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"I went to see Dr. Burke at Maine Laser Skin Care when I wanted to look my best." ASHLEY UNDERWOOD, FORMER MISS MAINE/USA CAST MEMBER, 2011 SURVIVOR-REDEMPTION ISLAND

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apart and then follow-up treatments one to one-and-a-half years later. “It’s not like they wake up one-anda-half years later and they’re back where they were. It’s more of a gradual return, like the scars might show up in the light. If they let it go completely, they might end up back where they were before,” Burke said. Burke said the same type of laser therapy is used to treat scars in younger people, who he said actually respond better because they heal faster. Burke said patients can expect some side effects. He said patients who have laser therapy for acute acne can expect


uring the past few months we encountered many requests that we provide primary care. We spoke with many women who were behind on their screening mammograms and colonoscopies and pap smears and had not seen a physician for two or more years. Many felt that they never saw the same provider twice when they did try to form an ongoing relationship to their regional provider, and were frustrated by the lack of continuity. This took us by surprise. We had not realized that there was such a shortage of primary care providers in Kennebec and Somerset counties. Therefore, we have expanded our practice to include primary care for women over 45 years of age, and primary care for women referred by the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program, in order to prevent advanced or incurable cancers in our community. We also will continue to serve women with breast cancer, with supportive counseling for adjuvant therapy and with access to international trials. We continue to serve in consultation and management for men, women and adolescents with all blood disorders, lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma.

Hematology, Oncology, and Internal Medicine

325 D Kennedy Memorial Drive, Waterville


Ann E. Traynor, MD, PA

Dr. Traynor and Nurse Kahler are experienced, competent, and care about me as a person, not just a disease. The office is convenient and comfortable; the staff are welcoming and responsive. All my needs - PCP, Oncologist, lab work, and infusion - are met in one office right here in Waterville. I am in very good hands and am so happy to have found them! Mary R. - Waterville, ME

• Primary care / internal medicine for women over the age of 45 • Diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders for men, women and adolescents • Personal care devoted to the treatment of breast cancer • Modern, pristine, and private chemotherapy infusion and blood transfusion suite. • A modern CLIA authorized laboratory with immediate results • Offering national and international clinical trials

Dr. Traynor and her nurse Kahler are real people. I feel very comfortable with them. There should be more practices where the doctor and the nurse do truly have time to show their compassion. You have to have compassion to be a great health care provider. They show this all the way. Carol - Starks, ME

Accepting new primary care patients and all insurances.


some redness and swelling in the area of the treatment for a couple of hours —similar to what might be caused by a sunburn. However, the redness from Fraxel may persist for several days, he said. “Their faces may be puffy and they experience a fair amount of peeling…It looks like a windburn.” Burke said that laser therapy has been used to treat other medical conditions since the 1970s. He said physicians began using lasers to perform eye surgery about 15-20 years ago. Burke said he uses laser therapy not only to treat acne, but also other skin conditions such as rosacea, precancerous skin lesions, age spots on the face and hands from sun damage, and some wrinkles from loss of collagen. “About one-third of my time is used for laser activities,” said Burke, a native of Boston.