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March 2012




Sierra FilterS

induStry leader in 10-micron technology. Increased levels of engine sophistication, coupled with ethanol fuel blends, necessitate the use of a high quality fuel filter. Sierra filters are engineered to offer the ultimate in filtration, separation of water from the fuel supply and provide maximum fuel flow.

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hanDCRaFtED in mainE



Legendary Legendary Legendary Chesapeake Chesapeake Chesapeake Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality

…is…is Closer …is Closer than Closer than Youthan You Think! You Think! Think!

A Full-Service A Full-Service A Full-Service Marina Marina Marina with with Resort with Resort Resort Amenities Amenities Amenities & Award-Winning & Award-Winning & Award-Winning Dining Dining Dining Marina Marina Marina Features: Features: Features:

52 Transient SlipsSlips Slips Electricity Electricity Electricity and and CityCity Water andWater City Water and and Modern Modern andShowers Modern Showers Showers • 52•Transient • 52 Transient • Dockside • Dockside • Dockside • Clean • Clean • Clean Outdoor Outdoor Pool Outdoor Pool and and Jacuzzi Pool Jacuzzi and Jacuzzi Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary Cable Cable Hook-up Cable Hook-up Hook-up Pumpout Pumpout Pumpout Service Service Service Laundry Laundry Facilities Laundry Facilities Facilities • • • • • • • • • • • • Taxi Taxi Service Service Taxi from Service from the Dock from the Dock the Dock • Water • Water • Water

Resort Resort Amenities: Resort Amenities: Amenities:

• Complimentary • Complimentary • Complimentary Shuttle Shuttle Service Shuttle Service around Service around Town, around Town, Daily Town, Daily Newspaper, Daily Newspaper, Newspaper, Bicycles Bicycles and Bicycles and Wireless Wireless andInternet Wireless Internet Internet • Luxurious • Luxurious • Luxurious Spa • Spa Fitness •Spa Fitness Center • Fitness Center • Ship's Center • Ship's Store • Ship's Store • Waterfront Store • Waterfront • Waterfront Dining Dining with Dining with Indoor Indoor with and Indoor and Outdoor Outdoor and Seating Outdoor Seating Seating • Continental • Continental • Continental Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast included included Monday included Monday through Monday through Friday through Friday • Outdoor Friday • Outdoor • Pool Outdoor Pool and and Pool Jacuzzi Jacuzzi and• Jacuzzi Concierge • Concierge • Concierge Service Service Service

* for* for * Marina Special Special Special Promotions Promotions Promotions Marina for Marina Guests: Guests: Guests:

off •all off 10% Dining alloff Dining all Dining off •all off 10% Spa alloff Services Spa allServices Spaanytime Services anytime anytime • 10% • 10% • 10% • 10% rd night rd night th visit Stay 3 for Stay 2 nights 2:2Stay nights and 2 nights your and your 3and 3your 3ofrddockage night of dockage ofisdockage FREE is FREE FREE us •3 us times Visit 3 times us and 3 times receive and receive and a FREE receive a FREE night a FREE night during night during your during your 4th visit 4your 4th visit • 3 for • 32:for • 2: •isVisit • Visit *Terms *Terms & conditions *Terms & conditions &apply, conditions apply, current current apply, promotions, current promotions, promotions, subjectsubject to change, subject to change, call to change, for call details. forcall details. for details.

GPSGPS 38° 47.13' GPS 38° 47.13' 38° N 47.13' 076° N 076° 13.15' N 076° 13.15' W• 13.15' W Monitor W •VHF Monitor VHF 16 16 VHF 16 • Monitor

1.800.955.9001 1.800.955.9001 1.800.955.9001 • • •


& dealers expo!

March 23-25, 2012 • Sailwinds Park • Cambridge, Maryland

Boats Of All Kinds Built By Maryland’s Best! Friday: noon-6pm • Saturday: 9am-6pm • Sunday: noon-6pm

$5 admission • Rain or Shine!

James B. Richardson Foundation

Generations of boaters can’t be wrong Passing down the lessons from years of experience is invaluable. Technique, discipline and a trust in the right materials are essential for great results you can be proud of. But taking a leap of faith to a different product can be the hardest part. With over 100 years experience in the science of boat care, our varnishes have been specially formulated to provide the best treatments available for your boat. So that leap of faith is really just one small step - towards the fantastic finish and high level of protection you demand. Whether traditional tung oil varnish, urethane alkyd or extended performance with two-part polyurethane, we have a range of options. Contact us today or visit Apply the Interlux heritage to the whole of your boat. No matter how big or small. Interlux Varnish – be more than proud. , Interlux® the AkzoNobel logo and all products mentioned are trademarks of, or licensed to, AkzoNobel. © Akzo Nobel N.V. 2012.



IT’S TIME FOR A POWERFUL, NEW ANTIFOULING THAT IS TRULY CLEAN, GREEN AND COPPER-FREE. Turning over a new leaf has never been easier, or more satisfying. With Pettit’s Ultima ECO, boaters can indulge their environmentally friendly side while still enjoying the benefits of aggressive, multi-season protection against fouling and slime. With 50% more biocide than its closest competitor, Ultima ECO is the only multi-season bottom paint to offer a true alternative to copper. Unbeatable protection. A smaller environmental footprint. Isn’t it time you turned over a new leaf?





The Television of Damocles


The gentle rocking of a boat can lull you to sleep. Not so in angry seas, especially when the bulkhead over your sweating noggin bears witness to a flatscreen TV whose mounting was ill-conceived at best. See how our hero fares... by Charlie Iliff


New Year, New Boat: Service Your New Pride & Joy Like a mob of angry protesters, your boat is packed with things just waiting to act up. It’s the nature of nautical beasts. Let these helpful service tips guide you to good boat karma all season long. by Gary Reich


“A” Dock: “Take Me Home, Country Roads...”

“Speed Skiffs travel about 75 mph, and as far as I can tell, you steer them with your religious beliefs.” Learn about a new “hot rod” skiff being spiffed up at Holiday Point Marina near Edgewater, MD. by Allen J. Paltell ##The first person to e-mail the correct names of these two marinas wins a brand-new PropTalk hat. Photo by Gary Reich


Tools of the Trade: Gear You Need for Comfortable Bay Cruising

PropTalk opens its transom door for all to see and shares what gear and gadgets it can’t live without while cruising the Bay. Take a gander... by Gary Reich



Chesapeake Bay Marinas: What To Look for in a Marina

Pools and patios, dock bars and deckhands, service techs and storage spaces... See what things are important when you search for the marina/boatyard of your dreams and that of your vacation vessel.


Splash Into Summer: Camps for Pint-Sized Anglers & Young Watersports Enthusiasts

After herding cats for eons, a former camp counselor, veteran camper, and mother of five gives you the whys, whats, and wheres of fun water-soaked camps on the Bay for kids. Let this be your definitive guide. by Beth Crabtree


Building the Chesapeake Light Craft Cocktail Class Racer: Part 1

PropTalk staffers are deep in the bowels of building a Cocktail Class Skua Racer from a kit made by Chesapeake Light Craft. One has to ask, though, why is there so much beer when it’s a cocktail class racer? by Gary Reich

##Photo by Bill Griffin

On the Cover Hot Toddy and Mrs. Smirnoff decorate the shoreline of the Rock Hall Yacht Club on Lawyers Cove off the Chester River during the Cocktail Class Racer 2011 National Championships, which were held in late October. Check out page 54 to see how to build one of Chesapeake Light Craft’s new Cocktail Class Racer kit boats. Photo by Gary Reich

10 March 2012 PropTalk


Five Fishing Knots: Not Very Fast, Is It?

Clinch, Albright, and uni knots. Perfection and double surgeons loops. When done right, they’ll hold the biggest fish you can catch. Mess up, and your forehead will be the proud new owner of a big fat letter “L.” by Eric Burnley

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Coming in April • Sweet! That First Run of the Season • Spring Commissioning: Just Do It • Boatyards 101 • Building Chesapeake Light Craft’s Cocktail Class Racer: Part 2 • 2012 Maryland and Virginia Fishing Previews • Trolling for Big Stripers on Spoons • Match the Hatch: Fly Patterns for the Susquehanna Flats

##PropTalk staffers learn what a fillet is at the Rocket Science Glue Factory. Photo by Gary Reich

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What Do the Owners of These Boats Have in Common? They take good care of what they own by bringing their boats to Zimmerman Marine for service.

At Zimmerman Marine, it has never been about what size or type of boat you own. For over 30 years we have serviced all kinds of boats, for one kind of customer: People who value a job well done. We view technical skills, including working to ABYC standards, as the bare minimum that a good yard should provide. We quote firm prices, we keep you informed, and we stand behind our work. Come visit our boatyard, or our website, and find out why so many travel so far to come to ZMI.


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Prop Thoughts with

Gary Reich

I Get It Now


p until a few weeks ago, I had the misconception that most wooden boat groupies were a couple of French fries short of a Happy Meal. While I’ve always appreciated the smell of freshly sawn wood and find the slick look of a finely varnished transom irresistible, I’ve never really “gotten” why anyone would want to build a boat made of wood, much less own one—they certainly don’t seem to be the most durable of craft without seemingly endless maintenance. But being a fly angler (there are far easier ways to catch fish, just as there are far easier ways to build boats), I can relate to the twisted satisfaction of doing something “different.” In November, the PropTalk staff decided to build a boat— Chesapeake Light Craft’s (CLC) Cocktail Class Skua Racer to be exact. This clever, eight-foot racer was originally designed in 1939 by Charles MacGregor, and now is available as an easy-to-build plywood stitch-and-glue kit. Purists may argue that CLC’s stitchand-glue kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and various other nifty watercraft offerings aren’t really wooden boats. And sure, since epoxy and fiberglass provide the reinforcing glue that holds the whole thing together—not solid frames, planks, screws, bedding, and oakum—maybe you could say that our little Cocktail Class Racer isn’t a “real” wooden boat. But since it is made more of wood than fiberglass and epoxy, we’re OK with calling it “wood.” After receiving the kit from CLC, PropTalk staffers started gathering every Thursday night at our top-secret boatbuilding location—a Quonset hut affectionately called “Rocket Science Glue Factory.” The structure used to be a hay barn, but when the brothers in the family took it over, they wanted the former equine tenants gone for good. “Glue Factory” seemed a pretty adept way to keep those four-legged troublemakers away so the boys could tinker around with rocket sciences—old cars, boats, and other Follow us!

mechanical bits. There’s a full sawmill, machine shop, and CNC cutting machine on site. But it’s remote… and secret. Don’t ask. As we broke open the kit and started organizing the wooden pieces into a logical order, intoxicating, fragrant, airborne wafts of mahogany, pine, and okoume started floating through the shop—a welcome change from the less-fragrant, carcinogenic xylene, toluene, and styrene vapors encountered when laminating fiberglass. And working with wood—sanding, filing, and shaping it—only produces more of these pleasant aromas. Another difference between wood and fiberglass is that wood is natural, warm, tactile, and pliable—it just feels good to touch it. That’s kind of hard to say after an itchy run-in with a roll of fiberglass cloth. Just watch people working with wood, and you’ll inevitably catch them massaging their handy work. That’s certainly true with our little group of shipwrights. I have the video to prove it. But when we started bending her plywood bottoms and sides and her bow, stern, and signature aft tumblehome took shape, I realized that what we were doing was actually sculpting. That’s when I got it. As my friend George Hazzard at Wooden Boat Restoration once said, “Wood’s got soul—it’s a living, breathing thing. I can tell the sound of a wooden boat when I hear it coming because of the acoustics of the hull resonating through the water. It’s like a guitar going down the river.” And while I don’t expect our little eight-foot Cocktail Class Racer to produce symphonic melodies as it rounds the buoys, and can’t see myself buying and restoring an old, rotting Chris-Craft Holiday anytime soon, I think I understand.

PropTalk March 2012 13

Out of My Mind

by Ruth Christie

Show Offs


tanding in the PropTalk booth and handing out yet another stellar issue of this fine publication at the Baltimore Boat Show one day this past January got me to thinking… Each year, PropTalk staffers go to many boat shows and other powerboating events while keeping the deadlines and quality of two monthly print publications on track. Those are not feats to be taken lightly. Sometimes, it’s just nice to hear “Thanks!” As is true of other boat shows and events in Bay Country, during the Baltimore show, several people made a point to tell me, “I love your magazine! Keep up the good work.” Those comments always make me smile. Keep ’em coming. We like meeting our readers and other people who support what we do. We also like getting out there and meeting friends of the program. And, often, we have events where “all hands on deck” are needed. Maybe just being part of an event helps provide fodder in the form of fun stories and photos for our publication. Or, perhaps we are there merely to celebrate and support the event as an interested party. Whatever the reasons, we are there. Granted, I don’t get out there as much as some of my other staffers do. Sure, like other staffers, I have a family with busy schedules. If you’ve ever gotten two kids out of bed, dressed, fed, and off to the bus stop before 7 a.m., while getting yourself ready for work, as well, you’ll know that when you get to the office by 9 a.m., you’ve already had a full day even before the real workday even starts. I could not do the work I do or go to the events I do manage to cover without having a husband who “gets it.” Jim grins when I say I have boat show duty or have to go to some other workrelated event after hours. His typical response is to laugh and say, “Have fun at ‘work.’” His idea of work isn’t going to a boat show, one of his favorite pastimes, I might add. His vision of “work” is going to an office and actually working on work. In many other ways, his support is never-ending. For example, after letting me run his old Nikon into the grave, this Christmas, Jim bought me a brandnew camera for work. Thanks, honey! 14 March 2012 PropTalk

##Mark Talbott smiles at a “happy customer.”

My kids help out, too. Laura and Nicholas are old enough now to not need the constant attention of mommy. They have even pitched in to help during one Bay Bridge Boat Show, having fun “selling magazines at the carnival.” Thank you, family, for being there when I can’t be, for supporting me, and for letting me write about you and take your picture every now and then. So, like many of you, we at PropTalk work really hard to balance work, family, and time away. We strive to continue keeping our readers happy and getting out to more events. When you see us out there, I guess you could say we are showing off, just a little bit. We are proud of what we do. Feel free to stop by and say “Hi.” Your kind words make it all worth while.

Letters Bird Nerd Gary, I really enjoyed your birding piece on page 11 of the February issue of PropTalk and agree with your comments. It is great fun watching birds year-round, and they add to the ambiance wherever we go. We tend to take them for granted, but should spend more time watching them. Have you read the book Feathers: The Evolution of a Natural Miracle? It is really entertaining and educational and written by a friend of mine. It is all about feathers and how amazing they are. I am sure you would enjoy it very much. Great work on the recent issue. Best, Peter Trogdon President, Weems and Plath

Another Bird Nerd

##A great blue heron (Ardea herodias),

Gary, one of Bay boaters’ favorite feathered friends. Photo by Gary Reich I really enjoyed that! I don’t know about conventional anglers or boaters, but I think you will find a lot of fly anglers are also bird nerds. Brian Horsley and his wife Sarah are always stalking hawks with their cameras. This week, we have been blessed with a red-bellied woodpecker out in my back yard, along with a downy woodpecker and a northern flicker. The best action is in the water though—I counted 54 ducks out back this evening. Most were canvasbacks and bluebills, but only one coot. While so many Bay residents love ospreys and eagles, my vote is for a drake canvasback as the best looking bird in the world. No other bird has those handsome looks and power and speed in flight. My wife and I have even seen male quetzals in person in the jungle, and they do not hold a candle to a canvasback. Quetzals are all show and no go. The canvasback has show and go! What an incredible bird! Glad you like birds as well. Kendall Osborne Norfolk, VA

Ready to Cruise! Ranger Tugs from 21’ to 31’! Visit us in Annapolis to start planning your Ranger Tugs adventure today





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PropTalk March 2012 15

Letters Thanks to everyone who wrote in about our March installment of Prop Thoughts. I’ll have to admit that traffic at my personal window feeder at home is down, but a trip to the Florida Keys in December gave me enough bird action to last through the winter. My fishing guide and I even had a stubborn double-breasted cormorant hop aboard (and refuse to leave) while permit fishing. Every time we scooted it overboard with our feet, it simply hopped back up again. A wandering bull shark was all the reason that bird needed to stay with us on the boat versus in the water with his toothy friend. ~Gary

Been Serviced Lately? Your boat is an investment. We’ll treat it carefully.

CaLL ToDaY! ces

vi Yacht Ser

##Say hello to Pandion haliaetus. You likely know this bird with a fish fetish as an osprey. Photo by Gary Reich

February Mystery Boat Close to press time, we had received several good guesses as to the identity of the mystery boat on the February cover of PropTalk, but no exact match. That was until Tim Kerns of Annapolis e-mailed in this guess only days before this issue of PropTalk went to the printer: “She’s a Tiara 52.” That is absolutely correct, Tim. Steve Riggs of Annapolis seconded that vote a few days later. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a pile of PropTalk gear as a reward the correct identifications, Tim and Steve. Kudos also go to PropTalk senior editor Ruth Christie, who put us on the Tiara path early on. Since she already has a pile of PropTalk bling, maybe we’ll buy her something on tap. ~Gary

Spring Commissioning

rboating Chesapeake Bay Powe


Power Washing • Staining • Marine Construction • Yacht Detailing Weekly / Bi-Weekly Yacht Washes • Concierge Services Shrink Wrap Recycling • Commissioning 16 March 2012 PropTalk

COOL RUNNINGS Finance & Protect Your Boat

February 2012

Cuddy Cabins & Express Cruisers


Winter Fisheries



Tie One On at Tie Fest Photos and story by Gary Reich


ver wonder who first tied the Clouser deep minnow pattern that almost every fly angler on earth has in their fly box? Show up at Coastal Conservation Association Maryland’s (CCA MD) Tie Fest February 25, and you can ask Bob Clouser himself about the ubiquitous fly he originally tied in 1987. The festivities run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kent Island Yacht Club’s beautiful facility on Kent Island, MD. Inside and outside, you will find world-class fly tiers and fly fishing guides, fly rod and reel manufacturers, tackle shop reps and fishing gear dealers, and the lively camaraderie of other fly fishing enthusiasts who join here each year to celebrate the sport. Admission continues to be free, but a number of incredible silent and live auction items are made available each year to help keep it that way. (Maryland’s own Lefty Kreh donated a signed Temple Fork Outfitters fly rod for the silent auction last year.) Tie Fest, as the name suggests, features some of the biggest names in creative fly tying. This year, you’ll be able to chat it up with names such as Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders president Brad Buzzi, fly-tying master Steve Silverio, gummy minnow creator Blane Chocklette, and Clouser deep minnow inventor Bob Clouser. In addition to demonstrating how their signature patterns are tied, these gentlemen will be available to answer basic fly tying questions and provide suggestions for tying more effective and longer-lasting flies.

##Legendary fly tier Bob Popovics ties up one of his crafty patterns at last year’s Tie Fest.

Follow us!

##Steve Silverio captivates fly anglers at last year’s Tie Fest.

Having problems with your back cast? Can’t cast at all? Practiced, patient fly casters will be onsite to provide tips and suggestions for improving your fly casting skills, or to help get beginners started. Celebrated rod manufacturers Sage and Temple Fork Outfitters will have rods available to cast, and tackle shops such as Anglers, Tochterman’s, and Kelly’s White Fly Shoppe will also have rods available for attendees to peruse. In addition to expert fly tiers, fly rod manufacturers, and tackle shops, professional fly fishing guides such as Outer Banks gurus Capt. Brian Horsley and Capt. Sarah Gardner, and pro Chesapeake guides Capt. Kevin Josenhans, Capt. Chris Newsome, Capt. Dan Harrison, and Capt. Gary Neitzey will be talking up fly fishing opportunities on the Bay. If you’re thinking about getting into the growing sport of kayak fishing, Capt. C.D. Dollar of Kent Island Kayaks will have a full complement of gear for the kayak angler. Looking for bigger hardware to get to the fish? Walter George of Annapolis Boat Sales will be available to answer any questions you may have about offerings from Jones Brothers Marine, Edgewater, Cobia, and C-Hawk. It’s pretty safe to say that you won’t want to be performing mundane household tasks on the day of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to mingle with some legendary fly fishing figures right in our backyard. Hire a babysitter; send the wife on a spa day if she doesn’t share your affinity for tails and scales… do what you have to do—it’s not to be missed. For more details, visit PropTalk March 2012 17



The Winners Are...

uring January’s Baltimore Boat Show, PropTalk helped host a Water Coloring Contest for Kids! Artists downloaded a coloring page from and drew colorful boating pictures. Some contestants didn’t add their names or phone numbers, seemingly happy just to share their talents. Others, simply signed off as Amalia, Cameron, Chloe, Jamie, Morgan, and Zachery. Most of the entries featured boats, fish, water, sea life, and anglers; we even have a unicorn playing with a crab and jellyfish. After some careful deliberations, the judges called a unanimous perfect tie for first

##Dylan Jordan’s scary first-place winner.

place: Dylan Jordan’s drawing of an unsuspecting angler about to be eaten by a wide-mouthed, knarly-toothed monster and Tyler Boyko’s aerial view of a dock, boat, and the shoreline. Madeline Key’s dolphins and sea critters, Harrison Keyser’s fishing frenzy, and Alexis Boyko’s fish flying behind a boat each captured “runner-up” status. Congrats to all the artists, including Lawrence Benfield, Natalee Benfield, Kelly Bonfield, Roger Burns, Monica Cespedes, Nerysi Harnish, Chloe Key, Jackson Keyser, Isabella Lauren, Kate Morton, and Allison Vassallo. To see the entries, click to

##Tyler Boyko’s first-place winner.






April 27-29, 2012

Select dealers and brokers have assembled their best buys for the third annual YC sales event.

Power, Sail, Trawlers and Downeast boats 32-74 feet. What: Please join us at the un-boat show. Do not miss this event. The Yacht Collection Sale is a large selection of quality boats at sale prices. Financing, documentation and insurance services on site. Power, sail, downeast and trawlers are well represented by the best dealers & brokers. This upscale event is intended to attract a qualified audience of high end boat owners and boat buyers. No crowds, no mops, fishing rods or long lines. Only quality boats, new and brokerage, offered by quality brokers and dealers at special prices. See what all the buzz is about.

18 March 2012 PropTalk


Preview Friday April 27th 2012 - 17:00-19:00 Saturday April 28th 2012 - 10:00-18:00 Sunday April 29th 2012 - 10:00-17:00

Where: Questions?:

Chesapeake Harbour Marina 2030 Chesapeake Harbour Drive East Annapolis, MD 21403

Happy Birthday, Lefty by Gary Reich


t is an indisputable fact that no one person has done as much to further the sport of fly fishing—and some may say angling in general—than Maryland’s own Bernard Victor “Lefty” Kreh, who turns 87 on February 26. You may know that Kreh developed one of the gold standards of saltwater fly fishing—Lefty’s Deceiver—or that he has authored more than 26 books. But not everyone knows about Kreh’s service to our country at the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, or that he was accidently infected with anthrax while working at Fort Detrick, MD, in the late ’50s (an incident that put him in the hospital for a month and got a sub-strain of the anthrax bacteria—BVK-1—named after him). Coincidentally, Kreh credits his shift work at Fort Detrick for allowing him to fish at least two days a week for most of the 19 years he worked there.

Kreh spent many years in the Florida Keys with the likes of Joe Brooks, Al Pflueger, George Hommel, and Stu Apte perfecting and developing the techniques that almost all saltwater fly anglers use today (saltwater fly fishing was a relative unknown in those days). He has angled with the celebrities like Tom Brokaw, world leaders like Fidel Castro and George Bush, Jr., and characters like Ernest Hemingway.

You’d think that with such a resume, someone like Kreh would let it all go to his head. But for those who’ve had the opportunity to encounter him, people know Kreh as humble, kind, humorous, and always willing to talk to anyone who approaches him. He is, quite simply, one of a kind. Happy birthday, Lefty.

Beneteau Swift Trawler 34

Annapolis Yacht Sales is your One Stop Shop! • Almost 60 years as one of the premier yacht sale companies in the Mid-Atlantic • Strong relationships with top finance and insurance professionals • Three offices on The Bay to serve our customers’ every need • Dedicated power department representing Beneteau Swift Trawlers, Flyer GT’s and Greenline Hybrid • Our full time, in house, award winning service department has experts that specialize in everything from rigging to A/C and refrigeration installation, plumbing to the most advanced electronics, alternators, generators, lighting…the list goes on. On new or used boats, Annapolis Yacht Services does it all!

410-267-8181 Annapolis, MD

804-776-7575 Deltaville, VA

##Lefty Kreh totes an arsenal of fly rods near his Cockeysville, MD, home. Kreh turns 87 on February 26. Photo by John Bildahl, John Bildahl Photography,

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410-639-4082 Rock Hall, MD PropTalk March 2012 19


Tiny Bubbles

Story and photo by Beth Crabtree


t’s the time of year when the thermometer dips and ice can creep its way across many of the Bay’s creeks and tributaries. Your pride and joy may already have been winterized, but what about your dock? Pressure from ice can bring about expensive damage to pilings, bulkheads, piers, and wooden and fiberglass boats alike. And, if it’s thick enough, ice can damage your rudder and propellers, too. ‘Tis the

season when the only good ice is floating in your martini glass. What to do? Installing a de-icer or dock bubbler is a relatively inexpensive way to protect your pier and boat. Submersible de-icers work by thrusting relatively warmer water up from the bottom. “It’s the movement in conjunction with bringing up the warmer water that melts the surface ice,” says Art Libby, who’s an expert on de-icers. Libby is active in his late father’s business Providence Marine Systems where he sells and services Kasco de-icers. “I recommend hanging the de-icer at an angle six to eight feet below low tide level under the end of the pier. To hang it vertically, attach the lines to the cage at a 180-degree angle, and a circular area will stay free of ice. For an oval shape around a long pier, move one of the lines toward the electric cord, and hang the de-icer at an angle so that it shoots the water toward the dock. Always keep the cord on the topside,” Libby says. ##“Tiny bubbles, on the line, make me happy, make me feel fine”… “You can also get a dock mount if Our sincere apologies to Don Ho. there’s no room to tie ropes, and there’s MYS_3063_march_proptalk_ad_Layout 1 2/1/12 a12:47 Page float PM mount to 1hang the de-icer parallel

with the water level. Accessories such as timers and thermostats also are available, so you don’t have to be at the dock to turn it on and off. Usually de-icers only need to run at night. Thermostats should be set to turn on at 28 degrees and off at 32 degrees,” he adds. De-icers come in several power levels depending on the size of your boat or pier, and maintenance for them is simple. “Just give it a freshwater rinse at the end of the season and replace the zinc,” says Bill Griffin, general manager of Fawcett Boat Supplies in Annapolis. For areas of water less than six feet in depth and for large areas such as marinas, the bubble method is another ice-melting option. With these systems, a compressor on the dock or shore forces air through a weighted, perforated tube that lies on the bottom under the dock or pier. As air is forced through the tube, bubbles rise to the surface bringing up warmer water from the bottom. As with the de-icer, the water’s movement, in conjunction with the warmer bottom water, ensures that your pier and hull stay clear of ice.

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So, You Want To Work in the Marine Industry


ou are in luck. To introduce young people to such professions and training opportunities, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, the National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF), and the Eastport Yacht Club Foundation created the Marine and Maritime Career Fair, which is set for February 25 (1 to 4 p.m.) at Annapolis High School. More than 500 students in grades seven through 12 and their parents attended last year’s event, which featured more than 25 organizations. The fair highlights small businesses (such as yours truly, PropTalk Magazine), associations, government agencies, military and educational institutions, and local, state, and national corporations involved in the marine and maritime industries. Young people will learn about training and education opportunities related to the Chesapeake Bay and our rivers, lakes, and oceans from interesting displays, demos, and experts at each booth. Students interested in the marine trades and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will experience a broad array of possibilities for their futures. The fair is free, and registration is not required. If you pre-register, you’ll be eligible for door prizes. Come and say “Hello” at the PropTalk booth!

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##Students are more than welcome to attend the Maritime Career Fair February 25. Photo by Al Nahmias

PropTalk March 2012 21



There’s a New Fishing Championship in Town

oastal Conservation Association Maryland (CCA MD) recently launched its first Pickerel Tidal Fishing Championship, which runs through March 15. Register for this careful catch-and-release event at Alltackle, Anglers, Shore Tackle & Custom Rods, Tochterman’s, or Kent Island Kayaks. Compete for awards for yourself and the participating shop in two categories: most total inches and biggest individual fish. You must take photos of your fish on approved CCA MD rulers, available at the shops. Photos should be submitted to The $25 entry fee includes a one-year CCA membership. Fishermen under 16 years of age and CCA life members can enter for free.

##Shawn Kimbro holds up a fine chain pickerel caught off the Magothy River in January. Photo courtesy of Shawn Kimbro

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New Year, New Boats by Gary Reich


aybe the “New Year, New Boat” articles that have appeared in PropTalk over the last few months (including this issue, see page 30) have whetted your appetite for new boat excitement. If they have, Hinckley Company and Ranger Tugs have two new models to entertain you. Hinckley Company, well-known for its popular luxury performance powerboat line, is launching a new model with Picnic Boat in its genes. The new T34 is designed to be a simpler boat built with Picnic Boat fun in mind, but without many features that often go unused. Hinckley’s press release says, “The lines of the Hinckley T34 clearly carry on the family tradition established by the Picnic Boat. The signature curve from rooftop to cockpit coaming, the tumblehome, and the half-round toe rail describing the sheerline are familiar hallmarks.” Hinckley Company president and CEO Jim McManus adds, “The one thing the boaters we talked to aren’t prepared to give up is speed. It’s part of the fun, part of the sport.” Hinckley’s new T34 will be equipped with twin Yanmar 6BY2- 260s. With those as standard, the boat is predicted to attain a top end speed of 32 knots. Look for the new T34 in July.

We have 37 stores in the Greater Chesapeake Bay area!

22 March 2012 PropTalk

New Year, New Boats (continued) ##Hinckley T34 photo courtesy of Hinckley Yachts

Hinckley T34 specs LOA: 34’ 3” Beam: 11’ Draft: 24” Displacement: 14,000 pounds Fuel Capacity: 160 gallons Water Capacity: 35 gallons Engines: twin Yanmar 6BY2-260 Jets: twin Hamilton 242 Jet Drives Cruising Speed: 28 knots Top Speed: 32 knots Transom Deadrise: 19 degrees

Many PropTalk readers know the popular Ranger Tug line by way of our wanderlust distribution gurus Ed and Elaine Henn, whose printed features chronicle their southbound adventures aboard Bay Ranger, a Ranger Tug 27 (see page 24 of the February issue of PropTalk for their latest installment). The new R31 will join Ranger Tugs’ well-established line of 21-, 25-, 27-, and 29-foot trailerable trawlers. According to a Ranger Tugs’ press release, “The R31 shares many of the features and qualities of her smaller sisterships, but some notable additions to this larger model make her ideal for extended cruising while still being a trailerable trawler. Standard equipment includes bow and stern thrusters, an optional aft steering station, and a Volvo D4 300-horsepower engine that achieves a 16-knot cruise speed.” Look for the first R31s to begin shipping to Bay Country this spring.

Ranger 31 Specs LOA: 31’ Beam: 10’ Draft: 28” Fuel Capacity: 180 gallons Water Capacity: 80 gallons Weight (Dry): 10,500 pounds Engine: Volvo D4 300 hp

##Ranger 31 photo courtesy of Ranger Tugs


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PropTalk March 2012 23

Chesapeake Calendar presented by

Raw Bar Specials

SundayS after 3 pm Half price entire raw bar menu WedneSdayS all day Buck-a-Shuck $1 each for selected oysters

Boatyard Bar & Grill 2012 Rockfish Tournament

Awards • Party Band: Gypsy collective Benefits the bay DEtAilS on wEBSitE

SAtuRDAy, APRil 21


SAt, MAR cH 17

Best family restaurant

Moon PARty tHuRS, MARcH 8

Best burger on the Chesapeake

live music: Gypsy collective

The Boatyard is Maguire’s on St. Paddy’s Day! Irish Food Irish Beer Free Glass Live music

Special appearance the legendary Jeffrey p. Maguire

Fourth & Severn • Eastport-Annapolis 410.216.6206 •

Barkeep & owner for the Day

For more details and hot links to event websites, visit

February Thru 19 ance New England Progressive Insur-

Boat Show Boston, MA.

Thru Mar 15 Tidal


Fishing Championship Alltackle, Anglers, Shore Tackle & Custom Rods, and Tochterman’s. Hosted by Coastal Conservation Maryland (CCA MD).

15-Mar 21

Free Speaker Series 7 p.m. Wednesdays. Fawcett Boat Supplies, 919 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis.


On the Nina, Christopher Columbus Writes Letter Describing His New World Discoveries, 1493 (You Can Bet Justin Bieber Was Nowhere To Be Found)

16 16-19  16-20 

The First 911 System Goes into Effect in the United States, 1968 Greater Philadelphia (PA) Outdoor Show

Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail Miami, FL.

16-Mar 22

Wintertime Maritime Lecture Series 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursdays. Annapolis Maritime Museum.


Carolina Powerboat Show and Sale North Carolina State Fairgrounds, Raleigh.


Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford.

17-19 17-19 

Seaside Boat Show Ocean City, MD.

Progressive Insurance Richmond Boat Show Richmond Raceway Complex, VA.


President’s Birthday Sale Fawcett Boat Supplies, Annapolis.


Free “Cruise the Chesapeake” Seminar West Marine Store #41, Annapolis. Learn from Janie Meneely.


Marine Radio Operator Permit Class Annapolis Elks Lodge #622. Hosted by Chesapeake Area Professional Captains Association (CAPCA). $150 for members; $185 for non-members.


Sea Kayak Fiberglass Workshop Annapolis Harbor Boat Yard. $5 includes barbecue.


Seminar: “Striper School” Havre de Grace Maritime Museum, MD. Hosted by “Tackle Box” Tim Sherman and other charter boat captains, fishing guides, and anglers. $50 includes lunch.


Pasadena Sportfishing Flea Market and Show Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company Hall, Severna Park, MD. Deals on tackle, boats, rods and reels, and more. $3.


The Fly Fishing Show Lancaster County Convention Center, PA.


Son of a Merchant, Nicolaus Copernicus Is Born in Poland, 1473; and the Great Down Easter Henry B. Hude Is Wrecked, 1904

19-Mar 25

Free Sunday Conversations with Chesapeake Authors 2 p.m. Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons.

20 20-26  20-Mar 4 

Presidents Day and George Washington’s Birthday Restaurant Week Annapolis.

Restaurant Week National Harbor, MD. On the Potomac.

21 21-Mar 20  Mardi Gras  

Anglers’ Night Out: Fishing Flicks and Tales Tuesdays. Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport. Cocktails at 6 p.m.; dinner and a movie at 7 p.m.

21 23 

Strong Earthquake Hits Virginia, 1774

Greater Washington Chapter Banquet and Auction 6 to 10 p.m. Women’s Club of Chevy Chase, MD. Hosted by CCA MD.

Calendar Section Editor: Ruth Christie, 24 March 2012 PropTalk

23-26 Edison, NJ.

Jersey Shore Boat Sale and Expo


Ten-Foot Guild Lapstrake Skiff Workshop Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels. $80 per member; $95 per non-member.


Bay to Ocean Writers Conference Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD.


Bugeye Ball 7 to 11 p.m. Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons. $175.


Fishing Flea Market American Legion Post # 91, Cambridge, MD. Hosted by Maryland Saltwater Sportfishing Association’s (MSSA) Dorchester Chapter. $3.

27 27 

Chemist Felix Hoffmann Received Patent for Aspirin, 1900

General Meeting Fleet Reserve Club, Annapolis. Marine Trades Association of Maryland.

27 28  29 

Happy 87th Birthday, Lefty Kreh! Bounty of the Bay Dinner Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport.

Leap Day In honor of Leap Year, enjoy a flaming Bailey’s Comet (’s-comet.htm).



Beer Day Need we say more? OK, then: Iceland has celebrated this “hoppy holiday” since 1989.

1-4 2  2-4 

World Fishing and Outdoor Exposition Suffern, NY.

Women Begin Pilot Training in U.S. Navy, 1973 Greater Philadelphia (PA) Boat Show

Live Well, Spend Less on Your Boat Slip


Highlander Polar Plunge Celebration Radford VA. Benefits Special Olympics Virginia.

Since 1946


25 25 

Hill City Polar Plunge Festival Lynchburg, VA.

Marine and Maritime Career Fair 1 to 4 p.m. Annapolis High School. For more details, see page 17.


Saltwater Fishing Expo Annapolis Elks Lodge # 622, Edgewater, MD. Hosted by MSSA’s Annapolis Chapter, PropTalk Magazine, and Boatyard Bar & Grill. $5.

25 25 

Seaside Heights Plunge Seaside Heights, NJ.

TieFest Kent Narrows YC, Chester, MD. For more details, see page 17.

Spend Less




Tim’s Rivershore Polar Plunge Festival Dumfries, VA. Live music, costumes, and more. Benefits Special Olympics Virginia.

25-Mar 10

Saturday Seadogs Speakers Series Yorktown, VA.


Open House Hinckley Yacht Services, Easton, MD. See 50 Hinckley yachts.

27-Mar 18

Basic Boating Class 6 to 10 p.m. Delaware Fire Department, Dover. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary. $10. Follow us!

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All Annual Slips Include Hotel Ammenities: Fitness Center • Showers • Indoor Pool • Beach • Restaurants Family Activities • Hotel Accomodations • 25 Charter Fishing Boats Daily Fishing Excursions • Nearby Seasonal Water Park ™ WHERE HOSPITALITY MEETS THE BAY - and More


PropTalk March 2012 25

MARCH 6 Continued... 6 

Silly Putty Is Invented, 1950 This dilatant fluid “toy” is just weird.


Jimmy Buffett Releases His Ninth Album, “Son of a Son of a Sailor,” 1978


MSSA Bull Roast 6 to 11 p.m. Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department, Sykesville, MD. Hosted by MSSA’s Carroll County Chapter. $40.


Spring Open House Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Stuart, FL. Free! Drool all over the new Krogen 52.


ASA 105 Coastal Navigation Course 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Two weekends. Zahniser’s Yachting Center, Solomons. $395.

4 4-11  5  6 

Ospreys Return to the Chesapeake Bay a Week Early, 2011 Restaurant Week  Downtown Hampton, VA.

Multiple Personalities Day? National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day Use LINDOR, please.

Start of Boating Skills and Seamanship Course 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Germantown, MD. Fifteen sessions hosted by USCG Auxiliary. $85.

For more details and hot links to event websites, simply visit


Assateague Life-Saving Station in Virginia Uses a Surfboat To Rescue 10 People, 1883 A howling storm had stranded them on the sinking Barkentine Wolverine.


Annapolis Chapter Banquet Annapolis Maritime Museum. Hosted by CCA MD.


Storm Party Ocean City Convention Center, Ocean City, MD. Commemorates 50th anniversary of the March Storm of 1962.




U.S. Navy Issues First Orders to Women Assigned Onboard the Combat Ship USS Eisenhower, 1994

8 8 

Ah-Hoo... Full Moon Party Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport.

Thomas Wolfe’s Second Novel, Of Time and the River, Is Published, 1935


The Barbie Doll Makes Her Debut, 1959 She was based on a racy gag gift that was sold to men in tobacco shops.


National Capital Boat Show Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA.


Resort to Murder! Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa, MD. All-inclusive murder mystery weekend with meals and suspicious activities. Murderer named on Sunday.

10 10 

Annapolis Food and Wine Festival City Dock, Annapolis. $35.

Emergency Management at Sea Class Annapolis Elks Lodge #622. $65 for CAPCA members; $85 for non-members.


SK 101: Introduction to Sea Kayaking West River Center, West River, MD. Sponsored by Chesapeake Paddlers Association. Register by March 2. $25.


USCG Retires Last Operational HU-16E Albatross, Thus ending the Era of Seaplanes for the Service, 1983 MARINE SANITATION SYSTEMS


Boating Safety Class Bladensburg Waterfront Park, Bladensburg, MD. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 24-3. $25. Preregister by calling (410) 531-3313.


25 Years Experience Power or Sail ABYC MASTER Technician Fully Insured Full Mobile Service Also Available 910 KENTMORR RD KENTMORR MARINA STEVENSVILLE, MD 21666

National Capital Angling Show Georgetown Preparatory School, North Bethesda, MD. Hosted by National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

11 12  15 

Start of U.S. Daylight Savings Time Spring ahead. National Workplace Napping Day  z z z z z z z...

Julius Caesar Is Murdered by His Own Senators, 44 BC; and at a NASA Meeting, Clive Neal Declares that the Moon Is Seismically Active, 2006 26 March 2012 PropTalk

16-18 16-18  17  17 

Maine Boatbuilders Show Portland, MD. Saltwater Fishing Expo Somerset, NJ.

Maguires Irish Pub Party Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport.


Medical Emergencies at Sea Class: Beyond First Aid Annapolis Elks Lodge #622. $40 for CAPCA members; $65 for non-members.

17 17  17  17  17  17-18 

Open House Crusader Yacht Sales, Annapolis.

Bay Bridge Marina, Stevensville, MD

April 19-22

Rubber Bands Are Invented, 1845 St. Patrick’s Day  Submarine Day  The First St. Patrick’s Day Parade Takes Place, 1762

Fishing Flea Market 9 a.m. Commodore Hall, Essex, MD. Hosted by MSSA’s Essex Chapter. $3.


Rain Barrel and Compost Sale K&B True Value, Annapolis.

17-Oct 7 18  18 

Pamunkey River Bass Mini-Series

Awkward Moments Day Could it be due to a hangover?

CGC Cape Hatteras, the USCG’s Last 95-Foot Patrol Boat, Is Decommissioned, 1991 Talbot County (MD) Restaurant Week

Basic Boating Class 6 to 10 p.m. Delaware Fire Department, Dover. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary. $10.

20 21 

Spring Starts

The Beach Boys Release the Song “Sloop John B,” 1966 “What holds us together as a team now is music... and greed.”


©2012 United States Yacht Shows Inc.

18-24 19-20 or (410)268-8828

Producers of the nation’s oldest in-water boat shows

Over 250 new and brokerage powerboats Free seminars and entertainment Boating equipment, accessories, apparel and more Inflatables and fishing boats to luxury yachts


National Goof-Off Day If it’s in PropTalk, it’s official.

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112012 usys power boat show 2/3-pt.indd 1

1/27/122012 1:46 PM PropTalk March 27

MARCH 24 Continued...



29 30 

Rum Punch Challenge 7 to 9:30 p.m. Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, Alexandria, VA.


Friends of the Patuxent Wildlife Art Show and Sale National Wildlife Visitor Center, Laurel, MD. Artist reception on Friday night ($40 in advance; $45 at the door), and show and sale on the weekend (free), with tours, live animals, a silent auction, films, contests, and demos.


Maryland Boatbuilders & Dealers Expo Benefits James B. Richardson Foundation, Cambridge, MD.

South River on the Half Shell Live and Silent Auction 5 to 9 p.m. Homestead Gardens, Davidsonville, MD. Is’s “one shell of a party.”


Fishing Fair Solomons Firehouse. Hosted by MSSA’s Southern Maryland Chapter.

For more details and hot links to event websites, simply visit

23-25 24 

Oyster Roast and Sock Burning Noon to 4 p.m. Annapolis Maritime Museum.



Planning and Executing Long Range Coastal Cruises and Deliveries Annapolis Elks Lodge #622, Edgewater, MD. $35 for CAPCA members; $50 for non-members.


Maryland Day Celebration

Bjork Wears What Looks Like a Dead Swan to the Oscars, 2001 What was she thinking!? Tidewater Boat Show  Hampton Roads Convention Center, VA.

North Point Yacht Sales

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approves Viagra, 1998 Enough said. Mariner 10 Visits Mercury, 1974

U.S. Congress and Press Ridicule Purchase of Alaska from Russia for Two Cents an Acre, 1967 When gold was discovered there in 1898, who do you think ate their words?


Actor Christopher Walken Is Born, 1943 Did you know? Sadly, he was on Natalie Wood’s yacht the night she drowned, November 29, 1981.


Canoe Excursion Explore the Rhode River out of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.


Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company Fishing Flea Market Chestertown, MD.

31 31-Apr 1 

National “She’s Funny That Way” Day

Safety at Sea Seminar U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis.

Q ualit y B oats... Exper t Advice...

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North Point 38 58’16 N


76 28’64 W

yacht sales



2007 Sabre 42 Express Hardtop Lumina is Loaded & in Excellent Condition

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MJM 29z – Call for details New and Brokerage boats available.

Grand Banks - Eastbay 43/49. Great Values 28 March 2012 PropTalk

Indian Summer The TV of Damocles Photos and story by Charlie Iliff ##Safe enough, right?

##Maybe not.

“Television airwaves were now available, although none of Indian Summer’s crew are terribly interested, beyond the odd football or Terps basketball game.”


t didn’t take a deal with Dionysius for Ed Moyle to be on Indian Summer’s trip home from Weehawken, NJ, last year. And Ed wasn’t looking for the experience of being a powerful Athenian naval commander—he just wanted a pleasant ride back to the Severn River from the Hudson. But, as chronicled in the November issue of PropTalk, that trip wasn’t entirely pleasant. A number of hours of lumpy conditions in the Atlantic Ocean were capped off by a mooring line winding its way around Indian Summer’s starboard propeller in Cape May Harbor, NJ. The rest of the trip was a bit slower than usual (completed on one engine), but without significant additional excitement. The trip supplied material for one of the ongoing Indian Summer series in PropTalk, plus a number of anecdotes that are becoming richer in retellings, even after only a few months. (As we age, we find that time is short to color the recollections of adventures.) Thus, the parable of the TV of Damocles. Soon after the purchase of Indian Summer, our son Chas began pestering my boat partner Bob and me about the inoperative and obsolete television equipment on the boat. Chas has little interest in watching television, but is driven by some obscure techno-gene to make sure that the most up-to-date, high-definition equipment is always nearby. So for Christmas 2010, Chas and siblings gave us a new flat-screen television with an articulating wall mount for the boat. In preparation for the trip north to Cape Vincent, NY, and beyond, an antenna from the folks at BOE Marine was mounted on Indian Summer’s new mast, and the new television was thus positioned on the main saloon bulkhead. Follow us!

Television airwaves were now available, although none of Indian Summer’s crew are terribly interested, beyond the odd football or Terps basketball game. So the system was seldom used, except to see what stations were available here and there along the way. And, we hadn’t yet gotten around to attaching a DVD player, so one crew member carried a couple of useless discs to Weehawken and back, without even divulging what old movies they contained. While we raced to beat a predicted hurricane in Maryland, and while the lump built off the New Jersey coast, Ed discovered an unanticipated characteristic of the cleverly mounted television. Ed was hurting a bit, having taken a fall over backward, because of the boat’s reaction to the building breeze. So Ed was barely comfortable when he noticed the television extending back and forth from the bulkhead hypnotically over his head. He figured that if it ripped all the way off the wall, it might actually miss him, and he didn’t have a very good plan to make it stop anyway. But its movement was fascinating, and he watched it swing back and forth over his head for a couple of hours before the turn in between the Cape May jetties to calmer water. Like the sword of Damocles, the television never did drop, and Ed later got to sleep without dreaming about it. He did suggest that the television be tethered a little tighter to the bulkhead for future trips in the ocean. We’ll get to that, some day, maybe, but for now, our plan is to avoid lumpy water. PropTalk March 2012 29

new year Servicing Your New Boat by Gary Reich


’ll never forget the day I picked up my first boat... or when I got my first haul-out bill… or the first time the engine mechanic paid a visit. Repair and maintenance are part of the reality of being a boat owner, and unfortunately, this realization can temper any of that fantastic “new boat thrill” you’re feeling right now. Even if you’ve purchased a brand-new boat, she’ll need service to keep her in tiptop shape. While we can’t cover every service offered boats (there are experts on everything from exterior detailing to canvas and enclosures), many workings aboard your boat likely will need a trained eye at some point down the road. Wondering what to expect? Read on.

new year I

##Service with a smile at Elzey Custom Boats in Cambridge, MD. Photo by Bill Griffin

Considerations for New Boat Buyers

f a new boat is in your future, make sure that the dealership or brokerage you deal with has a service department or has access to capable subcontractors to back up any warranty service your boat may require. The lingo you’re looking for is “full service,” meaning that the brokerage/dealership can perform or facilitate the commissioning, outfitting, or repair of your boat, not just sell it to you.

Most new boats come with some sort of multi-year hull and deck warranty, and individual systems components like water pumps, marine heads, electronics, etc., are generally covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. A good dealership or brokerage will have the ability to go to bat for you if something like a water pump or a chartplotter goes bad. Engines, generators, and transmissions are almost always covered by a warranty; and

Ever See a Barnacle on a Fish? 4701 Woodfield Road  Galesville, MD Of course not - fish don’t foul! They use natural means to stay foul-free Eco-Clad® Bottom Paint is based on patented biotechnology that uses Nature to prevent fouling in an environmentally responsible way

new year

• Superior antifouling • Increased speed • Improved fuel economy

Quality Service Full Service Yard  Certified Technicians A New Perspective on Bottom Paint...Inspired by Nature

484-905-6900 •

For more information, including a list of dealers, see 30 March 2012 PropTalk


W W W. H A R T G E YA R D. C O M

the engine, generator, or transmission manufacturers (possibly in coordination with your new boat dealer or boatyard) are generally going to be the ones who arrange warranty repair work by a factory-authorized mechanic. Regular scheduled maintenance like oil and filter changes are the boat owner’s responsibility, and many simpler maintenance items can be done by the owner (unless the warranty specifically forbids it). If you’re buying a “newer” used boat, the hull, deck, engine(s), and some internal components may still be under warranty. Bottom line? Ask lots of questions about how warranty service and repairs will be handled when you’re shopping.

Engine, Drivetrain, Running Gear, and Generators


erhaps the most significant maintenance items on any powerboat are her engine(s), drivetrain(s), running gear (struts, shafts, bearings, propellers, etc.), and generators. Even if you’ve acquired a smaller, outboard-powered craft, the likelihood is that you’ll need to tap into the expertise of a qualified marine mechanic for preventative service or a major repair.

##A Caterpillar 850-horsepower turbodiesel in a Buddy Davis 47 gets some love. Photo by Bill Griffin

With marine engines, you will always want to be in the mindset of preventing major failures, not wondering how to pay for them when they happen. Scheduled maintenance items aren’t really suggestions—they prevent something more expensive from surprising you down the line. That means having an experienced engine shop on tap to perform regularly scheduled

service, or to be on call if something does go horribly wrong. Where to start? Positive word of mouth or recommendations from fellow boat owners who own and run your brand of engine or generator are probably the best way to find a reputable mechanic. If others have had success with a shop in the past, the likelihood is you will too.

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##A Legacy trawler gets ready to go for a swim with fresh, new bottom paint and squeaky clean running gear at Casa Rio Marina in Mayo, MD. Photo by Ruth Christie

Most marine engine shops/boatyards sell and service one or a few engine and generator brands. This is because it is particularly difficult to educate and maintain a staff whose qualifications span four or more engine or generator brands. Sometimes a shop that specializes in one or two engine brands may be better than one that tries to be an expert on four or five brands—it all depends, though. Respectable shops will have mechanics with certifications from the specific manufacturers they service. Ask about these certifications and the shop’s specific experience with your engine brand before you start working with one shop versus another. You may also want to see if your shop provides mobile services, meaning they can come to wherever you keep your boat, be that at your home, on a trailer at a friend’s house, at a marina, or in a high-and-day rack storage facility. While not common, some shops work specifically out of a boatyard or marina facility, meaning your boat will have to be onsite

for them to service it. Lastly, make sure a shop can handle your repair request within a reasonable timeframe (or you can plan ahead to give them the time they need). Some popular shops stack up quickly during the busy season, and this can delay your first run at the water unless you plan ahead. Don’t expect to have a major service performed in April completely within your time constraints. Once you’ve secured an engine shop, you’ll find that they bill much the same way that car dealerships and garages do: parts and labor. This means that you will be charged a flat rate for each hour a technician works on the engine plus the cost of parts and incidentals like rags, gloves, etc. Repowers (replacement of the existing engines and possibly the running gear) are usually quoted ahead of time instead of the shop keeping a running accumulated tally of the labor hours. Whether it is scheduled maintenance or a complete repower, always ask about the details of the costs to avoid any confusion come billing time.

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Hull and Bottom

nless your boat lives in a “high-anddry” or “boatel” facility—or maybe you keep her on a trailer or a dockside lift—she will need annual or biennial hull and bottom service, which requires a haul out. This generally involves sanding the bottom and applying new antifouling bottom paint, cleaning and servicing the running gear and installing new zincs, and prepping and waxing her topsides. Before any of this happens, though, you’ll need to decide if you want to do the work yourself (it’s hard, messy work—we warned you) or have someone do it for you. This will usually decide where you haul your boat, since some boatyards and marinas do not allow boat owners to do their own work. If you plan to prep your bottom and hull yourself, ask your marina or boatyard about “do it yourself” work before you haul. When you are ready for your boat to come out of the water, you’ll find that haul-out service is almost always charged at a per-foot rate. Haul-out service generally includes pulling the boat from the water with a lift, power washing the bottom and running gear, and blocking on land—although blocking sometimes is extra. Ask ahead of time. Once she’s up on the hard, you’ll likely be charged a per-day storage fee while work is completed. If you decide to hire the work out, most hull and bottom services—such as bottom prep and antifouling painting, topside paint jobs, haul out, and other topside work like compounding and waxing are billed by the foot, meaning you’ll be charged a specific dollar amount based on the length of your boat. Since it’s a per-foot flat rate, the charge usually includes all labor and materials (like sandpaper, paint, brushes, rollers, etc.), but always ask ahead of time (and try to get a quotes in writing) to avoid any surprises when you go to pay the bill. And the saying, “No cash, no splash” came about for a reason. Don’t expect your boatyard or marina to put (splash) your boat back in the water with an outstanding balance.

##Trawler haulout and spray at Oxford Yacht Agency in Trappe, MD. Photo by Bill Griffin

Reduce Fuel Consumption & IncRease Performance

Black Dog Propellers is one of the world’s largest and talented Prop Scan® repair shops. We offer precision high performance repair and Prop Scan® tuning of inboard propellers to ISO 484/2 pitch tolerances. Prop Scan® tuned propellers save you money by reducing fuel consumption.

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new year Systems, Electronics, and Electrical


ot too long ago, almost any boat owner with a basic understanding of 12-volt electrical systems could do his own work. But today, high-capacity battery systems, complicated inverters, computerized monitoring systems, and high-end fish-finding and navigation electronics often require specialized help. The same goes

with today’s intricate heating/air conditioning/ventilation systems, difficult waste handling components and tanks, complex water delivery networks, and other tricky onboard systems. Most working marinas and boatyards have onsite staff or approved subcontractors to perform systems work involving ##A technician at Elzey Custom Boats chases wires for a new electronics package installation. Photo by Bill Griffin

CuTwATer 28


utwaters are trailerable, fast, economical and feature a patented hull design with a keel and a low center of gravity. Inboard diesel power is standard for low maintenance and superb fuel economy. These features along with a draft of only 28” give Cutwater boats excellent handling and ride and make them the perfect boat for the Chesapeake bay. Cutwater Marine Sales features factory direct pricing and delivery. All boats are custom ordered and delivered to your home or Marina.

water pumps, marine heads, air conditioning systems, and other troublesome boat-related troubleshooting. Just like with marine engine mechanics, working marinas or boatyards that specialize in repair (or the subcontractors who do) often have positive or not-so-positive reputations for past work. Again, ask around to see who your boating comrades have had the best luck with and always get a written estimate before work begins, if possible. Electronics shops sometimes specialize in electronics and electrical systems installation, troubleshooting, and repair, but there’s been a gradual shift over the last 10 years toward electrical systems experts

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ng ow! Spri ule oning N d e Sch missi Com

Cypress Marine Complete Yacht Services

• Fiberglass & Composites Experts • Collision Repair • Hi Tech Boat Repairs – Vacuum Bagging, Kevlar, And Carbon Fiber Repairs • Electrical Repair And Upgrading • Diesel And Gasoline Engine Repair And Replacement • Boat Building • Cabinetry And Interior Redesign, Upgrading And Repair • 13,500 Square Feet Of Climate Controlled Inside Shop Space • A 50 Ton Travelift • A 15 Ton Crane • Mast Removal • Boat Delivery • Boat Towing • Bottom Painting • Survey Haulouts

730 Cypress Rd. | Severna Park, MD 21146 | 410.647.7940 34 March 2012 PropTalk

##Look complicated? That’s because it is. Photo by Gary Reich

new year and shops that install and repair electronics like radar, depth sounders, and chartplotters. While one is not always better than the other, someone who is a seasoned electronics guru might provide better service for your chartplotter than someone who is a wizard with 12-volt systems installation and diagnostics. If you’re doing a refit or upgrade of an existing system, whether it’s a whole new electronics package, replacing your 12-volt electrical system, installing a new head and holding tank setup, or fixing up your old water system with brandnew components, get quotes in writing first. If unexpected discoveries during the project cause added expense, a good marine contractor will notify you immediately. Just like any old home, surprises and unexpected costs sometimes arise during a refit and are generally not the technician’s fault.


raey wen Etcetera

ther repairs or service you may have performed on your boat include fiberglass fabrication, repair, and refinishing; canvas and enclosure work; cleaning, detailing, and brightwork; fuel polishing and tank cleaning; diving and hull cleaning; propeller calibration, tuning, and restoration; hull blasting and bottom paint removal; and metal fabrication and repair. Principles such as asking around for referrals, getting work quoted up front, and doing your homework apply with these services, too. And while you can do many things on your boat without relying on a marine wizard (just like you can with your car in some cases), sometimes the best option is to get en expert involved so you can spend more time on the water, and less time agonizing over that mysteriously malfunctioning macerator.

##Skilled transom work underway by Steve Halbrook at Sarles Marina & Boatyard in Annapolis. Photo by Bill Griffin

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My Marina “Take Me Home, Country Roads…” by Allen J. Paltell


eith is the quiet Gunther brother. You can tell they are brothers, but you have to study them for a bit to see it. Tommy is all movement and noise, walking fast, waving his arms and hands, hopping from boat to boat. Keith “stands there.” His mouth moves when he talks, but the rest of him remains motionless. His voice sounds like it passes through a muffler before it escapes. Tommy sounds like “straight pipes.” Both Gunther brothers have worked on my boat, Island Girl. Keith restored my prop and straightened my shaft after I kissed the submerged rocks casting for rockfish near Thomas Point at low tide (take note, you bird chasers out there). Tommy does most of my engine work. Both Gunther brothers do fine work. They represent a certain breed of marine tradesman (the types who don’t need a computer to understand what an engine is doing). I worry this breed will become extinct in a generation. Perhaps you can’t judge a book by its cover, because Keith, the quiet one, bought a Jersey Speed Skiff. If you know about Speed Skiffs, you know they are fast. Somebody figured out how to squeeze a Chevy 283 in a 16-foot rowboat and convince a couple of people to get in, close their eyes, and scream. A Chevy 283 is to a 16-foot rowboat as a Pratt & Whitney jet engine is to the Wright Bothers Flyer. The Speed Skiff travels about 75 mph, and as far as I can tell, you steer it with your religious beliefs. Some guys say they can steer them with a rudder, but I don’t see how, because the rudder isn’t in the water at 75 mph. Keith bought this skiff with his lottery winnings (I’m not making this up). He bought a ticket and hit the Mega Millions for a tidy sum (the IRS already has its money), and he wanted a toy to keep up with brother, Tom. At first, he was going to buy a car, “a Shelby ##Keith Gunther

36 March 2012 PropTalk

##In the shop... Photo by Bill Griffin

kit car,” he said, but then he thought better of the idea. He found the Speed Skiff in Florida last spring. It was just a shell covered in four layers of paint. He towed it home last September in a tropical storm. I have been watching him breathe life into it. Judging from the roar of the red Chevy 283, it lives. You can read up on Jersey Speed Skiffs at There is an active fleet here on the Bay, and if you have never experienced a Speed Skiff race, you can see one June 9-10 at Kent Narrows, MD. My PropTalk colleagues will be there. Keith says he wants to race, but he needs to qualify first. His first run was a few weeks ago right here in Selby on the Bay. The boat was in “prototype” form with a Chevy 283 that burns a quart of oil per 30 minutes of run time. Compression is a little low. His first crew member was his wife, Lyle. I did not interview her for this story, but according to Keith, her quotation for the story would have been “Take me home... Now!” After a short spin, she needed to use the head and was replaced by their son, Kevin. He and his dad got her up to 55 mph that day, with poor compression in the 283. Keith tore out all the old stringers and bulkheads. He replaced most of the deck and reglassed everything inside the boat. Then, with Holiday Point Marina painter and guitarist, Mick (we’ll talk about Mick in another story), he repainted everything. The deck is bright white with candy apple green stripes, and the topsides are candy apple green. I asked about a name, and Keith mumbled something about “Dumb Luck,” but that is not official. This spring, if you’re down our way on the South River and you see something green that looks like a jet propelled green apple pass you, take out the binoculars and look at the guy on the left. That will be me, and I will be crying, “Take me home!”

Tools of the Trade Bare Basic Gear You’ll Need for Comfortable Bay Cruising by Gary Reich


ropTalk delights in the pastime of gunkholing and marina-hopping once Bay weather conditions and water temps warm up, but readers often ask what equipment we like to bring along to enhance our cruising comfort. Now you might think that means big air conditioning units, generators, satellite television systems, and Sub-Zero refrigeration units. And sure, while those gadgets certainly enhance comfort, you’ll want to have the following list of basic gear aboard before you set out on any Bay adventures.

Dock Lines and Fenders

Many Bay power cruisers enjoy visiting the hundreds of unique marinas available to us in Bay Country. That “unique” modifier means that wherever you tie up, almost all slips and bulkheads are different (some wide and accommodating, some skinny and difficult), meaning you’ll need to have a healthy selection of dock lines and fendering gear aboard to handle a variety of situations. Fenders (you may know them as bumpers, but the proper lingo is fenders) are used as a protective buffer between your boat and the pier when you tie up alongside a bulkhead or T-dock (they are also handy for raft-ups, which PropTalk does enjoy). Big, durable fenders are best, and PropTalk likes to have plenty of line on each to handle a variety of conditions. If you really want to be prepared, make yourself a fender board, which is tied off to the boat outside the fenders to distribute the load between gnarly pilings. Some people might think PropTalk has too many dock lines, but we like to carry eight dedicated lines to handle the multitude of docking situations we encounter when cruising. Six of those lines should be the length of the boat (two stern and two bow lines, two spares for breast lines or other possible scenarios), and two dock lines that are 1.5 times the length of the boat (for spring lines). The general rule for line diameter is 1/8inch for every nine feet of boat. Lastly, nylon is the material you will want for dock lines, and PropTalk likes good, old-fashioned three-strand line for the job. Never, ever, ever use Dacron (polyester) lines to dock your boat (no matter how well they match your bootstripe). Unlike nylon, Dacron is designed not to stretch (its primary use is for sheets on sailboats).

##Color doesn’t matter as much as ruggedness and size. And no, they’re not called “bumpers”; the proper lingo is fender. Photo courtesy of Polyform

##A braided nylon dock line with pre-installed loop. Photo courtesy of Salty Paws

##Photo by Jim Christie

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Tools of the Trade continued... ##Always carry a spare shore power cord. It’s an expensive mistake to leave yours behind on a cruise. Photo courtesy of Marinco

##Marina hopping is like a box of chocolates; you never know which voltage you’re going to get. That’s where a handy adapter like this comes in. Image courtesy of Marinco

Power Up With Shore Power

PropTalk never assumes that the marina we’re cruising to has the same power setup that our home slip does, and since we do love our air conditioning and battery charger, we carry a complement of shore power adapters to handle the multitude of different power options at different marinas. If your boat has 30-amp, 125-volt power, and the marina has 50-amp, 125-volt at the slip, an adapter is necessary. Other common marina setups include 15- or 20-amp, 125-volt; 50-amp, 125/250-volt; or 100-amp, 125/250-volt.

We also make it a habit to have a dedicated shore power cord suitable for our boat’s amperage and voltage aboard for cruising, since we’re not always so mindful about bringing the one from our home slip. It’s an expensive mistake to forget it. If you already have a spare onboard, a second additional shore power cable is also nice to carry in case the power outlet is not handy at the slip you’re given. If in doubt, call the marina ahead of time to find out what sort of power you’ll be hooking into.

##A stainless steel clawtype anchor. Photo courtesy of Lewmar

Ground Tackle


Stored fuel deteriorates over time - Polishing can revitalize your investment.

Eliminates Moisture / Contaminants Conditions Fuel / Reduces Smoke Cost Effective / Improves Performance / Eco-Friendly

Serving the Chesapeake / Mid-Atlantic Region 38 March 2012 PropTalk

Like to gunkhole? Don’t know what gunkholing is? For the uninitiated, gunkholing generally involves rambling from place to place, spending the night in remote coves and creeks one finds along the way. You may know it as “anchoring out.” While anchoring off Norfolk, VA, Baltimore, MD, or Chesapeake City, MD, doesn’t really line up with the gunkholing theme, no matter where you drop the hook, you’re going to need ground tackle to keep your pride and joy from drifting about the harbor bashing into things. Ground tackle generally includes the anchor, shackles, chain, and rode (anchor line). Some boats have a windlass—a special piece of gear that facilitates raising or lowering the anchor and rode. PropTalk has seen bar brawls break out when old salts debate which anchors work the best in certain conditions, so we’ll offer general guidelines. Those “conditions” one finds under the Bay usually include sand, weeds over sand, deep mud, hard mud, soft mud, or rock. You’ll generally want to purchase an anchor that weighs at least one pound per foot of boat length. Danforth-type anchors are perhaps best-known for their holding capabilities in mud—sometimes even in soft mud, which is tricky business. If you get lucky, you can get one to snag a rocky bottom (but good luck getting it back, set an anchor trip with a float), but the Danforth’s Achilles heel is definitely hard sand or sand with weeds—

these anchors tend to skip right across that type of surface. And since one type of anchor usually doesn’t excel in all conditions, PropTalk usually carries a secondary anchor in case our first choices don’t hold. Plow- and claw-type anchors are also popular on the Bay, and you’ll find a plethora of them available, with names like CQR, Delta, Bruce, and other “off-names” being readily available. Plow-type anchors are very popular, because they do perform well in a variety of conditions, soft mud, hard sand, and sand with weeds being the exceptions. Whichever anchor you use, make sure you back down hard on it after you’ve put it down and paid out a sufficient amount of rode to ensure it is set properly before you call it “done.” The general rule of thumb is to let out seven feet of line for every foot of water you are anchored in, but PropTalk likes 10 if the anchorage allows sufficient swinging room. Speaking of rode, you can either use an all-chain rode, which realistically requires a windlass to deal with, or a combination of chain ##A Danforth anchor; it’s great for the Bay’s muddy bottoms. Photo courtesy of Danforth

and nylon rode (very typical for Bay cruisers). Look to your local outfitters for help in selecting an all-chain or chain-andnylon rode; they will be able to size and specify the safest sizes and materials for the job, especially since your windlass—if you have one—may only take a certain size chain and nylon rode.

Dinghies and Tenders

If you’re one of those aforementioned gunkholers, you’ll probably want to have some way of getting to shoreside facilities, or just have a way to get around and explore once you’ve set the hook in some remote, beautiful creek. Perhaps the most popular type of dinghies (also called “tenders”) are inflatables, due to their durability, storability, and gentle temperament toward beautiful boat hulls. They are easily powered by small, lightweight outboard motors (not so easily rowed, unfortunately), and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Ask your boat supply or inflatable dealer about materials (usually PVD or Hypalon), hull material (usually rigid floor, inflatable floor, or fiberglass hull [RIB]), and warranties before making a purchase.

##A dinghy will allow you to anchor out and get ashore, and also can expand your cruising range by allowing extended exploration of the Bay’s many small creeks and coves. Photo by Gary Reich

The Bare Minimum

PropTalk is pretty realistic, realizing that we’ve only scratched the surface of all the possible gear you might want to have onboard for a Bay cruise (and stay tuned, we’ll likely include more cruising gear ideas in a future installment). But if you plan to do even a minimum amount of marina-hopping or anchoring out on the Bay, a decent ground tackle and dock line setup need to be onboard, or on your wish list. We’ll see you out there.

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w w w. f a wc e t t b o a t . c o m H i n f o @ f a wc e t t b o 410-267-8681 H 800-456-9151 919 Bay Ridge Road • Annapolis, MD 21403 • Plenty of Parking PropTalk March 2012 39

Simply Irresistible: Chesapeake Bay Marinas


What To Look for in a Marina

##Bay Creek Resort & Club

earching for a marina? You’ve come to the right place. Maryland and Virginia marinas offer boaters easy access to creeks, rivers, and the Bay; wet and dry slips; covered and open storage; service and parts; dockominiums; fun and lively slip owners; and fuel and supplies. Many marinas on the Bay are home to some great restaurants, decks with food and music, and really fun bars. Here are some helpful tips.

Types of Marinas

##Photo by Gary Reich

Marinas on the Chesapeake Bay are as varied as the fish in the sea. They all have access to the water and places for boats—both power and sail—to stay. That’s pretty much where the similarities end. Marinas range from tiny mom-and-pop boatyards tucked up toward the nether regions of creeks on up to gigantic full-service resorts with boat sales, maintenance services, and all the trappings of a personal playground that would keep even Paris Hilton happy.

Technically speaking, a marina is a dock or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. Storage packages range from transient, condo, winter-storage, or year-round services. Working marinas—such as Port Annapolis, Casa Rio Marina, and Deltaville Boatyard—offer both a boatyard (or “service yards”) and marina facilities. They have a few facilities for boaters, including fuel, pumpouts, showers, dry and wet storage, and such. By “working,” we mean these facilities provide onsite storage, cleaning, haul-out/ haul-in, and maintenance services for boats

HARTGE YACHT HARBOR on West River, Galesville, MD

Spring and Summer Awlgrip Specials Available

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50 Ton Travel Lift ~40 & 70 Ton Railways Slips & Mooorings for boats 25-70 feet Covered slips ~ State-of-the-art paint building Bath house with showers ~ Wireless Internet



en era ge l Ma na


Whether you need service or solitude,

Come to the Harbor...

r cy B ay Boo an




Now Leasing Slips for 2012

4883 Church Lane, Galesville, MD 20765 443-607-6306 ~ ~ 40 March 2012 PropTalk

and their tenders (aka dinghies) all year long. Marine technicians are key people on their staff. See page 30 for the types of services boats frequently need to play nice with their owners. Resort marinas—such as the Herrington Harbour North and Marinas; the Tides Inn near Irvington, VA; the Rivermarsh Marina near Cambridge, MD; and the Bay Creek Resort & Club near Cape Charles, VA—tend to be big and have a bunch of amenities, such as indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, spas, restaurants, golf courses, tennis courts, dock bars, and the like. They focus on letting their guests enjoy some pampered down time during their stays. In addition to marine techs, staff at these facilities include concierges, dock hosts, boat sales people, and more. Your job is to figure out what type of marina you want and need and for what purpose. Overnight visits? Year-round storage and water access? Technical maintenance? Here is a list of what to look for:

for security, service, and good neighbors. It’s nice to have some shopping opportunities close at hand, or at least a marina store offering most of the basic necessities. For a transient, it is a little disheartening to find no way to replenish supplies within easy walking distance. A laundry is nice, a dock bar where you can mingle with residents and other transients is almost essential, and of course, a marina staff that is familiar with the area and able to offer help where needed.” He adds, “What is the most important thing to look for? Number one for me is calm, protected water.”

##Photo by Ruth Christie



Check out what type of live security is available and whether there is a 24-hour telephone number to report problems. Look for security guards, closed circuit TV cameras, and secure lockable gates. If you can enter through a gate without a security device, simply by following someone else inside, then others can, too. Ask slip holders if they know of any recent security breaches or thefts and how management handled them.


Nestled along the Potomac at Smoot’s Bay, National Harbor Marina is the premier marina in the Chesapeake Bay region. This waterfront resort features the finest amenities the Nation’s Capital has to offer. With fifteen restaurants, four night clubs, five hotels, and entertainment venues for our boaters, National Harbor Marina is not just a place to dock your boat, but a destination to be discovered.



Water Depths

Make sure that the slip has a minimum depth of six feet at mean low water level, and check with management on the number of times the slips have been left high and dry.

Entrance Channels

Check for markers with working lights for night navigation; make sure the depth accommodates entrance during high and low tides; confirm height restrictions on bridges to make sure you can navigate the entire body of water or get to open water; and ask about stumps, sand bars, sunken vessels, or other nearby hazards in the drink.

Wind and Wave Protection

Check for a secure and overlapping breakwater buffer that will protect the slips from wave and wind action or a marina in a very protected cove where the land and trees act as a natural wind and wave buffer. Guy Thompson of the Patapsco River Power Squadron says, “In the marina, look Follow us!



Call our Marina Office at 301.749.1582 or visit us online at

• Dockage for up to 250’ • Floating docks for up to 120’ • Concierge service • Fuel dock with volume discounts • Pool & fitness facilities • Electrical hook-ups • Cable TV and free Wi-Fi access • Shower and laundry facilities • Moments from Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria Managed by COASTAL PROPERTIES MANAGEMENT, INC. PropTalk March 2012 41

CapeTownCharles Harbor

Keep Our Water Clean– use pumpOuts

• Discharge of raw sewage is illegal anywhere within 3 nautical miles of the U.S. Coast. • Maryland marinas with more than 50 slips are required by state law to have a pumpout. • Grants are available to marinas to install or replace pumpouts.

• Nightly, Weekly, & Monthly Slip Rental • Non-Ethanol Gasoline • Diesel • 44 floating slips 45 to 60 ft. up to 170 ft. • 3 minute walk to Town • New Shower & Restroom facilities • $0.25 per ft. IN SEASON discount for clubs with 10 boats or more 5th Annual Blessing of the Fleet • April 13th & 14th, 2012

For more information, or to find a pumpout in Maryland, visit To report a broken pumpout send an email to or call 410-260-8772

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Chesapeake Bay Marinas (continued) Docks Check the condition and age of the docks; talk to slip owners about regular dock maintenance and repairs; look for dock lights and cleats for bow, stern, and spring lines; check for dock boxes or ask if you can install one; look for ladders down to the water; and check the bumper guards. Floating slips and floating entrance ramps can make your life much easier, especially if unusually high or low tides or strong currents are common. In most cases, you will not have to keep adjusting your dock lines to accommodate tidal shifts, as you and your boat move up and down with the docks. Floating docks also make it easier to board your boat, because many floating docks are at the same level as your transom or just above your water line.

Storm Prep and Aftermath

Check out what actions the marina staff take during and after storms and what the restrictions are on getting to your boat before and after bad storms.

##Fairview Marina in Pasadena, MD



Learn about the marina’s insurance policy and what you may be liable for in terms of accidents, storms, fires, theft, and vandalism. Generally, you should have at least $300,000 in liability insurance.

Covered Slips

Check to see if the cover will hold up under all adverse conditions and where your boat would be located.

Dry Storage

If you are interested in stacking dry storage, avoid the lowest racks, which can attract the oil, fuel, and water drippings from the boats above; and check the hours for access to your boat and for putting the boat in and getting it out of the water. Are the rates competitive? Call around for estimates.


Look for both 30- and 50-AMP electrical connections in a weather shielded outlet. Also check to see if water is easily available and whether the shower, laundry, and toilet facilities are plentiful, clean, and nearby. Learn what the charges are for electricity and water. George Bentz of the Pasadena Sportfishing Group says, “Our members look for marinas that are close to the fishing grounds and have boat ramps. Very few marinas have boat ramps, and with the price of fuel, the shorter run to the fishing grounds is a big plus.” Follow us!

Baltimore's Premiere Yachting Center Highest quality facilities and services on the Chesapeake Bay. Walking distance to Baltimore's finest shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Baltimore Show Boat Buyers We invite you to make Anchorage Marina home for your new boat!


2501 Boston Street, Baltimore, MD 21224 410.522.7200 VHF Channels 16, 67 Member of

PropTalk March 2012 43

Chesapeake Bay Marinas (continued) slips, a pool large enough for laps and Fuel Dock, Pump Station, Mechanics, and Other Services plenty of room for other residents and

Check to see what services are available and their costs, whether slip holders get a discount on fuel and services, if the facility has a working pumpout station, whether boat cleaning and vacuum services are available, and if access to fuel and other services is easy or problematic. Rick Casali of North Point Yacht Sales and the Down East Cruising Club says, “Things we look for in a marina are: a nice restaurant, clean heads and showers, clean fuel at competitive prices, accessible guest

guests, nearby stores and shops, repair contractors and a chandlery, floating docks, a Tiki bar or poolside bar, and a water taxis if remote from town or city.”


Find out if you and/or your contractors can do work and repairs on your boat, or whether the marina insists on doing it all.

Clean Marinas

Make sure the facility is part of Maryland’s or Virginia’s state-wide Clean Marina program. If not, keep searching.

PIER MARINA 301 Fourth St. Eastport, Annapolis, MD (Across Spa Creek from AYC) • 30 slips, 20' - 40' • 4 shower baths • laundry room

• on-site parking • deck with a grill • floating dock

• each slip with individual water and electric • across from Annapolis Yacht Club

Don't delay--we only have a couple of slips left!

Olivia McCleary


##SeaSi and Maryanne Gomme at a pet-welcoming marina.


Some marinas don’t allow you to sleep aboard or live on your boat, so check the rules.


Learn about the rules and restrictions on dockominiums (aka condominium slips). Check on lease, rent, or purchase options; and find out who pays for maintenance and what percent of slip owners it takes to make changes to the condo’s charter. Maryanne Gomme of the Chesapeake Bay Grady-White Club says, “My crew looks for a handy restaurant or two for both food and liquid refreshment and a good ship’s store (I always forget something!). But, most of all, the marina must be pet friendly.”

TRANSIENT LOYALTY PROGRAM FOR 2012 Earn a point for every night spent with us. Redeem points for a free night.*

MAKE SPRING COVE YOUR VACATION DESTINATION! STAY FOR THE WEEKEND OR THE YEAR! Annual slips available Our SOLAR-POWERED COURTESY SHUTTLE will take you to your favorite Solomons Restaurant and around town...or simply relax at our new POOL BAR. *See our website for details

##Photo by Brian Hodson

44 March 2012 PropTalk

Rediscover Slips Available for 2012 Contact us for available slips

• Slips up to 50’ in length ALWAYS below • Up to 16’ beam Annapolis rates • Deep water (up to 10’) • Finger piers, electric and water at each slip • Wifi and cable available at each slip • Onsite dinghy/kayak storage available • Waterfront gazebo and picnic area • Great boating, sailing and coves on the Magothy • Wed night sailing races right on the Magothy • Easy access to Chesapeake Bay • Waterfront restaurant coming in 2012 Highly protected from wind and wake



Your weekend awaits... access to Chesapeake Bay • Easy Great sailing and coves • Close toboating, Route 50 • • Just 1 river north of Annapolis

Full Service Spring Service Specials Contact us for more info Mechanical Services and Repair • Complete winterization/ spring commissioning • Engines, I/O’s & generators (gas and diesel) • Electrical & Electronics • Fuel systems • Plumbing (Vacu-Flush, water & sanitation)

Mobile Mechanical Service




Maintenance Services • Bottom prep and paint • Shrink wrap • Compound and wax • Teak cleaning and refinishing • Rigging

25 Ton Travel Lift

The Most Complete FULL SERVICE Yachtyard Serving Northern Annapolis 700 Mill Creek Road • Arnold, Maryland 21012 •

An nap o l is M a ry l a n d

Ca p ital Yacht Clu b


Harbour A Resort Marina

call todaY foR ouR slip specials

Reduced Rates on aMcYc 25’ & 30’ slips

• Slips up to 50' • Lifts up to 15,000 lbs. • Walk to Downtown • Swimming Pool • Private Clubhouse • Tennis Court • Located within a Gated Community • Yacht Club Membership included • Pump Out Service Available • Wireless Internet Access

Annapolis Maryland Capital Yacht Club 16 Chesapeake Landing • Annapolis, MD 21403

410.269.5219 • 800.913.9036

• Wireless Internet Access • Picnic Areas with BBQ Grills • Courtesy Shuttle to Downtown Annapolis (call for schedule) • Golf Courses Nearby • Laundry Facility

BrAnd new FloAting doCks on Mill Creek


w w w. ches apeakehar bour. com


Follow us!

• 1800' Private Sandy Beach with 2 Fishing Piers • 2 Swimming pools & 4 Tennis Courts • Fitness Facility • Sam’s on the Waterfront • Cable TV at every Slip

410. 268. 1969 • 800. 989. 4 7 4 1

PropTalk March 2012 45

Chesapeake Bay

produced by: Be


Are You Looking For A Safe & Tranquil Harbor?

Slips available for 2012

Transient Dockage  Home of Deltaville Boatyard Full Service Marina  Modern Facilities

10% OFF

20 minutes from D.C. Beltway Full Service Marina Protected deep water slips Pool • Grassy picnic area • Laundry

Newly Dredged Channel  9’ MLW





• • • •



The Perfect Destination Offering Resort-Like Amenities!


Complete Yacht Maintenance

Book your Spring Commissioning now!

Fuel and Pump Out  Friendly Service  Well Protected Just minutes from the Chesapeake Bay, on Jackson Creek

*Paid in advance

410-867-7686 • 301-261-5632

804-776-9812  Are You Looking For A

P.O. Box 497  274 Buck’s View Ln  Deltaville, VA 23043

Safe And Tranquil Harbor?

Reserve Your Slip


Twenty minutes from D.C. beltway, nestled between Rockhold Creek and Tracy’s Creek. Full service marina w/ fuel, restaurants and grocery nearby. OCT.15 TO MAY 14 2 MONTHS CALL OFFICE Why FREE* dock your boat on some

For 2012

Our new facility is just a short ride from the mouth of the Chester River

dusty insecure gravel parking lot,

6047 Herring Bay Road when you could be weekending Deale, MD at20751 aboard Harbor East?

● 25 Ton travel lift ● 30 or 50 amp

410-867-7686 301-261-5632

(Local) Staffed 24/7/365, New offices, heads & lounge. (DC/VA) Near movie theatre, attractions & famous restaurants.

A full service marina just off the Pristine Chester River

● Winter storage ● 75 Slips ● Ship store & laundry ● Active yacht club ● Pump out ● Large sparkling pool

• New docks w/water • Electric • New bathhouse/laundry • TV • WiFi • Picnic area • Boat and kayak rental


● Clean restrooms ● Pet friendly


Please proof carefully, sign and return today. 410.625.1700

Phil & Lynn Donahue

223 Marina Lane- Church Hill, Md 21623

40 International Dr, Baltimore, MD 21202

410.758.2394 *410.490.0810 A signed approval of this proof is required for publication of your ad. Please return hours. You may make as many changes as you like to this proof. However, after th charged ($70/hour). Our errors will, of course, be corrected at any point without ch

21979 Kelley’s Park Rd. • Rock Hall, MD

46 March 2012 PropTalk

Completed ad is copyrighted material and property of Chesapeake Bay Communic

Splash into Summer

by Beth Crabtree

Camps for Pint-Sized Anglers and Young Watersports Enthusiasts


hile it might be cold and icy outside now, before you know it, school will be out, and you’ll want to keep the munchkins busy. Parents, there are camps to fit any family’s schedule, from the traditional sleep-away camp to local half-day programs. And although there are camps for everything from sewing to math, kids in Chesapeake Country usually want a place where they can get out on the water to fish, ski, kayak, swim, enjoy nature, and just have some fun on the sun-soaked Bay. All you have to do, mom and dad, is find a convenient, affordable, and well-run program where your offspring can soak up all the good stuff the Bay has to offer. To help you get started, PropTalk’s done some of the legwork. We’ve searched up and down the Bay for camps that have loads of waterfront activities, including fishing and watersports. Most provide other activities too (think crafts, games, and sing-alongs), and many throw in a good dose of Mother Nature, to boot.

y of ##Photo courtes ck wogh YMCA Camp To

Follow us!

As a veteran camper, a former camp counselor, and a mother of five, I speak first-hand when I say camp can be lifechanging. It provides an opportunity for children to build self-confidence, make new friends, and spend time outdoors doing what they love. And, if the camp happens to be on the shores of the Bay or ##Photo courtes one of its tributaries, campers will also pick y of YMCA Camp Le tts up lessons about Bay stewardship, ecology, and history. When you’re choosing a camp, keep Residential and Day Camps in mind your child’s idea of fun. Does junior enjoy angling, paddling, and slogwith Watersports Options ging around in a bog? Or, is he all about adrenaline-inducing rides on the wild side, ##Camp Wabana, Edgewater, MD This faith-based residential camp offers tubing, such as wakeboarding, surfing, and tubing? banana boating, and kayaking. Ages seven to Maybe your off-spring wants to do all of 15. the above. No matter which waterfront activities you’re looking for, you’ll find many ##Chesapeake Academy, Irvington, VA This residential camp offers waterskiing, kneeterrific options around the Bay. boarding, wakeboarding, tubing, and fishing Before you select a camp, do your on the Rappahannock River. Ages nine to 14. own homework. Ask for your kids’ input regarding the kind of activities they want to do and whether they prefer an over##Echo Hill Camp, Worton, MD—A residennight or day camp. Get referrals from tial camp situated near the Sassafras and Elk friends, schools, or coaches. Visit the camp rivers on the Eastern Shore of the Bay. Activity websites, and if possible, visit a couple choices include waterskiing, tubing, wakeboarding, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. of camps in person. Then, learn about Ages seven to 16. the programs before you register your ##Indian Landing Boat Club Basic Boating, child. How long has the camp been in Millersville, MD—This two-day day camp existence? What is the ratio of counselors is open to members and non-members and to students? Do the counselors have any teaches safety and boating skills on powerboats, special training? Ask the camp director canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and sailboats. Ages for references from recent campers and seven to 15. their parents. Check out safety measures. ##Occhannock on the Bay, Belle Haven, VA Do the campers bring their own personal This faith-based residential camp on the Eastflotation devices, or are they provided? Is ern Shore offers a USCG Auxiliary Boating the camp a convenient commute from your Skills Camp for ages 12-16 years and teaches home or work? boat-handling regulations, communications, With a little preparation and research, knot tying, basic charting, aids to navigayour kiddos can have the time of their tion, and more. Kids may earn an “About Safe young lives this summer. Start stocking Boating Safety Certificate” to operate a boat or up on sunscreen and bug spray; it’s going personal water craft (PWC). Ages five to 16. to be a great summer splashing around at camp. PropTalk March 2012 47

Splash into Summer continued... ##Sandy Hill Camp, North East, MD A residential camp offering beginning to advanced waterskiing, powerboat and pontoon boat rides, fishing, and nature encounters. For kids completing second through 10th grades. ##Ultimate Water Sports on the Bay at the northeastern corner of Baltimore County—A day camp offering windsurfing, standup paddling, kayaking, and ecosystem study. Ages nine to 16. ##YMCA Camp Letts, Edgewater, MD A traditional residential camp on the Rhode River with waterskiing and wakeboarding programs designed for individual skill progression; powerboating option for kids to earn a Maryland Certificate of Safe Boating; advanced water skiing and wakeboarding where kids receive advanced coaching on style and technique. Ages eight to 16. ##YMCA Camp Silver Beach, Exmore, VA—Located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, just 30 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, this residential camp offers a ski school that gives kids six hours of one-on-one training with a USCG-certified counselor. Choose to ski, wakeboard, and/or kneeboard. Ages eight to 16. ##YMCA Camp Tockwogh, Worton, MD—A traditional residential camp offering a watersports specialty camp called Camp Tickwogh for kids who want to ski or wakeboard daily. Instructors are certified by national or international waterskiing organizations. Three ski boats take kids to an inlet called Still Pond Creek where they can ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, or tube. For kids completing grades seven to 10.

Fishing, Ecology, and Nature Camps ##Annapolis Community Boating Summer day camps offered in Annapolis or brought to your community. Learn safe boating in kayaks, canoes, jon boats, and small sailboats. ##Arlington Echo, Crownsville, MD Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ Outdoor Education Center offers residential and day camps focusing on eco-adventure, natural connections, planet earth, nature programs, and more. For kids entering grades four to nine. ##CD Outdoors’ Fishing Camps, Ocean City, MD, Virginia Beach, and on Maryland’s Chester River With PropTalk’s fishing guru Capt. C.D. Dollar, kids learn to fish, or improve their fishing skills; learn to tie fishing knots and lures and bait rigs; explore marshes, creeks, and oyster reefs; and analyze marine charts. Ages eight to 14. ##Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, Grasonville, MD—The Bay Wildlife Camp is a day camp focusing on wildlife, ecology, and conservation. Ages kindergarten to grade five. /education_summercamp ##John Fishback Nature Programs, Crownsville, MD—A day camp with overnight camping options. Focus on nature, conservation, the environment, survival skills, fishing, kayaking, and Native American culture. Ages eight to 16.

##Photo courtesy of

Maryland DNR

##Kids’ Adventure Camp, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Horn Point Lab, Cambridge, MD—A day camp focused on nature and the ecology of the Bay. One session on basic paddling, navigation, and safety in a canoe. Ages pre-kindergarten to grade eight., (410) 228-8200 ##Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Annapolis Offers several day camps including Hooked on Fishing, which teaches basic fishing skills and hands-on environmental activities. High school students can take the one-week Natural Resources Careers Conference in Garrett County in July. Other various environmentaland conservation-minded programs are provided, as well. Ages eight to 15. dnr. ##Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD Day and overnight camps exploring wetlands, ecosystems, and the Chesapeake watershed and its wildlife. Ages kindergarten to grade 12.

Maryland Basic Boating and Boat Virginia Courses

aryland and Virginia both require kids to pass a course before operating a PWC M or powerboat on their own. Classes usually run six to eight hours. Generally, kids should be about 13 years old to complete and pass the class independently. For

##Photo courtesy of

48 March 2012 PropTalk

Echo Hill Camp

details and class locations, visit or Many yacht clubs and USCG Auxiliary flotillas on the Bay also provide these types of courses and others for kids, especially if they attend the course with an adult. See page 24 for course listings, and check the calendar available at

Cruising Club Notes


Well… What Do We Have Here?

he short answer: lots of good things. The long answer: tall tales of good-deed-doing, opportunities for expanding your knowledge base, fine fishing flea markets, holiday parties, and calls to action. Put another log on the fire, heat up some buttery rum, and enjoy February’s Club Notes. By February 25, send your Club Notes, photos, Club Directory updates, and a half-cord of seasoned hardwood.


A Stroke of Luck

hesapeake Bay Power Boat Association (CBPBA) members presented a check for $9092.21 to the Alzheimer’s Association during CBPBA’s monthly meeting at The Whiskey 1803 in Annapolis December 6. CBPBA kicked off the Solomons Island Grand Prix Race weekend in September 2011 with its “Stroke of Luck” golf tournament at Chesapeake Hills in Lusby, MD. The event benefits the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of CBPBA member, Matt Loiacono’s father, Elturino “Lucky” Loiacono, who passed away in 2008. More than 70 golfers made the September 23 a success ( —by Elissa Bell


O ##(L-R): Lisa Boccia, director of development at the Greater Maryland Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association (GMCAA); Kisha James, associate director of GMCAA’s special events; and Shannon Strickland and Matt Loiacono from CBPBA.

Class Size Is Limited, So Don’t Delay…


he Patapsco River Power Squadron offers five safe boating classes. Each eight-hour, $40 class on four consecutive Monday evenings covers emergency procedures, safety precautions, equipment requirements, and Maryland boating law. Successful graduates receive the Maryland Safe Boating Certificate, which allows them to operate motor vessels in Maryland waters. The volunteer instructors are certified by the United States Power Squadrons. The respective classes at the Bass Pro Shop in Hanover, MD, will begin March 12, April 23, June 4, July 16, and September 10. For more details and to register, call (301) 498-6653 or email —by Guy Thompson Follow us!

Eye Candy for Anglers

ebruary 13 brought Bill Shapron’s talk on offshore fishing to the Pasadena Sportfishing Group’s (PSG) meeting. February 18-19 bring the 20th installment of PSG’s popular Flea Market and Show. Pony up $3 per person at the Earleigh Heights Fire Hall in Severna Park, MD, and you’re in! In addition to getting your fishing license, you’ll enjoy finding hard-to-find items and replacement parts, antiques, access to charter boat captains and fishing clubs, and big discounts and deals on all types of gear. While you shop, enjoy hot pit beef and ham sandwiches, oysters on the half shell, cold beer, and more. PSG meets every second Monday of the month, and each meeting is free and open to the public with door prizes. Fish talk only ( —by George and Ellie Bentz and Natalie Menage

Still More Eye Candy for Anglers

n January 7, the Frederick Chapter of the Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association’s (MSSA) celebrated the start of 2012 with its annual dinner dance at the Frederick, MD, Moose Lodge. The evening started with members and guest receiving a free raffle entry for 25TLD Reel with a Custom Rod made by Clyde Hunt. Members also had an option to purchase more tickets for a chance to win other exciting prizes, including rockfish gear, offshore tackle, a vacuum bagger, gift certificates to All-Tackle, a canyon bag, and much more. The wives enjoyed their choice of prizes, including a nail salon gift certificate, a Mary Kay gift bag, a wine basket, a gift certificate to Victoria Secret, and more. Dinner was fabulous, featuring steamed shrimp, salads and fruits, chicken, potatoes and vegetables, and roast beef. Members danced to the awesome sounds of the live band until the wee hours! The 50/50 drawing paid out $550! Congratulations to all the winners! During our Flea Market January 21, attendees enjoyed great deals on tackle and other gear, as well as breakfast sandwiches, barbecue, raw oysters, fresh cut fries, fish, burgers, hotdogs, and soft drinks. Seminars featured Capt. “Walleye” Pete Dahlberg’s insights on light tackle jigging; Capt. Chuck Fisher’s pointers for Chesapeake Bay trolling, eeling, and live-lining; Capt. Joe Riley’s tips on offshore fishing; and Joe Capozzoli’s take on saltwater fly fishing ( ##Having fun at MSSA’s Flea Market. —by Larry Cotherman and Robert Pellicot PropTalk March 2012 49


Half a Hundred…

2012 officers, learn about the newest in electronics in a he Chesapeake Bay Grady-White Club (CBGWC) enjoyed a fabulous holiday party to officially presentation by Mid-Shore Electronics, and review and put the 2011 season to bed. Almost 50 members approve the calendar of events for the upcoming boating season. Bill Bateman’s Bistro in Severna Park will be the and guests enjoyed a gastronomic feast of multiple apsetting for our March 28 social meeting (cbgradyclub petizers, a main course buffet offering ham, roast beef, —by Maryanne Gomme and delicious sides, topped off by a tantalizing array of gourmet cupcakes. Music played, and a slideshow of 2011 activities sparked memories of the past season. A short survey was taken to solicit members’ wishes for future events and meetings. After a surprise presentation of a very generous check by our sponsor, Tri-State Marine, drawings for door prizes took place, and amazingly, everyone won a basket of goodies! Now members are dreaming of their Gradys as they rest up for the coming season. Even though it’s a quiet time of year for us, our minds are ever busy, remembering good times past, and planning for more ahead. We’ll meet at Calypso Bay Restaurant ##CBGWC’s well-attended holiday party. in Deale, MD, February 27 to elect

VacuFlush Sales & Service The ONLY authorized Sealand/VacuFlush dealer in Annapolis!

We Are Offering Winter Discounts Until March 1st!

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DON . GOR & JCompany, Inc Complete Yacht Repair Center on Back Creek

726 Second St. • Annapolis, MD • 410-263-0054 •

50 March 2012 PropTalk


Rock On, Warriors

SSA’s Annapolis Chapter is getting set to host its third annual Wounded Warriors Rockfishing Tournament, taking 40 wounded warriors from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and their caregivers for a day of rockfishing on the Chesapeake Bay April 22. Ten boats displaying large American flags will depart the Annapolis Yacht Basin at 9 a.m. for a five-hour fishing trip. Last year’s event proved to be an incredible day for our guests, many of whom were joined by their family members, and gave them the opportunity to spend a day away from the confines of the hospital. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to show our appreciation to these brave fighters.


MSSA invites area residents, boaters, and fishermen to look for the boats at the dock or on the Bay and wave to thank the warriors for their service. A motorcycle escort from the Anne Arundel County Police will accompany the warriors’ bus into the downtown area. After the tournament, an awards reception at the Fleet Reserve Club will feature trophy and gift certificate presentations to the warriors catching the three biggest fish. All warriors will receive a plaque for their participation, a “Rock On Warriors” T-shirt, and other mementoes commemorating the day. The monetary, in-kind, and merchandise donations of our sponsors will make this year’s event even more memorable for the warriors. But first, February 15 brings our meeting at the American Legion in Crownsville, MD, with Dave Smith’s take on MSSA’s upcoming activities ( —by John Thibodeau and Natalie Menage

Come One, Come All

f you are interested in safe boating in our area and would like to work with a group of men and women who are dedicated to vessel inspections, public safety courses, safety patrols, and other

related topics, please join the USCG Auxiliary. Boat ownership is not required, and anyone 17 years or older is invited. For more information, call (302) 387-1660 or e-mail —by Peter Branker

Visit our On-line Store:

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PropTalk March 2012 51



ockville Sail and Power Squadron (RSPS) members celebrated the holiday season with an outstanding party December 10 (left). About 40 members welcomed visiting district administrative officer Marty Lafferty and his wife Sari. Above, new members were toasted and sworn in during the festivities. The event closed with the annual gift exchange and many cheers ( —by Chuck Wells

##New RSPS members Deany Blades, Dunya Hecht, Jo Ella Barnes, and Sharon Ostrye are sworn in.


For the Commodore’s Ball, the Tenth Time’s the Charm

n January 27-29, the Back Creek Yacht Club enjoyed its Commodore’s Ball weekend at the Westin Park Place in Annapolis (right). On January 28, about 70 members enjoyed a pre-tested chef’s dinner menu with wine, cheered the installation of new officers, and danced the evening away to the awesome band, Robin & the Rhythmix. The silent auction featured great gifts at opportune prices, from boat items to weekend vacation rentals. Hosts for the evening were Pam and John Loving and Ray Blake and Brenda Ripley. Our new officers are commodore Steve Bacon, vice commodore John Loving, rear commodore Bill Kranzer, fleet captain John Yates, secretary Karen Kranzer, and treasurer Mary Bowie. Shay Collins and Mary Ross were elected to join Ted Edmunds, Jamie Ritter, Dale Schulz, and J. J. Sullivan on the board of governors. The second annual Mardi Gras Party at Bay Hills Gold Club in Arnold, MD, will feature a French-themed dinner February 18. Come join the fun; check for events and membership details for 2012 at —by Otto Hetzel

52 March 2012 PropTalk

##For the Back Creek YC, the Commodore’s Ball weekend never ends.

Boatyard Bar & Grill 2012 Rockfish Tournament

SaTuRday, apRil 21

awards • Party • Band: GyPsy ColleCtive

Presenting Sponsor

Media Sponsor

fish measure-in results are based on Catch & Release only. Bring your digital camera/flash card or print of fish measured with Official 2012 Boatyard yardstick. registration deadline April 17 limited to 200 Boats entry fee $200 per boat of 4 anglers. $40 for each extra angler. See form for details. registration forms & rules available at The Boatyard, Angler’s Sport Band Sponsor Center or under “fishing”. Online registration and payment is preferred. great sPonsor Prizes! • 1st–5th Place longest fish • “Junior” under age 16 • First-in Presenting Sponsor • New CCA division prize

tournament events friday, aPril 20 skipper’s meeting 5–7 pm saturday, aPril 21 fish measure-in Must be in line by 4:30 pm gala Party 4–8 pm awards ceremony 5 pm


Band Sponsor

1st Place Winner’s fish outline & name Painted on Boatyard ceiling Beam!

Fourth St & Severn Ave, Eastport–Annapolis, MD 410.216.6206 •

Builds a Boat Part 1 I Photos & story by Gary Reich

t was back in September 2011 when the engineering Jedis at Farr Yacht Design—known best for their regatta-winning sailboat designs—contacted PropTalk about a nifty little eight-foot powerboat called a Cocktail Class Skua Racer. Charles MacGregor originally designed the plywood skimmer in 1939, but a group of engineers at Farr Yacht Design took up the challenge of modernizing her plywood-on-frame plans so the components could be cut using computer numeric code (CNC) machining, and built utilizing easy, stitch-and-glue boat building techniques. By late September, PropTalk was following four prototype Cocktail Class Racers through the construction process at Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC), a wellknown stitch-and-glue boat kit outfit in Annapolis. Only a month later, we watched CLC’s own Aaron McWain and Farr’s Russ Bowler place first and second places, respectively, in the six-horsepower class with two of those prototypes at the Cocktail Class Racer National Championships in Rock Hall, MD. When CLC announced it would start producing class-approved Cocktail Class Racer kits in December, the team at PropTalk decided to build one, documenting the progress here in the magazine.

Racer Rewind

##It ’s ali of. T ve ! Well h s lots ere’s s til or t o l do, b f work to u reall t we we y re our p excited by r s e co o g re s s t h n the G d evenin e g at lue F a c to r y.

54 March 2012 PropTalk

Until CLC and Farr entered the picture, building one of these little racers wasn’t so easy. First one had to obtain a set of plans, frames, and a jig from the Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Racing Association. Next came the arduous process of procuring all of the materials—plywood, fasteners, and various other bits and pieces. And then one had to paint and finish the boat once it was assembled. After running into these difficulties, the Farr team decided they’d try to have a kit cut based on a modified version of MacGregor’s original. That’s where CLC came in.

Stitch-&-Glue CLC’s niche is designing and producing boat kits (kayaks are its forté) that just about anyone can build. And while it will gladly sell plans and instructions only, the company is best-known for its easy-to-assemble, precut kits replete with all the building materials and detailed step-by-step instruction manuals. Instead of utilizing complicated jigs and frames, all of CLC’s kit boats utilize stitch-and-glue boatbuilding techniques. “Stitch and glue” is a boatbuilding method utilizing marine plywood, epoxy, copper staples, and fiberglass. CLC uses a sophisticated CNC cutter to fabricate precise plywood frames and panels from detailed digital plans, which can then be fitted and stitched together to form a precise hull shape— without the need for forms or unique tools. CLC’s “Complete” Cocktail Class kit costs $1199, which includes computer-cut

parts from okoume marine plywood, an external jig for hull shaping, an epoxy kit, fiberglass cloth, copper wire, various hardware bits, and a spiralbound shop manual with complete step-by-step photos and instructions. CLC leaves the final finishing materials up to each individual builder, and shop consumables (sandpaper, rollers, brushes, mixing buckets, etc.) and tools (orbital sanders, hand planers and saws, etc.) also need to be procured to build one of these little boats yourself. CLC also offers the Cocktail Class as wood parts alone ($942), a frame only kit ($599), or the plans and instructions only ($110). Since we’re relative newbies, we decided to go with the full kit.

Come and Get It On an early January day, John C. Harris, CLC’s owner and CEO, called to let us know that the first non-protoype Mark IIIb Cocktail Class kit to come of its line was ready for

us to pick up. Inside the kit, we found precut bottom, side, floor, deck, transom, and tank side plywood panels, along

##Wondering what a fillet or a stitch is? Look no further. Diagram courtesy of CLC

Yacht Brokerage Service Above & Beyond the Expected Visit our web site to see: 68 Central Listings power, sail, downeast and trawlers 32-75 feet. Boat business news, what is new and what has sold • Office:410.268.1611

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PropTalk March 2012 55

##Zac h Ditmars inspects the transom doubler to ensure all of the CNC “nubs” have been filed down.

with precut plywood frames, the inner stem, steering support parts, tank side doublers, intercostals, a transom knee, a transom doubler, a bow web, and a jig assembly. Also included are a keel, king plank, for-

ward and side coamings, rails, keel, noseblock, carlins, and an epoxy, fiberglass, and hardware kit. Once securely stowed in our transport vehicle, we headed to our secret boatbuilding location to drop off the kit.

Charlie Iliff, one of PropTalk’s contributing writers, offered the use of his large, isolated shop for our Cocktail Class build; and friend of the magazine Jay Collison would be onsite to help us find our way around the myriad of tools inside the location. Now for those who have read this month’s installment of “Prop Thoughts” at the front of this issue already, the following text will

look familiar, but it bears repeating so we can set the ambiance of the boatbuilding locale you’ll be reading about over the next few months. The shop where we are building the Cocktail Class Boat is a Quonset hut affectionately called the “Rocket Science and Glue Factory.” The structure used to be a hay barn, but when the brothers in the family took it over, they wanted the former equine tenants gone for good. “Glue Factory” seemed a pretty adept way to keep those four-legged troublemakers away so the boys could tinker around with rocket science—old cars, boats, and other mechanical bits. There’s a full sawmill, machine shop, and CNC cutting machine onsite. But it’s remote… and secret. Don’t ask.

The Glue Factory

##Dana Scot t ge ts handy with a file . One of the first steps we took wa s to file down the machining “nub s” on all the ply wo od panels and give all of the edges a lig ht sanding. The ma nual did not call for the sanding, bu t we ’re pic ky like tha t.

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Catch & release fishing has proven to be a valuable conservation tool, but the effectiveness is diminished if fish do not survive after being released. By adopting just a few simple habits, recreational anglers can increase the chances that the fish they catch and release will survive.

Night One-Pabst Blue Ribbon, Five Prop Peeps We agreed as a team to meet every Thursday evening at 6 p.m. to ensure we made steady progress. Five PropTalk people—Cory Deere, Zach Ditmars, Dana Scott, Mark Talbott, and yours truly—gathered on that first evening in the Glue Factory with a roaring wood stove fire in the background, a few Pabst Blue Ribbons in the fridge to quench our thirsts, and a bag full of awesome subs from Jimmy John’s to fuel our movement. We began by sorting out all of the parts and pieces into a logical order. Everyone pitched in to sand off the “nubs” left on some of the plywood parts by the CNC machine, and in what would develop into a theme; we “glanced” at the step-by-step instruction manual and started to piece together the jig onto a sawhorse. (By the way, simply “glancing” at the manual is not something we recommend—read on to see why). Once we’d put the jig together, we stitched the two pieces of the plywood bottom together, laid them on the jig, and then screwed the inner stem to the jig. Next came

the bow web assembly, which fits into the bottom panels with a nifty set of mortises and tenons. After a little pressure, we got the bow web section in, and then screwed the bottom panels into a couple of wood blocks we’d attached to the jig. Then came our first “real” stitches. Stitches are pieces of copper wire used to hold various pieces of the boat together temporarily while the boat takes shape, and before any epoxy is applied. The kit’s plywood panels and components came with the stitch holes predrilled, so we knew exactly where to put the copper wire, and then twist it into place. Once the evening inched toward 10 o’clock, we finished stitching up the bottom and side panels to each other, the bow web, and the inner stem, and then applied epoxy and clamped together the tank sides and transom as separate parts. We’d be working with those the next week and wanted them to be ready.

##Laura Lu tkef edder was ou r fiberglass seam stress and did an ou ts tanding jo b of cu tting th e fiberglass shap es for our boat from the CLC- supp lied template.

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##Mark Talbott applies a panel of fiberglass to one of the frame compar tments.

Night Two-Dogfish Head 60-Minute, Four Prop Peeps A Crockpot full of pulled pork, a six pack of extra-hoppy Dogfish Head India Pale Ale, and four PropTalk people—Zach Ditmars, Cory Deere, Mark Talbott, and I—set the stage for our second night of boatbuilding. The pork was delicious (Honey Baked Ham does it right), and the hoppy beer complimented the sweet, savory barbecue sauce. Jay once again built us a warm, roasty fire in the wood stove to temper the outside chill. This was probably the most satisfying of the three nights we spent at the Glue Factory before this issue of PropTalk went to print. Since we had assembled the jig, laid and screwed down the bottom pan-

els, stitched in the side panels, installed the forward inner stem and forward bow web assembly, and glued the transom and tank side components together the first evening, we were ready to install and stitch in the rest of the frames, tank sides, and transom. It took us four hours to tweak everything into place (we had to do some creative yoga to get the bottom panels to meet up with the mortises and tenons of the frames) and install approximately 70 to 80 stitches. We did end up moving and restitching some parts we weren’t satisfied with, but at the end of the night, we had something that truly looked like a boat. Very satisfying, indeed.

Jimmy John’s was on the menu again our third evening at the Glue Factory, and someone who remembered my description of a relative’s love for Black Label beer brought some along. I don’t recommend it. Prop people Cory Deere, Melanie Arena, Zach Ditmars, Mark Talbott, Geoff Ewenson, Laura Lutkefedder, and I were on hand. In preparation for epoxy work, Jay built a framed polyethylene tent that fit nicely over our little boat so a heater could be placed inside to maintain a proper temperature for epoxy curing. CLC’s detailed manual describes the process we’d be tackling on our third evening together as “tedious,” and we agree. Applying the epoxy fillets that will strengthen and hold our boat together had the highest “pain in the ass” factor of anything we’d done so far. Certainly not technically difficult, but it does require some patience. Part of what we did that evening was mix up batches of thickened epoxy into a peanut butter-like substance using wood flour (ultra-fine sawdust, basically) and squirt the gooey material into every interior seam using a Ziploc bag as a sort of pastry bag. Once we’d loosely applied the thickened epoxy to every seam, a second person would go behind and use a handy plywood tool (provided in the kit) to form the fillet. The process is much like caulking your bath tub or shower—you apply the caulk (thickened epoxy) to a corner, and then use a finger (radius tool) to smooth out the joint.

But instead of heeding the CLC manual’s advice to “not to try to do the entire interior at once,” we feverishly mixed up batches of thickened epoxy and did the entire filleting process in a couple of hours. But there’s one problem with that, according to CLC’s manual: “Don’t wait for the epoxy fillets to cure before you add the fiberglass. The fiberglass bonds far better to uncured epoxy fillets.” So we had to also do the fiberglass work that night. Oops. Luckily we’d already cut out all of the interior fiberglass panels prior to starting the filleting process (CLC provides a helpful schematic to make cutting out the multiple fiberglass cloth panels easy), so once we’d tidied up all of our fillets, we started laminating in these precut panels with unthickened epoxy to make sure they were in place before the fillets cured. Even though we had seven people applying fillets, smoothing them down, cleaning up the excess, and then applying fiberglass cloth and epoxy to each compartment created by the framing, it wasn’t the best plan. We really could have done a much more precise job (and had a much better time) by concentrating on smaller portions of the boat and spreading the work out over two evenings. If you take anything away from our experience so far, it should be that following CLC’s excellent instruction manual closely will make the process much more enjoyable and satisfying. That said, the boat looked great, and we were pretty satisfied with the important filleting and epoxy work at the end of the evening. We even finished the Black Label.

Night Three—Black Label, Seven Prop Peeps

##Gary Reich uses yoga to help match up the mortises and tenons to the bottom panels for stitching.

Stay Tuned As this issue of PropTalk went to press, we continued to fit out the interior with more epoxy fillets and additional fiberglass panels, and were working on installing her carlins and transom knee. Check in next month to see what sort of trouble we’ve gotten ourselves into, but we have a feeling we won’t have any if we just read the manual instead of freestyling it. proptalk-builds-a-boat-part-one

58 March 2012 PropTalk

Racing News President’s Cup Unlimited Racing Scrubbed Photos and story by Gary Reich


ogistics, logistics, logistics. While we were hopeful that the H-1 Unlimited folks would pull off Unlimited Class hydroplane racing on the Potomac River in June, we also knew it would be a monumental task to plan such an incredible event in less than eight months. As this issue went to print, we received official word that the scheduled June 15-17 event would not take place. Plans are now in the works to make it happen in 2013. We also received late word at press time that the Portsmouth, VA, “Power in the Park” series, which was slated to kick off Chesapeake Bay powerboat racing April 21-22, had been cancelled. But now for the

good news: look forward to the Kent Narrows Racing Association’s ever-popular “Thunder on the Narrows” races June 9-10 this year. Also, one of the highlights of the summer Chesapeake Bay racing season—the Cambridge Classic in Cambridge, MD—will tear up Hambrooks Bay off the Choptank River July 21-22. PropTalk will attend many of these events, so keep an eye out for us on the water and on land taking pictures of you, your boat, and the frenzied racers. Check out after each race, where you can enjoy and purchase images of the water-splitting action for a nominal price. See you out there!

American Power Boat Association Region 4 Tentative 2012 Racing Schedule May 19-20: Greenwood Lake Regatta, Greenwood Lake, NJ June 2-3: Carolina Cup Regatta, Elizabeth City, NC June 9-10: Thunder on the Narrows, Kent Narrows, MD July 21-22: Cambridge Classic, Cambridge, MD August 11-12: Hampton Cup Regatta, Hampton, VA (Summer Nationals) September 8-9: Daniel J.Murphy, Jr., Memorial Regatta, Mays Landing, NJ September 22-23: Clarksville Hydroplane Challenge, Clarksville, VA October 6-7: Wildwood Hydrofest, Wildwood, NJ (Eastern Divisional) Follow us!

PropTalk March 2012 59

##Ken Guelta (L) and Frank Antes (R) with Ruark Boatworks measure twice, cut once. Photo by Gary Reich



lex Schlegel of Hartge Yacht Yard in Galesville, MD, says, “With the installation of new travel lift piers, we increased our hauling capacity and have moved boats scheduled for winter work indoors or under cover. We have a variety of interesting projects in the works. Our carpenters recently finished the refit of a classic 14-foot Nymph canoe, originally built by the Canadian Canoe Company, and are now in the midst of a full cockpit rebuild for a 1963, 40-

brought to you by:

by Gary Reich


“Book learnin’ takes a while, but hand learnin’ takes a lifetime.” ~ Boat builder David Stevens

ll good things must come to an end. Chaucer, the father of English literature, said something to that effect in 1374. For more than four years, Fawcett Boat Supplies’ on-theroad ambassador Bill Griffin has been a really good thing for PropTalk. During his normal marine hardware sales patrol to Bay Country boatshops, boatbuilders, boatyards, and other marine businesses, he was munificent enough to take a few moments here and there to snap some great pictures and enthusiastically gather recon on cool new boatbuilding projects for us. But with a well-deserved promotion, Bill will be spending more time at Fawcett Boat Supplies’ world headquarters in Annapolis than out in the field.


eorge Hazzard of Wooden Boat Restoration in Millington, MD, tells PropTalk that his shop is going green. Hazzard says, “We are having 40 solar panels installed on the shop roof by Solar Energy Systems. The panels will offset our electric costs and help the

60 March 2012 PropTalk

If you don’t know Bill, stop in at the Annapolis store and say “Hi.” Bill’s energy and gusto for our sport are contagious. Thanks Bill; we’ll miss your exceptional photos and reports from the road. In Bill’s stead, I have been brushing up on my reporting techniques by making short expeditions to gather images and news from the field. Before this issue went to print, I had the opportunity to travel from Cambridge, MD, and then through Oxford, St. Michaels, and Easton. All the shops I visited were abuzz with activity. Several new builds are underway, and lots of unique restoration projects are being completed inside out of the cold. Here’s what’s happening at Bay-area boatshops and boatbuilders this month: environment. Inside the shop, we are performing interior work on a 1967, 57foot Chris-Craft where we are repainting and varnishing her many cabins. We have finally flipped the 1956, 15-foot Owens Flagship you’ve been reporting on and are working on her decks.”

CBMM shipwrights are making quick progress on the restoration of Rosie Parks, a skipjack built in 1955 by Bronza Parks in Wingate, MD. Photo courtesy of CBMM

foot Wiley motoryacht. Next up will be the removal of the existing soft canvas bridge enclosure for a replacement hard enclosure made of double teak and glass doors with curved plexiglass side windows on a Legacy 34. Our painters are making ready a 38-foot aluminum, ocean-going cruiser by stripping her hull to bare metal and resurfacing her nonskid decks and superstructure. Our mechanics are busy with new engine installations, and our riggers are attending to several winter layup jobs.” 


atrick Edwards with Composite Yacht in Trappe, MD, showed PropTalk around the shop in late January, updating us on a myriad of refits and new boat projects going on inside and under cover as winter plays on outside. A 48-foot Ocean is in the paint shed for a complete hull, deck, and superstructure refinish job with Awlgrip, and installation of a new custom hardtop is underway. Inside the shop, work continues on a new Composite Yacht 35 LB. Her hardtop was in place when we visited, but had not yet been permanently installed. Her engine and running

gear, deck, and cabin are all in place; and the crew is diligently working on her interior fit-out. “She should be ready for a spring launch,” Edwards says. Tooling work continues for a new 22-foot, flared out, Carolina-style center-console that Edwards hopes to launch in late spring. He says, “We hope to offer these boats with a 150-horsepower Yamaha outboard and trailer for $49,900.” The boatbuilder is also being kept busy with fabricating connecting fiberglass components for mobile hospital units.


on Farinholt of Chesapeake Boat Works in Deltaville, VA, reports, “Even through the cold weather, we are moving ahead on an 86-foot wooden vessel named Finished Business. This vessel is a 1947, Elco Air Sea Rescue vessel, which was converted in 1962 to a motor yacht for pleasure use. She came to us for a major restoration, including extensive hull repairs. Her hull is unique, featuring three rib systems, double diagonal planking, triple planking amidships and aft, glued cloth between planks,

New tooling for a 22-foot Carolina-style center-console at Composite Yacht in Trappe, MD. Photo by Gary Reich

Hartge Yacht Yard crafstmen work on a wheelhouse rebuild for a 55-foot Trumpy. Photo courtesy of Hartge Yacht Yard


uark Boatworks in Cambridge, MD, was busy with several projects when we visited in late January. Shipwrights Mac McGlaughlin, Frank Antes, and Ken Guelta are busy building a brand-new pushboat for the skipjack Ida May, which was originally build in Deep Creek, VA, in 1906. The pushboat’s pressure-treated keel has been laid, her oak stem is in place, and pine planks were being installed during our visit. Dave Bodey is busy with the ongoing restoration of Wildcat, a 1949 Pacific One Design hydroplane. Bodey says, “Jerry LeCompte of Dockside Boat Works is going to help us rebuild her flat-head Ford V-8, which came to us stored in a 55-gallon drum of oil. All of her deck planking has been replaced and is currently getting varnish, the hull planks have been repaired/replaced as necessary, and new yellow paint has been applied. We may have her ready for the Cambridge Classic hydroplane races in July, where we’d love to take her for a lap around the buoys, but that depends on how difficult the engine rebuild ends up being.” Follow us!

and braded rivets throughout. Her frames are made of oak, fir, and mahogany, with mahogany planking. We hope to place her back into service this spring for the owner in time for charter season.”


olly Kruse with Stingray Point Boat Works in Deltaville, e-mails, “Though typically January and February are a slow time of year for boatyards, we have several large projects underway. Currently, Fairwinds, a 38-foot Cabo Rico, is in our yard for repair. The core under her teak deck had become saturated, so we removed the deck, resealed it, and installed new foam core material. The deck has been re-glassed and painted with Awlgrip, and the non-skid patterns are being laid out for painting. Additional work includes the stripping, sanding, and varnishing of her pulpit.”


erry LeCompte of Dockside Boat Works in Easton, had a variety of interesting projects underway when we visited his shop in late January. LeCompte told us, “We have a 1954, 22-foot ChrisCraft Holiday flipped and prepped for a bottom replacement. She is interesting

because she has a “P” in her hull number, meaning she was a prototype. Jerry West’s 1931, 21-foot Chris-Craft Deluxe triple cockpit is still with us as he decides on the next steps we will take in her restoration after lying partially sunken beneath a collapsed boathouse for years. We have a variety of engines in for work, including a Chrysler six-cylinder for Ebby DuPont and an old flat-head Ford V-8, which is for the 1939 Pacific One Design hydroplane Wildcat that Ruark Boatworks in Cambridge, MD, is rebuilding. Lastly,

A rebuilt and refurbished Type C six-cylinder Chrysler Marine Engine at Dockside Boat Works in Easton, MD. Photo by Gary Reich

we will start working on a 1964, 27-foot Chris-Craft Sea Skiff, which we will build a wooden windshield enclosure for, among other things.”


usan Campbell with Campbell’s Custom Yachts and Boatyards in Oxford, says, “We’ve been busy over the winter with ongoing work on a Hylas 57 that was damaged in New England during Hurricane Irene last summer. Her toe rail and both rub rails are being replaced, and we’ll also refinish her hull with Awlgrip. While we have her out of the water, the owners have decided to go ahead with extensive electrical and mechanical upgrades. Once we’re finished with her, we have four more boats waiting to get new Awlgrip treatments before spring. The shop has also been busy with a restoration of a Hunt boat that received extensive damage from a boat fire. When completed, the boat will be completely re-done inside and out, complete with a new Awlgrip paint job. Most exciting, however, is the news that we are under contract to begin construction of a new Campbell 37, which will be ready to go in the water in May 2013.” PropTalk March 2012 61


arie Thomas with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM) in St. Michaels, provides an update on the restoration of Rosie Parks, a skipjack originally built in 1955 by Bronza Parks in Wingate, MD, and purchased by the museum in 1975 from Bronza’s brother, Capt. Orville Parks. The three-year restoration project is taking place in full public

PropTalk’s Zach Ditmars (L) and Gary Reich (R) work on Cocktail Class Mark IIIb hull number one. For more details, see page 54. Photo by Gary Reich

view. Thomas reports, “Almost one year into the restoration, and shipwrights and apprentices have just installed the new chine logs, made from white oak. After removing all of the old side planks, the crew replaced the aft stringers and installed temporary bottom planks to pinpoint the location of the bilge stringers that run fore and aft. A pattern was created for the new side

This 48-foot Ocean is getting a new hardtop and complete Awlgrip treatment at Composite Yacht in Trappe, MD. Photo by Gary Reich

To get any closer to the fish

planks, measuring from the chine log. The chine plank, made from yellow pine, was divided into three parts––the first two sections were about the same length, but the last third was about half the size and swept upward at the transom. Before the crew could continue installing the new side planks, they had to first locate the shear line. They ran a batten along the top of the deck

A 1931, 21-foot Chris-Craft Deluxe triple cockpit gets new life at Dockside Boat Works. Photo by Gary Reich

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beams, to mimic the original shape. Work on the bottom planks is scheduled after the side planks are complete. Rosie Parks was the first of her kind to be preserved afloat by a museum and quickly became the most widely recognized Chesapeake Bay skipjack of the late 20th century. Rosie Parks is being restored in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic

A Cabo Rico with a new deck sits primed and ready for paint at Stingray Point Boat Works in Deltaville, VA. Photo courtesy of Stingray Point Boat Works

Vessel Preservation Projects, and will serve as one of the least altered historic skipjacks in existence, and the best example of her type for interpretation of the work of this fleet.�

Alice keeps an eye on things at Dockside Boat Works in Easton, MD. Photo by Gary Reich

The 1949 Pacific One Design hydroplane Wildcat shows off her new colors at Ruark Boatworks in Cambridge, MD. Photo by Gary Reich

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PropTalk March 2012 63

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Chesapeake Bay Tide Tables

BALTIMORE 1 06:00 AM PM Th 12:42 07:55 PM

-0.1 1.0 0.3



12:51 AM 06:59 AM 01:40 PM 08:52PM AM 3 01:48 08:02 AM SA 02:39 PM 09:43 PM 02:45 AM 4 09:04 AM Su 03:34 PM 10:28 PM AM 5 03:38 10:03 AM M 04:25 PM 11:10 PM 6 04:29 AM AM Tu 10:59 05:12 PM 11:48 PM AM 7 05:18 11:54 AM W 05:57 PM

0.7 0.0 1.0 0.2 0.8 0.0 0.2 0.2 0.8 -0.1 1.1 0.2 0.9 -0.1 1.1 0.1 1.0 -0.2 1.2 0.1 1.1 -0.2 1.2


12:25 AM 06:07 AM 12:48 PM 06:41 PM 01:02 AM 06:56 AM 01:42 PM 07:25 PM 01:40 AM 07:46 AM 02:39 PM 08:11 PM

0.0 1.2 -0.2 1.2 -0.1 1.4 -0.2 1.1 -0.1 1.4 -0.1 1.1 -0.2 1.5 -0.1 1.0 -0.2 1.5 0.0 1.0 -0.2 1.5 0.1 0.9 -0.1 1.4 0.1

March 2012 Tides






10 SA

AM 11 03:21 09:37 AM Su 04:38 PM 09:59 PM AM 12 04:06 10:31 AM M 05:40 PM 10:51 PM AM 13 04:57 11:28 AM Tu 06:45 PM 11:47 PM AM 14 05:55 12:30 AM W 07:50 PM AM 15 12:47 07:03 AM Th 01:37 PM 08:54 PM

0.9 -0.1 1.3 0.2



18 Su

19 M

20 Tu

21 W

22 Th

23 F

24 SA

25 Su

26 M

27 Tu

28 W

29 Th

30 F

31 SA

01:51 AM 08:16 AM 02:47 PM 09:54 PM 02:55 AM 09:30 AM 03:56 PM 10:48 PM 03:57 AM 10:37 AM 04:58 PM 11:36 PM 04:54 AM 11:37 AM 05:49 PM

0.9 0.0 1.3 0.2 1.0 0.0 1.2 0.2 1.1 -0.1 1.2 0.2 1.1 -0.1 1.2

12:18 AM 05:46 AM 12:30 PM 06:32 PM 12:55 AM 06:33 AM 01:19 PM 07:11 PM 01:27 AM 07:17 AM 02:04 PM 04:46 PM 01:55 AM 07:58 AM 02:47 PM 08:21 PM 02:21 AM 08:37 AM 03:28 PM 08:56 PM 02:49 AM 09:15 AM 04:09 PM 09:33 PM 03:21 AM 09:52 AM 04:51 PM 10:12 PM 03:57 AM 10:30 AM 05:35 PM 10:54 PM 04:38 AM 11:12 AM 06:22 PM 11:40 PM 05:26 AM 11:58 AM 07:13 PM

0.2 1.2 -0.1 1.2 0.2 1.3 0.0 1.2 0.1 1.3 0.0 1.1 0.1 1.4 0.1 1.1 0.1 1.4 0.1 1.0 0.1 1.4 0.2 1.0 0.1 1.4 0.3 1.0 0.1 1.4 0.3 1.0 0.2 1.3 0.3 1.0 0.2 1.3 0.4

12:30 AM 06:22 AM 12:50 PM 08:06 PM 01:24 AM 07:26 AM 01:48 PM 08:58 PM

1.0 0.2 1.3 0.4 1.0 0.2 1.3 0.4

diFFerenCes Spring High Low H. Ht L. Ht Range Sharps Island Light –3:47 –3:50 *1.18 *1.17 1.5 Havre de Grace +3:11 +3:30 *1.59 *1.59 1.9 Sevenfoot Knoll Light –0:06 –0:10 *0.82 *0.83 1.1 St Michaels, Miles River –2:14 –1:58 *1.08 *1.08 1.4

64 March 2012 PropTalk

ChesApeAke BAy Bridge Tunnel

AnnApolis AM 1 04:49 11:32 AM Th 01:32 PM 07:46 PM 2 05:46 AM 12:29 PM F 06:41 PM

0.8 0.0 1.1 0.2 -0.1 0.9 0.2

3 12:09 PM AM SA 06:42 01:24 PM 07:35 PM AM 4 01:09 07:38 AM Su 02:15 PM 08:24 PM AM 5 02:07 08:32 AM M 03:02 PM 09:11 PM 6 03:01 AM AM Tu 09:25 03:46 PM 09:54 PM 7 03:53 AM AM W 10:16 04:29 PM 10:37PM

0.7 -0.1 0.9 0.2 0.8 -0.1 1.0 0.2 0.8 -0.1 1.0 0.1 0.9 -0.1 1.0 0.0 1.0 -0.2 1.0 0.0

AM 8 04:44 11:07 AM Th 05:11 PM 11:19 PM

1.1 -0.1 1.0 -0.1


05:34 AM 9 11:58 AM F 05:54 PM

1.2 -0.1 1.0


10 12:03 AM

-0.2 1.3 -0.1 0.9

AM SA 06:25 12:50 PM 06:39 PM

11 12:49 AM 08:18 AM Su 02:44 PM 08:26 PM

AM 12 02:39 09:14 AM M 03:40 PM 09:17 PM


-0.2 1.3 0.0 0.9 -0.2 1.3 0.1 0.9

03:33 AM 10:13 AM Tu 04.39 PM 10:14 PM

-0.2 1.2 0.1 0.8


04:32 AM 11:17 AM 05:41 PM 11:18 PM

-0.1 1.2 0.2 0.8

15 05:36 AM

-0.1 1.2 0.2


PM Th 12:25 06:44 PM


12:26 AM 06:43 AM 01:32 PM 07:46 PM AM 17 01:35 07:50 AM SA 02:36 PM 08:43 PM AM 18 02:40 08:53 AM Su 03:33 PM 09:34 PM AM 19 03:37 09:51 AM M 04:22 PM 10:18 PM AM 20 04:28 10:43 AM Tu 05:05 PM 10:58 PM AM 21 05:13 11:31 AM W 05:43 PM 11:35 PM AM 22 05:54 12:15 AM Th 06:18 PM

0.8 0.0 1.1 0.2 0.9 0.0 1.1 0.2 0.9 0.0 1.1 0.2 1.0 0.0 1.1 0.1 1.1 0.0 1.0 0.1 1.2 0.0 1.0 0.1 1.2 0.0 1.0

12:11 AM 06:33 AM 12:57 PM 06:52 PM 12:47 AM 07:12 AM 01:37 PM 07:25 PM 01:24 AM 07:51 AM 02:18 PM 07:59 PM

0.1 1.3 0.1 0.9 0.1 1.3 0.1 0.9 0.1 1.3 0.2 0.9

02:02 AM 08:31 AM 02:59 PM 08:35 PM

0.1 1.3 0.2 0.9

02:42 AM 09:14 AM Tu 03:42 PM 09:13 PM AM 28 03:26 09:59 AM W 04:28 PM 09:56 PM AM 29 04:14 10:48 AM Th 05:17 PM 10:46 PM 05:08 AM 30 11:41 AM F 06:08 PM 11:43 PM AM 31 06:07 12:36 PM SA 07:00 PM

0.1 1.2 0.3 0.9 0.1 1.2 0.3 0.9 0.1 1.2 0.3 0.9 0.2 1.1 0.4 0.9 0.2 1.1 0.3




25 Su

26 M


diFFerenCes Spring High Low H. Ht L. Ht Range Mtn Pt, Magothy River +1:24 +1:40 *0.88 *0.88 1.0 Chesapeake Beach –1:14 –1:15 *1.12 *1.14 1.1 Cedar Point –3:16 –3:13 *1.33 *1.33 1.4 Point Lookout –3:48 –3:47 *1.37 *1.33 1.4

AM 1 01:36 08:00 AM Th 01:51 PM 08:05 PM AM 2 02:36 09:00 AM F 02:53 PM 09:06 PM 03:39 AM 3 09:59 AM SA 03:57 PM 10:06 PM 04:39 AM 4 10:53 AM Su 04:57 PM 11:02 PM AM 5 05:33 11:42 AM M 05:51 PM 11:55 PM 06:21AM 6 12:28 AM Tu 06:40 PM

2.3 0.5 1.9 0.4 2.3 0.5 1.9 0.3 2.3 0.4 2.0 0.2 2.5 0.3 2.2 0.0 2.6 0.1 2.4 -0.1 2.8 -0.1 2.7

AM 7 12:45 07:07 AM W 01:12 PM 07:28 PM 8 01:35 AM 07:52 AM Th 01:56 PM 08:14 PM AM 9 02:24 08:37 AM F 02:41 PM 09:01 PM AM 10 03:14 09:23 PM SA 03:27 PM 09:50 PM AM 11 05:05 11:11 AM Su 05:16 PM 11:40 PM

-0.3 2.9 -0.3 2.9 -0.4 3.0 -0.4 3.1 -0.5 3.0 -0.5 3.2 -0.5 2.9 -0.5 3.3 -0.4 2.8 -0.4 3.2

12 05:59 AM

-0.3 2.6 -0.3


13 12:35 AM

3.1 -0.1 2.5 -0.1 2.9 0.1 2.3 0.0 2.8 0.2 2.3 0.1


PM M 12:02 06:09 PM

16 F

17 SA

18 Su

19 M

20 Tu

21 W

22 Th

23 F

24 SA

25 Su

26 M


03:57 AM 10:21 AM 04:27 PM 10:35 PM 05:11 AM 11:25 AM 05:38 PM 11:41 PM 06:14 AM 12:21 PM 06:37 PM

2.7 0.3 2.3 0.1 2.6 0.2 2.4 0.1 2.7 0.2 2.5

12:38 AM 07:07 AM 01:09 PM 07:26 PM 01:29 AM 07:51 AM 01:51 PM 08:08 PM 02:13 AM 08:31 AM 02:28 PM 08:45 PM 02:53 AM 09:06 AM 03:03 PM 09:20 PM 03:31 AM 09:40 AM 03:36 PM 09:54 PM 04:07 AM 10:13 AM 04:08 PM 10:28 PM 04:42 AM 10:46 PM 04:42 PM 11:02 PM 05:17 AM 11:21 AM 05:17 PM 11:39 PM

0.0 2.7 0.1 2.6 0.0 2.7 0.0 2.8 -0.1 2.7 0.0 2.8 -0.1 2.7 0.0 2.9 -0.1 2.6 0.0 2.9 0.0 2.6 0.1 2.9 0.1 2.5 0.1 2.8 0.2 2.4 0.2 2.7

05:55 AM 11:57 AM 05:56PM

0.3 2.3 0.3

12:19 AM 2.6 06:36 AM 0.4 12:38 PM 2.2 06:40 PM 0.4 AM 2.5 29 01:03 07:23 AM 0.5 Th 01:23 PM 2.1 07:30 PM 0.5 30 01:53 AM 2.4 08:16 AM 0.6 F 02:16 PM 2.1 08:27 PM 0.5 AM 2.4 31 02:50 09:14 AM 0.6 SA 03:15 PM 2.2 09:30 PM 0.4 diFFerenCes 06:57 AM Tu 12:57 PM 07:07 PM AM 14 01:34 08:01 AM W 01:59 PM 08:11 PM 02:42 AM 15 09:11 AM Th 03:10 PM 09:23 PM



High Low H. Ht L. Ht Range Onancock Creek +3 :52 +4 :15 *0.70 *0.83 2.2 Stingray Point +2 :01 +2 :29 *0.48 *0.83 1.4 Hooper Strait Light +5 :52 +6 :04 *0.66 *0.67 2.0 Lynnhaven Inlet +0 :47 +1 :08 *0.77 *0.83 2.4

Upcoming Classes Celestial Navigation Mar 3-4 Marine Weather I & II Mar 10-13 Diesel Basics Mar 17-18 Basic Nav & Nav II Mar 17-20 Captain’s License Mar 19-30 Radar & Collision Avoidance Mar 24-25

Tidal Current Tables

Baltimore harbor Approach (off sandy point) Slack Water Maximum Current


01:45AM 04:54AM -0.5 11 07:40AM 11:28AM +0.8 Su 03:04PM 6:20PM -0.7 10:05PM


12:22AM +0.3 02:48AM 05:53AM -0.5 12 08:36AM 12:24PM +0.9 M 03:57PM 07:15PM -0.8 10:57PM


01:20AM +0.4 13 03:51AM 06:52AM -0.5 Tu 09:34AM 01:18PM +1.9 04:48PM 08:04PM -0.8 11:40PM






5 12:17AM 02:57AM +0.5 15 M 05:42AM 08:43AM -0.6 Th 11:32AM 03:00PM +0.9 06:19PM 09:30PM -0.9 6


12:50AM 03:38AM +0.7 16 06:31AM 09:33AM -0.7 F 12:27PM 03:46PM +0.9 07:00PM 10:08PM -0.9

7 01:22AM 04:18AM +0.8 17 W 07:18AM 10:21AM -0.8 SA 01:22PM 04:32PM +0.9 07:39PM 10:46PM -0.9 8 01:53AM 04:58AM +0.9 18 Th 08:04AM 11:09AM -0.9 Su 02:15PM 05:16PM +0.9 08:18PM 11:23PM -0.9 9


02:25AM 05:38AM +1.0 19 08:51AM 11:56AM -1.0 M 03:09PM 06:01PM +0.8 08:56PM

12:01AM -0.9 20 10 03:00AM 06:20AM +1.1 SA 09:39AM 12:45PM -1.0 Tu 04:04PM 06:48PM +0.7 09:36PM

secondary stations Baltimore Harbor Approach

Slack Water Maximum Current

Slack Water Maximum Current

12:42AM -0.9 21 02:04AM 05:13AM +0.9 1 01:39 AM +0.5 04:38AM 08:05AM +1.1 W 08:23AM 11:28AM -0.9 Th 05:24 AM 08:53 AM -0.7 11:29AM 02:37PM -1.0 02:37PM 05:35PM +0.8 12:50 PM 02:33 PM +0.2 06:01PM 08:38PM +0.6 08:34PM 11:39PM -0.9 04:27 PM 08:25 PM -0.8 11:19PM 22 02:40AM 03:54AM +1.0 2 12:08 AM 02:48 AM +0.5 02:27AM -0.8 Th 09:08AM 12:14PM -0.9 F 06:25 AM 10:05 AM -0.7 03:27PM 06:19PM +0.7 01:48 PM 03:55 PM +0.2 05:21AM 08:53AM +1.2 09:14PM 05:50 PM 09:33 PM -0.9 12:23PM 03:31PM -1.0 07:01PM 09:31PM +0.6 12:18AM -0.8 3 12:06 AM 04:02 AM +0.6 23 03:16AM 06:34AM +1.0 SA 07:19 AM 10:55 AM -0.9 F 09:51AM 12:57PM -0.9 02:30 PM 04:45 PM +0.4 12:08PM 03:16AM -0.8 04:15PM 07:02PM +0.7 06:58 PM 10:36 PM -1.0 06:09AM 09:46AM +1.1 09:53PM 01:19PM 04:29PM -0.9 4 01:59 AM 04:49 AM +0.7 08:04PM 10:30PM +0.5 24 12:55AM -0.8 Su 08:07 AM 11:36 AM -1.0 03:50AM 07:13AM +1.0 03:03 PM 05:23 PM +0.6 SA 10:32PM 01:40PM -0.9 08:01 PM 11:30 PM -1.2 01:04PM 04:12AM -0.7 05:02PM 07:44PM +0.6 02:48 AM 05:28 AM +0.9 5 07:04AM 10:44AM +1.1 10:31PM 02:18PM 05:31PM -0.9 M 08:51 AM 12:17 PM -1.2 01:32AM -0.7 03:36 PM 06:00 PM +0.8 09:08PM 11:35PM +0.5 25 04:24AM 07:51AM +1.0 08:58PM Su 11:14AM 02:24PM -0.9 02:09AM 05:16AM -0.6 12:21 AM -1.3 6 05:51PM 08:27PM +0.5 08:06AM 11:47AM +1.0 03:32 AM 06:08 AM +1.0 u T 11:11PM 03:20PM 06:34PM -0.9 09:31 AM 12:58 PM -1.4 10:10PM 02:11AM -1.6 04:09 PM 06:40 PM +1.0 26 05:00AM 08:31AM +0.9 09:49 PM 12:42AM +0.5 M 11:57AM 03:08PM -0.8 01:12 AM -1.5 03:22AM 06:26AM -0.6 7 06:41PM 09:13PM +0.5 09:16AM 12:53PM +1.0 W 04:18 AM 06:51 AM +1.1 11:53PM 10:10 AM 01:41 PM -1.6 04:21PM 07:36PM -0.9 02:51AM -0.6 04:44 PM 07:23 PM +1.2 11:07PM 27 05:37AM 09:13AM +0.9 10:38 PM 01:47AM +0.5 Tu 12:42PM 03:56PM -0.8 02:02 AM -1.7 04:35AM 07:37AM -0.6 07:34PM 10:02PM +0.4 8 05:04 AM 07:38 AM +1.2 10:28AM 01:59PM +0.9 Th 10:49 AM 02:22 PM -1.7 05:20PM 08:34PM -0.9 05:23 PM 08:08 PM +1.3 28 12:40AM 03:36AM -0.5 11:58PM 06:16AM 10:00AM +0.9 11:27 PM W 02:47AM +0.6 01:30PM 04:47PM -0.8 02:49 AM -1.7 9 05:42AM 08:44AM -0.7 08:30PM 10:56PM +0.4 F 05:53 AM 08:26 AM +1.2 11:39AM 03:00PM +0.9 11:30 AM 03:04 PM -1.8 06:15PM 09:27PM -0.9 06:06 PM 08:52 PM +1.5 29 01:33AM 04:27AM -0.4 12:43AM 03:41AM +0.7 Th 07:07AM 10:51AM +0.8 02:21PM 05:41PM -0.7 06:42AM 09:44AM -0.8 09:25PM 11:53PM +0.4 10 12:16 AM 03:36 AM -1.8 12:44PM 03:56PM +0.9 07:05PM 10:14PM -0.9 SA 06:46 AM 09:12 AM +1.1 30 02:32AM 05:25AM -0.4 12:12 PM 03:47 PM -1.7 01:25AM 04:29AM +0.8 F 08:03AM 11:47AM +0.8 06:52 PM 09:37 PM +1.5 03:14PM 06:35PM -0.7 07:35AM 10:39AM -0.8 10:16PM 01:43PM 04:47PM +0.8 07:51PM 10:58PM -0.9 12:50AM +0.4 31 03:35AM 06:27AM -0.4 SA 09:07AM 12:45PM +0.7 04:08PM 07:28PM -0.7 11:01PM Current differences and speed ratios

Time differences

Min. before Flood


Min. before Ebb

speed ratios Ebb



Slack Water Maximum Current

11 Su

12 M

13 Tu

14 W

15 Th

16 F

17 SA

18 Su

19 M

20 Tu

secondary stations Chesapeake Bay Entrance

Slack Water Maximum Current

21 02:48 AM -1.4

01:07 AM 05:27 AM -1.7 08:40 AM 11:00 AM +1.0 01:59 PM 05:36 PM -1.6 08:41 PM 11:25 PM +1.4 02:58 AM 06:25 AM -1.6 09:38 AM 11:53 AM +0.9 02:47 PM 06:32 PM -1.5 09:36 PM 12:19 AM +1.3 03:52 AM 07:28 AM -1.4 10:39 AM 12:52 PM +0.7 03:40 PM 07:35 PM -1.3 10:36PM 01:17 AM +1.1 04:57 AM 08:32 AM -1.3 11:49 PM 01:55PM +0.6 04:49 PM 08:20 PM -1.2 11:44PM 02:19 AM +0.9 06:10 AM 09:41 AM -1.2 01:01 PM 03:04 PM +0.5 06:14 PM 09:53 PM -1.1 12:59 AM 03:33 AM +0.8 07:20 AM 10:55 AM -1.2 02:11 PM 04:42 PM +0.5 07:33 PM 11:10 PM -1.1 02:11 AM 05:05 AM +0.7 08:25 AM 11:58 AM -1.2 03:13 PM 05:57 PM +0.6 08:43 PM 12:15 AM -1.2 03:19 AM 06:08 AM +0.8 09:21 AM 12:51 PM -1.3 04:04 PM 06:42 PM +0.7 09:44 PM 01:10 AM -1.3 04:15 AM 06:52 AM +0.8 10:09 AM 01:39 PM -1.3 04:46 PM 07:21 PM +0.8 10:35PM 02:02 AM -1.3 05:03 AM 07:32 AM +0.8 10:48 AM 02:21 PM -1.4 05:21 PM 07:59 PM +0.9 11:18PM

W 05:48 AM 08:13 AM +0.8 11:22 AM 02:58 PM -1.4 05:56 PM 08:36 PM +1.0 11:57PM 22 03:29 AM -1.4 06:29 AM 08:54 AM +0.8 Th 11:52 AM 03:29 PM -1.3 06:29 PM 09:13 PM +1.0 23 12:34 AM 04:04 AM -1.4 F 07:11 AM 09:33 AM +0.8 12:22 PM 03:56 PM -1.3 07:02 PM 09:48 PM +1.0 24 01:11 AM 04:37 AM -1.3 SA 07:55 AM 10:11 AM +0.7 12:52 PM 04:22 PM -1.3 07:38 PM 10:23PM +1.0 25 01:48 AM 05:10 AM -1.2 Su 08:38 AM 10:49 AM +0.7 01:24 PM 04:52 PM -1.2 08:15 PM 10:59 PM +0.9 26 02:24 AM 05:47 AM -1.1 M 09:21 AM 11:29 AM +0.6 01:57 PM 05:28 PM -1.1 08:54 PM 11:37 PM +0.8 27 03:00 AM 06:31 AM -0.9 Tu 10:09 AM 12:14 PM +0.4 02:30 PM 06:12 PM -1.0 09:36 PM 28 12:19 AM +0.7 03:39 AM 07:21 AM -0.8 W 11:01 AM 01:02 PM +0.3 03:03 PM 07:03 PM -0.9 10:22 PM 29 01:05 AM +0.6 04:26 AM 08:11 AM -0.8 Th 12:03 PM 01:52 PM +0.3 03:42 PM 07:57 PM -0.9 11:16 PM 30 01:54 AM +0.6 05:26 AM 09:03 AM -0.8 F 01:04 PM 02:47 PM +0.2 04:42 PM 08:52 PM -0.8 31 12:18 AM 02:49 AM +0.5 SA 06:29 AM 10:04 AM -0.8 01:57 PM 04:01 PM +0.3 06:19 PM 09:56 PM -0.9

Time differences

Min. before Flood


Min. before Ebb

speed ratios Ebb



Cove Point, 3.9 n.mi. East

-3:29 -3:36 -4:08 -3:44 0.4 0.6

Chesapeake Beach, 1.5 miles North

Sharp Island Lt., 3.4 n.mi. West

-1:39 -1:41 -1:57 -1:43 0.4

Chesapeake Channel, (bridge tunnel) +0:05 +0:38 +0:32 +0:19 2.2 1.2

Thomas Pt. Shoal Lt., 2.0 n.mi. East

-1:05 -0:14 -0:22 -0:20 0.6 0.6

Stingray Point, 12.5 miles East

+2:18 +3:00 +2:09 +2:36 1.2 0.6

Pooles Island, 4 miles Southwest

+0:59 +0:48 +0:56 +1:12 0.6 0.8

Smith Point Light, 6.7 n.mi. East

+2:29 +2:57 +2:45 +1:59 0.5

Turkey Point, 1.2 n.mi. Southwest

+2:39 +1:30 +0:58 +1:00 0.6 0.8

Point No Point, 4.3 n.mi. East



Corrections Applied to Batlimore Harbor Approach

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+0:29 +0:48 +0:06 +0:00 1.0 0.7



+6:04 +5:45 0.4 0.2

Corrections Applied to Chesapeake Bay Entrance

PropTalk March 2012 65

March 2012 Currents

02:11AM +0.4 14 04:50AM 07:49AM -0.5 W 10:34AM 02:10PM +0.9 05:35PM 08:49PM -0.8

Slack Water Maximum Current

Chesapeake Bay entrance

Five Knots

Story by Eric Burnley Photos by Gary Reich

Not Very Fast Is It?


t’s the little things that often spell the difference between victory and defeat. Just ask Ravens football fans about a missed field goal in the final seconds of January’s championship game. In fishing, one of the smallest things we deal with is knots. When tied properly, they can hold the largest fish we can catch. Done poorly, and we won’t be catching big fish… or any at all. Before tying a knot, there are certain things you’ll need. First, make sure you are using a top-quality fishing line. Cheap monofilament (mono) is usually thick and stiff, which makes knot tying and casting difficult. Even high-quality mono is fairly inexpensive, so there really is no excuse for using anything but the best. As for braid, I haven’t found any cheap stuff yet. Braided lines are considerably more expensive than mono, but when used in the proper situations, they are far superior to their less expensive cousin, mono. Prior to starting the knot, be sure there is enough line to complete it. Pull the tag end through until there is plenty of line for the job at hand. When working with mono, always cater to the natural lay of the line. Mono almost always has a “memory” of the way it

has been stored—like having loops from being stored on a spool— so working with these will make knot tying easier. Lubricate all knots before pulling them tight. While most anglers wet the line with their lips or tongue for this job, Chapstick applied to the lips and then to the knot works well also. Last, pull with steady pressure until the knot comes tight to ensure that it is properly seated and will not slip. The knots discussed here will work in 100 percent of fishing situations found on the Chesapeake Bay. Offshore and fly fishermen will need additional knots, due to the nature of the tackle they employ. Practical Fishing Knots by Lefty Kreh and Mark Sosin has any knot you will ever need. Several good apps are available for iOS and Android smartphones which provide animated, stepby-step instructions on many fishing knots. PropTalk’s favorite is the aptly named “Animated Fishing Knots,” which is available on Apple’s App Store. The only way to master knots is to practice. Don’t wait until you are on the water with fish breaking everywhere for your first lesson. Now, you tie one on.

Double Surgeons (End) Loop


any anglers use this knot to make loops for bottom rigs (some fly anglers use it for tying loops in tippet butts, but the perfection loop often is preferred). It is quick and easy. Begin making a long loop by doubling the line back on itself. Next, tie two overhand knots with the loop end. Last, lubricate the knot, and then pull tight while holding the loop and both lines. This knot is much easier than a dropper loop and serves the same purpose.




Perfection Loop


ost anglers use this knot to create a loop in the end of leaders and bottom rigs, and fly anglers often use it to attach flies to the end of tippets, as it allows the fly to move freely. It works well on mono up to 80-pound test. Start this knot by making a loop in the line between your forefinger and thumb. The tag end goes over the standing line. Next make a second loop behind the first and again hold the tag end between the thumb and forefinger. Make a third loop between the first two. Pull the second loop over the third loop and through the first loop, then lubricate the line (not with beer) and pull tight to complete the knot.


66 March 2012 PropTalk





Clinch Knot


his knot is most commonly used for attaching line to a tackle termination, and I have never had this knot break when I had tied it properly. Start this knot by pulling the tag end of line through the eye of the hook, snap, swivel, fly, or lure. Begin at the base of the knot and circle the standing line with the tag end from three to six times—the thinner the line the more wraps you need to make. Last, bring the tag end of the line back through the loop created by the twists at the base of the knot and pull tight. An improved clinch knot requires pulling the tag end through the loop at the base and then through the loop alongside the wraps. I find the clinch works well with heavy line (over 20-pound test), and the improved clinch is better when using light line.




Albright Knot


his knot is generally used to attach a heavy leader to the running line, or sometimes when two different lines must be joined together for other purposes. This knot will work on most braids, but will slip with Power Pro. Begin the knot by forming a loop in the leader by doubling the line back on itself. Run the running line up through the loop then wrap it around the base five or six times. Bring the tag end of the running line back through the loop so it comes out in the same direction as it went in. Lastly, lubricate the knot and then pull it tight slowly, making certain the loops don’t ride up over each other. Trim the line and leader as close as possible to the knot. When executed properly, the knot will slide through the rod guides with very little resistance.






Uni Knot


he Uni knot (also known sometimes as a Duncan knot) is actually a system using the same basic knot for a variety of applications. Start by passing the line through the eye of the hook or lure then double it back parallel to the standing line. Next, wrap the tag end around the double line six times, and then back through the loop. When you tighten the knot, it will form a loop above the hook or lure. You can continue to tighten the knot, and it will snug up on the lure or hook, or you can leave the loop to give a lure more movement. Tie two Uni knots together, and you can join a leader to a running line. This is the way to go with Power Pro and similar braids.



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PropTalk March 2012 67

edited by Capt. C.D. Dollar



Virginia Striper Busts State Record

s if the winter fishing off Virginia Beach, VA, wasn’t hot enough already, news of a potential new state record striped bass flooded the sportfishing community in late January. On January 19, Virginia angler Cary Wolfe caught a 74-pound rockfish while fishing with Capt. Tim Cannon on the sportfishing boat Bada Bing off Cape Henry, VA. The rockfish, weighed in at Long Bay Pointe Marina, is a pending state record, and once certified, will eclipse Fred Barnes’ 73-pounder caught four years ago. This winter, local fishermen and travelling anglers have been treated to a stellar ocean striper season and an amazing bluefin tuna run along the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Anglers report catching numerous rockfish better than 40 pounds, and the bluefins have ranged in size from 125 to 330 pounds. Although some tunas have hit traditional offshore baits, most fishermen are finding that they are crushing striper lures. Wolfe’s fish is reported to have hit a white parachute. “We knew it was a citation winner, but we weren’t sure just how big until we got it on the scales at the dock,” Wolfe told The Virginian-Pilot. Wolfe added, “When we got it in the boat, we knew it was huge, but...” The Brentsville, VA, resident also told The VirginianPilot that the big rock didn’t put up much of a fight, and that at first they thought they may have hooked a small tuna. They netted it as the line broke and then headed for the scales where they were met by a staffer with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to certify the catch. Wolfe’s fish measured 57.75 inches long and had a girth of 32 inches. This has been a banner year for record rockfish catches on the East Coast. The world record was set in August by Connecticut angler Greg Myerson who landed an 81.88-pound rockfish.

##Prince William County angler Cary Wolfe wrestles with Virginia’s new pending state record rockfish: a 74-pounder caught with Capt. Tim Cannon on the sportfishing boat Bada Bing off Cape Henry, VA. Photo courtesy of Virginia Marine Resources Commission

68 March 2012 PropTalk


Bull Tog Sets New Maryland Record

f you want to catch a monster tautog, go fishing with Capt. Monty Hawkins. The Maryland state record for tog fell again January 11 aboard Capt. Monty’s party boat Morning Star when Charles Donohue of Philadelphia, PA, caught a 23-pound bull tautog. Donohue broke the previous record of 20 pounds, 11 ounces, which was set by Sam Beauchamp in 2007. Beauchamp also landed his record fish while fishing with Capt. Monty, a PropTalk contributor. “The fish slammed the bait, and the rod went straight down in a tough fight,” said Donohue in a Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) press release. “I had no idea it was going to be such a big deal. Everyone on the boat was congratulating me and wanting a picture with me and the fish.” Capt. Monty told PropTalk that the record tog was caught on a dream day: warm, calm, and with a steady bite. Donahue was using a Penn Squall 15 reel loaded with 65-pound braid on a St. Croix stick. Morning Star’s mate Mike had rigged Donahue’s 50-pound clear topshot with a whole green crab. Mike says, “I saw Donahue bow into the fish, and I knew it was big. His rod was straight ##Charles Donahue shows off the new Maryland state record tautog, up, tip straight down, caught aboard Capt. Monty Hawkins’ thumping. It was a party boat Morning Star in January. Photo courtesy of Maryland DNR beautiful fish.” Capt. Monty added that all anglers limited out by 9:30 a.m., demonstrating that “the habitat work and reef building efforts have taken this fishery to new heights.” Donohue caught his record 33-inch fish over an artificial reef about 12 miles east of Ocean City, MD. The 23-pound bull tog was weighed in at Ake Marine by DNR biologist Steve Doctor, who also took an operculum to age the fish. DNR biologist Keith Lockwood reminds anglers that, “The winter months provide some of the best action for trophy tautog.”

Fish Forecasts by Capt. C.D. Dollar

Photo courtesy of Joe Bruce

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y any standard, the past month has offered incredible fishing in Bay Country. There are new state records for tautog and striped bass in Maryland and Virginia, respectively, and the bluefin tuna bite was simply spectacular only miles off Virginia Beach, VA, with numerous 200- to 300-hundred pound bluefins caught. For anglers who prefer quieter fishing, the Bay’s numerous small rivers and creeks should hold fat crappie and perch as well as plenty of feisty chain pickerel. Along that vein, Coastal Conservation Association Maryland (CCA) has launched its inaugural “Tidal Pickerel Championship,” which runs through March 15. The photo catch-and-release event is being held in conjunction with four local tackle shops: AllTackle, Anglers, Shore Tackle & Custom Rods, and Tochterman’s, all based in Maryland. Visit, or go directly to one of the aforementioned tackle shops

to register. Registration is $25 and includes a one-year membership in CCA. If you’re jonesin’ for a resident striper in the Bay proper, remember that it’s strictly a catch-and-release game until April 21; warm-water discharges and deep holes are your best bet, and a slow presentation is key. Be mindful of the weather, and wear your life jacket. The winter lineup of fishing and boat shows is now in full swing. PropTalk is a sponsor the Annapolis Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association Saltwater Expo, which will take place February 25 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and don’t miss out on “Angler’s Night Out: Fishing Flicks & Tales” hosted by the Boatyard Bar & Grill in Eastport. Fishermen will meet up to eat, drink, and check out a cool new fishing movie every other Tuesday at 6 p.m. from February 21 through March 20.


apt. Harry Nield on the Kingfish II out of Deal Island, MD, has recharged his batteries after a great 2011 season and is roaring to go for 2012. Last year, his clients caught huge rockfish, red drum, and loads of hardheads. Tangier Sound is the first stop for spring-run stripers heading to the Nanticoke, and typically the first-of-the-year croakers and speckled trout are caught in waters near Capt. Harry’s marina. Like most full-time charter skippers, when not on the water, he spends any “downtime” making sure his boat and gear are in top condition. ant to catch fish in 70-degree weather? Call Capt. Sonney Forrest of the Reel Relief (Solomons, MD,) who is spending the winter fishing for a myriad of sport fish from his winter base in Marathon, FL. He is currently taking bookings for the 2012 spring trophy striper season.


##Frank Graziano, John Murter, and Sean Cunningham with a trio of fat tautogs up to 27 inches long boated on New Year’s Day with PropTalk contributor Capt. Monty Hawkins on the party boat Morning Star. Photo by Capt. Monty Hawkins


hat a month for Capt. Monty Hawkins on the party boat Morning Star. Another Maryland state record for tautog fell aboard his Ocean City-based party boat when Charles Donohue of Philadelphia, PA, caught a 23-pound bull tog January 11. Donohue broke the previous record of 20 pounds, 11 ounces, which was set by Sam Beauchamp in 2007. Beauchamp also caught his record tog with Capt. Monty, who will continue to fish at spots like the Bass Grounds Artificial Reef Site as long as the weather is fit and regulations allow.

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##Lew Armistead with a 19-inch chain pickerel caught on a Clouser minnow off the Magothy River in January. Photo by Gary Reich

PropTalk March 2012 69

FishForecasts continued...


ith spring around the corner, Capt. Kevin Josenhans at Josenhans Fly Fishing will guide clients on the Nanticoke River for big spring-run white perch. Capt. Kevin says, “This is a low-cost, fast-action trip. Lots of big white perch will come aboard, making this the trip perfect for kids. We put in at Sharptown, MD, which is just over an hour drive from Annapolis. It’s the perfect day trip.” Often these perch average 10 to 12 inches when the run is on, with fish over 13 inches caught every season. Capt. Kevin can customize four- and six-hour trips to fit your schedule. The Pocomoke River also offers great pickerel, bass, and crappie action; and Capt. Kevin runs trips there, too. The Pocomoke is a beautiful, wild river, so bring your camera. Stop by and see Capt. Kevin at TieFest on Saturday, February 25, hosted by the Kent Narrows Chapter of CCA and held at the Kent Island Yacht Club. TieFest has become one of the premier fly fishing gatherings along the entire East Coast.


##George Lenard, creator of Specialized Baits, joined the 50-pound club with this huge rockfish caught at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel while fishing with Capt. Richie Gaines in December. The fish was caught in about 15 feet of water and was tricked into slamming a Specialized Baits Shaggy Shad with six-inch BKD trailer. The fish measured 47 inches in length and had a girth of 30 inches. The behemoth was released after the photo. Photo courtesy of Capt. Richie Gaines


r. Ken Neill III on the Virginia-based sportfisher Healthy Grin says March is typically a slow month for Virginia’s saltwater anglers. “Sea bass are all over the ocean wrecks, but until they get the regulations straightened out on this ‘recovered, not being over-fished species,’ the season is closed, which deprives us of one of our usual March mainstays.” Neill says. He adds, “Mostly, we will be fishing for tautog. The Triangle Wrecks will be a prime location, and in addition to the tautog, cod are becoming a more frequent catch on Virginia’s wrecks. The ocean striped bass season is open, but for the most part, that fishery is over.” Neill adds that there will be opportunities up in Virginia’s rivers for catch-and-release striper action as they start staging toward their spawning grounds, and some speckled trout should be available in the “Hot Ditch” area of the Elizabeth River (near the I-64 bridge). Neill says, “While the saltwater scene is slow, Virginia’s freshwater action will be heating up. This is an excellent month to catch jumbo-size catfish up the James River.”


board Tuna the Tide, Capt. Mark Galasso reports that soon he’ll chase yellow perch in the Upper Bay’s tributaries. He adds that stripers should soon be in the deeper holes waiting for the coastal spawning migrants to show up, in pursuit of the herring. Capt. Mark says, “We’ll start targeting stripers in early April, running back and forth between the Susquehanna Flats and Kent Island.”


hroughout February, Capt. Jeff Popp will keep after yellow perch on the Susquehanna and Northeast rivers. He likes six- to eight-pound test lines and small jigs tipped with minnows. Once the weather calms down and water temperatures rise, he’ll switch over to the catch-and-release rockfish season on the Susquehanna Flats.


his month Capt. Randy Dean of the Bay Hunter said he will begin to do some boat work in anticipation of the 2012 spring rockfish season. He is taking bookings for the upcoming season, and he specializes in livelining for rock and bluefish, but also targets black drum, croakers, and flounder when they arrive later in the year.

##Brad Kaufman landed this blackfin tuna while escaping Bay Country’s cold wintery grip in Key West, FL. Photo by Tom Weaver

or the next few weeks Capt. Walt of Light Tackle Charters will continue to put his clients on crappie, yellow perch, and chain pickerel living in the picturesque Pocomoke River. He launches from Snow Hill, MD. Capt. Walt says, “We fish small jigs on ultra-light tackle (four- to six-pound class) for some really fine panfish. These trips are inexpensive ($250 for the day), and I can take up to three anglers.” Beginning in the middle of March, Capt. Walt will light out for the Susquehanna Flats to fish the “Catch & Release Season” for rockfish. There they use slightly heavier tackle (15-pound class). In past seasons his clients have also drifted live herring. Since there is presently a moratorium on catching herring in Maryland, Capt. Walt is investigating getting them from states where it is legal to harvest it. Contact him for details. 70 March 2012 PropTalk

Pocomoke River by Chris D. Dollar


Fish Spots

here are sections of the Pocomoke River that seem untouched by time. Upriver, massive bald cypress, loblolly pine, and red maples stand sentry in the Great Cypress Swamp, holding off an invasion of McMansions and industrial facilities. Beginning in Delaware, the Pocomoke meanders 66 miles along the eastern edge of the Chesapeake watershed, draining into the broad Pocomoke Sound where in comingles with the Bay. The tannin-tinged Pocomoke sweetwater holds good numbers of largemouth bass. Although not as large as Potomac River bass, there are many of them. Angling for panfish like yellow perch (neds), crappie, and bluegill results in nice, full stringer; and tussles with scrappy pickerel can be outstanding. Other gamefish include silver and white perch, catfish, and even rockfish in the more saline sections. While anytime is a good time to be on the river, late winter to early spring can be very good for pickerel and neds. Nassawango Creek, the largest tributary to the Pocomoke, can hold fat white perch especially when they gather to spawn. Effective lures range from tube jigs and spinner baits to grubs and rubber worms rigged Carolina or Texas style. I like a black/chartreuse tube jig on a 1/8-ounce jighead with a gold #1 spinner, or Hildebrandt’s Flicker Spinners. If you fly fish, try Joe Bruce’s Bullethead Darter, or Clouser-style flies tied in darker colors on a keelweighted hook (#2 to 1/0). The Pocomoke River is ideal for small skiffs and jonboats, which allow you to cover more water than a kayak or canoe. Launch from Milburn Landing and Shad Landing near Pocomoke City, MD, or Byrd Park (east and west launches) in Snow Hill, MD. The Pocomoke is a forgiving river that allows paddlers to fish safely and effectively. Porter’s Crossing to Snow Hill is a good fish-paddle route. Even if the fishing is slow, the wildlife and scenery can be stunning, making it well worth the drive.

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PropTalk March 2012 71

## Prince William Marine Sales in Woodbridge, VA, is a new dealer for the Hornet 17 from Hornet Marine. A full-service operation, Prince William also carries Sea Ray and Harris FloteBote products.

## Post Marine Group, a family-owned company, recently acquired the assets of Post Marine Company Inc. and will build the full range of Post Yachts at its facility at Worton Creek Marina in Chestertown, MD. Brokerage services will be available through Upper Chesapeake Yacht Sales, an affiliated company. ## EPIC Yachting—owner, manager, and developer of yachting resorts and marinas and owner and operator of interrelated maritime businesses in yacht sales and service— is now the preferred partner for Horizon Yachts in the Mid-Atlantic. Horizon offers eight models, including the E and P Series of motor yachts and the new T Series Sportfish. EPIC Yachting has locations in Annapolis and Ocean City, MD, and Cape Charles, Gloucester, and Virginia Beach, VA.

## Boyd Tomkies, owner of Annapolis Inflatables, recently purchased The Marina (formerly ##On the move… Photo of Dave Hannam Mark’s Marina) on the South courtesy of CWR River. Thirty-six deep-water slips are now available for annual ## Dave Hannam of Classic Watercraft Restoration (CWR) recently launched and monthly lease. Tomkies is a new custom wood boatbuilding and adding new and improved docks, restoration shop in Annapolis. A member electrical service, landscaping, and of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, parking. (410) 800-4443 ## Rhode River Boat Sales LLC is now the exHannam focuses on classic American clusive dealer for the Rinker line of cuddies, runabouts. ## A wave of the future… After bow riders, and cruisers for the Chesapeake releasing its first 100-percent Bay region. With 15 full-time employees, ## Dean’s Yacht Services (DYS) recently electric ski boat a year ago, Rhode River is a full-service sales, brokerage, added Tom McGinley as its senior Nautique recently debuted an and marina facility featuring factory-trained mechanical engineer. He is an expert at all-electric wakeboard boat, the technicians for Yamaha, Mercury, Merspring commissioning and winterization; Super Air Nautique 230 E. cruiser, and Volvo marine engines along preventative maintenance on all makes For dealers near you, visit with Kohler generators. and models of diesel and gas engines; electronics and navigation instrument ## Established last year, Pier Pressure recently installations, repairs, updates, and up## Tiffany Yachts in Burgess, VA, partnered with Waste Strategies LLC for grades; overall mechanical and electrical recently acquired an 88-ton advice about eco-friendly products and yacht systems; current status reviews and Marine Travelift, which can practices as the company maintains wooden assessments; diagnostics; and service. Mcaccommodate up to a 20-foot piers, bulkheads, steps, decks, and vessels Ginley will also grow DYS’s partnerships beam and 10-foot water depth. all over the Bay. Pier Pressure uses only with UMT International and Novurania After a fire destroyed the main 100-percent, eco-friendly cleaners, sealers, yacht tenders. building a year ago, Tiffany stains, and solvents. Yachts has constructed a modern efficient facility with three Trav## 222 Severn/W&P Nautical in Eastport is elift bays, a cabinet shop with the newest Clean Marina to be certified by new Powermatic Woodworking the Maryland Department of Natural ReMachines, a fully stocked Ships sources. The marina houses various marine Store, comfortable new offices, businesses, including charter companies, and full-service restrooms for yacht brokers, and the Chart House Restransients. taurant. It is the 145th Maryland facility to adopt a significant portion of clean marina ## Vinings Marine Group recently recommendations and pass a site inspection. ##Tom McGinley photo courtesy of DYS acquired Windmill Point Marina The Templeton family has owned and man## Clarks Landing Yacht Yard and in Whitestone, VA. The marina aged the marina since 1974. Marina now offers specials on slip rentoffers 150 slips, mostly new als and dry rack boatel spaces at marinas ## For news of new models from Hinckley floating docks, and has a new in Shady Side, MD ((410) 867-9550) bathhouse, a restaurant, and a Yachts and Ranger Tugs, see page 22. and Chester, MD ((410-604-4300). swimming pool. Send your business soundbites and high-resolution photos to 72 March 2012 PropTalk

CLASSIFIED AND BROKERAGE CREW Get Paid to Sail! The Woodwind schooners are hiring crew. Some sailing knowledge necessary. Fun people, avg. $12/hour, and lots of great sailing. FT & PT. (410) 263-7837. Download application @ www.schoonerwoodwind. com/

HELP WANTED HAVE FUN AND TAN WHILE YOU WORK Captains Wanted-The Baltimore Water Taxi is accepting applications for the 2012 season. Seasonal PT and FT positions available; weekend availability a must. Valid Master’s License and TWIC Card required. Customer service experience preferred. Apply online at Marine Repair, Installation and Restoration  Taking applications for professional and experienced marine technicians. Minimum of five years experience in the maritime trades industry and knowledge of all shipboard systems. Mechanical, electrical, electronics, inverters, navigation to plumbing, general yacht maintenance and repair. Diversified Marine Svc. Inc. Annapolis, Maryland, 21403, (410) 2638717 Marine Technicians Outstanding opportunity for professional & personal growth. High quality of life is Southern VA. Prospering successful business, The Deltaville Boatyard. Top pay, paid vacation, challenging workload & paid training. Visit us at Deltavilleboatyard. com. Contact Matt@deltavilleboatyard. com or The Schooner Woodwind is Hiring  Customer Service Reps. FT & PT seasonal employment. Boating and Customer Service experience preferred. Download application @ employment.asp

REAL ESTATE Waterfront Office Space Available For Rent on Jackson Creek in Deltaville, VA. Prime commercial location at Deltaville Marina, home of the Deltaville Boatyard. Lots of foot traffic. Contact

SLIPS 18-46 Foot Slips Available Covered slips as well , downtown Annapolis, Sarles marina on Spa Creek . Electric, water, and showers . 410-263-3661

30’ - 35’ Slips Available Annapolis City Marina, Ltd. in the heart of Eastport. Includes electric, water, restrooms with showers, and gated parking. Give us a call at (410) 268-0660, 30’ - 45’ Slips Available at Discounted Rates  at Hinckley Yacht Services on Town Creek in Oxford, MD. Included in rental is pool, electric, water, laundry, bath houses, ships store and access to world class service all in the historic town of Oxford. Contact Marti Sommer at (410) 226-5113. 30’ - 50’ Deepwater Slips For Sale & Rent  On the western shore of the Chesapeake in St. Leonard, MD. Flag Harbor Yacht Haven (410) 586-0070, Winter storage & repair (410) 586-1915. 50’ x 18’ Slip for Sale Hampton, VA, Floating docks, easy direct access, two pools, restaurant, Tiki bar, constant upkeep. Call Gene (804) 339-3156. Rent This Brand New Slip! Ease your up-to-35-foot powerboat into a protected bend of leafy Whitehall Creek on Western Shore near Bay Bridge. Enjoy genuine peace, nearby nature, 10-minute access to Bay and legendary Hinckley maintenance if you choose. $2,000 per year. Contact Dave @ (202) 833-2451. Slips - Kent Narrows Close to everything the Eastern Shore has to offer. 25’ up to 70’. From $150.00 per month. Service Department on site. Harrison Yacht Sales and Service, (410) 827-7800. Why Pay High Annapolis or Baltimore Rates?  Slips $1,250-$2,200 YR. Land storage $110 monthly. Haulouts $8.50. Minutes to Bay and Baltimore Beltway. Old Bay Marina (410) 477-1488 or

New Annapolis Listings Needed ASAP We are selling as fast as we can get them! Complimentary deep water Annapolis dockage and wash and chamois for WELL MAINTAINED power or sailing yachts to 75'. Contact John Kaiser @ (410) 923-1400 or (443) 223-7864 cell /text anytime Email: Website: Boats, Trailers, RVs, Motor Homes Purchased Any cond. Quick, easy sale. Call Jody Palmisano (410) 3400008 or Boston Whaler 13 Fully restored Boston Whaler classic 13 with 25-hp electric start, motor and trailer. E-mail for pictures at or call Eric at (410) 604-2569.

17’ Key Largo ’05 Excellent Value, Owner is motivated to sell fast. Low hrs on 60hp Suzuki outboard, bimini top, trailer, ready to run. Considering all offers! Must Go 410-476-4414, 17’ Triumph dual console ’08 $16,900 Yamaha 60-hp four stroke,, (410) 4764414.

SURVEYORS ABYI Marine Surveyors, LLC Power & sailboat surveys, big or small, gas or dsl. Contact Derek Rhymes, NAMS-CMS and SAMS A.M.S. (410) 268-4404 or toll-free (866) 608-4404.

DONATIONS Boat, Car, and RV Donations Needed Possible cash back. Fast pickup. Tax receipt given. Proceeds spent locally for college education grants., (410) 532-9330, (877) 532-9330.

20’ - 40’ Slips. Pier 4 Marina 301 4th St., Eastport, across from Annapolis Yacht Club. Keep your boat where the Hinckley and Sabre dealers keep theirs. Electric, water & showers. (410) 990-9515.

Donate Your Boat And help teach atrisk teens to sail. (202) 478-0396,

25’ - 40’ Slips and Storage Special Power & sail, cozy, intimate MD Clean Marina in protected Deale harbor, excellent boating & fishing, free Wi-Fi & pumpout, 30 mins. from DC. (410) 8677919,

2012 Ranger 21, 25, 27, 29 and New 31 Under preferential Participating Owner Incentive Program which offers stunning acquisition & operating cost savings for one owner per model. Contact Chuck Wistar (410-280-5688), See our ad in this edition.

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Allied Boat Works “Waterman’s Special” 20’ , 8.6’ beam, 8” draft, side console w/15 in. SS steering wheel w/ Teleflex no feedback steering assembly, Compass, 60 A 6 circuit fuse panel, 12v receptacle, & anchor locker. $12,977 Factory order. Contact Terry Chones,

Allied Boat Works R19 2011 19’4 foot, 8’ 6” beam, 8” draft, Trek trim on Console & Leaning post, Spray rails, Inner rails, SS strg.whl, Teleflex steering, Rear & V seats w/storage, Ready for your engine. Reduced to Sell $15,293.00. Contact Terry Chones


20 Grady White Overnighter 20 1987 Popular cuddy model with new Johnson 200 hp engine, trailer, and add ons. Ask $9,000.00 At our offices on Kent Island. Contact BOEMARINE, 866-735-5926,,

21’ Triumph 210CC ‘04 Ropeline Hull, T Top, Rocket launchers, Yamaha 150 fuel injected 4-stroke, low hrs, Garmin plotter, standard Horizon VHF, trim tabs, Sirius radio, EZLoader trailer, $22K 240-912-2403 22’ MathewsBros Bay Cruiser ’02 Barbara A 100-hp Yanmar dsl engine. Currently stored at MathewsBros IndoorBoatStorage in Denton, so come take a look! Asking $60,000 Call MathewsBros today at 410-479-9720.

Sea Ray 230 Sundancer Opportunity to own a pre-owned Sea Ray Sport Cruiser in like-new cond. Only 25 well cared for hrs & a tandem axel trailer w/brakes, almost new. $49,900. Contact Kellie Moody at 410-604-4300 or 24’ Edgewater CC ‘06 Great boat for fishing or exploring the bay! Stars and Stripes blue, new Garmin 12” display, Yamaha 250-hp outboard - under 120 hrs. $49,900 Contact Patrick 410-267-8181 or 24’ Rosborough ’91 Perfect to fish The Bay. New Volvo D-3 computer controlled 160 HP turbo dsl + Volvo composite outdrive = fast & fun. Priced to sell $34,900. Contact Patrick 410-267-8181 or

24' Seaway Seafarer ‘08 Down East cuddy w/ enclosed head; galley; shorepower; teak windshield; full canvas; 150 Suzuki on Armstrong bracket; only 100hrs + warranty; dark blue hull; shed kept and Bristol. $75,000 OBO. Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or

New listings added all the time at

PropTalk March 2012 73

Monterey 250 CR ‘06 All you’ll need to enjoy your time on the water w/ AC and Heat, microwave, flat panel TV, VacuFlush & roomy salon, foredeck sunpad & well equipped w/GPS plotter, compass & depthsounder. $39,500. Call sales at 410-867-9550 or (410) 604-4300.

2007 REGAL 2565 Window Express 5.7L Volvo DP, 280 HP, Camper Canvas, A/C, Cockpit Fridge, VacuFlush Head, Aluminum trailer, VHF, D/F, GPS. $54,000. Call Buzz at Sunset Harbor, 410-687-7290 26’ Albemarle Express 18’ outriggers, Lift kept, inboard/outboard, air conditioning, fishing machine! www., (410) 476-4414. Price Reduced !!! $29,000 26’ Rick Roe center console ’10 Built to spec, inboard gas engine w/ zero hours, Brand new boat at used boat price $35,000, (410) 476-4414,

1999 REGAL 2760 Commodore T-4.3L Merc, Full Canvas, Cockpit Cover, A/C, Extended Swim Platform, VHF, D/F, GPS. $29,900. Call Buzz at Sunset Harbor, 410-687-7290

28' Sea Ray Sundancer '06 Flag Blue hull sides, twin Mercruisers w/low hrs. Rare generator, full canvas, upgraded stereo. Boat is in perfect shape. Just detailed and bottom painted. Change of plans forces sale. $78,000. Call Ned Dozier, 443995-0732,,

29’ Regulator ‘06 (MD). 2xYamaha 250hp. Low Hours. Furuno NavNet, Radar, GPS, Fish Finder, trailer. John McDevitt,, (ofc)410-827-0873, (cell)610-220-5619. Kent Narrows

29' Century 2900 CC ‘06, NEW Garmin GPS 3210 w/large display. Transport included to East coast including FL. Low hrs on the Twin 25-hp Yamaha 4-strokes. New electronics. ASK $65,000. Contact BOEMARINE, 866-735-5926,,

29’ Robbins ’99 Great Buy! This was Cecil Robbins personal boat, built to his standards. 5.7l gas engine with low hrs. Asking 25K. Contact, 410-4764414

New listings added all the time at

74 March 2012 PropTalk

Sea Ray 290 Sundancer ‘94 Loaded w/amenities, this versatile weekender w/plenty of room & powered by a MerCruiser 7.4L 330hp Bravo Three engine w/mechanical upgrades, a lot of boat for $24,500. Contact Paul Lash at 410867-9550 or 30’ Bertram Moppie ’94 Exceptional vessel. Dream boat has received utmost care. Twin Mercruisers w/800 hrs., sleeps 4, reverse cycle air & heat, radar, autohelm, depth, stereo & much more! Reduced to $59,000 looking for offers. OBYS 410-226-0100 30’ Grady White Marlin ’90 Twin 250 Yamaha. Very limited use/low hrs. Full electronics, head, galley, 4 berths. Excellent cond., fish/cruise. Superb Value. $36,500 (410) 991-5544. 30’ Luhrs Alura ’89 Blue downeast hull in beautiful cond., twin Chrysler 318 gas engines run flawlessly. Raymarine depthsounder Lowrance GPS plotter, full galley. $16,500 Call Bob at AM PM Marine 410-360-7437

29’ Mathews Brothers Patriot ’02 JWB Fiberglass hull. Yanmar 315hp dsl engine. Kept in top cond. at MathewsBros IndoorBoatStorage facility. $150,000 Purchase today! Call Mathews Brothers at (410) 479-9720. 29’ MathewsBros Patriot ’05 BAY TRIPPER Yanmar 240-hp dsl 110 hrs. Windlass, navigation, bowthruster, trim tabs, charger, inverter, head, galley. Asking $164,500 Call MathewsBros today at 410-479-9720

27' Baja Shooter 272 1995. With 400 hp Mercruiser, trailer, and all bells and whistles, she tops out at 65 MPH and is an economic ride at $19,995.00. Close to Annapolis, Contact BOEMARINE, 866-7355926,,

29’ SeaRay SLX sport day boat model, w/bow seating, swim platform, tow pkg, head, refrigerator, tons of room & clean. Sitting at our office on Kent Island ASK $55,000.Contact BOEMARINE, 866-735-5926,,

30’ Topaz CC 1975 “odyssey model”. With full tower, CC steering, cuddy to sleep two and fish rigged. ASK $30,000. In Connecticut, Contact BOEMARINE, 866-735-5926,,

31’ Cabo Express ’96 Stored inside, 300 hrs on 3208 Caterpillar engines, AC, Recently painted by Hinckley fighting lady yellow, $114,500 huge deal!!! (410) 476-4414, Price Reduced!!! $95,000

Formula 31 PC ‘02 Combines both qualities of speed & performance with a spacious layout & powered by twin Mercruiser 6.2 Horizons (320-hp). $64,900. Contact Mike Skreptack at 410-8679550 or

32’ Judge ’03 (MD). Cummins 6BTA5.9 370 hp. Yanmar/MASE 4.0 kw. AC/heat. 3 steering stations. Furuno Navnet with radar. Thruster. Tim Kerns,, ( c e l l ) 4 4 3 - 9 9 4 - 2 0 0 7 . - Kent Narrows

32’ Custom Bayboat Luxury Charter Style ’10 deadrise built with nothing left unfinished. Cummins dsl, low hrs, fully ready to fish this fall!! Contact Composite Yacht for details 410-476-4414 32’ Island Gypsy Gourmet Cruiser ’03 Great for cruising! Dark blue hull, AC/ Heat, Bow thruster, Newer electronics, low hrs. No use in 2 years. Bring offers! $159,900 Call Dan at 410-267-8181. 32’ Mast & Mallet ’08 315 Yanmar offers 16 knot cruise; bow thruster; A/C; dark green hull; inverter; varnished transom; like new. Asking $199,000. Bring offers. Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or

2004 SEA RAY 320 Sundancer T-300 HP Merc I/B, FWC, Full Canvas, A/C Genset, VHF, D/F, GPS, One-owner, $87,900. Call Buzz at Sunset Harbor, 410-687-7290 33’ Greenline Hybrid ‘11 Performance and reliability in an environmentally friendly diesel/solar hybrid, the perfect boat for The Bay. Dealer demo boat with warranty! Call Today! 410-267-8181 photos at

4700 Sport Yacht & 3600 Sport Yacht

40 Flybridge & 37 Flybridge

A Range of Innovation ucing d ro


M470 Sport


Cruiser Built on solid hulls The Riviera brand is now embraced by discerning with watertight boat owners in over 30 bulkheads for a countries worldwide. dry, comfortable Designer interiors feature ride. Come hand-finished timber, soft Flybridges • 70’ why we are leathers. New era styling Available in 33’ • 37’ • 40’ • 45’ • 47’ • 51’ • 58’ • 61’see Express Sport Yachts Available in 36’ • 44’ • 47’ • 58’ taking a bite out of complements their sound Offshore Express Fishermen 43’ • 48’ construction. the competition.


at Bay Bridge Marina

4700 Sport Yacht & 3600 Sport Yacht

45 Flybridge




Marlago 35

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M470 Sport Cruiser

at Bay Bridge Marina In Stock

In Stock

See Us on Dock B

see us at the 2008

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410-643-5800 FAX: 410-643-4388 Select Brokerage Offerings

see us at the 2008

301 PIER ONE ROAD, MD 21666 $329,000 39’SUITE Intrepid 101 ’07 , STEVENSVILLE, $349,000

54’ Hatteras ‘89 email info @the 48’ Californian ’90 $179,000 39’ Tiara •Sovran ’07 IPS500, Loaded $298,000 47’ Riviera M470 Excalibur ’03 $238,500 37’ Formula PC ’06 T/DSLS $249,000 46’ Grand Banks Europa ’01 SOLD 37’ Formula SS ’06 T/496s $179,000 36’ Luhrs FB ’03 SOLD 45’ Riviera/Excalibur ’01 $179,000 Riviera FB ’08 LOADED SOLD 35’ Cigarette ’87 T700s, like new $69,000 Yacht45’ Group BBP 5.08.indd 1 45’ Californian ’90 SOLD 35’ Marlago ’07, Verados, loaded $119,000 42’ Navigator ’96 $154,900 35’ Marlago ’06, Verados, like new $115,000 42’ Riviera FB ’05 FAST SOLD 35’ Marlago ’05, Verados SOLD 40’ Carver 404 ’99 $165,000 35’ Marlago ’04, 300 Yamahas SOLD 35’ Marlago ’02, 4 Strokes, 98 hrs, Trlr SOLD 40’ Gorbon Custom Downeast FB ’07 $199,000 40’ Riviera FB ’05, LOADED $419,000 35’ Marlago ’99, beautiful $73,900

Ned Dozier 443-995-0732 (c)

Jim Lascaris 301-501-9548 (c)

BAY BRIDGE 35’ Carver Mariner ’99 Boat Show 34’ Sea Ray Dancer ’00 32’ Sea Ray ’07 see us at the 2008 31’ Thompson ’97 Fast Express BAY BRIDGE 31’ Sea Boat Ray Show’01 3/26/08 3:11:15 PM 31’ Marlago ’02 29’ Hydra Sports CC ’07 28 Sea Ray Dancer '06 27 Tiara ’87, Redone 27 Tiara ’91 Lift Kept 25 Contender ’03

$79,500 SOLD $129,000 SOLD $69,900 SOLD SOLD $78,000 SOLD $24,500 SOLD

Paul Lippincott

301 PIER ONE ROAD, SUITE 101, STEVENSVILLE, MD 21666 • 800-827-8089 •

34’ Wilbur ’88 (VA) 2003 Cat C9, 510 hp, 700 hrs. 2003 Onan 7kw, 326 hrs. New fuel tanks 2007. Jud Black,, ( c e l l ) 7 5 7 - 8 4 6 - 7 9 0 9 .

34’ Wellcraft Gran Sport ’89 Twin 454s, gen, air, new canvas, free winter storage & spring launch - $17,500 Call Tony Tumas day or evening (443) 553-5046. email:, see photos & full specs at

’08 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer A premium express, finished to very high standards - don't miss this one! $179,900. Contact 410-867-9550 or 410-604-4300. 34’ Monza CC ’02 Lift kept. Low hours on reliable 250 Mercurys. Great seating, cuddy, and head. Good value in a large center console. $55,500. Call Ned Dozier, 443-995-0732,, 34’ Silverton Express ’89 Twin Crusader 454s, Gen Set, Air/Heat, New Canvas - clean and ready to cruise! $19,900. Call Tony Tumas day or evening (443) 553-5046. email: tony@, see photos & full specs at

35’ Duffy ’03 (VA) 2011 Yanmar 440hp. Popular and proven downeast design. Superb care and upgrading including new softgoods. Greg Edwards,, ( c e l l ) 7 5 7 - 8 7 1 - 8 6 1 6 .

35’ Duffy 35 Classic Flybridge DownEast w/ low hrs Yanmar. Yard maintained, new canvas ’11, AC, Galley up, shower stall + head, price reduced $129,000. Call David Cox 410-310-3476 or ’03 Carver 35 Mariner Your condo on the water!!! This 35' Carver is ready to move in and enjoy life on the water! $114,000. Contact Gregg Dyson at 410-604-4300 or

35’ Marlago Cuddy ’07 Four Strokes. Great electronics. Perfect condition. Also available, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006. All have Flag Blue hullsides and great equipment, all sold new and serviced by us. Call Ned Dozier, 443995-0732, 35’ Viking Express Sport Fish ’85 This is a must see boat that is in wonderful cond. This is the perfect boat for anyone looking for a boat to enjoy with the family or go out & fish with the guys. Please call David at our Annapolis North Point Office at 410-280-2038 Ext. 15 or Email him at

New listings added all the time at

76 March 2012 PropTalk

36’ Albin Trawler ’81 Classic, single dsl engine, 2 cabin trawler that has been well cared for and has light hrs. Recent autopilot and clean interior. $54,900 Call Tim 410-267-8181 or

36’ Carver Mariner ‘06 Like new motor-yacht, spacious bridge, well equipped, and maintained. Great for cruising or entertaining. Quality accommodations incl. fully equipped galley & separate shower. $199,000. Call Kirk at 410-639-7111 ext 113, or email If you have a quality boat to be sold, we have in-water storage at our docks (summer) or Osprey Point (winter). Call Kirk’s cell 614-989-7775 for us to sell your boat.

36’ Hinckley Picnic Boat Classic ’01 STEP UP is a Hinckley maintained Classic Picnic Boat with virtually every option available. $279,000. Offered by Hinckley Yachts, contact Jennifer Richards (410) 263-0095 or 36’ Jarvis Newman Pettegrow ’88 None nicer. Repowered in ’05 w/ 370 Yanmar; 15 knot cruise; thruster; genset; A/C; Espar; A/P; radar; 3 GPS/ plotters. Reduction down to $169,500. Call Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or

37’ Egg Harbor Sport Yacht ‘05 (MD). 2xCAT 420hp. Great Electronics, New Enclosure, Very Clean! John McDevitt,, (ofc) 410-827-0873, (cell) 610-2205619. - Kent Narrows

38’ Little Harbor Whisperjet ’99 TRAVELLER is a fine example of a well-equipped Little Harbor 38. She is lightly used and Hinckley maintained and would make a boat for day or overnight boating. $300,000. Offered by Hinckley Yachts, contact Jennifer Richards (410) 263-0095 or 39’ Mainship 390 ’03 Yanmar dsl, gen set, bow thruster, radar/plotter, davits, exceptionally clean – deliver FL or Bahamas - $149,900 Call Tony Tumas day or evening (443) 5535046. email: tony@greatblueyachts. com, see photos & full specs at www.

39 Searay Sundancer 390 2005 Loaded with BRAND NEW ELECTRONICS PACKAGE, loaded, 8.1L T/420 hp mercruiser Horizons, with only 315 hours. TracVision SAT TV, Flat Screens, and more. Located on Long Island, NY. ASK $225,000. Contact BOEMARINE, 866-735-5926,,

37’ Duffy DE Hardtop Sedan ’04 Striking, traditional, downeast cruiser; headturner. S-500-hp Yanmar dsl engine, stored in covered dry storage for winter. In process of listing her. Price yet to be determined. Come see this classy yacht today. OBYS 410-226Regency 39 Aft Cabin Sun Deck 0100 Trawler ’86 $99,500 Many recent upgrades! Twin Volvo dsls, new 8kw 37’ Sea Ray Express ‘99 TWIN DIESEL Gen Set, Air/Heat, sun deck enclosure, Caterpillar 316’s w/780 hrs. W/Beke upper & lower helm stations, dinghy hoist genset 400hrs. Raymarine electronics. & storage. Call Tony Tumas, Great Blue Custom tuna tower, electronic throttles, Yachts 443-553-5046 - see photos & full electric engine hatch. Good condition. specs at $155,000 Deltaville, VA. Jonathan (804) 776-7575 Photos 37’ Sea Ray 370 ’10 Gorgeous express cruiser, perfect for The Bay. Joystick controlled stern drives. Start creating memories to last a lifetime. $274,999! Contact Patrick at 410-267-8181 or

38’ Composite Yacht Lobster hull ‘10, Boat is built for comfort. All composite construction, 575-hp Caterpillar C-9 dsl eng, massive cockpit space & interior space. Fully equipped & ready to run. Owner also willing to sell, his TFL license with a Rockfish allocation. Asking $350K for the whole package. Contact 410-476-4414

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40’ Formula SS ’99 New Merc 496HO’s in 2008. Lift kept, just detailed, boat needs nothing. Full electronics including radar and autopilot. New enclosure. Priced below book even with upgrades. $115,000 Call Ned Dozier, 443-9950732,,

Look for used boat listings at

2006 T44 Flybridge RECESS at $795,000 Clean survey available

2002 T44 Express ALEXA at $695,000 Hinckley maintained!

2007 T40 Express COB & PEN at $750,000 Pristine Condition

TICKETY-BOO 2 at $380,000

2002 Picnic Boat Classic HORSEFEATHERS at $255,000

2002 T29 Center Console PASSION at $175,00

Late model Classic

2005 Picnic Boat EP

Dual Air Conditioners

Always Hinckley maintained

High end listings always welcome! Peter Howard Jennifer Richards TH E H I NCKLE YC OMPANY. C OM ANNAPOLIS, MD (410) 263-0095 PropTalk March 2012 77

40’ Riviera Convertible ’05 Custom props and 480 Cummins with warranties and only 300 hours provide amazing economy. New electronics in 2010. Boat is in turnkey shape. Owner will consider partial trade. $419,000 Call Ned Dozier, 443-9950732,, 40’ Robbins by MathewsBros ’07 Madeline, Fiberglass hull. 540 Cummins dsl eng. Delivered in May of ’08, this highly customized boat is practically new! Available for immediate purchase. Just Reduced $429,000 Call MathewsBros at (410) 479-9720.

42’ Cruisers 420 Express Twin Volvo IPS 500 dsls, gen, air, hard top, bow thruster, IPS docking – CLEAN! $235,000 Call Tony Tumas day or evening (443) 553-5046. email: tony@, see photos & full specs at

Carver 430 Cockpit Motor Yachts ‘96 $129,900 Twin Cummings dsl, Gen, Air Call Tony Tumas day or evening (443) 553-5046. email:, see photos & full specs at

42’ Jones ’00 Well equipped dual purpose bay boat. Ready for pleasure & families, or for a charter business. 575hp dsl eng, A/C w/reverse cycle heat, engine driven heater, gen, radar, & so much more!! Asking $190K, the owner is a motivated seller. Contact patrick@ 410-476-4414

44’ Gulfstar Motoryacht/trawler ’79 Lovely, well maintained, nicely upgraded vessel. Great long range cruiser or weekend getaway. Twin Perkins dsl engines, AP, GPS, radar, 2 LCD tvs, 2 AC units, awlgripped hull, FB enclosure $124,500 OBYS 410226-0100

42’ Sabre Hardtop Express ’07 Lumina is in beautiful cond. and has been lightly used. Fully loaded with all the latest electronics by Furuno including 3D multi function displays. Twin Yanmar 480s, 8kw genset and 3 zone A/C provide all season comfort. $529,000 Paul Mikulski 410.961.5254 or 43’ Tiara Sovran ’07  New listing; in fresh water; all the right options; low hrs. on T-435 hp Volvo IPS drives; joystick; full Raymarine electronics; Pristine is a must see. Asking Reduced to $499,000. Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or

2003 FORMULA 40 PC T-8.1L Merc I/B, FWC, New Bimini and Cockpit Cover, A/C, Genset, VHF, D/F, GPS. $145,000. Call Buzz at Sunset Harbor, 410-687-7290

44’ Hinckley Talaria 44 Express ’01 SIRIUS has been lovingly maintained and constantly updated by her second owner with no expense spared. Recent clean survey available! She lives under a custom built, covered slip and has always been Hinckley maintained. $695,000. Offered by Hinckley Yachts, contact Jennifer Richards (410) 2630095 or

43’ Wellcraft ’87 Portofino Express, twin 454 Chevys w/360 hrs, new radar w/ GPS & depth, new canvas, 7.5-Kw genset, many other upgrades, call for more details, Sea Scouts, PRICE SLASHED to $29,000, James Klimek, (240) 271-4631,

44’ Hinckley Talaria Flybridge ’08 BLUE ANGEL represents a virtually new T-44 FB and is a head-turner where ever she goes. Outfitted with the ultimate in entertainment systems and options; she leaves nothing to be desired. Recent clean survey available! $1,195M. Offered by Hinckley Yachts, contact Jennifer Richards (410) 2630095 or

45’ Searay Sundancer 450 ’96 Powered by T/CAT3126s. Full electronics package w/ KVH sat tv, underwater lights, and new carpets, CLEAN,CLEAN,CLEAN. In Pasadena, MD. Price reduced to $133,900. Contact BOEMARINE, 866-735-5926,,

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78 March 2012 PropTalk

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46’ Markley ’05 Built to fish and charter ready, Full electronics, John Deere diesel, Fishing gear goes with sale, Make Offer – Must Go, 410-476-4414, 46’ Post Convertible ’85 T-45-hp Detroit dsls, GPS, 48 mile radar, 8KW Onan genset, Rupp outriggers, Cruisair reverse cycle ac/ht, FB enclosure, 2 strms & so much more! Legendary East Coast Convertible. Asking $145,000 OBYS 410-226-0100

Look for used boat reviews at

47’ Viking Conv. ’00 (VA). 2xMAN 800 hp. Refinished, new electronics, new enclosure at Viking factory 2010. Great care. Stunning. Jud Black,, ( c e l l ) 7 5 7 - 8 4 6 - 7 9 0 9 .

47’ Riviera Excalibur M470 ’04 COMPLETE Refit 2011. New motors, drives soft goods, electronics, everything. Boat was lift kept under cover in fresh water. Only redone to keep a crew busy. Unreal opportunity. Call Ned Dozier, 443-995-0732,

47’ Selene Wide-Bridge ’10 model Award-winning. Exceptional electronics. Extremely clean. Fully optioned-out. Owners have larger Selene under construction. Contact Chuck Wistar (410) 280-0006,

53’ Selene ’09 Extensively equipped w/twin Cummins dsls w/props protected w/skegs. Beautiful cherry interior & with a long list of options. Contact Chuck Wistar (410) 280-0006,,

TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY Blackstone Marina, Hollywood MD St Mary’s County, 20’ - 40’ slips, lift slips, covered slips, open slips. Power and sail, deep water Land storage, full service. Mins. from Bay. Contact us at 301-373-2015

48’ Selene ’04 Price reduced. A turnkey vessel. Lovingly maintained. Fully equipped for long range cruising and a comfortable live-aboard lifestyle. This is a must see vessel. Contact Chuck Wistar (410) 280-0006.

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Two used Detroit Diesels 671, model 6072-30/50 Allison Torquematic M20 L/R 2:1. Start/Run well. $5K each w/props. 26R/L26.




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In a Flash by Ruth Christie and Thomas C. Scilipoti

##On the Chesapeake Bay near Kent Island, MD, around 1965. Thanks, Thomas C. Scilipoti, for another fine photograph from our past.


s a major stopover point and wintering ground for migrating waterfowl, the Chesapeake Bay provides world-class wing shooting for sea and diving ducks. Since prehistoric times, wild waterfowl have been hunted for food, down, and feathers worldwide. Native Americans used bows and arrows or cage-type traps to hunt ducks; they even swam under water to capture swimming birds. By the 17th century, shotguns came into the mix. The tools of the trade were ammunition, hunting blinds, decoys, boats, duck or goose calls, grains as bait, and retrieving dogs. Early European settlers hunted waterfowl with great zeal, since the supply of waterfowl seemed unlimited along the Atlantic coast. As more immigrants arrived in the late 18th and 19th centuries, the need for more fresh food became greater, so market hunting took form. Men with large shotguns would hunt from wooden boats and bring back a wooden barrel or two of ducks each day.

82 March 2012 PropTalk

With the advent of punt guns, hunters could kill dozens of birds with a single blast. Until the 1950s, some of the biggest threats to waterfowl in the Chesapeake Bay were local poachers using flat-bottom boats with 12-foot black powder swivel cannons that could kill hundreds of birds at a time. By the turn of the 20th century, commercial hunting and loss of habitat led to a decline in North American duck and goose populations. That’s when the modern waterfowl conservation movement began. Today, the primary hunted species on the Chesapeake Bay are long-tailed ducks and black, surf, and white-winged scoters. The four-month season begins in early October, with the hottest action when winter begins. The key is to look for feeding birds, usually over oyster beds and shoals. The proper decoy setup is critical, since sea ducks don’t usually respond well to calling. Hunters must always be ready; these fast-flying birds come and go in a flash.




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