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Service Solutions

Gilmore service solutions help keep your processes safe, productivity high, and costs low. Our service commitment gives you peace of mind by delivering reliability with effective and efficient operation of your flow control components throughout the lifecycle of your system. Aftermarket maintenance and repair dedication to quality

warranty for qualifying assets. When certified repair isn’t

Preventive system maintenance programs are proving to

collaborate with your team to define specifications for

be a positive impact to operations across market segments

functional product repair.

in both energy and industrial. Significant long-term cost

Field service support that delivers

savings are realized with these programs due to asset life

required, Gilmore’s experienced technical authorities will

Gilmore offers offsite and

extension and performance, providing uninterrupted

offshore technical support

operation and increased productivity.

including inspection, consultation and turnkey maintenance on Gilmore field installations, including product modifications and conversions. Trained Gilmore technicians with offshore service certifications can perform product analysis to troubleshoot and perform

Gilmore certified factory trained technicians repair and maintain flow control products for a variety of applications using Gilmore procedures and parts, ensuring components are rebuilt to factory standards and to the latest designs. Working with engineering subject matter experts, valves are catalogued and inspected with failure mode analysis and data management of control system performance. A managed stocked inventory enables the flexibility to be responsive and price competitive. Gilmore also offers a maintenance and re-certification program on their control valves with a certified extended

field repair of Gilmore valves, with original manufacturer components, factory acceptance testing and full recertification.

Citric acid passivation achieves high quality components Gilmore’s citric acid passivation process produces a truly passive surface using a safe environmentally friendly citric solution to remove the presence of metallic free-iron from the surface of stainless steel. Citric acid is an organic material that meets ASTM A-967 standard specification for chemical passivation of stainless steel parts.

Cleaning and passivation of surfaces prior to use is

Inspection with integrity

essential to achieve maximum resistance to corrosion

Gilmore’s Inspection Team adheres to a strict process guide-

under extreme conditions. Through statistical process

line to review all product components from receipt of bar

control and monitoring on electronic SPC charting,

stock to lot quality control to outbound inspection of finished

Gilmore can provide customers with consistently reliable

product. Components are inspected 100% and documented

high quality components they can count on every time.

for complete traceability. The Quality Control Laboratory is fully equipped with an extensive line of precision equipment and tools to capture every detail of machined and purchased components through chemistry, dimensional, visual and seal inspections so products are correct for desired performance. Chemical and mechanical testing proves material meets MTR certifications. The lab offers two-dimensional measurements on small com-

Lapping process that produces the finest flat surface

ponents and three-dimensional testing on larger components. Components requiring a specific finish are inspected with a Zeiss Profilometer high performing pickup with an extended

Gilmore’s lapping center utilizes automated controlled

measurement range from 800 to 1,000 μm . Microscopic

machining that can provide a flatness to 1/2 lightband

inspection for burrs and dings are achieved at a magnification

(.0000055”) and a surface finish of 2 rma to matte. This

of 20x to 7000x with high definition that will capture subtle

lowers friction on sealing surfaces so they are able to

contours and stains previously impossible to view that could

function in high demand applications.

interfere with product or system performance.

Whether you need parts sized to millionths or require

Although Gilmore has an extensive line of inspection

simply a smoother flatter surface, Gilmore has reciprocal

equipment with varying

lapping machines accommodating 10” to 24” to process

capabilities, it is the

part ranges from 1/16” to 10” Ø .002 up to 8” tall and

INTEGRITY of the Gilmore

service materials ranging from tungsten carbide, silicon

Inspection Team’s attention

carbide, 440Css, Inconel, Stellite to ceramic. Please

to detail that assures products

contact us at for more information

deliver to the highest quality

about our service solutions and how we can support your

and performance level.

product reliability testing to keep your processes safe, productivity high, and costs low.



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