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CAM Managing Content Systems in the Cloud

CAM Provisioning Cloud Systems Bring New Challenges Using iManage Cloud or NetDocuments? Office365, Kira, HighQ, Workshare Protect, or other hosted clouds? How do you track, manage, and secure them? You moved content to the cloud and eliminated CapEx, but are you aware of the hidden costs of managing it? How about the risk from not properly securing or destroying all that sensitive client data? You could either increase headcount or find a smarter way to manage content. You need a full inventory across all systems, and a simple way to secure and manage it all consistently; a missed system or mismatched security could mean significant liability. Cloud brings flexibility but introduces new complexity. For many cloud services, client-matter metadata is limited. Matters created and housed in multiple systems without trackable metadata are a challenge to manage and govern. IT teams that relied on SQL for on-premises systems lose that in the cloud, making data management a challenge.

A Unified Directory and Control Across All Systems CAM displays a unified directory or file plan of all matters and engagements across a firm, including which cloud providers hold documents and client data. Firms can define profile metadata to track, and matters can be located via intuitive, full-text search.

New Systems, New Complexity „„ Provisioning

„„ Cost allocation

„„ Integration

„„ Metadata Consistency

„„ InfoGov

„„ Data Management

„„ Security Management

Automated and On Demand Matter and Engagement Provisioning „„ Automated provisioning from time & billing, matter or practice management, HRIS, or any system of record „„ Ad hoc matter creation via configurable forms with integrated workflow and metadata „„ Optional automated workspace creation in each supported system as part of matter provisioning „„ Delegated deal room, due diligence, and eDiscovery workspace creation via intuitive templates CAM uses rules-based, practice area-driven workspace naming conventions and creates multi-level folder structures in systems that support it. Metadata and security can be pre-defined in templates to limit access to subsets or supersets of users on a matter.

Consistent Security Management Across All Repositories „„ Control security at both the matter and workspace levels „„ Granular support across multiple systems „„ Grant access where appropriate „„ Add users to existing matters

Automatic Workspace Updates as Matters Change Matter or client names may change, as may folder structures and security. CAM provides unified, automated management of all changes.

CAM ContentMirror A Live Cloud Copy of Your Cloud Content for DR/BCP Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity still matter. Vendor outages occur; risks remain: incidents and cyber threats, communication link failures, data corruption, destruction, or unavailability. Firms need to mitigate that risk appropriately. Client content should be protected via a second, synchronized copy – with metadata.

Second Cloud Copy „„ Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity „„ Rich Reporting & Analytics „„ Preserves Metadata „„ Fully Searchable „„ End-User Accessible „„ No server needed

On-Site Backup Is Inferior Cloud may simplify infrastructure and storage management, but it comes at a price. Reporting, advanced analytics, and complex queries are limited to each provider’s specific offering or capability. Firms still need rich reporting and analytics to support information governance, cybersecurity, and total quality management programs. Enterprise class storage comes with an enterprise class price tag. Bringing a second copy of data in-house would require capital investment in hardware; storing it in another cloud service avoids that. Backup copies offer just a mere collection of files – no metadata, no end-user access.

Reduce Risk, Gain Usability ContentMirror, built on Amazon’s world-class AWS S3 and Glacier platforms, offers a full, mirrored, cloudbased copy of your content – and its metadata – and helps you make better use of it. It’s securely accessible and downloadable by end-users via intuitive search. Individuals can be authorized to run complex queries and advanced analytics and export rich reports. CAM lets you leverage the full value of your data for actionable business intelligence.

ContentMover Migrating Content Can Be Challenging

Export, Transfer, and Capture Everything

Moving content back and forth from on premises to the cloud, or between cloud providers, requires an efficient and secure mechanism. Each provider offers its own proprietary tool for importing and exporting. DMS projects are complex, even if only moving from a provider’s on-premises platform to their own hosted environment: initial exports are performed locally then shipped to the provider’s team for import to their cloud. Meanwhile, changes in the existing, live environment must be tracked, recorded, and applied to the new environment to ensure a smooth transition without data loss.

ContentMover simplifies moving among disparate systems. Migrate from on-premises to the cloud – and back. Designed for iManage, NetDocuments, Windows File Shares, and other industry platforms, ContentMover captures and transfers all key metadata (client / matter names, doc IDs, author, Simplify Moves operator, etc) and preserves security. „„ Export „„ Capture Changes „„ Include Metadata „„ For NetDocuments, iManage, & Office365

Mitigate the risk associated with cloud adoption. Differential synchronization ensures that all changes (“deltas”) to the existing system are tracked during a migration project so that they can later be applied to the new, hosted platform, ensuring a seamless transition.

“CAM  fixes our challenge of using multiple cloud

services, enabling consistent information governance and full matter lifecycle management, from provisioning through disposition, across all of them.”

“An  inability to access our critical

content for even just one hour could cost us thousands, or even millions, of dollars.”

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Manage Content Systems in the Cloud Info

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Manage Content Systems in the Cloud Info