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Reliable flow control solutions in support of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems for the Power, Chemical and Mining Industries. A single plant uses hundreds of valves to control almost every aspect of its operation. Flow control requirements are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing valves for specific system applications. Meeting the challenging demands of industrial control systems Industrial operations have some of the harshest environments that challenge equipment within critical plant process control applications. Auxiliary systems often need to produce large output forces and torques with accurate and repeatable postioning in order to keep plant components running efficiently. Gilmore industrial flow control solutions provide operational logic and redundancy to pressure control systems. They meet both high flow and high shock requirements and are capable of handling flows up to 250 gpm, regardless of fluid cleanliness. Internal features are designed and tested to mitigate the effects of water-hammer due to high fluid velocities, water transient shocks and pressure spikes.

Committed to improving the reliability of essential infrastructure The Gilmore Pneu-Hydro legacy line of control products provide cost effective flow control solutions for the demands of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Designed primarily for the energy sector, these versatile valves can be used in a wide range of applications; designed and manufactured with the same quality for which Gilmore is known. Gilmore also has a line of pressure regulators, compact and adjustable that provide a pre-determined outlet fluid pressure regardless of inlet pressure variation. These can be applied to reduce water main pressure to a level suitable for dust suppression in mining operations and pressure reduction for water circuits on cutting machines.

Pneu-Hydro Inline Relief Valve

Pneu-Hydro Minature Relief Valve

Pneu-Hydro Right Angle Valve

Application experience:

Pneu-Hydro Control Product Features •

Wide series of available pressure ranges

Smooth, chatter-free performance

Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

Reliable and repeatable cracking and reseating pressures

Pressure Reduction Systems

316 SS construction

Nitrogen Generation Packages

Up to 10,000 psi working pressure

Compressed Air Systems

1/4” – 1/2” NPT connections

Steam Control Systems

Emergency Shutdown Systems

Wellhead Control Panels

Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems

Pneumatic Control Systems

Hydraulic Positioning Systems

Water Dust Suppression Systems

Mineral Cutting Machines

Belt Sprays

Contiuous Miners

Trunk Conveyer Belt Drives

Gilmore Compact Regulator Features •

Low and high outlet pressure capable

High debris tolerance due to shear seal design

Simple screw adjustment of pressure setting

Pressure reduction range down to 3,000 psi

Up to 10,000 psi regulated working pressure

1/4” , 3/8” sizes availableA

Gilmore Adjustable Regulator Features •

Available in Manual, Air Motor adjustable, Pneumatic or

Hydraulic piloted options

High debris tolerance due to shear seal design

NPT, SAE, MP, Autoclave, JIC, connection capable

Suitable for emulsion oils

Manages increases and decreases in downstream pressure

Up to 5,000 psi working pressure

1/2” -1 1/2” sizes availablepplication experience:

Pneu-Hydro HL-2/HL-U Valves

Pneu-Hydro Check Valve

Pneu-Hydro Inline Filter

Pneu-Hydro Interface Valve

Gilmore Compact Regulator Pneu-Hydro Shuttle Valve

Gilmore Relief Valve

Pneu-Hydro Hand Valve

Pneu-Hydro Quick-Vent Valve

Pneu-Hydro Pneumatic Control Valve

Pneu-Hydro Sand Probe Valve

Pneu-Hydro Pressure Indicator



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