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Rethinking Matter Centricity Co An alternative approach to workspace design and workspace security

Matter Centricity is critical to fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities.

Yet, poor adoption of the electronic file remains a challenge – and a source of frustration.

The core problem Traditional approaches to workspace design and workspace security don’t effectively enable workflows.

It’s hard to edit folder security Creating folders at root of workspace • •

Takes some knowledge to set up correctly Usually requires full access to the workspace

Any user with read/write to the parent can create a subfolder

Users don’t understand re-filing •

Documents are loosely coupled with folder

Must re-file when moving document

Must re-file when editing folder security and metadata

Re-filing can delay access to information

IT has become a bottleneck Any step that requires IT is a barrier to adoption

What’s the fix?

Workspace design is a critical component of rethinking Matter Centricity

Rethinking workspace design On-demand foldering

Allows lawyers to rapidly make adjustments as they map out their workspace structures

Make it easy to tailor the file structure to the matter • Give lawyers the ability to add root-level folders and subfolders

• Keep it simple by limiting the folder structure to three levels: – Root folder – Sub folder – Sub sub folder

Rethinking security Two important concepts 1.

Who can create folders in a workspace


Who has access to part or all of the workspace structure

Designate an owner for every matter Put ownership of the electronic file into the hands of the people who know the matter best

Responsible lawyer and staff • Paralegal • Secretary • Clerk

Build a matter team of those who work on it

Controlling the “who� stems the chaos that typical foldering creates.

Controlling the “what� Allows firms to standardize naming conventions Gives lawyers the flexibility to structure folders in a way that can be understood across offices

Rethinking re-file Governance The goal is to keep matter data with matters

Control the workflow with business rules • • • •

Personal workspace to matter Matter to personal workspace Matter to KM Matter to Matter Within a matter

Rethinking globalization With one active library per global region where do you create workspaces? •

• •

Create in home region Only add in other regions if team is large Exception: speed of light

LEARN MORE • Printable brief: Rethinking Matter Centricity • Slideshare: The Hybrid Security Model • Slideshare: Designing Workspaces to Fit their Function

Rethinking Matter Centricity  

An alternative approach to workspace design and workspace security

Rethinking Matter Centricity  

An alternative approach to workspace design and workspace security