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Downhole Solutions

We provide the world’s most reliable flow control solutions even in the harshest environments. Gilmore has developed adaptable and modular technologies that go beyond standard applications for severe and critical service, safety systems, high flow and high shock. Flow control success is essential

Seal-in dependability

Building on the Gilmore pedigree in wireline tool sampling

Utilizing Gilmore’s patented dual direction Key SealTM

valves and the proven line of drilling control valves with

and shear seal technologies, our line of flow control

over a half century of experience, we have engineered

solutions push the envelope of higher pressures and

a reliable line of downhole solutions for a variety of tool

temperatures while successfully operating in both

applications in drilling and measurements, rotary steerable

clean and corrosive, debris laden fluids tested to date.

and smart completions.

When failure is not an option

Agility to customize Valve suites can be tailored to client specifications

Withstanding the rigors of high pressure and high tempera-

to meet the demands of current in-service tools in

ture conditions that accompany geomechanics challenges,

addition to those under development. We welcome

wellbore instability, vibration and torque are imperative

the opportunity to be involved in the new product

to internal components managing hydraulic fluid flow.

development process from the beginning through to

It is both operationally and business critical that these

successful deployment.

components do not fail.

2-Way/2-Position Cartridge Flex Valve


Gilmore Technologies

Debris laden fluids such as drilling muds and formation fluids

Severe service materials available to NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 2015

2-Way/2-Position Cartridge Valve

3-Way/2-Position Cartridge Valve

4-Way/2-Position Cartridge and Manifold Pilot Valve

Cartridge Check Valve

Cartridge Regulator

Back Pressure Regulator

Pressures up to or exceeding 30,000 psi supply

Temperatures up to or exceeding 350°F

4-Way/2-Position Solenoid and 3-Way/2-Position Solenoid Piloting Valves

Cv range from .02-1.4

Key SealTM A core technology, dual direction key seal reduces complexity for flexible valve design in compact spaces.

Press Fit A core technology, press fit minimizes the use of hard facing material for reduced cost while enabling hard facing on critical surfaces.

Shear Seal A core technology, proven debris tolerant sealing technology uses various materials to obtain leak tight sealing.

Piston Action Piston actuated cam movement enables inline flow in compact spaces.

Patented and patent pending modular technologies

3-Way/2-Position Cartridge Flex Valve

4-Way/2-Position Manifold Pilot Valve

Cartridge Check Valve

Cartridge Regulator



Gilmore 1231 Lumpkin Road Houston, TX 77043 +1 713 468 8778

INFO@gilmore.com www.gilmore.com

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Gilmore Downhole Solutions Brochure  

Gilmore Downhole Solutions Brochure  

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