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Vol. 4, No. 4 July/Aug 2011

Colorado, Utah and Idaho Edition

CM Manufacturing, a Montana-based Job Shop, Expands Its Capabilities with The Mazak Integrex速


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Editors Corner “Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.”

CM Manufacturing, a Montana-based Job Shop, Expands Its Capabilities with The Mazak Integrex®

Mark Twain How true! I know so much more about people, relationships and about my own happiness than even a decade ago! I hope that I am a better and kinder person now, and that I will be even more so over the coming years. I believe there are events in our lives that help to re-ground us -- in essence, bring back the appreciation of what is really important in life. Often, it seems that it takes a critical event to really rethink our lives, and be thankful for what we have. I believe it is called wisdom, and in humans, it is acquired exponentially with age. My sister Christine, 10 years my junior, brought just this experience to my being. Just weeks ago, she woke up, or didn’t, in a coma. Just the night before, she appeared pretty normal, just having difficulty sleeping with a headache. She thought perhaps she was coming down with a cold. Rushed to the hospital that morning, and immediately admitted into the Intensive Care Unit, the doctors soon diagnosed her as having a meningitis of some type. A multitude of tests were performed to determine the cause, and to begin treatment. Two days later, my mother and I arrived in Helena, Montana, where Christine lives and works. Christine didn’t know how to make sentences, didn’t know what she did for a living, and for all intensive purposes, was akin to a small child, with minimal brain power and recall. 10 days later, Christine left the hospital with most of her functions back intact. She did suffer a Viral Meningo Encephalitis, which attacked her brain and spine. Likely, the infection was transmitted by a mosquito! Christine will continue to undergo speech and physical therapy to get back to, as the doctors term, her ‘baseline’, or what she was before. Christine is a psychiatrist, and she treats patients and prescribes medicine. Her work depends upon a clear and knowledgeable brain. She will regain this, but it will take time. Nobody can predict what life will bring them, today or tomorrow. My experience with Christine made this painfully obvious. I’m not sad. I believe fully that we should be the best we can be, everyday.We should treat people like we want to be treated, and we should live life to the fullest. We should be so grateful and appreciative for what we have -- I know I am. It’s all we have here on earth. On another note, I was able to visit an outstanding machine shop while in Montana, and you will read about them in this issue. Also, I am grateful that in my travels for work and pleasure, I am able to see some of the most beautiful areas of our great country! Until next issue, may your businesses continue to prosper, and God Bless our Troops!

Linda Daly Publisher A2Z METALWORKER


July/Aug 2011

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Announcements & Releases Castrol Signs Christensen Oil Company As Distributor Crest Distributing Inc., DBA: Christensen Oil Company is proud to join the Castrol Industrial Distributor community. Christensen Oil Co. was founded in 1956 by Owen D. Christensen and has been recognized as a quality supplier of petroleum and lubricants in Utah and the surrounding markets for the past 55 years. Christensen currently specializes in the commercial-industrial and automotive installer segments. Christensen also specializes in greases, gear oils, coolants and preventative maintenance products. Castrol Heavy Duty lubes are a major part of the company’s product portfolio, and Christensen has been recognized by the Castrol Heavy Duty Lubes organization for their achievements in performance and capabilities. Christensen Oil Co. will be a primary distributor for Castrol Industrial in metalworking, wind aftermarket, deformation, and high performance lubricants. They will have responsibility for Castrol Industrial product sales growth in Utah, Southern Idaho, and Western Wyoming. For more information on Christensen Oil’s extensive product line, please visit www.christensenoil.com or contact them at 1-800-6540438.

Blackhawk Industrial Acquires Fuchs Machinery BlackHawk Industrial Distribution, Inc. announced the acquisition of Fuchs Machinery, Inc., a leading industrial distributor serving the MRO marketplace. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Fuchs Machinery is the third acquisition of BlackHawk Industrial and follows the recent acquisitions of Oklahoma-based Duncan Industrial Solutions and Arkansas-based Rogers Industrial. With the Fuchs Machinery acquisition, BlackHawk expands its geographical footprint into the Midwest and Northern Rockies regions of the U.S with new locations in Omaha and Denver. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Founded in 1923, Fuchs Machinery is one of the premier industrial distributors of MRO supplies and equipment in the Nebraska and Colorado markets. Bill Scheller, CEO of BlackHawk Industrial, said: “We are excited to add the employees of Fuchs Machinery as part of a growing family of operating divisions within BlackHawk Industrial. Fuchs Machinery, led by Tom Berger, has a very long history of strong customer and vendor relationships in its local marketplace. We believe that Fuchs Machinery will be further enhanced as part of Blackhawk Industrial as a result of additional operating scale, management resources and a broader product offering. Mr. Scheller also added: “BlackHawk is looking to acquire additional U.S. based distributors participating in the $400+ billion industrial A2Z METALWORKER

6 • July/Aug 2011

distribution market. Fuchs Machinery is a great example of the type of acquisitions we are looking to add to BlackHawk Industrial. Fuchs Machinery is a strong regional player with a great reputation that maintains a leadership and business culture that values its customer and vendor relationships while maintaining its ability to have a strong technical and value added selling focus in the local market.” BlackHawk Industrial will look to Tom Berger to continue to lead the Fuchs Machinery Division. Mr. Berger will be a valued member of the BlackHawk Industrial commercial leadership team on a go forward basis. Tom is well-respected in the industry and currently serves on the Board of Directors of supplyFORCE. Mr. Scheller said: “We look to Tom to continue to grow the Fuchs Machinery Division of Blackhawk Industrial both organically and through future acquisitions in its local marketplace. Our goal is to add new sales and customer service resources to deepen our penetration in the local markets.” Mike Fuchs said: “We have been approached many times throughout the years by potential suitors. We believe in BlackHawk’s vision and strategy of empowering the local commercial leaders, who intimately know their local marketplaces, customers, and employees. The Fuchs Machinery Division will thrive under the support and structure of the BlackHawk Industrial leadership.” For more information: Contact: Bill Scheller, President / CEO , bill. scheller@blackhawkid.com

Okuma Promotes Lisa Rummel to Chief Financial Officer Okuma America Corporation has promoted Lisa Rummel from Vice President of Finance to the position of Chief Financial Officer. Mrs. Rummel will be responsible for the finance, contract administration, information technology and human resources departments. In commenting about the promotion, new President and Chief Operating Officer, Jim King stated, “Lisa has been a valuable member of our organization for over 20 years and she brings an amazing level of insight and strategic planning experience to the role. She has already been performing many of the duties this position entails and we are happy to officially have her serve in this capacity.” Mrs. Rummel is a Certified Public Accountant and earned an MBA from Appalachian State University. She began her career in public accounting and after four years, moved into the manufacturing industry with what his now Textron, where she gained her original machine tool experience. She began work at Okuma in 1989 as a cost accountant for what was then the manufacturing division of Okuma

America Corporation. Her 22 years of experience at Okuma has included cost accounting for manufacturing, accounting and finance for the sales division, corporate finance and tax accounting. She works closely with Okuma Corporation’s headquarters in Japan and manages and evaluates corporate risk by being responsible for cash flow and inventory investment. Lisa became Okuma’s first female vice president when she was named VP of Finance in April 2007. With the promotion to CFO, she becomes the first female officer within the global corporation. “Okuma has supported me both personally and professionally throughout my career. I have been afforded many opportunities to grow in my field but have also had the flexibility to spend time with my family. I am excited to face the new challenges that this position brings”, stated Mrs. Rummel, “and I am looking forward to many more years with the company.” Lisa will continue to work from Okuma America Corporation’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC and will report to Jim King, President and Chief Operating Officer.

Energy Dynamics Laboratory Achieves Historic Milestone for Electric Vehicles Utah State University Research Foundation’s Energy Dynamics Laboratory recently operated the first high-power, high-efficiency wireless power transfer system capable of transferring enough energy to quickly charge an electric vehicle. The lightweight, low-profile system demonstrated 90 percent electrical transfer efficiency of five kilowatts over an air gap of 10 inches. The demonstration at EDL’s North Logan, Utah, facility further validates that electric vehicles can efficiently be charged with wireless technology. Based on the same theory that currently enables consumers to wirelessly charge toothbrushes and cell phones, EDL has expanded the technology to levels and efficiencies that are unprecedented. EDL also demonstrated that the wireless power transfer system it has developed is tolerant of lateral misalignment in any direction within approximately six inches. The power level and efficiency specifications are firsts in the United States for a system of this kind and the combined performance is unique in the world. EDL’s wireless power transfer technology will be discussed with industry leaders from around the world and demonstrated during the Conference on Electric Roads & Vehicles (CERV), February 27-28, 2012, in Park City, Utah. For information, visit http:// cervconference.org. Founded in 2009, EDL develops and deploys transformational energy systems, providing considerable improvements to U.S. energy security in the following five areas: Intuitive and Solar Buildings, Vehicle and Roadway Electrification, Environmental andWind Measurements, Next Generation Fossil Energy, and Algae Energy Systems. EDL fo-

ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) certifies businesses of all types and sizes around the globe to a variety of standards: •ISO 9001 •AS 9100

•ISO 22000 •ISO 14001

The expertise of our auditors, the professionalism of our audit processes, the knowledge of what drives value in each industry can help you get the most from your management systems.


Certified Performance

cuses on prototyping; demonstrating, deploying and commercializing innovative technologies for renewable and advanced energy systems that will help solve national and international environmental issues. EDL provides customers and partners with innovative, high value solutions and services that can rapidly be commercialized through industry friendly practices and efficient technology transfer.

Smith Machinery Excels in Its ISO9001:2008 Recertification! Smith Machinery is pleased to announce that it has passed its ISO9001:2008 certification. The company, certified since December of 2006, went through the rigorous audit again this past month, and passed again. Clark Smith, owner of Smith Machinery, says, “Many of our customers, job shops and manufacturing entities, are certified. It is less common for a machine tool dealer to be certified. To my knowledge, only 2 or 3 other machine tool dealers across the country are certified.” For more information on Smith Machinery, contact them at 801263-6403 or go to their website at www.smithmachinetools.com. A2Z METALWORKER

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537 W. Pickett Circle, Suite 800 Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Historic Bogue Warehouse Transformed into Solar Powered Offices Historic Bogue Warehouse Transformed into Outstanding Solar Powered Offices in Salt Lake City by Bridgette Meinhold, 07/07/11 filed under: Architecture, Green renovation, Sustainable Building

Dating back to 1904, the Bogue Building in Salt Lake City was built for Salt Lake EngineeringWorks and used as the warehouse of a foundry building. The spot, which is listed on the National Register for Historic Places, turned out the be the perfect place for FFKR Architects to situate their new headquarters. FFKR’s design philosophy of green renovation involved altering as little as possible in order to retain the building’s original character, while also improving upon the sustainability of the site as a testament to their commitment to their customers. In keeping with that, they included a massive rooftop solar system visible from the interstate. And that’s just part of the reason they took home a LEED-EB Silver certification for the office. Dating back to 1904, the Bogue Building in Salt Lake City was built for Salt Lake Engineering Works and used as the warehouse of a foundry building. The spot, which is listed on the National Register for Historic Places, turned out the be the perfect place for FFKR Architects to situate their new headquarters. FFKR's design philosophy of green renovation involved altering as little as possible in order to retain the building's original character, while also improving upon the sustainability of the site as a testament to their commitment to their customers. In keeping with that, they included a massive rooftop solar system

The Bogue Supply Company was a mining machinery retailer and provided custom one of a kind pieces and repairs. The company utilized a number of buildings including a machine shop, a pattern shop and a foundry from which they built and sold machinery and supplies until they closed in 1998. FFKR purchased the building in 2001 and spent the whole next year restoring and renovating the warehouse building into a beautiful office space. The original warehouse was built with lightweight steel trusses, brick walls and rooftop skylights, which were all retained but upgraded A2Z METALWORKER


July/Aug 2011

www.metalsupermarkets.com in order to meet seismic codes. A mezzanine was added in the open warehouse space to provide extra workspace as well as to increase stability. Original wood beams were cleaned with a water wash, and windows were cleaned and upgraded as needed. The building was originally designed to encourage natural ventilation in pre-AC days through the use of operable doors and windows to create cross breezes – a technique that is still utilized today. Besides the adaptive reuse of a machinery warehouse into an architectural office, FFKR also sought to improve the sustainability of the building. The Bogue Building is the first LEED-EB Silver certified building in Utah and includes environmental practices like drip irrigation for the xeriscaped site, an active in-office recycling program, and exclusive use of green cleaning products. After the renovation was complete, the firm installed a 68.2 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof, which provides 15,000 kWh of electricity annually.

United Technologies Earnings Climb United Technologies Corp. raised its full-year earnings guidance recently and pointed to a recovery in key markets despite weak consumer sentiment in the U.S. The maker of Otis elevators, Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines and Carrier air-conditioning systems reported a 19% jump in second-quarter profit, helped by sales in emerging markets. The U.S. conglomerate boosted its sales forecast to $58 billion for the year from $57 billion, and its earnings outlook to $5.35 to $5.45 from the $5.25 to $5.40 range outlined in April.

M a c h i n e To o l s M a c h i n e To o l s


Automation •

Service & Engineering

Service & Engineering

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Norgren’s New Technology Reduces Cycle Times and Saves Money

M a c h i n e To l s • A u t o m a t i o n • S e r v i c e & E n g i n e r i n g

Norgren has over 80 years of experience as the manufacturer of pneumatic pressure systems, solenoid valves, and automated solutions. Some of the industries that Norgren supports include Medical, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Rail Road, and Industrial Automation. Chris Cumley, Norgren machining supervisor in Littleton, Colorado, was frustrated with their machines that were not dependable and lacked reliable service and support. “We have machines from other manufacturers that lose accuracy after a couple of years. Norgren needs machines that will be reliable work horses.”

When Norgren, decided to purchase a new lathe, they were unsure of what machine to buy and what distributor to work with. Chris contacted Hartwig and was pleased with what he found. “Instead of just selling us a new lathe the Hartwig team provided us with a full solution. Hartwig brought in their Application Engineers and even the Hartwig Service Engineers to review our needs, our parts and goals. Chris said, “Buying from Hartwig was a stress free and comfortable process.”

Norgren invested in an Okuma LB-4000EX Lathe, and expects a return to their investment in less than 2 years. With the new Okuma, their cycle times reduced to 50%, and they are delighted with its ability to take heavier cuts in harder materials where our other machines would chatter. Norgren maintains a relationship with Hartwig because of the local service and willingness to assist. Hartwig’s team in Denver, Colorado will service Norgren’s new lathe. “We haven’t needed actual service work done to the machine. But when we have operational questions they are quick to respond and always eager to help us.” Hartwig is the largest Machine Tool Distributor in the central United States which provides machining solutions to customers in 15 states. Hartwig has a facility in Denver, CO that provides local Service, Applications, Parts and Sales support to Colorado. For questions regarding Hartwig and Okuma please contact Bob Mangelsdorf, Hartwig Sales Engineer, at 720.318.9396.


• 9 • July/Aug 2011

Blue Origin, a start-up owned by Amazonfounder Jeff Bezos that is focusing first on suborbital flight. “This has been painted as a revolutionary approach and it’s really not as big of a deal as it’s made out to be,” said Garrett Reisman, a former astronaut now at SpaceX. For large programs, NASA, like most federal agencies, traditionally reimburses contractors for all costs and adds bonuses for performance. “That can provide good people with the wrong kinds of incentives,” Reisman said. The new commercial model is fixed-priced and milestone-based. “If we hit a stumbling block technically and we have to invest some money to get past that, that’s SpaceX money that gets spent so we have skin in the game.We have a real incentive to keep it costeffective,” said Reisman. Beyond ferrying U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station, companies would be able to sell flight services to tourists, businesses and research organizations.

US looks to private sector as shuttle program ends After the U.S. space shuttle program ends this month, NASA will rely on Russia and its Soyuz craft to deliver Americans to the International Space Station -- at a cost of more than $50 million a seat. That could change relatively soon as three companies develop commercial space taxis to launch from the United States -- Boeing Co, Space ExplorationTechnologies, also known as SpaceX, and Sierra Nevada Corp. Boeing and SpaceX, owned by Internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, propose capsule-style ships that descend to Earth on parachutes, rather than glide like the shuttle to a runway landing. Sierra Nevada is working on a shuttle-like winged vehicle called the Dream Chaser. All three spaceships are designed to carry up to seven people or a mix of crew and cargo. The companies share NASA contracts worth $247 million to help pay development costs and all hope to win work flying crews to the space station. The U.S. space agency also has a $22 million contract with A2Z METALWORKER

10 •

July/Aug 2011

NASA has not yet decided whether it wants to lease new spaceships for its astronauts like a rental car or buy rides like a taxi service. Any future providers will need to prove safety and reliability, most likely with their own employees. As NASA awaits the rollout of approved commercial vehicles -- not expected before 2015 -- it will buy rides to the space station on Russia’s Soyuz craft. Being able to provide safe and reliable transportation to and from space is just as important for the companies as it is for NASA, Reisman said.

Foothills Machinery Sales A2Z METALWORKER

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July/Aug 2011

6855 West 116th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020 303.466.3777 www.foothillsmachinery.com

White House Worker Training Initiatives Build On Efforts By Manufacturers To Expand Skilled Workforce The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) and the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) saluted a White House initiative to expand U.S. manufacturing by recruiting and educating more skilled workers. The initiative mirrors ongoing efforts by NTMA, PMA and other manufacturing groups to develop more qualified workers for the metalforming, tooling and machining industries through two main avenues: actively recruiting new workers, and developing widely recognized credentials that signal their qualifications.
Currently, there is an insufficient supply of skilled workers for U.S. manufacturing jobs despite the fact that jobs in the manufacturing sector pay an average of $22 per hour, compared to average servicesector job pay of $11 per hour.

“It is essential to the future of our industry that we find creative ways to attract the attention of new workers,” said NTMA President Dave Tilstone. “That’s why NTMA sponsors activities like the National Robotics League, which draws students to technical careers by partnering student teams with local manufacturers to build complex machines designed to do battle and test ingenuity – all while building high-tech skills.

S Specialty Specia ialt lty Steel Steel S Service, Inc.

“Small Sma l enough en ugh tto care, are La Large enough to serve.” Lar We stock a large variety of the metals you need.

-Tool and Die steels -Alloys and Carbon -Aluminum Plate As well as being the authorized distrubutor of Precision Marshall and Latrobe Steel products.

We offer a variety of services, including:

-Production Cutting -Aluminum Plate Cutting -Cold Sawing - Delivering to Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber counties everyday

334 W. 800 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 Toll Free 1-800-890-5950 Telephone (801) 539-8252 Fax (801) 539-8311 Email Scott@specialtysteelservice.com A2Z METALWORKER

12 • July/Aug 2011

NTMA’s Chairman, Grady Cope, is involved in another worthy effort: the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference. Over 5600 technical education students compete with one another using expertise they’ve developed in occupations like electronics, computer-aided drafting, precision machining, and more. Events like these let students know that there may be more rewarding career opportunities available to them than an average service-industry job.”

 “Alongside creative recruitment efforts, the key to developing more skilled workers in the U.S. is the use of uniform, widely-recognized and industry-driven credentials to demonstrate competency in the specific industry skills needed by employers,” said PMA President Bill Gaskin. “NIMS certifications offer a concrete path for students to acquire or increase specific skills, while in turn providing a set of credentials that signals employers that they’re able to perform to quality standards in a skilled machining or metalworking job. Both the worker and employer benefit as a result.”

Small Businesses Turning To Fulfillment Companies For Logistics Help TheWall Street Journal reports small businesses are increasingly turning to fulfillment companies to handle the logistics of their businesses. For a fee, these companies handle storage and coordinate shipping, increasing small businesses’ ability to process larger orders and lower ship times. According to small businesses, fulfillment companies are particularly useful during high-volume times like the holiday season, when they would otherwise have to hire temporary workers.

Samuel Aerospace is one of North America’s top ten processors and distributors of metals, operating more than 40 facilities which are strategically located throughout Canada and the United States. Additional facilities maintained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and China extend our reach globally. Our strategically placed processing and service centers allow us to offer on time and JIT delivery services.

Samuel Aerospace alloys are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial and defense aerospace markets. We stock one of the most extensive aluminum inventories in the industry. Our available aerospace aluminum offering includes: • Sheet & Coil

• Plate • Rod & Bar

• Tube & Pipe

A variety of AS, ISO and TS standards ensures conformance to customer’s requirements. Primary aerospace service centers are ISO 9000 and AS9100/9120 certified. Samuel Aerospace offers value-added quality processing services including:

• Water-Jet Cutting • Bar and Extrusion Sawing • Aluminum Plate Sawing • First Stage Processing

Our pre-production processing services are all performed to stringent quality standards to your specifications, saving you time and money while ensuring the quality of your end product. We go to great heights to deliver the right product to the correct quality standards, on time, every time. Plus, we offer Stock and Release and Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs can help your company eliminate costly inventories and improve cash flow.

To learn more contact your Samuel Aerospace Metals representative or call (877) 565-7050. Everything you need in a metals supplier…quality, reliability and availability.


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Recycling Metals, Conserving Resources, Since 1961 Are Solar Panels More Efficient Than Plants?

producing, installing, repairing and recycling of a home solar system is anywhere near as benign as the sprouting, blooming, and eventual composting of a wild plant.

A recent study found that current solar technology is more efficient at transforming sunlight into energy than plants.

BAE to Support Iraqi Army Fielding Vehicles

Biomimicry is basically the practice of observing processes in nature, and copying Mother Earth’s strategy for efficiency and waste reduction. In an interesting twist, however, an article published in the May edition of Science found that photovoltaic-driven electrolysis is the more efficient process compared with photosynthesis and measured on an annual basis. But, say some scientists, it’s almost impossible to compare the two processes on a level playing field: “Plants are less efficient at capturing the energy in sunlight than solar cells mostly because they have too much evolutionary baggage,” say researchers at Michigan State University. “Plants have to power a living thing, whereas solar cells only have to send electricity down a wire. This is a big difference because if photosynthesis makes a mistake, it makes toxic byproducts that kill the organism. Photosynthesis has to be conservative to avoid killing the organisms it powers.” Just as important as efficiency are life-cycle costs—the capital cost and valuation of the environmental impact of a product from its creation to its destruction. It would be hard to argue that man’s process of A2Z METALWORKER

14 •

July/Aug 2011

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract to provide field service representatives to support the transition work of 1,026 refurbished M113A2 and 21 refurbished M88A1 vehicles to the Iraqi Army. The $14.2m contract by the US ArmyTACOM Lifecycle Management Command will include maintenance support and crew training to effectively operate and maintain the equipment. The company is also providing training and field service representatives to support Iraq’s fielding of the M88A2 vehicles. BAE Systems Readiness and Sustainment business vice-president Robert Houston said, “The training and support we are providing will give Iraqi soldiers the knowledge and confidence they need to operate this US equipment.” A total of 618 Iraqi light armored vehicles and eight M88A2 heavy recovery vehicles have been delivered by the company to the US Government in support of Iraq’s armed forces under previous contracts. Work on the contract will be carried out in Iraq.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

Home Solar Explodes in Popularity, Grows 102% in 2010 Guess what hit the web last month? The U.S. Solar Market Insight, a massive quarterly report from Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). But CalFinder gained access early, and we’ve learned that solar PV is doing fantastically well. In 2010, the number of gridconnected solar PV installations increased by 102% to reach 878 megawatts (MW), up from 435 MW in 2009. Even better, costs are continuing to come down. By the end of last year, the national average price of solar dropped from $6.98 to $6.42 per installed watt. More than ever, we are seeing solar prices compete with traditional forms of energy. Thanks to the explosion of interest in solar, the United States has reached a cumulative PV capacity of 2.1 GW. That’s 52,600 gridconnected PV systems installed last year, with a total of 152,516 systems nationwide. Howard Precision (JW HowardInc.) Inc.) Howard PrecisionMachined MachineProducts Parts (JWHoward 776 West Honda park Drive, Bluffdale, Utah 84065 776 West Honda Park Drive, Bluffdale, Utah 84065 www.HowardPMP.com info@howardpmp.com www.HowardPMP.com • info@howardpmp.com 801-619-9850

And this year looks promising as well. According to the report, “The 2011 outlook for residential installations is strong and we anticipate substantial growth, particularly in the second half of the year.”

Feds propose looser export restrictions on low-risk items As promised, the Obama administration has thrown defense contractors a bone, proposing a rule that would loosen some of the export controls placed upon products that pose little security risk. The Aerospace Industries Association applauded the release of the proposed rule, which would move technologies with low or no military or intelligence sensitivity from the U.S. Munitions List of defense-related items, which brings significant export restrictions and licensing requirements, to the Commerce Control list, which provides more flexibility. The rule would also assign the same restrictions to goods specially designed for military as those that are not, but perform the same functions. “For years the U.S. export control system has created confusion and delay in exporting defense equipment to our allies and driven up compliance costs across the industrial base,” said AIA CEO Marion Blakey, in a released statement. “These reforms are common sense ways of supporting our military partners and our export competitiveness.”


16 • July/Aug 2011

Indeed, export controls have been a sticking point for contractors that hope to sell their goods and services to overseas allies, which is an enticing option amid defense budget cuts at home. As written, export restrictions can be interpreted to include not only the equipment itself — military aircraft and technology systems, for example — but also the nuts, bolts and seat cushions that go into them.

Achieve more...

One Small Step With one small step, a man became a hero and the impossible became a reality. The same heroic spirit that fueled the space race and placed the first man on the moon still lives within the people who support NASA’s continued pursuit of innovation. Using GF AgieCharmilles HPM 800U machines, NASA experts manufacture the technology that continues to propel science beyond what we think possible. From that first lunar landing to modern space exploration, the heroes behind these accomplishments take small steps every day that amount to giant leaps for mankind. Read more about how GF AgieCharmilles helps NASA achieve more at us.gfac.com/hero.

Tel. (800) 282-1336

us.gfac.com A2Z METALWORKER

• 17 • July/Aug 2011

Ben and Linda had 2 sons. Their youngest, Jeff, was a “born machinist”, Linda says, with the aptitude and love of the craft that Ben had always had. Jeff started working at the family business in his early teens. Ben stepped down his involvement beginning in 1999, due to health issues, and his son Jeff took over at that time. Sadly, Ben passed away last year. Today, Jeff is the sole owner of the family run company, and it has grown exponentially. Family members include; Linda (Jeff’s mother), his sister-in-law, Carla, his cousin, Brett, and his son Dustin. The company owns some the best and latest equipment needed to do high precision machining, including CNC machining centers with live tooling. They also offer EDM hole drilling, mandrel tube bending, and even heat-treating. Jeff says that BK Machine is one of

25 years now and going stronger than ever. BK Machine is a family-owned business located in Bluffdale, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. The company’s customers require parts made for medical equipment - and so the parts BK Machine makes are integrally involved with saving people’s lives.They must work perfectly. In fact, the tolerances BK Machine regularly is required to machine to be within +/- .0002. The parts the company manufactures, though often extremely small can also be as large as a part cut from a 5’ plate. BK built its reputation building parts for medical equipment, and they are renowned for producing complex and prototype parts; often parts that other machine shops are not equipped to manufacture. While their customers are largely based in Utah, they additionally span Texas and even Mexico. BK Machine founder Ben Kone wanted to be a machinist from the time he was a young child. After high school, Ben trained as a machinist, and achieved the title of Journeyman Machinist. Ben and his wife, Linda, opened their own business in the early 1980’s and named it with Ben’s initials, BK. The company, started in the family garage, and was run for years solely by the husband and wife team. Linda spent many of the early years of ownership as a machinist. Today, she no longer machines the parts, but she supports all front office activities. A2Z METALWORKER

18 •

July/Aug 2011

the medical industry, weren’t asking for it yet. But we didn’t want to be caught with them requiring it, and we then would be scrambling.” Jeff believes that the certification process will result in process improvements for the company. Additionally, Jeff says, “With the purchase of our new Mori Seiki’s coupled with our ISO9001 certification, we are gearing up to take on new customers in other high precision industries, particularly in aerospace and defense.”

only two customers who offer mandrel tube bending in the state of Utah. The company utilizes the latest in software, including MasterCam and JobBoss. Thankfully, BK Machine wasn’t impacted by the recession of the past two years, as many other manufacturing companies were. Jeff attributes this to the company’s stronghold in the medical industry, and their diversification across customers, and he says the company has seen growth year over year since before the turn of the century. BK is supporting its growth through the acquisition of new equipment, including 2 recently purchased Mori Seiki milling machines (EC01550). Jeff says these machines will be delivered in the next few weeks. The company is additionally in process of certifying to the ISO9001:2008 process, which is expected to be completed in October. Jeff says, “Our customers, who are heavily in

BK Machine’s growth has been built entirely on their reputation, and often their entree into a new customer is when they are asked to make a very complex part, typically a prototype, and the result is a superior, high quality part, built on time.This gets them in the door for more of the customers’ production work, the team says. “We’ve never advertised”, Jeff admits. It’s all about quality. In the past 3 months, BK Machine produced more than 4000 parts, with literally near 0% defects. What’s next for BK Machine? Of course, there is the pending ISO certification. Also, Linda says that the company is outgrowing the building it owns, and they expect that they will be securing an additional 3600 square foot facility that is available nearby, likely in the next year. If you are an aerospace, medical, or defense supplier looking for a superior precision machine company that is ISO certified, is immensely qualified and capable of producing some of the most complex, tight tolerance parts, call BK Machine. Family owned, generations of experience, quality parts, delivered cost effectively, on time. And did I mention financially sound? Call (801) 253-1929 or go to www.bkmachine.net.


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July/Aug 2011

Lu Ting, an economist with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said that the survey results “will further depress markets which have been increasingly worried about a hard-landing in China.” However, Lu added, “the weaker momentum of inflation” was a positive sign.

Honda’s “third pillar” will be solar, gas cogeneration Recently, Takuji Yamada, Honda’s chief operating officer of power product operations, made it known the Japanese automaker sees solar gas cogeneration technology as its “third pillar.” What are the first two? Passenger vehicles and motorcycles, which means that cogeneration is about to become a very big deal indeed for Honda. So, what’s cogeneration? Well, in Honda’s own words, cogeneration is producing household electricity by using a combination of a natural gasor liquid propane-fueled generator and solar panels. Basically, cogeneration units allow households to produce their own electricity on site.

PMI Shows Slowdown In Chinese Manufacturing Growth The AP reports, “China’s manufacturers suffered sluggish growth in orders in June as inflation-fighting curbs on credit took a toll on demand,” according to the most recent Purchasing Managers’ Index from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. The index dropped to 50.9 for June, from 52 the previous month. This is the fourth straight month the PMI has fallen. “Declines were greatest in the production, new orders, purchasing volume and prices for raw materials indices,” according to the survey, which “also showed a contraction in production of chemicals, textiles, and transportation equipment. Imports and new export orders also slowed.” Bloomberg News notes that this is the lowest reading for the index “since February 2009, signaling that the world’s second-biggest economy is cooling as export demand weakens and the government reins in credit to control inflation.” Bloomberg notes, “Manufacturing, which accounts for about half of China’s economy, is moderating as government policies curb demand for housing and cars, power shortages crimp output and monetary tightening limits company funding.” A2Z METALWORKER

20 •

July/Aug 2011

An engineer that has been involved with the development of Honda’s household cogeneration units, says:Although the amount of power generated is small at one kilowatt, I get excited about the possibilities when I think that our system installed in one million households would be the equivalent of one electric power plant, and dream about the possibilities. So why do it? From Honda’s point of view, this technology can play nicely with plugin vehicles and, perhaps even more importantly, means that an event like the Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis would not leave thousands of Japan’s residents powerless.

E n g i n E E R i n g

f R o M

T s u g A M i

Make it Perfect. Make it Quick. Repeat the Process, Again and Again.

Produce consistently high quality medical implants and components with Swiss-style precision machine tools from Tsugami and highly skilled application engineering from Rem Sales.

910 Day Hill Road Windsor, CT 06095 (860) 687-3400

Precisely the Best



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July/Aug 2011

Force Protection to Provide Additional Buffalo Vehicles to US Army Force Protection Industries has received two firm-fixed-price modification contracts worth $71.3m to provide and support US Army armored vehicles in overseas combat operations.

Why Contact Faustson Tool? • We are a leader in 5 Axis Manufacturing Technology, including 5 Axis Milling and 5 Axis EDM. • We have 30 Years of Experience Servicing Customers. Fauston Tool is a Woman Owned Small Business. • Our customers span the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Semi-Conductor, Energy and Aeronautic industries. • Our certifications include: ISO 9001:2000, JPL Flight Certified , Ball Flight Certified, MPC Flight Certified , LASP Flight Certified, ITAR Certified Ball Aerospace: First ever delegated supplier

Call Today! www.faustson.com • 303.420.7422 6803 Joyce Street, Ste A Arvada, CO 80007

The first $63.8m contract has been awarded by the US Army Contracting Command for the delivery of 56 Buffalo mine-protected clearance vehicles. The second $7.5m award is a six-month renewal of 55 field service representatives (FSRs) to conduct general maintenance and upgrade operations on mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles. Force Protection COO Randy Hutcherson said, “The Buffalo remains the cornerstone of the US Army’s route clearance operations. It has performed exceptionally well since going into initial service in 2003 and saved countless lives.” Work on the first contract is expected to begin in January 2012 and to be completed by 31 July 2012, while the second contract activities will be performed in overseas theatres of operation and are expected to be completed by 31 December 2011.

Alloy Converts Heat Into Electricity Popular Science reports that according to researchers at the University of Minnesota, a new multiferroic alloy “can convert heat directly into electricity” and “can be either non-magnetic and highly magnetic, depending on its temperature.” Ni45Co5Mn40Sn10 “undergoes a reversible phase transformation, in which one type of solid turns into another type of solid when the temperature changes,” the researchers said. Motor vehicles are “one obvious use” for the material, but the alloy “could also be used in power plants or even ocean thermal energy generators, the researchers said.”

Siemens Working To Diversify Rare Earth Sources Bloomberg News reports, “Siemens AG is working to obtain rare earths used in its wind turbines from outside China, the world’s biggest supplier, after the nation curbed production of the strategic commodities to reduce environmental damage. “The company “is seeking to develop supplies for rare earths in Australia, Russia, Greenland and California that will limit price increases and keep materials crucial to their products flowing, said Henrik Stiesdal, chief technology officer of Siemens Wind Power.”


22 • July/Aug 2011

Stiesdal added, “It will take a longer time before Australia and the US have working mines.”


• 23 • July/Aug 2011

Textron to Supply Additional ASVs to US Army Textron Marine & Land Systems has been awarded a contract to supply the US Army with 65 additional M1117 armored security vehicles (ASVs). 7130 West 117th Avenue, Unit D-4, P.O. Box 1904, Broomfield, CO 80038

303-466-7342 • Fax 303-465-2117 We Specialize in Structural and Sheet Metal Fabricating Equipment. We Can Provide Engineering and Consultation for Your Individual Needs.






super carbide tools CO EFFE ST C TOOLITIVE NG



QUALITY...Through Manufacturing Excellence!

i cr o QuIk

The ASV is a 4×4 wheeled armored vehicle that provides protection against small arms fire, artillery projectile fragments, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and land mines. The vehicles perform a variety of missions including scout, reconnaissance, command and control and maintenance as well as field artillery combat observation and lasing teams (COLT) with the M1200 Armored Knight configuration. Vehicles will be manufactured at the company’s facilities in New Orleans, US. The company has produced 3,161 ASVs for the US Army to date.

Semiconductor unit sales to grow 8.6% in 2011, says Semico



The $49.6m award is a contract option exercised by the US Army Contracting Command under a previous contract.



Unique “3 POINT” Locking/Locating Tooling System Engineered for Maximum Tool Rigidity and Centerline Repeatability within +.0005” from Tool to Tool! Reduce Machine...Setup, Downtime, Tooling Costs, Tooling Inventories while Boosting Productivity! Tools Manufactured with the... Exclusive... MICRO 100 Proprietary Process! PROUDLY

Semiconductor unit sales remain strong and are expected to reach 718 billion in 2011, an 8.6% growth over 2010, according to Semico Research. Unit sales are driving wafer demand at both advanced and mature fabs. Total silicon demand is expected to grow by 10% in 2011, said the market researcher.

In the first quarter of 2011, semiconductor unit sales increased 1.3% over the fourth quarter of 2010 reflecting an unusually healthy growth compared to the traditionally slow or negative seasonal pattern for the first quarter of the year, Semico observed. Unit sales rose 6% from a year earlier in the first quarter of 2011 compared. Semico estimated that second-quarter 2011 would register a 6% growth sequentially with a corresponding growth in wafer demand. Semiconductor devices that are leading the growth trend in both units and wafers include DRAM, NAND and MCU, Semico said. Smartphone and tablet sales continue to drive NAND flash demand. The main driver for DRAM demand is still the computing market including notebooks and servers, Semico pointed out.


MICRO 100 TOOL CORPORATION 1410 E. Pine Avenue Meridian, ID. 83642





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Max Steinbach Micro 100 Tool Corporation Northwest Sales Manager


24 • July/Aug 2011

Phone: Fax: Email:

800-421-8065 208-888-2106 msteinbach@micro 100.com

Semicon indicated that it is cautious about the second half of 2011 due to the decline in its inflection point indicator (IPI). However, the index has already logged in two months of increase, providing some indication that the slowdown will be brief, according to Semico.


• 25 • July/Aug 2011

future months from our Florence plant, in addition to building for domestic manufacturers.”

Shop Tools, Inc., Colorado’s Largest Independent Distributor, Is Celebrating Over 30 Years In Business!

We Are The ‘PRO’ in Productivity! 7100 Broadway Unit 8B Denver, CO 80221 Ph. 303-375-9190 Fax: 303-375-9198

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www.shoptools.com www.shoptools.com

Rockwell Makes Device To Return Planes To Normal Flight The Wall Street Journal reports on a new device being developed by Rockwell-Collins, referred to in the article as a “panic button.”The device would, when activated, have computers take control of a plane to return it to level flight. Rockwell Collins plans to include such a device in business jet packages within a couple years. The intent is to prevent against disoriented pilots causing stalls.The article contains several objections to the idea, chiefly that pilots and automated equipment do not always act as intended.

Mazak Announces Increased Production for 2011 Mazak has announced increased production levels at its facility in Florence, Kentucky. Fueled by the economic recovery, the company has experienced a steady increase in demand over the past nine months particularly after the IMTS Show in Chicago. Mazak projects monthly output of its Florence plant to reach 130 machine tools per month by the close of Q2 2011 and growing throughout the remainder of 2011. In terms of dollar value, this will represent the largest output ever produced at the plant, due largely to market demand shifting the production mix to favor larger and more complex Multi-Tasking models of machines. “Over the past two years, Mazak continued to invest heavily in the ongoing productivity of our U.S. production facility, despite the poor economic conditions of 2009,” says Brian Papke, president of Mazak. “We have further refined and improved our Production on Demand system to become extremely responsive to real time customer needs. Additionally, a high level of vertical integration allows us tremendous control in reacting to market conditions.With the present value of the dollar, we will be exporting more machines in A2Z METALWORKER

26 • July/Aug 2011

Mazak produces over 100 models of machines tools at its Florence plant. During the economic downturn, the company invested $13 million in expanding the facility’s capabilities through additional floor space and technology upgrades. Similar investment will continue into 2011, with the installation of another VERSATECH V-140N 5-axis doublecolumn machining center for large part production. Mazak will also be adding a Mazak Optonics cell with three laser fabrication centers in 2011.

Silicon for tablet computers will be $14B industry by 2015 The Apple iPad is helping to drive a market for tablet computers that will make the silicon products within them a $14 billion industry by 2015. Tablet computers, led by Apple Inc. ’s iPad, are pushing the need for silicon — and that portion of the industry should be worth $14 billion by 2015, according to a study by In-Stat . “Global sales for tablets are on the rise as a result of continued consumer demand, global expansion of tablets and a wider adoption of these devices,” said Stephanie Ethier, a senior analyst with InStat. “In 2015, tablet and e-reader silicon will account for nearly 85 percent of all silicon content, dominating the category.” E-readers, such as Amazon.com ’s Kindle, will have estimated sales of 40 million units by 2015, and tablet computers will surpass 110 million units by 2013, according to the study.

I AM Made In The USA At Mazak’s Florence, KY Factory, Established In 1974!

THE SMART CHOICE I EASILY move from heavy-duty to high-speed machining applications, making me ideal for job shops and specialty manufacturers alike. I PROVIDE a 12,000-rpm, 25-hp 40-taper spindle with a maximum torque of 70.2 ft/lbs. I AM bi-lingual thanks to my MAZATROL SMART control, which allows me to use both EIA/ISO programs and conversational programming languages. I RIDE on the Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System to deliver unmatched levels of rigidity, durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. I AM smart with Intelligent Machine functions that boost my accuracy, reliability and productivity. I INCORPORATE an environmentally friendly and ergonomic design that provides an easily accessible workspace and simplifies maintenance. I AM your highly rewarding, easy-to-use, go-to guy, ready to tackle whatever work you give me.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified


41 West Guest Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

AnPhone ISO (801) 263.6403 • FaxTechnology Solutions (801) 263.6404 9001:2008 www.smithmachinetools.com for Competitive Registered An ISO 9001-2000 Registered Company Manufacturing Company



WWW.MAZAKUSA.COM Tel: 859-342-1700 Florence, Kentucky 41 West Guest Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

THE LARGEST EVENT OF ITS KIND Florence, Kentucky October 18-20 & 25-27, 2011

Phone (801) 263.6403 • Fax (801) 263.6404 www.smithmachinetools.com

An ISO 9001-2000 Registered Company


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myTH #3 Control Software Doesn’t Matter

FACT SOFTWARE mATTERS. The fact is, because software compensates for the way the jet flexes during waterjet cutting, it has the power to increase speed and accuracy, and lower your cost per part. OMAX is committed to truth in technology. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask us for a test cut.


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Fuel Efficiency To Factor In Future Programs: Lynn The U.S. Defense Department will take into account fuel efficiency when drafting requirements for new programs, the department’s No. 2 official said recently at the U.S. Army & U.S. Air Force Energy Forum in Arlington, Va. “In addition to traditional performance parameters such as speed, range and payload, we will now consider system energy performance parameters in the requirements and acquisitions process,” deputy defense secretary William Lynn said. Lynn added that fuel costs would be taken into account through all phases of acquisition, including analysis of alternatives “for all major defense acquisitions.”Taking fuel costs into account would also help manage the life-cycle cost of new equipment, he said. “The Marines have taken a first step in this direction this past year when they used system energy performance parameters in the development of a new surveillance system,” Lynn said. The Army and the Air Force also have a number of developmental efforts that take energy into account as part of their requirements, he added. Air Force undersecretary Erin Conaton echoed Lynn’s comments, but she added that it’s still a work in progress. “Some of the work is already ongoing inside our acquisitions community, but there is more work to do,” she said. “It just needs to become part of the standard acquisitions processes.”

One COmpany. everything yOu need. When it COmes tO abrasive Waterjet maChining, OMAX Corporation has everything you need. OMAX is a single-source provider of the industry’s most innovative abrasive waterjet technology. With the OMAX and MAXIEM lines of waterjet equipment, we offer a complete range of capabilities from industry standard to high performance. When it comes to waterjets, OMAX is the only partner you need.

Army undersecretary Joe Westphal added that, at present, his service doesn’t do well at taking fuel costs into account when building hardware. That needs to change, Westphal said. Fundamentally, the culture inside the department needs to change so that fuel efficiency becomes something that is a priority, Conaton said. Making sure that it becomes entrenched within the Pentagon bureaucracy will be difficult, she said - however, there may be a way to make these changes stick.

Airbus, Boeing Split Large American Airlines Order NBC Nightly News reported, “American Airlines has placed the largest jet order in the history of the airline business. ... They will now go from an all Boeing fleet to splitting this new order between Boeing and Airbus of Europe. It’s such a large order it can actually hurt their competitors by grabbing up the available jets both companies can pump out over the next years.” CBS Evening News reported, “The deal is a major coup for Airbus, the European company had not done business with American since the 1980s. Now they’re building American 260 airplanes. Boeing will provide 200 737s, which it says will help create 3,000 jobs.”

www.omax.com 1.800.838.0343 WWW. MAXIEMWATERJETS .COM TEL 877-MAXIEM5 (877-629-4365) Made in the USA


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July/Aug 2011

Alumasteel Quality Products Delivered On Time. Alumasteel is a structural steel and plate fabricator located in Salt

Lake City, Utah.The company, a family owned and operated business, specializes in the custom fabrication of structural steel, conveyors, equipment supports, piping, chutes, hoppers and miscellaneous metals. They fabricate from carbon steel and exotic metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, inconel, hastelloy etc.

Alumasteel supports their customers’ mechanical assembly needs, including mounting idlers, pulleys, motors, pumps, and piping.They have designed, built and delivered unique service solutions to customers throughout the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, China and Russia. Alumasteel was founded in 1972 by Bob Norton, an experienced steel fabricator, and over the past nearly 4 decades, it has grown dramatically into a multi-disciplined, customer-centric company. Alumasteel is comprised of diverse, yet complementing components, offering single-source solutions for the steel and a multitude of other

Alumasteel Services: Safety - Alumasteel is dedicated to maintaining a safety-focused and environmentally conscious business. They have developed a proactive approach to safety and the environment for both customers and employees.This in turn creates value and safeguards their most important asset --- their customers. Consulting - As recognized leaders in working with clients to help them think “outside the box,” Alumasteel has developed some of the most innovative steel fabrication solutions, which affords their clients a distinct competitive edge. Construction - As part of their dedicated customer-centric service features, Alumasteel offers a comprehensive range of construction and construction management services throughout the industry. Fabrication and Manufacturing - Alumasteel is well respected as one of the most complete fabricators of industrial steel solutions with decades of design-build expertise, and a staff of AWS certified welders. Alumasteel is well versed in delivering premium equipment

industries throughout the world. Ryan Norton, Bob’s son, joined the firm in 1989, and today is General Manager of the company. Ryan says, “What differentiates Alumasteel from others in our industry is that we serve a niche -- fabricating custom parts for our industrial customers, who are engineering firms -- on time and done right.” The company operates today in its 18,000 square foot facility, but has experienced such explosive growth that it is now planning for its January, 2012 move to a new facility across the street from its current location.The new facility will be 80,000 square foot in size, and Ryan says it will enable the company to add more machines and services for its customers. A2Z METALWORKER

30 • July/Aug 2011

and services components at the best value for their worldwide clients.

Maintenance - Alumasteel is fast becoming one of the most respected maintenance contractors in the world. They provide efficiency and capacity-enhancing solutions to their clientele in the mining, energy, waste water, communications, sand and gravel, industrial plants, fiberglass, salt, chemical, oil, recycling, steel mills, cement, filtering and materials industries. Project Delivery/Project Management - The team at Alumasteel believes in a streamlined, cost-effective, state-of-the-art approach to all of systems and processes. The company fosters in their team an acute focus on all project details to ensure their clients’ products are delivered on time and within budget. Technology - The constant pursuit of leading-edge technologies remains a core component of the Alumasteel strategic plan. Their expanding technology portfolio features value-added, groundbreaking solutions for clients in every facet of their business.

maintenance. The frame consists of a heavy duty, solid welded steel structure giving maximum rigidity and performance. All controls of the guillotine shear can be carried out quickly and easily via the control panel located on the front of the machine. Ryan says this acquisition increased the company’s flexibility in shearing, as it allowed Alumasteel to shear larger parts for their customers.

Equipment - Alumasteel has a long-standing relationship with their premier machine tool dealer, Jorgensen Machine Tools. Ryan says that his father bought one of the first couple of machines when Roger Jorgensen just opened up for business, nearly 40 years ago. (Both company founders are pictured below). “We continue to buy nearly all of our equipment through Jorgensen because they’ve treated us very well since we started up for business. They support our needs with great service and a knowledgeable staff, and they routinely support us through the learning curve inherent in buying new machinery.” He continued, “It is such an advantage that they are locally owned and operated.”

• Alumasteel’s latest machine acquisition, purchased through Jorgensen Machine Tools, was a 440 ton -13 foot - 5 axis Durma press brake ( JMT AD-S40400). The new Durma press brake offers Alumasteel many advantages, the team says. It increases the tonnage they can support to 1” plate, and it is much easier for the operators to operate, particularly in changing dies. The computer functions available with the new machine enable the team at Alumasteel to reduce lead times and increase the quality on jobs that are run multiple times.

The company continually re-invests into the business with new capital equipment acquisitions. Listed below is a description of some of their latest of their equipment:

For more information on Alumasteel, a superior custom structural steel and plate fabricator, call them at 801-973-8600 or visit their website (www.Alumasteel.com).

• The company recently purchased a 1/2” (12 mm) 12 foot Krras shear from Jorgensen Machine Tools. The Krras guillotine shear affords strict quality control to achieve a long life of minimal

To learn more about Jorgensen Machine Tools’ machine tools, fabricating and sheet metal equipment, call them at 801-493-0151 or visit www.jorgensenmachinetools.com.


• 31 • July/Aug 2011

801-487-9700 www.superiorgrinding.com 245 West Crossroads Square S. Salt Lake, Utah 84115

NOW NOW ISO ISO 9000...2008 9000...2008 CERTIFIED CERTIFIED Long bar grinding up to 20’ long. (Dia depends on Weight) Some Bar Straightening. (We can supply you with material ground to size or you canhave your material sent to us to be ground to size.) Centerless grinding (polish or stock removal) Plunge grinding (Close tolerance and long runs) (Specialize in Production Runs of, pins, shafts, medical parts etc) Angle or surface 144” x 8” x 4”

Through feed grinding up to 5” OD (Length depends on weight) Blanchard grinding 40” swing and 14” under head I.D./O.D. grinding Digital Readout Close Toll. O.D. – 45” L x 12” O.D. I.D. – 9” depth x 10” I.D. Blade Grinding Industrial Machines-12 foot long magnetic beds Surface grinding (12” W / 28” H / 52” L)

We can supply you with material ground to size or you can have your material sent to us to be ground to size.

June 2011 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business® Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in June for the 23rd consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 25th consecutive month, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business®. The report was issued recently by Bradley J. Holcomb, CPSM, CPSD, chair of the Institute for Supply Management™ Manufacturing Business Survey Committee. “The PMI registered 55.3 percent, an increase of 1.8 percentage points from May, indicating expansion in the manufacturing sector for the 23rd consecutive month. New orders and production were both modestly up from last month, and employment showed continued strength with an increase of 1.7 percentage points to 59.9 percent. The rate of increase in prices slowed for the second consecutive month, dropping 8.5 percentage points in June to 68 percent. This follows a similar reduction of 9 percentage points in the Prices Index in May, and is the lowest figure since August 2010 when the index registered 61.5 percent. While the rate of price increases has slowed and the list of commodities up in price has shortened, commodity and input prices continue to be a concern across several industries.” PERFORMANCE BY INDUSTRY Of the 18 manufacturing industries, 12 are reporting growth in June, in the following order: Miscellaneous Manufacturing; Printing & Related Support Activities; Computer & Electronic Products; Paper Products; Textile Mills; Petroleum & Coal Products; Nonmetallic Mineral Products;Transportation Equipment; Chemical Products; Fabricated Metal Products; Machinery; and Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components.The five industries reporting contraction in June are: Plastics & Rubber Products; Apparel, Leather & Allied Products; Primary Metals; Wood Products; and Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products. A2Z METALWORKER

32 • July/Aug 2011

WHAT RESPONDENTS ARE SAYING... “We continue to see inflation, though at a reduced rate [compared] to earlier months.” (Chemical Products) “Slight slowdown in overall business in both domestic and international markets, although still above 2010 at the same time.” (Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components) “The earthquake and related issues in Japan have caused shortages of some automotive equipment, negatively impacting global automotive production.” (Fabricated Metal Products) “Sales continue to be stronger than expected across both retail and industrial channels. Material costs are definitely rising and will force increases to end-use customers.” (Paper Products) “High commodity prices continue to be worrisome.” (Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products) “Business is still up and down, with no real upside potential for us until the housing market rebounds.” (Furniture & Related Products) “Customers are still being cautious with their buying. Certain plastics and metal prices continue to rise.” (Machinery)

Makino F5 Vertical Machining Center

Introducing the a51nx. It’s a one-machine expansion program. It expands the work envelope by 14%, boosts spindle torque 19%, improves rigidity for higher Familiar Makino performance quality at a not-so-familiar new F-Series metal-removal rates and and reduced vibration, price. cutsThe non-cut timeVertical with

an axis acceleration of 1G,

Machining Centers from Makino feature a high-performance spindle, robust construction for

crushes index time by 65% and increases reliability. Most of all, the a51nx enables you to expand

superior accuracy and SGI.4 for unparalleled surface finish on cores and cavities. That’s a lot

your ability to make faster. See at makino.com/a51nx. of hardmilling performance in lower-cost a machine anyparts shop can afford. Get how more familiar with all the features at makino.com/F5. Denver Showroom

Salt Lake City Showroom

Denver, CO 80204 Phone: 303.571.4933

Salt Lake City, UT 84104 Phone: 801.886.2221

For more information on all Makino products in637 Arizona, contact David Gundersen at 602-228-0347 or David.Gundersen@makino.com. 3676 W. California Ave. Osage Street © 2011 Makino


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Manufacturing, Inc.

Experts in Manufacturing of High Strength Steel and Non-Ferrous Parts for Aircraft... A Disabled Veteran Owned Business the business Richard had founded. They agreed to terms and it was decided that CM Manufacturing, Inc. would relocate to Missoula, Montana, and it would expand with a machine shop of its own. Controlling quality would entirely be under the control of Richard and Ken.

If you require some of the most mission critical parts, with extremely tight tolerances, whether it is for defense/military aircraft or for commercial aircraft, or it is for medical equipment, CM Manufacturing, Inc. is worth contacting. The company, based in Missoula, Montana, today supplies parts as a Tier 1 supplier to such demanding customers as the Department of Defense, Boeing, and Lockheed, to name a few.

Procurement, and he worked on a daily basis with the Defense Center Management Agency (DCMA). He additionally expanded his knowledge of landing gears, government specifications, and how to process parts. In 1984, Richard launched his business, called CM Manufacturing, Inc., in Cleveland, OH. Both Richard and his wife, Collette, were the sole employees of the

CM Manufacturing, Inc. was founded by Richard Johnson, a retired Airforce Veteran who served in Vietnam. Richard was injured while serving our country, and so the company is a designated DisabledVeteran Owned Business. After retiring from the Airforce, Richard went to work for The Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Co., as it was then called, and the company made drills, valves, and couplings.The company was later acquired by BF Goodrich. During his tenure at the company, Richard learned the intricacies of Government

34 • July/Aug 2011

Since moving to Missoula, Montana, and establishing an internal machine shop to manufacture parts for their customers, Ken says the company has grown by 500%. Today, the company has tripled its facility, and operates two shifts with more than 20 employees. The company works on a daily basis with extensive non-destructive testing requirements, chrome plated, cadmium plated and painted parts, and they are well accustomed to working with all the major aircraft manufactures specifications. CM Manufacturing averages 250-300 individual contracts per year with the aerospace/ defense giants, and they manufacture more than 70,000 parts per year, that range in size from .5” to 20” (1/4” to 14” diameter).

entity, which brokered precision parts to the Defense Industry. While the company was successful from the onset, the largest obstacle the company faced was ensuring that high quality parts were consistently produced and were delivered on time, since CM Manufacturing had to rely upon external suppliers to actually produce the parts. Richard and Collette’s son, Ken Johnson, went back to family roots in Missoula, Montana, where Collette had grown up, to attend college. At The University of Montana, he earned a degree in Finance.


In 1997, Ken and Richard joined as partners, Richard with 51% ownership, and Ken with 49%.The company opened its machine shop in a 4800 square foot facility, and purchased a couple of CNC machines.

Both Richard and Ken entertained the idea of going into business together with

Their machining material capabilities include: Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Forgings, Inconel, Copper, Bronze, PH-30 and Delrin.

“Our machinist was very accustomed to the Mazak machines, and he felt they were the best machines in the market. We looked at a few competitive machines, and ultimately determined that our machinist was right Mazak was the best choice for us. In 1998 we purchased our first Mazak lathe.”

Five years ago, partners Richard and Ken made the decision to certify to the rigorous ISO9001/AS9100 standard. Ken says, “We were one of the first job shops in all of Montana to certify to this standard, and even today, I believe we are one of 2 or 3 shops in the state who are certified.” Today the company’s report cards are exemplary, with a 100% quality rating, and Silver status with Boeing on On Time Delivery. Ken credits the entire team with consistently producing quality parts on time. The team is both seasoned and loyal to the company, with the average tenure per employee of 7 years.The company additionally

to satisfy customer JIT and cost demands. Part accuracy is improved by eliminating multiple setups. Since then, CM Manufacturing admits they don’t entertain other machine tool dealer’s products. “We buy strictly Mazak”, Ken said, “and we buy from Smith Machinery in Salt Lake City.Their service and support is outstanding. They even provide all of the maintenance services on our machines”, he added. The company’s latest Mazak machine purchase was the INTEGREX® J-SERIES II. Mazak developed the new Integrex j-Series to greatly simplify the operation, programming, and machine setups-- all at an extremely reasonable price.Integrex® is the merger of a high-powered turning center and a full-function machining center to produce parts in a single setup. It works

utilizes some of the latest manufacturing technology and products, including the JobBoss MRP system, and their automated programmable CMMs. Ken says that the first machinist he and Richard hired determined the machine tool builder who would ultimately become CM Manufacturing’s builder of choice - Mazak. “We purchased some entry level machines when we first opened the machine shop”, Ken said. “They served their purpose initially”, he continued, “but when you are machining some of the most difficult, tight tolerance parts, we needed more machine.”

Two experienced machinists at CM Manufacturing were trained by Smith Machinery’s Applications Engineer, Ben Anderson, for one week of onsite instruction. The two are also planning to attend Mazak’s one week training seminar in Florence, KY, next month.

to eliminate multiple setups, fixtures, tools, handling and waiting time, which simply add to your manufacturing costs. In addition, Done-In-One machining brings dramatic reductions in lead-time and efficient lot sizes

While the Mazak Integrex® has only been installed and operational for 3 months now, Ken says the benefits are enormous. “We added 30% capacity immediately with the machine, and it is so quick. Because we can complete a part in one process, we expect that our set-up time is reduced by 15%, our run-time is approximately 10% faster, and our scrap rate is lower, since we aren’t moving a part from one machine to another. For job shops that are space constrained, the footprint of the Integrex® should be 40% less than purchasing a lathe and a mill.” For more information on CM Manufacturing, a superior Disabled Veteran Owned precision machine shop, call them at 406543-4450 or visit www.cmman.com. A2Z METALWORKER

• 35 • July/Aug 2011

Automakers add jobs by the thousands Volkswagen, Nissan and General Motors are expanding in Tennessee. Toyota is adding employees in Mississippi and Alabama. Honda has jobs to fill in Indiana, and GM is looking for workers in Detroit.Two years after the end of the Great Recession, the auto industry is hiring again — and much faster than the rest of the economy. As an employer, it’s growing faster than airplane manufacturers, shipbuilders, health-care providers and the federal government.The hiring spree is even more remarkable because memories of the U.S. auto industry’s near-death experience are fresh. In 2009, General Motors and Chrysler got government bailouts and entered bankruptcy, and auto sales hit a 30-year low.
Now sales are back up, and automakers are hiring by the thousands to meet increased consumer demand for their vehicles.
Nissan has begun hiring up to 1,300 workers for its new lithium-ion battery plant and Leaf electric-car assembly line in Smyrna.
General Motors already has started adding the more than 500 workers it will need for a new four-cylinder engine assembly line at its plant in Spring Hill.

 Toyota is hiring 2,000 people for its new plant in Blue Springs, Miss., and is adding 240 employees to its new four-cylinder engine line in Huntsville, Ala.

Honda is hiring 1,000 in Indiana to meet demand for its best-selling Civic.

General Motors is looking for 2,500 in Detroit to build the Chevy Volt.
Volkswagen began production at a new plant in Chattanooga last month that will soon have 2,000 workers.


The Rocky Mountain Region’s Complete Manufacturing Center

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36 • July/Aug 2011

Besides hiring 2,000 people itself, the German automaker figures that its plant, which will make a new U.S. version of the Passat sedan, will create 9,000 spin-off jobs in the region. Already, more than 500 workers have been hired at several Volkswagen suppliers that have begun operations near the plant.
 U.S. auto sales fell drastically during the recession, to below 10 million in 2008 from a high of more than 16 million in 2007. Sales rebounded to 10.4 million cars and trucks in 2009 and 11.6 million in 2010. This year, they’re on track to reach 13 million or more, and auto companies are adding shifts and restarting closed assembly lines to meet the demand.

 “Everybody got so lean and mean during the downturn that they’re trying to rebuild staff,” said Charles Chesbrough, a senior economist with IHS Automotive.

Tennessee had 107,052 auto-manufacturing jobs at the end of December, up 2,000 from mid-2010, but the total is expected to reach 133,000 by the end of this year, according to the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

 There is still no new product for the vehicle assembly line at GM’s Spring Hill plant, where production of the Chevrolet Traverse was halted in November 2009 and transferred to Michigan, furloughing about 2,000 workers. But United Auto Workers union officials at the facility are confident that increasing sales will soon make it necessary for GM to restart the production line with a new vehicle; in the meantime, new jobs on the plant’s expanding engine lines are bringing

back some of the furloughed employees.

 Nationally, auto industry employment is almost 700,000, up 12 percent since June 2009. That compares with a 0.2 percent gain for the economy as a whole, excluding farming and adjusted for seasonal variation.

Automakers are doing it with cheaper labor. Four years ago, the UAW agreed to a contract that allowed Detroit’s automakers to hire some new workers at $14 per hour, or half the starting pay of workers at that time. While the UAW doesn’t represent workers at foreign-owned plants, those companies generally match UAW pay.

 At a recent GM event in Toledo, Ohio, UAW Vice President Joe Ashton was unapologetic about the wage cuts and said the union would consider allowing more $14-per-hour jobs in the future.
 Auto companies are racing to hire white-collar workers, too. Monster. com has more than 100 postings for auto engineers, including a handful for Hyundai and Subaru. Electric batteries, touch-screen dashboards and other technology are becoming more common, so automakers need engineers with expertise.

Some auto suppliers say it’s difficult to recruit enough workers. That’s the case at the Carlex Glass Plant in Nashville, formerly owned by Ford, which is struggling to find engineers and production supervisors.

Randy Floreska was recruited by GM at a competition for college students to design and build hybrid cars.

We’ve been passionate about Waterjet for years. At Flow, in 1979, Dr. Mohamed Hashish invented the abrasive waterjet...

...though his passion started well before then.

Today he continues to develop breakthrough waterjet solutions with an equally passionate team of experts at Flow.

Our passion for waterjets, years of experience, and dedication to our customers drives us. Waterjet is our life. Driven by passion. Inspired by you.

“Here in the battery lab, there’s so much youth and so much opportunity for growth,” he said.

Peak appears past

U.S. auto employment may never reach its previous heights. The industry last topped 1 million workers in 2007, and most analysts don’t expect it to reach that level again. The Center for Automotive Research predicts total industry employment of about 877,000 in 2025.

The Detroit automakers have shed nine brands — including Pontiac, Mercury and Hummer — and closed 25 plants since 2005. Mexico, China and other countries with cheap labor are competing for jobs. And automation lets every company do more work with fewer people.
 “I really do believe that we are seeing a renaissance in the American automobile industry,” said James Brock, a professor of economics

FlowWaterjet.com info@flowcorp.com 800.446.3569

at Farmer School of Business at Miami University.

Associated Press writers Tom Krisher in Detroit and Christopher S. Rugaber and Paul Wiseman in Washington contributed to this report.

Airbus Looks At Reducing Weight Of A350 Aviation Daily reported, “Airbus is pressing hard to ensure the A350-900 program will not suffer another delay, but also is having to look at cutting weight off the twin-widebody.” Gordon McConnell, A350 chief engineer admitted the plane weighs more than planned but “stresses he has ‘no doubt at all’ the weight mitigation program will be sufficient to meet performance guarantees made to airlines.” A2Z METALWORKER

• 37 • July/Aug 2011

Manufacturing Technology Suppliers Applaud Advanced Manufacturing Initiative

GladhillAssociates Associates International Gladhill International


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38 • July/Aug 2011


66 •Mar/Apr 2010

Douglas K. Woods, President of AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, greeted news of the Administration’s launch of its Advanced Manufacturing Partnership with optimism that the U.S. government is finally realizing the important role manufacturing technology plays in national security and sustained economic growth. “AMT is encouraged by the Administration’s continued focus on the manufacturing sector,”Woods said. “The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership is the second initiative announced this month that emphasizes recommendations set forth in AMT’s Manufacturing Mandate.” The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership in a national effort to bring industry, universities and the federal government together to invest in emerging technologies that create manufacturing jobs and boost global competitiveness, particularly in industries critical to national security. The $500 million plan uses existing funds and future appropriations from various federal agencies to boost innovation in manufacturing technologies such as small, high-powered batteries, advanced composites, metal fabrication, bio-manufacturing and alternative engineering. The goal is to enhance defense-critical industries; build U.S. leadership in next-generation robotics; increase energy efficiency in manufacturing; and develop technologies to help improve manufacturing efficiency. “Collaboration is key to speeding the development of next-generation manufacturing technologies and products, as well as building a manufacturing smartforce,”Woods said. “Leveraging existing funds to jumpstart this effort is a big plus given the current deficit. However, as Congress grapples with the debt ceiling and budget this summer, it must consider that investments in science, technology and smartforce made today will increase revenue in the long-run.” “As the representative for U.S. manufacturing technology suppliers,AMT is eager to work with the stakeholders on this important collaborative effort to regain worldwide leadership in manufacturing,”Woods concluded.

Raytheon Wins $1.7B Contract For Saudi Arabia Missile Defense The Wall Street Journal reports Raytheon said it has landed a contract to supply Saudi Arabia with an upgraded Patriot air and missile defense system. The deal, reportedly worth $1.7 billion, is part of the defense contractor’s increased focus on international markets, the Journal adds. The Boston Globe reports, “The deal was large even by defense industry standards, analysts said, and is good news for Raytheon.” Jefferies & Co. analyst Howard Rubel added, “I think it shows that there is a very important cooperative relationship between the US government and Saudi Arabia.”

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• 39 • July/Aug 2011

One source for all your gaging needs.

eowners choose the lease option. In addition, every Solar City system is guaranteed and comes with its own patented SolarGuard monitoring service to track system performance and alert Solar City professionals if things aren’t as they should be. It’s not hard to see why Solar City is engaging in this project; it’s a win-win from any angle. For Google, which has already participated in utility-scale (greater than 1 megawatt, or MW) wind and solar projects, as well as geothermal and other advanced renewable energy technologies, the investment is more about setting an example to corporate America, which has a reported $1 trillion in cash on balance sheets but a stranglehold on the purse strings (no wonder there are no jobs). It is, however, Google’s first foray into “distributed” generation; that is, many small solar energy systems feeding their electricity either directly to users or into a central grid -- as opposed to one giant solar energy array like Copper Mountain feeding all its power to the grid simultaneously.

Total Quality Systems Inc. 1783 West University, #135 Tempe, AZ 85281 480-377-6422 or 602-228-3863 fax 480-377-6426 E-mail todd@tqscorp.com Visit our web site for more information. www.tqscorp.com

Google, Solar City Team Up To Fund Residential Solar A partnership between Internet guru Google Inc. and Solar City, a private company leading the nation in single-source solar photovoltaic power installations for homes and businesses, will see $280 million dedicated to funding residential solar installations, thus making it the largest such fund in the U.S. 

 For Google, whose name has become a household word, the initiative is representative of the company’s faith in, and dedication to, renewable energy. In fact, the company has so far invested more than $680 million in renewable energy ventures, ranging from its 2008 solar program aimed at providing affordable solar installations to the East Bay (San Francisco, California), to its 2011 investment with Brightsource Energy.This most recent effort will be its largest investment to date. For Solar City, which has so far partnered with seven different entities to create $1.28 billion in solar projects, this most recent collaboration is natural, enabling the company to offer homeowners their unparalleled solar energy installations either as a point-of-sale option or as a leased installation, payable over the lifetime of the solar panels. In other words, homeowners can own their systems, or pay incrementally over about two decades, with no money down and low monthly payments. Add the cost to a reduced electricity bill, thanks to highly efficient solar panels, and Solar City systems are still a winner – even more so if homA2Z METALWORKER

40 • July/Aug 2011

Google, and Solar City, are hoping that sufficient installations under this initiative will test whether distributed generation can relieve the strain on the nation’s antiquated electricity grid and prevent brownouts by delivering electricity directly to the end user.

House approves $649 billion for defense in 2012 A $649 billion defense spending bill for next year easily passed the House of Representatives recently after four days of debate in which war-weary lawmakers sought to curb President Barack Obama’s combat operations in Afghanistan and Libya. The measure, approved 336-87 in the Republican-dominated House, would raise the Pentagon’s base budget for the 2012 fiscal year beginning on October 1 by about $17 billion over current levels, despite intense pressure to slash the $1.4 trillion U.S. deficit. The House cut about $8 billion from Obama’s overall defense spending request, voting to provide about $530 billion for the Pentagon’s primary budget and another $119 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama asked for about $690 billion for military spending for 2012.This House bill does not include funds for U.S. nuclear weapons programs or military construction, which come in other bills and add about $33 billion to defense spending. The House measure includes $5.9 billion to buy 32 Lockheed Martin’s radar-evading F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, $15.1 billion to build 10 Navy ships and $3.3 billion for 28 Boeing F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets and 12 EA-18 Growler electronic warfare aircraft. Congress is still weeks away from approving a final military spending bill ready for Obama to sign into law. The House bill will have to be melded with whatever measure is approved by the Senate, which is still working on its plan.

www.sharpcnc.com info@sharpcnc.com tel: 310.370.5990

www.sharpcnc.com info@sharpcnc.com tel: 310.370.5990

Precision Fabrication with TRUMPF Equipment Jake Bills is a true entrepreneur. He is bold and confident. 7 years ago, at the age of 23, Jake made the decision to open his own precision laser cutting business. “I was single at the time, and I had just purchased a new house. I figured that if my new business, called Laser Concepts, failed, I would just have to start over again, and in 3 years I would be right back to where I was.” Jake credits his parents with helping him to get over the fear hurdle of business ownership. He says both were entrepreneurs themselves. He also credits his prior employer, who taught Jake laser cutting over a period of more than seven years. But Jake wasn’t preparing for failure. The first machine he purchased for the business was the TRUMPF L3030 laser. Jake says, “I picked the TRUMPF laser because they make the best lasers in the world. OurTRUMPF laser is top of the line in accuracy, cut quality, consistency, and speed.This allows us to produce the best possible parts at a competitive price.” In fact, the team says they run the TRUMPF 10 times harder at 7 years old than when it was new. Jake says “It’s our workhorse.” Laser Concepts’ TRUMPF is equipped with the following: • 3,200 watts of power • 5’ x 10’ cutting table • Cutting speeds to 3,340 inches/minutes • +- .003” accuracy

• • • •

+- .001” repeatability Up to ½” thick mild steel Up to ½” thick stainless steel Up to ¼” thick aluminum

sion. We were able to land a dozen or so new customers who have turned out to be some of our best customers today. We also began more ground up design. We invested in SolidWorks and began designing in 3D. We found customers of ours who we had good relationships with and began developing new parts for them to market and sell. We tried our hands at retailing parts ourselves and found that it took time away from what we are good at which is designing and building parts. By designing for our customers we grew our business and theirs.

Jake and his team don’t believe in purchasing 3rd party software for their machines. Jake has experienced - first hand - finger pointing between 2 companies when an issue arises. “I use the TRUMPF TruTops programming and nesting software, and it works very well for us. Jake says, “I’ve used competitive software at my previous job, and the TruTops offers better nesting, more control over stop and start, and it is easy to set up constants.” In 2005, Laser Concepts opened in a 2000 square foot facility complete with their new superior TRUMPF laser. Jake says, “I was getting business, but within the first 9 months, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to compete and grow with just laser cutting capabilities. There were too many shops out there that did just that.” “I had never operated or really even been around a press brake prior to purchasing ours. Our experience with TRUMPF on our laser was very positive so I contacted Don Jones and Al Bohlen of TRUMPF and they helped to put together a package that offered the best machine for our shop. We bought the TRUMPF C60 66 ton CNC press brake. Jake says that the TRUMPF team that supports him is outstanding - they are knowledgeable, customer oriented, and they don’t try to sell more machine than you need. The team at Laser Concepts says that the TRUMPF press brake is extremely accurate, very fast, and easy to set up. Laser Concepts’ bending and forming capabilities include: 82” wide bending bed, 66 tons, Repeatability +-.005”, Accuracy +-.005”, Logo Embossing Two years into business ownership, Laser Concepts was growing so fast that they had to double their facility, expanding into 4200 square feet. They set up a welding shop, auto-sert pem press, a small mill, and some other fabrication equipment in the new portion of the building which completed the transition from laser cutting shop to full service fabrication shop. The recession impacted Laser Concepts, but as a well run lean company, they were able to weather the downturn. Jake says, “We marketed our shop aggressively during the beginning of the recesA2Z METALWORKER

42 • July/Aug 2011

Smart business ownership is paying off for Laser Concepts. “We are extremely busy”, Jake said. “This year we are up 100% in sales from last year. ” Today, Laser Concepts Inc is a full service precision sheet metal and fabrication shop. It not only offers its customers part marking, precision laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication, but with its Auto-Sert PEM hardware insertion machine (also supported by Don Jones and Precision Fab), radial arm tapping station, vibratory tumble deburring, and welding service, Laser Concepts is able to cut, bend, pem, tap, de-burr, and weld all in house. With Laser Concepts, you get the service of a small company, with the experience and technology of a big company. Fast turn, done right, and for a fair price. Call them at (801) 2807723 or go to www.laserconceptsinc.com.

Obama: Fiscal Commission Cut Defense Too Deep U.S. President Barack Obama believes cutting defense spending by nearly $1 trillion over the next decade, as suggested by the SimpsonBowles Commission, goes too far for a country still at war. “There were aspects of BowlesSimpson that I said from very early on were not the approach I would take,” Obama told reporters recently. “On defense spending, a huge amount of their savings on the discretionary side came out of defense spending. I think we need to cut defense, but as commander in chief, I’ve got to make sure that we’re cutting it in a way that recognizes we’re still in the middle of a war, we’re winding down another war, and we’ve got a whole bunch of veterans that we’ve got to care for as they come home.” Two-thirds of the government’s discretionary spending goes toward security, which besides DoD includes funding for the State Department, the intelligence community, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the nuclear weapons activities of the Department of Energy. In their final report, the commission recommended cutting security spending by roughly $1 trillion between 2012 and 2020. The Defense Department, along with other federal agencies, would be subject to strict spending caps. More specific recommendations included placing DoD civilians on a three-year pay freeze. The president’s fiscal commission was not alone in calling for cuts of this magnitude. The Bipartisan Policy Center’s deficit reduction proposal also called for a $1 trillion cut to defense spending over 10 years. In September, the Cato Institute outlined $1.2

trillion in cuts over 10 years in its report, “Budgetary Savings from Military Restraint.” The president has rejected these proposals and in April called for a $400 billion cut to security spending between 2012 and 2023. However, the Pentagon appears to be preparing for even leaner times. “I’m certainly doing budget drills beyond $400 billion,” Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters recently.

BAE Systems to provide suppor t to Falko Regional Aircraft The sale of the BAE Systems portfolio of aircraft and associated Asset Management business team to affiliates of certain funds managed by Fortress Investment Group LLC was completed last month, with BAE

Systems Regional Aircraft remaining as the foremost provider of support and engineering services for these aircraft. The purchaser of the BAE Systems Asset Management business, Falko Regional Aircraft Limited, and its affiliates commence business with a portfolio of BAE Systemsbuilt regional aircraft, including the BAe 146/Avro RJ regional jets, the ATP and Jetstream family of turboprops, plus the management of third party owned commercial aircraft. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Type Certificate Holder, BAE Systems Regional Aircraft will continue to provide the full range of Total Support solutions to existing and future operators of the in-service fleet of these BAE Systems aircraft. These services include continuing airworthiness support, spares and logistics support, rate-per-flying-hour spares programmes, technical support services and modifications. A2Z METALWORKER

• 43 • July/Aug 2011

agreement that significant cutbacks in what America spends to defend other countries would not put the country at greater risk.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Help Manufacturing in Colorado and to Help your Business! The RMTMA is the local Colorado chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association. RMTMA’s Mission is to assist Rocky Mountain custom precision manufacturers in achieving business success by providing resources and by fostering a thriving economic environment. “The real benefit I get by being a member is the networking that goes on at both the local and national meetings. I meet some of the most successful people in manufacturing.” Mike Mittler, Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool “Any business owner in today’s business climate that thinks they have all the answers and doesn’t need the strength and support of a strong business organization is being shortsighted.” Ron Overton, Overton Industries JOIN US ON OCTOBER 20TH FOR AN EVENING WITH STATE Please visit our Website: www.rmtma.com SENATOR ROLLIE HEATH.

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48% Think Major Cuts in Defense Spending Won’t Put America At Risk Nearly one-half of Americans now think the United States can make major cuts in defense spending without putting the country in danger. They believe even more strongly that there’s no risk in cutting way back on what America spends to defend other countries. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Adults feel it is possible to significantly reduce military spending without putting the American people at risk. Thirtyseven percent (37%) disagree and do not believe major defense cuts come without risk. Fifteen percent (15%) are not sure. Seventy-nine percent (79%) say the United States spends too much on defending other countries. Only four percent (4%) think America doesn’t spend enough protecting its friends. Thirteen percent (13%) feel these defense expenditures are about right. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Americans believe it is possible to significantly reduce the amount the United States spends defending other countries without putting the American people at risk. Just 15% believe this is not possible without putting the country in harm’s way. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democrats and 54% of adults not affiliated with either major party feel it is possible to make major spending cuts in defense spending without weakening national security. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Republicans feel otherwise. But there’s little partisan disA2Z METALWORKER

44 • July/Aug 2011

These findings take on added significance as Congress and the president debate ways to make significant long-term cuts in federal spending. Fifty-one percent (51%) of voters now recognize that most federal spending goes to only three areas – Social Security, Medicare and national defense. The survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted on July 15-16, 2011 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology. Seventy-two percent (72%) of adults correctly recognize that the United States has spent more than $100 billion annually fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past few years. Only three percent (3%) think that’s not true, while another 25% are not sure. Voters strongly question whether all U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year as President Obama has promised, but a plurality feels we should leave some troops there if the Iraqi government asks us to. Most Americans (62%) also realize that the United States has more than 250,000 troops deployed in more than 100 foreign countries not counting Iraq and Afghanistan. Nine percent (9%) think that isn’t true. Twenty-nine percent (29%) are not sure. The majority (51%) of men think it’s possible to significantly cut military spending overall without putting Americans at risk, a view shared by just 45% of women. But the two generally agree that there’s no increased risk to America in cutting back on defense spending to help other countries. Republicans and unaffiliated adults believe even more strongly than Democrats that the United States spends too much on defending other countries. Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters know that

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1974 Bucktail Lane, Sugar Grove, IL 80554 1-888-289-3367 • www.edmnetwork.com / CA • 951 306 4017 • info@edmnetwork.com the United States spends about six times as much on national defense as any other nation in the world.

program officer.

ONR-Funded Researchers Examine New Approaches For Future Manned And Unmanned Aircraft Operations

The demonstration, conducted June 23 by researchers at MIT, attempted to show how a person can manage, in this case 10 aircraft, where the operator encountered failures, ranging from the simple to the complex. The scenarios included catapult failures during launch operations and aircraft fuel and hydraulic leaks. More complex scenarios staged one aircraft fuel leak with a request for additional aircraft while there were conflicting priorities on the deck.

An Office of Naval Research (ONR)-sponsored effort to examine how aircraft carrier flight deck crews will manage manned and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), completed a successful live demonstration, ONR announced recently. The Deck operations Course of Action Planner (DCAP) demonstration was performed at the Humans and Automation Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). DCAP is a software tool designed to aid in planning on aircraft carrier flight decks--a congested and often times chaotic environment that not only includes a variety of aircraft but also ground equipment and personnel. The science and technology effort will provide flight deck personnel with automated planning tools, enhanced information displays, and new user interface approaches that make it much easier to interact with autonomous systems in challenging naval environments. The goal is to increase efficiency and safety in the deck environment, and reduce the need for special procedures and restrictions as increasing numbers of unmanned air systems are integrated into the fleet, said Marc Steinberg, an ONR

Engineers used small, remote-controlled ground vehicles to simulate aircraft on a scaled model of a carrier deck. Other parts of the lab represented a mission area and a Marshal stack area that the vehicles moved through in the course of their simulated missions. The planning device also displays priorities, schedule information, and details on aircraft fuel level and mechanical status as well as catapult and landing strip usage.This data aids personnel in the decision-making process, according to information from MIT’s Humans and Automation Laboratory. Additionally, it enables the decision maker to interact with the included planning algorithm.This planning system is done on-demand, allowing crews to choose when to initiate a change in schedule and giving them a choice of different options. DCAP was initially developed by MIT in the summer of 2009. A2Z METALWORKER


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Calibrations, Inc.

NIST Traceable Flowmeter Calibration

Saves you GAS, Money & Assures More Accurate Product Testing.

LABORATORY CAPABILITIES: .001-60 GPM LIQUID (@ 50-125 PSIG) .001-80 SCFM GAS (@10-250 PSIA) • Turbine Flow Meter Calibration • Rotameter/GAS Calibration • Flowmetering Systems • Coriolis Micro® Motion • METCO® Plasma Spray Meters

TEMPE, AZ 85281

480.894.0592 www.nbscals.com NBS Calibrations, Inc. is fully NIST Traceable, compliant with Mil-Std 45662A, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 10012 and ISO 17025. NBS Calibrations, Inc. is not a government agency and is not affiliated with the former National Bureau of Standards /NIST.

Methods To Feature “Production On Demand” At imX 2011 Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, will be featuring solutions for “Production on Demand” at the imX-Interactive Manufacturing Experience event to be held in Las Vegas, September 12-14, 2011. Methods is one of the eight major “experience partners” participating in imX 2011. To learn about the difference “Production on Demand” makes, attendees are invited to attend seminars in Learning Labs and also witness demonstrations on how techniques are applied. Methods will show how implementing automation, new strategies and technology will increase production, minimize cost and reduce set-up time, especially for small-lot production, completing parts in one set-up, multitasking and five-axis machining. “Much of mass production has moved overseas. Our customers especially need fast, versatile solutions for complex, small-volume, high-precision jobs.” said Mr. Bryon Deysher, President & CEO, Methods Machine Tools, Inc. “Affordable, integrated solutions for the whole manufacturing process are key.” imX — the interactive manufacturing eXperience — brings together the most powerful names in U.S. manufacturing for a groundbreaking three-day event. 46 • July/Aug 2011 72 • March/April 2011


Five years in the making, a group of machine tool builder CEOs helped develop imX as an alternative to traditional trade shows — one that brings real business value to customers, and through their success, the manufacturing industry. If you are interested in attending Methods’ session, please contact Methods or visit imxevent.com for more information.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Up for Grabs as Hesco Launches 2011 Photo Competition HESCO Bastion has launched its photo competition for 2011. The competition, open to all, gives contestants the chance to win a HarleyDavidson® FatBoy® motorcycle, the original legend of the open road. In addition to the first prize of a Harley Davidson, there will be five runners up prizes of a fantastic Apple® iPad®. The competition requires entrants to draw on their photographic talents and send in digital photographs of HESCO products in use, anywhere in the world. The competition will run until the end of December 2011 and a panel of judges will choose the winning photograph in January 2012. The judges are looking for striking, inspirational and creative digital images of any of the range of HESCO force protection products in use. The quality of the entries has improved year on year and HESCO are looking forward to the standard being raised again this year. For those interested in entering the competition, full entry details can be found on the Hesco website.

NASA Chief to Congress: Save the James Webb Space Telescope NASA chief Charlie Bolden went to bat for the agency’s imperiled next-generation space telescope, telling members of Congress that the instrument has greater potential for discovery than the iconic Hubble Space Telescope. A proposed congressional budget bill announced last week would terminate NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), an ambitious instrument with a history of delays and cost overruns. But NASA can deliver JWST to space for about the same price as Hubble, Bolden said — and the science returns would be even greater. “I have tried to explain what I think is the importance of James Webb, in terms of opening new horizons far greater than we got from Hubble,” Bolden told members of the House Science, Space and Technology committee recently. “I would only say that for about the same cost as Hubble in real-year dollars, we’ll bring James Webb into operation.

WATER-JET CUTTING Providing...Tighter Tolerances / Minimal Machining Table Capacity of 120” Wide x 360” Long Up to 6” Thick Cutting Capacity



Up to 5/8” thk Stainless & 1 1/4” thk Carbon Table Capacity of 120” Wide x 390” Long

Up to 6” Thickness Table Capacity of 132” Wide x 564” Long

Available Products...

STAINLESS: 304H, 304L, 316L, 317L, 321, 347, 904L, 2205, 2507, 254-SMO, LDX 2101 CARBON: A35, W44, 514, 516-70, 572-50, 588, API-2H-G50 ALUMINUM: 5086, 5454, 6061, 7075, 7050, 2024

Range of Sizes... THK: 3/16” to 6” WIDTH: 48” to 120” LENGTHS: 96” to 528”

Value Added Services...




www.samuel.com A2Z METALWORKER

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Business Management Systems Consulting

Prepare for ISO 9001/ AS9100 Certification For Only $3500! $3500!

Contact Bretta Kelly Today! 602.445.9400 www.businessmsc.com

“When Bretta told me that ISO shouldn’t be treated as “Rocket Science” I started listening. She was able to back it up with explanations we could understand. The difference we found with Bretta over other consultants we have talked to is that she herself has gone through the pain of ISO internally when working in quality departments. She is the President of her own company and is a certified auditor.”

George G. Crouch, Advotech Company

.. DoD cWants ToProcessing Shift $920M for Intel EfJet is now ng i n u forts no Premier Precision Group An

- Special Processing -

The Pentagon has asked the U.S. Congress for the OK to shift more Chemical Processing than $920 million for numerous intelligence efforts, including many Anodize military drone programs, according to Defense Department Conversion Coating budget documents. Passivation

Painting Dry Film lubricants The funding transfer request comes in addition to the more than $5 Teflon Coating

billion in transfers DoD has asked Congress to approve Testing in its annual Non-Destructive Liquid Penetrant omnibus reprogramming action.

Magnetic Particle Pressure Test Impregnation The 26-page request focuses on intelligence, surveillance and recon-

naissance (ISR) programs, which are mostly used by special operations forces (SOF). The vast majority of initiatives listed in the document concern unmanned aircraft programs, including the Army’s Extended Range Purpose (ERMP) drone and Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk. Lab Multi Services Corrosion Resistance

In addition, DoD wants to shift $32.6 million to support procurement of radar units for nine Fire Scouts.The systems will give the MQ-8B a wide area surface search capability. Another $1 million would be used to “develop and integrate an upgrade” Fire Scout and its control system. “This upgrade extends the Fire Scout’s combat radius, increases its payload, and improves on-station endurance to meet the urgent SOF maritime ISR requirements outlined,” the document states. The reprogramming also seeks a $28 million transfer for 60 Scan Eagle drones. DoD wants to shift $89.3 million to install the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) - a system that allows different types of radios and data links to communicate with each other - on two additional RQ-4 Global Hawks. The Air Force currently flies the BACN system on three BD-700 Global Express jets and two Global Hawks. Another $16.2 million is sought to beef up the ERMP drone with “additional capability” for classified programs. A separate $2.8 million is wanted for classified intelligence processing initiatives. Funds are desired to complete development of a “Wide Area Focal Array Camera” sensor for the Marine Corps RQ-7 unmanned system. The Air Force is also seeking a $44.9 million transfer for MC-12 Liberty aircraft-related upgrades, including full-motion video modems, cockpit upgrades, data links, intelligence processing equipment and a remote-control cytological operator position.

Store Exclusively Sells “Made In America” Products NPR’s Morning Edition reports on the Made in America store in Elma, New York, which is becoming a growing tourist destination for groups headed to other area attractions like Niagara Falls. Shop owner Mark Andol, who also runs a welding company, “sees the store as a way for American vendors to gain traction in a retail environment where they’ve been priced out by overseas competition.”

four Taber Abrasion Resistance The primary defense oversight committees in Congress must sign Coating Weight off on the shifting of funds. Coefficient of Friction

What started with only 50 items has since expanded to over 3,000, and while the store does not stock every kind of product, prices for the products that it does stock “are competitive.”

2660 W. Quail Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027 The Pentagon wants to move $6 million to procure and install a Fire Assembly 623.869.6749 Scout ground control system on a ship that623.780.8830 will deploy in(fax) support of special operations forces. U.S. Specialsales@premierprecision.com Operations Command wants www.premierprecision.com to use MQ-8B Fire Scouts -small unmanned helicopters - to support deployments, according to the document.

While the Made in America store hasn’t been particularly profitable, sales are up and “franchisees are already planning to open more Made in America stores, envisioning it as the next Wal-Mart - without the foreign goods.” The website also includes a link to the original audio report.

Premier Precison Group

Solution Analysis Millipore Inspection


A Z METALWORKER • 53 • Sept/Oct 2010 48 • July/Aug 2011 2

Card Gallery Registration PO Box 93295 Phoenix, AZ 85070

Colorado, Utah and Idaho Edition

Select your Payment method from the options below: I'm enclosing my calling card for 1 year at $135 PER HALF YEAR (6 issues), to be billed bi-annually._____ I'm enclosing my calling card for 1 year at $260 PER YEAR (6 issues), to be billed annually._____

NOTE: Agreement is for one full year, after which your card will be renewed on a per-issue basis, subject to your cancellation, which becomes effective immediately. In addition to my card, list my company under the following 6 categories in the Buyers Guide

1.____________________________2.______________________________3.____________________________ 4.____________________________5.______________________________6.____________________________

Company Signed


BAE Systems and Crane Carrier to Integrate Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems BAE Systems has entered into an agreement with Crane Carrier Company, a U.S. market leader in the refuse collection vehicle (RCV) industry, to integrate a heavy-duty hybrid electric propulsion system into one of its vehicles.

The newly-formed alliance will perform field trials this year with a plan for Crane Carrier Company to offer HybriDrive® powered vehicles to the market by the end of 2012. This alliance will introduce the use of the HybriDrive parallel system into the North American RCV market and is part of BAE Systems’ broader strategic initiative to address a range of heavy-duty truck vocations that also will include construction, pick-up and delivery, and utility. The new parallel system – the latest member of BAE Systems HybriDrive family – complements and draws upon the company’s proven HybriDrive series system, currently deployed in more than

3,500 transit buses across North America and Europe. The parallel system will deliver significant environmental benefits once in production, lowering emissions, reducing fuel consumption and lowering noise pollution in the field. BAE Systems has formed similar relationships with leading original equipment manufacturers in the transit bus market for its HybriDrive series product in Europe and North America.

Parker Hannifin’s Energy Products Division Awarded Mooring Contract by Subsea 7 for Guara and Lula Development The Energy Products Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has been awarded a contract from Subsea 7 for one of the world’s largest mooring projects. Parker will supply the steel wire tether system for the deep water Guara and Lula NE submerged buoys in Brazil. Subsea 7 has been contracted by Petrobras to provide engineering, procurement, installation and pre-commissioning of four decoupled riser systems in this field. Parker will provide Subsea 7 with 34 sheathed tethering lines each measuring more than 6,000 feet (over 1850 meters) in length.. These steel tethers will keep the submerged buoys securely moored to the seabed of the Guara and Lula NE fields. The mooring lines will be engineered and constructed at the Tønsberg, Norway manufacturing location. EPD’s General Manager, Craig Anderson, states; “We are proud to have been selected to provide our mooring products for the Guara and Lula NE development, and we look forward to partnering with the Subsea 7 project team on this world-class project .” A2Z METALWORKER

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Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Equipment and Services

Troy R. Kattenhorn, CMTSE Sales Manager 6855 West 116th Ave 0 Broomfield, CO 80020 303-466-3777 o Pax 303-466-19790 Cell: 303-437-6357 Email: troy@foothillsmachinery.com 0 www.foothillsmachinery.com


ACCESSORIES Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox ATS Inds.Supply_______ 801-978-4428 Fuchs Machinery______ 303-744-1205 US Shop Tools________ 714-772-9011 Abrasive Products Fuchs Machinery______ 303-744-1205 Shop Tools, Inc._ ______ 303-375-9190 Boring Bars Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Micro 100_ _________ 208-888-7310 Chucks Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Cleanroom Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox


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Shop Tools, Inc._ ______ 303-375-9190 Coolant Systems ATS Inds.Supply_______ 801-978-4428 Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 DCM Tech ___________800-533-5339 Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 Fuchs Machinery_ _____ 303-744-1205 Hangsterfer’s_ ________800-433-LUBE Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Qualichem, Inc._ _______480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_ ______800-367-9966 Cutting Fluids & Oils ATS Inds.Supply________801-978-4428 Blaser_____________801-722-4095 Castrol_____________800-894-7773 Christensen Oil_ _______800-654-0438 Fuchs Machinery_ ___ 303-744-1205 Hangsterfer’s_ ______ 800-433-LUBE Marshall Tool & Supply__ 602-269-6295 Qualichem, Inc._ _____ 480-320-0308

Star Metal Fluids_ ____ 800-367-9966 Christensen Oil_ _______800-654-0438 EDM Network_ _______ 480-836-1782 Cutting Tools Fuchs Machinery______ 303-744-120 EDM Perform. Access.____ 800-336-2946 Marshall Tool & Supply__ 602-269-6295 Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 Micro 100_ ________ 208-888-7310 Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 EDM: Dielectric Systems Shop Tools, Inc._ _____ 303-375-9190 /Filtration US Shop Tools_______ 714-772-9011 Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 Drills End Mills ATS Inds.Supply______ 801-978-4428 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 US Shop Tools________ 714-772-9011 Micro 100_ _________ 208-888-7310 Dust Collectors, Filtration Equip. Filtration Equipment Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Gaging Castrol _ __________ 800-894-7773 Fuchs Machinery______ 303-744-1205 Christensen Oil_ _______800-654-0438 DCM Tech __________ 800-533-5339 Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 EDM Materials & Supplies ATS Inds.Supply_______ 801-978-4428 Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773

Protective Computer Enclosures for the Industrial Environment

Doug Klein, ASQ CQE 5730 E. Leith Lane Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480-626-8131 Fax 480-626-2101 doug@klontech.com www.klontech.com

www.bytebox.com sales@bytebox.com 888-bytebox

An ISO 9001 Company

Jeff Klimowicz  Senior Sales Engineer  Southwest Region: AZ, UT, NV, CO, ID  All Products Proudly Made in the USA  

Shop Tools, Inc._ ______ 303-375-9190 Jaws US Shop Tools________ 714-772-9011 Knives: Replacement Superior Grinding______ 801-487-9700 Laser Accessories Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Christensen Oil_ _______800-654-0438 Laser Marking Equipment Total Quality Systems Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Lubricants / Systems Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Christensen Oil_ _______800-654-0438 Hangsterfer’s_ ________ 800-433-LUB Marshall Tool & Supply__ 602-269-6295 E Qualichem, Inc._ ______ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966

Mobile: 480‐320‐0308  jklimowicz@qualichem.com  www.qualichem.com 

Machine Tool Cool. Filtration ATS Inds.Supply_______ 801-978-4428 Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Christensen Oil_ _______800-654-0438 Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 800-433-LUBE Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Parts Washing Equipment Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Solvents /Degreasing Agents Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 800-433-LUBE Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Spindles Setco-Pope Spindles_____ 866-362-0699

Thread Mills Micro 100_ _________ 208-888-7310 Tooling Systems ATS Inds.Supply_______ 801-978-4428 Fuchs Machinery______ 303-744-1205 Micro 100_ _________ 208-888-7310 US Shop Tools________ 714-772-9011 Work Holding Hardinge___________ 909-225-9292 CALIBRATION SERVICES Advanced Coord. Tech _____303-469-6161 Klontech Industrial Sales_ __480-948-1871 Total Qual. Syst._______ 480-377-6422 INSPECTION EQUIP Advanced Coord. Tech _____303-469-6161 ATS Industrial Sup______ 801-978-4428 Gage Lab Products______801-716-2972 Klontech Indust. Sales___ 480-948-1871 OGP _ __________ 480-889-9056 Total Qual. Syst.______ 480-377-6422 CMM Probes Paul W. Marino Gages___ 800-528-9785 Datum Inspection_ ____ 602-997-1340 Gage Lab Products______801-716-2972 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871 OGP ___________ 480-889-9056

Total Quality Systems Inc._ 480-377-6422 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Advanced Coordinate Tech_ 623-780-4137 Datum Inspection_ ____ 602-997-1340 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871 Moncktons Mach Tools_ 303-571-4933 OGP ___________ 480-889-9056 Total Quality Systems Inc._ 480-377-6422 Gauging Equipment Advanced Coord. Tech _ _ 303-469-6161 Gage Lab Products______801-716-2972 Klontech Industrial Sales_480-948-1871 OGP ___________ 480-889-9056 Total Quality Systems Inc._ 480-377-6422 Low Temp Instrumentation High Precision Devices_ __303-447-2558 Metrology Instruments AA22ZZ METALWORKER METALWORKER ••

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65 South Cottonwood Street (300 W) 6577 Salt Lake City, Utah 84107 Sa

Gage-Lab Products G


Dimensional Gaging Specialists

Tim Zimmerman


phone (801)716-2972 fax

(8 (801)716-2975

c cell

(8 (801)918-8798


Advanced Coord. Tech _ __ 303-469-6161 Datum Inspection_____ 602-997-1340 Gage Lab Products_______801-716-2972 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871 OGP _ __________ 480-889-9056 Total Quality Systems Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Optical Comparators Advanced Coord. Tech _ __ 303-469-6161 Datum Inspection_____ 602-997-1340 Gage Lab Products_______801-716-2972 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871 OGP _ __________ 480-889-9056 Total Quality Systems Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Particle Inspection Mach DCM Tech __________800-533-5339 Video Measuring Systems Advanced Coordinate Tech_ ___ 623-780-4137 Gage Lab Products_______801-716-2972 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871

Total Quality Systems Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Metal Supermarkets_ __ 801-972-2441 Samuel, Son & Co._ ___ 303-422-8282 HARDWARE Steel Horizon Carbide Tool__ 480-968-0957 AZ Tool Steel LLC________480-784-1600 Metal Supermarkets_ _ 801-972-2441 Marzee Inc._________602-269-5801 Utah Metal Works, Inc._ 801-364-5679 Metal Supermarkets____801-972-2441 Metals Samuel, Son & Co._ ___ 303-422-8282 AZ Tool Steel LLC_ ____ 480-784-1600 Washers Erickson Metals_____ 877-543-6061 480-539-5704 LeeSpring_________ Metal Supermarkets_ _ 801-972-2441 METAL DISTRIBUTORS Samuel, Son & Co._ ___ 303-422-8282 Western States Metals_ _ 801-978-0562 Erickson Metals______ 877-543-6061 Metal Supermarkets_ __ 801-972-2441 Metals: Bar & Plate AZ Tool Steel LLC_ ____ 480-784-1600 Samuel, Son & Co._ ___ 303-422-8282 Western States Metals__801-978-0562 Mold Steel NEW MACHINERY AZ Tool Steel LLC_ ____ 480-784-1600 CHIP CUTTING Nickel Alloys CNC Drilling/Tapping AZ Tool Steel LLC_ ____ 480-784-1600 Marzee Inc._______ 602-269-5801 Hardinge_ ________ 909-225-9292 Plate-Precision Saw Cut Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 CNC Mills Erickson Metals_____ 877-543-6061 Action Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 Pre-Honed Tube Western States Metals_ _ 801-978-0562 AME, Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Foothills Machinery____ 303-466-3777 Rubber Fuchs Machinery_ ____ 303-744-1205 Marzee Inc.________602-269-5801 Hartwig Inc.________ 303-373-9450 Stainless Steel AZ Tool Steel LLC_ ____ 480-784-1600 J.M. Grisley_ _______ 801-486-7519

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Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 Moncktons Mach Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 New West_ ________ 801-561-2001 Smith Machinery Co_ __ 801-263-6403 Todd Machinery______ 801-294-6390 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 CNC Lathes Action Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 AME, Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Foothills Machinery____ 303-466-3777 Fuchs Machinery_ _____303-744-1205 J.M. Grisley_ _____ 801-486-7519 Hartwig Inc.________ 303-373-9450 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 Moncktons Mach Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Muratec__________949-466-8255 New West_ _________801-561-2001 Smith Machinery Co_ __ 801-263-6403

11042 N. 24th Ave. Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85029

Todd Machinery______ 801-294-6390 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 CNC Swiss Turn Machines AME, Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 Moncktons Mach Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 New West_ ________ 801-561-2001 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 EDM Machines Action Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 AME, Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 EDM Network_ ______ 480-836-1782 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 Moncktons Mach Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Smith Machinery Co_ __ 801-263-6403 Todd Machinery______ 801-294-6390 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 EDM Tooling Systems EDM Network_ ______ 480-836-1782 EDM Perform. Access.____ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 End Mills Helical Solutions_ ____ 866-543-5422 GRINDING Grinding Filtration Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800--809-3901 Grinding Machines DCM Tech __________800-533-5339 Fuchs Machinery_ ____ 303-744-1205 Hardinge_ ________ 909-225-9292 Moncktons Mach Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 Aircraft brake rotor DCM Tech __________800-533-5339 Grinders, Rotary Silicon & Quartz DCM Tech __________800-533-5339 Manual Lathes & Mills AME, Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266

S&S Machinery Sales__ 602-368-8542 Plasma/Gas CuttingSystems Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 Plate Rolls Fabricating Equip Sales_ 303-466-7342 Jorgensen Machine Tools_800-952-0151 Press Brakes Hardinge_ ________ 909-225-9292 Fabricating Equip Sales_ 303-466-7342 Sawing Machines Fuchs Machinery_ ___ 303-744-1205 Fuchs Machinery_ ____ 303-744-1205 Jorgensen Machine Tools_800-952-0151 Jorgensen Machine Tools_ 800-952-0151 PrecisionFab Inc._ ___ 303-779-9180 Moncktons Mach Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 New West_ ________ 801-561-2001 Shearing Machines Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Action Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 Saw Replacement Parts Fabricating Equip Sales__ 303-466-7342 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_ 303-761-3000 Fuchs Machinery_ ____ 303-744-1205 Tool Grinders Punch & Die Jorgensen Machine Tools_ 800-952-0151 DCM Tech __________800-533-5339 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 NEW MACHINERY Turret Press FABRICATION Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 PrecisionFab Inc._ ___ 303-779-9180 PrecisionFab Inc._ ____303-779-9180 Band Saws Welding Equipment Fabricating Equip Sales_ 303-466-7342 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_ 303-761-3000 Marshall Tool & Supply__ 602-269-6295 OTHER ACCESSORIES Cold Saws Tooling Systems Fabricating Equip Sales_ 303-466-7342 USA EDM Supply_ _____ 480-836-8330 CNC Punching Centers Fuchs Machinery_ ___ 303-744-1205 PROG. SYSTEMS PrecisionFab Inc._ ___ 303-779-9180 Factory Automation/Logistics S&S Machinery Sales__ 602-368-8542 Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 Iron Workers CAD/CAMSoftware, CAD Fabricating Equip Sales_ 303-466-7342 Delcam_ __________ 801-949-6769 Jorgensen Machine Tools_800-952-0151 AME, Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 S&S Machinery Sales__ 602-368-8542 New West_ ________ 801-561-2001 Laser Cutters Feature Cam_ ______ 602-502-9654 Action Machine_ ____ 303-532-2900 Software, Inv. Control Fuchs Machinery_ ___ 303-744-1205 Moncktons Mach Tools_ 303-571-4933 Delcam____________801-949-6769 Software, Solid Modeling Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 ___________801-949-6769 Delcam_ New West_ _______ 801-561-2001 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY PrecisionFab Inc._ ___ 303-779-9180 S&S Machinery Sales__ 602-368-8542 APEX CAD Prod________970-314-9772 3D Parts To Go________801-380-7935 Sidley Diamond Tool_ _ 800-544-9070 Rapid Prototyping Triad Machine______ 303-424-0268 APEX CAD Prod_________970-314-9772 Pipe &Tube Benders/NotchRapid Manufacturing ers APEX CAD Prod_________970-314-9772 Fabricating Equip Sales_ 303-466-7342

RECYCLING Recyclable Metals Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah Metal Works, Inc._ 801-364-5679 Scrap Metal Recycling Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah Metal Works, Inc._ 801-364-5679 REPAIR PARTS Belts All World Machinery Supply_815-943-9111 Bearings(Precision) All World Machinery Supply_815-943-9111 Metric O-Rings All World Machinery Supply_815-943-9111 Switches (Proximity, Limit) All World Machinery Supply_815-943-9111 Valves (Hydraulic, Pneumatic) All World Machinery Supply_815-943-9111 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Integrated Systems Inc__ 928-649-9600 SAFETY ATS Inds. Supply _____801-978-4428 SERVICES Consultant, ISO BMSC ______________ 602-445-9400 Control Point Tech_________ 435-225-3700 MEP _ ____________ 801-863-7001 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 Western States Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Calibration: Gauging Equipment NBS Calibrations_ ____ 480-894-0592 A2Z METALWORKER A2Z METALWORKER

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July/Aug 2011 July/Aug 2011

Jorgensen Machine Tools___800-952-0151 Resource Mfg_________801-265-1999 Statistical Process Control MAG Particle Team Industrial Services____801-397-2202 Total Quality Systems Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Team Industrial Services____602-269-7868 SHOP FLOOR AUTOMATION Hardware: USB Manufacturing Rep Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Calibration: Repair & Certify ProSalez____________480-773-3239 Shop Floor Automations_ _ 877-611-5825 Process Improvement/ Audit NBS Calibrations_ ____ 480-894-0592 Scheduling Western States Calibration___ 801-466-1700 BMSC _ _____________ 602-445-9400 Shop Floor Automations_ _ 877-611-5825 Sustaining Edge Solutions___888-572-9642 Serial Port Calibration Services Advanced Coord. Tech _ __ 303-469-6161 Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox X-Ray Shop Floor Automations_ _ 877-611-5825 Klontech Industrial Sales__480-948-1871 Certified Inspection Service_ _602-267-0661 NBS Calibrations_ ____ 480-894-0592 Semiray____________602-275-1917 Software:CNC Networking Western States Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Team Industrial Services____801-397-2202 Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Shop Floor Automations_ _ 877-611-5825 Calibration Training Team Industrial Services____602-269-7868 RS232 Cabling Western States Calibration___ 801-466-1700 ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. Shop Floor Automations_ _ 877-611-5825 Contract Inspection BMSC _ _____________ 602-445-9400 Advanced Coord. Tech _ __ 303-469-6161 Transportation Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 Control Point Tech_______435-225-3700 IRH ____________801-972-5581 Virtual CNC Total Quality Systems Inc.__ 480-377-6422 MEP _ ____________801-863-7001 Orion Registrar _ _______ 303-645-4017 Shop Floor Automations_ _ 877-611-5825 Contract Programming Total Quality Systems Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Sustaining Edge Solutions___888-572-9642 TOOLING ISO Registrar Education Arc Cutting Tools Ogden-Weber Tech College__801-395-3795 Orion Registrar _ _______ 303-645-4017 Helical Solutions_______866-543-5422 ISO Certification Engineering Services TRAINING Control Point Tech_______435-225-3700 Advanced Coord. Tech _ __ 303-469-6161 CAD/CAM Training Gladhill Associates_______719-495-8045 First Article Inspection Davis Applied Tech College___801-593-2483 Advanced Coord. Tech _____ 303-469-6161 MEP _ ____________801-863-7001 CNC Machining Lean Manufacturing Datum Inspection_ ______602-997-1340 Davis Applied Tech College___801-593-2483 Western States Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Control Point Tech_ ______ 435-225-3700 Conventional Machining MEP _ ____________ 801-863-7001 Heavyhaul IRH _ ___________ 801-972-5581 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Davis Applied Tech College___801-593-2483 Machining Software Machine Tool Rebuilding Injection Molding Ebbco Inc_ _______800--809-3901 3D Parts To Go_ _____ 801-380-7935 EDM Network_ ______ 480-836-1782 Davis Applied Tech College___801-593-2483 WELD CLEANER Capital Weld Cleaners___ 480-967-0016 Process Improvement Inspection Services USED MACHINERY Advanced Coord. Tech _____ 303-469-6161 BMSC _ _____________ 602-445-9400 Denver Machine Tool Inc.___ 303-324-0448 Datum Inspection_ ______602-997-1340 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 EDM Network_ ________ 480-836-1782 Rapid Prototyping Jorgensen Machine Tools___800-952-0151 NBS Calibrations_ ____ 480-894-0592 Team Industrial Services____801-397-2202 3D Parts To Go_ _____ 801-380-7935 K.D. Capital Equipment____480-922-1674 Methods West_________602-437-2220 Team Industrial Services____602-269-7868 Reverse Engineering Calibration Services Advanced Coord. Tech ___ _303-469-6161 PrecisionFab Inc._ ____303-779-9180 Advanced Coord. Tech _ __ 303-469-6161 Diversified Metal Services___ 801-972-6093 S&S Machinery Sales_____602-368-8542 WATERJET CUTTING Klontech Industrial Sales__480-948-1871 Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Action Machine________303-532-2900 NBS Calibrations_ ____ 480-894-0592 Rigging Fabricating Equip Sales___ 303-466-7342 FLOW Intl.___________909-620-5707 IRH ____________801-972-5581 Western States Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Global EDM Supply_____480-836-8330 Spindle Rebuilding Liquid Penetrant Jorgensen Machine Tools___800-952-0151 Setco-Pope Spindles______866-362-0699 OMAX Corp_________800-838-0343 Team Industrial Services____801-397-2202 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 Team Industrial Services____602-269-7868 Staffing WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Machine Repair/Servicing A Z METALWORKER • 54 • July/Aug 2011 2

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes

ASSEMBLIES Alfred Manufacturing_____ 303-302-7138 Bar-S Machine_________ 928-636-2115 Cimtech_ ___________ 801-373-6813 High Precision Devices_____303-447-2558 Prescott’s Manufacturing___ 719-482-5826 Seastrom_ _________ 800-634-2356 Wasatch Laser Processing___801-972-3500 Welded Assemblies Weiser/Mile High Precision_ 303-280-2778 BENDING Harco Metal Products_____480-829-0450 JQ Enterprises__________801-975-0777 Mandrel Bending BK Machine Inc.________801-253-1929 BONDING Diffusion VACCO Industries_ ______ 626-443-7121 BRAZING Precision Casting Repair_ __ 801-972-2345

Coating: Liquid Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 Coating: Nickel/Teflon/ Chrome Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 LA Specialties________ 602-269-7612 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 Electro-Coating Services VACCO Industries_ _____ 626-443-7121 COLD SPRAY Accuwright Industries____480-892-9595 DESIGN/ CAD/CAM Bar-S Machine________ 928-636-2115 H& S Machine________ 801-755-7627 DIE CASTING Watkins Tool & Supply_ __ 303-295-9603 DIES Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ _____ 602-437-8995

BROACHING DISTRIBUTION Ponderosa Ind_________303-298-1801 Alfred Manufacturing____ 303-302-7138 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 EDM Specialty Steel Services___ 801-539-8252 EDM: Dialectric Systems /Filtration Turning: Automatic Matrix Machine________480-966-4451 Ebbco Inc_ _________ 586-716-5151

EDM: Drilling Small Hole BK Machine Inc.______801-253-1929 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ _____ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West_______ 480-966-2300 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) Innovative Precision____ 801-334-6317 Maverick Mold & Machine_ _303-833-5877 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ _____ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West_______ 480-966-2300 Petersen Inc__________800-410-6789 Prec. Mach’d Products_____ 970-482-7676 EDM: Wire Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 Brendell Manufacturing____801-677-7700 Central Valley Machine_ __435-752-0934 Cimtech_ ___________801-373-6813 Excalibur Manufacturing_ __719-520-5404 Foremaster Tool_ ______801-737--0265 High Tech Mfg_________801-972-2422 Innovative Precision______ 801-334-6317 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ _____ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West_______ 480-966-2300 Paramount Machine_ ____801-282-2755 H&R Precision_ ________801-975-7400 Harco Metal Products____ 480-829-0450 Jet Processing_____ 623-869-6749x117

LA Specialties________ 602-269-7612 METCO Metal Finishing_ __ 602-276-4120 Phoenix Heat Treating_ __ 602-258-7751 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Bead Blasting DunRite Deburring_ ____303-287-3345 De-Rusting Wasatch Metal Finishing_ _801-779-2020 Glass Bead Clean Coating Technologies_ ___623-581-2648 Graining DunRite Deburring_ ____303-287-3345 Hand Deburring: Precision DunRite Deburring_ ____303-287-3345 H&R Precision________ 801-975-7400 Liquid Painting Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 MPI International_ _____ 956-631-6880 Passivation Certified Inspection Service___602-267-0661 Coating Technologies_ ___623-581-2648 Jet Processing_____ 623-869-6749x117 METCO Metal Finishing_ __ 602-276-4120 Polishing DunRite Deburring_ ____303-287-3345 • 55 • July/Aug 2011 55 •July/Aug 2011


Dave Newman 3981 S 700 E Suite 9 Salt Lake City, UT 84107 Phone 801-265-1999


MPI International_ _____ 956-631-6880 Aluminum (Medium & Large) Aero Tech________ 801-292-0493

Powder Coating Arizona Finishing______602-438-4443 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 LA Specialties________ 602-269-7612 MPI International_ _____ 956-631-6880 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 Silk Screening Arizona Finishing______602-438-4443 Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 Potting/Encapsulation Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 Rapid Prototyping Prototype-Cafe_ _____ 720-852-3577 Tumble Deburring Wasatch Metal Finishing_ _801-779-2020 Vibratory Finishing DunRite Deburring_ ____303-287-3345 Wet Paint/CARC A2Z METALWORKER

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July/Aug 2011

FOUNDRY May Foundry & Machine_ 801-531-8931 State Brass Foundry & Mach._ 801-467-9461 GAS NITRIDING Blanchard Metals Proc._ __801-972-5590 GEAR CUTTING Delltronics, Inc________ 303-789-2661 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Reata Engineering & Mach._ 303-936-1350 Specialty Steel Svcs____ 801-539-8252 Gear Hobbing Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 GRINDING AzMark_ __________ 480-921-4128 ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Ron Grob Co._ _______970-667-5320 Steel Services Grinding_ __ 800-662-0126 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700

Kelly Martinez Machine Shop Lifetime Products, Inc. P.O. Box 160010, Freeport Center, Bldg D-11 Clearfield, UT 84016 T: 801.726.5312 F: 801.728.1979 email: kmartinez@lifetime.com

Grinding, Blanchard Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 Steel Services Grinding_ __ 800-662-0126 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Grinding, Centerless Ron Grob Co._ _______970-667-5320 Grinding: OD AzMark_ __________ 480-921-4128 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ _____602-437-8995 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Ron Grob Co._ _______970-667-5320 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Grinding: Surface ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 GALVANIZING Jordan River Galvanizing__801-282-9375 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 ENGINEERING/DESIGN 3rd Gen Machine_____ 435-764-4980 AzMark_ __________ 480-921-4128

Nuclear Filter Tech_____303-384-9785 Graphite Services Micro-Tronics, Inc_ _____602-437-8995 FABRICATION Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Aero Tech________ 801-292-0493 Arrow Sheet Metal Prod_ 303-427-6419 Central Valley Machine_ __435-752-0934 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Mountain View Machine _ _435-755-0500 Fabrication: Custom Metal Machining VACCO Industries_ ____ 626-443-7121 Fabrication: Enclosures Falcon Sheet Metal___ 801-298-5064

WMC Machining______ 801-978-1388 Wrico_ ___________ 480-892-7800 Fabrication: Steel EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 Falcon Sheet Metal___ 801-298-5064 Fabrication: Non-Metal Wesco Laser Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 Custom Auto/Truck/Bike H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 FINISHING Arizona Finishing______602-438-4443 Coating Technologies_ ___623-581-2648 DunRite Deburring_ ____303-287-3345 Galvanizing: Hot Dip Fabrication: Jordan River Galvanizing__801-282-9375 Medium & Large TMM Precision _ ______ 800-448-9448 Arrow Sheet Metal Prod_303-427-6419 Galvanizing: Zinc EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 Jordan River Galvanizing__801-282-9375 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Passivation Falcon Sheet Metal___ 801-298-5064 Group Mfg Serv_______480-966-3952 Gold Tech Industries_____ 480-968-1930 Polishing Weiser/Mile High Precision_303-280-2778 Gold Tech Industries_ ____ 480-968-1930 WMC Machining______ 801-978-1388 FORMING Fabrication: SheetMetal Wasatch Laser Processing__801-972-3500 Arrow Sheet Metal Prod_303-427-6419 HEAT TREATING AzMark_ __________ 480-921-4128 Blanchard Metals Proc._ __801-972-5590 Cimtech_________ 801-373-6813 Phoenix Heat Treating_ __ 602-258-7751 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 Pilkington Metal Finishing__801-972-2146 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 Reata Engineering & Mach._ 303-936-1350 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 Temperature Processing___ 303-772-0250 EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 Custom Falcon Sheet Metal___ 801-298-5064 Temperature Processing___ 303-772-0250 Group Mfg Serv_______480-966-3952 Cryogenics Laser Concepts Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 Temperature Processing___ 303-772-0250 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Aluminum Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Temperature Processing___ 303-772-0250 Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Nitriding TMM Precision _ ______800-448-9448 Temperature Processing___ 303-772-0250 Weiser/Mile High Precision_303-280-2778

INSPECTION Inspection, First Article Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Inspection Services Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 Sustaining Edge Solutions__888-572-9642 IRON STITCHING Precision Casting Repair__801-972-2345 LASER CUTTING Laser Cutting Arrow Sheet Metal Prod_303-427-6419 EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Laser Concepts Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 TMM Precision _ ______800-448-9448 Wasatch Laser Processing__801-972-3500 Wesco Laser Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 Wrico_ ___________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting: Micro VACCO Industries_ ____ 626-443-7121 Laser Cutting: Non-Metal Wesco Laser Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 Laser Cutting: Pipe&Tube Wasatch Laser Processing__801-972-3500 Wesco Laser Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 Laser Cutting: 3D E-Coat MPI International_ _____ 956-631-6880 EMI/RFI Shielding Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 Laminating

Wesco Laser Mchg.___303-765-5916 Laser Engraving 4 Axis Machining Inc.____ 303-295-1544 VACCO Industries_ ____ 626-443-7121 Laser Marking 4 Axis Machining Inc.____ 303-295-1544 High Tech Mfg________ 801-972-2422 Photo-Chemical Etching VACCO Industries_ ____ 626-443-7121 Precision Etched Parts VACCO Industries_ ____ 626-443-7121 LINE BORING WMC Machining______ 801-978-1388 MACHINING Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 Alfred Mfg_________ 303-302-7138 American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 BK Machine Inc.______ 801-253-1929 CM Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 H&R Precision________ 801-975-7400 Mountain View Machine_ _435-755-0500 RD Machine & MFg____ 801-977-0447 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Seastom__________800-634-2356 • 57 • July/Aug 2011 57 •July/Aug 2011


A Veteran-Owned Small Business

Shawn Carlin scarlin@gmsaz.com

Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 St. Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 WMC Machining______ 801-978-1388 Machining: 3D Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 Powerhaus Precision_ ___480-225-8854 Prototype-Cafe_ _____ 720-852-3577 Machining: 5 Axis 4 Axis Machining Inc.____303-295-1544 Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117 Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 Cling’s Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 CNC Rescue_ ________ 801-266-2261 DaCo Precision Manuf._ __801-478-9000 Fauston_ __________303-420-7422 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 St. Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 Machining: Aerospace Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 AzMark_ __________ 480-921-4128 H&R Precision________ 801-975-7400 CM Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 Matrix Machine_____ 480-966-4451 Lewis Aerospace_ ____ 877-254-2024 Matrix Machine_____ 480-966-4451 A2Z METALWORKER

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July/Aug 2011

Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ____ 602-437-8995 Mountain View Machine_ _435-755-0500 Nuclear Filter Tech_ ___ 303-384-9785 Paramount Machine_ ___801-282-2755 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Pinnacle Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Prescott’s Mfg_________719-482-5826 Powerhaus Precision_ ___480-225-8854 Quick Turn Precision_____801-334-6800 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Reata Engineering & Mach._ 303-936-1350 RD Machine & MFg____ 801-977-0447 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 St. Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 White Rock Inc._ _____ 435-750-6414 Machining: CNC 4 Axis Machining Inc.____303-295-1544 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117 American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Bar-S Machine_______ 928-636-2115 BK Machine Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Brendell Manufacturing__ 801-677-7700 Cling’s Manufacturing_ _ 480-968-1778 CM Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 CNC Rescue_ _______ 801-266-2261 DaCo Precision Manuf.__ 801-478-9000 Davis Manufacturing___ 303-762-0550 DMSI___________801-972-6093

Fauston_ _________ 303-420-7422 Foremaster Tool_____ 801-737--0265 H&R Precision_______ 801-975-7400 H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 Innovative Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 JPS Manufacturing_ ___ 480-367-9542 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Leading Edge Machine__ 435-563-9425 Maverick Mold & Machine_ 303-833-5877 Micro-Tronics, Inc_____ 602-437-8995 Pinnacle Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Premac Precision Mach’g_719-784-9434 RD Machine & Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Reata Eng.& Mach_ ___ 303-936-1350 Seastrom_ ________800-634-2356 St. Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 WMC Machining______ 801-978-1388 Machining: Contract American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Nuclear Filter Tech_ ___ 303-384-9785 Paramount Machine_ ___801-282-2755 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 Machining: DoD CM Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 Machining: Laser AzMark_ __________ 480-921-4128 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Fauston_ _________ 303-420-7422 Foremaster Tool______ 801-737--0265 JPS Manufacturing_ ___ 480-367-9542 Gerome Mfg________520-622-8402 High Tech Mfg_______ 801-972-2422 Innovative Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Lewis Aerospace_ ____ 877-254-2024

Matrix Machine______ 480-966-4451 Nuclear Filter Tech_ ___ 303-384-9785 Paramount Machine_ __ 801-282-2755 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Reata Engineering & Mach_ 303-936-1350 RD Machine & Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 White Rock Inc.______ 435-750-6414 Machining:Medical Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 Pinnacle Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Prescott’s Mfg________ 719-482-5826 Machining: Milling Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Brendell Manufacturing_ 801-677-7700 Cling’s Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Ron Grob Co._ _______970-667-5320 Machining: Mobile Field Service WMC Machining______ 801-978-1388 Machining: Mold Base Maverick Mold & Machine_303-833-5877

www.Prototype­Cafe.com Have it your way at the Prototype­Cafe Polyjet 3D RP Parts, CNC maching, Vacuum Forming, Urethane molding, Compression molding, Carbon Fiber, Finishes including paint & metals. sales@prototype­cafe.­com

Prototype­Cafe 10336 S. Dransfeldt Rd. #3 Parker, CO 80134


720 862­3577



St. Vrain Manufacturing, Inc. “Precision Machining Solutions for Industry”

Robert Bergstrom President

819 So. Lincoln Street P. O. Box 1066 Longmont, CO 80502 Website: stvrainmfg.com

Machining: Production 3rd Gen Machine_____ 435-764-4980 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 BK Machine Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Brendell Manufacturing_ 801-677-7700 CM Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 CNC Rescue_ _______ 801-266-2261 DaCo Precision Manuf._ __801-478-9000 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 Fauston_ _________ 303-420-7422 H&R Precision________ 801-975-7400 High Tech Mfg_______ 801-972-2422 Innovative Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 JPS Manufacturing_ ___ 480-367-9542 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Newport Tool_ _______801-295-7411 Paramount Machine_ __ 801-282-2755 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Premac Precision Mach’g_719-784-9434 Prescott’s Mfg________719-482-5826 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Reata Engineering & Mach_ 303-936-1350 RD Machine & Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 White Rock Inc.______ 435-750-6414 Machining: Prototype

Phone: (303) 702-1529 x 103 Fax: (303) 702-1534 Email: bobb@stvrainmfg.com RFQ Email: mail@stvrainmfg.com

3rd Gen Machine_____ 435-764-4980 4 Axis Machining Inc.____303-295-1544 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Accutech Machine______801-975-11174 Advanced Machining Inc.__303-485-5256 American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Bar-S Machine_______ 928-636-2115 BK Machine Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Brendell Manufacturing_ 801-677-7700 Central Valley Machine__435-752-0934 Cling’s Manufacturing_ _ 480-968-1778 CNC Rescue_ ________ 801-266-2261 DaCo Precision Manuf._ __801-478-9000 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 Fauston_ __________303-420-7422 Foremaster Tool______ 801-737--0265 H&R Precision________ 801-975-7400 High Precision Devices_ __303-447-2558 Innovative Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 JPS Manufacturing_ ___ 480-367-9542 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Leading Edge Machine_ _ 435-563-9425 Lewis Aerospace______ 877-254-2024 Micropulse West______ 480-966-2300 Mountain View Machine_ 435-755-0500 Newport Tool_ _______801-295-7411

Nuclear Filter Tech_ ___ 303-384-9785 Premac Precision Mach’g_ 719-784-9434 Prototype-Cafe_ _____ 720-852-3577 Quick Turn Precision_ __ 801-334-6800 Radtech_ _________ 303-789-4247 RD Machine & Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Seastrom_ ________ 800-634-2356 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 St. Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 Machining: Precision 4 Axis Machining Inc.___ 303-295-1544 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 BK Machine Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Central Valley Machine__435-752-0934 CM Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 H&R Precision________ 801-975-7400 Newport Tool_ _______801-295-7411 Pinnacle Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Machining: Quick Turn Powerhaus Precision_ ___480-225-8854 Machining: R & D

3rd Gen Machine_____ 435-764-4980 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Brendell Manufacturing_ 801-677-7700 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ____ 602-437-8995 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Powerhaus Precision_ ___480-225-8854 Premac Precision Mach’g_719-784-9434 Prescott’s Mfg_______ 719-482-5826 Reata Engineering & Mach._ 303-936-1350 Wasatch Laser Processing__801-972-3500 White Rock Inc._ _____ 435-750-6414 WMC Machining______ 801-978-1388 Machining: Semiconductor Powerhaus Precision_ ___480-225-8854 Machining: Swiss 3rd Gen Machine_____ 435-764-4980 Bar-S Machine_______ 928-636-2115 High Tech Mfg_______ 801-972-2422 Pinnacle Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Powerhaus Precision_ ___480-225-8854 Ron Grob Co._ _______970-667-5320 White Rock_ ________ 435-750-6414 Machining: Turning A2Z METALWORKER

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July/Aug 2011



Gregg A. Dunlap Business Development

greggd@metcofinishing.com www.thelindgrengroup.com

3508 East Corona Avenue Phoenix. AZ 85040 OFFICE 602-276-4120 CELL 602-725-8380 FAX 602-276-0109

MPI Metal Processing International, L.P. TACOM APPROVED o ISO 9001-2000

E-Coat,Powder Coat,Wet Paint/CARC,Plating Alodine,ZN Phosphate,Chemical Stripping,Acid Pickle 6100 S. International Pkwy. Suite 500 McAllen, TX. 78503 adam@mpitx.com

Local: (956)631-6880 Fax: (206)203-3102 www.mpitx.com

Quick Turn Precision_ __801-334-6800 RD Machine & Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Wesco Laser Mchg______ 303-765-5916

American Machine & Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 AzMark_ __________ 480-921-4128 Bar-S Machine_______ 928-636-2115 BK Machine Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Brendell Manufacturing_ 801-677-7700 Fauston_ _________ 303-420-7422 H&R Precision________ 801-975-7400 JPS Manufacturing_ ___ 480-367-9542 Leading Edge Machine_ __ 435-563-9425 Mountain View Machine___ 435-755-0500 Prec Mach’d Products_ ___ 970-482-7676 Premac Precision Mach’g_719-784-9434 A2Z METALWORKER

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July/Aug 2011

Machining: Ultra-Precision CNC Rescue_ _______ 801-266-2261 Pinnacle Precision_ ___435-563-2722 White Rock Inc.______ 435-750-6414 Machining: Waterjet Colorado Waterjet_ ___970-532-5404 Quick Turn Precision_ __801-334-6800 MANUFACTURING Brendell Manufacturing_ 801-677-7700 Group Mfg Serv______480-966-3952 High Precision Devices__303-447-2558 Prescott’s Manufacturing_719-482-5826 RD Machine & Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Contract Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Manufacturing: Electrode Wire-Tech_ ________ 480-966-1591 Mfg: Photo-Chemical VACCO Industries_ ____ 626-443-7121 Production Aero Tech_ ________ 801-292-0493 BK Machine Inc.______801-253-1929 Central Valley Machine__435-752-0934 EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Laser Concepts Inc.____ 801-280-7723 Prescott’s Manufacturing_719-482-5826

Robotic CNC DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Routering CNC DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Small Part Pinnacle Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech_ ________ 801-292-0493 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Accuwright Industries___480-892-9595 METALIZING Accuwright Industries___480-892-9595 MOLDING: RUBBER Micro-Tronics, Inc_____ 602-437-8995 MOLDING: ARC Watkins Tool & Supply__303-295-9603 MOLDS Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Colorado Tool Design Inc_ 720-218-5246 JCB Precision Tool & Mold_303-292-4434 Lifetime Products_____ 801-728-1260 Maverick Mold & Machine_303-833-5877 Prescott’s Manufacturing_719-482-5826 Molds: Blow Lifetime Products_____ 801-728-1260 Molds: Plastic Injection JCB Precision Tool & Mold__303-292-4434 Lifetime Products_ _____801-728-1260 Maverick Mold & Machine_ 303-833-5877 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ____ 602-437-8995 Watkins Tool & Supply_ _ 303-295-9603 Molds: DieCast Design Colorado Tool Design Inc_ _ 720-218-5246 Molds: Injection Design Alfred Manufacturing_ 303-302-7138 Colorado Tool Design Inc_ _ 720-218-5246 JCB Precision Tool & Mold_303-292-4434 Prototype-Cafe_ _____ 720-852-3577 Molds: Rotational 3rd Gen Machine_____ 435-764-4980 Molds: Trim Die Design Colorado Tool Design Inc_ _ 720-218-5246 Molds Steel DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Aero Tech_ ________ 801-292-0493 Arizona Finishing_____602-438-4443 ChemResearch_ _____ 602-253-4175 Jet Processing____ 623-869-6749x117 Mil Spec Painting

Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 PAINTING MPI International_ _____ 956-631-6880 Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 PARTS: MISC. Lifetime Products_ _____801-728-1260 PHOTO FABRICATION Newcut Inc._ _______ 315-331-7680 Gold Tech Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 PLATING Gold Tech Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 METCO Metal Finishing__ 602-276-4120 Blanchard Metals Proc.__ 801-972-5590 ChemResearch_ _____ 602-253-4175 LA Specialties_______ 602-269-7612 MPI International_____ 956-631-6880 Anodizing Blanchard Metals Proc._ __801-972-5590 ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Jet Processing_____ 623-869-6749x117 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 Nickel/Chrome Gold Tech Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 Tin/Zinc Plate Gold Tech Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 POLISHING Gold Tech Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 LA Specialties_______ 602-269-7612 PRECISION FORMING Richards Fab________801-409-0392 TMM Precision _ ______800-448-9448 Wrico_ ___________480-892-7800 PROCESSING: METAL Acid Pickle MPI International______956-631-6880 Chemical LA Specialties________ 602-269-7612 MPI International______956-631-6880 Plating Alodine MPI International______956-631-6880 Phosphate MPI International______956-631-6880 PUNCHING Group Manufacturing Serv_ 480-966-3952

REPAIR Bearing Surface Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 Hydraulic Cylinder Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 ROLL FORMING Lifetime Products_ _____801-728-1260 Rolling: thread Ron Grob Co._ _______970-667-5320 ROUTERING, CNC Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 SAW CUTTING Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 SHOT PEENING Blanchard Metals Proc._ __801-972-5590 SPINNING: METAL Metal Spinning Solutions__ 480-899-0939 SPLINES Specialty Steel Services__ 801-539-8252 SPRAY: METAL, PLASMA Accuwright Industries____480-892-9595 SPRINGS Flat & Wire SPRING WORKS Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 STAMPING Alfred Manufacturing____303-302-7138 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Frontier Metal Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Harco Metal Products_ ___ 480-829-0450 Lifetime Products_ _____801-728-1260 Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Seastrom_ _______ 800-634-2356 Weiser/Mile High Prec._303280-2778 Stamping:Aerospace Frontier Metal Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Assembly Frontier Metal Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Design

Frontier Metal Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Weiser/Mile High Prec._303280-2778 Stamping:Flat Forming SPRING WORKS Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Light Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 SPRING WORKS Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 Stamping:Precision Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Frontier Metal Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Prototype Frontier Metal Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Short Run Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 SWISS SCREW MCHG. Howard PMP _ _______ 801-808-4106 Lewis Aerospace_ ____ 877-254-2024 Seastrom_ _________ 800-634-2356 Screwing: Lead Ron Grob Co._ _______970-667-5320 TAPPING Laser Concepts Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 TESTING Testing: Non-Destructive Blanchard Metals Proc._ __801-972-5590 Jet Processing_____ 623-869-6749x117 Pilkington Metal Finishing_801-972-2146 THERMAL SPRAY Accuwright Industries____480-892-9595 TOOL MAKING JCB Precision Tool & Mold_303-292-4434 TOOL & DIE Foremaster Tool______ 801-737--0265 JCB Precision Tool & Mold__ 303-292-4434 Newport Tool_ _______801-295-7411 Wrico_ ___________480-892-7800 TOOLING Frontier Metal Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Mountain View Machine_ _435-755-0500 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 TUBE FORMING Cling’s Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Harco Metal Products_ ___ 480-829-0450

Formed Tubing Harco Metal Products_ ___ 480-829-0450 Cling’s Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Tube Bending /Fabrication Harco Metal Products_ ___ 480-829-0450 Cling’s Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 WATERJET CUTTING Colorado Waterjet_ __ 970-532-5404 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 JQ Enterprises________ 801-975-0777 Leading Edge Machine_ __435-563-9425 Marzee Inc._______ 602-269-5801 Mountain View Machine_435-755-0500 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Quick Turn Precision_____801-334-6800

Welding: Precision Arrow Sheet Metal Prod___ 303-427-6419 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 Excalibur Manufacturing_ _719-520-5404 Genesis_ __________ 303-449-6912 JPS Manufacturing_ ____480-367-9542 Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Weiser/Mile High Prec._303280-2778 Welding: Thin Wall Alum. Genesis_ _________ 303-449-6912 Welding: TIG Arrow Sheet Metal Prod___ 303-427-6419 Cimtech_ __________ 801-373-6813 Genesis_ __________ 303-449-6912 Mountain View Machine___ 435-755-0500 JPS Manufacturing_ ____480-367-9542 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789

WELDING Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Arrow Sheet Metal Prod___ 303-427-6419 Cimtech_ __________ 801-373-6813 Davis Manufacturing_ ___303-762-0550 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 Genesis_ __________ 303-449-6912 H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 Harco Metal Products_ ___ 480-829-0450 WIRE FORMING JQ Enterprises________ 801-975-0777 SPRING WORKS Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Laser Concepts Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 Mountain View Machine_ _435-755-0500 Precision Casting Repair_ _801-972-2345 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Quick Turn Precision_____801-334-6800 Wasatch Laser Processing__801-972-3500 Weiser/Mile High Prec._303280-2778 Welding: Aerospace Genesis_ __________ 303-449-6912 Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large Genesis_ __________ 303-449-6912 Petersen Inc_________ 800-410-6789 Skyline Products________719-392-9046 Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Welding: Orbital Richards Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392

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Delcam...51 Delltronics...56 Denver Machine Shop...56 Denver Machine Tool Inc....55 DMSI...55 DunRite Deburring...57 Ebbco Inc...51 EDM Network...45,52 EDM Performance Accessories...52 EMJD Corp....57 Erickson Metals...50 Excalibur Manufacturing..56 Fabricating Equipment Sales..24,52 Falcon Sheet Metal...59 Faustson...22,56 Flow Intl...37,50 Foothills Machinery..11,50 Foremaster Tool...59 Frontier Metal Stamping...60 Fuchs Machinery...50,52 Gage Lab Products...52 Ganesh Machinery...25 Genesis TIG Welding...60 Gladhill Assoc...38,50 Global EDM Supply...51 Gold Tech Industries...55 Group Manufacturing...56 H&R Precision...56 Harco Metal Products...54 Hardinge...50 Hartwig...9,50,52 HAAS Automation...2,50 Helical...52 High Precision Devices...56 High Tech Manufacturing...55 Horizon Carbide...52 Howard PMP....16,60 Industrialex...55 Industrial Heat Treat Co...54 Innovative Precision...55 IRH...53 Iron & Metals, Inc...14,53 JCB Precision Tool & Mold...60 J.M. Grisley...50 Jet Processing...59 JPS Manufacturing...59 Jordan River Galvanizing...59 Jorgensen Machine Tools ...50,53 JQ Enterprises...60

K.D. Capital Equipment...52 King Machine...25 Klontech Industrial..51,52 L.A. Specialties...56 L.A.R. Manufacturing...55 Laser Concepts...42 Leading Edge Machine...58 Lewis Aerospace...55 Lifetime Products, Inc...56 Marshall Tool...52 Marzee...16,57 Matrix Machine Inc...56,57 Maverick Mold & Machine...55 May Foundry & Machine...54 MEP...52 Metal Processing Intl...60 Metal Spinning...56 Metal Supermarkets...8,52 Metco Metal Finishing...60 Methods ...50 Micro-Tronics Inc..23,55 Micro 100...24,51 Micropulse West ...55 Monckton Mach...2,33,50 Mountain View...55 Muratec...52 NBS Calibrations...46 Newport Tool...59 New West Machine Tool...51 NFT..59 Ogden-WeberTech College...52 OGP...51 Omax...28-29,50 Orion Registrar...52 Paramount Machine...56 Petersen Inc...58,59 Phoenix Heat Treating...58 Pilkington Metal Finishing...54 Pinnacle Precision..58 Ponderosa Industries...58 Powerhaus Precision...59 Precision Casting Repair...55 PrecisionFab Inc...53 Precision Mach’d Products...60 Precision Tech...59 Premac Machining...60 Premier Precision...58 Prescott’s Mfg...10,55 Prime Axis Machine...20

Pro-Salez...54 Qualichem...51 Quick Turn Precision...60 RD Machine...60 Radtech..59 Reata Eng. & Machine...57 ResourceMfg...39,56 Richards Fab...56 RMTMA...44 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades...53 Ron Grob CO....57 S&S Machinery...51 Samuel Son & CO..13,47,53 Setco...51 Sharp...41 Shop Floor Automations...52 Shop Tools, Inc..26,51 Skydandee Mfg...54 Smith Machinery Co..15,27,50,63 Specialty Steel Serv....12,56 SPRING WORKS Utah...60 St.Vrain Manufacturing...59 Star Metal Fluids...3,50,51,52 State Brass Foundry & Machine...56 Superior Grinding...32,57 Sustaining Edge Solutions...51 Team Industrial Services..38,50,52 Temp Processing...56 TMM Precision...59 Todd Machinery...50 Total Quality Systems...40,51 Triad Machinery...51 Tsugami...21 Universal Laser Systems...12 U S Shop Tools...50 Utah Metal Works, Inc...53 VACCO Industries...58 Wasatch Laser Forming...59 Wasatch Metal Finishing...57 Weiser/Mile High Precision...61 Wesco Laser Machining...57 Western States Calibration...54 Western States Metals...52 White Rock Inc...58 WMC Machining...59 Wrico Stamping...57




IT’STO NICE TO SOMETHING HAVE SOMETHING YOUCOUNT CAN COUNT IT’S NICE HAVE YOU CAN ON ON With moreand experience and aofwider range of technologies including Mitsubishi Laser, EDM, MC Machinery With more experience a wider range technologies including Mitsubishi Laser, Waterjet and Waterjet EDM, MC and Machinery Systems delivers the most productive and profitable manufacturing solutions. Industry-leading support and the Systems delivers the most productive and profitable manufacturing solutions. Industry-leading support and the strength of a global brand mean we’re there to help you succeed – now and far into the future. strength of a global brand mean we’re there to help you succeed – now and far into the future.

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With more experience and a wider range of technologies including Mitsubishi Laser, Water Systems delivers the most productive and profitable manufacturing solutions. Indust FREE or Test Cut.mean Call 630-616-5920 of a global brand we’re there to help you succeed – now and far into the futu FREE Demostrength or TestDemo Cut. Call 630-616-5920

or visit www.mitsubishi-world.com or visit www.mitsubishi-world.com

41 West Guest Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 Phone (801) 263.6403 • Fax (801) 263.6404 www.smithmachinetools.com

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maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the RIght lIne of PRoducts

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Aug/Sept Co, UT, ID A2Z Metalworker Magazine  

The A2Z Metalworker Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing!Our focus is getting the people that need the parts & s...

Aug/Sept Co, UT, ID A2Z Metalworker Magazine  

The A2Z Metalworker Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing!Our focus is getting the people that need the parts & s...

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