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The YWCA tour guides were very kind and knowledgeable throughout the many tours given. We went around Tai, and a female tour guide named Mica knew everything about Tai O as though she was a local. They told us everything about the repair shop for the boats and took us to the waffle stand to try homemade egg waffles. We went around the stilt houses and they explained the history of these and much more. We even stayed in one overnight. The restaurant we went to for dinner served us eight different interesting and local dishes. Although the stilt houses had no heaters, our teacher brought a heater so we were nice and warm. Today, they gave us a task to do which was finding the humidity. They also sent us on a scavenger hunt all over Tai O. Personally I learned that getting lost in Tai O is the best way to get to know Tai O as I had to find my way back. While I was getting lost, I learned about a lot of things that the tour guides didn't show us, like the secondary school, the very long footbridge that leads to a temple, and many worksheds on stilts. I think that the YWCA tour guides were very aware of our limited understanding of Tai O when we first came and took the tour at our at pace. We really appreciate all of the activities and tours that they planned for us this trip.

YWCA tour guides by Angus and Sie  

About the tour guides in Tai O taking us around the see the sites of Tai O.

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