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PC hosts second annual Kick for the Cure tournament


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Debate team looks to continue success

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Cobras freshman Daniel Vargas (18) brings the ball up during the annual Kick For the Cure tournament at Urbana High School on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012. Spencer Brown Sports Writer

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American Cancer Society is to increase cancer awareness as well as continue to raise money for cancer research through creative, unifying events such as the Kick for the Cure Invitational. Parkland men’s soccer head coach, Mark Sikora, expressed the gratitude felt given the opportunity to host an event with such a positive message. “We’re really excited about being a part of the American Cancer Society Coaches vs.

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Javier Murillo Staff Writer Bicyclists are everywhere. They are found on sidewalks, streets, college campuses and anywhere in between. With increases in gas prices and a new emphasis on green living, more and more people are turning to bicycles as a form of transportation and a great form of exercise. However, there are great risks in riding your bicycle in crowded places such as a city’s downtown or a busy college campus like Parkland. “Automobiles don’t respect bicyclists,” Sam Packard, Parkland student and cyclist explained. “My familiarity with my hometown is a big part of me being safe. I know this town really well and I know where the safe streets are.” Packard has been using his bicycle as his main form of transportation for 10 years. “There are streets that have bike paths, streets that don’t. There are one way streets, streets that are not well lit and streets where people don’t pay attention,” he said. “I try to avoid busy streets that don’t have bicycle lanes and one way streets because

people tend to drive really fast down those streets,” Packard continued. “Remember to be cautious at all times and use your eyes and your ears.” Some drivers, however, are aware of bicyclists’ rights. First year student Robert Thomas, who drives to school, had this to say, “When approaching a bicyclist, I check my blind spot to try to get into the other lane. If I can’t change lanes, I try to slow down and give them as much room as possible.” According to Cyber Drive Illinois’ website, in 2009 the United States had 600 deaths and approximately 51,000 injuries. Of those deaths, 20 occurred in Illinois and 70 percent of all accidents occurred in urban areas. “You have to be careful when sharing the road with cars,” Edouard Lubaga, first year student and cyclist, remarked. “If you’re on busy streets don’t panic. I make sure not to listen to music while on my bicycle.” There are laws that protect bicyclists, but in order for that to take effect, bicyclists need to follow them to keep accidents from happening. “They need to have a light on if it is dark,” College Relations Officer Matt Kopmann

explained. “As far as on campus, the bikes need to go on bike racks. You can’t lock it up to a fence or a pole,” he continued. “Cars need to be aware of bicyclists because they are also considered a motorist,” Kopmann said. “(Bicyclists) need to follow the rules as well. They need to stop at stop signs, yield when they are supposed to. They need to ride on the right lane, and use hand signals.” Cyber Drive Illinois also states that motorists are required by law to allow three feet of space between them and bicyclists when passing them. Bicyclists are required to ride single file and have both hands on the handle bars they are also required to ride in the same direction as traffic. Tim Chao, mechanic at Neutral Cycle Workshop, wants to spread the word on bicycle awareness. “The basic bicyclist should have reflectors and lights. For safety, they definitely need brakes,” he explained. “It would be good to wear a helmet, especially on busy streets.” See BIKES on P. 5

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Cancer and hosting the second annual Kick for a Cure,” Sikora said. “Cancer has touched many of us,” he continued. “This invitational helps support cancer research and families touched by cancer, and brings top level college soccer to our community. This is going to be a great time and nearly 1,000 minutes of top notch soccer playing.” Those 1,000 minutes were split among nine schools.

Accompanying host Parkland College were in-state institutions Kankakee College, Illinois Wesleyan University Reserves, Heartland College, Illinois Central College and rival Lincoln College. Making the travel across Illinois state lines were Cincinnati State College, Iowa Western College, and the Valparaiso University Reserves. See KICK on P. 5

What you need to know about bicycling New fitness center exceeds expectations


Heavy rains swept throughout Champaign County this past weekend as a result of Hurricane Isaac. The shift in weather, however, was not enough to diminish the shine of one of the bigger sporting events of the fall. Over the weekend, Parkland College men’s soccer team, in conjunction with the American Cancer Society, hosted the

second annual Labor Day Kick for the Cure Invitational Soccer tournament. Held at local Urbana High school, the tournament is used to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Coaches vs. Cancer initiative. Through athletic competition, this organization wants to draw on personal experiences from not only those directly tied to the benefit but the local community as well. The long standing goal of the

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The world’s first skyscraper was built in Chicago. (Find the answer on page 5)

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A cyclist demonstrates the correct way to signal for a stop before turning onto Clayton Blvd., Monday Sept. 3, 2012.


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Debate team looks to continue success Casey Digan Staff Writer After winning its second state championship in three years, the Parkland speech team hopes to continue their winning ways into the fall semester. “Our team thrives on desire; speech and debate is all about individual effort,” said Head Coach Brian Cafarelli. “That’s exactly what our students have, I’m proud of them.” Sophomores Jason Gordon and Muhammad Manasara come into the new semester looking to defend their title. The two students won the state title for Parliamentary Debate in the two year college division as freshmen during the spring semester this year. This was the second time in three years Parkland’s Speech team won in that category. “The whole experience was awesome,” Gordon said. “It was very exciting in the last match to know we were either going to be second or first in state.” Parliamentary debate, Gordon and Manasara’s category, consists of two teams debating over socially relevant issues, hypothetical policy, or value. Three topics are given during one preliminary round and one elimination round. Each team is given 15 minutes to prepare, and eight minutes to argue back and forth. Regarding parliamentary debate, Cafarelli had this to say, “I call it common knowledge debate. It’s like a game of tag.” State wasn’t the only tournament in which Parkland showed dominance in debate last semester. Prior to the state championship, Parkland’s speech team competed in the Tournament of the Walking Dead, a competition in Ohio for four-year universities. There, Gordon and Manasara took first place in every match they had. “It was funny because when the

Illustration by Ghada Yousef/Prospectus News announcers stated Parkland won, these big colleges were like ‘Huh? Who’s that?’” Gordon commented. “It felt great to represent Parkland like that.” Gordon is no rookie when it comes to competing in speech events. At Heyworth High School, an Illinois school famous for their dominant

speech team, Gordon took the stage and competed on the team for four years, making it to state in his senior year. “I like to speak in front of people, and I love to be right,” Gordon said with a chuckle. “It’s great experience and its fun to travel around to tournaments, as well.”

In addition to parliamentary debate, Parkland’s speech team competes in events such as: impromptu speaking, informative speaking, prose interpretation, dramatic duo, extemporaneous speaking, persuasive speaking, oral interpretation, after dinner speaking, communication analysis,

drama interpretation and poetry interpretation. “We call our sport competition of the mind,” Cafarelli said. “Speech offers a unique equal playing field. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl, black or white. There is no discrimination for the players.” Cafarelli has been involved with speech most of his life. At Eastern New Mexico University, while in grad school, he coached his college team to a national title. “I love to compete in debate and speech, coaching is my favorite though,” Cafarelli said. “I think Parkland will get a big one in the near future.” Upcoming tournaments for the team include a tournament on September 7-8 at Butler University, with four more scheduled during the fall semester. Since the season still hasn’t started, Cafarelli explained that the team is still in recruiting stage, seeking out new students to further strengthen their team’s ability. “The benefits are tremendous,” Gordon commented. “It is great on resumes to show that you have experience in public speaking.” After hearing about the recent success of the team, freshman Ryan Wright is considering the benefits of this competition of the mind, and of enhancing his ability to speak publicly. “I’m terrified of public speaking, but I would love to be able to have an edge on people when competing for jobs,” Wright said. In addition to resume building, benefits of being on the speech team include college credit, travel opportunities, scholarship opportunities and cultural and social activism.

Parkland Honors Program provides Parkland hosts High Noon outlet for academic excellence Lecture with Derek Dallas Nick Laptew Staff Writer For students wishing to go above and beyond in their academic pursuits, the Parkland Honors Program offers an outlet for outstanding scholastic achievements. Headed by Dr. Marsh Jones, the program currently consists of over 100 students striving for academic excellence. In order to become a participant in the Honors Program, students must have a GPA of at least 3.0. However, according to Jones, “Students should not hesitate to apply, even if your GPA is not super high because we like to give students the opportunity to participate in the program as it is a great way to express yourself and expand your academic knowledge.” Once enrolled, students are expected to complete at least one “A with Honors” project per semester. Most projects are extended research papers on a topic selected by the student and the professor in charge of the class. The entire semester is allotted to complete the project. Students are expected to spend at least 15 extra hours working on their project. Upon completion of the project, students are awarded a $100 scholarship. Not every “A with Honors” project has to be a research paper, as some students have completed projects such as the creation of a wind tunnel, the singing of a concert song or the building of a set for a play. “One student wrote a short story that was so well done it was published in a scholastic honors journal,” Jones explained. There are many benefits that come from participation in the program. First, there is the aforementioned $100 scholarship. Second, upon graduation from the program, participants are eligible for up to $1,000 in additional

Photo by Matt Crosby/Prospectus news

High Noon lecturer Derek Dallas displays his artwork during the Parkland Art and Design Faculty Exhibition. Kelsey Hosea Staff Writer

Photo by Jodi Reis/Prospectus News

During an interview on Aug. 31, 2012, Parkland Honors Program Director Marsh Jones listed some of the group’s projects and explained some of the benefits of membership. scholarship money. As Jordan Gebil, President of the Honors Program explained, “Monetary gain is always a benefit.” Aside from direct rewards such as scholarship money, students who participate in the Honors Program have the opportunity to become members of Phi Theta Kappa, an Honors organization for two-year colleges. Students also have the ability to transfer directly into the Honors programs of four-year universities, which allows them to take advantage of the many scholarships and opportunities provided by those organizations. Parkland currently has a

transfer program with the University of Illinois and is working on an articulation agreement with Eastern Illinois University. Participation in the program does not necessarily mean graduation from the program. In order to graduate, students must have completed at least three portfolio projects. Two of those projects are the “A with Honors” projects mentioned previously, and the third is a service project in which students are required to assist in some sort of community building activity such as working at the Time Center or with the Homework See HONORS on P. 5

At Parkland College, students have been granted the opportunity to have their own Art and Design Faculty Art Exhibition. Here, lectures are given which offer an in-depth point of view about art-related topics from the artists themselves. On Tuesday, August 28, Derek Dallas made an appearance for the High Noon Lecture, which was held in the Parkland Art Gallery. Dallas spent the hour discussing with his small audience about the process, resources and tools he used in developing his children’s book. Dallas has dedicated a great deal of hard work and an open imagination to his children’s book, “A Melvin Story: Melvin and the Garden Pot.” According to the author, “Melvin looks like a creature that has Scooby Doo mixed with Smurf-like characteristics.” Dallas explained to the audience that the character

was not created overnight, but over a lifetime. He got the idea for Melvin in the first or second grade. It started off as just a little guy he doodled from time to time and eventually developed into Melvin. By Dallas’ sophomore year in high school, he knew Melvin was sure to be sticking around. And with high school years being a fertile time for ideas, the idea of Melvin grew tremendously. Dallas is a strong believer in hard work beating procrastination. He explained, “There’s always a reason to not complete something. You have to tell yourself, I have to do it. Make it uncomfortable for yourself to not succeed at getting the job done.” For example, after the creation of the character Melvin, Dallas used Melvin as a character he featured in his bedtime stories. Dallas’ children, looking forward to these bedtime stories acted as motivation and growth for Melvin’s character. Dallas is also a Computer

Science and Information Technology Instructor, who teaches Digital Media and occasional graphic-design courses at Parkland College. Dallas says his student’s work from the Digital Media Program has challenged him to keep going. “They’re always on my heels.” Dallas stated. Later on in the lecture, he was asked, “How do you utilize blogging as a means to journal your process in creating your short story?” In response, he explained that in February of this year he began posting things to his blog site for feedback and an example of his progress for viewers as well as his own knowledge. With more of a focus on the progress than the final result, there are many ideas, pictures and step by step insights featured on the My Melvin Book blog site. Furthermore, Dallas also informs his readers on the blog site of popular artists that have inspired some of his work. See NOON on P. 5


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - Page 3

Buster Bytes’ guide to crowd funding Buster Bytes Tech Columnist

Matthew Inman, creator of the humorous website The Oatmeal has currently raised almost 1.2 million dollars toward purchasing Wardenclyffe, Nicola Tesla’s final laboratory. Inman intends to turn the laboratory into a Nicola Tesla museum and is using Indiegogo, a popular crowd funding site to raise these funds. Indiegogo was the first and is still the largest crowd funding site, but now there are dozens. Today, it is joined by others such as Kickstarter, New Jelly, Quirky and WeFunder. These sites are designed to help small businesses, inventers and artists complete innovative projects. Bands such as Murder By Death, from nearby Bloomington, Indiana, are able to produce records by effectively selling them before they are made. This method of financing production not only increases the money that actually makes it to the band, but reduces the cost to the fans as well. And as the downloading of music and piracy are changing the way people think about purchasing music, this may be just what the artists need. One good thing about these sites is that they aren’t necessarily competing against one another. Each site appeals to a different set of people. This allows like-minded individuals to come together to support ideas and projects about which they care, without being bombarded by requests for funding from things they don’t. Another great aspect of this type of fundraising is the fact that these projects offer value for your money. Funding an album will get you a song download, a copy of the album, a night out with the band or some other combinations of goods and services, depending on your level of support. The site Murder By Death used to produce their album Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon was Kickstarter. This site is the most popular location for projects of a more creative nature. Musicians seek funding on the site, as do artists, film makers and journalists. Some local projects seeking funding on Kickstarter include a project called “Bringing The Bayou To CU: Louie’s BBQ Finds A Home!” In this project, Leah Pettit of Urbana is attempting to raise the funding she needs to open a southern barbeque restaurant. Pettit offers different packages including sauces, seasonings and free meals to donors. Leo Edwardsson of Peoria is attempting to raise enough funding to produce children’s training balancebikes built out of bamboo. He offers a variety of handmade goods made from bamboo based on supporters’ level of donation. More information about these and other projects can be found at www.

New Jelly’s site, on the other hand, focuses more on artists and filmmakers. On their site, they encourage projects that help people work on their dreams, share their creativity and develop a relationship with fans. New Jelly is a multinational site where people from all over the world get together to produce projects such as Colleen’s Sweet Treats. This project is dedicated to baking cookies, cakes, brownies and other treats for people with diet restrictions. Funders of this project can receive t-shirts, cookies and other goodies. More information about Colleen’s Sweet Treats and other projects can be found at www. Quirky is geared towards engineering and inventors. This site is set up a little differently, though. Here, you can actually purchase items that have already been created or vote for projects you believe deserve more funding. This site offers all kinds of interesting gadgets for sale. Spray nozzles that plug into citrus fruits, flexible power strips and a dustpan that cleans your broom’s bristles are just a few of the innovative concepts to be found at Quirky. These products and more can be found at, where you can also vote for new inventions. WeFunder is a site focused on helping startup businesses get on their feet. Taking its impetus from a recent law passed by Congress, this site seeks to put investment in startup companies within the reach of everyone. Current plans anticipate investors being able to get in on the ground floor of new companies for as little as $100. Investors at WeFunder are not offered goods and services like some of the other crowd funding sites. Here, funders are making a proper investment in a company. They stand to make actual profit in the event of success. Visitors to WeFunder at are encouraged to sign up now for early access to these opportunities. President Barack Obama himself encourages investment in startup companies. In his State of the Union Address in January of this year, he said “After all, innovation is what America has always been about. Most new jobs are created in start-ups and small businesses.” Shortly after this statement, the president unveiled his Startup America Initiative, which allows entrepreneurs to raise early financing through crowd funding. The initiative initially partnered with Indiegogo and paved the way for companies like WeFunder. On the whole, crowd funding appears to be here to stay. Whether you’re a startup company yourself, or just like buying vinyl records directly from your favorite band, this source of investment will be creating opportunities for creative individuals in years to come.

Illustration by Tracy Cox/MCT

Community Workshop: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals La acción deferida para la llegada de jóvenes Parkland College Saturday, September 8, 2012 Sabado, 8 Septiembre, 2012 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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Stu. Government

Page 4 - Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Candidate statements for fall election

Editor’s note: The following statements are presented as submitted by the candidate. No changes have been made.

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Chao Huang Running for Senator In order for a country to be democratic and constitutional there must be a separation of power to safeguard the interests of all people. Different branches of the government have different roles to take on and duties to carry out. Just like the US senators’ role is the representative of the people, and their duty is to protect the rights of the people whom

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Jill Patterson Running for Senator Last fall I attended Centennial High School and Parkland was the only college I applied to. The reason for my decision was that, unlike most colleges, Parkland was affordable for me. I had also heard many things about Parkland that made it seem appealing to me such as the professors, the student-toteacher ratio in classes, and many other helpful resources. Parkland seemed like a very

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Krystal Torres Running for Student Trustee If I were to be the student trustee of Parkland College it would be such an honorable experience for me, not only today, but in the future as well. However, being a full-time student/athlete and working part-time at Parkland is quite a lot to handle, so hitting the books then soccer were my main priorities. But having been successful this far, I feel Student Government will be my next challenge. Studying and working hard at Parkland has paid off, which made this opportunity open up. My experience from high school with being Student Council president

they represent,my role as a student senator in the student government where I can serve you. Leadership is an important quality for student senator to have. However, I think what comes before leadership is servanthood-the willingness to serve people that have a need. I’ve always tried to help people whom I can reach. I have volunteered at a retirement center and am ·going to volunteer at a hospital this semester. Serving others is not always the natural tendency to do,but every time I had an opportunity to serve others I truly enjoyed it. Every job requires passion and dedication for it to be successful. I am passionate about and dedicated to being in the student government where we serve you and voice any concerns you may have. As a student senator, I will do my best in representing the student body at Parkland College. nice, affordable facility to begin my higher education at. I want to be apart of Student Government because I want to be involved in student life at Parkland. I think I have what it takes because of related experiences in high school such as: being the trumpet section leader in marching band, being a member of the National Honors Society and being a captain on the basketball team for the years that I played at Centennial. Being from Champaign, I have been exposed to a lot of positive AND negative stereotypes about Parkland. If I were in Student Government, I would make an effort to help end the negative stereotypes. Parkland should not be a place that any of its’ students should feel anything less than good about. Parkland is a great school with just as much opportunity for success, if not more, than bigger, 4-year universities, and I want all of it’s students to be able to recognize that. #CobraPride

for three years, Interact Club and treasurer, J.R Rotarian, Letterman’s Club, Link Crew, and volunteering in our community: serving the needy at churches, Salvation Army bell ringing, food drives and chili suppers has set me to be the student trustee for Parkland College. Currently, I can say I have all of the qualifications for this position: maintaining a 3.5 G.P.A., enlisting in Deans List, majoring in Political Science, playing on the Women’s Parkland Soccer Team, and just being able to say, “I have had experience with student council.” I know listening to people and having leadership skills and beliefs will not only help me but also the organization to be successful. Serving in Student Government here at Parkland would be such a memorable and professional contingency. My goals would be to work with not just Student Government members but students, faculty, and staff members. I will make it my ambition to get everyone’s needs accomplished from students to even the president of the college during my term as the student trustee for Parkland College.

Holly Bass Running for Senator I believe that I would be a good candidate in the 20122013 Student Government Election. To start off, I am attending Parkland College as a Parkland Pathways student. This means I attend most of my classes here, excluding one class at the U of I. Once I graduate Parkland with a certain GPA, then I will have guaranteed admission to the U of I. My major is Animal Sciences, and I hope to become a Veterinarian who works with animals who have been victims of animal cruelty or neglect. My goal would be to rehabilitate them and eventually find good homes

Sharon Kurniawan Running for Senator The question whether a man can change the world remains debatable as it was yesterday. Some say it takes one great man to change the world while others say to change the world you must change yourself. As much as both might be right one fact remains the same, support is an essential element that is needed for an

Ryan Wallace Running for Student Trustee Dear students, I write you today with great pride in announcing my decision to run for Student Trustee. I will use my communication skills and motivated attitude to professionally relay the student voice as a representative of the Board of Trustees.

Student Government Elections Must be a registerd student and show student ID to vote. Polls located in College Center at the following times: Monday Sep. 10th 10a.m. to 2p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday Sep. 11th 10a.m. to 2p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday Sep. 12th 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Jasmine Smith Running for Secretary

for them. Furthermore, since Parkland is a two-year college, I feel like I would be a great candidate to vote for because I belong to both colleges. I think I can bring something that will last a long time, in terms of community involvement and making students experience at Parkland even better than it already is sure to be. In high school, I participated in Student Council and have experience pulling together organized events. Also, for the past several months I have been working as a Veterinary Ward Assistant in a pet clinic. My job was to walk the animals and give them their mediations in the morning and evening. To medicate the animals requires a lot of responsibility. Also, I volunteer at UIUC events, therefore I hope to bring a little of what they have over here. I don’t believe in making promises I can’t keep or saying things that are not true. I think I’m pretty friendly when I first meet somebody, and I’m even better once you get to know me. So I hope I can count on your vote for senator, and prove that you made a good choice! Sincerely, Holly Bass

Denise Lujan Running for Senator I believe I would be a great candidate for Student Government. As a Student Government Senator, I will devote my time to listen to student’s needs at Parkland College. I am strongly qualified because as a first year student at Parkland College ; I want to make a difference. In my term, I would like to raise the amount of scholarships offered to students, and organize a variety of events to bring students together. I am very open to new ideas to ,and love to help others. I want to represent your ideas and views and together make a difference. Thank you

influential change. Therefore, I Sharon Kurniawan is petitioning for a position as the Senator of Parkland’s Student Government to support the President, Vice President as well as Parkland students to make a better change in the social environment of Parkland College. As one chapter closes another one opens. I am in my second semester this fall. During my first semester I have observed some of the activities and events held in Parkland which most of them are positive towards my new experience in the United States of America. However, whenever I walk along the corridors or linger in the cafeteria I can’t help but notice a certain barrier within ethnicity (it is very common to see students mingling with their own race). I understand that there is a homey and comfortable feeling when you mix with people of the same culture. I also understand that not everybody is indifference

towards a different race and ethnicity and other variables play a factor in friendship and associations, but with the diversity that Parkland has to offer it is sad not to see a continuous and constant bonding of different ethnicities throughout Parkland. I believe with my experience as the Head of Student activities during my high school years in which I planned, organized events (Sport’s Day, Cultural Night and many more) and become the master of ceremony, and together with some additional skills which I obtained in speech class; I can help and support the Student Government towards the closer unification of different ethnicities by creating interesting events that will help people of different ethnicities to be associated with one another and one day, I hope that the student body will see Parkland College as a “One Big Family”.

I am currently enrolled in my sophomore year on my road toward completion of a Computer Systems Technician AAS from Parkland College. I aspire to achieve my masters in Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois. It is my strong work ethic and responsible positive attitude that will help make my dreams a reality and my position as Student Trustee a success. My background shows my maturity and work ethic that will transfer over to the position of Student Trustee. I began working in the heating and air industry directly out of high school, although going back to school was always a goal of mine. In 2011, after researching and choosing the career path I would take via a degree in Computer Engineering, I resigned from my past employer of nine years and began schooling at Parkland College. The

standards set for myself in the workforce will transfer towards the interests of the student body. Having earned a spot on the Dean’s List and as current president of the Honors Program, I will apply these leadership skills and high standards. This is a position which I have taken after my efforts in and out of the classroom helping students, proctoring math exams held at the college, attending, contributing to and distributing literature in regards to Honors functions. My dedication to success will help represent student interests. I am constantly looking towards bettering myself and helping others not only as a student, but a person. Please make sure your vote matters by choosing me, Ryan Wallace, for Student Trustee.

Hello, my name is Jasmine Smith and I am running for class secretary. I would like to be your class secretary because I am very good at keeping records and making sure things are well organized. I was the manager for the swim and water polo teams at Morgan Park high school where I won manager of the year for two years and received a golden plaque for it. I also was my division teacher’s assistant for three years. As secretary I would make sure to bring life to the school and make the bulletin boards more enjoyable to read

as far as neatness is concerned. I will take well written notes and make sure to write down any issues that need to be addressed. I will make sure I keep an accurate and complete attendance roll. I will meet with the class president and make sure we have a good and accurate agenda before the class meetings. The main thing I plan to accomplish during my term is to keep accurate and efficient notes that make all meetings and any other activities that we participate in run smoothly.

Prospectus News

BIKES continued from page 1

“Bicyclists need to be aware of pedestrians and cars especially when they are making turns and especially when riding on campus,” Chao said. “Look out for people who have earpieces on and respect the cars and pedestrians.” Regarding the tendency of motorists to not respect bicyclists, many bicyclists are now fighting back. According to The New York

Times, in big cities cyclists are now using specially made cameras that either go on their helmet or their bike so that if an incident occurs they will be able to capture drivers license plates and take people to court. Accidents will happen, but with a little caution and awareness, perhaps they can be lessened. The best piece of advice that a bicyclist can follow is to wear a helmet - it can be the difference between life and death. And to motorists: remember, it’s their road too.

HONORS continued from page 2

Club. Upon completion of their projects, potential graduates must participate in the Honors Symposium, in which members of the program present their best projects. Overall, the Honors Program offers students who constantly strive for excellence an outlet by which their hard work is both recognized and rewarded.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - Page 5

“Everyone is striving for that ‘A’,” Gebil explained. “Why not be rewarded for it? Besides a boost to your GPA, you get monetary compensation and a great group of peers.” Students wishing to find more information on the Honors Program can do so by visiting www.parkland. edu/academics/honors.aspx or by emailing the director of the program, Dr. Marsh Jones, at mjones@

NOON continued from page 2

On his site, Dallas states, “Regardless of how much I learn about 3D computer animation, I always finds myself falling back on the same artistic stylings that give comfort and make me feel happy, Artists such as Mo Willems, Quentin Blake, Charles Schultz, Dr. Seuss, and Betsy Lewin.” With the goal of always learning new ways to improve his art, Dallas uses resources. His most helpful resources and tools to complete his drawings are books such as, “Colored Pencil Step by Step” by Walter Foster, “Color and How to Use it” by William F. Powell, “Character Mentor” by Tom Bancroft and a few other books that help to improve his drawing and

KICK continued from page 1

Fact or Fiction? FACT: The world’s first Skyscraper was built in Chicago, 1885.

The out of state and out of conference opponents presented an element of unfamiliarity. That obstacle was short lived as the Cobras were acquainted with Cincinnati State in their first game of the Invitational. Sikora’s team was looking to bounce back from a 3-2 loss to Jefferson College in the season opener. However, the Surge surged to a 2-0 lead by the end of the first half. The Cobras scored a goal early in the second half but that is where the rally ended. The second day of the tournament produced an identical fate. A valiant effort was not enough as the Cobras fell 2-1 in a match against Kankakee College. This dropped Sikora’s club to 0-3 on the season. Noticeably absent from this year’s tournament was the Parkland staff vs. local media figures game that was played during the second day of the tournament last year. In its place was the season opener for the Parkland women’s soccer team. Led by Head Coach and reigning Region 24 Coach of the Year, Josh Alford, the Lady Cobras delivered a dominant performance in meager weather conditions. The Lady Cobras achieved a shutout with a 3-0 victory over opposing Schoolcraft College. Alford, coming off a 14-2-1 season and numerous accolades,



! w o h S e m o d l l NE W F u Also showing: Fall Prairie Skies Odyssey (newly adapted for fulldome) Amazing Stargazing Santa’s Secret Star Season of Light












Tales of the Sky: A Storytelling Adventure!

Please visit for show dates and times









plus World Of Science lectures@7pm on Oct 5, Nov 2, & Dec 7 KEL PLANE


Present to get 2 for 1 admission to any show Fall 2012 semester





For more information about the

Parkland College Honors Program contact:

Director Marsh Jones (217) 373-3739

animation to his character. As far as tools, Dallas uses different pencils to roughly sketch out his drawings. He completes approximately two drawings a day which take about two hours each. Dallas also uses a hand-made puppet that he created out of waxed string to act as a proportional representation of Melvin. This allows him to create better visualizes of Melvin in the garden, which is the main setting for his book. According to Digital Media major Clifford Kellog, “Derek encourages you to think outside the box, and gather a perspective you can effectively utilize. He can teach you every objective that his class has to offer. However, if you can take what you’ve learned and go a step beyond that, Derek will be amused.”

was proud of his team but subtly acknowledged the long road ahead as he graded his team’s performance. “Well today from 1-10, I would rate it about a 6 to 7,” Alford said. “We did ok. We worked hard but there are a lot of things that we need to do to clean up a little bit. But we were fine overall.” Alford also addressed the improvements that he noticed were needed right away. “Just reading the play of the game a little bit,” Alford said. “We just need to focus on reading the game a little bit better and then obviously we can just work on basically what everybody’s roles are on the team.” Intense and diverse competition did not overshadow the true purpose of this Invitational Tournament. Kick for the Cure supports a great cause, cancer research. It is only in its second year, but it will not stop there. Plans for the future events are already in the works. Parkland Athletic Director Rod Lovett spoke on the topic. “We’ve had the discussions. Do we do a men’s and women’s tournament at the same time or next year Urbana HS runs a high school event on one field and we do the college event on another?” Lovett said. “I definitely think we’ll keep it going,” he said. An event of this caliber could not be possible without sponsors. The list of corporate sponsors includes Soccer Planet, Champaign Telephone Company, First Federal Savings Bank, Deans Graphics, and Heyl and Royster. To make any donations, go to For more information on upcoming Parkland soccer events as well as Cobras Soccer and the other athletic teams, visit athletics.

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Puzzles & Comics


Tough Sudoku Puzzles, Volume 3, Book 50

Sudoku #2 Sudoku (hard)


SUPERVALU Is Now Hiring! Apply by visiting our website at Follow the following steps: •    Careers •    Find Your Fit •    Supply Chain Services •    Then select either: Champaign (W. Newell Company) or Champaign No Phone Calls Please Part time positions 16 hours per week required on Saturday and Sunday Starting pay: $14.18  W. Newell (Produce Warehouse) is Now Hiring!

Apply by visiting our website Follow the following steps: •    Careers •   Find Your Fit •    Supply Chain Services •    Then select either: Champaign (W. Newell Company) or Champaign No Phone Calls Please Part time positions 24 hours per week required Friday, Saturday and Sunday Starting pay:  $11.51

2 5 3 9

HUGE Parkland College Library 50¢ Book Sale College Center Mon. - Wed. Sep. 10 - 12 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. BREWSTER ROCKIT

2 8 6

8 4


© 2012

scratch area

The TV Crossword Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle FOR RELEASE NOVEMBER 29, 2011

By Jacqueline Edited by Rich Norris E. and Mathews Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 Postseason gridiron game, and a hint to the puzzle theme found in starred answers 5 Baseball card brand 10 Young men 14 Tiny battery 15 Well-honed 16 Vicinity 17 *Sign of a typing mistake 19 Dogpatch possessive 20 Country singer Gibbs 21 Ostrich cousins 23 Quick swim 24 Before, before 25 *Indigent’s request 29 Nine-digit ID 30 Ready 31 Not a good area for nonswimmers 32 Rehab woes, briefly 34 Also-ran 35 Little demon 38 *Wizard’s game in the rock opera “Tommy” 41 B’way sellout sign 42 Shearer of “The Red Shoes” 44 ID checker’s concern 45 An original Mouseketeer 48 Séance sound 50 Make a choice 53 *Street urchin 55 “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper __ 56 AOL chats 57 California wine valley 58 Church chorus 60 Playwright Simon 62 *Chain for plussize women’s fashion 65 Automaker Ferrari 66 “What’s in __?”: Juliet 67 Orchard grower 68 Fret 69 Pert


By Kelly Clark

70 Murderous Stevenson character DOWN 1 Moistens in the pan 2 Many John Wayne movies 3 President Harding 4 Lion’s den 5 Taoist Lao-__ 6 “Well, lookee here!” 7 Road repair worker 8 Future doc’s undergrad concentration 9 Smarten (up) 10 “Well, __-di-dah!” 11 Desert feature 12 Fashion world VIP 13 Los Angeles bay named for an apostle 18 Smooch 22 Turtle’s protection 26 Salon service often paired with a mani 27 Memo-routing abbr.

Monday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

28 GI’s address 33 Entrepreneuraiding org. 35 Makes believe 36 Memorial structure 37 Peewee 38 Eucharistic plate 39 Farming prefix 40 “Look before you __” 43 On a pension: Abbr.


46 Sung syllables 47 Francia neighbor 49 Bartlett or Bosc 50 Chicago Fire Mrs. 51 In a sty, say 52 Exam taker 54 Family matriarchs 59 Fable 61 Sad 63 911 response initials 64 Ottoman governor

An authority is a person who can tell you more about something than you really care to know.

6 5 4 7 6 1 9 1 1 4 9 7


Prospectus News

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - Page 7

New fitness center exceeding expectations Mark Roughton Sports Writer The new fitness center that recently opened on the north end of campus has become a real hit with athletes, students and teachers alike. Usage of the fitness center has reached its limit for the fall semester only a couple of weeks into the year, something that was rare in the past. The kinesiology classes that use the center, including KIN 103, 147, 203, and 247 are no longer accepting students. For those students that aren’t in a kinesiology based course, WAC 650 is offered. This is basically a gym membership fee. Unfortunately, those are all taken as well. Parkland has stopped accepting registrations due to over 550 students registering for fall semester workout privileges. Head Baseball Coach Matt Kennedy also serves as the Fitness Center Director. “My main objective right now is to walk the floor making sure it stays clean and in order,” Kennedy said. “Also help people through lifts and make sure they’re doing things the right way.” The load is lighter for Kennedy now that assessment and orientations for the students enrolled in those

classes is completed. “The biggest thing about the fitness center is the extra space,” he replied. “It’s a lot bigger, a lot cleaner, and the equipment is top of the line, brand new equipment.” As far as junior college facilities go, it’s one of the best out there. “What I’ve seen is it’s brought in a wide variety of people,” he mentioned. The center includes a much wider variety of free weights, more advanced weight machines and over 40 pieces of cardio equipment for those who like to get their running in. If you’re not a stationary runner, it also includes a second-story indoor walking/ running track. However, it is currently undergoing changes at the moment. “The walking track has been removed and will be replaced by a new surface sometime in the near future,” Athletic Director Rod Lovett explained. “At the present time, the surface is cement so you may continue to walk on it until the new surface arrives and is ready to be installed.” For those currently enrolled in the classes, signs will be posted for start and completion days of installation for the new track surface. Despite the changes, the

track is still available for use. “A lot of faculty and staff just take their laps. They can walk the track for 25-30 minutes and get out of here,” Kennedy explained. “It’s been a nice addition.” Not only have students and faculty benefited from this new facility, but the athletics program also received a boost. “I think there are advantages for all sports,” Kennedy said. “It gives the trainers more opportunity to put our athletes through more of a rigorous workout. From the baseball end, it has been great. We’re getting all 30 of our guys in at one time.” Parkland College strength training is beginning to elevate to an entire new level thanks to the addition of the fitness center. Those interested in signing up for spring semester should not procrastinate. “As soon as you sign up for spring classes, you need to sign up for this one,” Kennedy explained. “If you wait until December you may be out of luck.” The Fitness Center’s hours are 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. MondayThursday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturday, and 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Photo by Matt Crosby/ Prospectus news

Buddy Daly, (above) sophomore in Kinesiology, works out in the Parkland Fitness Center weight room. Daly said he spends approximately 10 hours a week in the gym. (Left) The new facility features several weight lifting machines, free weights, treadmills and an elevated track for walkers and joggers.

Parkland Volleyball bounce back after tournament Alex Wallner Staff Writer As the season began, the Lady Cobras volleyball team took their talents to a tournament in Kansas City, Missouri, where they finished with a record of 2-2. It was a tough tournament to say the least, as the Lady Cobras fell to Iowa Central in three sets: 25-20, 25-19, 25-20 and lost a four match series to Kirkwood, winning the first set 22-25 and then going on to lose 25-19, 25-16 and 25-22. In response to the tough start to the season, Head Coach Cliff Hastings stated, “Between the girls on the team and myself as a coach, starting 0-2 was pretty unique for all of us. The girls all come from very successful high school and club programs where losing is not the norm.“ Hastings was not disheartened, though, saying, “But sometimes in life, one needs to experience getting knocked down so one learns how to get up and move on from it. The sophomores and I met on Friday night to discuss specific things they could do better on Saturday to modify some of the problems that we identified from Friday.” “This sophomore group carries themselves with such great leadership and introspection that they were able to not only identify those things to improve, but they worked hard to ensure they were carried out on Saturday,” he elaborated. “I was very impressed with their maturity as players and people to do that for our team.” Freshmen setter Jordan Wooden replied, “I didn’t take it well, and neither did the team. It was a real eye opener, and we didn’t like that feeling at all.” “After our first two losses, we realized we needed to come together as a team. The next day we came out ready and knew what we needed to do in order to win,” sophomore outside hitter Jessica Galotta explained. This tough start would not fault the Lady Cobras though. They would go on to finish the tournament on a good note, winning the next two games.

just so happens that The first was a the help the Lady three set sweep of Cobras are getting Southeast Iowa, in are coming from which the Cobras newcomers. won 25-15, 25-14, “The freshmen as 25-10. Next up was a whole are doing a thriller in five sets very well. This against Kansas City, is a large group in which they won of freshmen, and the second, third they have worked and fifth sets 25-18, very hard in the 25-20 and 15-11. early going of this Concerning season to improve the big win individual elements against Kansas of their games City, Hastings which will translate said, “KCKCC to big advances in had gone 3-0 in our team game,” the tournament, Hastings explained. defeating the two “Even though teams that had they are freshmen, beaten us already.” these girls have “They were been playing a big team and volleyball for a a formidable long time so the presence at the game itself isn’t the net,” he continued. challenge for them,” “We aren’t quite he continued. “The as big as they key challenge is the are, but we have speed of the college outstanding speed game coupled with in the front row the challenges that coupled with great being a first-year setting and defense student at college in the back row. Our brings.” blockers were able Freshmen outside to neutralize their hitter, Alexis offense and utilize Clemons, replied, “I our key strengths think the freshmen to beat them.” are adjusting well Hastings with everything summed up the day, saying, “I’m not sure Photo by Matt Crosby/Prospectus News even if we are a one ever should be Cobras volleyball player Shelby Geers (13) lines up for a spike in a 3-0 win young team. I think we’re doing pretty completely satisfied against Kankakee on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012. good and gaining with a 2-2 start to the season, especially with the strength questions of how they will react to a a lot of experience. The first game of the Parkland volleyball program, new landscape. Some question how was a little shaky with nerves and but that was a good win for us and nervous they will be once game time everything bit its expected from a great way to show our fortitude to starts and how they will do playing freshmen. It was our first college game.” against higher levels of competition. ourselves that first weekend.” Galotta said, “The freshmen were This does not seem to bother any of Galotta remarked, “It was an awesome game with great the freshmen on the team, as most of nervous but after a few plays they competition. Those are the games we them either start or receive a great lost the nerves and started to play great. They are adjusting well. The amount of playing time. live for, they’re the most fun.” This is crucial for any team, freshmen have basically all played With a new atmosphere and with as many freshmen as the Lady because the more help you get, the together before so I think that helps.” Gaining strides into their first Cobras have on the team, there are better your chances to win games. It

college season is a very important factor to playing well. It not only helps with experience, but confidence as well. Then came August 28, where the seventh ranked Lady Cobras opened up their home schedule to the sixteenth ranked Kankakee Community College Cavaliers. Winning in straight sets, 25-11, 25-18 and 25-13, the Lady Cobras looked stronger than ever. Led by Clemons eleven kills, the Lady Cobras continued a long winning streak at home, stretching nearly two years since their last loss at Dodds Athletic Center and stretching their current winning streak to three games. A great win going into another tough tournament Labor Day weekend. Hastings commented on the win, “It’s been a couple of years since we’ve lost at home. So, selfishly, I’m never going to be disappointed to see ‘at Parkland’ on the schedule.” “Kankakee is a top 20 team so any time you can go home and say that you felt in control of a match against a top 20 team is a very good feeling,” he concluded. Wooden replied, “I think the win Tuesday definitely helped our confidence, but we just have to stay humble and keep working to keep that winning streak. Of course playing at home helps our confidence knowing we have our fans to back us up through the whole game.” Galotta replied, “Yes, Tuesday was great practice for the weekend. It’s always good to go into a tournament with confidence. Playing at home is a great experience. It’s where we practice and feel most comfortable. I think we will vibe greatly as a team and continue to grow up.” Having a good home atmosphere is always something special, not only do teams rarely lose with those kinds of atmospheres, but it puts more than enough pressure on the away team to perform.

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Review of Circa Survive’s Violent Waves Mace Mackiewicz WPCD Staff Writer

Violent Waves is the fourth release by progressive rockers Circa Survive, and the first one they have released since dropping their label. The album was released on August 28. At the time of release, the album was the No. 1 alternative album on iTunes and No. 3 overall, an impressive feat for a self-released album. Violent Waves is an interesting album in that it follows what many consider to be Circa Survive’s best album, Blue Sky Noise, an album that garnered the band more mainstream fame. Violent Waves does stand the test, though and could be considered their new best album. This album can be seen as the culmination of the themes and signature sounds of the previous albums being polished and advanced to their next logical point. The album could also be seen as quintessential Circa Survive as that is the only real way you can describe their sound. There’s also no filler on this release, which is good because it shows the band only wants quality content for their listeners. It’s a true album with songs meant to be played in order, it’s not like most modern albums which are frequently nothing more than a compilation of songs. The album’s first two songs “Birth of the Economic Hitman” and “Sharp Practice” are absolutely energy filled. Anthony Green’s signature voice is as powerful as ever and the instrumentation is just as exquisite as you would expect from Circa Survive at this point. You’ll have a hard time getting lyrics like “nothing is sacred” out of your head and for these songs, that is a good thing. The third song off the album and the first single from it is “Suitcase.” This

is a more relaxed song, which lets Green’s voice take the front seat while the melodies play in the background. While the instrumentation is still good, it’s more subdued in this song. “The Lottery” marks a return

to a more energetic and features guest vocals from Geoff Rickley of Thursday fame. This song is just plain intense and is just what you want to hear out of these guys. “My Only Friend” is subdued and

in the background. The song is very experimental. The next song, oddly named “Phantasmagoria,” is poppy, folky, and progressive. It is definitely the most unique song on the album. It’s also the most fun song on the album and could therefore appeal to a more mainstream audience. “Think of Me When They Sound” is the one track on this album that may feel to keep your attention. The acoustic guitar is solid enough and the ambient sound in the background definitely shows their more experimental side, but if you have a low attention span this song won’t do anything for you. It is slower and doesn’t really build like most other soft Circa songs do. It’s not a bad song, but it is the only song on the album I would ever condone anyone skipping. “Brother Song” is another slower song but it’s really good and builds up to a stronger chorus. The end of the song leads directly into Bird Sounds which is another powerful prog track on the album. “Bird Sounds” and “Blood from a Stone” seem to be cut from the same cloth and are really good penultimate tracks on the album. “I’ll Find a Way” is probably one of the best album closers I have heard in a long time. The song builds up and slow-burns down to close out the album. The phrase “don’t give into wild currents, don’t believe in callous rituals” is beautifully delivered and the track is a great bookend to a great album. Overall, this album deserves 9 out of 10 stars. It is another fantastic album in Circa Survive’s library, and I recommend it both to Your source for people who are already fans and to Parkland News anyone who is a fan of progressive Album art of Cira Survive “Violent Waves” or experimental music. Sports For more on Circa Survive you spacey and shows off the influences can visit And for from their album, On Letting Go. The Features song is entrancing, relaxing and Campus yet information Eventsregarding the albums exciting at the same time. The bass current rankings on iTunes you can and more... drives this song while the guitar is visit relaxing and an odd airy sound plays charts/top10albums.html ww

Like us on dir. Carlos Osuna, Colombia, 2011 • 91 minutes Spanish, with English subtitles Thursday, September 6–with Introduction by Paul Young

TOLL BOOTH (Gise Memuru)

dir. Tolga Karaçelik, Turkey, 2010 • 96 minutes Turkish, with English subtitles Thursday, September 20

AMNESTY (Amnistia)

dir. Bujar Alimani Albania, 2011 • 83 minutes Albanian, with English subtitles Thursday, October 4

CRAFT (Riscado)

dir. Gustavo Pizzi, Brazil, 2010 • 85 minutes Portuguese and French, with English subtitles Thursday, October 18


dir. Sergio Teubal, Argentina, 2011 • 93 minutes Spanish, with English subtitles Thursday, November 1








dir. Morteza Farshbaf, Iran, 2011 • 85 minutes Persian, with English subtitles Thursday, December 6

All films and popcorn are FREE! • All shows begin at 6:30pm Location: Parkland College, room C118 • Check our website for updates: or call 217/351-2485. Now showing at the Parkland Art Gallery: PARKLAND ART AND DESIGN FACULTY EXHIBITION • Closes September 22



Illustration by Nease/MCT

FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN (Gordo, Calvo Y Bajito)

Prospectus News Sept 5, 2012  

Award winning student publication. Sept 5 2012 edition.