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SPM Valve

Dependable hydraulic fluid directional control. Gilmore’s newest generation of control valves, the GEN 2 SPM, reliably direct hydraulic fluid within control systems. The proprietary cartridge technology provides an order of magnitude improvement in SPM cycle life. Significant engineering enhancements •

GEN 2 SPM Valve cartridge options include 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way varieties.

Bi-directional capabilities offer normally open and normally closed functionality within the same SPM cartridge.

Increased seal plate thickness resists seat cracking.

Improved durability and functionality to increase cycle life while reducing pressure spikes and decreasing interflow.

GEN 2 SPM cartridges can be dropped into existing Gilmore SPM manifold blocks.

INFO@gilmore.com www.gilmore.com GEN2 SPM -061620-001-01

Gilmore SPM Valve GEN 2 SPM Valve

Dynamic T-Seal on reciprocating components prevent extrusions and spiral failures

Balanced spring chamber for subsea pressure compensation

Improved geometry reduces pressure spikes and interflow

The block is interchangeable for both Normally Open and Normally Closed valves while being interchangeable with the legacy valve.

GEN 2 SPM Cartridge

Benefits Offered in 1/2”, 1” and 1-1/2 “ options Wide array of option available for body & port style - Customized manifolded assemblies can be made to required specifications - In-situ pilot flush port option available Qualification exceeds API 16D requirements Two separate full flow tests at 2500 cycles each

GEN 2 SPM Valve Assembly

Proprietary bi-directional SPM cartridge performs in both Normally Closed or Normally Open applications Decreases interflow Reduces pressure spikes Improved valve materials:

GEN 2 SPM 4-Way 2-Position Valve Assembly

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316 SS Body and Spring Nitronic 50 Piston Rod Nitronic 60 Seal Sleeve and Cage Aluminum Bronze Bushing Shouldered & Torqued Nylon Lock Nut Dynamic T-Seals HNBR Soft Seals with PEEK Double Back-up Rings Delrin 511P Top and Bottom Seats with increased thickness

Patent Pending Drop-in replacement for legacy Gilmore SPM cartridges

DRILLING | PRODUCTION INFO@gilmore.com INFO@Gilmore.com www.gilmore.com www.gilmore.com GEN 2 SPM -061620-001-02

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Gilmore GEN 2 SPM Valve - Product Sheet  

Gilmore GEN 2 SPM Valve - Product Sheet  

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