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Milan InfoGov Beyond Walls

Milan InfoGov - Beyond Walls

Compartmentalize Your Assets, Meet Client and Regulatory Demands The new reality: Firms will be hacked and data will be breached. Threats are both external and, unfortunately, internal. To limit exposure and reduce risk, firms need to compartmentalize their data – limit access to client and matter data to only those working on the matter; this is “need to know” security and it’s been the standard in the defense industry for years. Legacy ethical wall platforms weren’t designed for today’s complex environments and cannot deliver the information governance now needed by law firms; they neither scale nor enable the compartmentalization of data demanded by clients, mandated by regulations, and highlighted by litigation.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Protects the firm without hurting productivity

Multi-System protection

Specifically designed to address the problem of confidentiality management

Supports fluid work teams via multi-group design

Multi-platform support Enables distributed access and support to reduce the burden on IT and Risk teams Sophisticated notification, acknowledgement, and auditing capabilities Automated enrollment and enforcement

Reduced risk of potential exposure from data breach Not hindered by the fundamental limitations of native content systems Assures rapid access without impacting performance or violating firm policies Drives system adoption and policy adherence

Milan IG – Confidentiality Management Milan InfoGov (IG) provides a unique and flexible approach to data security, encompassing a comprehensive set of confidentiality management capabilities that includes ethical walls – and goes far beyond. Milan IG first introduced the concept of owners for each matter and, without sacrificing firm governance, gives owners responsibility for identifying team members, managing folder structures, and keeping sensitive information confidential. Its tailored interface protects multiple firm systems to securely support the processes of each user group, without the need for constant IT intervention. Milan IG prevents professionals - and the IT service desk itself - from violating the firm’s risk management policies. The software provides a common user experience, whether a wall has a partial information barrier or is fully confidential, resulting in lower service desk costs, higher user adoption rates, fewer frustrated professionals, and improved adherence to firm policy.

Compartmentalize Data at Any Level Milan IG is flexible yet robust enough to support building compartments at any level: (1) Department; (2) Sub-practice group; (3) Client Team; (4) Industry Team; or, (5) Matter Team.

It’s no longer “if” but “when”  Since 2011, 80 of the top 100 law firms have been hacked 1  48% of the AmLaw 100 hacked in 2016 alone 2  11.5 million documents leaked in Panama Papers 3  FTC actively pursuing firms for data breaches 4,5  SRA and ICO have explicitly warned UK law firms about breaches of the Data Protection Act 6

Flexible Policies for Fluid Teams Milan IG is designed to enable the General Counsel or Head of Risk Management to create policies and define which systems are controlled by them. Specific users can be designated as “immune” from policies to enable finance analysts or other key personnel to maintain access across all matters for specific purposes.  Supports all traditional wall types: exclusionary, inclusionary, competitive, and contractor  Supports standard and custom policy types for lateral hires, ITAR, data privacy, price sensitivity, trade secrets, and conflicts of interest  Provides a two-stage review feature that adds another layer of protection to prevent incorrect policy application

Embrace privacy by design “Implementing privacy by design can both demonstrate compliance and create competitive advantage.”

 Makes it easy to generate reports on policies by user/group, client/engagement, or type of policy

Self-Service: Distribute Access Control Without Breaching Ethical Walls Milan IG enables distributed group management, giving matter owners or teams the ability to grant access to matters or individual documents without giving access to entire engagements. Individuals can specifically request access to matters and documents through the intuitive interface. Risk managers can control self-service capabilities according to policy.

“Ensure that privacy is embedded into any new processing or product that is deployed.” Allen & Overy advisory: The EU General Data Protection Regulation is finally agreed, 2016 7

Streamlined Matter File Transfer for Seamless Onboarding / Offboarding Milan IG includes a robust and flexible matter transfer capability. It quickly and efficiently performs bulk import and export of documents and email and features an automated email parsing function to separate privileged and sensitive internal email threads to prevent them from being exported with the matter file; it includes an approval workflow to enable Risk Manager or General Counsel review prior to transfer.

Automated Legal Hold Milan IG Legal Hold satisfies the three primary requirements of the legal hold process: notification, prevention of spoliation (deletion or alteration), and ongoing preservation. Its automated processes include notifications and acknowledgements. Legal holds can be created using specific metadata or full text searches and can be set to auto-expire.

Automated Re-filing Milan IG automatically updates security and metadata whenever documents are touched, allowing firms to disable confusing, native refile dialogs. This capability helps avoid device lock-ups and filing mistakes. Secure background filing enables automated protection, preventing sensitive documents from inadvertently becoming potential liabilities.

Supported Systems Milan InfoGov is platform-independent and is designed to secure and protect:

iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, and SharePoint Elite 3E, Elite Enterprise, Aderant, and Umbria Intapp Time, Carpe Diem Windows File Shares

Advanced Analytics & Investigations


Milan Advanced Analytics enables firms to track activity in the DMS, including history and audit tables. Access to reporting can be secured and is designed to enable Risk Managers or General Counsel to ensure policy compliance – without alerting the individual involved. Reports can be automated and emailed to specified individuals or run on an ad hoc basis, and document contents can be viewed without altering native DMS history tables. All access is securely logged within the Milan IG database.

Any SQL-based platform

Privacy and confidentiality are bedrock qualities for law firms. The theft of client information could be devastating to a firm’s reputation, which is their most important asset. PWC Law Firm Services, Safeguarding your firm from cyber attacks 8

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Milan InfoGov  

Compartmentalize Your Assets, Meet Client and Regulatory Demands

Milan InfoGov  

Compartmentalize Your Assets, Meet Client and Regulatory Demands