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In General You must read two AR books each quarter—one by midterm and the other by the end of the quarter. Books chosen must fall within your reading range (which your teacher will explain to you) and be worth a certain number of points depending upon your reading level (which, again, your teacher will share with you). This is to ensure you are choosing books that are both enjoyable and slightly challenging so that you will grow as a reader. While you will have frequent opportunities to read in class, reading outside of school will be necessary in order for you to do well with AR. Additionally, please understand that books read in class with a teacher do not count toward AR as AR is to be independent reading. Your teacher will help you succeed in regards to AR and provide many tools to help you stay on track, but ultimately you are in control of your final scores. If you need help, let a teacher know.

Due Dates & Reminders We want to let students and parents both know in advance that due dates and reminders will be shared frequently via the newsletter (available at, agendas, individualized progress notes, One Calls, etc. Additionally, the library will be providing a separate letter explaining how parents can access AR records from home. We don’t want the due dates to creep up on anyone.

Grading You will receive a total of four AR grades each quarter. Two will be based on the AR computerized tests and the other two will come from the projects required after completing your reading. This is how you will be graded for the AR computerized tests: 3 points You scored between a 90 and 100 on the test. Awesome! 2 points You scored between a 70 and an 80 on the test. Not too shabby. 1 point You scored 65 or below. You must speak with your teacher to determine if you will be allowed a retake or if you should choose a new book and try again. If you score a 1 do not complete the project…it will not count without a passing AR test score. This is how you will be graded for the AR Projects: 3 points Finished, neat, solid effort, and demonstrates completion of book. 2 points Incomplete, poor effort, and or lacking sufficient evidence you read the book. You may redo the project if you like in order to achieve a three. 1 point Incomplete and or doesn’t at all demonstrate you read the book. You must redo.

Questions? Accelerated Reader is a very important component of your sixth grade reading class, so while we can’t share every detail about the program on this page we will cover everything in class…probably two dozen times. ☺ Still, if you find you have questions about the requirements or concerns about succeeding, please let your reading teacher know.

------------------------------------------------------------------I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ACCELERATED READER REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS. Please sign and return only this portion to school. Keep the top for your records.

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AR Intro Letter  

AR Intro Letter

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