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undergone surgery four times to have tubes put in his ears before he was seen by the chiropractor. “I started adjusting him, and they stopped,” Hoyt said of the ear problems. “He had two more ear infections in the next year and has had none since.” The eustachian tubes open briefly when a person yawns or swallows, and Hoyt said he works with parents to help the child open the tubes on their own so the fluid drains. One of these moves is similar to the reflex people have to yawn when their ears feel muffled, such as when they are in an airplane, driving up a mountain or have a cold with pressure in the ears. Chiropractors also can do light adjustments on the neck or treat a spinal problem such as misalignment, which irritates the nerve and also can lead to a lack of proper ear

drainage, he said. “It indicates some sort of malfunction,” Hoyt said, explaining there are reflex points that can be used to release pressure. “It’s all connected.” Children suffering from so-called “growing pains,” sometimes have leg pain, and also can benefit from chiropractic care, Hoyt said. While it often is believed the child simply is growing faster than that body can keep up, leading to pain, he said often there is a back problem, such as a pinched nerve in the lower back. By treating that problem, the leg pain will disappear. Among children who suffer growing pains, 60 to 70 percent also experienced colic as infants, a correlation Hoyt said is significant and not a coincidence. With both colic and growing pains, parents often believe there is nothing to be done for the child, he said. “The old mantra is ‘They’ll outgrow it,’ ” Hoyt said. But infants and More on CHIROPRACTIC, Page 31

We specialize in caring for patients with macular and retinal diseases, such as diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, retinal detachment and other macular diseases.

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