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Production Solutions

Reliable flow control solutions for a variety of topside and subsea production control systems. As technology and exploration methods advance, Operators continue to optimize upstream operations to ensure capital efficiencies. System reliability, qualification testing and condition based maintenance are key factors to realize these goals. Meeting the demands of multiple control

Exceeding industry reliability standards

system applications

Gilmore’s standard is to qualify our products beyond

The increase in deepwater production has placed significant

industry requirements. This practice provides concrete

demands on offshore platforms and vessels automation systems to improve and increase deepwater production. As technology and exploration advance, larger and more complex fields require far more measurements, controllers and actuators on the sea floor. Subsea tiebacks are also being used to extend the life of existing production platforms

evidence of the actual reliability and durability that separates us from the competition. Where current industry API/ISO standards necessitate testing only a single valve, we test multiple valves a minimum of two times that of the industry standard.

instead of placing a new platform over a new asset.

Sealing Technology

For over half a century, Gilmore’s reputation has been built

Gilmore’s wide variety of control valve designs rely on

on providing essential control flow solutions to the Energy upstream sector for topside and subsea control systems including Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs), Intervention and High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS) systems.

poppet and shear sealing technologies utilizing Tungsten Carbide and Gilmore proprietary materials to achieve industry leading seal reliability and durability, even in the harshest conditions with contaminated fluid. Products are designed to be used in both topside and subsea applications rated up to 15,000 psi and flows up to 250 gpm.

Agility to customize

Application experience:

Flow control solutions can be tailored to client specifications to meet the demands of proprietary in-service systems in

Subsea Controls Distribution Systems

addition to those under development. We welcome the

Production Control Pods

opportunity to be involved in the new product development

HIPPS Systems

process from the beginning through to successful deployment.

Intervention Control Systems

Topsides Control Systems (HPUs)

Wellhead Control Systems

Actuated Valves & Controls

Pneumatic Actuated Control Systems

Diverter Control Skids

Chemical Injection Systems

Metering Systems

Flow Control Solution Packages

Check Valve

Shuttle Valve

Relief Valve Cartridge Valve

Variable Pilot Valve

Compact Regulator SPM Valve

Multifunction Manifold



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Gilmore Production Solutions Brochure  

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