombard Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M5C 1M1

Charitable registration number: BN 89127 0944 RR0001


ATLANTIC REGIONAL OFFICE 1809 Barrington Street, Suite 810, Halifax, NS B3J 3K8

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Prostate Cancer Canada Impact Report 2017-2018  

Prostate Cancer Canada's 2017-2018 Impact Report is now available. Read about how our Everyday Heroes are changing the face of prostate can...