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If you're having some trouble understanding men, that's OK. You're not alone. There are thousands of other women around the world, some in stable relationships, some still looking for men and some who are dating men who struggle with trying to understand us. If you want to deepen your relationship with your current man, this article is going to help you out by explaining one of the key principles of who we men ultimately choose to be with in the long term. It may surprise you, but we ultimately choose to be with women who are like our mothers. 1. Ewww! Yes, it might seem a little bit hard to stomach, but yes Freud was right all along. We have always had something for our mother since birth. She is the one woman who is the constant in our relationship, the one who looks after us and provides us with emotional support... everything a wife should do. Knowing all those things, does it really seem so weird that we men would unconsciously use our mothers as a benchmark to find women that we want to be together with in the long-term? If it makes it any better, you would do the same too, i.e. a lot of women would find a man similar to your father. 2. How To Be Like His Mom It's all about turning up the motherly features in this article. No one likes to be mothered, especially when they're all grown up and independent, so none of that pulling out the handkerchief and rubbing a speck of dirt on your man's face. What you have to do instead is get better at providing emotional support, being more stable in the relationship and in general, looking after your man better. 3. The Most Important Aspect... ...I would have to say is probably being the constant in the relationship. When a man transitions from the mother to the wife, he will want as smooth a transition as possible. What you have to do is make sure that you really are always there for him, whenever he may need it. There may be days when you don't feel as stable, e.g. when you have PMS, but it's important to at least bear in mind your role as the wife. This is quite a weird aspect of understanding men, I know. Hopefully it makes a little bit of sense to you. If you be like his mom, he will unconsciously love you more and have more respect for you


About this Author Jack Keys is married to a beautiful woman with whom he has a gorgeous daughter. Within 6 months of being married, they were already on the rocks. Using his degree in psychology, Jack analyzed what was wrong with their marriage and brought back their marriage into safe territory. If understanding men is an issue for you, download Jack's free report that he wrote to try and help women learn about and solve men issues that put stress on marriage, such as what men really want out of a marriage (it's not sex, love or children), why your man is falling out of love with you and why he's ignoring what you're asking him to do.

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==== ==== What Men Want in a Woman.... Visit: ==== ====

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