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Designing Workspaces to Fit their Function Best Practices

Project work or sustaining work? To make sure content is filed appropriately in workspaces, it is helpful to initially identify the fundamental type of work involved.

Projects are units of work that have a beginning and end.

Sustaining work is the umbrella we use for small units of work that do not justify being broken out as a project.

Published information resembles sustaining work: •

Employee handbooks • Best practices • Precedents

Most matters in law firms – litigation, mergers, acquisitions – are project based because they have a logical beginning and end.

General matters, such as contract reviews, are more often sustaining work because they typically consist of giving advice on an ongoing basis.

Best practice for generating project workspaces: Create one workspace per project, matter, or engagement EXCEPTION Large teams working in multiple global regions

Best practice for creating project workspaces when the initiating process is unstructured – such as IT projects: Allow a limited number of users to create workspaces

Best practice for generating sustaining workspaces Archive at specified intervals – 1 year, 2 years – and create new ones •

• •

• •

Halt unmangeable growth Improve performance Make searching easier Lower storage cost Back up or restore system faster

Best practice for generating publication workspaces Because they are limited in number, set them all up at once.


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Designing Workspaces to Fit their Function  

Best Practices

Designing Workspaces to Fit their Function  

Best Practices