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Technical Services Onshore & Offshore At the heart of our drilling offering, is our continual focus on improving safety, increasing system reliability and reducing costs.

Drilling Services Introduction


Rapid Response Solutions Engineering


Piping and Tubing Services


Automation Services 11 Instrumentation and Electrical Services


Welding Services 15 Flushing Services 17 Aftermarket Services 19 Case study: Topside Equipment & Components


Case study: Rig Upgrade and Maintenance 23


Topside expertise producing effective drilling solutions Proserv offers a wide range of drilling service solutions that enhance performance and extend capabilities over the life of a rig. Extending the life of a rig and its assets has become more vital to the bottom line for drilling operators and contractors. The focus has shifted to equipment performance optimization, reliability, economy and product support to be efficient, cost effective and simple. Our product and service solutions are field proven and engineered to meet customer specific needs from component replacement to performance enhancing refurbishment and upgrades. Over 400 land rig optimizations and refurbishments have successfully been completed by Proserv service teams; including but not limited to electrical, hydraulic control line and component installations. Over 90% of our business is repeat business due to client satisfaction with our technical teams and the workmanship they provide through job completion. We provide drilling technology and services for clients in the following areas: DRILLING CONTROL SYSTEMS Topside Equipment & Components Subsea Drilling Control Systems Subsea Monitoring and Positioning LIFECYCLE & AFTERMARKET SERVICES Rig Upgrades & Maintenance BOP Control System Upgrades & Maintenance Aftermarket Service & Repair Testing, Calibration and Re-Certification BOP System Integrity Inspection Valve and Component Tracking Management Certified Training

07 Ideal solutions for ever-changing needs Based on a 20 year track record, our experienced teams work closely with clients to develop ideal solutions for their ever-changing needs, helping to ensure the successful and safe delivery of projects on time, every time.

RAPID RESPONSE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS At Proserv, we specialize in innovative and cutting-edge technologies to meet complex engineering challenges in the drilling industry.



BOP Integrity Assesment led to Gilmore Regulator design enhancements for the simple solution to performance optimization

solution for the 2015 Turnkey completion of three com-

BOP Integrity Assessments on 12 client offshore rigs to fullfill Operator’s reliability program requirements during end of well maintenance

2013 Fabricated, engineered

pressors skids with hard delivery schedule

routing and installation of hydraulic lines, piping and tubing for 5 new build land rigs

Today meeting the challenges of efficient, cost effective 21st century drilling programs means making effective use of existing investments and equipment on rigs that have been in service for 20-30 years or more. The emphasis is not only on enhancing performance, but also on extending capability so the rig can do more.

Certified crews with the required safety training ready for deployment internationally 24/7

Survey specialists and estimators ensure client service needs are price matched

Project management support supervision with onsite reviews ensuring project completion is timely and satisfactory

09 Bundled services that improve system reliability

PIPING AND TUBING SERVICES Proserv technical teams have built a reputation with the design, fabrication and installation of low, medium and high pressure piping and tubing for a variety of applications upstream, midstream and downstream.



Custom fabrication equipment to bend, cone and thread medium and high pressure tubing onsite Custom fabrication equipment to bend low pressure piping and tubing onsite


Traceable tubing and fittings


Piping and tubing installations completed

Service teams have performed low pressure piping and tubing applications up to 5,000 psi, medium pressure tubing up to 20,000 psi and high pressure tubing up to 60,000 psi with the tightest tolerances to minimize life fatigue, improving system reliability. Additional services available to bundle are valve and regulator replacement with traceability as required, system flushing, structural and pressure containing welding; and system testing to ensure overall control system health.

Custom fabrication equipment to bend low pressure piping and tubing onsite up to 2”

Custom fabrication equipment to bend, cone and thread medium and high pressure tubing onsite up to 1-1/2”

100% traceable tubing and fittings

Welding ASME GTAW P-8 on low pressure piping and tubing

Flushing services water based or oil based to NAS or ISO certifications

Testing Hydrostatic and Function while maintaining manufacturer warranty integrity

Specialized tools are readily prepared for domestic and international deployments in DNV certified containers


AUTOMATION SERVICES Proserv’s technical service team can design single corporate automation and information systems that integrate existing hardware as well as server based systems. Secure web-based systems offer long-distance control and a variety of status views and reports from a single device.

Single corporate automation and information systems Proserv designs, fabricates, installs, commissions and services with compliance certification, all styles of electrical and electronic control systems in both repeat and custom designs. HPUs with full electronic control, EDB Systems, BOP and Diverter Control Systems. When your current system requires maintenance, Proserv’s technical teams can be deployed within 24 hours to perform an assessment of the current system failures and provide root cause analysis for best practice system solution including verification testing for operational assurance.

Integration of existing hardware as well as server based systems into a single corporate automation and information system

Automated system installation of single, multi, PLCbased, solar powered and self-contained wellhead control panels, hydraulic interface panels and BOP control system remote panels.

Scope development system design based on client project concept to finished project

Assessment of current system failures and root cause analysis for best practice system solution


INSTRUMENTATION AND ELECTRICAL SERVICES Lean operations that minimize complications with multiple contractors

Proserv technicians are equipped to perform turnkey Instrumentation and Electrical services on control and safety systems for the oil and gas industry from drilling, production, pipeline to petrochemical plants.

Proserv is able to bundle services from design to fabrication for a variety of control and safety systems. We can provide tailored solutions with lifecycle maintenance for smaller projects more cost efficiently due to our lean operations. This minimizes complications that can arise with multiple contractors and improves on-time delivery. Control System Experience Proserv has seasoned technical teams in manufacturing and service in designing, fabricating, installing and servicing all styles of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical and Electronic control systems from basic pneumatic and direct electrical systems to PLC based fiber optic systems in both repeat and custom designs. Life of Rig Operations Proserv has teams in place to provide optimization reviews on location that assess operational inefficiencies in drilling control and safety systems to lower costs. We provide the following I and E services for support once the assessment is outlined; instrument design specifications, calibration, instrument fitting, installation of power and lighting distribution and control systems, installation of cable tray systems, conduit systems, CLX and marine cabling, function tests, commission and start-up support, service and as-built documentation packages.

Optimization assessments of control and safety system inefficiencies

Custom fabrication onsite or in one of our fully equipped facilities

Electrical installations include function tests, commission and start-up with as-built documentation


WELDING SERVICES Proserv offers qualified welders and welding procedures for structural, pressure containing and friction stud applications to most codes or standards.  Proserv also offers customer inspection services to evaluate the integrity of material, components or systems without causing damage through Non-destructive examination (NDE) or Non-destructive Testing (NDT).

Structural and Pressure Containing Proserv technicians are trained and equipped for welding processes SMAW (Stick), GMAW(MIG), FCAW, GTAW(TIG) and Orbital GTAW applications for new fabrication, maintenance and weld repair involving a range of materials including 4130, structural steels, stainless steels, and duplex stainless steels. MIG and TIG welding processes grant our highly skilled operators greater control for stronger, more consistent welds. Qualified welders and procedures offer clients high quality welding onshore and offshore at any global location. NDE/NDT Inspection Services Proserv has qualified NDE personnel, certified in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A standards that can inspect weld integrity to our customer’s Inspection Test Plans (ITP). Proserv technicians perform a Liquid Penetrant Inspection that utilizes noticeable red dyes under detectable light conditions to reveal surface flaws, on parts and equipment with almost any material, which might not otherwise be visible. The test identifies welding surface defects such as hairline cracks, surface porosity and fatigue cracks on in-service components. Friction Stud Welding Proserv’s portable Friction Stud welding systems are used for special applications such as welding underwater and welding safely topside in explosive environments. The HMS 3000 Friction Welding System is hydraulically powered and controlled via laptop and primarily used for subsea applications such as attachment of anodes on subsea structures, assets, live pipelines and FPSOs. The R1004 Friction Welding System is pneumatically powered and able to perform welds in a Zone 2 area for topside applications such as attachment of equipment to an offshore platform deck area with M12 studs using a fitted shroud system.


FLUSHING SERVICES Proserv offers trained field technicians to perform a variety of filtration and flushing services for pre-commissioning of new equipment, as well as maintenance or refurbishment of existing equipment to keep your topside and subsea equipment operating at peak performance.

Flushing Equipment We provide mobile, general service or zone-rated hydraulic flushing and test rigs for use in offshore installations, petrochemical plants, defense establishments, railways and shipping. Our flushing rigs have been specifically developed for use with mineral and synthetic oils to support pure flushing or flushing and pressure testing for a wide range of customized high velocity oil flushing, contamination control and oil and fuel purification services. Flushing units come equipped with sampling points for on-site oil analysis to test new fluid for cleanliness. And we offer portable microscope kits and automatic particle counters to verify hydraulic fluid cleanliness. We provide a variety of diesel-engine drive and electrical drive hydraulic and water based flushing units for long or short term hire. And if a more permanent solution is desired, Proserv has the ability to manufacture HPU’s/Flushing units to suit the client’s needs. Pressure Testing Services Proserv’s team of fully trained and experienced technicians ensure equipment is maintained to the highest possible standard with the appropriate certification. Our facilities comprise of several internal and external test pits for hydro testing (0 to 40,000 psi) and gas testing (0 to 30,000 psi). We provide clients with safe operating systems for the pressure testing of assemblies and components, and provide remotely controlled test systems allowing hydraulic flushing and testing to be controlled within a safe environment.

Trained Field Technicians

Designed to provide calculated flushing flow for flushing and cleanliness certification of components and systems

Fluid sample analysis follows these standards; ISO 4406, NAS 1638 and SAE 4059D

Multi-fluid capability on some units

Reservoir with built in suction filter, return filter and visual level


AFTERMARKET SERVICES Dedication to quality in repairing and restoring

Aftermarket no longer needs to be a postscript in drilling operations. Drillers are realizing the significant long term cost savings with preventive maintenance programs. Scheduled repairs are extending asset life and performance providing continuous uninterrupted operation.

Aftermarket Service and Repair teams have years of experience in designing, fabricating, installing and servicing all styles of topside equipment and control systems. We understand that no project is the same and that tailored, value-added solutions are needed to help clients with more efficient and cost-effective ways to operate. Proserv also provides the same dedication to quality in repairing and restoring their critical service control valves. Certified factory trained valve technicians will inspect and perform failure mode analysis. Then repair and restore valves using the latest procedures and parts, ensuring valves are rebuilt to current factory standards and to the latest design revision including assurance testing. Proserv inventories a vast array of tools and testing units required to perform aftermarket servicing of control system equipment and our directional control valves; giving us the flexibility to be responsive and price competitive both onshore or offshore where ever you need us.

Failure mode analysis

Enhanced product reliability

Full quality control and quality assurance testing

System performance assurance


Topside Equipment Case Study

Proserv’s Technical Teams ability to solution engineer onsite a best fit for purpose installation with successful commissioning, rendered the system operationally on time.

A Global Leader in the Offshore Drilling Industry

Client: Drilling Contractor Location: Asia-Southeast Equipment: Marine Riser Tensioner Control Skid Technical Services: Medium Pressure Tubing Installation, Electrical and Instrumentation Installation, Welding and Control System Panel and Hardware Integration




The client was on schedule for a complete overhaul on one of their semisubmersibles, executing their 5 year Out Of Service (OOS) maintenance period. The client contracted Proserv to provide the design, manufacture and installation of a Marine Tensioner Control Skid to replace the existing system that reached the end of its useful life. The original unit was severely corroded due to its location in the Moon pool. And the materials and components used on the skid were discovered to be substandard for the type of environmental conditions.

Proserv began the design of the Marine Riser Tensioner Control Skid System that would monitor and operate 6 inline Marine Riser Tensioners on the semi-submersible in May 2015. System materials and components used in the design would now extend the lifespan of the equipment and include the same functionality as the original unit.

The Proserv technical crew encountered some challenges with the installation of the skid on the drilling rig but because of warranted experience with all styles of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic control systems, the team was able to solution engineer onsite completing the project with a successful commissioning, rendering the system operational to the client by October 23, 2015.

Proserv’s technical service team installed all of the tubing, electrical and instrumentation of the new skid as well as the design and manufacture of the control system panel and integration of the hardware onto the rig.


Aftermarket Service & Repair Case Study Leading International Service Provider to the OIl and Gas Production and Processing Industry

Proserv’s broad service offering provided the client with an unexpected turnkey solution that kept total project costs in check and streamlined operations, producing an on time delivery for the end user.

Client: Leading International Service Provider Location: Niagra, New York Equipment: Compressor Skids Technical Services: Welding, Low Pressure Piping and Tubing Installation, Instrumentation and Electrical Installation and Structural Fabrication




Proserv was originally contacted for qualified experienced welders to perform butt welds on lube oil and process piping for two compressor skids that would be used to supply air for drilling equipment.

Once onsite, The Proserv team reworked a high percentage of the welds from the previous contractor successfully passing the secondary radiographic test from an outside party. The client was then made aware of additional services that Proserv could offer to complete the entire work scope of not only two compressor skids but a third one as well. Services required were Low Pressure Piping and Tubing Installation, Instrumentation and Electrical Installation and Structural Fabrication. Proserv was able to deploy the needed staffing within 24 hours so that project milestones could continue to be met without interruption.

Proserv’s ability to provide certified service technicians with a broad skill offering for the design, fabrication, and installation on all styles of drilling and production control systems; prevented the client from having to coordinate and manage multiple contractors.

The client was experiencing a high failure rate on the butt welds for the lube oil piping during radiographic testing from the workmanship of their existing contractor that would prevent a hard delivery date to be met.

The Proserv team also supported the client with consumable materials and heavy support equipment for the project to keep costs in check and assembly schedules moving forward.

Proserv’s additional team support of survey specialists, estimators and project managers provided the platform necessary to streamline operation processes rendering an environment that produced consistency in workmanship throughout the project scope.

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Drilling Services  

Specifically for the drilling sector, we support clients throughout the lifecycle of their assets with a focus on maximising operational per...

Drilling Services  

Specifically for the drilling sector, we support clients throughout the lifecycle of their assets with a focus on maximising operational per...