Metering System Support Package

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Metering system support package No matter what the oil price may be, those in the measurement segment understand the need to measure accurately is critical for a company’s profits, partner contracts and governmental rules and regulations. With this in mind and acutely aware of current cash flows, we are now offering the metering system support package (MSSP) The MSSP offers system upgrades on a longer-term purchase arrangement – preventing the postponement of new projects. Our MSSP package protects cash flows, avoids CAPEX and enables the expansion of existing OPEX support contracts.

Upgrade and spread the cost • • • • • • •

Upgrade of existing metering system Supply of all hardware and software Training on the new system Obsolescence management Cyber security support Extended support contract 24/7 Three or five years worry-free system support from a dedicated asset team in Cumbernauld

Tailored solutions Our technical team at Cumbernauld will collaborate closely with you to build the precise package you want to support your system, so that it meets or exceeds your expectations, not only through the short term, but throughout its entire lifecycle. New innovations and technology will be regularly suggested by our support team to ensure the highest levels of performance are constantly met.