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Manufacturing Capabilities

We are agile partners committed to improving the reliability of essential infrastructure. Our state of the art manufacturing facility has been machining, assembling, testing and delivering precision products to the energy and mining markets for over half a century.

Manufacturing: machining and finishing centers for complex solutions Gilmore machining centers, include CNC lathes from micro to 18”, mills up to 30” x 60” and multi-axis CNCs that can accommodate a variety of metals including stainless steel and exotic alloys. A designated quick response cell is devoted solely to on-demand manufacturing for expedited requests. Products can be turned, milled and threaded in half the time of standard machining processes.

Gilmore’s in-house citric acid based passivation system is an organic process that meets ASTM A-967 standard for chemical passivation of stainless steel parts to remove the presence of metallic free-iron from the surface. Please contact us at INFO@gilmore.com for a complete machining and finishing service list.

and passivation to achieve high quality components with

Assembly and Testing: accurate and rigorous testing that you can count on

maximum resistance to corrosion under extreme operating

Assembly and test technicians are well trained and

The finishing centers include ultra-sonic cleaning, lapping

conditions. The lapping center utilizes automated controlled machining that can provide a flatness to 1/2 lightband (.0000055”) and a surface finish of 2 rma to matte. This lowers friction on sealing surfaces so they are able to function in high demand applications.

experienced in both mechanical and electro mechanical processes. Products are performance tested to maximum operation thresholds so that field operation is precisely as expected. Gilmore’s testing capabilities include a Hyperbaric Chamber with an internal envelope of 17” diameter x 48” depth with an operating pressure up to

7,000psi allowing simulation of ocean water depths up to

Gilmore’s aftermarket service commitment provides

14,000 feet. Gilmore can also provide high pressure test-

peace of mind to our customers throughout the lifecycle

ing up to 30,000psi and endurance cycle testing with flows

of their systems. Certified factory trained technicians

up to 250gpm and operating pressures from 5,000psi to

maintain products using OEM procedures and parts, en-

20,000psi to replicate 5 year life, 10 year life and 20 year

suring products are rebuilt to factory standards and to the

life application specific simulations.

latest designs. Gilmore inventories a vast array of stocked

Whether it is a client’s proprietary product and

components to give us the flexibility to be responsive and price competitive.

Gilmore product that

QHSE: Process approach with sound management principles

leaves our facility, you

Our integrated business management system and quality

testing criteria or a

can rely on high quality components built with strict assembly and test protocols. All products are serialized, marked with a part number and revision level for complete process traceability. Gilmore is committed to be a leader in reliability testing with the addition of a new reliability laboratory sheduled to be operational by fourth quarter 2020.

Aftermarket Service: lifecycle product support that certifies continued peak performance There is a significant long-term cost savings with preven-

management system meet the international standards for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001to consistently provide all products and services to customer needs, and applicable environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements. We operate with increased effectiveness and efficiency by maintaining a safe work environment, free of hazards and ecologically friendly. From material sourcing, inspection of bar stock through to delivery, products have complete traceability with quality assurance that meets our expectation for customer peace of mind. Please contact us at INFO@gilmore.com for more information about our manufacturing capabilities and how we can support your product reliability testing to keep your process safe, productivity high, and costs low. .

tive maintenance programs, and scheduled repairs to help extend asset life and performance, providing continuous uninterrupted operation.



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Gilmore Manufacturing Capabilities Brochure  

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