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Yamba Iluka Real Estate - Issue Two

ROPERTY NEWS Ideas to help you when you’re Buying or Selling

Sold in 1 Day!

More details on page 3 Denise Gillies celebrates 30 years in real estate IN THIS ISSUE OF PROPERTY NEWS • Things to do before selling a property • Yamba home sold in 24 hours • Maintenance: Protect your investment

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LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR Dear Reader, How good would it be to have your property sell in 24 hours for the price you wanted? Well, that is exactly what happened with the sale of the property in our feature article. For more information see page 3. If you have decided to sell a property there are some things you can do to help make the process a bit easier. Our page 2 story discusses some of the planning and preparation that can assist you in this process If you are a landlord you will probably know about the importance of keeping on top of the maintenance. Just in case you need some guidance, our page 4 story has some maintenance tips to protect your investment. If you are considering selling, buying or renting, we are here to help, please give us a call.

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Things to do before selling a property How to make sure a property is ready to go on the market

So you’ve decided to sell your property and you want to know how to make it as pleasant and profitable an experience as possible. With the help of a savvy real estate agent you can prepare your property for the market and decide on the right price for it, but first you need to decide what you will do after the event. If you are currently living in your property and it sells quickly, you don’t want to find yourself with nowhere to go, or paying expensive rent while you think about what to do. So the first thing to do is decide why you are selling and where you want to live afterwards. Are you upgrading or downgrading? How many bedrooms will you want? Are you moving to another area or staying in the same neighbourhood? Do you need to be near amenities such as shops and transport? Are you a gardener or would you prefer a low maintenance yard? What type of price range will you be considering if you receive the expected price for your property? These are all things you need to think about before putting up the For Sale sign. Decide on the area where you want to live after selling and check out the properties and prices. Talking to real estate agents is

a great way to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various areas and to find out about any planned developments. It’s then time to get your property ready so it presents in the best possible way to would-be buyers. Expensive renovations won’t pay off but look after any maintenance issues, clear the decks as much as possible and make sure both the interior and exterior are as clean and tidy as possible. You’ll also need to talk to your agent about setting a price for your property. While you want to get as good a price as possible, be guided on this, as an overpriced property can sit on the market for a long time, causing people to wonder if there is something wrong with it. If you follow these steps, you’ll find selling a property is a positive experience rather than the stressful event it could be if you didn’t prepare properly.

Sold in 24 hours

This 4-bedroom tastefully renovated home sold by Private Treaty for its list price of $480,000 - in just 24 hours! “I put the sign up on the Wednesday before Easter and had an offer to my vendor for its list price at 11am the next morning, sight unseen!,” says Agent Grant Gillies How did this home sell so fast? “Our buyers were notified via our database, which created immediate interest, and an excellent result for my vendors,” says Grant. With a median price of property in the area of $545,000 - and rising, it’s no wonder buyers are encouraged to act fast. This sale points to a strong and continuing demand for good quality properties in Yamba. But at the right price. The key to success is an agent who knows the local market, and sets the price at the correct level to create immediate enquiry. “Vendors Kevin and Christine had recently purchased a beautiful Yamba waterfront home with me, this prompted their desire for a speedy sale,” explains Grant. “They were motivated to sell and move into their new home as quickly as possible, we priced the property to meet the market “Being your local personal real estate advisor, who listens, hears and truly understands your needs is not

only our business philosophy but also a commitment to providing you with exemplary personalised service beyond your expectations.”

Contact the Yamba Iluka Real Estate office today to discuss a plan that will sell your property for a maximum return in the shortest possible time.

Denise Gillies celebrates 30 years in real estate This May marks a big anniversary for principal Denise Gillies’ real estate journey. Three decades in real estate! “Where has that time gone?” reflects Denise. “From 1988 to 2018: 30 years of learning, listening, choices and challenges. The highs and the lows. “From 10 years as a publican’s wife in Bourke, to real estate.

“It has been a journey that has been both challenging and rewarding.” But personal success depends on the people we meet along the way. “I take this opportunity to thank my clients for their support, loyalty and trust, and of course my staff, and the many locals who have assisted and encouraged me over the last 30 years,” says Denise.

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Ensure your rental property is in tip top condition to reduce the risk

Protect your investment Buying a rental property and becoming a landlord can be an intimidating, yet thrilling experience. Once you dive into property investment, it is vital to employ the services of a professional agency and property manager to guide you through the complex process. By employing a trusted property manager, the stress of being a landlord is significantly minimized as they can provide you with all the information you need to make your investment not only successful, but almost stress-free. The experienced property managers at Oz Combined pride themselves on keeping abreast of all the changes in the industry and providing their landlords with the best service and advice possible. When you are committing large amounts of money into an investment property, it is vital that you take the necessary steps to protect your investment in case a problem arises. The first most obvious step landlords should take, when looking to protect their investment is taking out landlord protection insurance. This insurance covers landlords in an unexpected situation where they may lose

rental income or the property is damaged. Landlord insurance is tax deductable and also provides peace of mind for landlords. While insurance is the best way to protect your property, there are other more practical steps to take which can be even more important. Ensuring your property is fitted with safety devices like working smoke alarms, electrical safety switches and even a fire extinguisher could prevent a catastrophic disaster, which has the potential to destroy your property and more tragically, may take a life. These devices are relatively inexpensive and allow you to provide a safe environment for your tenants while potentially preventing serious damage to your property. It is often a good idea to replace these items when a new tenant moves into the property. Carrying out regular m a i n t e n a n c e inspections, like annual pest inspections, will ensure your home is protected from destructive pests like white ants. It is also a good idea to have a yearly building inspection carried out by a reliable professional to ensure there are

no potential building defects. When maintenance is needed on yo u r property, it is very important to attend to the problem as soon as possible to avoid liability. Attending to maintenance issues promptly will reduce the chance of possible injury to your tenants and could also prevent a small repair from turning into a bigger, more expensive problem. When work needs to be carried out on your property, your property manager will be able to inform you on the best action to take and they can also recommend a qualified tradesperson who is licensed to carry out the work. Landlords need to be able to put their full faith in the skills and expertise of the p ro p e r t y management team if they want their property investment experience to be as smooth sailing as possible.

For more information about property investing, maintenance or other property management issues, the experienced and friendly team from Yamba Iluka Real Estate will be only too happy to help.

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Yamba Iluka Real Estate Issue 2  
Yamba Iluka Real Estate Issue 2