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Subsea Controls Reliable and flexible systems that never become obsolete

For over 30 years Proserv has worked in close partnership with subsea operators to provide and support control systems that add real value to the life of field. Our reputation for best in class delivery is built on our track record.

Over 300 control systems installed of which 91% still remain subsea

*Kimberlite, 2019

of all operators interviewed who have worked with Proserv, 100% have recommended us*

More than 120 subsea controls projects completed for operators and service companies

Five pledges underpin our subsea controls for both greenfield and brownfield developments. RELIABILITY Proserv will provide a best in industry warranty for all the subsea control equipment supplied. NEVER OBSOLETE Proserv will issue certificates guaranteeing that the subsea control system will never become obsolete. DELIVERY Proserv will stand by its commitment to the most competitive delivery. FLEXIBILITY Proserv will collaborate with its partners, not dictate solutions, to extend the life of subsea fields in the most economical way possible; guaranteeing continued support for your installed system for its entire life. TRACK RECORD Proserv has delivered over 300 control systems to 40 operators for 84 subsea fields over 30 years .

Proserv designs subsea control systems not just to meet short-term first production goals, but to ensure the long-term performance that sustains production with minimal intervention. We offer unrivalled equipment reliability and provide the most cost effective and risk-free technology solutions for sustainable and profitable production on both greenfield and brownfield developments. Using Proserv, your subsea control system will be the most reliable in the industry and will never be unsupported or require replacement. This is not just a promise; we demonstrate these values on every subsea control system we supply and support worldwide.

Open communications hub Umbilical termination Subsea distribution

Master control station, umbilical termination and hydraulic power units

New developments We offer flexible, high speed communications for all greenfield scenarios Existing OEM infrastructure Our co-exist technology enables you to expand, enhance and upgrade, irrespective of what your existing OEM says

Subsea control module and Artemis 2G subsea electronics module

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