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Ministers Synopsis

Carlton Stephenson Prophetic Dimensions 7/9/2008

Prophetic Dimensions – Ministers Synopsis

Executive summary And from Jesus Christ, [who is] the faithful witness, [and] the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him [be] glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. Rev 1:5-6

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Prophetic Dimensions – Ministers Synopsis

Ministers Synopsis Pastor Noel Mclean Pastor Noel Mclean has been in ministry since 1989 and has served in various leadership and ministerial positions that has helped him to equip and release countless people into a more fulfilled Christian walk and ministry. A committed student of the Word himself, he has developed a teaching and preaching ministry that has taken him across the world. In addition to his Pastoral responsibilities in the UK and abroad, Pastor Noel has extensive experience in missions and church crusades having conducted missions, pastor’s conferences and crusades in Africa, India, Europe and the Caribbean. He has a heart to Father People and with a team of anointed leaders, sends this message throughout YCF in order that all leaders remain “in touch” with the people they are called to serve. Pastor Noel believes everyone has “leadership” potential regardless of their age and that potential is designed for Kingdom use. With this in mind, he leads YCF in a way that gives room for people to be released into their ministry whether it is internal or external to the local church. Pastor Noel is happily married to Pastor Sharon who over the years has been a tower of strength to him. Pastor believes that the stability and growth of his family is connected to the stability and growth of his church therefore YCF has many departments that help to facilitate the family. Pastor Noel was also recognised by ACEA and received an award as one of the key contributors to the Afro-Caribbean Church in London. Pastor’s Noel & Sharon have four children - Alexander, Sophia, Sara and Sarai.

Carlton Stephenson Carlton Stephenson is the facilitator and founder of Prophetic Dimensions a collaboration of apostolic and prophetic ministries aimed at building an accurate multidimensional expression of the prophetic within Yahweh Christian fellowship. A ministry with a vision to equip, build, and mobilize a new generation of believers. The Main emphasis of the ministry is to see people discover their community and marketplace calling and fulfil their destiny and mandate on their life. What Carlton lacks in experience he makes up for in sheer passion and determination to see Gods kingdom expressed on the earth. As a dancer [“Mechowlah” #4246], Carlton is use to learning new moves and keeping in time. He believes that the Lord is raising up a “New frequency in the air waves” that will not just bring in the harvest but maintain it with the restoration of foundational truths and covenantal relationships of accountability. Restoring the Father & son relationships to mentor & teach the next generations. Carlton is also a prophetic dancer, who expresses worship through flags, banners and the Lord uses him to perform prophetic acts to congregations, regions and cities. Carlton has a

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Prophetic Dimensions – Ministers Synopsis heart to Disciple the Nations and is excited to take his place in bringing transformation to cities, regions and Nations.

Andre Abraham & Yinka Silas Andre Abraham Silas and Yinka and founders of Flame of Fire Global Links, a ministry dedicated to seeing the whole counsel of God established and fully operating daily. A Ministry with a vision to equip build up and transform lives in every facet of life by declaring and implementing the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ in boldness, love and power. To raise up a fire brand generation that would stand and blaze by glorifying Christ by conforming to his image. Andre and Yinka are ordained ministers and operate as an apostolic /prophetic team. Their callings have been validated in the body of Christ have been released to function by Bill Hamon in 1999. Andre and Yinka Abraham-Silas are the founders and visionaries of Flame of Fire Global Links. A ministry dedicated to see the whole counsel of God established in lives of believers, committed to equip built up and transform lives in every sphere of society by declaring and implementing the kingdom of God in boldness, power and love; to raise up a fire brand generation that would be living epistles who shall stand and blaze by glorifying Christ by conforming to His image; living the vision of establishing churches, healing houses and training centre in towns, cities and the nations. Flame of Fire Global links is a link to ministers and ministries by bridge building strengthen, challenge and support ministries especially during challenging times and transitions. River of Living Water ministries Group was launched in March 1999 as a result of a heartfelt cry of believers desiring to experience the whole counsel of God demonstrated and taught with a hands on approach with an emphasis of equipping believers to function and apply their everyday lives. R.O.L.W Ministries later evolved into Flame of Fire Global Links. Andre and Yinka reside in North Yorkshire with their 4 children.

Otis & Donna Pinnock Otis Pinnock is the founder of New Voice International. He also serves as a Director of the 'Kingdom of David Network' and Senior Pastor of KOD Embassy Centre London., United Kingdom. Otis entered the ministry in 1989 at the age of 19 and his ministry has taken him to Jamaica, the USA and the continent of Africa. Otis ministers with great fervour and passion with a heart for the global manifestation of God's glory and the resultant harvest of souls. The deliveries of his messages are dynamic yet systematic as he seeks to bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding in the heart of the believer in order to bring them to the point of "function". His prophetic insights are particularly acute in the areas of Kingdom building, Church government and Prophetic prayer for communities and nations with the objective of encouraging the body of Christ to be

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Prophetic Dimensions – Ministers Synopsis of significance and influence in the various world. Otis is happily married to his wife of 13 years, Donna and they have 3 children, Aden, Ronel and Destiny.

Marcus Prince Johnson Marcus Johnson is the overseer and founder of the Signs and Wonders Training centre and is a former and latter rain minister. Born in Croydon, London Marcus was saved in 1997 after God divinely visited him in his room in a vision where he saw Christ dying on a cross with blood pouring down His head and gushing out of His side. In 2002 Marcus received a BA Honours in Biblical and Pastoral Studies. It was in S2003 Marcus received God as His Father, the Fathers Love swept him away into a deeper level of destiny. In 2006 Marcus was ordained as a minister by Christian International Europe via Bill Hamon, Sharon Stone and Richard Fleming into the office of an Apostle and is also Part of IAHR (International Association of Healing Rooms) with Carl Pierce in Spokane. God now uses Marcus to heal the hearts of the hurting and the sick, transforming people’s lives. He has been used to activate many in the prophetic and is a prophetic recording artist expressing sounds of the Kingdom. Marcus’ mission is simply to see souls saved and saints become transformed into glory via passionate intimacy with Christ Jesus. He lives to demonstrate that normal ordinary people can become the embodiment of God’s Love and show that Signs and Wonders can be used by Christ to rescue others from the power of darkness.

Rev. Celia Apeagyei-Collins Celia Apeagyei-Collins is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Rehoboth Foundation, an Apostolic organisation offering Leadership/Vision Development Consultancy, Motivational and Mentoring programmes together with Training for effective Leadership, dynamic Teamwork and the fulfilment of both Individual Destiny and Corporate Vision. She also heads and runs a Mentoring Network for Women Leaders called ‘The Company of Women’. Celia also comes alongside pastoral leaders to help strengthen their churches and equip them for territory taking and city transformations. Celia is deeply convicted that everyone has a specific gifting as well as a sphere of influence within which to effect spiritual change, economic development and social reform according to God’s pattern in the nations for Kingdom Building. She has served as a church planter, pastor, and was the Principal of a Bible College for several years. She is an excellent Minister and Conference Speaker whose work is in ever increasing global demand. Her work extends to the continents of Asia, Europe, North America and Africa and also the Caribbean. Celia is a Member of Council for Churches in Communities (CIC), an international apostolic oversight and accountability network based in the United Kingdom, as well

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Prophetic Dimensions – Ministers Synopsis as a Patron of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA, UK). Celia also works as a consultant to civic and community development agencies in the UK.

Foussenio Ouattara Foussenio is a young minister called into the kingdom nearly 3 years ago and is on fire for the lord, to see the kingdom coming and the will of god to be manifest in earth. Foussenio is also a young prophet called into the prophetic ministry with the desire to pronounce the mind of Christ to the brothers and sisters so that the nations can be win for the kingdom. He ministers in the prophetic using the gift of word of knowledge, and believes in the resurrection of the dead as a main passion, and has a love for the lost. He believes in, shepherding the flock but would like to see more movement in the evangelistic and apostolic dimension in today’s generation. He also believes that Jesus is on the street because he is already here among the lost trying to save them but cannot find a vessel to use because we are busy in the church and houses and are not paying attention to the brothers and sisters outside the building. So for those who are still waiting for his coming, Foussenio would like to inform you that he is already here but buried in the lost, so any time you find the lost you will find him but you will see him face to face. Foussenio’s main focus is in the ministry of prophetic & resurrection (all the dead shall be raised) to spread the goods news (evangelism). For this reason the Son of God appeared that he might destroy the devil's work. Jesus said to us "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this, because I do with all my heart?

Richard Fleming Workplace Ministers was founded by Richard and Pauline Fleming. Our focus is the building of the citywide church, one church with many expressions in a region, where Pulpit Ministers stand shoulder to shoulder with Marketplace Ministers to achieve God's plans and purposes for His Cities and Nations. God is releasing -His Marketplace Apostles and fivefold Marketplace Ministers around the world. Peter Wagner says, "I believe there are apostles of Finance, Technology, Medicine, Industry, Education, the Military, and Government, Law, Communications, Business, Transportation, Nuclear Science, Agriculture and a hundred other segments of society. When these Marketplace Apostles begin to move into their rightful place under the powerful anointing of God - watch out! Revival will be right around the corner!" God is enfranchising the Workplace Church to transform cities and bring in the harvest, and He is doing it right now. It may be that Jesus is calling you to be a minister for Him right where you are in the workplace. If you need support or training as you go, consider calling a Kingdom Advice Centre near to you or the

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Prophetic Dimensions – Ministers Synopsis centre that you may be in relationship with. The emphasis is on hearing the voice of God and releasing you where you are in the workplace.

Mark Iles Mark and Julie have lived in Southampton since 1977 and have four adult children Kate, Jayne, David and Emily. They have been in the New Community church for over 30 years and been part of the leadership for over 20 of those. Mark qualified as a Chartered Accountant and has, until recently, been the Financial Director of a National Building Maintenance group based in Southampton. Mark discovered his prophetic gifting in the early 1990's and after leading prophetic discipleship groups for a number of years formed his first prophetic team. Graham Cooke moved to New unusual combination Community in 1996 as Mark was in the process of releasing his pastoral responsibilities, and Mark then trained and traveled with him until 2002. Mark's pastoral background and prophetic anointing provide an, particularly with his lively character and public speaking skills. His heart is to see the Prophetic potential within the Church fully restored, and travels regularly as a church and conference speaker. He has a particular vision for the development of Prophetic Teams, combined with established experience in pastoring the prophetic.

Angel Knight Angel Knight is the Founder and Director of the Diamonds Performing Arts Academy based in London, UK. Angel Knight has gained wide academic Theory and practical experience in Dance Technique and Performance and is currently the Dance Co-ordinator at Yahweh Christian Fellowship. Ms Knight has experience in Prophetic Dance, Contemporary Dance, Street & Jazz, African and Salsa and has also had Drama and Theatre Back Stage and Performance training and experience. Ms Angel Knight is an Associate level Teacher at the Dance Teachers Academy of London and of the International Dance Teachers Association. Diamond Performing Arts Academy is a strong & growing team of Kingdom Worshippers, Bringing the message of Christ's Love, Life, Hope, Healing and Restoration to the Nations through the prophetic gifts via the Arts of Dance, Drama, and Song & Poetry - Connecting Individuals to the Rightful Purpose of the Gift.

Robert Malcolm Robert Malcolm is the director of First Choice bakery a family leaded business. Robert Malcolm has seen the lord work extensively in his life as a business man. First choice bakers was founded in 1995 and is now one of Britain's leading West Indian bakeries. We use traditional techniques and the finest quality ingredients to create a tantalising selection of Patties, Cakes, Buns, Breads, Confectionery and other specialities. First choice bakers also has a retail shop situated at 40 Atlantic Road, Brixton, London, SW9, & Croydon High Street so if you're in the area come down and pay us a visit to buy some of the best in Jamaican cuisine

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"Prophetic Dimension Ministers Synopsis"