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By Cassie Howard, Personal Trainer When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, sometimes the issue isn’t where to start but rather how to stay motivated. Anyone can start a race but it takes effort and dedication to cross the finish line. The key to staying successful is to remain positive about your accomplishments and give yourself credit for the positive changes you’ve made. You can achieve this by setting attainable and measurable goals. The feeling of accomplishment you’ll get by meeting your goals might just be more rewarding than the results you achieve!

day. In addition to being happier, I’ve lost 15 lbs, become fitter and stronger, and lead an active lifestyle.

Raj Seshasankaran has been meeting and exceeding his goals. He shares his secrets of success and how exercise has improved his life.

“I’ve realized that an hour spent every day at the club more than pays for itself. Even with a busy schedule, most of the time I don’t feel stressed, even in situations I’d expect to feel stressed. I’m also a poker player and I’ve noticed that my emotions at the table (poker players would know the meaning of the word, ‘tilt’) have gone down to a minimum. These days, if I’m going to

“Exercise has become part of my morning regimen, much like breakfast. It has been immensely helpful in keeping me energized and my mood balanced throughout the

“Earlier this year, I had set a lofty goal of summiting Mount Rainier, but when I attempted some lesser treks, I realized how difficult it would be. Just two months into my training, I was able to climb Mt. Si without much effort. While it may not seem like the most challenging trail, I couldn’t have done it before I started personal training.

play poker on the weekend, I make sure to get a good workout before the game! “I’m also eating healthier. It’s easy to avoid junk food when you’re active. As a diabetic, my blood sugar levels have dropped. The results I’ve had are so encouraging that I’ve revised my goal of completely getting off all medication by the end of this year. I also share my results with my friends and family and they hold me accountable if I indulge more than I should. “You can achieve your fitness goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. It just takes the help of a personal trainer who understands your current fitness level and works with you to achieve success. Showing up is a big part of being fit. Don’t cancel or miss sessions and give it at least a month to experience notable changes.”


Slowing down the clock: Raj Seshasankaran | Pro Sports Club  

This is blog written by Cassie Howard, Personal Trainer on one of her trainees. Raj Seshasankaran has been working with her and he shares hi...