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Attention: WorkSite firms Are you ready for HIPAA?

If your firm does work for healthcare companies – doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals – the new regulations apply!

Requirements are basic to any privacy regulation Encrypt the data • •

At rest (saved) In motion (transmitted)

Limit access • •

Just the team working on the matter Not everyone who does work for client

How to meet HIPAA security requirements Limit access Milan Matter Teams | Confidentiality Management from Prosperoware

Encrypt at rest Upgrade to WorkSite 9

Encrypt in motion across the Internet Zone Secure Send from Prosperoware

Encrypt in motion in the network Implement encrypted transfer in WorkSite 9

Move to a “need-to-know” model without creating information bottlenecks

Limit access to data with Milan •

Risk teams establish confidentiality policies

Matter owners secure workspaces, folders

Self-service options for users, service desk on “need-to-know” basis

Matter teams manage who has access •

Option to secure the entire matter

Option to secure to the team, groups, or custom list

Option to secure some folders and not others Health records, correspondence

Prevented from violating an ethical wall

Risk team selects self-service policy option •

Anyone – no approval required

With approval of matter owner

With approval of risk team

No self-service permitted

How self-service works: documents & matters •

User requests access via WorkSite command or an NRL shortcut

Request and link to approve / deny sent to matter owner or Risk team

User or approver can also call the service desk

Service desk handles verbal disposition

Best practice for HIPAA that doesn’t constrain workflows •

Secure either folders or entire workspace depending on pervasiveness of data

Limit access to team working on the matter

Enable self-service policy “Anyone – no approval required” when others need access

Use audit trails to reveal misuse

Encrypt data in motion with Zone Secure Send

Zone Secure Send •

Remote access web client

Integrated with Outlook

Replaces attachment with secure link

Prompts login process

Keeps data behind firewall

Transparently convert email attachments to secure links

About Prosperoware Focused on legal and professional services • • • • •

Founded in 2009 Nearly 100 customers Deep roots in the legal industry Offices in Philadelphia and Chicago Over 30 employees

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Are you ready for HIPAA?

WorkSite Firms  

Are you ready for HIPAA?