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Olympian wawe of new records


2 STENA intro

Dear Reader,

As we become older, we face the process of aging. Our regular daily life indicates how fast time goes by. Children playing on the corner of my street, for example. Their laughter and joy reminds me of the innocent life I had. My birthdays with lemonade and homemade cake were the party of the year! I remember my sixth birthday, in February 1995, when I woke up at five in the morning. The present I’d longed for was an amazing pink bike, because it would definitely flatter ‘the new me’ as a six-year old. Butterflies in my stomach drove me crazy, so I woke my parents to tell me where the present was. “Downstairs,” was their sleepy answer. My dream came true, because there, in the midst of our couches and chairs, stood my new bike. What a milestone! This was just the first of many more to come. At least that is what I realize by now.

Stena Line is very proud to introduce their milestone in 2010, the new Superferries

We all have our milestones in life. Your first steps as a toddler, graduation day, your first job, house, child… Or the championship with your soccer team, at age 16, and you could drink your first beer in the canteen. Winning a match is a milestone itself, but it quite often motivates to continue and strive to be even better. We see this at the Olympic Games, a milestone for many professional athletes. Swimmer Michael Phelps is a great athlete today. He competes in races since he was six year old, but his first win in his local pool must have been a milestone as well. Look at him now; he views the Olympics in 2012 as a milestone because he tries to prolong his titles in several divisions. It all starts with that first ‘simple’ achievement.

Stena Line is very proud to introduce their milestone in 2010, the new Superferries. A special reportage in this magazine provides a close look in the making of the world’s largest vessels. The new environmental features on board illustrate the innovative mentality of Stena Line. The company strives to improve the vessels wherever possible. On behalf of my team, we wish you a very pleasant journey. We enjoyed designing Stenergy for you. This magazine is a milestone for me as well. It was the first to produce as a chief-editor. We hope you just as much enjoy reading it, and to meet you again.

Best regards,

Suzanne Bergenhenegouwen, Chief Editor Stenergy


Anneloes van Vugt

Vanity Wilson

Charlaine Wijkniet

Caitlynn Dykstra

Joyce Kierindoongo


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TABLE OF CONTENTS Stena Gagdets Stena Special Stena Green Stena Love Stena Reportage Stena Cult Stena Explore

“FASTER HIGHER STONGER” Top 5 Making of Superferriers The Butterfly Effect Stexy Lines Citius Altius Fortius Enchanted London

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:: Joyce took a close look on all the gadgets we sell on board. She discovered some new interesting items herself. :: Being from Finland, Juha knows what it is like to be around seas. He took a close look on the making of the new superferries. :: Charlene shines her light on the environment. She gives you tips and tricks in Stena Green. In Stena Cult, she discovers a new sight in England. :: Being full of love, Caitlynn’s responsibility was Stena Love and Stexy Lines. :: As a former professional basketball player, Suzanne liked to dig a little deeper in the upcoming Olympic Games in London. :: Anneloes explored some very interesting places in and around London. :: Vanity created the advertisments and front page, an underestimated part of most magazines. But she did a great job. :: Juha was our designer. He knows all the ins and outs of designing the magazine. The only male in our team did the most difficult job, and we are very proud of the result. ::


STENA gagdets 5


STENA GADGETS The Top 5 in technology, all available onboard!

From desktop to laptop and now to your pocket, the Nokia N97 is the most powerful, multi-sensory mobile computer in existence. £400

Enjoying your time onboard? Take a dive with the seascooter! This lightweight device is ideal for snorkeling and diving, in the sea or swimmingpool. £175



With this Powermonkey your gadgets’ batteries never run out. The foldable solar cell charges almost every device. £65.00

3 The polaroid is back! Snap your pictures and immediately print them out . Retails at £230


Make the most of your time onboard. Watch videos or play games on this Slim & Lite PSP. £129.00

4 ----

6 STENA special

“Stena Line has des innovative


At Aker Yards Germany, two new ships are being built for Stena Line. Ordered in 2006 from the German Wismar yard, these vessels will not only impress with its size but also with a high design in both the cabins and public areas. They will replace the Stena Hollandica and the Stena Brittanica on the Hoek van Holland – Harwich route. Stena Line’s new generation of Superferries are designed for the future, for the passengers of today! .. “What can we do for our customers?” is not just a question at Stena Line, it is a philosophy. With fierce competition the goals are set higher each time. For 2010 the objective is to accommodate more customers, without losing all the comfort and facilities they have enjoyed before. The journey across the pond will be even more relaxed for every single passenger, from families to truckers. Pim de Lange, the director of Stena Lines North Sea Area says: “Stena Line has a tradition for being leaders in terms of the innovative design of vessels.

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

These ferries will provide an ideal combination of fully developed concepts for our passengers and a very large freight capacity which considers the needs of our customers and will meet our business objectives”. The liners will be significantly improved when compared to the current RoPax vessels. In comparison to the Stena Brittanica and the Stena Hollandica, the ships have an increased capacity of 30% in passengers and cars, while the freight capacity is enlarged by 25%.



s a tradition for being leaders in terms of the ign of vessels.

A little sneak preview in to the facilities inside the new superferries. The upper shows a cabin and the lower shows a 3d-model from one of lobbies.

All these changes have been made while keeping the ESP (Energy Saving Programme) in mind. The programme was developed by Stena Line itself to ensure all their actions are as environmentally friendly as possible. The £ 300 million investments will not only replace the current ships, they will also take their names. Upon the arrival of the new Superferries, the present vessels are planned to be transferred to Stena Line’s line between Sweden and Poland, the Karlskrona – Gdynia route. Just last month, Stena Line started the keel-laying of the new Stena Britannica. The Stena Hollandica will follow later this summer. Next february the first of two vessels will set sail for her maiden voyage. The Hollandica will have the same pleasure later in august 2010. Pim de lange continues: “We are thoroughly pleased with our recent freight volume increases on the North Sea. We believe that

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

they are a result of our past investments and we are positive that further investments will continue to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and future success as a company.” The new superferries are build with ‘Comfort’ thought in mind. The experience begins with booking your journey within the comfort of your own home. Embarking the ship is made easier for your convenience with elongated check-in times, diminishing waiting times. Onboard you will find our friendly and helpful staff awaiting you, making sure everything is as desired. The wide range of facilities onboard, such as a cinema, bars and restaurants, will keep you entertained every minute of the sail. Welcome on board!

More specified info about the superferries


8 STENA special


Stena Lines tagline will also be visible in the sides of the ships.


Stena Lines logo has changed its place in the new design and is now attached to the blue line. Logo is also visible in the front of the ferry.

Two blue wawes is the most discint change in the design.

Next year Coinciding with the launch of the Superferries, Stena Line will change the design of the whole fleet. The new design will have a more modern look and a clearer maritime feel. Various major adjustments will be made. The ships will feature two large waves on the sides of the vessels. The Stena Line slogan, ‘Making good time’, is placed on the side. However, to appeal to the several regions the organization operates in, the tagline can differ depending on the route.

New superferries in facts // Technical facts / Vessel type: Ro- pax ferries Lenght : 240 meters Beam: 32 meters Gross tonnage: 62,000 tons Passenger capacity: 1,200 Cabins: 540 Lane meters: approx 5 500 (about 400 trucks) Number of cars : 320 cars Maximum speed: 22 knots Main Dimension: 240m (length), 32m (breath), 6.4m (draft)

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Calendar / 14 April 2009 // Keel-Laying Stena Britannica 17 June 2009 // Uitdokken Superferry 5 July 2009 // Keel-Laying Stena Hollandica Februari 2010 // First sailing new Stena Britannica August 2010 // First sailing new Stena Hollandica

STENA green 9 In this day and age, pollution is a very serious issue, and it is more important than ever to go green. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the environment that cause instability, disorder, harm and discomfort to the ecosystem. People have been worried about the environmental pollution since somewhere between the 9th and the 13th century. However, environmental pollution as we know it started since the industrial evolution

The The Butterfly Effect

Pollution has many causes and effects, but there are also many solutions to prevent us from increasingly damaging the environment. Of course, it is not all up to the individuals in our society. Sometimes it is up to the companies and governments, because of their influence. Governments act like businesses; they employ people, build buildings, have vehicle fleets and are responsible for building facilities. With their power comes great responsibility. Changes in their own actions and patterns can prevent pollution, or at least diminish it. Governments can use hybrid cars, promote carpooling, organise cheaper transportation, and they can install low flush toilets in public facility buildings. These are just a few of the numerous ways in which the government can help the environment and become greener.

make it possible for the vessels to use ship-to-shore power when suitable. Most people know that the environment is experiencing troubles, and that pollution is one of the main causes. However, not everyone knows that a cleaner environment starts with only one person. One person can make a difference, for we are all responsible for the planet we live on. For more tips on how you can make a difference for the environment look on websites such as . Find out how you can make a difference. Make a change, today!


Companies also have great responsibilities. As they employ people, and use vehicles and buildings, they have some of the same options as governments, but some other ones as well. To take an example of a company that already works on diminishing pollution, let us look at Stena Line. Stena Line has recently proposed a standard for ship-toshore power instead of polluting the environment with bunker oil. When a vessel stays at quay for a longer period of time, it can be environmentally beneficial to connect it to the electricity network on the shore ahead, which is called ship-to-shore power. They were the first to use this alternative power source in 1990. Stena Line has been promoting that society should, to a larger extend,

STENA love 11

‘Once I got over my nerves and asked her where she stayed the night before,

the ice melted and we started chatting’,

explains Bart when asked how he met the love of his life Evelien. 5 years ago Bart and Evelien met on-board of the Stena Britannica. Bart, a truckdriver for whom sailing with Stena Line had become a routine, was pleasantly surprised when he saw Evelien on-board. At that time Evelien was just on her way home from a fun shopping trip to England with her friends. As her dad used to be a captain, she thought it would be nice to travel with Stena Line. ‘I am so glad we did, otherwise we might have never met’. Despite Bart’s unsual opening-line, Evelien fell head over heels for him and by the time they reached Hoek van Holland gave Bart her phone number. ‘I’d never thought Bart would even call me, let alone marry me now’. Bart asked THE question exactly 5 years later on the boat where they first made eye contact.

STEXY lines


Had a nice conversation or flirty encounter on-board of Stena Line? Place your recall here or see whether you recognize yourself. - You, cute boy around 1.80cm tall, black pants and blue hoody made a great impression on me at the night crossing from Hoek van Holland to Harwich at the 16th of April. Before we got off the boat, you turned your head and winked at me. Mail me. I like you. Blond girl

Do you want to reply to one of the recalls or place one yourself?Feel free to email us at stenalove@


- Hello stranger. Monday the 11th of May, you sat right in front of me in the restaurant. As I was chatting about how the other day my dog ran away from home and I had to run as a crazy person to catch him I couldn’t help noticing your giggle. Would love to see that smile of yours again. xoxo dogcatcher22

- Hey Laura, You were just on your way back from a weekend with your parents. Your attempt to relax and read your book (The Davinci Code, by Dan Brown) failed, as I started to read the back of it out loud. We started talking. First about the book, later about what you did for a living. I believe you were a wedding planner. You told me you liked to travel and we found out we both loved Scandinavia. Once, I got home I realized nor did I ask you for your number, I didn’t ask your last name either. I hope you read this as I would like to see you once more. Erik.

12 STENA reportage “As in the daytime there is no star in the sky warmer and brighter than the sun, likewise there is no competition greater than the Olympic Games.”

Pindar, Greek lyric poet, 5th century BC

“Citius, Altius, Fortius” Athletics is, in many ways, the embodiment of the Olympic motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, meaning . Athletics is about running faster, jumping higher and going further than your competitors. These thoughts will cross our mind again in 2012, when the Olympic Games take place in the city of London. Previous Games showed how a unifying atmosphere grows amongst athletes and supporters. This unique happening will bring the world together. ----------

The first Olympic Games were, as many of us know, held in Greece. A reference written in 776 BC, tell that the Games lasted for about 900 years. This ongoing sports event made the participants famous for the rest of their live. The first suggestion of having the modern Games was in the mid 19th century. It became a worldwide event in 1896. Many cities had the honor to organize the Olympics ever since. Dedication Rules change in every sport and this shows in the Games as well. Improvements, like the ability for women to join, and scandals dominate the image of the Olympics. After the shooting catastrophe of Munich 1972, there was an increase of security. Sydney 2004 revealed so many doping suspects that in Beijing 2008, every single athlete had to

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

pass a blood test. A positive result meant a disqualification. Excuses and tears could not convince the International Olympic Committee; it only harmed their image. But remarkable symbols and traditions is what the Olympics would rather focus on. The athlete’s oath is a major part of the Opening Ceremony. The aim is to keep the spirit alive when one athlete, representing all those participating takes the Oath. He will promise to “respect and abide by the rules which govern the Games.” A true sportsmanship spirit, in which “the importance is not so much winning as taking part.” Record breaking So how do athletes live up to this oath today? The importance of taking part does not always exceed the need to win an event. This is reflected in personal, national, World and Olympic records, all meant to be broken. Michael Phelps, the American swimmer, amazed



London 2012 The XXX Olympiad has been allotted to London. They will host the 30th Summer Olympic Games in 2012. Before the Olympic torch reaches the capital of the United Kingdom, many arrangements were made in the connectivity, accessibility, and capacity in the city. Existing venues will be renovated while some new competition sites will be built. The majority of the 2012 Games venue has been divided into three zones within Greater

London. These are the Olympic zone, the River zone, and the Central zone. Apart from these, there are other venues located outside the boundaries of Greater London, such as Hampden Park and Old Trafford. London aims to have an environmental friendly Olympic Games. Keeping this in mind, the Organisation aims all the spectators will get to the Games site through public transport, cycling or on foot. The city has already started gearing up for

accommodating spectators from all parts of the world. There are accommodation options to suit every taste from luxury hotels to budget beds. Halls of Residence and other students accommodation is another affordable option. The Olympic Park will be ‘demolish, dig and design’. Maps and guides allow all visitors to enjoy the Games. All these previews make it even harder to wait a few more years.

“Its not a system, it is a state of mind” the whole world by winning 8 gold medals in 2008. At the Games in Sydney, held in 2004, he picked up 6 gold medals. For an athlete who is only 23 years of age, 14 first places is a tremendous achievement. Analysts say this will be very hard for others to break, or even get close to this record. World Record We find a true example of competition at the track court. The 100-meter sprint has always been one of the most popular disciplines at the Olympics. In Beijing 2008, all eyes focused on Usain Bolt. The ‘Lightning Bolt’ is his nickname and according to his speed, he is almost as fast as light. Especially on August 16, the day of the 100 meter sprint final. He left coaches, athletes, press agents and audience speechless as he crosses the finish in just 9,69 seconds. And this was not just all. He competed in the 200 meter final just four days after his triumph. An average athlete would not be able to excel one more time in such a short time span. However, Bolt again succeeds in winning this race with a world record. In 2012, the world will be watching again as he tries to prolong his titles. The Olympic Games reflect a sense of power, sincerity, and humanity. It shows us what humanity is able to achieve. In addition, we are capable of engaging in friendly competition. An ancient Greek lyric poet summarizes the old philosophy of the Games. Pin-

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

dar states: “As in the daytime there is no star in the sky warmer and brighter than the sun, likewise there is no competition greater than the Olympic Games.” This is how it was and how it always should be.

14 STENA cult ---------------------------

Enchanted willis building

the Christchurch Mansion and Park

the Ancient House on Buttermarket

After an invasion in 869 Ipswich fell under Viking rule. The earth ramparts circling the town centre were probably raised by Vikings in Ipswich around 900 to prevent its recapture by the English. They were unsuccessful and Ipswich was taken back by the English. Later Geoffrey Chaucer satirised the merchants in the Canterbury Tales. In Ipswich you will find all kinds of ancient buildings and roads. Famous places are the Ipswich Museum, the Ipswich Transport Museum, the Christchurch Mansion and Park, the Ancient House on Buttermarket, and for lovers of architecture the Willis Building. However, the Willis Building is in commercia use, and therefore not accessible, but the outside of the building is also a treat for the eye. The Ipswich Museum is small compared to London Museums, but it has a free entrance and is definitely worth seeing. It contains a special section dedicated to Ipswich heritage with Anglo-Saxon jewelry and weapons. The museum also has a collection of replica’s of the Roman Mildenhall Treasure and the famous Sutton Hoo treasure. A little out of the town of Ipswich is Sutton Hoo, which contains 2 Anglo-Saxon cemeteries of the 6th and early 7th century, one of which contained an undisturbed ship burial, including a wealth of artefacts of outstanding art-historical and archaeological significance. This ship burial is probably also the grave of King Rædwald.

Near Harwich in Essex, is the marvellous borough of IPSWICH. Ipswich is one of Britain’s oldest towns, and took shape in Anglo-Saxon times as the main centre between York and London for North Sea trade. Ipswich began developing under the reign of King Rædwald, who was the supreme ruler of the English from 616 to 624. Frisian potters from the Netherlands settled in Ipswich around 700 AD,and started the first large scale potteries in England since the Roman times. The pottery industry was unique to Ipswich for 200 years. Starting with pottery, Ipswich was becoming a place of national and international importance.

FUN FACTS The Dead Parrot sketch by the comedy troupe Monty Python involves one of the characters ending up in Ipswich instead of Bolton. In Stardust (2007), Ipswich is mentioned at the beginning of the movie when Victoria says of her fiancé, “I can’t exactly say no, after he’s gone all the way to Ipswich!”. In the 2006 film The Covenant, a covenant of various families was situated in Ipswich. In the Doctor Who episode “The End of the World” after the Doctor tells her to stay where she is Rose Tyler says “where am I gonna go, Ipswich?” In the Pilot episode of Queer As Folk (UK), after Nathan asks Stuart if he could meet him later that night, Stuart answers “God knows where I’ll be tonight, you know, I could be anywhere. I could be in Ipswich!”



Stena Explore: 5 THINGS YOU MUST WHILE IN OR NEAR LONDON London is like Nintendo for adults: it is stimulating, challenging, and never the same way twice. Noticing the beauty, diversity and bruising atmosphere, Stena Line listed 5 absolute must-visits.

1. NOTTING HILL It was in this fairy-like area Hugh Grant met Julia Roberts. Combining traditional British culture with an infusion of ethnic communities, Nothing Hill is hip and happening. TIP BOX - Street sensation at Portobello’s Road market.Renowned for its second-hand clothes andantiques market on Saturday this vibrant and popular market of about 3,080 feet long, is the place where you can find all your trinkets and expierence local food. Address: Portobello Road, London, W10 - The Churchill Arms. Covered with flowers on the outside in the summer, this friendly pub serves delicious Thai food. It’s the kind of place where everyone would probably know your name if they could. Address: 119 Kensington Church Street, W8 Underground: Notting Hill Gate


of the stadium. Make sure to bring your camera. Address: Fulham Road, Stamford Bridge, London SW6 1HS email:

3. CHANGING OF A GUARD AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE No trip would be complete without seeing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. It starts at 11.30AM in the summer and every other day in the winter. Address: Buckingham Palace Road, Pall Mall

4. OXFORD STREET Discover Europe’s largest high street, with over 300 shops, from leading department stores and numerous brands’ flagship stores, as well as hundreds of smaller shops. At Selfridge, the second largest department store in the UK, you will most certainly succeed.

5. ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS Visit the famous zebra crossing of the Beatles album, outside the famous Abbey Road recording studio’s. Address: Abbey Rd, St Johns Wood station


Whether you’re a fan of the Blues or not, anyone with interest in the game will marvel at the family attraction. The tour runs three times a day (with the exception on match days) and offers an unique glimpse into the very heart of the Stamford Bridge. You can visit the world class changing rooms where you can try on a shirt yourself, be the manager in the dug-out, walk up the players’ tunnel with the sound of a capacity crowd replayed to enhance the ticket holder experience and see some of the best views

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


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