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Thursday, March 24, 2011



Seniors Continued from Page 22

Carolina. So he worked on his diet and went back to the gym. “Paul decided to join and I sort of came along with him. I’m glad I did. It’s something for both of us to focus on and lets us spend more time together,” Chris says. Along with proportional eating and exercise, seniors are tuning into the mantra of “defensive living” with yearly checkups. Media health reports are spreading the big news now that as of this January 1, all 46.6 million Medicare beneficiaries became eligible for annual “wellness visits,” during which a doctor can give advice on how to reduce tension and reduce hypertension and diseases such as diabetes. “Gee, you look wonderful,” is the kind of music seniors want to hear from their peers and children. It’s not your greatgrandparents’ world anymore. The front porch rocker is up for sale.