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Prosonergy stands for PROducts powered by SOlar eNERGY. We are a sales and distribution company of affordable solar powered lighting & energy products. Prosonergy will serve the people from the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) in African and Asian countries with solar powered electrical products. We aim to cover the un-served demand of more than 1.4 billion people globally who do not have access to the electrical grid and have to settle with fossil fuels as lighting and energy source, most notably kerosene.

Solar Power Lighting System for Homes ď‚— Solar Home System


ď‚— Solar System for Home

Lighting Africa Products  Rural Electrification

 Off Grid Lighting

Solar Energy Equipments

12v Solar Systems ď‚— Prosonergy specialise in the sale and distribution of

'Lighting Africa Products' certified solar powered lighting systems, serving B2B and non-profit organisations in Africa and Asia. ď‚— Prosonergy is a leader in full-service Solar Power for Homes, Solar Lighting System, Rural Electrification, Solar Home System (SHS), Lighting Africa Products, Solar Energy Equipments, Off Grid Lighting, businesses & governments.

Renewable Energy | 12v Solar Systems Solar Power for Home : To know completely about solar power for home, visit

http://www. prosonergy. com/solarlightingsystem.html

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12v solar systems  
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