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Editors Corner “Talent is a dreadfully cheap commodity, cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work and study; a constant process of honing. Talent is a dull knife that will cut nothing unless it is wielded with great force – a force so great that the knife is not really cutting at all but bludgeoning and breaking ... Discipline and constant work are the whetstones upon which the dull knife of talent is honed until it becomes sharp enough, hopefully, to cut through even the toughest meat and gristle.” Stephen King (1947 – ) American writer, hard worker As I look back on 2012, I remember talking to so many great people and visiting so many different shops and manufacturing companies.What I have seen is; many businesses working harder and smarter to keep the business they have and to fine tune their operation and reach higher levels of excellence to keep a tight hand on quality. I have also seen some companies do the same thing they always do, the same way they have always done it and the blame their lack of business on the poor economy. I have toured world-class facilities and I hear this resounding fact; the progressive thinking and harder working companies did better in the recession period than anyone else did. In fact some companies increased sales, bought machines, certified to a higher level of excellence, and thought out of the common box to do things better, quicker, and they worked hard to perfect their processes. Lean manufacturing is not a bad thing and it is not only for Fortune 1000 businesses. I witnessed one business that continually improves on what they do by timing processes; cutting steps in the process, and creating visuals for their team to monitor themselves. It’s like having a mirror around all the time. You can see what you look like all the time. If you are a mess you can see it and change it, and hence clean up your act. This “time is money attitude” keeps your company competitive and helps your team hone their skills to be better, faster, and more efficient. Surprisingly, this attitude spurs another attitude, a positive one; an attitude of I can do it, I can do it better, and there is nothing that can’t be done if I put my mind to it. This is the mindset that is winning business back from Asia and other offshore countries. This “can do better attitude” gives us pride in what we do and pushes us to do better in everything we do. As we wind down this 2012; let’s reflect on what we did this year and look forward to 2013; to honing our skills, working smarter, and maintaining the discipline and constant work of improving ourselves. We are all gifted in some way. But the most successful people in life work harder than anyone else in his or her field to attain success. Thank you all for being a part of our magazine. Please help us get better by giving us feedback when you can. We will work harder for you in 2013! I promise. Have a great holiday season!

Kim Carpenter


4 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

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FROM THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED MACHINING TECHNOLOGY for every industry to unmatched comprehensive customer support, only Mazak provides the resources you need to discover more productivity, profitability and competitiveness for your business.







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Washington Tech Center Oregon Tech Center 14600 Interurban Ave, South 27350 SW 95th Ave MAGNUM PRECISION Tukwila,MAGNUM WA 98168PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Wilsonville, OR 97070MACHINES, INC. 12025 Rojas Drive, Suite ‘A’ 3614 E. Southern Avenue #1 Office - 206-575-3390 Office - 503-682-9030 El Paso, TX 79936 Phoenix, AZ 85040 Fax - 206-575-3397 Fax - 503-682-9040 Tel: (915) 856-7900 Email:

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Announcements & Releases “Serving Every Industry Sector One Chip At A Time” Micro 100 Tool Corp’s newest addition to theirWORLD-CLASS arsenal of products is their GREATEST and most INNOVATIVE yet…it is the NEW Revolutionary Micro-QUIK quick change system! Micro-QUIK is the most advanced and unique quick change system in the industry focused on CNC Swiss Screw Machines.The marriage of the Micro-QUIK system to any CNC Swiss Machine translates to 1) Faster through-put 2) Greatly reduced set-up and cycle times 3) Enhanced efficiencies 4) HIGHEST accuracy and 5) Overall GREATLY enhanced $ profits for the consumer!!! Micro-QUIK stands alone in its ability to repeat from every tool to tools’ center-line!!! less than 30 seconds its repeatability is less than .0005!!! Micro-QUIK was designed with the CNC Swiss Machine Operator in mind as its user friendliness is second to none, its uncanny accuracy is second to none, and its ability to reduce set-up and cycle-times while increasing both shop floor velocity and efficiencies is second to none!!!...all the while making every consumers’ $ profits soar!!! Cheers to the perfect marriage!!!... ”Micro-QUIK & CNC Swiss Machines”

“Friend of the Agency” Awarded to United Performance Metals United Performance Metals, a leading supplier of specialty stainless steel and high temperature alloys, was honored for its ongoing and multifaceted support by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County, OH. Butler County BBBS annual event honored top volunteers and in the area for their service to our local youth. The organization also awarded special recognition to United Performance Metals as an outstanding provider of corporate support by presenting them with the Friend of the Agency Award for 2012. United Performance Metals assists BBBS through its annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake and Girls Night Out programs. The company also provides sponsorship to BBBS through the Butler County UnitedWay. “Our President,Tom Kennard, has challenged UPM employees to BE INVOLVED, and this includes making a commitment to give back to our community. One of the ways we do this is through our partA2Z METALWORKER NW •

6 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

nership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County. BBBS is changing the lives of Butler County children and we are honored to be a part of that” reports Sherri Davis, Human Resources and Training for United Performance Metals and BBBS Board of Directors member. Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest and most effective youth mentoring organization in the United States. Big Brothers Big Sisters serves children ages 7-18 who are facing adversity by providing 1-to-1 professionally supported relationships that change their lives for the better. Pictured: Julie Dichtl BBBS, Kris White UPM, Arlene Nageleisen UPM, Sherri Davis UPM, Carolyn Winslow BBBS United Performance Metals is a leading supplier of specialty stainless steel and high temperature alloys. In business since 1982, United Performance Metals has experience serving the needs of customers in diverse markets including aerospace, aircraft, automotive, medical, food service, house-wares, petro-chemical and many others. United Performance Metals is one of more than a dozen companies that comprise O’Neal Industries (, the U.S.A.’s largest family-owned group of metals service centers. With sales of approximately $2.5 billion in 2011, O’Neal Industries is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and has more than 90 specialized facilities throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. For more information on United Performance Metals visit us at www., call us at 1.888.282.3292 or email

Roentgen USA Introduces the HM Titan SET Tooth Carbide blade

Roentgen USA is introducing an addition to their Carbide tipped line with the HM Titan Set tooth Carbide tipped blade.The Set tooth carbide blade is designed for tougher to cut materials that pinch together while cutting on band saw. The set tooth design eliminates the blades tendency to strip teeth. Roentgen currently manufactures 4 types of Carbide tipped blades. The Titan MU is a line of unset multi chip ground Carbide tipped blades designed for cutting a majority a materials from Aluminum to tool steels. Roentgen also produces the Titan Forte C, a coated

Carbide blade launched in late 2010. The remaining two carbide blades available would be the Titan B0 a carbide blade designed for sawing induction hardened chrome materials and the Titan ALU, a carbide tipped blade for Foundry applications. Roentgen USA has sales offices and weld centers in Chicago and Los Angeles and has plans to add weld centers in 2 more cities in 2013/2014. Contact Roentgen at 847-787-0135 for details on testing the new products or send them an e-mail to

SigmaTEK Systems Announces SigmaNEST® Version 10 SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting authority, announces the upcoming release of SigmaNEST Version 10. Powered the industry’s most advanced nesting engine this latest release represents a leap in material optimization and fabrication process efficiency. SigmaNEST 10 employs sophisticated heuristics and advanced algorithms to optimize part yield, maximize material usage, accelerate machine cycle time and produce the highest quality parts. What’s New SigmaTEK President & CEO, Ben TerreBlanche comments: “An example of what makes version 10 special is improved cutterpath planning that reduces machine cutting cycle time and consumable wear extending tool life. New functionality also includes BHQ™ (Bolt Hole Quality) technology. Specially designed for plasma cutting machines, BHQ improves edge quality by addressing material melting issues inherent to plasma cutting. By tightly controlling this cutting process BHQ produces the best hole quality eliminating clean-up or rework.” SigmaNEST Product Manager, James Lindsey adds: “While 3D CAD model import is certainly nothing new to SigmaNEST this latest release boasts enhanced functionality in that area as well as the ability tap into engineering data. We don’t impose a workload on the engineering department to save work as an IGES, STEP, DXF or any other neutral file format before being handed off to manufacturing. Companies select SigmaNEST not only for its superior functionality but also because of its ability to drive multiple cutting, punching and bending machines and import data directly from a number of popular CAD/CAM systems.” Read more at

MICRO MARK Portable DOT PEEN Marker, A Smart Solution for Permanent Part Marking Multi Function Use…. The Micro Mark is the most versatile compact dot peen marker available today. Ideal for hand held applications as well as onmachine integration. Small Footprint Large Mark Area….The compact (3” x 5” x 6”) head size (5+ lbs) offers a generous 1.0” x 2.5” marking field to suit most industrial marking applications. Designed for Easy Integration….Additional I/O (with logic) streamlines “handshaking” with other machinery, when required, and allows importing data from external files. Includes all software functions as the entire Kwikmark product line does. Automatic Line centering….This feature will automatically center the marking image to your part, whether it is single or multiple lines, graphics or both with no measuring or operator input required. Just type the information you wish to mark and the Micro Mark will line it up automatically! This feature may be enabled in the X,Y or both axes. Your operators will appreciate this feature especially when marking round parts such as shafts, pipes, etc. The Operator’s Choice….Just squeeze the trigger or touch the button. The Micro Mark’s light weight centered and balanced handle suits both left & right handed operators. For more information call: 815-363-8268,

Fahey Machinery Celebrates 50 Years in Business Raymond and Lauretta Fahey founded Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. (Fahey Machinery) almost 50 years ago as a machine tool distributor, specializing in sheet metal and steel fabricating equipment. Fahey Machinery has become a leading distributor and represents some of the finest machine tool manufacturers in the industry and has a territory that spans the following states: Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and Northern California. Fahey Machinery has offices located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and Sammamish, Washington. The main office in Oregon houses a wide variety of new and used equipment and machines for: bending, punching, shearing, stamping, sawing, burning, welding, rolling, finishing, as well as milling and turning. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

7 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Service Steel has succeeded in becoming the leading steel processing facility “SigmaNEST® in the region.They have a 300,000 sq. helped ft. building us withto 25 cranes in 12 bays win a contract and 3 rail spurs.Their facility built the Liberty Ships in WWII. It is ideal for approaching high volume steel processing. Their $100 Million.” combination of huge capacity and the latest CNC machinery and software are unrivaled. With 10 high power lasers they have more than twice the laser cutting capacity of their competitors. Their 8 large, combination plasma/flame tables allow the processing of thousands of tons of metal each week.With CNC machining, forming, welding, and painting they go well beyond a typical Service Center’s limited processing abilities. “They can’t make parts that cheap. They’re selling for less than the material costs. They’re trying to buy the job... That’s what we often hear. In truth we quote to make money on every job using SigmaNEST. The software’s unmatched part nesting efficiency delivers 15% - 20% material savings, accurate job estimations, and more winning bids!”

-Ed Westerdahl, President and CEO Service Steel Company (Portland, OR)

“Service Steel starts with nesting first! SigmaNest nesting software helps us orchestrate from lean quoting to perfection!” , says Ed Westerdahl III, CEO In Portland Oregon there is a progressive manufacturing/metalworking company with state of the art software and state of the art machines for fabrication and machining that builds high-level armor assemblies to protect our troops. Service Steel, Inc. is the sole provider for the armor and cabs for the US Military’s FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles). Service Steel also makes the M-ATV (Military All-Terrain Vehicle), MRAP, Wrecker, JLTV, Husky TSV armor safety and metal packages that help keep our troops alive. They work with all the top tier suppliers to our military and they also work with many companies like Intel to produce high quality subassemblies to support their fab-line. Service Steel was founded in 1987. Ed Westerdahl’s father took over an existing company and he named it Service Steel. Ed’s father (Ed Westerdahl II) is very well known in the Portland area, primarily through his involvement in politics. Ed II retired in 1998 and Ed III became the new CEO. Ed III was a Tool and die maker for many years and he had a great vision for the company when it was pretty much a service center, with little value added. Ed pushed for valued added systems and soon transformed the company into a high level, value added manufacturing facility with robotic high volume welding, machining, and intricate mechanical assembly. They are much more efficient on material utilization because they nest to stock size sheets, and take advantage of keeping material scrap to it’s lowest level thus saving their customers substantial amount of money. They can process sheet sizes of 39 x 87 armor and they go through from 2000-3000 tons per month. A2Z METALWORKER NW •


Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Whether you cut with laser, plasma, water jet, router, or punch, call today to see how much SigmaNEST can save you!









E 513-674-0005

Whether it’s supplying stock plates, laser cut profiles or welded and painted assemblies, Service Steel is a “Single Source Solution” that can deliver what is needed, when it is needed. We interview Ed Westerdahl III and his humble yet very knowledgeable demeanor was refreshing. Ed said, “Service Steel utilizes the latest in CAD technology including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MasterCAM and SigmaNEST.This enables us to provide world-class engineering services and to ensure performance at the highest level of quality. Service Steel starts with nesting first. When a quotation comes in Service Steel analyzes the data package through SigmaNEST and quotes it with minimal scrap and time utilization. SigmaNEST is at the start and at the heart of everything we do.” Starting with nesting first is a creed that allows Service Steel to be the best and most competitive in their field. They can quote jobs so competitively that their competition often says they are quoting at the metal cost of the job. Ed says, “Our competitors often say they can’t make parts that cheap. They’re selling for less than the material costs. They’re trying to buy the job. In truth we quote to make money on every job using SigmaNEST. The software’s unmatched part nesting efficiency delivers 15% -20% material savings, accurate job estimations, and we win bids!” Service Steel has a big ongoing commitment to improving the quality of their work as well as their customers’ continued satisfaction. They are ISO 9001 certified and ITAR registered. Two important quality control tools

Part Density.

Need we say more?

they utilize are the Virtek LaserQC advanced, rapid, 2D laser quality inspection scanner and the 6-Axis ROMER Absolute Arm 7545 for work pieces that are large, difficult to move, or cannot be moved to an offline inspection station. The ability to quickly measure parts wherever and whenever required allows Service Steel to ensure quality, control processes, reduce scrap and eliminate re-work. We asked Ed; what’s next for Service Steel? Brian Blair the sales manager for SigmaNest has shown us an MRP package that SigmaTEK is perfecting and they have extremely good programmers. We worked very closely with them when they were a new company. Today their growth is explosive and they have captured the market.We would like to be their beta site for this new MRP software because if it can work in this large multi-job environment we have it can work anywhere. IT differentiates us from our competition; from etching part and heat numbers on each part, to planning and routing jobs through the shop. This is our marketing tool. We start with the best and we embrace new technologies, maintain a competitive advantage, and this remains an obstacle to our competitors. For more information on Service Steel and how they can support your manufacturing requirements contact: Ed Westerdahl at: 503-572-2333,,

Part Number: G12146D221M

Learn more at 1(858)-505-0432

Get an ROI on Employee Training Low cost to employer

Reduced turnover rates

More industrious and loyal employees

For more information on saving money through nesting first and on MRP software contact Bob Farrell at: bob.farrell@ , call: 513-674-0005 or visit

Find out how you can train your workforce now:

Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee 206-764-7940 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

AJAC-A2Z Mtlwkr3.875x 5.125.indd 1


Dec/Jan 2012-2013 8/9/12 10:28 AM

The FiberMark Metal and Plastic Marking Laser is Right for Your Application

Do you need... To etch 2D, linear, and data matrix barcodes. Engrave logos and graphics on your parts and tools. To mark, polish, anneal and etch with one machine. To be able to set up custom jobs quickly and easily. To engrave fonts as intricate as 2 pt.

Or do you want...

A machine that runs on the software you already use. A machine capable of metal marking large parts and tools. To engrave multiple tools at once with a jig. To etch cylindrical parts and tools. A system that can be set up and running in minutes.

..the FiberMark does all this and more!

To request information online and receive free samples, visit 888-437-4564 -


Advanced Energy Inverters Used In Oregon’s First Utility-Scale Solar Energy Project Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. announced that its utility-scale AE 500NX inverters were used for Oregon’s first utility-scale solar energy project, which is also the largest utility-owned and operated solar energy site in the state.The Black Cap Solar Facility, a two-megawatt solar farm in Lakeview, Ore., was completed by Swinerton Renewable Energy, a leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) builder in the solar utility industry. Black Cap is operated by PacifiCorp to benefit the utility’s 1.7 million customers in six western states. Swinerton chose the AE 500NX because of Advanced Energy (AE) Solar Energy’s track record in utility-scale projects, its unsurpassed customer service, and for the product’s low cost and proven reliability.“Large scale projects like these are helping utilities meet their renewable energy goals at lower costs, and we were sure AE would be the right choice, given A2Z METALWORKER NW •

10 •

Dec/Jan 2012-2013

its proven success on projects of this size,” said George Hershman, vice president and division manager at Swinerton Renewable Energy. “We have been impressed by the product’s built-in features and robust design and AE’s customer service has been invaluable.We look forward to working on similar projects with AE in the future.” The AE 500NX features a high-power, transformerless, bipolar design, which reduces balance of system cost (BoS) and increases return on investment (ROI).The inverter allows solar project stakeholders to offer system owners a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and confidence their PV system will deliver on long-term production goals. “AE is proud to be a part of this project and a member of the Oregon community, which places a high value on solar energy,” said GordonTredger, president for AE Solar Energy. “Our AE 500NX inverters are being deployed widely for utility-scale projects because of the industry-best ROI we offer to developers, utilities, and financiers for their solar energy investments.” The Black Cap Solar Facility was dedicated on Friday, Nov. 9, and provides solar energy equal to the annual usage of approximately 400 average customer homes. The project consists of 9,000 panels, incorporating tracking technology to follow the path of the sun and increase energy harvest throughout the day.

“We’re proud to be able to place this facility in an area we serve, while also helping Lake County advance its goal to become ‘The New Energy Frontier,’” said Mark Tallman, vice president, renewable resources for PacifiCorp Energy, the PacifiCorp unit that operates the company’s owned renewable resources. “We’re also pleased that it provided a business opportunity for Advanced Energy, one of our central Oregon customers. Altogether, the Black Cap project has helped support the economy in two of our counties while providing environmental benefits for the region and renewable energy for our customers.” AE’s solar energy business delivers highly reliable inverters, complementary BoS products and robust O&M services that allow its customers to secure more solar projects and grow their business. AE Solar Energy enables utility-scale, commercial and residential solar project stakeholders to offer system owners a lower LCOE and confidence their PV system will deliver on long-term production goals.With more than 30 years of leadership in delivering innovative energy solutions, AE is a trusted partner to solar project developers, financiers and beneficiaries around the globe.

Boeing Business Jets to Offer the BBJ MAX Boeing announced its intent to offer the BBJ MAX 8 and the BBJ MAX 9, furthering Boeing’s dominance in the large cabin ultralong-range business jet market.The announcement was made today at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Conference in Orlando, Fla.

TVT DIE CASTING Precision aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing. Quality, Reliability and Service

We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly.

The BBJ MAX 8, based on the 737 MAX 8, will be the first member of the BBJ MAX family to take advantage of the efficiency of CFM International’s new LEAP-1B engines and the Boeing developed Advanced Technology winglet.The new engine and Advanced Technology winglet will provide customers with a 13 percent fuel-use improvement. Together, these features will translate to a range of 6,325 nautical miles – a more than 14-percent increase over today’s class-leading BBJ 2 that will be validated in final configuration and flight test. The Civil Aviation Flight Training and Simulation Market 2012-2022 The BBJ MAX 8 will share the same cabin size with today’s BBJ 2, offering customers a 19-foot longer cabin and three times the cargo space of today’s BBJ.The BBJ MAX 8 will also improve on its market leading range capability and maintain the BBJ advantages of lower cabin altitude, unmatched reliability and outstanding product support around the globe. “We anticipate the BBJ MAX 8 will be a very strong seller as a VIP aircraft and will likely capture a larger share of the market because it’s the right combination of performance, space and comfort,” said Captain Steve Taylor, BBJ president. “For VIP customers, extended range and exceptional comfort are equally important.The BBJ MAX will ensure our customers get the best of both.” ITAR Registered

800 280 2278

ISO 9001:2008 Certified


LLC F r o m

C o n c e p t

t o

R e a l i t y

50 years of experience in manufacturing, specializing in Prototyping, WithWith overover50 years in manufacturing SMH Inc specializes in Casting, Molding, and Machining, and with contacts in all related manufacturing industries – SMH hasCasting, the resources to meet your needs! Injection Molding, & Design Support, Machining, Fabrication! Call Today: 360.341.2226 - Design Support Solid Modeling Rapid or Functional Prototyping Industrial Design through production and assembly

Casting Die Casting Investment Casting Sand Casting Programs for finished production-ready products delivered to OEM’s point of use

Stephen M. Hannemann


Exceptional Representation Product Developmentof 3D Plastics & TVT Die Casting Parts for form, fit and function Production for multi-year programs

Injection Molding Custom Injection Molding of small to midsize components Programs from a napkin concept through production Engineering and Commodity Resins LIM/LSR


Boeing also intends to develop the plan for the BBJ MAX 9 based on the 737 MAX 9. Similar performance improvements are anticipated, offering a 6,255 nm range with an even larger cabin than the BBJ MAX 8. Plans for a BBJ MAX 7 are being studied.

Sheet Metal Forming Water Jet Reinforced Fiberglass and related Assemblies 360.341.2226- 360.341.2226 Your Product Development and Manufacturing Resource

Stephen M. Hannemann

Your Product Development and Manufacturing Resource A2Z METALWORKER NW •

11 •

Dec/Jan 2012-2013

15235 NE 92nd • Redmond, WA 98052 Telephone: 425.882.1970 •TOLL FREE:1-877-784-1966 EMAIL:

High-quality precision tooling, components, and fixtures for aerospace and commercial industrial applications since 1966 PTI is a full-service manufacturing facility. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery is reflected in our investment in advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment and the capabilities required to deliver the precision products demanded by the commercial aviation industry.

As your full-service resource, PTI has: • The Technical Background to help you develop new products • Experience to assist in design for manufacturing • Size to support your production needs Fast Responsive Customer Support • ISO/AS9100 Certification to provide traceability and reduce your WIP inventory PTI supports integrators of large aircraft subsystems. We manufacture complete subcomponents allowing integrators to focus on their core competencies of larger assemblies. We are your tool for solving problems!

Pentagon To Sign Deal for 32 F-35s The Pentagon has notified Congress of its intent to sign a multibillion-dollar deal with Lockheed Martin for 32 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, according to a senior defense official. The actual inking of the contract is expected on Dec. 14. The final dollar value of the contract will be determined when the contract is signed, said Frank Kendall, undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics. The Pentagon also expects a preliminary deal for the sixth batch of F-35s in the near future. “I think we made a lot of progress over the course of our negotiations in getting to a mutual understanding of where the program really is and what the costs are,” Kendall said. “I think we made an enormous amount of progress.” The signing of the contract will bring to an official close more than a year of sometimes turbulent negotiations that boiled over in September when the Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, the F-35 program manager, called the relationship between the DoD and Lockheed “the worst I have ever seen.” At the time, Bogdan was the deputy program manager. This was the first time DoD acquisition officials used a new negotiation tool, called a should-cost analysis. The analysis was based on A2Z METALWORKER NW •

12 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

several years of F-35 cost data as well as data from the acquisition of the F-22A fighter, a similar stealthy fighter built by Lockheed and flown by the Air Force. “We’re able to take all of that data and sit down at the table with Lockheed and go through in an enormous amount of detail all the elements of their cost and project forward from what they’ve already done,” Kendall said. Overall, Kendall characterized the use of the should-cost analysis as an “extremely useful exercise.” The Pentagon has put incentives in place for Lockheed if it meets or exceeds certain benchmarks. “I think we have moved to where we all — both parties, Lockheed and the government — have a very good understanding for the cost basis for the F-35,” Kendall said. “I expect that the future negotiations for production will be much easier. They should be just because we have much less to disagree on.” The F-35 is the Pentagon’s most expensive weapon program, with its total procurement and research-and-development expected to cost almost $400 billion. The Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps all plan to fly different versions of the jet. A number of U.S. allies have purchased, or plan to buy, the jet.

Long Products – a sampling of what we offer Carbon Steel Bar

Stainless Steel Tube

• • • • • •

• 304 SQUARE TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 12"SQ X .500W • 304 RECTANGLE TUBE – 1/2" X 1" X .065W THRU 12"SQ X 8" X .500W • 304 ROUND TUBE – 1/2"OD X .065W THRU 6.0"D X .375W • AVAILABLE IN MILL FINISH AND 180 GRIT POLISHED

CF1018 ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 6" CF1018 SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" CF1018 FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 3-1/2" X 6" CF1045 ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 6" CF1144 STRESSPROOF ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 4-1/2" CF12L14 ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 6"

Alloy Steel Bar • • • •

CF4140ANN ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 4-1/2" CF8620ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/8" THRU 4-3/4" CF4140HT ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 3-1/2" HR4140ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/2" THRU 24"

Aluminum Bar

Carbon Steel Tube • ERW STEEL TUBE – 1/2"OD X .049W THRU 6"0D X .188W • ORN STEEL TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 4"SQ X .120W • STRUCT STEEL TUBE – 1-1/2"SQ THRU 6"SQ X .250W (INCLUDING RECTANGLES)

Stainless Steel Bar • • • • •

303, 304L, 316L, 17-4 ROUNDS – 1/8" THRU 12" 304L, 316L PLATE CUT FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 1/2" X 8" 303, 304L, 316L ROLLED BAR – 1/4" X 3/4" THRU 1-1/2" X 2" 304L, 316L ANGLES – 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" THRU 4" X 4" X 1/2" 304L, 316L CHANNELS – 2" X 1" X 1/8" THRU 6" X 4" X 3/8"

• 6061 EXTR & CF ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 12" • 6061 EXTR SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" • 6061 EXTR RECTANGLES – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 4" X 8" • 6061, 6063 EXTR ANGLES, CHANNELS, BEAMS • 2024 CF ROUNDS – 3/8" THRU 4"

Tube & Pipe • 6061, 6063 EXTR SQUARE TUBE – 3/4"SQ X .065W THRU 8"SQ X .500W • 6061, 6063 EXTR RECTANGLE TUBE – 3/4" X 1-1/2" THRU 2" X 8" X .250W • 6061 EXTR ROUND TUBE – 1/2" X .125W THRU 8"OD X .250W • 6061 EXTR PIPE – 1/2" SCH40 THRU 8" SCH80


Carbon & Alloy Plate We routinely stock: • Carbon from general purpose to structural, PVQ and improved machining grades. • Alloy in construction, case hardening, PVQ, aircraft quality and abrasion resisting grades. Plate processing: Oxy-fuel Cutting Plasma Cutting Shearing

Ryerson simplifies customer manufacturing and procurement. From one-of-a-kind components to parts in production quantities, our one-stop shopping reduces overall costs and streamlines operations. Lower Production Costs Trim outsourcing handling costs and inspection points. Eliminate scrap handling costs and inspection points. Minimize capital expenditures. Our ready-to-assemble parts reduce customer work-in-process inventory.

Aluminum Plate We routinely stock: • Heat treatable, cast tooling and cast mold plate • Standard thicknesses to 16” • Widths to 60.5” • Standard lengths of 96”, 120”, 144”, 240” and 288” • Diamond Tread plate

Consolidate Supplier Base Save transportation and administrative costs. We’re responsible for all work

Plate processing: Sawing Band Saw Cutting Shearing Cutting to Length

Plate processing: Plasma Cutting Sawing Shearing Cutting to Length Precision Leveling

Increase Flexibility Test new designs and prototypes without tying up machines or employees. We know fabrication and materials and recommend the best for customer applications. Meet Demand Fluctuations Eliminate bottlenecks. Avoid capacity overloads. Eliminate capital tied up in underutilized equipment. We help customers focus on core competencies and meet processing requirements.

Stainless Plate We routinely stock: • All standard grades • Plate up to 4” thick • Coiled plate inventory: 36, 48, 60, 72” wide • Stainless floor plate in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4” thickness

performed, even for services of our extended fabrication network. We screen and audit all of our sources.

Seattle: 600 SW 10th Street, Renton, WA 98057 206-624-2300 Local | 800-562-9067 Toll Free

Portland: 6330 Basin Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 503-247-2300 Local | 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Boise: 6759 S. Supplyway, Boise, ID 83716 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Spokane: 207 N. Freya Street, Spokane, WA 99202 509-535-1582 Local | 800-541-6365 Toll Free

Sandy’s effect on the figures was much smaller many analysts had predicted. The government noted that as long as employees worked at least one day during a pay period — two weeks for most people — its survey would have counted them as employed. Still, there were signs that the storm disrupted economic activity. Construction employment dropped 20,000. And weather prevented 369,000 people from getting to work — the most for any month in nearly two years. These workers were still counted as employed. Investors appeared pleased with the report. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 56 points in the first hour of trading. Since July, the economy has added an average of 158,000 jobs a month. That’s a modest pickup from 146,000 average in the first six months of the year. The job growth suggests that most employers aren’t yet delaying hiring because of the “fiscal cliff.” That’s the combination of sharp tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect next year unless the White House and Congress reach a budget deal before then. There is “no obvious impact from the looming fiscal cliff yet,” Ashworth added, “but it could still have a greater effect on December’s figures.”

Unemployment Rate Falls To 7.7 Percent The U.S. economy added 146,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent, the lowest since December 2008. The government said Superstorm Sandy had only a minimal effect on the figures. The Labor Department’s report Friday offered a mixed picture of the economy. Hiring remained steady during the storm and in the face of looming tax increases. But the government said employers added 49,000 fewer jobs in October and September than it initially estimated.

In November, retailers added 53,000 positions.Temporary help companies added 18,000 and education and health care also gained 18,000. Auto manufacturers added nearly 10,000 jobs. Still, overall manufacturing jobs fell 7,000. That was pushed down by a loss of 12,000 jobs in food manufacturing that likely reflects the layoff of workers at Hostess. Sandy forced restaurants, retailers and other businesses to close in late October and early November in 24 states, particularly in the Northeast. Ashworth noted that hiring by companies was actually better in October than the government first thought. The overall job figures were revised lower that month because governments cut about 35,000 more jobs than first estimated. The U.S. grew at a solid 2.7 percent annual rate in the July-September quarter. But many economists say growth is slowing to a 1.5 percent rate in the October-December quarter, largely because of the storm and threat of the fiscal cliff. That’s not enough growth to lower the unemployment rate.

And the unemployment rate fell to a four-year low in November from 7.9 percent in October mostly because more people stopped looking for work and weren’t counted as unemployed.

The storm held back consumer spending and income, which drive economic growth. Consumer spending declined in October and work interruptions caused by Sandy reduced wages and salaries that month by about $18 billion at an annual rate, the government said.

The report “is something of a mixed bag but, on balance, it’s a positive,” said Paul Ashworth, an economist at Capital Economics.

Still, many say economic growth could accelerate next year if the fiscal cliff is avoided. The economy is also expected to get a boost from efforts to rebuild in the Northeast after the storm.


14 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Trade Deficit Narrows To $41.5B

Since 1979

by, Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer

The U.S. trade deficit declined to the lowest level in nearly two years because exports rose to a record high. The gain may not last given the global economic slowdown. Still, the narrower trade deficit could lead the government to revise its JulySeptember economic growth estimate slightly higher than the 2 percent annual rate reported last month. That’s because U.S. companies earned more from overseas sales while consumers and businesses spent less on foreign products.

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The deficit narrowed to $41.5 billion in September, the Commerce Department said Thursday. That is 5.1 percent below the August deficit and the smallest imbalance since December 2010. Exports climbed 3.1 percent to an alltime high of $187 billion. That followed two monthly declines and reflected stronger sales of commercial aircraft, heavy machinery and farm goods. Imports rose 1.5 percent to $228.5 billion. An increase in consumer goods drove the gain, including shipments of the new Apple iPhone5. Higher oil prices also contributed to the gain.


Economists cautioned that the increase in exports may only be temporary. One reason is soybean exports rose 32 percent in September from August, in part because of a jump in prices linked to the summer drought. “More generally, export growth has slowed by more than import growth as the weak global backdrop has taken its toll,” said Paul Dales, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics. “So while these data may boost third-quarter ... growth by a couple of tenths of a percent, further ahead net exports may not add anything to growth.” Europe’s debt crisis and slower global growth in emerging markets had weakened demand for U.S. goods overseas in the previous months.That subtracted from economic growth in the third quarter. Exports to the 27-nation European Union were unchanged in September from August. Exports to Latin America grew 4.2 percent,

although exports to Brazil declined. Brazil is South America’s biggest economy. So far this year, the U.S. deficit is running at an annual rate of $554 billion, slightly below last year’s $559.9 billion imbalance. The U.S. deficit with China increased to $29.1 billion in September. It is running 6.8 percent ahead of last year’s record pace. America’s deficit with China last year was the highest imbalance ever recorded with a single country. The widening trade gap with China has heightened trade tensions between the two countries. Many have complained that China’s trade practices are unfair. American manufacturers say China has kept the yuan undervalued against the U.S. dollar. A lower valued yuan makes Chinese goods cheaper for U.S. consumers and American products more expensive in China. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

15 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

This Could Well be the ISO9001/2008 Certified, Aerospace & Defense Supplier You’ve Been Looking For!

The GK brand is renowned in agriculture worldwide. They have won the most coveted award, the AE50 International award for their products. The award, sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, recognizes the world’s best technology innovations introduced for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries. GK designs the most innovative agricultural sprayers, tree diggers, trackers, trailers, potting machines, and conveyers, to name a few, and has been awarded numerous patents for their products.They also repair and sell hydraulic parts and equipment. GK’s commitment to partnership knows no boundaries and the word can’t is not allowed in the facility. Connie Bradley, Director of Sales and Marketing, learned this early in her dealings with GK Machine. Connie was the State Fair Director for the State of Oregon and was looking for sponsors to help with the State’s 150th anniversary celebration. Connie’s goal was to get the three-piece large 3-story sculpture at the fairgrounds rebuilt and to spruce up the grounds facility in a big way. She approached Gary Grossen, owner of GK Machine, for sponsorship. After Gary looked at the previous wood sculpture made from wood and was asked to replicate it he asked, “Why not do it better?” Months later with massive engineering power, and countless hours of everyone’s time and devotion at GK Machine, a masterpiece evolved.The GK Machine tri-sculpture was bigger, better, and more aesthetically pleasing than anything the State fairgrounds had seen in lifetimes. Curved like lightening reaching back to the sky, the GK Sculpture was a marvel and a miracle to the community. Not only did the GK Machine team put in the artistic flare with ideas that rival modern artists, they all put in their pride, ingenuity, and sweat to make its completion for the grand memorial event. All of these many weeks of devotion and hard work were a GK Machine donation to the community that the Governor of Oregon dedicated to the community in their honor. Talk about giving back… A2Z METALWORKER NW •

16 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Gary, CEO and President of GK Machine, holds dear his community and fosters a give mentality along with his can do mentality. GK Machine helps and sponsors many community associations including the FFA, Local Rodeos, and the State fair. If it has anything to do with agriculture, kids and manufacturing, Gary and GK Machine are all in! GK Machine started in the early 70’s and was literally born in a barn. Yes, humble beginnings and a dream of creating your own destiny. GK started with Gary (a journeyman machinist) working a full time night job as a machinist on the graveyard shift and working his dream by day with little sleep and much determination. In 1976 the GK Machine name was christened with Gary’s brother Keith (a civil engineer) joining the business. Still a teen, Gary started with $75 dollars and a dream of can do, and will do better. The brother company grew as time allowed evolution with Keith staying in the shop and Gary venturing out to shake hands and sell a better and faster way to make and do things in agriculture. GK continues to be family focused with wife Jeanna, and their two children as well as nieces and nephews that work at GK Machine. GK always had a can do vision with a better solution and always made it happen to the Customer’s benefit. How do they compete with Asia? Build it leaner, faster, and better, by taking out steps, operations and redesigning the product as a whole by starting at the smallest component. GK takes components that were made in 10 to 20 pieces and fabricates them as one unit, thus making it stronger, better, faster, with complete repeatability. They work up the bill of material from the least component to the highest level and suggest their design for manufacturability with the end result of tremendous savings to the customer. With 13 degreed engineers, the company helps its customers take a product from conception to production. Customers who are designing a new product will send their engineers/designers to work onsite at GK, where they have an office and work directly with the GK team to move a product to production. Often, their assignment onsite with GK Machine is several months in duration. GK is the epitome of lean. While they employ dozens of welders, by design, they work to take welding out of the equation. And while they have purchased the best software designed for lean, off the shelf software hasn’t worked ‘as is’ for GK, and in all cases, they have customized it to improve their operations. Every facet of their operation is studied, analyzed and improved, in order to optimize efficiencies. The company had to become the very best in order to design their own branded equipment, which ships internationally, and to compete with developing countries, where lower cost wages could threaten their business. And they have done it well. Their double-digit growth since their inception in 1976 is a testament to their quality and innovation. In fact, GK was just awarded a very high visibility contract -- for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. They will build the trains needed to upgrade the transportation infrastructure needed to support all the visitors. In order to win the contract, the manufacturer had to have demonstrated a successful track record in manufacturing trains in the past. Since GK successfully built a number of trains from the track up for a contract in Alaska, they were awarded the prestigious contract to support the Brazilian government in its transportation infrastructure build out. Gary says, “If you are a follower, you are too late. If you are a leader, you always look for better technology, better ideas, and anticipate the best direction for the future. We can always make it better; we can always make it faster and lean the process to help save time, money, with sure steps in a positive direction! I like to think GK Machine sets the bar. We work hard to maintain the A2Z METALWORKER NW •

17 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

premier tier one position that fortune 1000 companies are looking for!” GK Machine is ISO/9001:2008 certified for contract manufacturing of parts, large and small equipment. Aerospace is the obvious next step to maintaining the high tier level of support for their customers. GK builds everything from trains to agricultural equipment with most everything performed in house. Gary told us the GK Team and system was always at the ISO/9001:2008 level, they just needed to wrap the ISO system around it and document what they already do. “When you certify to a high level of standards you don’t do it to get the business, you do it for your employees and for the quality of your product and organization”, Gary elaborates. GK runs between 400 to 600 jobs on the shop floor at one time. This massive undertaking is controlled with lean practices such as bar coding, terminals at every station, visual time studies resident at every workstation for every employee. There is no time clock, just resident terminals that are logged in with the employee’s identification card. Sate of the art software designed in house creates the router that follows the jobs through the shop and gathers the vital data at every step along the way. This data is stored and evaluated to continue the lean process and to deliver the customer a higher quality product with the best possible price. The company purchases the best equipment in the industry, including the Trumpf line. Gary says, “Not only do I value the equipment Fahey Machinery sells, particularly the Trumpf line of products, but I find in Bill Fahey, owner of the company, an outstanding partner. I met Bill at an auction 20 years ago, and he has supported our business since then. If I was to give Bill a score you have to give him the highest score A+, he provides great service, and he really listens to the customer. Bill is genuinely interested how we do business. He gets first bid on anything I need!” Gary continued, “I go to the tradeshows because it is critical to stay up on technology. I also regularly attend the European machine tool shows. While I listen to other machine tool dealers, I have to say that Fahey is our first choice in local machine tool dealers. We purchased our first laser from Fahey more than 10 years ago. It’s about service, products, and ethics. Bill listens to us, knows our business requirements, and helps us to select the best machine tool for our current requirements. I also believe in buying the best - we have to -- in order to be up and running offering our customers the best products produced fasters -- and the Trumpf offers this.”

For more information on GK Machine, contact Kelly Allegretto, Sales at 503-678-5525, For the best in machinery, contact Fahey Machinery at: 503-620-9031, A2Z METALWORKER NW •

18 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Connect and follow OMAX for the latest news in waterjet technology. 17605 SW 65th Avenue Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035 (503) 620-9031 (503) 620-1911 Fax

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ONE EVERYTHING COMPANY. YOU NEED. When it comes to abrasive waterjet machining, OMAX® Corporation has everything you need. We understand that in today’s challenging marketplace, you need a partner that can provide the comprehensive solutions you need to be productive and stay competitive. OMAX is a single-source provider of the industry’s most innovative abrasive waterjet technology. With the OMAX and MAXIEM lines of waterjet equipment, we offer a complete range of capabilities from industry standard to high performance. When it comes to waterjets, OMAX is the only partner you need. Please visit WWW.OMAX.COM for more information on the ways in which OMAX can help you be more productive.

OMAX offers a complete line of high performance waterjet technology with cutting envelope sizes ranging from 2'5" x 2'1" to 46'8" x 13'4".

The MAXIEM line of affordable waterjet solutions includes machines with cutting envelope sizes ranging from 2' 6" x 2' 6" to 53' 4" x 13' 4".

WWW.OMAX.COM 1.800.838.0343


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Proud subsidiary of Daikin Industries, Ltd. • Osaka, Japan Corporate and Midwest: 815-943-9111 Regional Offices: Corporate and Midwest • 1301 W. Diggins • Harvard, IL 60033 • P: 815 943 9111 • F: 815 943 5370 • 103A Kingsbridge Drive • Carrollton, GA 30117 • P: 770 830 7751 • F: 770 830 7752 California:Southeast 714-348-6017 Ohio • 1821 Yankee Road • Middletown, OH 45044 • P: 513 217 7840 • F: 513 217 7846 California • P: 714 348 6017 Repair Service: 815-943-0120 Repair Service: 650 Chippewa, Suite 1 • Harvard, IL 60033 • P: 815 943 0120 • F: 815 943 0921

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growth in interactive equipment investment and afeaturefaFeatureCAM wassupply-chain the world’s first on an database. vorable interest rate environment. However, based programming software when it was equipment finance volumes are expected to launched in 1995. Constant development The conference allows smaller contractors expand at a more moderate pace over the next sincemanufacturers then has ensured thatabout the system has and to learn what would 12 toretained 18 months as equipment investment its leadership in programming be expected of them to subcontract with growth remains constrained uncertainties speed and ease of use, by while an increased larger defense contractors. at home and abroad. Companies are expected range of strategies has been added to provide to remain cautious about taking on the risks more with efficient toolpaths giving greater Barry Broome, president and CEO associated large capital investments untilof the productivity onand a wider range of machines. Phoenix Economic Council, said afterGreater important tax regulatory decisions his organization is meeting the 114 impacting short- and long-term fiscalwith stability change to the companies 2013 FeatureCAM aerospace and defense in the top haveThe beenmain made. product family been the introduction of to three tiers in thehasPhoenix area this summer three levelsdevelop of 3D machining functionality. them sustainable plans. “The help Foundation is delighted to present this FeatureMILL 3D Lite offers single-surface essential study, which illustrates that the equipmachining with a isbasic range for of strategies ment finance industry a critical source “We will have a plan of attack eachofone of and so provides an introductory funding for U.S. businesses,” said Cameron those companies; how to help thisproduct company for companies moving into 3D machining Krueger, Chairman of the Leasgrow, how to keep this Equipment company from closing. for the first time. ing & Finance Foundation and Director and It’s a very hands on, tactical effort,” he said. National Asset Finance & Leasing Practice FeatureMILL 3D MX greater Leader at Deloitte. “The data provides provides aafresh Broome said while the largest local aerospace and number comprehensive picture ofincluding the domestic of strategies, spiral and defense players, such as Boeing Co., equipment finance sector and how it contribfinishing, flowline finishing and rotary Aerospace, Raytheon Co. and utes Honeywell to the U.S. economy.” machining, support for multiple-surface Lockheed Mar tin Corp., already have mac hining and automated feature diversified businesses, smaller companies “Equipment financing significant rolewith recognition. It isplays aimeda at companies with limited capital facethe greater challenges in helping businesses acquire equipment conventional machine tools and those that effectssaid roll down the chain. theyas need,” Sutton, CAE, are machiningWilliam softer materials. President of the Equipment Leasing & Finance “Our major been relatively Foundation. “Thecompanies equipmenthave finance sector For further information, please contact: not -Peter only contributes to businesses’ success, optimistic that they have done a Dickin, Marketing Manager good Directjob but to U.S. economic growth, manufacturing of preparing for 1081, these e-mail: cuts. It’s all the other phone: 0121 683 marketing@ and jobs. This study reveals the importance companies that are connected to of the big resolving political and regulatory uncertainty companies that we have to pay attention to so businesses can feel confident about and because they can’tmore change their behavior theirAero futures Tech and investManufacturing, in capital equipment enterprise until the bigger companies change and Inc. job creation.” Achieves ISO9001: 2008 theirs,” Broome said.


Announcements Continued Equipmentgroups Finance Sector to Surpass defense $740 Billion Phoenix help aerospace, companies diversify In 2012, equipment finance volume returned

Small to midsize companies that produce to pre-recession levels, with theTech 2012 estimate for the Aero Manufacturing, in equipment business since with travels up to 150” x 50”Leasing (3810mm 1270mm).Foundation These American made systems reduce in 2013, Equipment &xFinance defense-specific products and rely on that finance market expected to reach $725 billion. The market 1967, is pleased to announce thatis exit sucspindle downtimehuge related loading andspending fixture change-over adapting virtually all With potentially cutstotopart federal defense looming by early nexttoyear, Phoenixpipeline may need to change to adapt. Forecasts pected to expand over the cessfully next two years; however, the growth rateThe certified to ISO9001: 2008. types machining centers. basedofgroups are trying to reduce the impact by promoting diversification within Arizona’s is expected to slow. scope of the company’s certifications are for aerospace and defense industry. “If you depend too much on one customer, fabrication and finishing of sheet metal and MIDACO Automatic Pallet Systems, such as the A30SD to be displayed, are easily installed on or one segment, you to arecapigoing to The equipment finance sector is aindustry significant contributor light structural steel products. The Registrar the side Commerce or the left side or sometimes both sides a new ortheexisting machine center Theright Arizona Authority is focusing both on of sustaining state’s already existing be more vulnerable than if$1.3 youtrillion were more tal formation in the U.S. Company, economy. Of thewas projected Inc., the certifying auditor. to reduceand floor space.toOnce or load of is complete, the next palletinor job isequipment industry working drawainpallet new business. It isparts spearheading the effort to position Arizona diversified,” saidinSteven Zylstra, president invested plant, and software 2013, 55%, or $742 transferred into machine in seconds. as one of the sixthe states selected as a testing range for aerial unmanned billion, vehicles,of athat project investment The is expected beArizona financed through loans, and CEO oftothe Technology Council. company, based in North Salt Lake, UT, being run by the Federal Aviation Administration. leases and lines of credit. In 2014, the market size is projected to offers the following capabilities: U.S.MIDACO businessesatand government agencies will finance more than grow to $778tobillion. Visit IMTS 2012, Booth S-9347 and WWW.MIDACO-CORP.COM see Zylstra said strategic innovation and paying $742 billion in equipment acquisitions in 2013, according toadviser thelocal U.S.toauthorized Retired Lt. Gen. JohnSPINDLE Regni, anRUNNING! aerospace and defense the quasi-governmental how to KEEP YOUR Contact your distributor or to where defense money is still •attention Full Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment Market 2012-2013, released by the ACA, also at isFinance co-director forStudy the Arizona Aerospace andtoday Defense Initiative.Seventy-two He said if thepercent state of companies use some form of financing when MIDACO 847.593.8420. being spent will be key. • Full Liquid And Powder Coat Finishing Finance study, conducted by acquiring equipment, including loans, leases and lines of credit isEquipment selected, Leasing it could&bring in aFoundation. new growthThe industry. •Companies U.L. 508 Industrial Control IHS, provides a comprehensive look at the size and expected growth (excluding credit cards). “You less innovative than $1 Panels million in Delcam to launch new milling options in FeatureCAM at IMTS have towith be Fabrication more and ingenious of the U.S. equipment finance market. According to the study, the • Total Turnkey And Assembly revenues use financing in 49% of their equipment acquisitions, while “This would open up doors in all kinds of areas outside of defense, in fire protection, in search to say what is my core competency and how equipment sector has emerged the Great Recession companies with revenues between $25 million and $100 million use Delcam willfinance launch the 2013 release offrom its variety FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software on and rescue, in law enforcement and a wide of new areas,” said Regni. can more I re-apply that to contact some other industry? with finance at an all-time high, resultinofChicago double-digit For information Aero Tech at financing in 86% of their acquisitions. booth E-3222volumes at the IMTS exhibition toasbea held from 10th to 15th September. It’s a tough test. Those that are the most (801) 292-0493 or visit their website at: This will offer a newother series of options forsmall three-axis millingbusinesses and enhancements in five-axis The ACA hasNW taken to ensure and midsize are ready for changes innovative are going to do the best,” Zylstra A Z METALWORKER • 20 • Dec/Jansteps 2012-2013 machining, plus industry improvements the turning and mill-turn modules. relative to large players,inholding a requirements conference in January and working said. 2

12 • July/Aug 2012 • 32 • Sept/Oct 2012


Companies with sales between $25 million and $100 million doubled their share of financing volume from 2006—when the Foundation’s first market-sizing study was conducted to 2011. Companies with fewer than 51 employees also doubled their share equipment acquisition via financing in this time period. This may be in part a reflection of the difficulty in obtaining other forms of credit for these segments of the market. Cash as a method of purchasing declined for large companies from 2007 to 2012 as larger companies enjoyed greater access to credit markets. In the current low-interest-rate environment, financing equipment acquisitions is especially attractive. Corporate perceptions of the economic outlook are the primary driver behind equipment investment decisions. When presented with a list of potential factors that will drive future investment spending, companies surveyed by the Foundation overwhelmingly chose “general economic conditions.” The financing decisions of smaller companies are especially sensitive to general economic conditions. Even with the relatively high degree of uncertainty over the economy and regulations/fiscal policy, nearly 30% of companies surveyed anticipated increasing their equipment investment over the next 12 months. This group of companies is disproportionately represented by large companies. For example, among companies with sales over $100 million, 51% indicated they would increase spending, yet only 17% of businesses with sales less than $1 million had similar plans. Over the next 12 to 18 months, businesses faced with rising uncertainty over the economy and regulatory policies are expected to be more cautious about spending on equipment and software, as well as taking on more credit. The silver lining to this cloud is that technological innovation and equipment replacement needs should spur rapid growth in volume in late 2014 and beyond. About the Study U.S. Equipment Finance Market Study 2012-2013 was conducted

by IHS for the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, an independent organization that publishes research for the equipment leasing and finance industry. The study draws on data from a number of sources, including the Federal Reserve Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices, the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds, the 2012 Monitor 100, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s 2012 Survey of Equipment Finance Activity, the IHS Equipment Market Monitor, and surveys conducted by the Foundation. A key input came from a custom survey of businesses that purchased equipment in 2011. The survey was conducted in August and September of 2012 by IHS on behalf of the Foundation. Responses were collected from 427 businesses, of which 372 acquired business equipment in 2011. For the purposes of the study, equipment financing refers to retail or end-user financing of equipment and software. The financing market estimates reflect lending to businesses and government agencies. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

21 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Oregon State University Developing Computerized Machine Builder


IC R O OO super carbide tools CO EFFE ST C TOOLITIVE NG



CORVALLIS, Ore. — Engineers at Oregon State University and other leading institutions have made important advances that may dramatically change how machines get built, with a concept that could turn the approaches used by modern industry into a historic relic.

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MICRO 100 TOOL CORPORATION 1410 E. Pine Avenue Meridian, ID. 83642




They will essentially throw out the old “design it, build a prototype and test it, then fix the mistakes and test it some more” method that’s been in place since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Approaches that worked for Robert Fulton or Henry Ford are now considered too expensive, wasteful, unpredictable and time-consuming.

Contact your local Authorized Micro 100 Distributor or Sales Representative today for more details!

Max Steinbach Micro 100 Tool Corporation Northwest Sales Manager

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800-421-8065 208-888-2106 msteinbach@micro

Instead, virtually all of the design, testing, error identification and revisions will be done on a computer up to the point of commercial production. In theory, a new machine should work right the first time, and perform exactly as the computer said it would. “If this works, and we believe it will, then it will revolutionize the way that machines get built,” said Irem Tumer, an associate professor in OSU’s School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. “The field holds great promise to design and test completed machines on a computer before they are ever built,” she said. “We’ll see what works, identify and solve problems, make any changes desired, and then go straight to commercial production.” There’s some use of such approaches in the technology industry, which is a major reason it has boomed in recent decades. But this has never really been done before in mechanical engineering. The potential, experts say, is to radically change how almost any complex machine gets built, ranging from military vehicles to automobiles, aircraft, space vehicles, consumer products or machines used in industry. The concept is called “model based design and verification,” and is getting initial impetus from a design challenge sponsored by the U.S. military, which wants a new amphibious vehicle in about one-fifth of the time it would ordinarily take to build it.They also want lower cost and excellent performance. The technology behind this process, experts say, is translating virtu-


22 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

ally every aspect of a mechanical system into data that can be mixed and matched in sophisticated computer systems – what a part will do, how it will perform, what materials it is made of, how much stress those materials can take before they fail, what will happen at the intersection where one component interacts with another, where failures might occur, and how those failures can be prevented. OSU is joining with some of the nation’s leading universities and agencies on this problem, in work supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. Collaborators include Vanderbilt University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech University, Palo Alto Research Center, Carnegie Mellon University, and SRI International. Advances already made at OSU, which have been published in professional journals, include work on failure propagation analysis, led by Tumer; a model repository, led by Robert Stone, a professor of mechanical engineering; and verification tools that will ensure the model should work, led by Christopher Hoyle, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering. Some of Tumer’s continued studies will look more closely at fault behavior, to determine what will happen if a part fails. “We’ve done a lot of work like this in the past with individual parts, small groups of components,” Tumer said. “Now we’re taking that complexity to the level of a finished and completed machine, sometimes thousands of parts working together.

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“That’s a much more difficult challenge,” she said. “But by the time we actually build it, we should know exactly what it will do and have already solved any problems.The testing will have already been done. There should not be any surprises.” OSU has already received more than $1 million in support from DARPA on this META-II and C2M2L work, in part to support the “Adaptive Vehicle Make,” or AVM Program, which is trying to create a new amphibious vehicle. Engineers, even students, around the nation will be invited next year to take part in that initiative, using the tools being developed by OSU and its collaborators.This particular vehicle is called FANG, for Fast, Adaptive, Next-Generation Ground vehicle.

“You can understand why our armed forces are interested in this,” she said. “They want to speed production of needed military vehicles by five times over the conventional approach, which is a pretty aggressive goal. For them, it’s about saving money, saving time, and ultimately producing technology that helps to save lives.” After that, Tumer said, the systems could be used anywhere. There’s little downside to producing cars, aircraft, or new industrial machines that work right the first time, cost less and get produced more quickly. The OSU College of Engineering is among the nation¹s largest and most productive engineering programs. Since 1999, the college has more than tripled its research expenditures to $37.2 million by emphasizing highly collaborative research that solves global problems, spins out new companies, and produces opportunity for students through hands-on learning. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Swift Tool Co.

In World of Big Stuff, the U.S. Still Rules





Most tools in our industry are coated together with all other types of tools, using the same process and coating formula. We have specific preparation processes, coating processes, and coating formula for each individual tool type and size

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Our AlTiN coatings work 20-30% better than other AlTiN’s, and our high performance coatings like MDC, often double tool life or more over industry standard coating like AlTiN.






ISO/AS1900 Virtually Simplified! BMSC LLC, A Woman Owned Business!

Contact Bretta Kelly Today! Prepare for ISO 9001/AS9100 Certification Virtually! Over the phone and through the computer, Virtually? WOW! Friendly, Fast, Fit to your Business, & Virtually Painless!

Only $3500 Hear What Customers Say About Bretta: “When Bretta told me ISO wasn’t rocket science and proved it, I started listening.” G. Crouch, Advotech Co. “Amazing & Grateful describe Landmarks experience through ISO/AS9100 C certification. Precise, simple, and easy to follow.” C.Walski, Landmark Mfg. “We updated and simplified our system from Rev. B to AS9100 Rev C in less than a month! Bretta’s templates allow a company to write a system around how they already do business.” L. Krolik & J. Buchanan, Powill Mfg. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Robert LeTourneau, a roving American evangelist and inventor, decided in the mid-1930s that a plot of lakefront land a mile and a half northeast of downtown Peoria would be a fine place to make earth-moving equipment. Skilled labor and suppliers were plentiful; transport links were good. Nearly eight decades later, Japan’s Komatsu Ltd., 6301.TO +1.29% which owns the plant, still thinks Mr. LeTourneau chose the right location—even though most giant mining trucks made there are shipped overseas to Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa. About 80 miles south, in Decatur, Ill., rival Caterpillar Inc. CAT -0.30% makes its large mining trucks, most of which are exported. Caterpillar, No. 1 in this market, and No. 2 Komatsu account for roughly 85% of global sales of these trucks, roughly the size of twostory houses. Their presence has created a cluster of skills and suppliers that feeds the industry. At a time when politicians are hoping for a job-creating revival of American manufacturing, this is one area where U.S.-based plants are still global champions. The U.S. had a deficit of $509.7 billion in trade in manufactured goods in this year’s first nine months, largely due to gaping deficits in such major categories as consumer electronics and clothing. But in certain areas—notably aircraft, industrial engines, excavators and railway and mining equipment—the U.S. exports far more than it imports. These industries produce relatively small numbers of very expensive goods, requiring specialized technology and labor. Their competitive advantage rests partly on expertise built by U.S. companies in making durable, high-tech weaponry and other equipment for the military—frequently applicable to other products. “We have a very strong and very innovative military,” said Cliff Waldman, a senior economist at Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, an Arlington, Va., research organization. That creates an infrastructure for manufacturing and spurs innovation in such areas as metallurgy and engines. Determining where the U.S. can gain competitive edges is part of the challenge of creating more well-paid manufacturing jobs, a priority of the Obama administration, which is budgeting more money for research into manufacturing processes.

A Leading Provider of Self-Clinching Fasteners 801-746-2689 • Self-Clinch Direct is a Master Distributor of TR Fastenings. TR Fastenings products adhere to the same standards as other competing brands. With the same Form, Fit and Function as our competitors, there are no design changes required. See our website for complete pricing, specifications and performance data.

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20+ Million parts in Stock “We need to broaden our capabilities,” said Gary Pisano, a professor at Harvard Business School, who writes about global competition. He prescribes more training of engineers and high-skill manufacturing workers, a longer-term investment horizon for managers and government support for research in advanced materials, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Manufacturers benefit from clusters of suppliers and workers with specialized skills. Such clusters make Taiwan a powerhouse in semiconductors and China nearly unbeatable in smartphones and other consumer electronics. Illinois, home to such heavy-equipment pioneers as Caterpillar and Deere & Co., has maintained its expertise in building large metal structures needed for mining, construction and agricultural equipment. Given decades of investment in skilled labor and nearby suppliers, “it’s not so easy just to pick it up and start somewhere else,” said Rod Schrader, CEO of Komatsu’s U.S. arm. Global demand for large mining trucks is too small to justify more than one plant. The global market for large mining trucks, those that can carry 200 tons or more, is likely to reach about 1,900 to 2,000 vehicles this year, up from 1,591 in 2011, said Peter Gilewicz, managing director of Parker Bay Co., a mining industry research firm. The trucks typically sell for $2.5 million to $6 million each, executives say. More than 90% are built at North American plants owned by Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. of Japan and A2Z METALWORKER •

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Self Clinch Floating Fasteners Non-locking

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No minimums Liebherr Group, based in Switzerland. Hitachi aims to more than double its capacity for making mining trucks at a Guelph, Ontario, plant, through a 33 million Canadian dollar expansion. Liebherr makes mining trucks in Newport News, Va. There are potential challengers in other parts of the world, including Belarus-based BelAZ and Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Corp. of China.In Peoria, Komatsu over the past two years has expanded manufacturing space about 7% to 764,000 square feet, spread among three buildings, one dating to 1935. Most equipment isn’t cutting-edge: There are about 575 factory workers and no robots. Komatsu tried welding robots years ago, but “we couldn’t get the quality where we wanted it,” said Mr. Schrader. He said the company continues to look at automation possibilities. Rio Tinto PLC’s Bingham Canyon copper mine near Salt Lake City uses 89 Komatsu trucks. Because they are so big, pieces of the truck are partially assembled in Peoria, loaded onto highway trucks or railcars and assembled at the mine. Like many factories, the Komatsu plant draws on both local and faraway suppliers. The diesel engines come from the Daventry, England, plant of U.S.-based Cummins Inc. Some of the electronics come from Asia, while certain steel parts are molded in Brazil. But Komatsu says the U.S.-made content of the plant’s biggest-selling trucks is more than 70%. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Total Quality Systems (TQS) Offers ISO Certified Inspection Services And Superior Zeiss CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) Sales Todd Johnson, founder and president of Total Quality Systems, says, “To my knowledge, we are the only Inspection Services and CMM sales company in the 4 CornersStates (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado) that is ISO9001:2008 certified, and we’ve been certified since 2004.” TQS, founded in 1999, is comprised of two distinct businesses, including Inspection Services and Metrology Equipment Sales.

Inspection Services TQS employes 3 certified inspectors for their inspection services department, and their customers reside throughout the United States. Todd says, “Our ISO certification more than 8 years ago enabled us to provide services to customers in the aerospace, medical, semiconductor andaotomotive industries all over the country. Without the certification, many customers would send auditors to our facility to review our operations. Or, they would have to review our Quality documents to ensure we could handle the inspections they needed.With our ISO certification, customers are confident that our business processes are in place and we can do the inspections they need. This not only increases their confidence in TQS, but it saves our customers money and time.ISO certification is just one of the procedures we put into place to make it easier to do business with TQS.”

or has an expedited project”, Todd elaborates, “they may find that their Quality Control (QC) department can’t accomodate the new business initially. They come to TQS when situations like this arise.” TQS’ inspection department utilizes a Zeiss Contura Select 28” x 40” x 24” Coordinate Measuring Machine for comparing parts to a CAD model, for reverse engineering and for curve analysis. Their ScanMax Manual Scanning CMM allows TQS inspectors to acquire thousands of data points very quickly and accurately with minimal setup time. Todd says it is used for mold making, reverse engineering, and comparing measured values to a CAD model. Their Zeiss/TSK Roundcom 41A allows TQS inspectors to measure roundness, flatness, concentricity, cylindricity, parallelism, coaxiality, squareness, run out, and thickness variations. The Zeiss/TSK Surfcom 130A affords 16+ roughness parameters, including Waviness and Flatness, with 2” stroke capability, and ID capabilities of .040”. Their Ram Optical Sprint 12×12 MultiSensor Measuring System facilitates Non-Contact Measuring for small or flexible parts.

Metrology Equipment Sales

Todd says that large and small companies rely on TQS for their inspection services for a number of reasons, including lacking the personnel, the expertise, the equipment or the time. “When a business wins a new contract A Z METALWORKER NW • 2

26 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

TQS has proudly carried Zeiss CMM product line since 1994. Todd says the Zeiss line is renown for its accuracy, and construction, and it is recognized as the premier CMM manufacturer in the world. He elaborates, “If people don’t come to us for a bid, they sometimes feel they can’t afford a Zeiss . the reality is that they can. And while some of our custoemrs are industry giants, including Honeywell, NASA, and Raytheon, a larger percentage of our buyers are small machine shops.We just sold a Zeiss CMM to a 4 person shop in Gilbert, Arizona, last week. In fact, you can get into a Zeiss CMM that is fully automated and programmable for $65,000.” Todd says that training and support are 2 of the

most imprortant criteria a customer should evaluate when purchasing a CMM. He says that Zeiss has the best support in the industry. They are staffed with 2 Service Technicians in Arizona and Colorado, and 1 in UT.

About TQS’ ISO Certification Todd was introduced to Great Western Registrar by the consultant they used in 2003 to prepare for certification. “I’ve used them ever since”, Todd says. they perform an audit on us each year and recertify us when our certification is set to expire.” He says, “Great Western’s auditors, including Rebecca Salo, who supports us, are outstanding to work with. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but you always feel like they are on your side, here to help you to do what is necessary to certify. I’ve heard horror stories of auditors who are determined to find corrective actions - because they think this is what they just have to do. I’ve heard of companies spending enormous amounts of money for their auditors travel time and expenses. We don’t get this with Great Western.They are so good, I turn every customer who needs an ISO audit over to Great Western.” Great Western Registrar is an ISO 9001 and ANAB accredited registrar offering complete AS9110 certification, AS9100 certification, ISO 9001 certification and registration services.Within this woman-owned company, all personnel are certified auditors. For more information, contact them at 623-580-1881 or visit For more information on TQS’ inspection services, available to customers through the U.S., or for their complete line of metrology equipment, available in AZ, CO, UT and NM, call (480) 377-6422 or visit their website at A2Z METALWORKER

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America, The Blend Hub I’m beginning to think that a key to more American jobs could be a closer connection between European and American businesses.

powder blending machine. Finally, Kristensen started the website, an open innovation portal manned by experts in the food industry who take and answer the tough questions that Premium and its wonderful R&D team feel are out of their purview.

The innovation of the day, however, is the BlendHub machine. Imagine a 40-foot long, portable, stainless steel container with drop-down sides. Usually there is a light dusting of activity here at Inside the container is all sorts of computer controlled machinery with PCDworks, but the last few weeks have been a veritable blizzard.This is due, in part, to my company’s growing involve- everything needed to sift, inject, mix, meter, and package the various ment in the food business, as well as a recently formed relationship with powders that go into our foods. If you have a question about what Henrik Stamm Kristensen, a Danish entrepreneur and innovator who those powders might be, join the crowd. I can only suggest you look was my co-presenter at the Open Innovation Summit in Brussels last at any packaged food container to begin to understand the vastness of May. The combination of these two factors has created an unusual and this blending phenomenon. As I sit at my desk and write this article, I unexpected opportunity, and despite my habitually pessimistic tempera- am enjoying a delightful lunch of Grade-A, small curd cottage cheese. ment, I feel hopeful for the future of innovation and the promise of real The ingredients of this cottage cheese, partially reads as follows: nonfat milk (in powdered form), whey, salt, guar gum, food starch, citric acid, job creation, both here and abroad. titanium dioxide, locust bean gum, carrageenan, lactic acid, and potassium sorbate. All of these ingredients are added to the cheese curds that I’m beginning to think that a key to more American jobs could be a closer principally make up cottage cheese, and they are all in powder form. connection between European and American businesses — if we can These powdered ingredients are combined in a powder blending machine only understand what it is that makes our nation an attractive place to in an ordered process, in very precise amounts, and then added to the do business. To get a little context, let me share my recent experiences, curds at a later time. and examine the lessons that might be learned from them. Kristensen’s great contributions to the world of food are threefold. First, he founded Premium Ingredients, a company that supplies powdered ingredients to a large customer base in Europe and the Middle East. From that came BlendHub, a company that makes a packaged, transportable

Of course, there are many different powder blenders, and in just about every country in the world there are companies that do blending. Some are toll blenders who do it for a fee. Some are big manufacturers like

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8620 0 4 3 4 4140 ROUND BAR AND MORE




Nestle, ConAgra, and Kraft perform in-house blending in very large and expensive facilities. BlendHub, however, allows small- to medium-sized food manufacturers (SMEs) to bring control to their own processes, in their facilities, without the huge investment of a fixed plant. In addition to lower costs, the SMEs can move the powder blending piece of their process closer to the source of the other ingredients, as they see fit. This offers control over cost and quality, as well as the varying tariffs that some countries charge between raw materials and finished products. In some ways, this machine is a serious innovation in the food business, as it gives SMEs the ability to compete with the biggest manufacturers on a price point basis. For some crazy reason, Kristensen believes that the best place to launch BlendHub’s U.S. invasion is right here in Palestine,TX. He wants to put the first BlendHub machine here on our 77-acre campus, 17 miles north of Palestine, out in the boonies. I questioned his sanity at first, but his reasons seem rational and I am beginning to see the light. He has many reasons for bringing this innovation into the U.S., but the most significant are threefold: the competitive advantage it brings SMEs, our nation’s willingness to embrace innovation, and what he perceives to be a fabulous business climate. Kristensen finds it surprisingly easy to set up a corporate structure in A2Z METALWORKER NW •



28 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

.co www



als met



the U.S., to locate customers, take advantage of incentives, and find state and federal officials willing and able to help clear the path to start up.To expedite that process, he sent one of his wonderful minions, Jose Miguel Carretero, to meet withTexas officials to determine the financial and legal feasibility of importing the machine and starting the company. Carretero was responsible for BlendHub’s previous startup efforts in India. When he learned that he could start a company here within a day, that it required no extensive paperwork, exclusion zones, tariffs, or bureaucratic harassment, he knew he was in the right place. He was in a business-friendly country that loves innovation and welcomes companies that can improve competition. While our 35% corporate tax rate may be higher than other countries, the actual effective rate is much less, closer to 12% to 14%. Even with a higher corporate rate, you at least get something for that tax in the U.S. For example, while we may have an appalling educational system in Texas, we do have a fabulous highway system, relatively inexpensive and abundant power, and a work force willing to work and learn when provided the opportunity.The barriers to entry are minimal and incentives are great. These may be our nation’s greatest assets: our love of invention and respect for risk taking, our readiness to take a chance, and our willingness to collaborate. This is what Europe is looking for, and this is what we can and should provide.



YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE SWISS MADE QUALITY Tornos Swiss ST 26 for turned parts up to 26 mm. Amazingly affordable Swiss Made quality. Now it pays to invest in high performance and productivity with the new Swiss ST 26. Two totally independent tool systems provide balanced operations, 7 linear axes, 2 C-axes and conversion to a guide-bush-less machine in only 30 minutes. The Swiss ST 26 is equipped with the most powerful and dynamic spindle and counter spindle ever built for this class of machine, allowing extreme machining capabilities. Choose from three turnkey equipment packs: “Starter”, “Advanced” and “Medical”. Tornos Technologies US Corporation: Lombard, IL and Bethel, CT;


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Manufactures Some of The Most Sophisticated Research and Inspection Equipment in the World with The Help of Delcam Software board layout, embedded systems programming, and state-of-the-art CNC machining and turning centers for volume production of precision mechanical components.This expertise gives Sutter the ability to provide timely, cost-effective engineering and manufacturing solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

R&D Machining At Its Best

In 1977, Dale Flaming, a scientist working at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), was having difficulty in producing micropipettes for use in his study of retina cells in the eye. For those unfamiliar with a micropipette, they are formed from 1-1.5mm hollow glass tubing, which is then drawn down to create a microscopic needle at one end. Micropipettes can be used for such varied applications as in-vitro fertilization, cellular research and genetics. Dale developed the first electronic controlled micropipette puller as a tool to help facilitate his research. Additional demand for the puller from colleagues prompted the formation of Sutter Instrument Company. Dale remains the active CEO of the company to this day. Today, Sutter has grown from a modest “garage” operation to become a world-class manufacturer of biomedical and life science research instrumentation. University research labs all over the world use Sutter’s instrumentation to enable them to do research that will ultimately save lives. Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and infertility are just a few examples of the types of research Sutter’s product help facilitate. The combination of motor control experience and in-house precision CNC machining expertise has led to a line of robust and versatile optical products serving photonics, life science, imaging, and microscopy markets. Sutter holds more than a dozen patents in addition to a vast array of intellectual property.

Fred Siedenburg, a Vice-President at Sutter, oversees the research and development activities in the machine shop. Fred, the son of a tool and die maker, was Sutter’s first employee, starting with the company in 1983. He has worked in every corner of the company, from customer support and product design to overseeing finances. Eventually, as the company became better staffed, Fred was freed to return to what he enjoyed doing the most, mechanical design and R&D machining.

Sutter’s integrated engineering and manufacturing facility occupies over 50,000 square feet and employs more than 70 staff, most of who have been with the company for more than a decade. Sutter’s machine shop, which is staffed with 14 employees, is one of the finest precision machining facilities in Northern California, employing state-of-the-art CNC machining and turning centers for volume production of precision mechanical components.

Ron Davenport, Research and Development machinist with Sutter Instruments for the past 15 years, has more than 30 years of experience in precision manufacturing. He is a journeyman machinist, a trained tool and die maker, and a mold maker. Ron works closely with Fred, and the two are naturals with new technology. They are particularly excited that their R&D Machine shop recently acquired its first 5-axis machining center, a DMG. Ron says, “Our new machining capabilities will allow us to build more sophisticated contours, maintaining very tight tolerances in our lab, testing these out for production capabilities. EllisonTechnologies did an outstanding job in supporting our purchase of the 5-axis DMG machine. The sales and service team were great. Fernando Garcia of the Ellison Technologies team invited us out to the new Mori Seiki/DMG facility in Davis, Ca. There, we got to see the machines in action.”

OEM customization of their optical product line for unique applications has become a specialty for Sutter Instrument.This, in turn, has extended their customer base beyond the biomedical industry, into such diverse industries as aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, atmospheric research, astronomical imaging, fusion research and material analysis. Their production facilities include in-house electronic design, circuit

Fred and Ron bring a tremendous amount of background and expertise that allows Sutter to meet challenging design criteria. Together, they have engineered designs for confocal microscopy, 2-photon laser based microscopes, micromanipulators that move in increments of nanometers, as well as a host of outside OEM projects for related optics and microscope accessories.

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Both Ron and Fred have tried nearly every CAD/CAM software package on the market over the past years. For more than a decade, they have been committed to Delcam and the software packages they offer for design and engineering. They are so adept that Delcam regularly makes them a beta test center for new software. Ron admits that neither he nor Fred have attended training classes , although Delcam offers it. Ron says, “When we got our new software package from Delcam, we easily picked up the new package, by learning the basics almost immediately. Over time, we have learned the more intricate features.” Ron says that he and Fred do call Delcam’s office located in Salt Lake City, UT from time to time with questions, and he says the technical support team is outstanding. In fact, Fred and Ron admit that years ago when they were first evaluating Delcam’s FeatureCAM, it was the technical support that they received that convinced them to switch to Delcam. Besides FeatureCAM another package that Sutter Instrument Company has from Delcam is the Delcam for SolidWorks (DFS) product. DFS is a Gold SolidWorks partner product that offers SolidWorks users a manufacturing solutions inside the SolidWorks environment Ron says, “Delcam for SolidWorks (DFS) is about twice as fast as anything else out on the market. We can quickly design it and put it right into the machine. In R&D we are able to get a prototype into the hands of our decision makers very quickly. In production they are able to fine tune the design very quickly and easily, cutting production times. This is very important to the company as a whole.” Ron says, “It became so easy for Fred and me to machine parts when

the Delcam for Solid Works came out -- it was literally inside of the Solid Works we were versed at using.” He elaborated, “John Gale, Sales Engineer for Delcam, was a big influence in getting us switched over to the new Delcam software years ago. He showed us how fast and easy it was to use. John is outstanding for technical support and any issues we have, John is always right on top of it. If we have a new rare issue that John can’t help us with, he gets someone from Corporate on the phone right away. Some of our questions turn into new features for Delcam’s next version of the software.” John Gale is quick to point out that Ron and Fred at Sutter Instrument are not your typical CAD/CAM software users. “They are very sophisticated users.They are aggressive in their use of the software, and they move quickly.This is one of the many reasons they have been a part of Delcam’s Beta test customers.” Today, Sutter Instrument owns 5 DFS and 3 FeatureCAM seats. For more information on Sutter Instrument Company, contact them at 415-883-0128 or visit their website at

About Delcam for Solid Works Delcam for SolidWorks is a SolidWorks Certified Gold Partner product that revolutionizes CAM programming inside of SolidWorks. Developed by the largest CAM development company in the world – Delcam, Delcam for SolidWorks integrates the feature-based technology from FeatureCAM with PowerMILL’s ‘best in class’ multi-threaded toolpath algorithms into one completely embedded solution, through the worldrenowned SolidWorks CAD system. Delcam for SolidWorks provides the most advanced manufacturing solution to the SolidWorks Community, based on over 40 years of CADCAM expertise. To learn more about Delcam’s CAD CAM solutions, call them at 1-877-DELCAM 1 (335-2261) or visit

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Swift Tool Co. Inc.









WEX31000EW WEX31000EW 1" WEX31250EW 1.25" WEX31250EW WEX32000R WEX32000R 2" WEXC33000R WEXC33000R 3" WEX33000R WEX33000R 3" WEXC34000R WEXC34000R 4"

INSERT INSERT CUTTER CUTTER SHK DIA/ HOLE SHK / FLUTES HOLE FLUTES QUANTITY QUANTITY PRICE PRICE 1" 1" 1" 2 2 30 30 30 1.25" 40 1.25" 1.25" 3 3 40 40 2".75" .75" 5 5 40 40 40 3" 1" 1" 5 5 50 50 50 3" 1" 1" 7 7 70 70 70 4"1.25" 1.25" 6 6 60 60 60

! ! E E FFR

Get any of the toolholders listed above


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Swift Tool Co. Inc.
















MDC Coating





3 3

E9990016+MDC E9990907+MDC

$49.10 $57.33

$21.56 $24.65

2-1/2 4

4 4

E9990024+MDC E9A86924

$51.14 $77.45

$23.09 $34.06


































































1/4 1/4

5/8 1-5/8

2-7/16 2-15/16

3/8 3/8

3/4 1-1/2









































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Apple To Produce Macs In U.S. Next Year Call: 877-885-1059 Email: From small to large water jet cutting, Marzee is your value added Supplier for fast efficient water jet machining.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company will produce one of its existing lines of Mac computers in the United States next year. Cook made the comments in part of an interview taped for NBC’s “Rock Center,” but aired Thursday morning on “Today” and posted on the network’s website. In a separate interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, he said that the company will spend $100 million in 2013 to move production of the line to the U.S. from China. “This doesn’t mean that Apple will do it ourselves, but we’ll be working with people and we’ll be investing our money,” Cook told Bloomberg. A call to Apple Inc. for comment before business hours Thursday was not immediately returned.

Marzee is one of the largest water jet facilities west of the Mississippi. No matter what industry you’re in, we can help! MarZee I nc. 2345 N. 34th Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85009 Home of 5 Omax Waterjets 80” x 240” Cutting Envelope Virtually Zero Taper Available Fast Quoting & Turn Arounds Prototype to Production

602-269-5801 602-269-5810 1-877-885-1059 FAX

BioSolar Drives Down Costs to Meet Growing Solar Industry Demand BioSolar, Inc. , developer of breakthrough products and materials that reduce the cost of photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, today announced key cost saving measures that will allow the company to benefit from a more competitive marketplace for solar subcomponents. Rapid price decline has prompted solar manufacturers to reassess all subcomponents and determine where changes can be made to drive down the cost of the bill of materials while still maintaining adequate robustness and reliability. “In adversity lies opportunity,” said BioSolar’s CEO, David Lee, “Manufacturers are accelerating efforts to drive cost reductions throughout all their solar product lines. Our BioBacksheet, with single layer composition, meets that need by delivering the reliability and robustness of the best available backsheets while maintaining cost competitiveness with the more economical backsheets on the market. Adopting BioBacksheet allows PV panel manufacturers to achieve cost savings without sacrificing panel quality or longevity.” “We expect to benefit in this competitive environment since BioBacksheet provides superior performance compared to similarly priced backsheets currently available in the marketplace,” Dr. Lee continued. “Therefore, we are focusing on two specific features of BioBacksheet that will improve the competitiveness of our customers’ panels. First, a lower cost BioBacksheet will allow our customers to sell lower cost PV panels, resulting in a reduced cost per watt of solar power production. This is the equation that defines current PV panel economics and competitiveness. Second, reducing the panel’s average internal operating temperature improves PV panel power output. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

34 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Like most consumer electronics companies, Apple lets contract manufacturers assemble its products overseas. However, the assembly accounts for little of the cost of making a PC or smartphone. Most of the cost lies in buying chips, and many of those are made in the U.S., Cook noted in his interview with NBC. The company and its manufacturing partner Foxconn Technology Group have faced significant criticism this year over working conditions at the Chinese facilities where Apple products are assembled, prompting Foxconn to raise salaries. Cook didn’t say which ers would be U.S. made. Bloomproducm o r e gests that boards

line of computproduced in the or where in the country they would be But he told berg that the tion would include than just final assembly.That sugmachining of cases and printing of circuit could take place in the U.S.

Regardless, the U.S. manufacturing line is expected to represent just a tiny piece of Apple overall production, with sales of iPhones and iPads now dwarfing those of its computers. Cook said in his interview with NBC that companies like Apple chose to produce their products in places like China, not because of the lower costs associated with it, but because the manufacturing skills required just aren’t present in the U.S. anymore. He added that the consumer electronics world has never really had a big production presence in the U.S. As a result, it’s really more about starting production in the U.S. than bringing it back. Apple originally made its computers in the U.S. It started outsourcing production in the mid-90s, first by selling some plants to contract manufacturers, then by hiring manufacturers overseas. It assembled iMacs in Elk Grove, California, until 2004.

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“We are delighted to have been selected for this highly competitive award and look forward to collaborating with the agency on improving solar power plants,” said Wasiq Bokhari, CEO of QBotix. “Lowering the cost of solar will boost our economic competitiveness in a number of ways, but it will require innovations across every segment in the supply chain. At QBotix, we’re taking a novel approach to balance of systems by using robotics to dramatically reduce the cost of operating solar power plants.” QTS is a comprehensive dual-axis tracking system that employs rugged, and intelligent, mobile robots that aim solar modules toward the sun and adjust their position throughout the day to maximize energy output. QTS utilizes a pair of autonomous robots, one primary and one back-up, to control 300 kW of solar panels with high accuracy and reliability. Popular Science recently selected the system as one of top six innovations in its list of “Best of What’s New” list for green technology for 2012. The system allows solar power plant owners to eliminate hundreds of stationary motors as well as almost half of the steel and a substantial portion of the concrete and other foundational materials from the final design of their power plants, thereby lowering the cost and time needed to construct power plants. Solar power plants based on QTS are built with industry-standard solar panels and mounting foundations, eliminating the customized panels associated with many tracking systems. So-called balance of systems expenses like construction, racking and installation now account for 68 percent of the cost of solar installations, according to a recent report from GTM Research.

QBotix Receives $1 Million Award From Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to Develop More Solar Robots QBotix, which is the first company to use robotics for operating solar power plants, has received a $1 million development award under the SunShot Initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. The award, part of the $10 million SunShot Incubator Program, will help fund the development of a new generation of robots for the QBotix Tracking System™ (QTS), which lowers the levelized cost of energy at large-scale power plants by up to 20 percent. QTS is based on a new paradigm for power plant architecture and operation invented by QBotix: Solar Robotics™. The SunShot Initiative is a collaborative national effort to make solar competitive with other forms of electricity in the U.S. by the end of the decade. By reducing the cost for utility scale installations by 75 percent from 2011 levels to roughly $1 a watt -- which would correspond to roughly 6 cents per kilowatt-hour -- solar energy systems could be broadly deployed across the country. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

36 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

A QTS-based power plant with dual-axis tracking will generate approximately 15 percent more electricity than a power plant built with conventional single-axis trackers, but cost the same to build, giving QBotix customers dual-axis performance at single-axis pricing. A QTS-based power plant will produce up to 40 percent more electricity than a plant built with fixed-mount systems and lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by up to 20 percent per kilowatt hour. Likewise, a QTS-based plant will produce approximately the same amount of energy as one built with conventional dual-axis trackers, but cost 50 percent less. The intelligence and communication capabilities embedded in each autonomous robot also optimize power plant performance and provide detailed operational knowledge at an unprecedented level.This results in a better return on investment for project developers and investors, greater system reliability and performance for operators and owners, and solar energy that competes in price globally with conventional grid power for utilities and consumers. Released in August, QTS is already being deployed on commercial projects. About QBotix. Based in Menlo Park, CA, QBotix utilizes distributed robotics to significantly lower the cost of electricity generated by solar power plants. Please see website at



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CNC Spindle Liners Made Fast, Economically And In Any Shape Or Size! Trusty-Cook, Inc., a leader in the polyurethane manufacturing industry for over 30 years, has made over 35,000 of our patented Polyurethane Spindle Liners over the past 10 years. These spindle liners have increased lathe performance and production in large facilities and job shops worldwide. Have you ever turned irregularly shaped extrusions or parts away because you couldn't bar feed them on your CNC Lathes? Jobs that were once turned away because spindle liner technology wasn't available to bar feed them, are now possible. This technology presents new metal turning opportunities and increased machining hours and money being generated by CNC Lathes. Our customer base of machine tool dealers throughout North America are telling us that Trusty-Cook's spindle liners, coupled with bar loading and lathe technology advancements, has actually led to significant sales of new equipment and higher productivity on existing machines. Visit our website, email or call toll free (877) 240-2462 for more details about our polyurethane CNC lathe spindle liners.

Receive A FREE Model #2 Hammer On your NEXT Spindle Liner Order Over $400.00! 10530 E. 59th Street | Indianapolis, IN 46236 | Ph: (317) 823-6821 | Fx: (317) 823-6822 Toll Free: (877) 240-2462 | A Z METALWORKER NW • 37 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013 A Z METALWORKER • 25 • May/June 2012 2




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U.S. Economy Could Withstand Brief Fall Off ‘Cliff’ If Congress and the White House fail to strike a budget deal by New Year’s Day. Their stalemate triggers sharp tax increases and spending cuts. Those measures shrink consumer spending, stifle job growth, topple stock prices and push the economy off a “fiscal cliff ” and into recession. Even if New Year’s passed with no deal, few businesses or consumers would likely panic as long as an agreement seemed likely soon.The tax increases and spending cuts could be retroactively repealed after Jan. 1. And the impact of the tax increases would be felt only gradually. Most people would receive slightly less money in each paycheck. “The simple conclusion that going off the cliff necessarily means a recession next year is wrong,” says Lewis Alexander, an economist at Nomura Securities. “It will ultimately depend on how long the policies are in place.” It’s always possible that negotiations between President Barack Obama and Republican leaders will collapse in acrimony.The prospect of permanent tax increases and spending cuts could cause many consumers and businesses to delay spending, hiring or expanding. But most economists expect a deal, if not by NewYear’s then soon after. Businesses and consumers will likely remain calm as long as negotiators seem to be moving toward an agreement. 3638 • Feb/March 2012 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013


Though the fiscal cliff would cost the economy an estimated $671 billion for all of 2013, the tax hit for most people would be slight at first. The expiration of Social Security and income tax cuts would be spread throughout 2013. For taxpayers with incomes of $40,000 to $65,000, paychecks would shrink an average of about $1,500 next year but an average of just $130 in January, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. About a third of the tax increases wouldn’t touch most Americans. Some would hit businesses. Others, such as higher taxes on investment income and estates, and the expiration of middle-income tax credits, wouldn’t come due until Americans filed their 2013 taxes in 2014. If a deal seemed imminent, some experts say the Internal Revenue Service could delay the increased tax withholding that’s due to kick in. Without a deal, the top income tax rate for single people with taxable income between about $36,000 and $88,000 would rise from 25 percent to 28 percent. A delay in the increased withholding would ease the initial tax hit. About $85 billion in spending cuts to defense and domestic programs would take weeks or longer to take effect. That means government agencies wouldn’t cut jobs right away. Still, if budget talks dragged on, many businesses might put off investment or hiring.That’s why most economists say it would be crucial to reach a deal within roughly the first two months of 2013. Already, uncertainty is causing some businesses to delay spending. Consider ApexTool and Manufacturing, a 10-person shop in Evansville, Ind., that makes parts for the automotive glass, telecom equipment and plastics industries. Sales have picked up. Company President Terry Babb says he’d like to spend about $150,000 to buy a computer-controlled milling machine. A couple of years ago, Apex earned too little for Babb to even worry about taxes. Yet he’s reluctant to absorb new costs until he’s sure what tax changes are coming. A tax break for companies that invest in new equipment is set to expire. Companies can’t claim that break unless new equipment is on site before year’s end. Machinery can take weeks to arrive, meaning it’s too late for Babb to claim the credit this year. Many more people would be affected if something called the alternative minimum tax isn’t fixed. The financially painful AMT was designed to prevent rich people from exploiting loopholes and deductions to avoid any income tax. But the AMT wasn’t indexed for inflation, so it’s increasingly threatened middle-income taxpayers. Congress has acted each year for a decade to prevent the AMT from hitting many more people. If it isn’t fixed again, roughly 33 million taxpayers, including married couples with income as low as $45,000 — down from $74,450 in 2011— could face the AMT. Previously, only 5 million taxpayers had to pay it.Taxpayers subject to the AMT must calculate their tax under both the regular system and the AMT and pay the larger amount.

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One immediate spending cut would be the end of extended unemployment benefits. Most states provide benefits for 26 weeks. But since 2008, the federal government has provided an emergency benefits program. This adds an average of 32 weeks, depending on the state, for a total of 58 weeks of benefits for long-term unemployed. If the extended benefits end Jan. 1 as scheduled, about $30 billion would be saved next year. But without that money, about 2 million people who have been out of work for more than six months would lose benefits averaging about $320 a week. Economists note that recipients of unemployment aid tend to spend that money quickly, giving a lift to the economy.The expiration of the extended benefits would cut economic growth by about 0.2 percentage point next year, the Congressional Budget Office estimates. The gravest scenario would be if the budget talks collapsed, negotiators went home and the tax increases and spending cuts appeared to be permanent. In that case, Macroeconomic Advisors, a forecasting firm, warns that the Dow Jones industrial average could plunge up to 2,000 points within days. Businesses would turn gloomier in anticipation of Americans paying higher taxes. Retailers would order fewer cars, appliances and clothing. Consumers’ confidence would likely plummet, followed by their spending. The economy would shrink at an annual rate of 0.6 percent in the first three months of 2013, estimates Joel Prakken, an economist at Macroeconomic Advisors. That compares with an estimated 1.9 percent

1582 E. Bramble Ln • Meridian ID 83642 WWW.FADALCNC.COM growth rate if a deal is reached. Under that scenario, Social Security taxes would revert back to 6.2 percent on the first $110,000 of income, up from 4.2 percent.The increase would cost someone earning $50,000 an extra $1,000 a year, or nearly $20 a week. For all their combative rhetoric, theWhite House and House Republicans have identified areas that could underpin a budget deal. Both sides concede, for example, that higher tax revenue and lower spending on programs like Medicare will be included. Whatever the outcome, some trends could offset part of the economic damage. Ashworth notes, for instance, that the average retail price for gasoline has dropped 15 percent this fall. Lower gas prices give consumers more money to spend elsewhere. And if the crisis is resolved, as many expect, the boost to business and consumer confidence would encourage more hiring and spending. On Tuesday, the Business Roundtable, a group of large company CEOs, urged Congress and theWhite House to avoid the cliff by striking a budget deal containing about $4 billion in tax increases and spending cuts. “We could end up with a much more robust recovery than anybody’s envisioned” if a deal is reached, said David Cote, CEO of Honeywell International. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Contracts Daimler Trucks of North America L.L.C., Portland, Ore., was awarded an $8,589,566 firm-fixed-price contract. The award will provide for the procurement of trucks and trailers in support of Foreign Military Sales. Work will be performed in Egypt, with an estimated completion date of Nov. 5, 2013. One bid was solicited, with one bid received. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is the contracting activity. Jupiter Systems, Hayward, Calif., was awarded a $7,776,600 firmfixed-price contract.The award will provide for the procurement of Vizion Plus II Wall Processors. Work will be performed in Hayward, with an estimated completion date of Feb. 15, 2013. The bid was solicited through the Internet, with two bids received. The U.S. Army is the contracting activity.

Vigor Marine L.L.C., Shipbuilding, Portland, Ore., is being awarded a $34,848,589 firm-fixed-price contract for the detail design, construction, installation and systems verification for the mobile landing platform core capabilities set enabling the transfer vehicles and equipment at-sea froma legacy large, medium-speed, roll-on/ roll-off ship and interface with surface connectors, to include landing craft air-cushion craft, todeliver the vehicles andequipment ashore. This contract includes options which, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of this contract to $35,000,813. Work will be performed in Portland, Ore. (98.5 percent), and Oakland, Calif. (1.5 percent), and is expected to be completed by November 2014. This contract was competitively procured via the Federal Business Opportunities website, with one proposal solicited and three offers received. The Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington D.C., is the contracting activity. Raytheon Co., Space and Airborne Systems, Goleta, Calif., is being awarded a $23,183,614 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of 26 additional AN/ ALR-67(V)3 radar warning receivers for the U.S. Navy, and four countermeasure signal processor weapons replacement assemblies for the of Switzerland. Work will be performed in Forest, Miss. (32 percent); Goleta, Calif. (20 percent); San Diego, Calif. (14 percent); Chatsworth, Calif. (11 percent); Sydney, Australia (11 percent); Lansdale, Pa. (8 percent); and McKinney, Texas (4 percent), and is expected to be completed in June 2015. This contract combines purchases for the U.S. Navy ($22,141,132; 95.5 percent) and the Government of Switzerland (4.5 percent) under the Foreign Military Sales Program. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity. Insitu Inc., Bingen,Wash., is being awarded a $12,075,793 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract to procure additional flight hours for pre and post deployment operations and servicesin support of the ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These services will provide electro-optical/infra red and mid-wave infra red imagery in support of land-based operations in Operation Enduring Freedom to provide real-time imagery and data. Work will be performed in Bingen, Wash., and is expected to be completed in January 2013. Contract funds in the amount of $12,075,793 will be obligated on this award, all of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity.


40 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Boeing Projects $820 Billion Market for 7,290 New Airplanes in North America High fuel prices drive need for new, more fuel-efficient single-aisle airplanes Boeing [NYSE: BA] forecasts that air carriers in North America will take delivery of 7,290 new airplanes over the next 20 years at a market value of $820 billion.Taking retirements of airplanes into account, the North America fleet will grow from 6,650 airplanes today to about 8,830 airplanes by 2031. “The North American commercial aviation market is about to record a third consecutive year of profit, with modest passenger traffic growth,” said Randy Tinseth, vice president of Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, who released Boeing’s 2012 North America market outlook today in Toronto. “The longterm outlook for the North American airline industry is approximately 3 percent annual traffic growth through the forecast period. The market is shaped by aggressive growth of low-cost carriers and the need to replace aging airplanes in the fleets of the established network carriers.” The network carriers are expected to maintain strict capacity discipline. Low-cost carriers will continue to outpace network carrier growth to accommodate increased demand and fill some markets abandoned by network carriers. Financial stability will also be a key indicator of future growth. Several airlines have indicated growth planning to be executed when returns are sufficient to fund their strategic goals. Boeing forecasts single-aisle airplanes will grow to 69 percent of the total North America fleet by 2031. High fuel prices are intensifying the need for new fuel-efficient airplanes, prompting several airlines in the United States to accelerate their fleet renewal programs. Alaska, American, Delta, Southwest and United have announced plans to replace some of their older, less efficient airplanes with NextGeneration 737s or the new 737 MAX. Both the Next-Generation 737 and the 737 MAX offer significant advantages in improved capabilities, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs, as well as enhanced environmental performance. Long-haul international traffic to and from North America is fore-

casted to grow at an annual rate of approximately 5 percent. The international growth is primarily driven by anticipated passenger traffic to Southwest Asia, China, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Passenger traffic between North America and those regions is forecasted grow at or above 6 percent per year. This growth in the long-haul segment is expected to result in demand for an additional 1,320 new fuel-efficient, twin-aisle airplanes such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Large airplanes (747-size and larger) will not see significant demand in North America, with only about 40 airplanes, or 1 percent of the total investment. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

41 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Heat Treating Services. Typical Turnaround 24 Hours or Less!

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Pacific Metal Stampings specializes in producing components for aerospace, automotive, electronic, industrial, and medical technology customers all over the world. • Quantities from 250 to 300,000. • Operating 27 punch presses ranging in size from 22 to 165 tons, which produce simple and complex shapes from dies designed and developed in our own tool and die department. • Saving our customers up to 80% of Conventional Tooling Cost • ISO 9001:2008 Certified, DFARS & ROHS Compliant, and Lean Manufacturing Award Winner. Ph: (888) 506-7624 A Z METALWORKER • 72 • Jan/Feb 2012 Sikorsky’s first CH53K heavy-lift helicopter prototype ready for preflight ground testing 2

Sikorsky’s CH53K prototype Ground Test Vehicle was delivered in early December 2012 to the company’s flight test team. Source: Sikorsky The West Palm Beach, Fla.based Sikorsky team that is developing the CH53K heavy-lift helicopter for the U.S. Marine Corps has delivered the first prototype aircraft — the Ground Test Vehicle (GTV) — from the assembly line to the flight test team. The move enables Sikorsky to prepare and test the GTV aircraft for hundreds of hours of powered ground checks ahead of four follow-on flight-test helicopters that will take to the skies during the 2014-2015 timeframe. “The primary purpose of the GTV is to shake out the CH53K helicopter’s dynamic systems by thoroughly testing and measuring the performance of the rotor blades, transmission, and engines while the aircraft is tied to the ground,” said Michael Torok, Sikorsky’s CH53K Program vice president. “Extensive ground-based flight checks with Sikorsky and NAVAIR test pilots at the cockpit controls will confirm whether these dynamic systems, as well as hydraulic, electrical, and A2Z METALWORKER NW •

42 •

Dec/Jan 2012-2013

routes yet at a much lower operating cost. The 737-900ER is the longest 737, typically carrying 180 passengers in avionics systems, thelimit requirements established the Maa two-class layoutcan withmeet an exit certified for up to 220by passengers rines for their next-generation in a single-class configuration. heavy-lift helicopter.” Somon Air, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, the country’s first private Although it based has theinsame footprint as the isCH53E Super Stallion hefull-service This istothe airline’s secondthe 737-900ER delivered licopter that carrier. it will begin replace in 2019, CH53K helicopter withhave the Boeing Skyexternal Interior. load-carrying capacity — more than will triple the 27,000 lb/12,247 kg over 110 nautical miles under “high hot” ambient conditions. Technology enablers for increased lift include 7,500 Goodrich Winsa Contract for Landing shaft hp GE381B engines; split torque transmission design that more efficiently distributes engine power to the main rotors; 4th Gear System Overhaul Services generation composite rotor blades for enhanced lift; and a composite airframe structure. Goodrich Corporation has been selected by Boeing to provide landing gear system maintenance services in support of the United States Air Flight test engineers Force fleet of Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. Included as part will spend the coming of the agreement, Goodrich will provide training to Hill Air Force months performing Base (HAFB) in Ogden, Utah to perform overhaul of C-17 landing preliminary accepgear systems as a Goodrich supplier. tance tests that include calibrating the GTV’s Greg Watson, site director for Goodrich’s Landing Gear business in fuel system and attachBurlington, Ontario, Canada stated, “We look forward to using this ing measuring devices partnership with HAFB as an opportunity to share best practices at more than 1,300 between the U.S. Government and private industry which can help test locations on the aircraft to record temperature, aerodynamic to identify key process improvements and continue to add to loads, pressure and vibrations. By mid-2013, the GTV willvalue be atperformance.” tached to a specially built outdoor platform to hold the aircraft in place when its three engines are powered on — a process known as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the aGoodrich “lightoff.” isInitial lightoff test events will be performed without roGlobemaster III landing gear system. It is also one of the largest landing tor blades, followed by more rigorous tests with the blades attached. gear overhaul maintenance suppliers in the industry.

“This is an important point of transition for the CH53K program,” said Col. Robert Pridgen, program manager for the heavy-lift helicopters. “I am encouraged by the initial results of our testing at the component and subsystem level. Now we bring it all together. The GTV is our first dynamic system-level integration of those same components.We are looking forward to the sights and sounds these next heavy lifters will bring to the Marine Corps.” Sikorsky is designing, building and testing the GTV and the four flight aircraft — designated Engineering Development Models — as part of a $3.5 billion (USD) System Development and Demonstration contract.Two additional ground test articles are undergoing airframe structural testing at Sikorsky’s main manufacturing plant in Stratford, Conn., as part of the same contract. The aircraft’s major fuselage sections are supplied by Aurora Flight Sciences (Manassas, Va.), ITT Exelis (McLean, Va.), GKN Aerospace (Redditch, Worcestershire, U.K.) and Spirit Aerosystems (Wichita, Kan.). The prototype assembly line is located at Sikorsky’s Florida Assembly and Flight Operations facility in West Palm Beach. Ground and flight testing will occur at the Developmental Flight Center on the same Florida campus. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., headquartered in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in aircraft design, manufacture and service and is a subisidary of United Technologies Corp. (Hartford, Conn.), which provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

YTD U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Up 5.3 Pct. Over 2011 October U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $459.16 million according to AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology. This total, as reported by companies participating in the USMTO program, was down 31.3 percent from September and down 0.1 percent when compared with the total of $459.41 million reported for October 2011. With a year-to-date total of $4,753.68 million, 2012 is up 5.3 percent compared with 2011. ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) certifies businesses of all types and sizes around the globe to a variety of standards:

“Orders continue to be on pace for a record-setting year, and a monthly drop was fully expected in the month following IMTS,” said Douglas K.Woods, AMT President. “While manufacturing continues to play a strong role in economic recovery, our main concern heading toward the end of the year is that lawmakers do what’s necessary to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff,’ and the implications it could have on the broader economy.”

ISO 9001 • AS 9100 • ISO 14001 The expertise of our auditors, the professionalism of our audit processes, the knowledge of what drives value in each industry can help you get the most from your management systems.

The United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) report, compiled by the trade association representing the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, provides regional and national U.S. orders data of domestic and imported machine tools and related equipment. Analysis of manufacturing technology orders provides a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries invest in capital metalworking equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity.

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Northeast Region: Manufacturing technology orders in the Northeast Region in October totaled $63.69 million, down 19.7 percent from September’s $79.27 million and down 3.6 percent when compared with the October 2011 figure. At $640.83 million, 2012 year-to-date is down 5.7 percent when compared with 2011 at the same time. Southern Region: Southern Region manufacturing technology orders totaled $60.69 million in October, down 41.1 percent from the $102.99 million total for September but 12.8 percent higher than the total for October 2011. The year-to-date total of $683.23 million is 15.3 percent more than the comparable figure for 2011. Midwest Region: At $162.75 million, October manufacturing technology orders in the Midwest Region were down 20.0 percent when compared with the $203.33 million total for September but up 10.3 percent when compared with October a year ago.With a year-to-date total of $1,530.30 million, 2012 is up 4.9 percent when compared with 2011 at the same time. Central Region: October manufacturing technology orders in the Central Region totaled $124.77 million, 30.2 percent lower than September’s $178.71 million and down 8.8 percent when compared with the October 2011 figure. At $1,341.76 million, the 2012 year-todate total was 6.8 percent more than the comparable figure for 2011. Western Region: Western Region manufacturing technology orders in October stood at $47.27 million, down 54.6 percent from the September total of $104.07 million and 14.3 percent lower than the figure for October 2011.The $557.56 million year-to-date total was 5.7 percent above the total for the same period in 2011.

NEWS, REVIEWS AND ARTICLES ABOUT BAND SAW BLADES AND PARTS At, we want to provide our readers with information, advice and news about band saw blades. What’s the right part for your band saw, which band saw machine is the right choice for you and where do you find the best prices for it? Having this information at hand when deciding to make a purchase or just scoping the market is key to your satisfaction.

BAND SAW BLADES ARE OUR SPECIALTY Our team is constantly researching and writing articles that are aimed at bringing you one step closer to knowing your band saw machine. We are looking to grow into a community that leaves its mark on the band saw industry, and for that we invite you, our readers to contribute actively for the development Comment! Write! Develop! Critique! Be critiqued! We offer you the opportunity to leave your own mark on the band saw blades industry. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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CNC Lathe Accessories Trusty-Cook ____________877-240-2462 CNC Sharpening California Cold Saw ________ 877-700-7610 CNC Spindle Liners Trusty-Cook ____________877-240-2462 Coolant Systems Ebbco Inc _____________800-809-3901 DCM Tech _____________800-533-5339 Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Cutting Fluids & Oils California Cold Saw ________ 877-700-7610 Castrol _______________800-894-7773 Hangsterfer’s ___________ 316-640-2462 Hangsterfer’s ___________ 760-580-1357 S.L. Fusco San Leandro ______510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____ 310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City ______ 619-477-7733 Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Cutting Tools Almar Tools, Inc. __________503-680-9716

Chemicals: Ultrasonic Horizon Carbide__________480-335-7688 Petroferm Inc. __________ 317-371-8899 Innovative Tool Sales _______714-780-0730 Micro 100 _____________208-888-7310 Chucks Seco Tools Inc. __________ 503-267-4805 S.L. Fusco San Leandro ______510-895-9000

S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City ______619-477-7733 Seco Tools Inc. __________ 503-267-4805 Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Cutting Tool Holders Innovative Tool Sales ______ 714-780-0730 Seco Tools Inc. __________ 503-267-4805 Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Cutting Tool Systems Innovative Tool Sales ______ 714-780-0730 Seco Tools Inc. __________ 503-267-4805 S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City ______619-477-7733 Magnetic Drills/Cutters Innovative Tool Sales ______ 714-780-0730 Micro 100 ____________ 208-888-7310 Seco Tools Inc. __________ 503-267-4805 S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City ______619-477-7733 Dovetail Fixtures _______ 253-876-9981 Drills/Reamers Sandvik _____________ 503-381-8740

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Micro 100 Tool Corporation

“Work with passion, sell with conviction, support with dedication.” • Brass & copper tubes

• Zinc coated wire

• Dielectric fluid

• Brass wire

• Metallics

• Resin

• Tooling

• Filters

• Graphite

• Spare & wear parts

• EDM hole driller

• Omax parts

At EPA, one call does it all. Call 1-800-EDM-2-WIN

Phil Saltness

Manufacturer Representative - Washington Sales Office 23180 SW Price Terrace Sherwood, OR 97140 Email: 253-220-2620 Fax: 253 253 Cell: 253-797-0890

Company Office 1410 E. Pine Avenue Meridian, ID 83642 Toll Free: 800-421-8065 Ph: 208-888-7310 Fax: 208-888-2106


1400 Pioneer St. Brea, CA 92821 562•694•5990 562•694•6228: fax

S a l e s M a n a g e r, N o r t h W e s t

1•800•336•2946 1•510•701•0738: c e l l email:



California (So. & No.) • Florida • Ohio


Metal Cutting Forming DW Metal


Innovative solutions for all 3, 4, and 5 axis machines.


Mathew Evans

P.O. Box 1603 Bellevue, WA 98009-1603

phone: (425) 827-6931 (800) 254-0415 fax: (425) 827-6938

Director of Sales and Marketing

Bob Herling Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineer

7140 Engineer Rd. San Diego, CA 92111


Seco Tools Inc. __________ 503-267-4805 S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City ______ 619-477-773 Dust Collectors, Filtration Equip. DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 EDM Materials & Supplies Desert EDM Sales _______ 480-816-6300 EDM Network __________ 480-836-1782 EDM Performance ________ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply _______ 480-836-8330 EDM: Dielectric Systems /Filtration Ebbco Inc ____________ 800-809-3901 Electronics Fadal CNC ____________ 208-855-9426 End Mills Horizon Carbide_________ 480-335-7688 Micro 100 ____________ 208-888-7310 Sandvik _____________ 503-381-8740


Sandvik _____________ 503-381-8740 DCM Tech _____________800-533-5339 Seco Tools Inc. __________ 503-267-4805 Resolvers Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Fadal CNC _____________208-855-9426 Jaws Saw Blades & Replacement Parts Desert EDM Sales _______ 480-816-6300 California Cold Saw ________ 877-700-7610 EDM Network __________ 480-836-1782 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades ___303--761-3000 _______ 253-876-9981 Roentgen USA ___________ 760--900-1110 S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 SawBlade.com__________ 800--240-2932 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez ____ 310-868-1010 Lubricants / Systems S.L. Fusco National City _____ 619-477-7733 California Cold Saw _______ 877-700-7610 Solvents & Degreasing Agents Western Sintering ________ 509-375-3096 DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 DCM Tech _____________800-533-5339 Vises & Vise Jaws Hangsterfer’s __________ 316-640-2462 Petroferm Inc. ___________ 317-371-8899 5th Axis Fixtures ________ 858-505-0432 Solvents: Vapor degreasing Hangsterfer’s __________ 760-580-1357 _______ 253-876-9981 Petroferm Inc. ___________ 317-371-8899 S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 Waterjet Accessories Solvents:Hand Wipe S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez ____ 310-868-1010 KMT Waterjet Systems______ 800-826-9274 S.L. Fusco National City _____ 619-477-7733 Petroferm Inc. ___________ 317-371-8899 Waycovers Solvents: Mil PRF 680 Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Fadal CNC ____________ 208-855-9426 Petroferm Inc. ___________ 317-371-8899 Machine Tool Cool. Workholding Spindles 5th Axis Fixtures ________ 858-505-0432 Filtration Fadal CNC _____________208-855-9426 Innovative Tool Sales ______ 714-780-0730 DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Setco-Pope Spindles ________866-362-0699 DOOR SYSTEMS S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 Thread Mills Automatic Door opening Systems S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez ____ 310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City _____ 619-477-7733 Micro 100 _____________ 208-888-7310 Midaco Corporation _______ 847-593-8420

S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City ______619-477-7733 Modular Spray Systems Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Swift Tool Co, Inc. ________ 800-562-0900 Fixturing/Fixtures Motors 5th Axis Fixtures ________ 858-505-0432 _______ 253-876-9981 Fadal CNC ____________ 208-855-9426 Inserts Parts Washing Equipment

Sandvik ______________ 503-381-8740


Tooling Systems

Intech Funding _________ 800-553-9208 Horizon Carbide__________ 480-335-7688 U.S. Bank Equipment ______ 206-948-0022 Micro 100 _____________ 208-888-7310 GRINDING ________253-876-9981 Grinding Filtration Horizon Carbide_________ 480-335-7688 Ebbco Inc ____________ 800-809-3901 Sandvik ______________ 503-381-8740 S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

45 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Carlos R. Lugo Sales Manager




(206) 583-2333 Fax (206) 583-0698 Cell (206) 898-6900

1222 S. Weller St. Seattle, WA 98144


Edward Gieblewicz

Account Manager


970 Industry Drive Tukwila, WA 98188

Toll Free: 1-866-437-7315 Cell: (206) 300-3945 Fax: (780) 437-7328 Web:

Micro 100 Tool Corporation

Jeff Saltness

Manufacturer Representative - Oregon Sales Office 23180 SW Price Terrace Sherwood, OR 97140 Email: Office: 503-625-1578 Fax:503-715-0430 Cell: 503-330-5414

Company Office 1410 E. Pine Avenue Meridian, ID 83642 Toll Free: 800-421-8065 Ph: 208-888-7310 Fax: 208-888-2106

1530 Vista View Dr. Longmont, CO 80504 Call: 888-835-9250

Product Stress Testing Corrosion Testing Vibration Testing

MATERIAL Cobalt Alloys Aluminum United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades ___ 303-761-3000 Fry Steel ______________ 800-423-6651 Copper Western Machine Center ____408-955-1000 Chevalier USA ___________ 562-903-1929 Laser Cutting Services, Inc______503-612-8311 Ryerson Corporation _______ 425-204-2601 Saw Replacement Parts CNC Machine Services _____ 425-788-4500 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades ___ 303-761-3000 Ryerson Corporation 425-204-2601TCI Precision Sequoia Brass & Copper _____ 800-362-5255 Hallidie Machine Tool______ 253-939-9020 Electrical Steels SawBlade.com__________ 800--240-2932 Metals _______________ 800-234-5613 Machine Toolworks ________800-426-2052 Aluminum Extrusions Fry Steel ______________ 800-423-6651 Punch & Die North-South Machinery _____ 253-333-2439 Aluminum Precision ____ 805-889-7569 Hastelloy Tube & Pipe DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 North Western Machinery _____ 206-583-2333 Armor:Commercial Haynes International _______ 425-422-6496 INSPECTION EQUIP Performance Machine Tools____ 510-249-1000 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 High Temperature Alloys OGP _____________ 480-889-9056 Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Temtco Steel___________480-389-2883 Haynes International _______ 425-422-6496 S.L. Fusco San Leandro _____ 510-895-9000 Grinders United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Armor: Military Grade S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____310-868-1010 Midaco Corporation ________847-593-8420 Laser Cut Material S.L. Fusco National City ______619-477-7733 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 Aircraft brake rotor Laser Cutting Services, Inc _____503-612-8311 Temtco Steel___________480-389-2883 DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Material Sales Brass CMM Probes Grinders, Rotary Haynes International _______ 425-422-6496 OGP _____________ 480-889-9056 Fry Steel ______________ 800-423-6651 CNC Machine Services _____ 425-788-4500 Coastal Metals ___________ 800-811-7466 Coastal Metals ___________ 800-811-7466 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Silicon & Quartz Fry Steel ______________ 800-423-6651 OGP _____________ 480-889-9056 Ryerson Corporation _______ 425-204-2601 DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Laser Cutting Services, Inc _____503-612-8311 Sequoia Brass & Copper _____800-362-5255 Gauging Equipment Manual Lathes & Mills Temtco Steel___________ 480-389-2883 Total Quality Systems Inc. _____480-377-6422 Bronze Ganesh Machinery _______ 888-542-6374 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Coastal Metals ___________ 800-811-7466 Laser Trackers Hallidie Machine Tool_______253-939-9020 Metals: Bar & Plate Metrology Instruments Sequoia Brass & Copper _____800-362-5255 Machine Toolworks ________800-426-2052 Fry Steel_______________800-423-6651 Carbon Steel North Western Machinery ___ 206-583-2333 OGP _____________ 480-889-9056 Ryerson Corporation_________425-204-2601 Coastal Metals ___________ 800-811-7466 Sequoia Brass & Copper_______800-362-5255 Optical Comparators Sawing Machines S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez _____ 310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City ______ 619-477-7733 Grinding Machines

Performance Machine Tools____ 510-249-1000




R Te














Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 OGP _____________ 480-889-9056 Fry Steel ______________ 800-423-6651 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Laser Cutting Services, Inc ____ 503-612-8311 Particle Inspection Mach Hallidie Machine Tool Sales _____ 253-939-9020 Nickel Alloys


North Western Machinery _____ 206-583-2333 DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Ryerson Corporation _______ 425-204-2601 Fry Steel ______________ 800-423-6651



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8215 SW TUALATIN-SHERWOOD ROAD, SUITE 200 CELL: 503-267-4805 OFFICE: 248-528-5990 503-404-2440 CELL: FAX: 503-267-4805 E-MAIL: OFFICE: 248-528-5990 FAX: 503-404-2440 E-MAIL:


888.282.3292 |


Vice President/General Manager


3475 Symmes Road | Hamilton, OH 45015

647159_UPM_BCs.indd 1

11/19/12 11:23 AM

Haynes International _______ 425-422-6496

Hallidie Machine Tool ____ 253-939-9020

Machine Toolworks ________800-426-2052

Slant Bed Lathes

LMI Machinery Inc._______866-437-7315 North-South Machinery _____253-333-2439 Chevalier USA _________ 562-903-1929 Sub Spindle Lathes Machine Toolworks ______800-426-2052 North Western Machinery___206-583-2333 Plate: Wear and Structural North Western Mach’y_____206-583-2333 Performance Machine Tools____ 510-249-1000 Chevalier USA _________ 562-903-1929 Used Wire EDM Machines Ryerson Corporation_________425-204-2601 Performance Machine Tools____510-249-1000 Tornos USA. __________ _951-240-0818 Temtco Steel___________ 480-389-2883 Selway Machine Tool ______503-314-3165 Custom Design/Build Machines Desert EDM Sales _______ 480-816-6300 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Selway Machine Tool _____ 425-931-1680 Lambie Engineering ______ 509-868-3100 EDM Network _________ 480-836-1782 Double Column Vertical Milling Sheet & Coil PALLET SYSTEMS Tornos USA. __________ 951-240-0818 Machines Ryerson Corporation_________425-204-2601 Manual & Automatic Pallet Systems MACHINERY Stainless Steel Chevalier USA __________ 562-903-1929 CNC Lathes Midaco Corporation _______ 847-593-8420 Fry Steel________________800-423-6651 EDM Filtration Manual Lift Off Pallet Chevalier USA _________ 562-903-1929 Laser Cutting Services, Inc_______503-612-8311 Systems Ganesh Machinery ______ 888-542-6374 Desert EDM Sales ________480-816-6300 Ryerson Corporation_________425-204-2601 Hallidie Machine Tool_____ 253-939-9020 EDM Network _________ 480-836-1782 Midaco Corporation _______ 847-593-8420 TCI Precision Metals__________800-234-5613 Manual Rotory Pallet Systems EDM Machines4 Machine Toolworks _______800-426-2052 Temtco Steel____________480-389-2883 Muratec ___________ 949-466-8255 Desert EDM Sales ________480-816-6300 Midaco Corporation _______ 847-593-8420 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 REPAIR North Western Mach’y_____206-583-2333 EDM Network _________ 480-836-1782 Titanium Rod, Bar, & Wire Bandsaw Tech___________562--419-7675 OmniTurn _____________ 541-332-7004 North-South Machinery _____ 253-333-2439 Supra Alloys, Inc._ __ ______866-949-1699 ROBOTICS EDM Service Performance Machine Tools ____ 510-249-1000 Titanium Sheet & Plate Robotic Part Loading Systems Selway Machine Tool ______503-314-3165 Desert EDM Sales ________480-816-6300 Supra Alloys, Inc._ __ ______866-949-1699 Midaco Corporation _______ 847-593-8420 Selway Machine Tool _____ 425-931-1680 EDM Network _________ 480-836-1782 Titanium Tube & Pipe NEW MACHINERY CNC 3 & 5 Axis Routing Machines EDM Tooling Systems Haynes International _______ 425-422-6496 FABRICATION Supra Alloys, Inc._ __ ______866-949-1699 ACS/MultiCamNW ______ 360-318-7534 Desert EDM Sales ________480-816-6300 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ___ 503-620-9031 CNC Swiss Turn Machines EDM Network _________ 480-836-1782 Jorgensen Machine Tools ___ 800-952-0151 Tool Steel Ellis Machinery WA ______ 253-838-3443 Global EDM Supply _____ 480-836-8330 TCI Precision Metals__________800-234-5613 Band & Cut Off Saws Marzee Inc. __________ 602-269-5801 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292


CNC Mills Chevalier USA __________ 562-903-1929


Ganesh Machinery _______ 888-542-6374

Ellis Machinery OR ______ 503-258-0526 Ganesh Machinery ______ 888-542-6374

CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines

DW Machinery Sales ______425-827-6931

Innovative Tool Sales ______ 714-780-0730 LMI Machinery Inc._______866-437-7315 Chevalier USA __________ 562-903-1929 Jorgenson Machine Tools ____801-214-7309 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

47 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Cell: 206-604-4928 Bellingham, WA Office: 360-318-7534 Salem, OR Office: 503-585-8741 Email:

Ron Rankin, President 4058 Hammer Drive, Unit B-101 Bellingham, WA 98226 Router • Plasma • Knives • Waterjet • Laser • Cutting Solutions

North Western Machinery ___ 206-583-2333


CNC Knife Cutting with Registration

All World Machinery ___ ___815-943-9111 Metric O -R ings

ACS/MultiCamNW _______ 360-318-7534 CNC Turret Punches

All World Machinery ___ ___815-943-9111 Switches (Proximity, Limit)

DW Machinery Sales ______ 425-827-6931 Muratec ____________ 949-466-8255 Drill Lines Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 Cold Saws/Saws DW Machinery Sales ______ 425-827-6931 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ___ _503-620-9031

Jorgensen Machine Tools _____800-952-0151 800-952-0151 Punches Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 Rolling Machines Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031

Sanders/Finishing North Western Mach’y______206-583-2333 DW Machinery Sales _______ 425-827-6931 Hardware Insertion Shearing Machines Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 Iron Workers Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 Jorgensen Machine Tools ___ _800-952-0151 Sign & Graphic Cutting Solutions Hallidie Machine Tool _____ 253-939-9020

Jorgensen Machine Tools ____ 800-952-0151 ACS/MultiCamNW _______ 360-318-7534 Tooling Laser Cutting Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 ACS/MultiCamNW _______ 360-318-7534 Tube Bending DW Machinery Sales ______ 425-827-6931 DW Machinery Sales _______ 425-827-6931 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 Hallidie Machine Tool Sales ____ 253-939-9020 Laser Marking Welding Equipment

CNC Machine Services _____ 425-788-4500

Rocky Mountain Saw Blades ____ 303-761-3000 Magnetic Drills/Cutters OTHER ACCESSORIES Innovative Tool Sales _______ 714-780-0730 Tooling Systems Notchers Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 USA EDM Supply ________ 480-836-8330 Pipe & Tube BendersNotchers


Hallidie Machine Tool_____ 253-939-9020

Factory Automation/Logistics Magnetic Drills/Cutters Muratec ____________ 949-466-8255 Innovative Tool Sales _______ 714-780-0730 CAD/CAMSoftware, CAD Muratec ____________ 949-466-8255 Delcam ______________ 877-DELCAM1 Plasma/Gas Cutting Tools/Systems MRP Software ACS/MultiCamNW _______ 360-318-7534 SigmaTEK _____________513-595-2022 DW Machinery Sales ______ 425-827-6931 Nesting Software Plate Bending & Rolls SigmaNEST ____________513-595-2022 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031 Jorgensen Machine Tools ____ 800-952-0151

Software, Solid Modeling Delcam ______________ 877-DELCAM1

Presses DW Machinery Sales ______ 425-827-6931 Shop Floor ____________ 877-611-5825 Press Brakes REPAIR PARTS DW Machinery Sales _______ 425-827-6931 Belts Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____ 503-620-9031

Hallidie Machine Tool _____ 253-939-9020 All World Machinery _______815-943-9111 A Z METALWORKER NW • 2

48 •

Dec/Jan 2012-2013

All World Machinery ___ ___815-943-9111 Valves (Hydraulic,



Spindle Rebuilding/Repair GMN USA LLC___________800-686-1679

All World Machinery ___ ___815-943-9111

Setco _______________714-222-6523


Spindle Sales New Fadal CNC ____________ 208-855-9426 GMN USA LLC___________800-686-1679

LMI Machinery Inc. _______866-437-7315 SERVICES AS9100 Registration ABS Quality Evaluations ______ 702-371-7591 Great Western Registrar ______ 623-580-1881 Gap Analysis Training ABS Quality Evaluations ______ 702-371-7591 Financial Services

Setco _______________714-222-6523 USED MACHINERY EDM Network ___________480-836-1782 Hallidie Machine Tool _____253-939-9020 Jorgensen Machine Tools_____800-952-0151 K.D. Capital Equipt________480-922-1674 Machine Tools Northwest ____ 206-650-8999 North Western Mach’y______206-583-2333

Intech Funding __________800-553-9208 U.S. Bank Equipment ______ 206-948-0022 ISO Registration ABS Quality Evaluations ______ 702-371-7591 Great Western Registrar ______ 623-580-1881 Lean Consulting Training ABS Quality Evaluations ______ 702-371-7591 Lambie Engineering ______ 509-868-3100

WATERJET CUTTING ACS/MultiCamNW _______ 360-318-7534

Liquid Penetrant

Machine Toolworks ________800-426-20521

Team Industrial Services______ 801-397-2202

OMAX Corp_____________800-838-0343

Team Industrial Services______ 602-269-7868 X-Ray Team Industrial Services______ 801-397-2202 Team Industrial Services______ 602-269-7868 ISO9000 / AS9100 Certification ABS Quality Evaluations ______ 702-371-7591 BMSC_________________602-445-9400 Machine Tool Rebuilding EDM Network _________ 480-836-1782

Performance Machine Tools_____510-249-1000

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. ____503-620-9031 Flow International_________909-620-5707


Jorgensen Machine Tools_____800-952-0151

Waterjet Abrasives KMT Waterjet Systems ______800-826-9274


Waterjet Replacement Parts EDM Performance ________ 800-336-2946 KMT Waterjet Systems ______800-826-9274 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers KMT Waterjet Systems ______800-826-9274 Waterjet Nozzels KMT Waterjet Systems ______800-826-9274

Management Systems Training ABS Quality Evaluations ______ 702-371-7591 BMSC_________________602-445-9400

Waterjet Pumps Flow International_________909-620-5707

Supply Chain Assessments ABS Quality Evaluations ______ 702-371-7591

Waterjet Robot Kits KMT Waterjet Systems ______800-826-9274

KMT Waterjet Systems ______800-826-9274







Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes Innol/ative Tool !!iales Manufacturers Representatives

Randall J. Wilson Industrial Products 755 East Debra Lane Anaheim. CA 92805


ITS Office, (714) 780-0730 Weld Shop: [7 I 4) 533- 1690


[714] 780-0735


(714) 51 2-73 I 4



426 1679

MarZee I nc. 2345 N. 34th Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85009

523 Home of 5 Omax Waterjets 80” x 240” Cutting Envelope Virtually Zero Taper Available Fast Quoting & Turn Arounds Prototype to Production

782 9020 0151 1674













Product Stress Testing Corrosion Testing Vibration Testing



602-269-5810 1-877-885-1059 FAX

1530 Vista View Dr. Longmont, CO 80504 Call: 888-835-9250

999 2333


602-269-5801 TVT Die Casting ________ 800-280-2278 CHEMICAL ETCHING ASSEMBLIES Diamond Tool & Die_____510-534-7050 Acu-Line ____________ 206-634-1618 DIES Matrix Machine ________ 480-966-4451 PMA Photometals _______ 480-773-3239 Tool & Dies Prescott’s MFG ________719-659-0262 VACCO Industries ______ 626-443-7121 Micropulse West Inc. _____ 480-966-2300 BENDING COATING Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 Mandrel Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 EDGING Aeroform, Inc. ________ 360-403-1919 Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 BK Machine Inc. _______ 801-253-1929 EDM Coating: Black Oxide GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 EDM: Dialectric Systems Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 /Filtration Coating: Dry Film Lube BONDING Ebbco Inc ____________586-716-5151 Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 Diffusion EDM: Drilling Small Hole Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome Matrix Machine ________ 480-966-4451 Layke Inc. __________ 602-272-2654 VACCO Industries _______ 626-443-7121 Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 Micropulse West, Inc. _____ 480-966-2300 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. BRAZING EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 Precision Casting Repair ___ 801-972-2345 Micropulse West, Inc. _____ 480-966-2300 Electro-Coating Services Petersen Inc.__________ 800-410-6789 BROACHING VACCO Industries ______ 626-443-7121 Wright Prototype _______ 541-924-1203 Ponderosa Ind __ _______303-298-1801 COLD SPRAY Specialty Steel Services ____ 801-539-8252 EDM: Wire Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 Diamond Tool & Die, Inc. ___ 510-534-7050 Turning: Automatic Micropulse West, Inc. _____ 480-966-2300 DIE CASTING Matrix Machine ________ 480-966-4451 Hilton Tool___________503-657-9312 Jet Processing _______ 623-869-6749x117 Castings: Repair Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 Pacific Tool, Inc. ________ 425-882-1970 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

49 •Dec/Jan 2012-2013

Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 ENGINEERING/DESIGN GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Pacific Tool, Inc. ________ 425-882-1970 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 FABRICATION Fabrication: Sheet Metal Aeroform, Inc. ________ 360-403-1919 Aero Tech MFG ________ 801-891-2740 Cygnet Stamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 Diamond Tool & Die, Inc. ___ 510-534-7050 GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Metalcraft Industries _____ 720-274-4504 Mountain View Machine ___ 435-755-0500 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 Fabrication: Custom Metal Cygnet Stamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Group Mfg Serv ________ 480-966-3952 A Z METALWORKER NW • 49 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013 2

Darrin J. Caschette President

1250 West 124th Ave | Westminster, CO 80234 720-274-4504 |

ISO 9001:2008

Solid Form Fabrication ____503-435-1400 Weiser/Mile High Precision __303-280-2778 FASTENERS/HARDWARE Self Clinch ___________ 801-746-2689 FINISHING Arizona Finishing _______602-438-4443 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Coating Technologies _____623-581-2648 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 METCO Metal Finishing ____ 602-276-4120 Metalcraft Industries _____ 720-274-4504 Galvanizing: Hot Dip Petersen Inc __________ 800-410-6789 TMM Precision ________800-448-9448 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 Glass Bead Clean SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 Byington Steel Treating, Inc. _408-727-6630 Solid Form Fabrication ____ 503-435-1400 Coating Technologies _____623-581-2648 VACCO Industries ______ 626-443-7121 GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 Liquid Painting Weiser/Mile High Precision __ 303-280-2778 Aero Tech MFG _______ 801-891-2740 Wrico _____________ 480-892-7800 IndustrialEX ________ 303-456-6847 Wright Prototype _______ 541-924-1203 MPI International _______ 956-631-6880 Fabrication:

Passivation Medium & Large Coating Technologies _____623-581-2648 Aeroform, Inc. ________ 360-403-1919 BK Machine Inc. _______801-253-1929 Jet Processing ______ 623-869-6749x117 GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 METCO Metal Finishing ____ 602-276-4120 Group Mfg Serv ________ 480-966-3952 Powder Coating Aero Tech MFG _______ 801-891-2740 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 Sandblasting Metalcraft Industries _____ 720-274-4504 Byington Steel Treating, Inc. _408-727-6630 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 Silk Screening SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 Arizona Finishing _______602-438-4443 A Z METALWORKER NW • 50 • Dec/Jan 2012-2013 2

Superior Grinding _______ 801-487-9700 TCI Precision Metals ______ 800-234-5613 Grinding, Centerless Ron Grob Co __________970-667-5320 Grinding, Double Disc TCI Precision Metals ______ 800-234-5613 Grinding: OD IndustrialEX _________ 303-456-6847 Pacific Tool, Inc. ________425-882-1970 Potting/Encapsulation Precision Tech _________801-285-7288 IndustrialEX _________ 303-456-6847 Ron Grob Co __________970-667-5320 Superior Grinding _______ 801-487-9700 FORGINGS Grinding: Surface Aluminum Aluminum Precision _____805-889-7569 ChemResearch_________ 602-253-4175 Quality Mold _________480-892-5480 Hand Forgings Aluminum Precision _____805-889-7569 Superior Grinding _______ 801-487-9700 Titanium TCI Precision Metals ______ 800-234-5613 Aluminum Precision _____805-889-7569 Westwood Precision ______ 425-742-7011 GLASS/OPTICAL Grinding: Tool & Cutter Prescott’s MFG ________719-659-0262 Get An Edge__________425-355-9593 Superior Grinding_______888-487-9701 GRINDING HEAT TREATING ChemResearch ________ 602-253-4175 Byington Steel Treating___408-727-6630 Industrial Machine Svcs _____503-240-0878 Mountain View Machine ____435-755-0500 MET-TEK Heat Treating___503-519-9864 Pacific Tool, Inc. _________425-882-1970 Phoenix Heat Treating____602-258-7751 Precision Tech __________801-285-7288 Cryogenics Ron Grob Co ___________970-667-5320 Phoenix Heat Treating ____ 602-258-7751 Superior Grinding ________801-487-9700 Heat Treating/ISO/AS9100 TCI Precision Metals _______ 800-234-5613 Byington Steel Treating__408-727-6630 Grinding, Blanchard Heat Treating/Aerospace Diversified Metal Services ____801-972-6093 Byington Steel Treating__408-727-6630 A2Z METALWORKER NW

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Shawn Carlin

Marjorie Langton President

J&M Machine, LLC 1703 NE 43rd Street Renton, WA 98056 Phone: 425-204-0848 Fax: 425-204-0850 Email:


DIAMOND TOOL & DIE, INC. CNC Machining and Manufacturing Since 1968

510 534-7050 Ext 215 Fax 510 534-0454

508 29th Avenue Oakland, CA 94601 USA

Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/Aluminum Byington Steel Treating____408-727-6630 MET-TEK Heat Treating_____503-519-9864 HONING Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 Westwood Precision ______ 425-742-7011 INJECTION MOLDS Hilton Tool ___________ 503-657-9312 Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 INJECTION MOLDING Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 Prescott’s MFG _________719-659-0262 Inspection Services IRON STITCHING Accuwright Industries____ 480-892-9595 LASER CUTTING Laser Cutting GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500

VACCO Industries ______626-443-7121 Pacific Tool, Inc. ________ 425-882-1970 Premier Precision _______ 623-466-3156 Laser Cutting: 3D Howell Precision________623-582-4776 Ron Grob Co __________ 970-667-5320 St. Vrain ____________303-702-1529 E-Coat MPI International _______ 956-631-6880 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 EMI/RFI Shielding IndustrialEX ________303-456-6847 Solid Form Fabrication ____ 503-435-1400 TVT Die Casting ________ 800-280-2278 Laser Engraving PMA Photometals ______ 480-773-3239 Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 VACCO Industries ______626-443-7121 Westwood Precision ______ 425-742-7011 Wright Prototype _______ 541-924-1203 Laser Marking PMA Photometals ______ 480-773-3239 Machining: 5-Axis VACCO Industries ______626-443-7121 Howard PMP __________801-619-9850 Precision Etched Parts St. Vrain ____________303-702-1529 PMA Photometals ______ 480-773-3239 Machining: Aerospace VACCO Industries ______626-443-7121 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ______ 928-636-2115 LEVELING United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Howard PMP __________801-619-9850 Layke Inc. __________ 602-272-2654 MACHINING St. Advanced Mfg Services ____310-320-2897 Vrain ____________303-702-1529 3rd Gen Machine_______435-794-4980 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 BK Machine Inc. ______ 801-253-1929 Teton Machine _______ 208-642-9344

Bar-S Machine, Inc. _____ 928-636-2115 Central Valley Machine ___ 435-752-0934 Diamond Tool & Die, Inc. __ 510-534-7050 Faustson ___________ 303-420-7422 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 GK Machine _________ 503-678-5525 Wrico _____________ 480-892-7800 Howard PMP _________ 801-619-9850 Matrix Machine ________480-966-4451 Laser Cutting: Micro Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Metalcraft Industries ____ 720-274-4504

Machining: Proto-R & D Advanced Mfg Services ____ 310-320-2897 BK Machine Inc. _______801-253-1929 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ______ 928-636-2115 Central Valley Machine ____ 435-752-0934 Howard PMP __________801-619-9850 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 Innovative Precision _______801-334-6317

Matrix Machine ________ 480-966-4451 Petersen Inc __________ 800-410-6789 Pacific Tool, Inc. ________ 425-882-1970 Prescott’s MFG __________719-659-0262 Ron Grob Co __________ 970-667-5320 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 TVT Die Casting ________ 800-280-2278 Westwood Precision _______425-742-7011 Wright Prototype _______ 541-924-1203 Machining: Chemical Acu-Line ____________ 206-634-1618 Machining: CNC Advanced Mfg Services ____ 310-320-2897 3rd Gen Machine_________435-794-4980 Bar-S Machine, Inc. __ ____ 928-636-2115 BK Machine Inc. _______ 801-253-1929 Central Valley Machine ____ 435-752-0934 Faustson ____________ 303-420-7422 GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Howard PMP __________ 801-619-9850 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 Innovative Precision _______801-334-6317 Layke Inc. __________ 602-272-2654 Matrix Machine ________ 480-966-4451 Metalcraft Industries _____ 720-274-4504 Micropulse West, Inc. _____ 480-966-2300 Pacific Tool, Inc. ________ 425-882-1970 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 Teton Machine ________208-642-9344


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Rebecca Prentice Business Manager

Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Westwood Precision _______425-742-7011 Group Mfg Serv _______ 480-966-3952 Wright Prototype _______ 541-924-1203 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Metalcraft Industries _____ 720-274-4504 Machining: Large Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 Pacific Tool, Inc. ________ 425-882-1970 Premier Precision _______ 623-466-3156 Machining: Laser Innovative Precision _______801-334-6317 Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 Teton Machine ________208-642-9344 Machining: Medical TVT Die Casting ________ 800-280-2278 Prescott’s MFG __________719-659-0262 Westwood Precision _______425-742-7011 Teton Machine ________208-642-9344 Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech MFG ________ 801-891-2740 Machining: Production Howard PMP __________ 801-619-9850 METALIZING Innovative Precision _______801-334-6317 Accuwright Industries____ 480-892-9595 Prescott’s MFG __________719-659-0262 MOLDS STEEL Teton Machine ________208-642-9344 Aero Tech MFG ________ 801-891-2740 Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 Machining: Swiss MOLDING: RUBBER Howard PMP __________ 801-619-9850 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ______ 928-636-2115 Molds: Plastic Injection Teton Machine ________208-642-9344 Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 Machining: Turning Molds Steel Advanced Mfg Services ____ 310-320-2897 3rd Gen Machine_________435-794-4980 Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ______ 928-636-2115 Jet Processing ______ 623-869-6749x117 BK Machine Inc. _______ 801-253-1929 Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 Faustson___________ 303-420-7422 Mil Spec Painting IndustrialEX ________ 303-456-6847 Howard PMP __________ 801-619-9850 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 NAME PLATES Layke Inc. __________ 602-272-2654 Acu-Line ____________ 206-634-1618 Metalcraft Industries _____ 720-274-4504 PLASTIC MOLDING Pacific Tool, Inc. ________ 425-882-1970 Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 SMH Inc LLC __________ 360-341-2226 Teton Machine ________208-642-9344 Mold Making Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 Plastic Injection Molding ___ 509-531-2634 Westwood Precision _______425-742-7011 Machining: Turning Large Valley Machine Shop, Inc. ___ 425-207-5951 MANUFACTURING Aeroform, Inc. ________ 360-403-1919 Advanced Mfg Services ____ 310-320-2897 BK Machine Inc. _______ 801-253-1929 Diamond Tool & Die, Inc. ___ 510-534-7050 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

52 •Dec/Jan 2012-2013

PLATING ChemResearch _______ 602-253-4175 EPSI _____________ 714-519-9423 Foresight Finishing _____ 480-772-0387 Gold Tech __________ 480-968-1930 Anodizing ChemResearch _______ 602-253-4175

Premier Precision ______ 623-466-3156 Bright Tin Foresight Finishing _____ 480-772-0387 Chrome/Nickel/Palladium EPSI _____________ 714-519-9423 Gold Tech __________ 480-968-1930 Phosphate Copper Foresight Finishing _____ 480-772-0387 MPI International _______ 956-631-6880 Embrittlement Relief EPSI _____________ 714-519-9423 Electroless Nickel Foresight Finishing _____ 480-772-0387 Gold EPSI _____________ 714-519-9423 Foresight Finishing _____ 480-772-0387 Gold Tech __________ 480-968-1930 Nickel Foresight Finishing _____ 480-772-0387 GTin / Zinc Plate EPSI _____________ 714-519-9423 Gold Tech __________ 480-968-1930 Silver Plating EPSI _____________ 714-519-9423 Gold Tech __________ 480-968-1930

PUNCHING Group Manufacturing Serv __ 480-966-3952 Pacific Tool, Inc ________ 425-882-1970 Cygnet Stamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 SANDBLASTING Byington Steel Treating_____408-727-6630 SHEARING Service Steel __________ 503-224-9500 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292

SIGNS Acu-Line ____________ 206-634-1618 SINTERING Western Sintering _______ 509-375-3096 SLITTING United Performance Metals _888-282-3292


Machining Delcam ____________ 877-335-2261 PRECISION FORMING MCAM Northwest _______ 503-653-5332 Aeroform, Inc. ________ 360-403-1919 Mechanical Design Cygnet Stamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 Delcam ____________ 877-335-2261 Pacific Tool, Inc ________ 425-882-1970 MCAM Northwest _______ 503-653-5332 SpringWorks Utah _______ 801-298-0113 Wrico _____________480-892-7800 PROCESSING: METAL Acid Pickle MPI International _______ 956-631-6880

NC Machining MCAM Northwest _______ 503-653-5332 SPLINES Specialty Steel Services ___ 801-539-8252

SPRAY:METAL,PLASMA Accuwright Industries _____ 480-892-9595 SPRINGS LA Specialties _________ 602-269-7612 SpringWorks Utah _______ 801-298-0113 MPI International _______ 956-631-6880 STAMPING PRECISION Plating Alodine Cygnet Stamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 MPI International _______ 956-631-6880 JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 Chemical


2 0 4







1 2

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4 3



“QUALITY METAL STAMPINGS” JED BROWN 155 Schulz Road Central Point, OR 97502

Metalcraft Industries _____720-274-4504 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 Precision Die & Stamping ___480-967-2038 SpringWorks Utah _______ 801-298-0113 Weiser/Mile High Prec.__303-280-2778 Stamping: Aerospace JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 Stamping: Bending JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 Stamping:Design JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 SpringWorks Utah _______ 801-298-0113 Weiser/Mile High Prec. _ 303280-2778 Stamping:Flat Forming JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 Metalcraft Industries _____720-274-4504 SpringWorks Utah _______ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Light JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 Metalcraft Industries _____720-274-4504 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656

541-664-6743 Fax 541-664-6769

TOOL & DIE SpringWorks Utah ________801-298-0113 Wrico _____________ 480-892-7800 Stamping: Production/ TOOL Cutting & Grinding Precision Powerhaus Precision _____ 480-225-8845 Precision Die & Stamping ___ 480-967-2038 TOOLING Stamping: Short Run JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 Diamond Tool & Die, Inc. ___ 510-534-7050 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 JP Tool _____________ 541-664-6743 SWISS SCREW Lambie Engineering ____ 509-868-3100 MACHINING. Acu Spec, Inc _________ 408-748-8600 Mountain View Machine ___ 435-755-0500 3rd Gen Machine _______ 435-794-4980 ______ 253-876-9981 Howard PMP __________ 801-808-4106 TUBE BENDING Lewis Aerospace ______ 877-254-2024 CUTTING FAB Ron Grob Co __________ 970-667-5320 Cygnet Stamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 Westwood Precision _______425-742-7011 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 TESTING WATERJET CUTTING Testing: Corrosion, Product Stress, Aeroform, Inc. ________ 360-403-1919 Vibration Marzee Inc. ________ 602-269-5801 Cascade TEK __________ 888-835-9250 Petersen Inc __________ 800-410-6789 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Testing: Non-Destructive

Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 Mountain View Machine ___435-755-0500 Petersen Inc __________ 800-410-6789 Service Steel __________503-224-9500 Weiser/Mile High Prec. _ 303280-2778 Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 Petersen Inc __________ 800-410-6789 Service Steel __________503-224-9500 Welding: Precision GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 Petersen Inc __________ 800-410-6789 Service Steel __________503-224-9500 Weiser/Mile High Prec. _ 303280-2778 Welding: MIG-TIG GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 WELDING Industrial Machine Svcs ____ 503-240-0878 Premier Precision _______ 623-466-3156 Cygnet Stamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 Petersen Inc __________ 800-410-6789 THERMAL SPRAY Accuwright Industries _____ 480-892-9595 GK Machine __________ 503-678-5525 Service Steel __________503-224-9500

Call: Kim Carpenter 480-773-3239

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GMN USA LLC...46 Gold Tech...51 Great Western Registrar...26,47 Group Manufacturing...50 Hallidie ...46 Hangsterfers...44,45 Haynes...45 Helical...47 Hilton Tool...49 Horizon Carbide...46 Howard Precision Machined Prod...50 Howell Precision...52 Hyundai...40 IndustrialEX...49 Industrial Machine Services...52 Innovative Precision...52 Innovative Tool Sales...49 Intech Funding...3 J&M Machine...51 JP Tool...38,53 Jorgenson Machine Tools...46 KD Capital...45 KMT Waterjet...44 Lambie Engineering...47 Laser Cutting Services...47 Layke Inc...53 LMI Machinery...41,46 Machine Toolworks, Inc...5,44 Marzee Inc...34,49 Matrix Machine...50,51 Mazak...5, MCAM Northwest...52 MET-TEK Inc...50 Metalcraft Industries...50 Metal Spining Solutions...51 Micro 100...22,45,46 Micropulse West...51 Midaco Corporation...46 Mountain View Machining...49 Muratec...45 NW Machine Expo...35 North-South Machinery...45 Northwestern Machinery...46 OMEP...53 Optical Gaging Products Inc...47 Omax..19,44 OmniTurn...21,44 Pacific Metal Stampings...42,51 Performance Machine Tools...15 Petersen Inc...49

Phoenix Heat Treat...51 Pinnacle Precision...51 Plastic Injection Molding...50 Precision Die & Stamping...50 Premier Precision...49 Prescott’s MFG...52 PTI Machining & Manufacturing...12,49 Redback...42,50 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades...47 Roentgen USA...45 Ron Grob...50 Ryan’s Dove Tail Fixtures...53 Ryerson...13,44 S.L. Fusco...55 Saw Seco...47 Self Clinch...25, 51 Selway Machine Tool Co WA...44 Selway Machine Tool Co OR...46 Sequoia Brass & Copper...47 Service Steel, Inc...8,9,47,53 Setco Spindles & Slides...45 SigmaTEK...8,9,48 SMH Inc LLC...11,49 Specialty Steel...50 Spring Works Utah...50 St. Vrain Manufacturing...50 Steel Services Grinding...49 Superior Grinding...50 Sutter Instruments...30,31 Supra Alloys, Inc...47 Swift Tool...24,32,33,46 TCI Precision Metals...47 Temtco Steel...46 Teton...52 Tornos...29,44 Total Quality Systems...26 Trusty Cook...37,44 TVT Die Casting...11,49 Ulbrich..27,45 United Performance Metals...36,47 Universal Laser Systems...22 US Bank Equipment Finance...46 Valley Machine...40 Valley Machine Shop...51 Weiser/Mile High...51 Western Sintering...51 Westwood Precision...51 Wrico Stamping...49 Wright Prototype...52

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products IT’S WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the technoLogy inside

THE RIGHT LINE OF PRODUCTS • Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants • Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

Discover why only Castrol Industrial has THE TECHNOLOGY INSIDE.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

S.L. Fusco’s three locations: 2102 Adams Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 1 510 895 9000 Serving Northern California & Northern Nevada

1966 Via Arado Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 1 310 868 1010 Serving Southern California

2530 Southport Way, Ste. D National City, CA 91950 1 619 477 7733 Serving Southern California 2


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A2Z Metalworker NW P.O. Box 93295 Phoenix, AZ 85070

We’ve got flex appeal M42 Band Saw Blade Prices Discounts for ordering 2, 5 or 10 bands. WIDTH

4'-5" 5'-0" 5'-6" 6'-0" 6'-6" 7'-0" 7'-6" 8'-0" 8'-6" 9'-0" 9'-6" 10'-0" 10'-6" 11'-0" 11'-6" 12'-0" 12'-6" 13'-0" 13'-6" 14'-0" 14'-6" 15'-0" 15'-6" 16'-0" 16'-6" 17'-0" 17'-6" 18'-0" 18'-6"


15.44 16.44 17.44 18.44 19.44 20.44 21.44 22.44 23.44 24.44 25.44 26.44 27.44 28.44 29.44 30.44 31.44 32.44 33.44 34.44 35.44 36.44 37.44 38.44 39.44 40.44 41.44 42.44 43.44

1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2"

16.79 17.94 19.09 20.24 21.39 22.54 23.69 24.84 25.99 27.14 28.29 29.44 30.59 31.74 32.89 34.04 35.19 36.34 37.49 38.64 39.79 40.94 42.09 43.24 44.39 45.54 46.69 47.84 48.99

18.59 19.94 21.29 22.64 23.99 25.34 26.69 28.04 29.39 30.74 32.09 33.44 34.79 36.14 37.49 38.84 40.19 41.54 42.89 44.24 45.59 46.94 48.29 49.64 50.99 52.34 53.69 55.04 56.39




27.81 30.05 29.30 32.57 30.78 35.10 32.26 37.62 33.74 40.15 35.23 42.67 36.71 45.20 38.19 47.72 39.67 50.25 41.16 52.77 42.64 55.30 44.12 57.82 45.60 60.35 47.09 62.87 48.57 65.40 50.05 67.92 51.53 70.45 53.02 72.97 54.60 75.60 55.98 78.02 57.46 80.55 58.95 83.07 60.43 85.60 61.91 88.12 63.39 90.65 64.88 93.17 66.36 95.70 67.84 98.22 69.32 100.75

41.18 43.93 46.67 49.41 52.15 54.90 57.64 60.38 63.12 65.87 68.61 71.35 74.09 76.84 79.58 82.32 85.06 87.81 90.55 93.29 96.03 98.78 101.52 104.26 107.00 109.75 112.49 115.23 117.97

19'-0" 19'-6" 20'-0" 20'-6" 21'-0" 21'-6" 22'-0" 22'-6" 23'-0" 23'-6" 24'-0" 24'-6" 25'-0" 25'-6" 26'-0" 26'-6" 27'-0" 27'-6" 28'-0" 28'-6" 29'-0" 29'-6" 30'-0" 31'-6" 32'-0" 32'-6" 33'-0" 33'-6" 34'-0"







44.44 45.44 46.44 47.44 48.44 49.44 50.44 51.44 52.44 53.44 54.44 55.44 56.44 57.44 58.44 59.44 60.44 61.44 62.44 63.44 64.44 65.44 66.44 69.44 70.44 71.44 72.44 73.44 74.44

50.14 51.29 52.44 53.59 54.74 55.89 57.04 58.19 59.34 60.49 61.64 62.79 63.94 65.09 66.24 67.39 68.54 69.69 70.84 71.99 73.14 74.29 75.44 78.89 80.04 81.19 82.34 83.49 84.64

57.74 59.09 60.44 61.79 63.14 64.49 65.84 67.19 68.54 69.89 71.24 72.59 73.94 75.29 76.64 77.99 79.34 80.69 82.04 83.39 84.74 86.09 87.44 91.49 92.84 94.19 95.54 96.89 98.24

70.81 72.29 73.77 75.25 76.74 78.22 79.70 81.18 82.67 84.15 85.63 87.11 88.60 90.08 91.56 93.04 94.53 96.01 97.49 98.97 100.46 101.94 103.42 107.87 109.35 110.83 112.32 113.80 115.28

103.27 105.80 108.32 110.85 113.37 115.90 118.42 120.95 123.47 126.00 128.52 131.05 133.57 136.10 138.62 141.15 143.67 146.20 148.72 172.82 153.77 156.30 158.82 166.40 168.92 171.45 173.97 176.60 179.02

120.72 123.46 126.20 128.94 131.69 134.43 137.17 139.91 142.66 145.40 148.14 150.88 153.63 156.37 159.11 161.85 164.60 167.34 170.08 172.82 175.57 178.31 181.05 189.28 192.02 194.76 197.51 200.25 202.99

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